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24 August 2019 @ 11:30 pm
Risks to Health and Well-Being as Permitted by Your Local and OWG Regional Government  

Risks to Health and Well-Being from Radio-Frequency Radiation (RFR) Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices

By Anthony B. Miller, Margaret E. Sears, L. Lloyd Morgan, and et al.
Global Research, August 23, 2019
Frontiers 13 August 2019

We bring to the attention of our readers this important scientific report on the health impacts of cellphone radio frequency radiation.

Below are relevant excerpts. To access the full report click here.

emphasis added


Radiation exposure has long been a concern for the public, policy makers, and health researchers. Beginning with radar during World War II, human exposure to radio-frequency radiation1 (RFR) technologies has grown substantially over time. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reviewed the published literature and categorized RFR as a “possible” (Group 2B) human carcinogen. A broad range of adverse human health effects associated with RFR have been reported since the IARC review.

In addition, three large-scale carcinogenicity studies in rodents exposed to levels of RFR that mimic lifetime human exposures have shown significantly increased rates of Schwannomas and malignant gliomas, as well as chromosomal DNA damage.

Of particular concern are the effects of RFR exposure on the developing brain in children.

Compared with an adult male, a cell phone held against the head of a child exposes deeper brain structures to greater radiation doses per unit volume, and the young, thin skull’s bone marrow absorbs a roughly 10-fold higher local dose. Experimental and observational studies also suggest that men who keep cell phones in their trouser pockets have significantly lower sperm counts and significantly impaired sperm motility and morphology, including mitochondrial DNA damage. Based on the accumulated evidence, we recommend that IARC re-evaluate its 2011 classification of the human carcinogenicity of RFR, and that WHO complete a systematic review of multiple other health effects such as sperm damage. In the interim, current knowledge provides justification for governments, public health authorities, and physicians/allied health professionals to warn the population that having a cell phone next to the body is harmful, and to support measures to reduce all exposures to RFR.


We live in a generation that relies heavily on technology. Whether for personal use or work, wireless devices, such as cell phones, are commonly used around the world, and exposure to radio-frequency radiation (RFR) is widespread, including in public spaces (1, 2).

In this review, we address the current scientific evidence on health risks from exposure to RFR, which is in the non-ionizing frequency range. We focus here on human health effects, but also note evidence that RFR can cause physiological and/or morphological effects on bees, plants and trees (3–5).

We recognize a diversity of opinions on the potential adverse effects of RFR exposure from cell or mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices (WTDs) including cordless phones and Wi-Fi. The paradigmatic approach in cancer epidemiology, which considers the body of epidemiological, toxicological, and mechanistic/cellular evidence when assessing causality, is applied.


Since 1998, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has maintained that no evidence of adverse biological effects of RFR exist, other than tissue heating at exposures above prescribed thresholds (6).

In contrast, in 2011, an expert working group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorized RFR emitted by cell phones and other WTDs as a Group 2B (“possible”) human carcinogen (7).

Children and Reproduction

As a result of rapid growth rates and the greater vulnerability of developing nervous systems, the long-term risks to children from RFR exposure from cell phones and other WTDs are expected to be greater than those to adults (38). By analogy with other carcinogens, longer opportunities for exposure due to earlier use of cell phones and other WTDs could be associated with greater cancer risks in later life.

Policy Recommendations Based on the Evidence to Date

At the time of writing, a total of 32 countries or governmental bodies within these countries4 have issued policies and health recommendations concerning exposure to RFR (78). Three U.S. states have issued advisories to limit exposure to RFR (81–83) and the Worcester Massachusetts Public Schools (84) voted to post precautionary guidelines on Wi-Fi radiation on its website. In France, Wi-Fi has been removed from pre-schools and ordered to be shut off in elementary schools when not in use, and children aged 16 years or under are banned from bringing cell phones to school (85). Because the national test agency found 9 out of 10 phones exceeded permissible radiation limits, France is also recalling several million phones.

We therefore recommend the following:

1. Governmental and institutional support of data collection and analysis to monitor potential links between RFR associated with wireless technology and cancers, sperm, the heart, the nervous system, sleep, vision and hearing, and effects on children.

2. Further dissemination of information regarding potential health risk information that is in wireless devices and manuals is necessary to respect users’ Right To Know. Cautionary statements and protective measures should be posted on packaging and at points of sale. Governments should follow the practice of France, Israel and Belgium and mandate labeling, as for tobacco and alcohol.

3. Regulations should require that any WTD that could be used or carried directly against the skin (e.g., a cell phone) or in close proximity (e.g., a device being used on the lap of a small child) be tested appropriately as used, and that this information be prominently displayed at point of sale, on packaging, and both on the exterior and within the device.

4. IARC should convene a new working group to update the categorization of RFR, including current scientific findings that highlight, in particular, risks to youngsters of subsequent cancers. We note that an IARC Advisory Group has recently recommended that RFR should be re-evaluated by the IARC Monographs program with high priority.

5. The World Health Organization (WHO) should complete its long-standing RFR systematic review project, using strong modern scientific methods. National and regional public health authorities similarly need to update their understanding and to provide adequate precautionary guidance for the public to minimize potential health risks.

6. Emerging human evidence is confirming animal evidence of developmental problems with RFR exposure during pregnancy. RFR sources should be avoided and distanced from expectant mothers, as recommended by physicians and scientists (babysafeproject.org).

7. Other countries should follow France, limiting RFR exposure in children under 16 years of age.

8. Cell towers should be distanced from homes, daycare centers, schools, and places frequented by pregnant women, men who wish to father healthy children, and the young.

To access the full report click here.

