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Reasons to abandon the EU & News via CCNet (GWPF)

American Physical Society, a famous AGW, MMCC, MMCD, and "CO2 is bad" proselytiser responded to Dr. Hal Lewis' public resignation note. Dr Hal responded to the hrmphing class holes. (I wonder if the APS helped Al with his sci-fi documentary, Asses In Tuxedos?)
read it here. Succinct and "demolition as an art form" are good adjectives.

Some of the reasons the UK should get beyond the reach of EU destroyers of democracy, sovereignty and countries.
The EC is run by banksters (via the Bilderberg group) for banksters. The latest regulation breaking scam is the attempt to establish permanent bankster underwriting with public funds. Bilderberg's Commission will consider permanent rescue mechanism [European Financial Stability Facility, that can provide up to €440 billion in emergency loans to eurozone governments (to bail out banks) already set up, so far for 3 years.
The Board of the EFSF comprise high level representatives of the 16 euro area member states, including Deputy Ministers or Secretaries of State or Director Generals of the Treasury. The European Commission and the European Central Bank [part of Rothschilds' cartel] can each appoint an observer to the EFSF Board. EFSF's Chairman of the Board is former(?) bank employee Thomas Wieser, who is also Chairman of EU's Economic and Financial Committee.]
The EC wishes to federalize the UK by stealth, positively assisted by successive UK leaders. They want the UK to adopt the banksters' wet dream, a cashless society where everything is paid for by electronic transfer from bank to bank. See UK Payments Council, its mission is to make us pay everything by direct debit, wages, bills, transfers of every kind on the way to eliminating real money and The European Payments Council that develops the payment schemes and frameworks necessary to realise the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). SEPA is an EU integration initiative in the area of payments designed to achieve the completion of the EU internal market and monetary union.
Should they succeed, Britain's currency/finances will be centrally controlled, i.e. the virtual euro will replace the £. 
The EC wishes to have central control of the armed forces depriving countries of the ability to resist invasion. See The Underlying Costs of EU Defence Integration.
The EC costs UK citizens between £170 and £300 billion due to EC laws and regulations rubber stamped by the EU parliament and their UK representatives (i.e. the 3 main parties).
The EC refunds part of the membership fee, it goes to landowners and pet projects, e.g. senseless CO2 reductionists.
The EC is an unnecessary additional layer of government that creates treaties and laws (production line like) that are intended to steadily increase its legal authority over the UK so reducing UK sovereignty and legal jurisdiction
The EC is fraud riddled, its accounts haven't been closed for 14 years. A private org. would see people behind bars were it in the UK.
The EC is unelected.
The EU parliament is dominated by the EPP, dedicated to creating an eco fascist EUSSR.
The EC wants to be in charge of the globe with Rockefeller's Club of Rome (Madrid, Budapest) directed UN that is also fraud riddled and counterproductive.
The EC gave us gang-green, a scam based on demonizing benign CO2 to support the printing of IOUs drawn against the public which is obliged to buy them and by EC forced UK law,imposed wind farms, green taxes and energy bills on the UK adding greatly to the national debt, lowering living standards, forcing inflation (whose true level the UK gov's hide) and making the UK the worst place to live in Europe (except for immigrants on social).
The EC has made it legal to kidnap UK residents and take them to another a country for such as littering.
The EC by its immigration regulations and job centre in Africa with the remit to send 50 million workers, with Brown and Cameron obeisance, has driven UK immigration beyond acceptable levels putting a strain on social services, housing, native employment and worsening inter-racial tensions.
The EC supports massive waste in spending on such as a fusion reactor that is doomed to failure (not just because the "know-how" is absent but because for reasons similar to the last Airbus problems, the jigsaw bits don't fit), the baseless euro, carbon credits that are fraud, wine and milk lakes, beef and grain mountains, thousands of quangos and spin-offs, and pay increases for its pensions and pay written into law and the investment in Rothschild/Rockefeller banks such as the GEB, ECB, IMF, CB etc.

A reasons to not abandon the EU - masochism.

CCNet 12 Oct newsletter advised of the following:

Britons No Longer Worried About Climate Change The Independent on Sunday, 10 October 2010

Britons are less environmentally conscious than they were five years ago, with twice as many people now "bored" by talk of climate change as in 2005. Four in 10 take no action at all to reduce their household carbon dioxide emissions. Experts warn that green fatigue is a major reason why there are more cars on the roads, more planes in the sky and no reduction in the mountain of packaging waste.
As a new energy report reveals that too few people are making an effort to reduce their household CO2 emissions, environmentalists believe the recession is further undermining public commitment.

Nothing to do with the cyclical warming stopping ~1995, cooling since 2003, worsening winters blowing the "CO2 harms the climate" scam out of the water, nothing to do with sceptical science blowing the "CO2 harms the climate" scam out of the water and nothing to do with Climategate of course.

