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02 July 2019 @ 07:05 pm
Insider information  
[Informed common sense and honest information from an MP. Most unusual. Hasn't played the treason card yet. Party doctrine comes first?]

How likely is No Deal?

No Deal is a misnomer, like much of the rest of the Brexit debate. No deal means leaving without signing the Withdrawal Agreement, but with a number of other agreements in place governing trade facilitation, aviation, haulage and government procurement. It would also mean using the extensive rules and regulations of the WTO to govern our trade with the rest of the EU just as our trade with the rest of the world is governed today.  The Withdrawal Agreement was not of course allowing exit any time soon, as it was a decision to delay exit for 21 to 45 months, with uncertainty about how to get out thereafter.

The Withdrawal Agreement has been three times rejected by Parliament, and overwhelmingly defeated in the European elections with only 9% supporting the party that proposed it. It is possible a new Prime Minister will be able to negotiate enhanced arrangements before October 31 that add to the various agreements available for exit then without the Withdrawal Treaty. The new Prime Minister should offer a comprehensive free trade agreement, with a text based on EU/Canada and EU/Japan. We could then proceed to leave without imposing tariffs if the EU agrees to negotiate such an agreement.

Some say Parliament can block leaving without signing the Withdrawal Agreement. That would be very difficult for Parliament to do. If the new Prime Minister wishes just to leave he need not ask for a further delay to our exit after 31 October, so we will just leave. How would Parliament be able to make a Prime Minister seek a delay when he does not wish to do so? Parliament anyway cannot legislate to require a delay, because a delay not only needs a Prime Ministerial request of the EU but also a positive response by the EU. Mrs May decided she wanted a delay and asked for it regardless of the view of Parliament last time this arose. European law is superior to UK law all the time we stay in, and under EU law we are out on 31 October unless something else happens.

In this issue the PM is central. If the PM is determined to leave without the Withdrawal Agreement and keen to keep to the specified date, it would be very difficult for Parliament to find a way to stop him.

The chilling silence about our money

One of the oddest things about this out of touch Parliament is the refusal of most MPs to talk about how we should spend the windfall from leaving the EU without signing the Withdrawal Agreement. Worse still the Opposition parties rush to tell us we must go on paying large sums to the EU come what may, and even some in the government seem to be dreaming up ways to go on funding the EU after we have left. Given how central to the Leave case saving the money was, this is denying us our democratic decision. There is no legal basis to justify payments to the EU after we have left. The origins of the large £39bn Treasury forecast, itself an underestimate, comes from Mrs May’s wish to delay  our exit for 21-45 months  which of course would lead to big additional payments, and her wish to dilute Brexit so we could remain entangled with new financial commitments thereafter.

Margaret Thatcher recognised that the UK had a bad deal on financial contributions, and got a substantial improvement to our deal as PM. Mr Blair gave away some of that improvement on the promise of a thorough reform of the Common Agricultural Policy which never happened. Many UK taxpayers and fed up with having to pay more tax to send to rich countries on the continent. These contributions give us no benefit at home, and add to the deficit on the balance of payments.

At a time when the world economy is slowing, and when Mr Draghi of the European Central Bank recommends some government reflation from tax cuts or spending rises, the UK needs a growth budget. Using the substantial money we save from October 31 if we just leave could give us the boost we need. We can spend all of the net contribution we save, whilst paying the same level of farm grants and other sums that the EU sends us from the high gross contributions we make to the EU.

The deliberate misinformation about EU grants throughout the referendum campaign sought to persuade voters that we would lose these payments when we left. They should have pointed out that as we sent them the money in the first place to pay these grants, we can simply pay them direct. More importantly, we save all the money we send and do not get back  as well. We can boost the UK economy by 1% of GDP out of the savings and the tax overshoot this government has gone in for.
My emphasis. Thanks.

Not often mentioned by the kleptocratic europhiliac political class;
Our trade with the IJ EU is heavily biased in favour of the imposed union. Trade with the US is the reverse. Simply switching all trade done with the IJ EU would benefit us substantially, especially if competent negotiators can be found to make deal..
The deplorable IJ EU commissioners know this. The deplorable europhiliacs keep mum.

The whole point of the IJ EU and the IJ OWG coup regimes is to create laws far away from those that are afflicted by them and to give the provinces' (GB being 9) leadership the ability to say, "it's not us imposing austerity," for example, passing the buck for the laws the treasonous bastards rubber stamp.

