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Master Plan

I'm well oiled so this post may disappear when I wake up later.
Master Plan
On the 3rd, (4th and fifth runways) let them be built in the Thames estuary, 50% longer than needed by the latest Airbus. Maybe put the airlines in charge of raising the capital and building them with a proviso, British (native or permanently resident) labour and British builders. Make the build off-limit to the EC and quangos. Tube train tunnels, a bridge to both sides and associated roadworks to be the responsibility of local governments with no strings central government assistance.
Why 50% bigger? For ram jet powered flights, Branson
's space tourist jets and lost/diverted space shuttles and or to accept balloon traffic.
A wild guess, 12 years and 40 - 60,000 jobs on the build, (runways, docks, structures, tunnels, motorways, surface rail connection, bridges) 10 - 15,000 permanent jobs.
More civil engineering
Extend the Manchester Ship Canal all the way to Hull. Put 3 badly treated cities back on the map. Transship at Liverpool to smaller container ships for feeding to Rotterdam. A large container terminal at Hull would be nice.
Back of envelope guess, 7 years 5 - 10,000 jobs on the build, 30 - 40,000 permanent. Plus blackmail revenue from Rotterdam, a tax for easing their overload. They pay for the trade or the freighters unload elsewhere.
Maybe 400 extra jobs in producing cones for the roadworks.

Food for thought. An excellently written, perceptive view of what is happening to western civilisation. Perhaps a little under researched on the who and why we are in the situation where government is a front for those that think they know how to run the planet and are not squeamish about how they get their agenda furthered. Ehrlich is amongst them. If ever there was a misbegotten,
self-deceiving egoist who surprises when he spells his name right... That people buy his ranting novels, give him money and listen to his consistently wrong proclamations of doom says everything about the morally bankrupt promoters of "their way", a world governed by semi-intelligent, arrogant and cowardly assholes. A glimpse of their weirdness and asininity -
Climatism – Belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming as a Religion

The perceptive view:

THE ICEBERG Bill Whittle

I know there is a fair amount of dread out there right now. We’re ramping down one war, and ramping up another; the threat of total financial collapse seems actually possible; the moral decay and loss of decency in much of society is endemic and spreading… Good Lord, we’re seeing famine, pestilence and death… lions and lambs lying down together, plagues of frogs from the skies! – and no one seems to know exactly what is happening.
And a lot of people are starting to think that it’s hopeless. My friends, it’s not hopeless. It’s dire!  But it’s not hopeless. It’s never hopeless.
You see, people have been here before. Not us, but other people. The great conceit of the modern age is that this is, in fact, a modern age. But it isn’t.
Let’s start at the top: with Barack Obama. Is he:
A. A Muslim-sympathizing, neo-Marxist true believer, who sees America and Capitalism as the principle barrier to fairness and world peace?
Or B, is he merely an empty suit, an unwitting pawn of much larger, hidden forces?
Or C,  simply a self-obsessed, incompetent narcissist who happened to be at the right place at the right time.
I’ve given this a lot of careful thought, and I think the real answer is yes.
He is a product of his time; a product of a civilization that has been dynamic and successful long enough for its prosperity to feel inevitable and indestructible. It’s not even really his fault. It has always been pretty clear from his record who he is and what he believes, and we elected him because the country was in the mood for a “progressive” president.
But Progressivism is not progressive – it’s ancient. Cyclical. It’s circular. It is, in fact, the symptom and the eventual cause of impending collapse.
In fact, in all of human history, there has been only one genuinely progressive, genuinely liberating idea: a lightning bolt across the pages of history – the why in 1776, the how in 1787 – the idea of limited government, god-given rights, personal liberty and rule by the vast collective wisdom and industry of the common man, and not by the bored, pampered and self-hating elites that have run everything before and since. This is a once-in-history idea. This is why we have to conserve it. We have to conserve this fundamentally liberal idea.
I said that what we today call Progressivism is in fact ancient and circular. Don’t believe me? Well, the great roman orator Cicero, speaking in defense of his friend Sestius, around 55 BC, said – quote:
“Gaius gracchus proposed a grain law. The people were delighted with it because it provided an abundance of food without work. The good men, however, fought against it because they thought the masses would be attracted away from hard work and toward idleness, and they saw the state treasury would be exhausted.”
When a society – after generations of hard work, sacrifice and hardship – reaches a certain level of prosperity, “Progressives” like Bill Maher, Janeane Garofolo, Rosie O’Donnell and Gaius Gracchus – that last Progressive died in 121 BC – assume that the prosperity is endless, and push for more and more people to get more and more goods and services for less and less work. Why? Because – as today, in America, as with the British Empire, the French Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Ottomans, the Mongols, Rome, Greece, Eqypt, Babylon… They do it for political power. They live for political power. This “Progressivism” is ancient, recurring, tyrannical and ruinous.
And we voted for it. Just like the Romans did.
We can see from Cicero that throughout history, the disease is always the same – too much security and prosperity breeds laziness, narcissism, resentment and entitlement.
So if this is the cycle of civilization, and we see these same recurring signs around us in abundance today – how can there be any hope?
There’s hope because we are Americans. We’re different. Not genetically – although we are in fact the world’s mutts and that is an enormous strength. No, we are different, unique and exceptional culturally – because unlike the Babylonians, the Eqyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Mongols, the Turks, the Spanish, the French, The British and all the rest – we have actually done it. We have created the political tools to limit power and reward hard work, and we have lived with them for almost a quarter millennia. It is only by restoring and strengthening these truly progressive, but now-called conservative ideals that we can break the cycle of history.
Well, first, we have to know how we got into this mess in the first place.

