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17 May 2019 @ 11:32 am
Crime Times  
Are the Pilgrims, the International Jews, the Illuminati Jesuits and the Black Nobility's 4th Reich craven scum indistinguishable from each other?

The corruption of every facet of bureaucracy and perversion of society exposed

If the Brexit party is not just another con job, a plan B for the (batshit crazy power addicted megalomaniacal and psychopathic Pilgrims - IJ - Black Nobility - 4th Reich with its illegal) global coup government to continue its control of UK governance, finance and reality, then perhaps expert satirist and comic Nigel Farage will appreciate some 'wooden stakes and silver bullets' for use by the Brexit party in the 'execution' of the filth occupying bureaucracy and government and other formerly public services.

Footnote from the end of the report below, with ref. to traitors Heath, Rippon, Jenkins, Blair and many others not yet named:
"DVD: This is the ultra-secret German Nazi continung ‘Black Operations’ intelligence organisation based, appropriately enough, in Dachau, near Munich. Intelligence concerning the existence of this organisation was passed to the Editor of International Currency Review by a British intelligence source.
The Editor then had its existence checked out by high-level US intelligence contacts, who confirmed the entity’s existence and importance. There is some uncertainty about what the initials DVD stand for – alternatively Deutsche Versicherungs Dienst [German Insurance Agency] or else Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [German Defence Agency] – the context here being that DVD is the Abwehr-linked intelligence continuum of the Nazi International, originally established by the Nazi Abwehr as the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in 1942. Therefore, in this context, ‘insurance’ would mean ‘insuring the continuity of Nazi global hegemony strategy for the establishment of the controlling thousand-Year Reich’; while ