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The Disgraceful European Union is an Ongoing Criminal Enterprise.

The IJ EU Commission is an illegal kleptocratic junta, an unelected, imposed dictatorship.
The upper levels of its pyramid should be in jail.

The entire Commission past and present should be brought before an impartial court. Fraud, incitement to commit treason and its failure to close its accounts due to payola  from the Commission to complicit treasonous and subversive leaders and seniors of member regimes, prospective members and gods know who else, and many other fraudulent misuses of funds embezzled from Joe Public.

When the top of the tree is a toxic graft, the rest of the tree is poisoned. The Commission is toxic. Look how it corrupted every leader from at least Heath on. Look how it has inserted subversive Common (communist) Purpose agents into every societal institution with successive UK  regimes' complicity. Look how CP has damaged the NHS with successive UK  regimes' complicity. Look how it has corrupted education with successive UK regimes' complicity. Gods know what it is doing in the regime's Police and the banksters' civil service.

The poisoned tree is exemplified in Graham Vanbergen's article at TruePublica, Brexit – Now Just A Massive National Crime Scene . He fails to mention the illegality of the EU junta from inception to date.

Created by the same people that were behind the Nazis, imposed by Bilderberg and the CIA with the stolen VAT bought complicity of the leadership of the countries that formed the EU. It is a junta composed of criminals. Bilderberg styles itself as the caretaker world government. What does that make the EU+UN, plan B when the US empire finishes collapsing? Imagine a world run by criminals that are already imposing a USSR-Leninesque police state across Europe. (Shudder.)

The IJ EU is a criminal enterprise.
Listen carefully. Nothing has changed except the amount of the public's wealth embezzled, and some faces.


The European Union Collective Enemy Of Its Member States

"EU is pretty damn CORRUPT!" James Rothwell interview
Politics UK
Youtube on Apr 5, 2018
Telegraph Brexit correspondent James Rothwell explains EU corruption, divisions in Europe over Brexit and how Theresa May has managed to hold it all together.


The Germany based DVD agency, apparently a private gang, seems to be tied to the IJ EU "Jews". Alleged provider of children to perverts in positions of power, linked to Maddie's disappearance with Barroso implicated, apparently with assets in the US Navy (Pentagon) and no doubt NATO, the US as well as the UK regime and maybe the UK's military. It has been suggested it may be tied to the Mossad.

Every politician knows how corrupt the IJ EU is. With a very small number of exceptions, every politician is guilty of deceiving the public. Every leader and politician that is campaigning to continue to treat with the bunch of criminal, arrogant, megalomaniacal and demented self-styled presidents and their gangs that constitute the IJ EU is committing treason and fraud by continuing the deception of the public that was first practiced by the DVD asset and paedophile Heath.

We have DVD agents, Bilderberg participants and masons, we have agents of the central banking families and members of the subversive luciferian homosexual Masonry outfit and we have those that are traitors by their silence in positions of government where they can do and have done great harm to us, that have committed treason in colluding with foreigners to create policy to defeat Britain. Jenkins, a DVD agent was one of many. We have them because the 'British' intelligence services  work for anyone but the British public, e.g. the greek Prince Philip, black nobility, Baron Rothschild.

We have regulations created by the proven criminal enterprise made up of foreigners that seek to erase Britain as a sovereign nation, aided by traitors in and from Britain, and imposed as law by treasonous lawmakers complicit in the deception, the latest being the arch deceiver Theresa May, a traitor.

Now we have Boris. Even he is negotiating with the IJ EU criminals. We voted to leave, not to negotiate, not to pay a penalty, not to surrender our armed forces. I assume due to Boris' history (Oxford Uni, Bullingdon Club) that he is aligned with the Illuminati Jesuit plan for a luciferian (satanic) world government where the age of consent is 6 months, and every form of perversion from wars of aggression and pillage to child sacrifice is legal. This is the intended final destination of the IJ EU white "Jews".

What is a european Jew?
They have pale skin and their descendancy is of turkic ethnicity from khazarian-georgian territories.
Their victimhood and superiority complex is educated in via Jewish schools. Their god, like the Illuminati hijacked Masonry gang is Lucifer. Their religious practices are sourced in the Talmud and Kabbalah. Some (calling themselves deist)of them practice paedophilia, child torture and sacrifice. They are taught to think themselves alien, mistakenly regard themselves as superior to the average human. Why then do they need think tanks like the CoR (Epstein a member)? They lost their empire. They are losing their proxy US empire. They are screwing the world up. Clever.

Bogusław Wolniewicz vs Barbara Lerner Spectre - Professor reacts to 'multicultural Europe' speech
Youtube on Apr 1, 2018
The late Polish professor reacts to Barbara Lernor Spectre's infamous comments on Jew's leading role in the multiculturalization of Europe

"Then surely it would make sense to counter her publicly, explaining that she is wrong and that Jews aren't for multiculturalism at all ...but are in fact against it. Of course that wouldn't be true ...because Barbara Spectre is telling the truth."

Did Turkic Jew George Soros, frequent participant in the private ECFR (european military-industrial-intelligence complex,MIIC) collude with the IJ EU regime to aid refugees and financial migrants to get to Europe and Britain? How did he benefit?

No more wars. Just another IJ EU deception.
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