Maxeiner and Miersch: Labour's Green Suicide
"Those who turn themselves green will be eaten by goats," says a German folk saying. Once in a while, Germany's Labour Party is finding out that one should listen to what common people think. The Green Party, according to opinion polls, has caught up with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and, in some places, are set to overtake them. Instead of a future Red-Green coalition government, there could be a Green-Red one.
[translation Philipp Mueller]

On climate policy and the crisis of social democracy, see also:

Jürgen Krönig: Climate Change: The Challenge For Social Democracy

Benny Peiser: A Green Miscalculation

British Government In U-turn Over Green Energy  Adam Vaughan
David Cameron has reneged on a pre-election promise to reward early adopters of solar panels and other domestic green energy generation, it has emerged.
Under the "feed-in tariff" scheme introduced in April, owners of solar panels fitted to houses after 15 July 2009 are paid 41.3p per unit of electricity, while householders who put up panels before that date get just 9p.
Green energy campaigners had fought the difference, which they called a "betrayal".

I agree with that last sentence. The feed -in tariff should be at the same level as major energy suppliers less the cost of integration. It is energy users who are betrayed by being charged for this ridiculous burden on the electricity grid.

IPCC To Decide Pachauri's Fate - And Its Own Nitin Sethi
India will push for R K Pachauri to continue as the chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) while it debates the fifth assessment report at the IPCC meeting in Busan, South Korea thatstarted on Monday. New Delhi will also press for the immediate implementation of all the other reforms that the InterAcademy Council review has sought.
Though the Council had recommended that the "the term of the IPCC Chair should be limited to the timeframe of one assessment", and Pachauri has already headed one such assessment report, which was released in 2007, the Indian government plans to back the director of The Energy Research Institute (TERI) at the meeting.

Two issues. TERI as a major recipient of UN largesse needs to be pressured into publicizing its accounts. The IPCC needs to be closed down as it has broken the rules for a charity. It is a political advocacy, biased and deceptive.Would a common bank robber go unpunished if he promised to reform?

Hal Lewis Resigns Form The American Physical Society After Nearly 70 Years

By John Ingham, Environment Editor
A TOP American professor has quit a prestigious academic body after claiming that global warming has become a “scam” driven by “trillions of dollars” which has “corrupted” scientists.
Professor Harold Lewis, 87, described his “revulsion” at last year’s leaked “Climategate” emails which appeared to show scientists at East Anglia’s world-leading Climate Research Unit rigging evidence in favour of man-made climate change.
He branded man-made climate change “the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud” he has ever seen.
The scientists involved have been cleared of wrongdoing by a series of investigations. But Prof Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has formally resigned from the American Physical Society after nearly 70 years as a member.
He claims that the APS, the society for America’s top physicists, has refused to engage in proper scientific debate about climate change and ignored climate sceptics.
Yesterday Benny Peiser, of the climate-sceptical Global Warming Policy Foundation, said Prof Lewis has agreed to join its advisory council.
Dr Peiser said: “In America they have failed to do what the Royal Society in Britain and the Academy of Sciences in France have done – which is to engage with sceptics and allow them to debate this issue. At least we are making progress here in trying to generate some semblance of scientific debate.”
Prof Lewis’s resignation comes as governments around the world press ahead with costly green policies despite growing controversy about whether climate change is man-made.
The Climategate scandal – which was leaked just before last December’s Copenhagen climate summit – boosted criticism by climate sceptics.
But yesterday, the head of the UN’s influential intergovernmental panel on climate change, Rajendra Pachauri, resisted intense pressure to stand down after a series of errors in its work.
Dr Pachauri vowed to stay on and lead “overdue” reforms despite admitting “shortfalls and mistakes” in the 2007 report on climate science, including unverified claims that Himalayan glaciers will have melted by 2035.
Prof Lewis used his resignation letter to attack an academic establishment which he described as having been swept along by global warming as if by a “rogue wave”.
He compared the APS now to the organisation he joined 67 years ago which he said was “much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood”.
He said: “How different it is now. The giants no longer walk the earth and the money flood has become the raison d’etre of much physics research.”
He continued: “It is, of course, the global warming scam, with the [literally] trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists. It is the greatest and most successful pseudo scientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.”
Met Office spokeswoman Vicky Pope dismissed talk of “pseudoscience” regarding climate change stressing that the scientists at the centre of Climategate had been cleared of any wrongdoing.
She said that the 10 warmest years in records going back 160 years have been since 1998 and that every decade over the past 50 years has been warmer than the one before. [So goes the dogma.]
The President of the APS, Professor Curt Callan, said: “The use of the word ‘scam’ is ridiculous. To dismiss the work of large numbers of honest, hard-working scientists as a scam is just silly.”
(Also reported in The Register, The Telegraph (blog only), The San Francisco Chronicle (blog only), The Star-Ledger (NJ), Las Vegas Review-Journal). Hat tip to Bishop Hill

My comment: Despite disparity between reality and surface measurements of temperature, despite the constant adjustments to the GISS surface data biased to showing alarming warming by depressing cool and boosting warm temperatures, despite the Kiwi data set being rejected for conjuring warming where none existed, despite many T measuring stations in the US being badly sited,  despite the ~4000 station decline correlating with alleged alarming warming, despite claims by Russian scientists of CRU selectiveness in preferring warmer T records to cooler, despite claims that data for China are unsupportable, despite the Arctic showing no alarming warming away from human habitation, despite there being a paucity of measurements in large areas such  as in the polar regions, Sahara, over oceans etc., despite Climategate, despite no alarming warming in the S. hemisphere, rural US, N. hemisphere oceans, despite earlier (19th, 20th c.) warming periods having "no statistically significant difference" to warming from the late 70s to 2000, despite the 30s being as warm as the 21st c., despite the MWP being as warm or warmer
, despite CO2 clearly NOT driving warming,The use of the word ‘scam’ is ridiculous. To dismiss the work of large numbers of honest, hard-working scientists as a scam is just silly.Duh.
See the (nongovernmental) IPCC AR1 here. The latest problem with T measurements is ASOS that is used for QA. Seems it has a bias.

Professor Hal Lewis Joins The GWPF
LONDON, 12 October - The Global Warming Policy Foundation is delighted and honoured to announce that Professor Harold (Hal) Lewis, one of America's most distinguished physicists, has agreed to join our Academic Advisory Council.
Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a former member of the Defense Science Board and former chairman of its Technology panel. He was co-founder and former Chairman of JASON and a former member of the USAF Scientific Advisory Board.On 6 October 2010, he resigned from the American Physical Society, 67 years after he had joined the APS, in protest over the politicalisation of climate research and the stifling of scientific debate.

The GWPF Academic Advisory Council is composed of researchers, scientists, economists and science authors who provide the GWPF with timely scientific, economic and policy advice. It evaluates new studies and reports, explores future research projects and makes recommendations on issues related to climate research and policy.
For the full list of the GWPF's Academic Advisory Council click here.

Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt? Part 5: CO2 Emissions Versus Temperature


Punishing the gang-green bandwagoneers - O2 and their refusal to declaim the 10:10 snuff movie: here

Junk Science recommends:
Comment on water shortages and why: "Climate change" is the big distraction/excuse of the era. Australian states committed to what is looking like hundreds of billions of dollars worth of desalination contracts while failing to build dams because gorebull warbling was allegedly causing monster droughts of the century/millennium. Naturally it has since been exceptionally wet and billions of tons of potable water are flowing to sea because we lack impoundment storage while we pay significant sums under long-term contracts to have completely useless desalination plants. Stupid game. Forget "climate change" and pay attention to the roughly 60 years it takes to complete the cycle of wetter and drier phases by region.

PJTV’s Big Green Part III: The World’s First Carbon Billionaires
PJTV's series on Big Green wraps up with a reminder that there's gold in that green.
In the third and final installment of this investigative series with the Washington Examiner, Joe Hicks reveals the dirty secrets of the environmental movement. Environmentalists have a lot of money, and spend it freely on Democrats. How did Big Green become so powerful and influential? How were the world’s first carbon billionaires created?

EPA sued by over 90 entities for 'Greenhouse' Gas Regulations

La Nina to cause record drop in temperature

Modeling the Economics of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Summary of a Workshop
JS comment: What's to model? There is no known downside to a warmer planet and no known upside to carbon constraint. On the other hand humanity benefits mightily from using carbon-dense fuels. Study done. Move on.

The Large-Scale Production of Biofuels in a Food-Insecure World:
It will do us much more harm than good.

China Overtakes U.S. As Biggest Energy Consumer: IEA

Failure to impose CCS levy on energy bills would be 'disastrous', MPs told No, the "disaster" would be CCS itself:

SPPI most recent:

Wikipedia climate revisionism by William Connolley continues

Peer Reviewed Study: CO2 warming effect cut by 65%, climate sensitivity impossible to accurately determine

Whilst those that wish for coldness are getting it, sadly the Arctic sea ice will dispatch large volumes of solar energy back to space when the Sun comes back above the horizon in spring.
Go Ice Go!

Rutgers' discovery paves way for development of efficient, inexpensive plastic solar cells
[I hope they are useful, gang-green gov'ts have wasted a fortune on subsiding solar energy. Of course they don't respond to moon shine (totally useless in the Ant- Arctic in winter too) nor under thick cloud in daytime. Still, they can always shine spotlights on them. Are there any off the peg adapters for feeding mains electric to the solar panel feed-in connection yet? Does a standard car battery charger work? Maybe NASA can launch a few solar powered lasers into space and use them instead of spotlights... But think of the rocket "pollution" dammit.]

Pajamas Media: Whore-Gate

CliSci notes:
Blast From The Past: Deprogramming Yourself After Global Warming Scam by Roger F. Gay

Book Review: Climate: The Counter Consensus by Bob Carter

Global warming fraud: the tide begins to turn by James Delingpole

DT's JD - What on Earth is Bob Ward?
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