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Q. Why is the European Union Coup D'etat Regime a Criminal Operation?

Because it is run by and for criminals. Brexit legally by legal means.

That is to say, official signatories and senior policymakers/operatives have received, and routinely receive, substantial corrupt payments, remitted to their secret offshore bank accounts, in exchange for their ‘cooperation’ in pushing through successive EU treaties. The bribery funds are derived from a colossal secret ‘Black Operations’ slush fund account located in Switzerland – the title and size of which is divulged in the report. For instance:

$5.0 billion was allocated from the Swiss slush fund to ‘procure’ the European Constitution Treaty, divided into two tranches:

1. $2.5 billion was payable (and paid) on completion of the Inter Governmental Conference [IGC], in July/August of 2004, with $100 million allocated for each of the 25 EU ‘Member States’. The corrupt bribery funds were remitted in Euros.

2. A further $2.5 billion ($100 million for each ‘Member State’) was payable on ratification of the Collective Treaty. Given the negative referendum results delivered by the French and Dutch electorates, payment of the second tranches has been a matter of understandable tension and contention ever since, not least since such ‘Black’ remittances, which are commonplace at the intergovernmental level, are illegal – and therefore ‘never happened’.

Intelligence sources have provided International Currency Review with the name of the secret Swiss bank account, the vast amount of ‘Black’ money it holds, the amounts allocated for each corrupted EU ‘Member State’, and the names of three of the most prominent alleged recipients of ‘Black’ payments, together with details of the alleged transactions concerned.

Above excerpted from
(Special thanks to Cathy Fox)
Further articles on EU corruption

The government is forbidden to have dealings with a criminal organisation whether it is incorporated or not.  At the very least the Commission has been issuing false accounts according to commonly available accounts. If both sides are incorporated and it is about asset ownership, what is happening makes more sense. One hopes ownership isn't just being transferred on a deferred basis to the jesuit world gov project whereunder we'd continue undergoing capitalist fascio-communisation

 Why don't our "protectors" help the victims by turning Queen's evidence? Why do they prolong the fraud? Is it really just about the cash and transferring ownership to the pretend (illegal and communist) hemisphere government? Or is the DVD pulling the strings for the EU jesuits (highest level masons)?

The way education and the entertainment and news media is trending, one could be forgiven for thinking we are governed by gender challenged, paedophile and otherwise corrupted politicians and zBBC, that together with parliament is well known as a paedo shelter. That suggests intelligence services run the show. The "british" intel outfits appear to be run by a german agency, Buck House and the City's Masonry depending on which wants what. Perhaps doing a Trump on the agencies is called for.

All MPs should be obliged to perform a broadcast lie detector test at the hustings. Simple questions*, no free passes.

Are you sexually attracted to minors and infants?
Are you gender challenged?
Have you ever killed another person of any age?
Have you ever been blackmailed?
Do you support the single world government project?
Do you support NATO regime change wars?
Will you use the parliamentary position to enrich yourself beyond the standard remuneration?
Do you have loyalty to any other organisation or nation other than GB&NI, e.g Masonry?
Are you an agent or employee of any organisation?
Have you undergone Common Purpose training?
Do you have a passport for another country?
Are you a substance or alcohol abuser?

This is necessary IMO because it seems very few if any present members could answer all questions with a no.
Simply the threat of having to undergo such a simple suitability test would see most prospective MPs stand down.

Civil Service heads and dept heads should be tested too.

Minorities should not exceed their proportional limit.

Whoever heads the FCO should undergo further deeper monitored test in view of the agencies, dept's and corporations it oversees.

I also feel that loyalty to the monarch du jour should be removed from the oath. I believe anyone would be hard pressed to prove the privvy council has been loyal to our nation.

In my dreams.

*This is based on what I see, profound corruption and perversion ongoing in parliament, regional and local government and services, the military, the security, justice and education systems, the FCO and Treasury.and the zBBC. That is the real coup, a boil from which some puss got squeezed by brexit. Like an undisinfected burst boil, it may redevelop and infections may mushroom in the surrounding areas.

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