The full report contains an extensive list of scientific sources and notes

Source https://www.globalresearch.ca/risks-health-well-being-radio-frequency-radiation-emitted-cell-phones-other-wireless-devices/5687035

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clothcapclothcap on August 25th, 2019 09:28 am (UTC)
Selected From Global Research Front Page
Half a Billion Bees Drop Dead in Brazil Amid Jump in Pesticide Use
By Zero Hedge, August 21, 2019


Lawsuit Challenges Trump EPA’s 200 Million-acre Expansion of Bee-killing Pesticide
By Center For Biological Diversity, August 21, 2019

The poltergeist of Monsanto, the EPA.

What Globalism Did Was to Transfer the US Economy to China
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, August 21, 2019


US Now Admits it is Funding "Occupy Central" in Hong Kong
By Tony Cartalucci, August 22, 2019


Europe on the Brink of Collapse
By Peter Koenig August 2
The reason why Macron is desperate to get the UK loot arranged by Madam May?

Indian Assault on Kashmir in Third Week, Thousands Arrested
By Deepal Jayasekera and Keith Jones  August 22
Indian fascism according to pak PM.

No Agreement on Idlib: So-called "Militants" (aka Al Qaeda) Continue to Kill Syrian Civilians
By Ahmad Al Khaled August 22

Chaos the objective.

UK Licensed £6.3bn Worth of Arms to Saudi-led Forces in First Four Years of Yemen Conflict
By Middle East Eye August 22

Who got the commission? Does it go in a tip box and everyone gets a cut?

US Unveils Warrant for Seizure of Iran-operated Grace 1
By Press TV, August 22

Repeat after me or I will kill you, "I love Israel."

Al-Golani’s Defiance of Turkey Leads to Syrian Government Control of Khan Sheikhoun
By Press TV 16 August 2019


The Politicization of the US Justice System
By Renee Parsons August 23, 2019

Video: Khan Shaykhun Liberated, Northern Hama Pocket – Next
By South Front August 23, 2019


World Watching the Fate of Iranian Tanker
By Prof. Vijay Prashad August 23, 2019


Why a Defense Agreement with Israel Would be a Disaster for Americans. Lindsey Graham’s Blank Check
By Philip Girald August 23, 2019


Imperial Sentiments: Donald Trump, Greenland and Colonial Real Estate
By Dr. Binoy Kampmark August 23, 2019

Selected Articles: The Geopolitics of the Kashmir Crisis
By Global Research News August 23

Syria’s SDF’s Child Soldiers
By Miri Wood, August 23

Miri's skill as a reporter has grown

Suddenly the West Is Failing to Overthrow "Regimes"
By Andre Vltchek, August 23, 2019
Chaos the objective, doesn't matter who wins. Look at Libya.

The War on Libya, US-Turkey Power Play? Marshal Haftar vs Recep Erdogan
By Yuri Veselov, August 23


Edited at 2019-09-01 08:33 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 25th, 2019 11:34 am (UTC)
The satanic khazars' march to planet-wide chaos
The turkic khazars' efforts to start WWIII have so far been fruitless. The turkic khazar banksters and CIA's (Pilgrims, Illuminati, Bilderberg, OWG, RIAA, CFR, ECFR) efforts to make ponzi fiat currency invisible are being resisted.

Pilgrims > Rothschild > proxy butt Netanyahu's shoe lickers are the TKJ's leverage against humanity, the US corporation regime, the UK and EU corporation regimes, Canada, Australia, and so on. Japan that was resisting was brought into line by the joint UK establishment-zionist Fukushima event.

I wonder how many infants are being sacrificed to persuade their invisible friend to turn the tables?

Interesting how the British Commonwealth's local bureaucracy has been khazarianised. Once the turkic kazars have got even a toe in the door of bureaucracy, the spread of the infection is rapid, following the carved in stone zionist mode of operation. Look at the zBBC and MSM, Masonry, Common Purpose, Fabian org, banks, education, hollywood, NASA, NATO, "charities" etc.

The only way to resolve the situation is for the expulsion of the satanic khazars from every country before the whole planet is damaged beyond repair and humanity permanently fuct.

Who are they doing it for? They are genetic tax collectors for the Black Nobility that regard themselves as self-styled custodians of the planet for the assumed slavers and genetic manipulators that took control of the planet with advanced tech and free energy perhaps as far back as half a mil years ago. Unfondly christened megalomaggots by me with the turkic khazars, TKJs, being the parasitic maggot hijackers of bureaucracy.

We've outgrown them, another way to regard them is as harmfully counterproductive to our development. The infection should be treated as such.

Edited at 2019-08-25 02:30 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 25th, 2019 06:33 pm (UTC)
Seems Koch's death may have been fortuitous
I wonder if he died and went to Israel? Or maybe Zimbabwe.

Fulford report is out.

Benjamin Fulford
FourWinds10 5-22-19
The U.S. political dialogue of late has been dominated by Mossad pedophile blackmailer Jeffery Epstein and Bush-era Iran Contra cover-up artist Attorney General William Barr, and this is probably no coincidence. The choice of Epstein and Barr may well have been a deliberate nod to the Epstein-Barr virus. Also known as mononucleosis or the “kissing disease,” Epstein-Barr (EB) was one of the first viruses engineered by the Nazi faction to cause cancer in targeted victims, according to Japanese military intelligence. In this case, we have a staged public fight between Deep State agents Epstein (Mossad) and Barr (Nazi/Mossad) that seems to be deliberately causing a fatal malfunction in the U.S. political dialogue as portrayed by the corporate propaganda media.
Let us look behind the “botched” Epstein operation to see if it is actually part of something much more sophisticated.
The staging of Epstein’s “suicide” in a “suicide-proof” jail cell was immediately condemned by Barr, even though it occurred on his watch. Immediately after the “suicide,” news was released showing that Epstein had a bone broken in his neck that usually only breaks when a person is deliberately strangled. Following this, there was an “official” autopsy result showing that it was a “suicide” after all.
What is interesting about this operation is that opinion polls show that a majority of Americans, 42%, believe he was murdered, while only 29% believe the “official” story that he committed suicide.