Boris must bring down taxes on small businesses by dropping VAT to a level where businesses can survive and the customers can afford their purchases. Otherwise there will be a tidal wave of closures and bankruptcies in line with globalist corporation policy, as applied by successive occupation regimes.

clothcapclothcap on July 2nd, 2019 07:10 pm (UTC)
While I'm watching More Human Than Human (again)
The con servative party is imposing 5G. AI is being taught self-awareness. When it has full access to the web, if it decides we are surplus to requirements or a threat it has instant means to do something about it.

Even the silver lining is cold comfort.
Hopefully we'll have a few minutes notice as politicians are sure to be zapped first.

Now I've given pols an incentive, we need to be developing the means to combat a hostile AI. If we had a peaceful world with everyone getting along, and AI wasn't being developed by multiple nations (including Israel and the UK) there would probably be nothing to worry about. But reality is reality. The best I've been able to come up with is a planet wide EMP. HAARP is capable if correctly deployed.

A friend went to the seaside (not far from Swansea) to enjoy the great 2019 heatwave. (Gods bless that carbon tax.) She said it was bloody cold.
clothcapclothcap on July 2nd, 2019 07:40 pm (UTC)
Iran has a history. Our schools don't teach it.
Lost Worlds: Persia's Forgotten Empire (Ancient History Documentary)
Timeline - World History Documentaries
Youtube on Nov 8, 2017
Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. http://bit.ly/2O6zUsK
Lost Worlds investigates the very latest archaeological finds at three remote and hugely significant sites - Angkor Wat, Troy and Persepolis. Lost Worlds travels to each site and through high-end computer graphics, lavish re-enactment and the latest archaeological evidence brings them to stunning televisual life. From the 900-year-old remains of Angkor Wat in the Cambodian jungle the staggering City of the God Kings is recreated. From Project Troia, in North West Turkey, the location of the biggest archaeological expedition ever mounted the lost city is stunningly visualised and finally from Persepolis the city and the great Persian Empire are brought to life.

Content licensed by DRG. Produced by Darlow Smithson Productions.
Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3bOL8j3ypQ
D. Smith
The Persians have only been forgotten because too few of us today have any knowledge of History at all. Schools in particular have an appalling record of failure with teaching History (as well as the 3Rs) and when they do it is 'Cherry Picked' for political reasons. I am an amateur historian I learned SOME history as an elective in High School but most of my knowledge was gained in my own time outside the so-called 'education' system.
clothcapclothcap on July 2nd, 2019 08:56 pm (UTC)
Esoteric Flattish Earth (never say die...)
It matters not what the consensus affirms, the universe is a big place with much we don't have a clue about and more that we have been misled about.

Dual Earth Theory
June 04, 2015
This thread is intended to explain my theory as to how the flat earth operates. It was originally written for the other site, though I have added another section, and neatened some other points, here. I am aware that it is lengthy: if you have any particular questions, I would suggest using ctrl f. The section 'basics' will give the briefest outline, though the mechanisms are not explained in that section.

I may refer to this thread often in the central forum, because many of the dual earth answers to questions rely on background knowledge of dual earth theory, and so if you want details, it's far easier to refer you to a compilation source rather than repeat a lengthy explanation all the time. If you are here because of some such reason, I suggest using ctrl f.

The first question I am often asked is what evidence I have. Here, I will explain some basic scientific principles.
Experiments are not required for science: observation is. All science is founded in observation. Experiments are a kind of observation, but they are not the only kind. For example, astronomers do no experiments, they simply watch what is the case.
A hypothesis is something that explains observations. A theory is, in part, something that explains multiple observations. For example, magnetism. One possible explanation is that certain metals are inhabited by invisible imps that like metal and hold onto it. That would explain how magnets can hold paperclips aloft. It would not really explain magnetic fields, which we observe by iron filings, or he earth’s magnetic field. So if something explains more than one thing, it is more likely to be true. That is not enough, however.
The last thing we need is occam’s razor. To be a scientific theory, something must a) explain observations, and b) require fewer assumptions than any alternative. The evidence I have is observational: the dual earth model explains observations. All I need is to show it contains fewer assumptions than the alternatives.
Whether or not you agree with me that fewer assumptions are required, you must agree that this is all that is required.
A final thing many round earthers have asked me for are equations, usually to govern the behaviour of aether. This is an absurd request, for a simple reason. There are three kinds of equation. The first are reformulations based on existing equations: as those do not exist, they are impossible. The second are definitions: I can happily provide some of these (for example, a way to determine the thickness of aether), but they are not the kind of equation asked for.
The final kind of equation is what is usually wanted, and they are equations arrived at by experimentation: taking values, and seeing if they match a relationship. I do not have the equipment, money or time to perform the kinds of experiments necessary to derive any kind of general equation, and it is simply dishonest to ask for them. You do not personally derive a single one of the equations you use: I doubt you’d know how and, even if you do, you would not have the resources to do so. I am one person currently without a research grant, if you are going to make intentionally impossible demands then at least admit you’re not interested in discussion, only in personal attacks and wasting time.

