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09 September 2019 @ 03:47 pm
It's so very simple. The EU Commission is a criminal corporation that needs to be jailed  
I can't fathom why people in positions of power are keeping this information from the public other than to protect previous leaders and governments from charges of collusion with criminals and an encyclopaedia's worth of crimes against the Constitution and Admiralty law.

The Commission stole tax funds and used them to bribe complicit politicians to betray their respective country. Christopher Story published his research and shared it with people in high office. He may have been murdered for his efforts. The EU is built on fraud and payola and very likely the fraud and payola continues to this day. Cameron seems to have been the latest British traitor to have benefitted from this payola, his reward for signing away Britain's sovereignty was reported to be £10 million. Gods know how much DVD asset Blair has raked in from the khazars for his treason and for Iraq.

I'm wary of giving former bank employees praise but it seems MP John Redwood is either a rare exception that has a gift for seeing unconsidered aspects of the brexit chaos or he is working for people whose views are temporarily in line with the public's wishes. Either way his views outshine those of most if not all the traitors that wish us to be under the heel of a criminal cabal with no possiblity to change the regime. And that is the whole point. National government that is in range of bad eggs and tomatoes, (and national law /sarc) where national needs are catered for or an incrementally oppressive dictatorship of people whose agenda meshes with the criminal global government whose participation in crimes against their own nations and humanity have been documented and Common Law arrest warrants produced. Pope Benedict was obliged to resign after Common Law warrants issued against the pervert were recognised by several European countries, not Britain, assumedly due to the nation's seat of power being extensively infested with perverts itself. Attempts were made to arrest the present pope when he flew to America to attend satanic festivals and repeat AGW lies.

An outstanding example, but unexceptional for the man is his latest correspondence with his followers:

What kind of Remain did Remain voters vote for?
By johnredwood
Published: September 9, 2019
Throughout the referendum campaign Remain advocates refused to discuss the current state and the future path of the EU. Many of those I debated with declined even to defend the current EU, saying it had its faults and they wished it to be reformed. I found few willing to defend the Common Fisheries Policy, the drift to common taxation through EU VAT, company tax rules and special taxes, the policy on animal husbandry, the Maastricht budget rules and austerity and much else of the current EU. Had we enjoyed a proper debate on the current and future EU I suspect more would have voted Leave. For those passionate Remainers who write in here I am offering them a chance today to write about their favourite subject, why we should stay in the EU. Here are some possible futures of the EU. Which did they have in mind when they voted to keep the UK in membership?

1. ″Ever closer union”. Do they accept the main aims of the EU, to create a full monetary, social, economic and political union? When do they think the UK should join in properly, by joining the Euro, the core of the current Union? Do they accept that the Euro with or without UK membership will need a bigger and better transfer union to help the poorer countries in the Euro? Do they support a bigger EU budget to bring that about? Do they welcome more EU based taxes to pay for Union policies? Do they welcome a common defence and security policy? Should UK armed forces be part of European forces and accept command from the EU?

2. If they wish to avoid some features of ever closer union, how would they secure the necessary opt outs as the Union proceeds with a fuller budgetary and political union? How realistic is it for the UK to be round the budget table for the general EU budget but not round the table for the Euro area budget? At what point does the opt out from the currency cease to be an opt out from the budgetary consequences of the Euro? What would the UK have to do if there were another financial or banking crisis in the Euro area? How far can the UK allow defence industrial integration go before it is no longer an independent nation for defence purposes?

3. Are there any limits to government expansion and legal creep which characterise the advance of the EU? Do advocates accept that the more ECJ decisions there are, the more regulations and directives there are, the more we are governed by the EU institutions and the less scope our Parliament has for independent action and lawmaking. The EU has a doctrine of the occupied field. Once it passes a directive or regulation, it then has power in that area and can override national parliaments. Recently the EU has for example taken over much of the regulation of the new social media and digital industries which are crucial for our future. Surely at some point there has to be greater recognition in the democratic system of the big transfer of power which is occurring, with strengthened democratic control over the EU Commission and the European Court of Justice, which is an activist court with a political mission.
Remainer responses are notable by their absence. I suspect it comes down to personal profit, few with even a little power don't benefit from EU fraud.

Here's some more from the late Christopher Edward Harle Story:
Christopher Story - EU Corruption Part 1/3
Filmed at the 3rd Lawful Rebellion Conference, London, 31st October 2009 by BBC5.tv.
Youtube on 14 Nov 2009