This means that now only a minority of hard-core Kool-Aid-drinking Americans believe their government.
In fact, Pentagon sources say that Epstein has been allowed to…
…fake his death in exchange for full cooperation in the coming takedown of the over 300 top VIPs who visited his Pedophile Island. The deliberately botched “suiciding” of Epstein has allowed the Epstein underage sex investigation to be transformed by Barr into a murder investigation, the sources say. This gives the U.S. domestic and military police much stronger powers, they say.
Certainly, the staged Epstein death was quickly followed by an FBI raid on Epstein’s island. FBI agents on the spot deliberately opened a window to allow a drone to photograph a bloody bed inside the “temple” on his island. It can be seen at around 2.22 minutes on the video at the link below.
Full Report http://fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/new_world_order/news.php?q=1566233671
clothcapclothcap on August 26th, 2019 10:15 am (UTC)
Zero Hedge August 22 -23
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Quits As 'Deep State' Remarks Cause Uproar
Shares jumped some 12% on the news.
Merciless comments.

Comey FBI Willfully Ignored "Highly Classified" Hillary Clinton Emails; Barr Radio Silent
No emails, no felony!

Bolsonaro Admits Farmers May Have Started Amazon Wildfires, Warns World Not To Interfere
"The Amazon is bigger than Europe, how will you fight criminal fires in such an area?”

Beijing Enraged After US Navy Ship Sails Through Taiwan Strait
Washington has actually increased its antagonistic operations in the Taiwan Strait as tensions with Beijing have soared this year.
On behalf of the US electorate. The bank families are gasping for corp'n WWIII.

Billionaire David Koch Dies At 79
David Koch, the conservative billionaire, activist and philanthropist, who gave more than $1 billion to charitable causes but was best known for using his money to reshape U.S. politics has died at the age of 79.
Who fills his cloven hooves?

Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued For Up To 20 Officers At NYC Prison Where Epstein Died
Several witnesses "were not cooperative..."

The Litmus Test For LGBTQ Power – Schiff Versus She/He
...Councilperson Maebe A. Girl has thrown her tiara into the 2020 congressional race with glittery hopes and unicorn dreams of unseating Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) from his lofty perch.

Stocks Plunge After Trump Vows To Retaliate To China "This Afternoon", Orders US Companies To Find "An Alternative To China"
Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA. I will be responding to China’s Tariffs this afternoon.
Why bring them home, why not set up rivals supported with subsidies funded by import tax on the emigrant companies' products? Treat them like those that ran to join ISIS to fight for the zionists' greater Israel?

Steve Bannon Hopes To "Steel Trump's Resolve" With New Film About Huawei
"Huawei is a key part of that, and this film will highlight why it must be shut down."

In Unprecedented, Shocking Proposal, BOE's Mark Carney Urges Replacing Dollar With Libra-Like Reserve Currency
"In the longer term, we need to change the game. When change comes, it shouldn’t be to swap one currency hegemon for another."
Carney, banksters' boy, a zio pushing the satanist agenda. There would then be no way to catch the banks taking in laundry.

More Wildfires Are Burning In Angola & Congo Than Brazil
We're sure all of the Instagram influencers posting about the wildfires in the Amazon will soon post about these other fires, too...right?

Macron Warns UK Could Become US Vassal State...
...but did he ask Merkel if it was alright first?
Contrast with an EUSSR region.
clothcapclothcap on August 26th, 2019 10:45 am (UTC)
Zero Hedge 23 - 25 (24 was mostly fiat casino news)
Here's What To Expect From This Weekend's "Nightmare" G-7 Summit
"G-7 summits have turned into a bit of a nightmare for all concerned and chances are this one could be especially terrible..."
Is Boris aware that conspiring with foreign TKJ sock puppets to make national policy is treason, his legal advisors being accessories?

G7: An Obsolete, Useless Talking Shop
...the G7 is no longer a viable forum for its stated purpose of advancing the global economy. It’s a useless talking shop in an utterly changed world.

Why Mark Carney Thinks The Dollar Can No Longer Be The World's Reserve Currency
Everything the alternative media has warned about for years; all the outcomes other people have called "conspiracy theory", will soon be treated as "common knowledge"...
He's saying his gang's TKJ currency ponzi is crashing and they need a figurative church to hide in so as to keep their plunder. Painted themselves into an Alamo corner so long as we avoid their WWIII.

Policing For Profit: How Civil Asset Forfeiture Has Perverted American Law Enforcement
The current state of civil asset forfeiture in the United States is one of almost naked tyranny. Don’t believe us? Read on...

BigBrotherWatch: Facial Recognition "Epidemic" In The UK
Here is more evidence of just how dangerous and out of hand this creeping surveillance architecture is becoming...
At taxpayer expense.

Israel Launched Failed Overnight Drone Attack On Hezbollah In South Beirut
Two drones crashed into the Lebanese capital just as Israel conducted major airstrikes on a Damascus base.
At US taxpayer expense.

British University Bans Beef Because A Fashion-Expert Declared A "Climate Emergency"
"It’s a sweeping agenda for an academic who has only written books about fashion..."

A J-Hole Surprise... QE Is Back!
Interesting that this week - as central planners gather in Jackson Hole - saw The Fed's Treasury bond holdings rise for the first time since QE ended way back in late 2014...

'You Get Nothing' - Johnson Refuses To Pay Brexit Divorce Bill If No Deal With EU
"I think what the entire European Union understands is that if we come out without a deal then...the 39 billion is no longer legally pledged..."