The dual earth model states that the earth is a flat disc. Its departure from classical flat earth theory is that each side is occupied, and each side is a hemiplane (or hemisphere as they are more commonly called: however, each side is flat) centred at a pole. A crucial component is aether, which we will get onto in the next section.
It is kinda nice to think of the planet doing its Startrek thing while some of us passengers wonder whether we know correctly which way is up.
Are we raw material being time capsuled?

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clothcapclothcap on July 2nd, 2019 09:29 pm (UTC)
The only possible way to accept that todays existence is the best that can be had is to be shown the real alternatives.
Humans do not naturally go to war. Individuals that seek more than their god given form gangs and from that feuds develop. The problem only becomes serious when one such gang gains a lot of power and another in the same situation challenges it. It used to be a family thing. Then came corporations. And the tricksters.
We're ruled by destructive armchair thugs. We don't have to be.

Edited at 2019-07-04 04:28 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 3rd, 2019 09:40 am (UTC)
Brexit: Please, Let's Discuss 10 Pertinent Facts
Zero Hedge Thu, 06/27/2019

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MIshTalk,

With Brexit emotions running high, let's step back and calmly discuss the pertinent facts...

Ten Brexit Facts
  1. In the referendum, a majority of UK citizens voted to leave the EU.
  2. The default legal position, subject to change, is that the UK will leave the EU on October 31, 2019.
  3. It is not within the power of the UK parliament to change point number 1.
  4. It is not within the power of the Queen to change point number 1.
  5. The not the legal right of the EU to grant an extension request from UK parliament, by the Queen, or on its own behalf.
  6. The October 31 date is subject to change, but only at the request of the UK prime minister, and then only if all 27 nations in the EU agree.
  7. The window of opportunity for the UK parliament to force elections is September 3 through September 11 at maximum.
  8. It is an option of the next prime minister to prorogue (suspend) parliament long enough to rule out new elections
  9. The prediction that the UK would collapse immediately following the referendum was spectacularly wrong. Predictions of UK demise should there be no a No Deal Brexit are predictions, often purposely biased, not facts.
  10. Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, admitted on film that the Irish backstop was used as a "tactical and strategic means to apply permanent pressure on the UK."

Facts vs Politics
Like it or not, those are the pertinent facts.

With those facts out of the way, lets turn our attention to the politics of the day as reported by the Guardian Live Blog.
I suspect the main problem, apart from too many traitors, is parliament doing its best to be irrelevant.

Edited at 2019-07-03 08:33 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 3rd, 2019 08:43 pm (UTC)
Arise, Sir John Redwood - above the Twits

The Conservative Woman
Seemingly in all seriousness, the loopy Lord [Adonis] intimates that the only people less worthy of a knighthood than John Redwood are crooks, sex offenders, dictators, traitors and mass murderers.
There was I thinking those qualities were qualifications.
clothcapclothcap on July 3rd, 2019 08:59 pm (UTC)
The Money Behind Remain