This time around – our cycle – the rot began to take hold in America due primary to a group called The Frankfurt School. Keep in mind that the Frankfurt school is merely a product of where they appear on this great wheel of history – there have been dozens of civilizations that had their own “Frankfurt schools” in languages now lost to history.
But right after World War One, in Frankfurt, Germany the Institute for Social Research – they wanted to call themselves the “Institute for Marxism” but that was too on the nose – was left wondering why the world communist revolution — predicted as a certainty by Marxist social science – was not leading to the international revolution of the proletariat, the actual common working man.
And they figured out that capitalism – damn it! – was providing enough comfort and material gain, enough of an increase in the working man’s standard of living – that it just simply wasn’t going to happen. Ever.
Now, one kind of person might look at this and say, hooray! People’s lives are getting better – guess we weren’t needed after all.
But not these guys. These guys felt they had to bring heaven to earth.
And so they asked themselves: if the vanguard of the revolution wasn’t going to be the worker, then who would it be? And the answer they came up with was: the dispossessed.
The Neo-Marxist revolution would not attack the capitalist economy – that was too successful. The target of the new Marxist revolution would be the Culture.
Marxist philosophers like Antonia Gramsci, and later, Saul Alinski – personal hero to such present-day fellow travelers as Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton and, of course, The President of the United States – started to create narratives – stories – about America. This rapidly evolved into a philosophy called “Critical Theory” and the idea of Critical Theory was to attack the dominant culture – that would be us – from all sides, simultaneously.
For instance, Black Americans would be told that their labor built the entire country, while White Americans merely sat back and essentially stole everything. Black slave labor did build the cotton economies of the Southern Confederacy, but the entire Confederacy had less factory capacity than New York City alone.
Nonetheless, many black Americans today have been taught that all of this belongs to them and not the truth, which is that that they were, and are, an integral and essential part of the group effort that built this country together.
Likewise, women are told that we live in an evil patriarchy, where all men are tyrants and potential rapists, determined to keep them in a form of domestic slavery, instead of being their partners and helpmates and husbands and protectors.
Gays are told not that this is one of the most inclusive and forgiving societies in the history of the world, but rather home to knuckle-dragging, murdering Neanderthals – when in plain sight, across the seas, one and a half billion Muslims routinely hang or stone or crush to death innocent people merely because of their sexual practices.
And on and on.
And when you try to argue against this social weapon of theirs, this Narrative, this lie that they tell again and again, well then, prepare for their counter-attack, which is called Political Correctness – the attempt to put the argument out of bounds before it can be had.
They use terms like Hate Speech and Racism. They want to put our arguments and rebuttals out of bounds so that they don’t have to hear them or deal with them. They have to exclude those arguments because if they don’t, those arguments are going to kick their asses and they know it.
And by the way: charges of Racism only work on decent people. You go up to a Klansman or a Nazi and call them a racist, and they say “duh!” Of course they’re racists. They’re proud of being racists. But you go up to someone who is not a racist, a person who finds racism appalling and disgusting, and tell them what they are saying is racism – even when it not only isn’t racism, but is in fact the opposite of racism– well, they’ll shut up. Mission Accomplished.
The objectives of the Frankfurt School, of Gramsci and Alinski in their assault on the culture, were laid out in detail and were very clear: Eliminate not only the voice, but the very idea of reason. Destroy history. Delegitimize shared morality. Medicate instead of discipline children. Promote the idea that problems are so complex that only elitists, experts and academics can discuss, let alone solve them. A later pair of American Marxist philosophers developed what became known as the Cloward-Piven strategy: overwhelm America’s social systems – welfare, health care, immigration, etc. by telling people they were owed things, and by intentionally overwhelming them, cause them to collapse – leaving nothing but smoking wreckage, and no where to turn but to the government.
But above all, for this Frankfurt school strategy to work, it needed to foster resentment, envy, hopelessness and despair.
And it’s been spectacularly successful.
My fellow Americans… we are in an information war, a battle of narratives, and if that analysis is true then you and I are the last best hope of the last best hope. We are, together, soldiers in this narrative war for America and for civilization.
So can we win?
Continues here. Worth reading.