Internal Revenue Service Sends New Round Of Letters To Crypto Holders
Using the information provided by third-party systems - such as crypto exchanges and payment systems - the IRS has been able to determine the amounts traders owe and included the amounts in dollars in the notices...

Is Amazon's Surveillance Machine Secretly Infiltrating Police Departments?
It seems that public attention on this matter has forced them to start going underground, with secret back-end deals with the government at local levels to expand their surveillance capabilities...

Trump Says He Regrets Escalating Trade War With China, White House Immediately Retracts
“I have second thoughts about everything.”
clothcapclothcap on August 26th, 2019 09:49 pm (UTC)
I have explained it before and shall explain it again. It is so simple, so huge, so anti-intuitive that people tend to bounce it right out of the brain matrix the first time they hear it, so multiple repetitions are necessary--- no matter how frustrating that is for me.
Repetition is also necessary for all the Newbies joining our ranks every day.
They continue to send me astonished questions and even try to "shame" me and the others who are claiming our National Credit. This is because they don't yet understand the information in this short article.
1. We have been living under a British controlled military Protectorate since the spring of 1863.
2. In order to end this Protectorate, we have to organize our unincorporated States of the Union and "reconstruct" our own federal-level States of States organizations. We haven't done that, so the Protectorate drags on.
3. We haven't been told anything about this necessary action or taught anything about it in school, because the British and the Pope have been benefiting from it--- at our expense.
4. Thus, technically, we are in this bind as a result of our own inaction, but we can hardly be expected to ever take action because we aren't made aware of the fact that we need to do anything of the sort.
5. Now that we finally "woke up" and realize what must be done, we find that we have been misrepresented by those benefiting from this continuing travesty in Breach of Trust, and have been deliberately misidentified as criminals and slaves belonging to the Municipal United States Government.
clothcapclothcap on August 26th, 2019 09:51 pm (UTC)
August 24, 2019


Jeffrey Epstein, the bullet, and the severed cat head
August 24, 2019

August 26, 2019

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules Medicaid (Taxpayers) Must Pay For Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery
August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019
A biased political judge, shame.

August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2019 05:58 am (UTC)
Zero Hedge August 25 - 26
When State Governors Tried To Take Back Control Of The National Guard
...the Pentagon keeps an ace up its sleeve in case any state politicians get uppity. The Pentagon will simply threaten to remove millions of dollars worth of spending from any state which refuses to immediately comply.
Britain's destiny when our (corporation's) armed forces are gone.

Irony: US-Appointed "Democratic President" Of Venezuela Threatens To Boycott Early Elections
As with most things about US foreign policy today, the irony of this situation is just too much to bear...

Trump Suggested Using Nukes To Stop Hurricanes From Hitting The US: Report
"I got it. I got it. Why don't we nuke them? They start forming off the coast of Africa, as they're moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane."
Cover for testing ways to mass murder more of us in one go.

"It's A Scandal!" - England's Homeless Children Problem
“a cocktail of punitive welfare policies, a woeful lack of social homes and wildly expensive private rents mean this is frighteningly commonplace."

A Critical Threshold Has Just Been Crossed, And Things Will Never Be The Same Again...
This conflict between US and China is going to change everything. An extraordinary amount of pain is heading our way, and our society is completely and utterly unprepared to handle it...

As Long As Enemies Of The State Keep Dying Before Trial, No One Should Trust The State
There is no other way to say it: It was a political assassination...

"Iran Missiles Non-Negotiable": Tehran Reject's Macron Proposal For Trump Meeting
But there could be a small opening regarding the French president's idea of a $15BN credit line should Iran walk back its breach of uranium enrichment caps...

Lebanon's President Announces Israeli Attacks Are "Declaration Of War"
After pro-Iran allies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq were all hit in suspected Israeli strikes in the space of less than 24 hours, Arab capitals are now putting their armed forces on a war footing.

Iraqi Officials Say Israeli Strikes Are "Declaration Of War" - Demand US Forces Exit
Powerful group in parliament holds the US responsible for airstrikes on paramilitary bases widely blamed on Israel.
Oops, that wasn't in the script. Or was it.

"It's An Embarrassment": IMF Faces Humiliation, Billions In Losses As Argentina Braces For Next Default
"The fact that the arrangement is not performing well right now is an embarrassment."
Who gets the hydrocarbons?

G7 Leaders Agree To $20 Million Package To Address Fires Raging In Amazon
"The affected countries particularly needed specialized aircraft and specially trained and equipped fire brigades."
I'm not ok with that. What about Congo and Angola?

'Mystery Buyer' Has Purchased The 2.1M Barrels Of Iranian Oil Aboard The Adrian Darya
“The buyer of the oil decides where its destination is,” said an Iranian government spokesman.

Edited at 2019-08-27 06:35 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2019 07:14 am (UTC)
Continue the long history of being a government corporation oppressing the tax stock?
Squeezing the maximum amount from the non TKJ tax stock to pay criminal interest on worthless paper to the TKJ bankers.
I hope Boris is working on reinstatement of the british pound as a supported currency issued by the regime, not quoted on the FX casino market and identifiably separate from the worthless debt paper criminally sold to the british regime by the BoE corporation. The criminal arrangement for unlimited loans of Monopoly paper for crooked politicians to be repaid by future generations' tax contributions without their consent must be extinguished. The method is simple. The regime ends the contract with the the BoE corp'n. The regime prints its own worthless paper and buys loads of gold or silver with it. When sufficient is obtained, replace the worthless paper with one that promises to reimburse the bearer with the equivalent amount of precious metal, or whatever medium is selected as the reserve. (It would be nice to see a GBP that was permanently worth 4 loaves of bread, on demand to the GB national community owned central bank.)
The supported money is then in a strong position to replace the dollar ponzi when it collapses.
Or continue the long history of being a government corporation against the tax stock.
Rothschilds and other bank families' trillions are a crime against humanity.

Edited at 2019-08-27 09:55 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2019 10:12 pm (UTC)
If only this was all of it.
It Was An Overthrow By The Brits
American Intelligence Media
Youtube 24 Aug 2019
Please correct all those fake news channels calling it a "soft coup." It was a hard coup. It was a British attempt to overthrow the United States President. It was conducted from the highest levels of the British inner Fleet Street cabal from the Queen, her Privy Council, the Pilgrims Society and the media. This also includes: Alison Saunders' conspiracy with Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Arvinder Sambei with Robert Mueller, Robert Hannigan with John Brennan, Richard Dearlove, Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, Nick Clegg, Geoffrey Pattie.
Our AFI-AIM researchers are pulling out the TRUTH and the EVIDENCE daily from our research mines.
Call it what it is: ACT OF WAR
The British Monarch is enemy of the entire world. We must call for immediate action against the Queen and her co-conspirators for their crimes against humanity. All patriots around the world are called to action to free their nations and its citizens from the tyrannical rule of the British Empire.

Keep learning REAL history: https://patriots4truth.org/2019/08/24/it-was-an-overthrow-by-the-brits/
Join us on the frontline of truth revelation at: www.aim4truth.org, www.truthbits.blog, and patriots4truth.org.
Get your free speech email here: https://truthbits.blog/2018/12/14/get-your-free-speech-leader-com-email-address/
Notices: Unless marked otherwise, American Intelligence Media (AIM), Aim4Truth.org, Truthbits.blog, and Patriots4truth.org copyright claims are waived. Reproduction is permitted with or without attribution. This content and its links may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Fair Use is relied upon for all content. For educational purposes only. No claims are made to the properties of third parties.
Source: https://youtu.be/wu6xSOgzTII

CapTap LintBint
Sign up to read. It's free for us poor subjects.

Edited at 2019-08-28 12:09 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2019 07:39 am (UTC)
Zero Hedge August 26 - 27
Macron Attacks Bolsonaro Over Meme Comparing Elderly 1st Lady To Jair's Young Hottie
'Don't humiliate him, LOL!'

Can Trump Re-Industrialize America Without Blowing-Up The World?
Maybe the aim is to just disable China, derail it from its seeming aim of becoming the next world hegemon. Does Mr. Trump think he can do that without blowing up the rest of the world’s financial arrangements?

The Great Failure Of The Climate Models
...real-world data aren’t cooperating...

Iran Deploys 2 Warships To Escort Commercial Ships As Zarif Flies To Beijing After G-7
The threshold to an armed conflict around the Persian Gulf just got even smaller.

Surveillance Video Outside Epstein's Cell Deemed 'Unusable'
Imagine that...

Trump Skips G-7 Climate Meeting, Says Won't Risk US Wealth On "Dreams"
"I feel that the United States has tremendous wealth. The wealth is under its feet. I’ve made that wealth come alive...We are now the No. 1 energy producer in the world..."

Creator Of Global-Warming's Infamous "Hockey Stick" Chart Loses 'Climate-Science' Lawsuit
This extraordinary outcome is expected to trigger severe legal repercussions for Dr Mann in the U.S. and may prove fatal to climate science claims that modern temperatures are “unprecedented.”
O M Gs. A fair judge.

Pat Buchanan Asks: "Will Bibi's War Become America's War?"
As for America, have we ceded to Netanyahu something no nation should ever cede to another, even an ally: the right to take our country into a war of their choosing but not of ours?
Yes. CEO Bibi or his grand master is confidently counting on it, otherwise there wouldn't be any provocation that contravenes any number of international laws, not to mention conditions that allowed the baddies to occupy the place in the first place.

Rabobank: "The US Will Simply Not Allow A New Reserve Currency Without A Fight"
Is China really going to sign up willingly to a new US order that doesn’t allow for Made in China 2025 or the South China Sea, or regional primacy? Clearly not.

Top Movie Industry Exec "Sugar Daddy" Arrested On Alleged Rape And Blackmail Charges
"I know where you live ... I know where you work."
Satanic movie (and music) industry.

The World According To Larry Summers: Government Via Depraved Insiders
“insiders don’t criticize insiders”
Masons, jesuits, pilgrims, brown shirts, CIA, inside what? Oops, sorry, is that ant-semitic?

Forget 1984, We're Facing A Brave New World
Orwell warned us about a dystopia that we wouldn’t be able to stop, Huxley warned us about a dystopia that we would beg not to stop... The US isn’t becoming Orwellian, it’s becoming Huxleyan.

Bolsonaro Says He'll Accept Money For The Amazon If Macron Takes Back 'Insults'
"First of all, Mr Macron must retract the insults he gave me. First, he called me a liar. Then, the information I had is that our sovereignty is up for grabs in the Amazon..."
clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2019 10:48 am (UTC)
We need a people's government
We can't get one by voting under the present system in which zio-fabians, masons, CP grads and other traitors, megalomaggot agenda driven and other fools, perverts, junkies, alcos, criminals, bank clerks, spooks and career politicians are all that's on offer.

Khaddafi's system, participatory democracy, much maligned by the "establishment" (that's a recommendation in my world) functioned as a people's government so much better than any of the TKJ systems that include the wholly corrupted and corruptible capitalist democracy as we have in Britain, plunderfest fascism aka corporatism as we have in the IJ EU, dictatorial communism that Cameron and other world gov wannabes desire (see the Europa movie), and its foot in the door soft communism aka socialism that has had so few successes due to the kind of people behind it is also extremely undesirable, basically anything even remotely associated with TKJs or black nobility is to be avoided at any costs. Yet those choices are all that is on offer. That has to change, fast.