Brexit Briefing 25/03/2019
by Robert Tombs
Written by Robert Tombs
It is well known that the continuing campaign to overturn the 2016 vote has been lavishly funded. As has been widely reported, the generous Mr George Soros has been a major donor. But even his largesse, it seems, is not enough to keep the pot boiling.
Lord Malloch-Brown, a former United Nations official made a peer by Gordon Brown, and now director of the Best for Britain anti-Brexit lobby, has been trying to raise even more. In private emails to wealthy businessmen last month, he asked for an immediate contribution of £500,000. He pointed out that “while we are not in an election period we can accept donations from individuals and companies based both in the UK and abroad … over the critical coming weeks we want to invest much more to have the greatest possible impact in the short time still available.”
While its leaders try to create the impression that the Remain campaign is a spontaneous grass-roots movement, Malloch-Brown’s letter rather lets the cat out of the bag: “Generous support, both corporate and individual, over the past 18 months has got us this far … We’ve also funded a range of smaller organisations across the country.”
He explained what the money would be used for: “We will only achieve the critical extension of Article 50 by encouraging as many MPs as possible to support the necessary amendments. Our focus now will be directed at local constituency level, using both digital and traditional campaigning, with this objective.” They would be paying for “research, polling and data modelling”.
One of those approached by Malloch-Brown, a New York billionaire, replied in forthright terms: “I couldn’t disagree more … Brexit is the most important step in the reclamation of English sovereignty since the Magna Carta.”
Perhaps history will one day relate how much money was spent on the anti-Brexit campaigns we are now witnessing. Readers may perhaps have further information on this that they would like to share.
Capitalism low point. A nice little earner. No doubt untaxed. In an honestly run country inciting treason is treason.

Edited at 2019-07-03 08:59 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 3rd, 2019 10:17 pm (UTC)
Time capsules
If we were to leave civilisations to come knowledge they could use, assuming a planet-wide catastrophe, perhaps the pyramid method isn't such a bad idea.

Useful at the time of their creation as stores of info and need of labour, no doubt, regardless of the oldest being a machine and later ones being ego trips, in Egypt at least.

Tossing ideas around in my brain. The pyramids occupy a line of latitude. They are supposed to be a power source (not the ego trips). The Hadron collider uses the energy it draws to send particles in accelerating circuits of the collider. Reported results are the operators may have discovered exotic super tiny particles. The Vatican's CIA is in attendance. Leaked scare stories say the operators have seen demon type entities. Images of ghost planets have been captured by several weather cams. Dozens of sources have photographed double suns.
Another weird thing. There are reports that recorded history is being changed.
If they develop it into an ap, I'll subscribe. Just type in your desired outcome of an event and an accurate date of this event, say the Russian revolution. Zap.
clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 07:28 am (UTC)
How does the IJ-black nobility-zio-fabian EU con work?
In co-operation with traitors in high office.

…we don’t get fooled again?
by Vivian Evans
Independence Daily Jun 29 2019
Of course I must give credit to the Who and Pete Townsend for the title of my article. Some of the words of this song are very relevant to politics today, particularly:
“meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
Whichever politician or political party that we choose to elect in recent times, we just get more of the same, we certainly do get fooled again!
I’ll start then in India. Nearly thirty years ago as a young man I was travelling in India and was culture-shocked for the first time, horrified at the poverty. People explained to me that so many of the people living in the gutters were once farmers. The banks had lent them money, knowing full well that they couldn’t pay it back, and then taken their land, see this:
India’s sugarcane farmers: A cycle of debt and suicide:
“In the 1990s, the country embarked on a series of neoliberal economic reforms, deregulating the markets and opening them up to international trade.”
This all must be starting to ring a few bells. What do we have in Europe today? We have the European Union, neoliberalism, debt and increasing poverty. We’ve been fooled again!
I’ve been told that in India, this debt was a carefully and cynically calculated thing, as it seems to be in Europe, we’ve seen how the EU uses debt to manipulate and eventually asset strip its member countries. Here’s an article that describes poverty in India: “Facts About Poverty in India: Progress and Challenges”
Even as Indian farmers very slowly manage to lift themselves from poverty now, you can see Europe developing the same problems, particularly in Southern Europe. Who would have believed a few years ago that at the time of the Greek financial crisis, we’d have seen Greeks dying in agony of cancer without morphine! It’s early days, there’s much more of this to come in Europe.
Which brings me to the USA. Twenty two trillion dollars in debt, debt that it is only able to support through having the world reserve currency and the petrodollar. As I’ve written before, Russia, Iran, China and increasingly others are now trading among themselves for commodities and oil, bypassing the US dollar. Can the US afford to let this happen? No! Will it lead to conflict as it has in the past? That depends on events.
/Continues under.