The reason for including Bill's essay in this blog is that the parallels are scary. Look at how the EU's EC is flooding the UK. 50 million immigrant African workers through EU job centres, many of whom will make their way to Britain where the benefits are biggest and easiest to defraud. Overloading the social services and fomenting civil unrest due to jobs being taken by immigrants. Decimation of pensions by tax raids, and of savings by near zero interest rates. Was the "mortgage bubble" an accident or pre-planned? More people on the government payroll than in private employment, I mean how is that sustainable? Just how is the EU's EC advancing their federalisation of the UK? They've tasted blood with S. Ireland and soon will have fiscal control as S. Ireland's piss-artist leader piss farts, akin to fiddling while Rome burned.
The EC is a Bilderberk directed NGO (unelected). They are participants in and partners of those screwing the financial markets that the banks and political cohorts opened currency to susceptibility to attack by removing the substance - gold reserve backing of the promissory notes both of the dollar and recently Brown's sale of half of the UK gold reserve with then PM Blair's consent that was not theirs to sell. Gold was deposited in return for the IOUs that bank notes are. That is where the gold came from. No doubt it ended up in Rothschild's vault and that it went at rock bottom price suggests Blair, Brown and Rothschild committed the world's biggest heist that made the great train robbery effort look like the work of pickpockets. Rothschilds control the gold market. Perhaps that more gold exists on paper than in reality presaged the transfer of gold ownership from the UK public to the Rothschilds? I doubt the gold moved from the BoE vaults, just the title papers got a new name.

An even bigger heist is in progress. The transfer of "green" taxes and energy bill levies will end up in a Rothschild type bank, the WB, the GEF or the specially created GIB via perhaps DFID . From there it will make its way to the world government fund via such as the UN to the likes of TERI that is perhaps a cash dispenser, Chinese and African authorities with much arriving at Swiss bank accounts. Political charities are another route and not least quangos set up for the purpose.
The only way to stop it that I can see is to stop giving THEIR government (it isn't ours any more) our cash. A tax strike.
Suggested conditions for a resumption of payment:
Rothschild deported and his holdings in the UK taken under public ownership.
Nationalisation of foreign banks and their records confiscated for scrutiny by elected professional accountants.
An immediate EU membership referendum.
Closure of the BoE, the Royal Mint and termination of the GIB project pending investigation of accounts.
An investigation of what happens to the funds dispensed by DFID.
An investigation of the Northern Rock offshore holdings, why they existed and why they aren't in the possession of the UK now.
An investigation of Barclays and other multi national banks' participation in Black Friday, the mortgage bubble and the hit and run on Iceland's currency amongst other financial "hits".
Insurance companies will be drawn in as accounts reveal dealings. Their directors must be directed to surrender their passports while under investigation.
A termination of financial relationships and eviction of UN spin-offs in the UK.
Ditto EU/EC spin-offs.
Closure of all quangos. All. (Night schools have been desperately short of teachers for the flower arranging lessons.)
Immediate cancellation of charitable status and funding of all charities with political agendas. WWF, Greenpeace, WMO, various others. Immediate arrest of Julie Middleton, Prescot and Mandelson on suspicion of collusion with a foreign power to commit treason, and outlawing of CP.
Immigration reduced to one out (or dead) one in until pre Blair balance is restored.
Moratorium on mosque building, review by locals of those already built.
Deportation of immigrants that can't speak English after 3 years.
Granting of independence to Bradford.

Blair and Brown. In my eyes they are Europeans. Their reason for being was/is to make the UK a European state. I don't see Cameron or his fag as any different. Deaths are statistics to them. If it helps them get their agenda furthered, they are good statistics. Ehrlich must have been delighted at the success the DDT campaign had in killing millions, ditto the corn to biofuel "success". There aren't many people I wish harm to, the bereft Ehrlich ain't one, a useful idiot at best, EC, UN, Strong et al know who I wish a slow and painful, cancerous death to. I know a witch, I have pictures, I need a strand of hair from each so she tells me!

There is a better way. Just stop the money flow and watch as empires collapse. And workers wake up to being needed by society instead of power crazed lunatics who can't keep their flies zipped.

How much does an EC commissioner get paid and for what? How much pension after how many years' "service"? Paid by who? And then look at UK reps.


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