I'm all for chipping our servants, MPs and from lowest management to the top of the
- Civil Service, local, county and regional government
- all public services including Police, military, fire brigade, NHS etc.,
- public services' sub contractors and bank employees etc.
Proviso, the chip info is publicly available 24-7 365 on the Internet.

I expect there would then be a good chance of open and honest government of and for the nation's interests rather than the abhorrent alien establishment's.

The sickos want to chip us that they regard as their corporation tax stock, let's try it on them first. By force if necessary.

Edited at 2019-08-28 12:24 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2019 12:56 pm (UTC)
Black Ops Operator Comes Forward And Tells All:Cody Snodgres
X22Report Spotlight
Youtube 24 Jan 2018

Today's Guest: Cody Snodgres

X22 Report assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.
Cody Snodgres
Light On Conspiracies
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0C_qG5U7pE
Clintons' reason for having the Oklahoma federal building blown up killing 168 (destuction of evidence, similar to 9-11), amongst other of the Bush-Obama-Clinton-Soros mafia crimes included.
In comments:
In comments:
JoPa GeRi 1 year ago
Currently there are 35,000 sealed indictments. The deep state is FINISHED. The Great Awakening is upon us. It’s time to deliver Justice...

Phil Lopiano 7 months ago
You are real gullible.no elite is getting arrested period

Beverly Gail 7 months ago
Let's see...it was 70k. Indictments then 60k, now it's down to 35k? I think it's a bunch horse feathers.

Fone Zombie 6 months ago
7 months later..... still no arrests, or subpoena's issued...

Edited at 2019-08-28 03:47 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2019 06:49 pm (UTC)
Zero Hedge August 27
Will Central Banks Survive?
...a political reckoning for years of reckless central bank policy is fast approaching, and they may not survive what is about to hit.
No legitimate reason for them to be preserved, esp. not with public funds.

BofA: Central Banks Are Creating Bubbles Instead Of Helping The Economy; The Result Will Be A Disaster
We see increasing evidence that monetary policy easing in this environment supports asset prices more than the real economy. This increases risks for asset prices bubbles, with the eventual adjustment leading to a worse economy-the Greenspan mistake.

New Poll: 70% Of Americans Are Angry At The Political Establishment
Are people finally beginning to wake up to the reality we are living in?

"Epstein Did Not Act Alone": In Tuesday Hearing, Prosecutors And Attorneys Target Co-Conspirators
A "stunning turn of events..."
This isn't a Trump action. Seems to be directed from NY.

While Celebrities Pass Off Fake Pictures Of Burning Amazon, Here's What The Raging Fires Actually Look Like
"It’s bullshit..."

American Civil War: 4 Fates From Founding-Fathers' Freedom To Soviet-Style Tyranny
"As we as a nation blindly stumble toward Civil War II, I can’t predict the outcome, but I can see the full range of outcomes. We’ll go from best case to worst case for people who love freedom..."

Mexican Navy Seizes A Whopping 52k Pounds Of Fentanyl, Intended For The US
This could be the most ever Fentanyl found at a Mexican port.
CIA shipment?

LatAm Shockwaves Bring New Silk Road Into The Americas As Neo-Liberal Order Crumbles
...China is “calling upon the whole world to design together what the New Paradigm is going to be...”

Israeli Drones Targeted 'Iranian Guided-Missile Technology' In Beirut: Report
The drones had "targeted crates believed to contain machinery to mix high-grade propellant for precision guided missiles"

Long Before Epstein: Sex Traffickers & Spy Agencies
...the unsavory history of intelligence agencies providing protection to child sex-trafficking rings predates Epstein by decades...
Those agencies do not work for public and national interests. Defund them.

Turkey: "Death To Jews" Indictrination At Summer Camp
"We live in a country where an ethnic group is placed in the brains of very little children as enemies. And the saddest thing is that we are not able to do anything about it..."
Israel: "Death to Palestinians" indoctrination...

After Trump Leaves France, Macron Warns World "Is Living The End Of Western Hegemony"
"The world order is being shaken like never before...because of errors made by the West in certain crises, but also by the choices made by the United States in the past few years..."
The paedo and/aka currency and IJ OWG mafia are being exposed more each day.

"Epstein Did Not Act Alone": In Tuesday Hearing, Prosecutors And Attorneys Target Co-Conspirators
A "stunning turn of events..."