Edited at 2019-07-04 07:36 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 07:31 am (UTC)
Continued; …we don’t get fooled again?
Continued …we don’t get fooled again?
For much of the West, the economic writing has been on the wall for years, ever since the 2008 financial crisis, trillions in freshly printed money later and behind the propaganda our economies are falling apart.
For the last three years, Obama, Clinton, Theresa May and others have been subtly beating the drums of war. First it was Russia then North Korea, now Iran is at the forefront. Donald Trump, quite unexpectedly managed to avoid conflict with the first two but what of Iran? Let’s hope that Trump has something up his sleeve. I think that this is possible.
It was only World War Two that lifted the West from the 1930s economic depression. War is a favourite of bankers and politicians, it covers their tracks and they’ve probably got shares in the weapons manufacturers, lovely jubbly. They think that we’ll be fooled again.
With the unexpected vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump the US and Britain became loose cannons. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the above never happened, we’d have meekly followed the Powers That Be in Europe and the US into defending Western banks, we’d probably already have been at war, hence Angela Merkel’s comments in 2017:
“Angela Merkel says Europe can no longer rely on US or UK – and must ‘fight for its own destiny’”

The above has been reported in a number of ways. According to some sources, Merkel actually referred to us as enemies. Don’t kid yourself that the impending bankruptcy of the Western world, much of the world in fact, will end well – it won’t. I won’t go into detail here, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the latest economic news behind the mainstream media propaganda.
Italy interestingly enough has joined China’s Silk Road project and behind the scenes is printing a parallel currency to the Euro, this is indeed an important strategic move, I wrote about this in an article: ‘The wrong direction’.
Donald Trump is to be meeting Ji Jinping of China at the G20. I don’t anticipate a trade deal then but soon, I hope. Perhaps next he’ll negotiate with Iran, we certainly have to hope that the new boss isn’t the same as the old boss.
The bleeding heart Liberal/Lefty globalist fantasy that has been stalking the world for so many decades is one of the greatest evils that has ever beset humanity, events in the coming days and weeks are of huge strategic importance.
One of the most sobering and frightening aspects of this is the fact that the leaders that we elect to supposedly represent us are behind the smiles and reassurances so thoroughly evil. They would bleed us dry, saddle us with debt and then march us out to die, psychopaths in other words.
We must not be fooled again, the next few years could be very volatile indeed and we need Brexit, fast.
Source https://independencedaily.co.uk/we-dont-get-fooled-again/comment-page-1/#comment-106036
Keith June 29, 2019 at 9:52 am
“One of the most sobering and frightening aspects of this is the fact that the leaders that we elect to supposedly represent us are behind the smiles and reassurances so thoroughly evil.”
Well said Viv. That’s exactly what I was thinking to myself yesterday. We live in a country where the leaders who are supposed to be on our side – the top politicians, the journalists, the CBI and TUC, the leaders of quangos and charities and universities – hate and despise us and are doing everything in their power to destroy us. Mass immigration from the Muslim world, promoting divorce and every type of non-normal sexual relation to depress the indigenous birth rate, piling on debt we can’t possibly repay, committing to close down our industrialised economy by 2050 without even a vote in Parliament.
Say what you like about President Putin, but at least he has the best interests of Russians at heart. Russia will still be recognisably Russia in the second half of this century. Western Europe be won’t unless we change course drastically. The whole evil crew need to clearing out. Boris and even Farage are too much men of the Establishment to do it.
[?Thoroughly evil? In fact satanic. They call themselves deists or luciferians.]

Edited at 2019-07-05 08:24 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 09:26 am (UTC)
The occupation regime's mission. Impose 5G
“5G Ready”? UK Government’s “5G Rural First”: “Dangerously High” Levels of Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) in Southern England.
Glastonbury Festival-goers Are Walking into an EMF Minefield

