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No more war and no deal with the IJ EU criminals

We need a general strike against the occupation regime. Multi national would be good.

Are the trade unions treasonously supporting the traitors, not just by blatant inaction?

Have the trade unions been subverted, controlled by the same items from planet Toss that control the occupation regime, working against the nation, humanity and democracy? If so we'll need to get the support of those in the military and police that haven't sold their soul and turned  traitor through ignorance, (e.g. fabian, zionist and EU supporters) for the love of Monopoly money or out of fear.

We have had a treasonous occupation government from Heath to May and before that has aided criminal traitors in abolishing sovereignty and has got us involved in wars of aggression targetting regime change and plunder via destruction and chaos, all to aid the expansion of the illegal satanic georgian "jewish" zio terrorist state, Israel that is owned by the Rothschild family, signified by the 6 point star. Some say Israel is the epicentre of the satanic jewish mafia's movement to conquer and rule the world or destroy it in the effort. These are demented tossers with only self-gratification and total control their ambition at any cost, so long as it is not theirs. There are those amongst them. Adelson for one, that would happily make the surface uninhabitable while his kind, like maggots skulk in secret underground bunker cities built with taxpayer funds.

Netanyahu-Wall St's puppy Trump and the band of crazy neocon jerkoffs the americans call government are at the precipice of world war III. The craven UK regime is its cheer leader. It could be started on any of the fronts the Pentagon enemies of humanity have created in China, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela or via its proxy of proxies, NATO that has created a front on Russia's doorstep with UK occupation regime assistance.

The mass deception media is still telling you what happened in last night's soap opera, or showing the meat of the prettiest scrubbers to grace the casting couch with details of their latest shag.

We are ruled by gangsters with world governance of a dumbed down and moraless world of debt slave tax stock their agenda. They are unconstrained. They need to be constrained until we can get them behind bars for all the breaches of international and national law, illegal wars and destruction, plunder, mass murder fraud and treason committed using our offices of the throne, the government, the bureaucracy, our authority and tax funds.

The number of the enemies of humanity has increased from an estimated 7,000 to an estimated 25,000 that need to be taken out of circulation. A list of those that would form a mafia world government is here. Still just a handful as societal infections go. These are the tossers, the Stalins and Blackadders, traitors, criminals that have have got us under the khazarian (aka georgian) led global mafia, the false jewish satanist jackboot.

Israel is the epicentre of all the evil being perped on the world. The City can be considered its HQ. The masonic City with the masonic Vatican and masonic Washington can be considered the facade of the false jew crusade.

The satanist enemy hides behind real jews that they despise as much as they despise us "useless eaters", and "useful idiots" such as the lower order membership of the Pilgrims, Bilderberg, Masonry, the Civil Service, banks and Round Table gangs. They use infiltration and unwitting compartmentalised useful idiots, and more recently mind controlled operatives created by Common Purpose, developed from Montauk type brainwashing laundries to achieve their objectives, i.e. USSR style communisation with a fascist control system, political systems created by satanist jews or satanised jesuits.
Zionists and fabians are the main movers and shakers of the policymakers of the mafia. They are more than a little dependant on think tanks like the RIAA, CFR, ECFR, Rand, Trilateral Comm, etc to devise ways and means of getting more of our (humanity's) wealth into their possession or under their control.

Iran is the current and enduring pork in the mafia jews' melange, Syria a stumbling block to war with Iran

The Yellow Vests have shown the inevitable response to increased oppression and fraudulent and psychopathic governance. If we don't want it to happen here, the occupation regime must be brought into line and made to serve the people. A full spectrum sustained withdrawal of labour is the peaceful answer provided it is not led by deceivers like Scargill.
No more war and no deal with the IJ EU criminals. Proven criminals.

Peace with Iran Is a Good Thing
By Renee Parsons, May 24, 2019
Global Research, May 24, 2019
After weeks of drama with Iranian ‘threats’ and having conducted classified briefings with Congress on Tuesday, acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by his side, informed a press briefing that
“there will be no war with Iran” and the US had “deterred an Iranian attack based on our reposturing of assets, deterred attacks against American forces” and that now the “focus is to prevent an Iranian miscalculation. We do not want the situation to escalate.  This is about deterrence; not about war.  We’re not about going to war.”
And yet Shanahan’s words could not have been more clear and definitive and yet, they have been met with silence by the Democrats and the MSM as if peace is less desirable, less a profitable pr commodity than war.  At the same press briefing, Sen. Lindsay Graham, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee added his own piroutte as if there had been verifiable evidence of an Iranian threat:
“We are ready to respond if we have to.  The best thing would be for everyone to calm down and Iran to back off.  I am hoping that this show of force will result in de-escalating.”
In other words, the US was selling the notion to anyone who would buy that the Iranians would have launched an attack if not for an increased US military build up that forced the Iranians to backpedal.   It makes little difference who or what takes credit in the final analysis since peace is of the essence.
Donald Trump very likely won the 2016 election with pronouncement such as:
 “Obviously the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake.”
“We should have never been in Iraq.”
“We have destabilized the middle east.”
“We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about.”
In view of the recent escalation of threats to Venezuela and collapse of the summit with North Korea, it has been unclear exactly who is administering US foreign policy given the President’s consistently inconsistent views and with the B Team filling a prominent role in what appears to be a presidential vacuum.
As unconfirmed, undefined “Iranian threats” first surfaced and the President’s closest national security advisors fanned the flames, he told White House reporters
“It’s going to be a bad problem for Iran if something happens, I can tell you that. They’re not going to be happy.” and later tweeting
“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran.  Never threaten the United States again!”
Declaring “heightened tensions” as if Iran was out-of-their-minds crazy enough to imminently launch an attack on a US facility, the Trump Administration evacuated non essential US Embassy personnel from Baghdad after two Saudi oil tankers were ‘attacked’ off the UAE coast, a low grade rocket exploded near the Embassy, three mortar shells landed within Baghdad’s Green Zone and a Yemeni drone ‘attacked’ a Saudi pipeline.
Read "United States" as Zionist controlled neocon mafia.

Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative, British General Says No Evidence of ‘Increased Threat’ from Iran

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