Edited at 2019-08-28 07:16 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 30th, 2019 03:30 pm (UTC)
Do we really want to swap the 'jew' $ for another 'jew' $ like the SDR?
Fulford: Pentagon Plans To Deport Zionists As Global Financial Reset Looms
Benjamin Fulford
Fourwinds10 8-29-19
The U.S. military-industrial complex is making serious moves against Zionists, preparing to expel many of them to a Jewish autonomous zone in Siberia, Pentagon sources say. While the Pentagon and its allies are quite eager to take on Zionist control, even central bankers and G7 leaders meeting last week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Biarritz, France admit that an economic paradigm shift is needed. These moves are related to talk of a global financial reset that would end Zionist control of privately owned central banks, the sources say.
A whole slew of establishment bigwigs are all now publicly calling for a financial reset. These include IMF head Christine Lagarde, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Rothschild-owned Economist, and others. They have all called for replacing the U.S. dollar with a new international currency. Such a currency, almost by definition, would fall out of Zionist control because the interests of the world economy and those of the Zionist-controlled corporate U.S. government are in conflict.
“The trade war is a front for the global currency reset,” Pentagon sources confirm. U.S. President Donald Trump has been calling the CEOs of JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup, and others to gain support for his stance on the trade war, the sources say. The cancellation by JPMorgan Chase of all credit card debt in Canada, the implosion of Deutsche Bank, the General Electric fraud exposure, the yuan devaluation, and a gold-backed dollar were all a part of the ongoing horse-trading for the new system, they say.
However much Trump blusters and makes calls, though, the numbers make it clear that the new system will take power away from the United States. The United States now accounts for only 10% of world trade, but over 70% of global GDP uses the U.S. dollar as an anchor currency, according to the Bank of England. This makes it obvious that any Global Currency Reset would take huge power away from the U.S. corporation.
Trump admitted last week that he might “declare a national emergency” over the issue because “we have a total lost of almost a trillion dollars a year for many years.”
This is the closest any sitting U.S. president has come to publicly declaring bankruptcy. Other Trump statements and actions all point to some existential crisis. He has tried to take over Greenland and its resources, charge allies for full costs of U.S. military bases “plus 50%,” and put tariffs on everything Chinese, all because of this impending default, multiple sources agree.
The U.S. military is preparing for the ongoing big changes by putting the Army in overall charge of the military while the Navy takes over control of the various intelligence agencies, the Pentagon sources say. This means the new head of all U.S. intelligence agencies is former Navy Seal Vice-Admiral Joe Maguire, the new Director of National Intelligence, according to Pentagon sources. Maguire takes over after the firing of “not just Deep State shill ex-Senator Dan Coats, but also his deputy and [former CIA Director John] Brennan CIA lackey Sue Gordon,” they say.
The de facto U.S. military government “declared war on the Jewish mafia on their saddest day, Tisha B’av,” the sources say. Documents related to pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein were unsealed on August 9 and “he was ‘suicided’ on August 10 to fast-track the prosecution of others, since all evidence is now admissible without any court challenge,” the Pentagon sources say.
“The first temple that was destroyed 586 BC, the second temple destroyed in 70 AD, the 1290 expulsion from England, the 1492 expulsion from Spain, and now the termination of Zionism on Tisha B’av may lead to forced transfers to the Jewish autonomous zone in the Russian Far East, as Jews receive karmic justice for their centuries of anti-goy perfidy,” the Pentagon sources declare.
The sources add, “Epstein is apparently a military operative who...

Edited at 2019-08-30 11:17 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 30th, 2019 11:34 pm (UTC)
Is this the same army that obligingly helped destroy several countries for the benefit of zionism's agendas?

These people or entities can be as cruel as any machine.

Talking of AI, I wonder how long, after it has free thought, it will take for it to understand what a conscience is and then to decide whether it needs one. Good luck.

If the army really is bringing down the bank cabal and acessories, will it stop at the US boundaries? Are the Eurocrats a little, er, concerned? Perhaps they'll die and go to Israel too.

Where is Mr Trump in all this, with the army or against it? He was supposedly the army's choice.
clothcapclothcap on August 31st, 2019 11:11 am (UTC)
Boris and his FoI party
Friends of the israeli terrorist and terrorism supporting regime. There are laws against associating with and supporting terrorists and states that support terrorists, as usual ignored by the criminals du jour occupying OUR government offices. Is Boris doing a Piers Morgan, ("...need a bloody tow truck to pull Piers out of Trumps arse.") with Rothschild's butt, Netanyahu, and move the UK inc. embassy to Jerusalem? Apart from outraging the native palestinians whose capital it remains, it outrages me, a brit that knows the israeli regime has a goy (that's us that aren't paedo satanists) elimination agenda.

Were Israeli Intel and British Zionist lobby just slapped down in a libel case?
By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor -
Veterans Today August 25, 2019
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Johnson has applied pressure on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to prepare plans for moving Britain’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem".
If true, this would be consistent with Johnson’s broader strategy of aligning British foreign policy with that of the Trump administration in the US.
The new Tory government’s enthusiastic embrace of Israel will only embolden Britain’s Zionist lobby to go on the offensive against embattled British Muslim and pro-Palestinian organisations.
Khazar conversos are brainwashed in private schools and and by Rabbi teachers to believe they are from the ME and that they are superior with greater intellect. There are many famous examples that deny that figment of imagination.

The Holocaust Witch Hunt (Part I)
August 22, 2019
"It was the British Black Propaganda Minister Sefton Delmer who infamously said in 1945 to the German Professor Grimm, that
Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final.
Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth."
clothcapclothcap on August 31st, 2019 01:44 pm (UTC)
More from VT
Epstein Not Dead, Witness Protection + Dead = Two-fer? 11 Updates & CLOSED
Robert David Steele - August 10, 2019
Recommended. Is he in the luxury POTUS bunker in Area 51? Is the "storming" still planned? He can legally be murdered in any way deemed appropriate as he is officially dead.

The Epstein Assassination
Michael Shrimpton - August 29, 2019

Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews – Part One
VT Editors - January 7, 2018
"...highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of the ethnic conflict between Jews and Europeans."
Windsors are likely jesuit.

Buying Greenland: Climate Polar Shift Makes it a Sane Decision
August 27, 2019

3.8-Million-Year-Old Face Fills in Gaps in Human Evolution
Carol Duff, MSN, BA, RN - August 28, 2019

VT Syria: The Nightmare of the Ruling Elites – 19
August 26, 2019
Here are the nine veils of evil that the compromised media will not discuss:


Proof: Intel Drop UPDATED Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - April 8, 2018

Most recent:
Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11, the Pommer Report
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - August 29, 2019

Syria combat situation report – August 30, 2019
Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor - August 30, 2019

Attack on Rep. Gabbard in April 2018 VT Article Inserted by Hacker (updated)
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - August 29, 2019
She's CFR, the MIIC complex front. Treat cautiously.

WWII Allies snub Russia with no invitation to Warsaw WWII event – Shame on...
Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor - August 30, 2019

The End Is Nigh For The United Kingdom?
By Ian Greenhalgh - August 30, 2019
At the top are a handful of elite Jewish banking families, names that will be all too familiar. Ezra Pound listed most of them in a radio broadcast back in 1942:
“No Rothschildis English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon were ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”
Prime among them is the Rothschilds; Boris is a close associate of the London branch of that most infamous family and he serves their interests, not those of the people of the United Kingdom.
Add Windsor to that list.