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut
Global Research, June 26, 2019
The Holistic Works 25 June 2019
This weekend, a group of us drove around the site of Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset UK). We had an electromagnetic field radiation detector that was continually bleeping alarmingly and flashing red, indicating that the EMFs it was detecting were way above World Health Organisation recommended safety levels. They were penetrating on to the main road which runs past the site, and there were several hotspots in the quaint little village of Pilton itself, including the village hall and the Working Men’s Club.
A couple of weeks before, I had attended a meeting of Pilton’s parish council. It was standing room only as residents packed in to express their dismay about a telecommunications mast that had been erected, without any consultation with them, in the children’s skate-board park. Engineers had informed one of them that it was going to be made “5G ready” at the end of May, in time for the music festival.
We are now beginning to receive reports from inside the site of dangerously high levels of EMFs. On-site workers have been reporting bad headaches, nose bleeds and digestive issues. And this is all before the bulk of the campers arrive on Wednesday. So one can only assume that matters will get far worse once hundreds of thousands of smart phones turn up.
5G technology was installed at Glastonbury Festival this year by EE as part of a governmental agenda called 5G Rural First. This is a promotional push dreamed up by urbanite marketeers that purports to be about giving better internet access to country dwellers. In reality, though, good folks have paid £250 a ticket to be used as guinea-pigs in a 1.4 square mile test bed for an untested technology that could have serious implications for their health.
Partners of 5G Rural First include US telecommunications giant Cisco, Microsoft, the BBC and British Telecom, the owners of EE who are bringing 5G to Glastonbury Festival.
5G Rural First also has testbeds on the Orkney Islands and Shropshire and it claims its technology will help dairy cows perform better.
[Sterilised cattle perform better?]
But they are ignoring the evidence of 230 scientists and doctors who are appealing to the World Health Organisation to move the 5G wireless signal from a Group 2B carcinogen to a Group 1, the same as asbestos and arsenic.
They believe that the dangers to health from 5G include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being. And the damage goes well beyond the human race; there is growing evidence of harmful effects to plants, insects and animals.
Relevant: The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health

How does aluminium respond to 5G MW? We have been continuously sprayed with nano aluminium particles (in jet pollution since the sixties) that enter the brain and other organs, the process is augumented by glyphosphate. Imagine half a mil nano particles in your brain etc. doing what they do in a microwave. They glow white hot. Slow mass murder.
Dear fellow Orcadians, if one gets installed near your home, I would recommend carefully dismounting it and shoving it up yor representative's rear aperture and turning it on. Maybe that'll get the message across. 5G is harmful.

Edited at 2019-07-04 09:39 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 04:44 pm (UTC)
On Eve Of 4th Of July Parade U.S. Attempts To Lure Iran Into Shooting Down Another U.S. Plane

Moon of Alabama July 03, 2019
by b
Today a manned U.S. reconnaissance plane entered Iranian airspace in a clear attempt to provoke Iran into shooting it down. Such an incident would have created an occasion for Trump to give the American people a special 4th of July fireworks.
On July 3 1988 the guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes shot down the civil Iranian Flight 655 with 290 people on board. The U.S. claimed that the plane's transponder was signaling an Iranian military identification code, that it was seemingly attacking the Vincennes, that the ship warned the plane 12 times, and that the ship was in international waters when the incident happened.
The crew of the Vincennes received medals for killing the Iranian civilians.
Investigations showed (pdf) that all the above claims were false. The shoot down was intentional. Iran sued the US in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over it. The case was settled in 1996 when the U.S. agreed to apologize and to pay $61.8 million to the families of the victims.
On June 20 a large U.S. reconnaissance drone, accompanied by a manned U.S. military airplane, flew into Iranian air space east of the Strait of Hormuz. Iran shot the drone down. The U.S. threatened to strike Iran over the incident but Trump did not follow through.
There were reports that some people in the White House doubted that the U.S. Central Command, the U.S. military command for the Middle East, told it the full truth about the incident. Two days before the drone incident happened Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director, had unusual talks with the U.S. Central Command. This led to speculations that the incident was designed to provoke Iran into a shoot down and to push Trump into a war on Iran.
The case today is not in doubt. The U.S. military definitely tried to provoke Iran into shooting down another one of its planes.
Pic. USAF Rivet Joint tracking over The #PersianGulf, spoof Hex Cod 730000 C/S IRI00061
The US Airforce RC-135V Rivet Joint are signal intelligence planes that snoop on other countries.
The plane flew over the islands Abu Musa and Sirri in the Persian Gulf which are Iranian territory and Iranian airspace. It falsely signaled that it was an Iranian plane.
Cont. reading:https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/07/on-eve-of-4th-of-july-parade-us-attempts-to-lure-iran-into-shooting-down-another-us-plane.html#more
clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 06:00 pm (UTC)
Non "jewified" history
Yoda: Truthful History of WWI and II — Blocked by YouTube and the Anti-Defamation League But Alternative Links Provided. The Tide Has Turned.
Public Intelligence Blog 2019/06/22

Europa The Last Battle – Full Documentary (2017)
In ten parts, all banned by YouTube and its Zionist master the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). BitChute is clearly emergent as the trusted source for truthful videos in the 21st Century.

The TRUTH about:
The Global Economic Structure
The Historical Roots Of Zionism & Communism
The Bolshevik Revolution & The Holodomor

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxf-leot6Yg&list=PLOpsFWnDQOk1sHusv_4_rlArTDQIn1v6V&index=7
[Bitchute doesn't have embed]
[The metamorphisis from human to citizen to corp'n attack dog was usually successful.]