Christopher Story - EU Corruption Part 2/3
Youtube on 15 Nov 2009


Christopher Story - EU Corruption Part 3/3
Youtube on 15 Nov 2009


If there's a heaven, I hope there was a special place reserved for him.
clothcapclothcap on September 9th, 2019 05:47 pm (UTC)
JR: No deal is better than a bad deal
No deal is better than a bad deal
Published: September 8, 2019
The Prime Minister has been taken hostage by Parliament. This Parliament has decided to oppose the people by denying us the result of our people’s vote. The Prime Minister threatened to implement the people’s view, so they decided to strip him of the power of his office to stop him. Revealing their true anti democratic nature they stopped him holding a general election to let the people reassert their will. This is surely the worst chapter in Parliament’s usually democratic story. It is quite wrong of Parliament to both prevent a government governing and to refuse an election to choose a new government. It is Parliament against the people.
It is something worse than this. It is deliberately placing UK government entirely under the control of EU government. The PM is hostage to stop him taking us out of the EU. He is hostage to stop him negotiating from a position of strength with the EU. He is hostage so the EU can pass any law, make any legal judgement, make any financial demand it wishes and a weak UK will have to obey and pay.
So what are the Prime Minister’s options from here?
He should obey the law, but he should expect Parliament to pass laws according to our rules and conventions and not to abuse the legislative powers it holds.
He should not resign. Resigning would give the EU faction what they want, control of the executive as well as of Parliament. They would delay an election and seek to make it even more difficult for us to leave the EU.
He should mount the case that Parliament legislated to keep us in unreasonably. It overturned the need for a Money resolution and Queens consent. It is seeking to make a law out of a political instruction to a Prime Minister it refuses to remove from office by voting him out. If Parliament does not like the government’s use of its powers, then it has to vote it out of office. It has refused to even consider a No confidence vote followed by an election if the opposition wins. The PM should not back down from his refusal to ask for another extension to our membership for no obvious helpful purpose.
The Prime Minister needs to seek an early election. He could on Monday try to amend the Fixed Term Parliament Act as that would only require a simple majority, not a two thirds majority.There could then be sufficient decent individual Opposition MPs who would support, seeing the damage delay is doing to Parliament and to their parties reputation with voters other than those wedded to the EU. There is the issue of whether that could invite worse amendments. It would need to have very narrow scope to avoid amendments that seek to change the franchise or undertake other constitutional changes, so once again lawyers and arguments over procedure would need to precede tabling anything.
He should rally the country against those MPs and parties who have created this mess. He should urge other member states to deny any move to delay the UK’s exit further, making clear that the UK forced to stay in the EU against the will of the people is not in their interests any more than ours. How can the EU proceed when one of its largest members has no intention of joining the Euro, no intention of helping pay for the Euro scheme and no wish to support any of the necessary moves to greater political union?
One of the few performing as an MP. There really exists a big part of government that is not our friend. It was led by Cameron, a bona fide criminal with wanted posters and May whom may or may not have been deliberately beneficial to the IJ EU's bank balance.
clothcapclothcap on September 9th, 2019 06:14 pm (UTC)
How could they?
Legislation that should have been debated wasn't.

Order no more? Iconic UK House of Commons Speaker Bercow to step down amid Brexit chaos
RT 9 Sep, 2019
The House of Commons’ iconic Speaker John Bercow has announced he will step down on October 31 or will quit sooner if an early election is held.
Bercow’s statement, delivered on Monday, was met with cheers from Labour Party MPs and rebel Tories. Over the past several weeks, Bercow has been accused of bending parliamentary rules, giving MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit the chance to pass legislation blocking such an event.
Conservatives were furious, with Business Secretary Angela Leadsom calling Bercow’s move a “flagrant abuse” of the parliamentary process.
Though Bercow said that he had planned to step down for family reasons, his departure comes amid a wave of defections from the Conservative Party. MP Mark Prisk said minutes earlier that he would not stand in another general election, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s brother Jo resigned from government last Tuesday.
Prior to his announcement, Leadsom stated on Sunday that the Tories would field a candidate to oust Bercow if a general election is called, accusing the speaker of siding with the opposition over Brexit. Though the speaker usually runs unopposed in an election, Leadsom said in the Mail on Sunday that Bercow had “failed” in his role as “a politically impartial, independent umpire of proceedings.”
Bercow, an anti democratic creukophile. DVD?

I beg your pardon!! Britain’s BoJo now declares no-deal Brexit would be a ‘failure’
RT 9 Sep, 2019
British PM Boris Johnson has claimed a no-deal Brexit would be “a failure of statecraft,” for which he would be partly responsible, in sharp contrast with his previous, positive comments about the UK exiting the EU without a deal.
Speaking at a joint press conference in Dublin on Monday with Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar, Johnson ostensibly reined in his usual cavalier “do or die” rhetoric on Brexit. The UK prime minister insisted that he wanted an agreement to be struck with Brussels, admitting that he would be partly to blame if a deal could not be secured.
"I have looked carefully at no-deal...the UK could certainly get through it, but, be in no doubt, that outcome would be a failure of statecraft for which we would all be responsible."
In a somewhat veiled threat to supporters of a hard Brexit, Varadkar warned Johnson that there was “no such thing as a clean break,” insisting that such a scenario would lead to “severe disruption” for both British and Irish people.
Still a glimmer of hope, the IJs may not allow an extension.
clothcapclothcap on September 9th, 2019 07:28 pm (UTC)
Hong Kong protesters cozy up to US, ask to ‘liberate’ city amid ongoing violence
RT time: 8 Sep, 2019
Hong Kong protesters rallied in their thousands and clashed with police in fresh unrest. They even called on Washington to "liberate" them from Chinese rule, suggesting some may now view the US as their patron.
Thousands of demonstrators marched to the US Consulate in Hong Kong on Sunday, in what they said was an appeal to President Donald Trump to intervene in the weeks-long political turmoil. Videos of the rally show protesters waving American flags as they sing the US national anthem and play ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ through the speakers on their phones.
People also carried banners, urging Trump to "liberate" Hong Kong. American lawmakers are currently mulling the so-called ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’. The legislation would require Washington to annually assess Hong Kong’s level of autonomy from Beijing and react with economic countermeasures if self-rule is compromised.
Some signs of protest used to drum up support for the cause have raised questions about the factual accuracy of the messaging. According to the Global Times, a banner attached to an overpass erroneously claimed that “China owes America $1 trillion.”
I wonder what else George wants.