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Filth. Traitors. Enemies of Britain. Spit on them. Remove them from the history books.

Traitors. A partial list of shame.
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MPs are elected to carry out the will of the majority
Failing to fulfill this principal reason for their employment is more than grounds for dismissal.
Can we have a petition demanding Britain's enemies be sacked and banned from working in politics? They are grossly in breach of contract and to allow their continued payment from tax funds is again treating the public with contempt.

Boris Johnson has made ‘strategic error’ in reinstating Remainer rebels warns former MP
BORIS JOHNSON has made a “strategic error” in reinstating Remainer rebels who worked effortlessly to block Brexit, says the former MP who co-orchestrated the Vote Leave campaign.
By Carly Read
Express Oct 30, 2019
Douglas Carswell has branded the Prime Minister’s decision to take back ten rebel MPs into the Tory fold a mistake because the British public know they cannot be trusted to ever deliver on the will of the people. He also pointed out claims that seven of the Remainers had the whip restored are not standing in the election regardless. The list of ten are Sir Nicholas Soames, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, Greg Clark, Caroline Nokes, Richard Benyon, Stephen Hammond, Steve Brine and Richard Harrington.

More than treason, a conspiracy to thwart the will of the people. This was a criminal action to maintain involvement in a proven criminal organisation.
In my opinion, Boris is working with May and the Rothschilds to thwart the will of the people. If he were pro brexit, Britain would no longer be involved with the jesuit jew crooks.
The enemies of Britain, make no mistake, that is what they are, should be given the option to renounce satanism and declare the satanist movement and satanists the enemies of humanity and all that is good.
Or hang as enemies of humanity.
Wake up some more brits and irish.
What does it take?

2000 kids in underground cages

Where do the satanists keep them in Britain apart from orphanages?

Some of Aangirfan's take on traitor Boris


"In the very early days of the referendum campaign, Boris Johnson and another leading Brexiter, former Tory leader, Michael Howard, both stated that a Brexit vote was a way of forcing Europe to make better terms with Britain."
[It appears this policy has remained unchanged. The stage managed brexit was all political theatre. Cc]


In February 2016, Boris Johnson said: "There is only one way to get the change we need - and that is to vote to go; because all EU history shows that they only really listen to a population when it says No."

Theresa May (centre) with her parents.

Theresa May beats Boris Johnson in poll for next Prime Minister.

At Western Wall, Boris Johnson affirms his Jewish ancestry . .

Boris Johnson was educated at the European School of Brussels, Ashdown House School, and Eton College.

Johnson has dual citizenship in both the United Kingdom and the United States, since he was born in New York City.

In 2009 Johnson fathered a daughter with Helen MacIntyre, an arts consultant.

Her existence was the subject of legal action in 2013 with the Court of Appeal quashing an injunction seeking to ban reporting of her existence; the judge ruled that the public had a right to know about Johnson's "reckless" behaviour.[386][387][388]

Conservative Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Danielle Fleet

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


Anonymous 11 September 2019 at 03:06 writes:

Trump’s ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, has already said the NHS must be on the table in negotiations over a future US-UK trade deal.
In theory, Britain could insist it is not discussed, just as it could refuse to lower food safety and animal welfare standards.
In practice, Johnson, who never lets anyone forget he studied classics at Oxford, will surely know Thucydides’ line that in international relations, “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must”. "

"Only a year ago, on 13 September 2018, Johnson was in Washington DC as the honoured guest of the American Enterprise Institute to collect the Irving Kristol Award, named after the founder of neo-conservatism."
The award ceremony was sponsored by Aetna, an American private health insurer that manages 5,700 hospitals. Alongside Aetna’s representatives were co-sponsors from Gilead Sciences and fellow drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline.

Other backers included accountants KPMG, which advised the UK government on the private finance initiative, and Grant Thornton, which only this May was enthusing about an “improved outlook for investors focused on healthcare real estate”.
(Altria Client Services, which is part of the conglomerate that controls tobacco company Philip Morris, also sponsored the Johnson shindig. Admittedly, Philip Morris is not in the private health market, but it does its bit by providing customers for the cancer wards.)
Plenty more:

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