clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

FoS scientists, politicians, activists and the zBBC still pulling the wool

We have constipated (full of shit - FoS) scientists, politicians, activists and media in one breath telling us natural, cyclical warming is catastrophic global warming, miraculously driven by human emitted CO2 that is evident only in doctored computer programme predictions and the brains of the brainwashed and bought, whilst in the next breath saying the Sun is not the cause. This enables the FoS deceivers in various occupation regimes to tax us for producing CO2. And to dose us with neurotoxin aluminium particulates via jet exhaust pollution (JEP) that we are informed is desirable because by reducing the octane value of the fuel, it improves fuel efficiency (a lie, no physical proof exists) and it reduces the solar radiation impact on the surface temperature. In fact the aluminium neurotoxins have a military purpose, the pollution can be used by HAARP and radar to perform  beyond the horizon.

The enemies' deceivers that are a part of the pre WWII supra EU conspiracy that range from leaders, (Heath, Blair and Cameron outed but in the end all leaders) to media outfits, Masonry, Common Purpose, zionists, fabians, the perverted catholic church and CoE. Other gangs, the RS, RIAA, ECFR, CFR and so on are also complicit. As several of the gangs are figureheaded by royalty, we have a black nobility connection, also through royals participating in Bilderberg that sees itself as a caretaker world gov.

Demand either a full carbon tax refund. Or deliver global warming, hard to do, even with HAARP, cloud seeding and chem trails now we are in the solar radiation dictated cooling cycle.

Wake up.

What is the real reason for the carbon tax? The illegal gang of wanted criminals that form the jesuit khazars'  puppet one world ecofascist communist government is funded by carbon tax. It is very likely conveyed to the FoS low life OWG scum like Cameron via the IMF that sees massive and regular donations from the treasury dept. of most western puppet regimes.

The gangs involved in the OWG are doubtless the Pilgrims, the khazars' Soc. of Jesus,  khazar controlled banks, notably BIS, IMF and World Bank, Bilderberg, the 3 City states, the disincorporated UN inc that is legally a walking fictional corpse, assorted NGO clubs. the occupied UK, US, Canada, IJEU regime of the day, Common Purpose and assorted bloated civil services. All well heeled by illicit tax funds.
A history of the result of TKJ and puppet machinations in 2D.

A TKJ jesuit and black nobilty (hence HMQEII to be's support) attempt to rule Europe.
Europa 4


All ~12hrs [2.2 GB}
(D/L it, it takes forever to load over broadband. Get a torrent client, then R click on the magnet sign, copy link, paste into the client, ctrl u in utorrent.)

When  the black nobility (reported to be headed by Mrs Windsor) have a get together (Bilderberg, Pilgrims) would they be able to spot a stand-in figurehead?

What is true?
A more logical explanation of the Earth's 26k years' precession, it's an illusion.

The "Precession of the Equinoxes" = Earth's motion around its PVP orbit

If, when proven, this will have ramifications that will influence our understanding of climate variation.
Tags: 3 city states, agw, bilderberg, bis, bloated civil services, cagw, common purpose, disincorporated un inc, europa, imf, khazar banks, occupied uk- us-canada-ijeu regimes, owg, pilgrims, soc. of jesus, tychos, world bank

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