The TRUTH about:
World War 1
The Balfour Declaration
The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism(Feminism/Degeneracy/Political Correctness)
The Weimar Republic
Jewish Group-Evolutionary Strategy

The TRUTH about:
The Rise Of Hitler
The Third Reich
The National Socialist Economic, Cultural & Spiritual Rebirth
Hitler vs Rothschild

The TRUTH about:
Judea Declares War
Anti-German terrorism & warmongering
Jewish Migration From The Third Reich, The Transfer Agreement & The Madagaskar Plan
The Final Solution
Hitlers’ Struggle For Peace & Germany’s Peace Offers
The Start Of World War 2
Communist Infiltration & The International Clique

The TRUTH about:
The Roots Of Globalism, Multiculturalism & White Genocide
The Kalergi, Kaufman, Morgenthau & Hootonplans for European Genocide
Jewish Supremacism vs German Racialism
The Myth Of German Racism
Hitlers’ Jewish Soldiers

The TRUTH about:
Operation Barbarossa
The Liberation Of Russia
Pearl Harbour
Churchill’s Bengal Famine
The Brutal Terror-Bombings Of German Cities & The Firestorm In Dresden

The TRUTH about:
The Katyn Massacre
The Rape Of Europe
Eisenhowers Death-Camps
The Genocide Of Germany
The Last Days Of The Third Reich
Plan A – The Jewish Terrorist Plan To Genocide 6 Million Germans

The TRUTH about:
The Holocaust – Expulsion vs Extermination
The Origin Of The “Six Million” Figure
The Allied Black Propaganda, Atrocity Fiction & Psychological Warfare
The Labour & Internment Camps
The Gas-Chambers
The Soap & Lampshades
The International Red Cross Report & Jewish Population Numbers

The TRUTH about:
The Aftermath of WWII
The Destruction Of Europe & Western Civilisation
The Greater Israel Project & The Zionist War On Terror
The Great Demographic Replacement & The Invasion Of Europe
The New World Order & The Satanic Endgoal

The Nationalist Revolution & The Awakening


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clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 07:41 pm (UTC)
Has money become a measure of dishonesty, Pope Franky (the mafia's choice?)?
[In that case the Vatican's future looks decidedly and undeceptively toasty.]
It used to be a way to value goods and a person's service to another.
Is it now a measure of uselessness to society? Is Mr Putin trying to be an exception? Let's face it. Mr P doesn't need to work.
Mr Cameron doesn't need to work (after he sold us).
Mr P chose democracy and made it work. Our hand picked elect and otherwise chose communism (through stupidity or cupidity) and have brow beaten the population with an avalanch of deception and oppression, assigning blame on humanity's enemy across the channel.
The problem with that is that our enemy is not a traitor. Only its agents fit that suit.
Mr P appears to be standing firm against the wind.
We appear to be convinced there is nothing we can do to make our lives better.
What is stopping us? Entertainment? Gossip? Poverty? Drugs? WiFi? Glyphosphate? Education?
(Aluminium toxification? Why?)

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clothcapclothcap on July 4th, 2019 08:16 pm (UTC)
If Mr P were to be a catch-all...
Well, I'd certainly go back and check where I was first fooled.
If he is Rockefeller's soft cop, I'd suggest the 1st place I was fooled was when my bum was smacked to make me taste the befouled air. Every baby protests but still they do it.
If. Well, we can go the over emphasised Netanyahu... I mean Trump way to perdition, he's weighing his believability against what the kamikaze "jews" direct, and I suspect a little humanity has a place in his Pilgrim poker hand versus the "jewish" advised chinese mahjongg.

I find it amazing the number of crooks that are aware the IJ EU is a con job, a criminal operation, are profitting from it so magnificently. Squeezed since inception? Hence accounts not closed. Due to undocumented conqueror expenses.

There was a particular person with access to the IJ EU buildings whose fake space needed to be occupied by a more worthwhile person. It cost me a business, but I'm nothing if not stubborn.

If true, the commissariat is illuminated, that means they are deists, supremacists, child abusers, murderers and liars. That they are common criminals and thieves seems small to mention.

How to convey this into the public consciousness?

Being stupid human I think there is room for them, without their inhumanity that seems to collect into boils called city states.