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2050? It could be with us 20 years sooner, or we could emerge from the ice age

The next deep glaciation to begin
The ice age transition will happen without fail. We can count on that. We are close to the transition to the next deep glaciation to begin, though we don't know how close, close is.

The cut-off level
We also know that the trend towards the next glaciation has been progressing for 3000 years already, and is accelerating. We don't know exactly where the cut-off level is, beyond which the Primer Fields collapse and the Sun turns off. It may not be far below the level of the Little Ice Age. At the present trend, we may get to this point in twenty or thirty years, or fifty at the most.

NASA's Ulysses spacecraft
NASA's Ulysses spacecraft saw a 30% reduction in the solar wind pressure happening in just a single decade. That's not a small drop-off. And the trend is continuing. If our agriculture has not been transferred to the tropics before the high-power solar system stops, its game-over for humanity. Humanity will likely become extinct then, by the lack of food, except for a minuscule remnant of a few million that might escape the universal death. If death by starvation is what you wish for yourself and your children, then sit back and do nothing, because that way your desired fate will be assured with great certainty.

The brilliant life-giving 'fire' in the sky
The stepping away from this fate begins with the recognition that our Sun would not be the brilliant life-giving 'fire' in the sky without a dense plasma sphere surrounding it from which it draws its electric power that lights up its photosphere with electric plasma interaction.
If this realization is made, half the battle is won, because everything follows, and the needed steps become logical. And this realization shouldn't be hard to make.
It has been recognized a long time ago that our Sun is not the steady state nuclear fusion furnace, which it is widely said to be, but is powered by one of the vast networks of plasma streams that pervade the galaxies and the cosmos as a whole. Since plasma has mass, the plasma surrounding the Sun becomes attracted by the Sun's gravity and interacts with its outer atmosphere, the photosphere, which thereby becomes excited to 5,780 degrees Kelvin. It is that simple.

The Primer Fields will vanish in the near future
The Primer Fields prime the environment in which the simple process unfolds for as long as the fields exist. Once you realize that this presently operating system will vanish in the near future, and that solutions are possible for humanity to move forward in spite of the dimmer Sun, you may become inspired thereby to get out of the easy chair to gain a fuller understanding of how the critical process operates on which your continued existence depends.

Cosmic Climate Change: Forcing Society
Rolf Witzsche
Youtube on Mar 29, 2017
Part 1 of the series: Cosmic Climate Change
From Cygni Ice Age Climate 'University.'
Topics: Cosmic Climate History - Cosmic Dynamics - The Primer Fields - Measuring the Sun (C-14 B-10) - The Little-Ice-Age pivot - The solar weakening/collapse - Cosmic-Ray climate effects - Flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes - Floating agriculture/cities - A New Industrial Revolution.

For transcripts see:

Cosmic Climate Change: From Big to Gigantic to Joy
Rolf Witzsche
Youtube on Apr 12, 2017
This is the second installment of the series: Cosmic Climate Change,
from Cygni Ice Age Climate 'University.'
The focus is on the now increasing Climate Change in the world resulting from the now rapidly weakening Sun, and the consequent increase in solar cosmic-ray flux that enormously increases the cloud-forming intensity, and with it increases flooding, droughts, and hurricanes, all with near unimaginable effects in the immediate future. Fortunately there is a solution possible, in a manner by which we will come out richer, more secure, and with a satisfying future versus having no future at all. The potential solution may even prevent nuclear war. This too, is vital, with nuclear war now being evermore on the agenda, which is unsurvivable in the long run.


Rolf makes good points. The plasma Sun theory appears rock solid. Plasma streams seem plausible, I missed any explanation for their periodicity, if there was one.

Electric Cold Fusion Sun (1) a plasma star

A quick look for debunks:

The Electric Universe Theory Debunked
PsyGirl Neutrino Dreaming 29 September 2011

Plasma Cosmology debunked
Comment by Pete Schumacher • 2 years ago
"Plasma cosmology is a non-standard cosmology whose central postulate is that the dynamics of ionized gases and plasmas play important, if notdominant, roles in the physics of the universe beyond the Solar System.
This is contrary to the general consensus by cosmologists and astrophysicists which strongly supports that astronomical bodies and structures in the universe are mostly influenced by gravity, Einstein's theory of general relativity, and quantum mechanics. These can be used to explain the origin, structure and evolution of the universe on cosmic scales. As of 2015, the vast majority of researchers openly reject plasma cosmology because it does not match modern observations of
astrophysical phenomena or accepted cosmological theory."

Laboratory observation and satellite data completely disagree with this supposition. Plasma leaving the sun does so by accelerating away. The sun's gravity apparently is completely ignored by plasma. Plasma interactions are dominated by many orders of magnitude by electromagnetic forces. This is also confirmed in the laboratory. To assume that somehow plasma is ruled by gravity in interstellar space is completely unsupportable by actual scientific research.
Observations of the movements of stars in galaxies defies predictions of gravity based theory. GR was so bad at predicting the motions of stars that dark matter had to be invented to accommodate the failed prediction. The mass of a galaxy is 99.99% plasma. Stars are plasma, interstellar gases in star forming regions are plasma, solar wind is plasma. Neutral matter like we observe on earth and other rocky bodies is the great exception. Plasma doesn't even notice gravity when compared to electromagnetism. Plasma that causes the aurora here on earth isn't drawn to the atmosphere by gravity, but by electromagnetism, How does plasma change its behavior so that gravity dominates, and yet every laboratory observation contradicts that assumption?

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