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The Hal Lewis Letters, Green Money By Deceit, 10:10 & Extinction

Richard at EUReferendum (in a reproachful mood asked why Dr Hal was only now informing) "It was a fraud on a scale I have never seen, and I lack the words to describe its enormity," adding: "Effect on the APS position: none. None at all. This is not science; other forces are at work."
That rather sort of comes under the category, "No shit, Sherlock!" After all these years, only now does he tells us, "This is not science; other forces are at work?" This is either pathological myopia or naivety to a most extraordinary degree.
So late in the game when all that remains is to dot the 'I's and cross the 'T's as even the media is being forced to accept that science got anthropic global warming by carbon dioxide badly wrong. All that really remains is for court cases to prosecute those capitalising on the demonizing of CO2 whether financially (business, science, the UN, finance houses and the EC, quangos etc.) and or politically. They are happening, the EPA has 90 cases lined up against it for declaring the beneficial gas to be a pollutant (we produce 4 of the total emissions of 102 parts per million per year). Richard's comments here.

And in "What will the warmists do?" he has found weather reports from the  early war years. The weather was disrupted then much as it is now as the climate shifted from cyclical warming to cooling.

Lubos, on the other hand saved his castigation for the APS.
(From his site feed:)
A few days ago, Harold Lewis wrote a very thoughtful resignation letter to the current chairman of the American Physical Society, Curtis Callan. In the letter, he has recalled some better times when the American Physical Society actually allowed and encouraged the physicists to use their expertise, creativity, honesty, and intelligence to discuss important matters related to science.
The current APS is very different. Most people in its leadership are corrupt and they deliberately try to suppress any debate about questions that would be financially or "socially" harmful to these individuals - and global warming has become a key topic of this kind. Yesterday, the APS has answered to Dr Hal Lewis in a way that I consider breathtakingly arrogant and dishonest.
First of all, the answer to the important letter by a serious scientist was apparently composed by a secretary, a black female bureaucrat called Tawanda Johnson. Or is it a coincidence that she is signed under the reply and that the quality of the text suggests that indeed, no scientist was involved? Needless to say, she has no clue about science or research and it is self-evident that she is employed just and purely for the money. After all, the record shows that she has never cared about anything linked to the scientific truth in her life. Her knowledge of physics is closer to the knowledge of an average dog than the knowledge of Dr Hal Lewis and, as Anthony Watts analyzes in detail, her letter is a continuous stream of lies.

Nevertheless, the APS chairman has to think that such a bureaucrat has the credentials to reply to serious letters such as the letter from Dr Hal Lewis. I suppose that in between the lines, it's being assumed that no one will dare to question the credentials of this official to answer to similar correspondence.
Are you serious, Mr Callan, that instead of your own reply to Dr Lewis' points, letters such as Dr Lewis' ones should be "taken care of" by random black women who have nothing to do with science? In an intimidating bureaucratic tone, she is just summarizing some conclusions reached by similarly mindless and incompetent women - and men - in the past. Is this how you imagine scientific debates? Is this how you want the "scientific consensus" to be achieved?
After all, she is both female and black, so who could dare to suggest that she is just a hired gun with no comparative advantages who would have no business to be a relevant part of any serious scientific institution under any normal circumstances? Well, I will surely do that: this woman should be at most a janitor in APS, not a person whose reply is considered "enough" to "neutralize" important messages about the very structure of the APS such as the letter from Dr Lewis. And if you have approved this reply, Mr Callan, I am deeply disgusted by your immoral methods.
You just suck. /more here.

PJTV’s Big Green

The Big Money & The Global Governance Agenda That Fuels Environmentalism
The environmental movement is not just a well funded special interest, it is a big bully gaining increased control over the U.S. economy. Environmentalists are cozy with the Democratic Party, are funded in part by the government, and are rapidly expanding their power in Washington, D.C. Joe Hicks talks to leading scholars about the motives and intentions of Big Green in this PJTV Special Report.

Part II: The Big Business of Scaring America to Death
In the second installment of this investigative series with the Washington Examiner, Joe Hicks reveals the dirty secrets of the environmental movement. Environmentalists have a lot of money, and spend it freely on Democrats. How did Big Green become so powerful and influential?

Part III: The World’s First Carbon Billionaires
In the third and final installment of this investigative series with the Washington Examiner, Joe Hicks reveals the dirty secrets of the environmental movement. Environmentalists have a lot of money, and spend it freely on Democrats. How did Big Green become so powerful and influential? How were the world’s first carbon billionaires created?
Venture capitalists, investment banks, corporations, oil companies, lobbyists, politicians and environmentalists stand to make big money off of Big Green. Find out how the environmental movement could make Al Gore the world's first carbon billionaire, as Joe Hicks looks into the business side of Big Green.

Washington Examiner, Special Report: Big Green

Monday September 27, 2010    
Prop 23 foes look to Bently Reserve for cash flood

People that believe the 10:10 snuff movie was simply down to bad judgement should read and digest all that is written here - The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Les U. Knight, “…as long as there is one breeding pair of humans, there’s too great a threat to the biosphere.” Perhaps his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby. Repeatedly.  

Cost of living up, figures show
The biggest changes in goods and services were education up 9.5%; housing, water, electricity and energy up 8.5%; and communications up 2.9%. here.
Which is the world's most expensive city?
Costs of living compared here. (Jun 2010)
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