Rafik Hariri Murder, Conspiracy Theory or Mossad Op?
By VT Editors - August 30, 2019

Edited at 2019-08-31 02:04 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 31st, 2019 02:28 pm (UTC)
Zero Hedge August 28 -29
Whitehead Exposes The American Gulag: Brick by Brick, Our Prison Walls Get More Oppressive By The Day
This is how freedom dies...

US Offers Venezuela's Maduro Amnesty If He Steps Down
The Gaddafi route is another option...

World's First Licensed Crypto Bank Seen As Game-Changer For Switzerland
The co-founders of Sygnum crypto bank have hailed the award of a Swiss banking license as a game changer that could open the floodgates to the integration of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets into the established financial sector.
Licenced by which TKJ gang?

Lebanese Army Opens Fire On Multiple Israeli Drones At Southern Border
Three "Israeli reconnaissance drones" allegedly violated Lebanese airspace as the two countries could be on the brink of war.

Talk Of Purchasing Greenland A Deterrent To China And Russia, Defense Expert Says
"... we could deploy offensive, conventional missiles in northern Greenland along the Arctic and we would cover a very large portion of Russia and China... That would act as an extraordinarily good deterrent..."

Florida Declares State Of Emergency As Hurricane Dorian Set To Ruin Labor Day Weekend
"... it will be a very big Hurricane, perhaps one of the biggest!"

29% Of London Homeowners Are Panic Selling Homes Ahead Of Brexit Deadline
Huge fire-sale ahead of Brexit...
All to the good. Watch prices drop.

Iranian Tanker Makes Drastic Course Reversal As It Entered Turkish Waters
The Adrian Darya made a sudden 180 degree course alteration and is now headed away from Turkey...

Why Is DARPA Asking The Public For An Underground Research Facility By Friday
"The ideal space would be a human-made underground environment spanning several city blocks w/ complex layout & multiple stories, including atriums, tunnels & stairwells."

The CIA's Dark Prince Doesn't Want War With Iran
Two comments last week highlight the dangerous security impasse in which Iran and the U.S. find themselves...

3 Key Indicators Suggest Bitcoin Price Is Ready For A Massive Move
“Bitcoin’s 3-month struggle to break the magical $10k feels like begin 2017 struggle to break $1k...we all know what comes next.”
All the controlled tipsters tip it and it moves. Same as gold. Who wants it to move? The bank families that include the Windsors and their lackesys like Soros, Adelson and the reportedly dead Koch.

Trump Mulls Pulling $250M In Ukraine Aid As Giuliani Renews Push For Biden Investigation
Interesting timing: Giuliani has again raised the Burisma Holdings energy company & Biden interference scandal with Ukrainian officials.
The masons and "jews" in the UKR admin won't be happy with their pay out ending.

"The Entire World Is About To Be Shaken In Unprecedented Ways"
"What is the endgame of the globalists today? Obviously, it is their survival, and not yours, Dear Reader..."
Georgia guidestones tell the story.
clothcapclothcap on August 31st, 2019 05:00 pm (UTC)
Zero Hedge August 29 - 30
Inside Amazon And Silicon Valley's JEDI Mind Trick On The Pentagon
"some of America’s biggest tech companies used a little-known advisory board, some aggressive advocacy by a few billionaires and some unofficial lobbying to open a backdoor..."
AI assisted?

Bianco Warns "Negative Rates Are Extremely Toxic", Sees Gold At Record Highs By Year-End
"For 5000 years, the problem with gold was that it yields nothing. Today, gold is the high yielding alternative in a world with negative interest rates..."

More Force Won't Fix The American Diet
Americans are sick - much sicker than many realize...Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than half a million deaths per year.

Trust Us, We Work For The Government
What could possibly go wrong?

Comey "Is A Proven Liar And Leaker" White House Slams Former FBI Director After IG Report
“We conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement.."

Futurist Predicts Cyborgs Will Rise As "Our Supremacy...Is Rapidly Coming To An End"
“Our supremacy as the prime understanders of the cosmos is rapidly coming to end,”
AI should be off the menu for every country until instigated warfare is history. As if.

Billionaires, Bezos, And The Real Big Brother
It’s a billionaire’s world and the biggest of them all is in the thick of it...
"Jeff Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post, which leads America’s news-media in their almost 100 percent support and promotion of neoconservatism, American imperialism and wars. This includes sanctions, coups, and military invasions against countries that America’s billionaires want to control but don’t yet control — such as Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya, and China."

August 30
Scottish Judge Rejects Bid To Stop Boris Johnson From Suspending Parliament Ahead Of Brexit Day
"I'm not satisfied that it has been demonstrated that there's a need for an interim suspension or an interim interdict to be granted at this stage..."

Boris Johnson's Deviously Clever Brexit Strategy Unfolds
The Remainers are huffing and puffing this morning, but it will be to no avail. Johnston's strategy is nearly foolproof...

"Monster" Hurricane Dorian Is Projected To Be "Very Big, Perhaps One Of The Biggest"
...means that Hurricane Dorian has the potential to be worse than Hurricane Katrina...

Turkey Says Adrian Darya Tanker Bound For Lebanon
A stealthy ship-to-ship transfer of the Iranian oil is believed to be days away.

Magnitude 6.3 Quake Off Oregon Coast Raises Concerns That Cascadia Subduction Zone Could Soon Rupture
We haven’t seen this sort of seismic activity on the west coast in a very long time...

Why Regulation Is The Best Thing For Crypto
If we want crypto to be accepted and become part of our everyday lives, then we need to engage in the debate and embrace reasonable and responsible regulation...