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Brexit, Tilbrook, UKC, theatre? Smoke and mirrors?

Conversationally, cutting through the crap.

I think we need a revolution for me to resume being unencumbered British.
Thoughts passing thru my mind.
Is Robin Tilbrook a fictional entity or has he reclaimed control of his estate?
If he is knowingly working inside Admiralty Law, why?
Why not Common Law? Adm Law is for non living entities, a fraud perped on humans. Our condition is of living entities rather than corporation stock. Or is he just playing us along by sustaining the system and giving the illusion of being a living entity when he is just another cog in the wheel?

If a majority of brits reclaim control of their estate from  the Vatican and the unincorporated Crown (the other one is a City corporation) then the non living entity called the European Union surely has no claim beyond what we decide under their rules.

All the treaties with the I JEU have never had legal force because Heath and the then Queen committed treason in signing the first treaty. Heath is on public record admitting he lied to get us in.
Regardless of opinion, all subsequent treaties were derived from the 1st. The 1st is null and void. Membership is an illusion, a deception.
In effect, piracy under laws written by pirates, others call them parasites and they admit that too.
If I can work that out, why can't Mr Tilbrook? Is he an entertaining distraction?

Also, UKC has been remarkably reticent on the subject of the treason of Heath and HMQEII and the invalidity of the first treaty on which membership has depended. Why the foot-dragging? Were enough people to learn of the jiggery pokery being played on us, the occupation regime would flee before millions of figurative pitchforks.

Worth a look.
Questions for Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt
by Lord James of Blackheath
UKC 27th June 2019
If we do get to Brexit on 31 October will this truly achieve “taking back control”, as the original referendum intended?
Without contravening Admiralty Law of course.
The Constitution applies to living entities. I would venture to suggest there is no benefit to the Establishment's good Lord having a truly free Britain ergo his interests lie in maintaining the fraud of Cestui Que regardless of the Brexit outcome.
In the same way, Mr Tilbrook is a solicitor that earns his living maintaining the Vatican-Crown Cestui Que.

Regardless that the French Revolution was designed and funded by Weishaupt o'Saxe, Coburg and Gotha (jesuit KJ) and cabalist M Rothschild, the peasants had the right idea. A guillotine in Trafalgar Square, I'm sure would speed up public awareness that no negotiations are needed, just awareness that our membership has never been real and we have paid thru the nose to feed a false jew scam.

The continuing farce of "we left on March 29" case that got booted can be viewed here
Jump in here:
Sharks protecting the shoal?
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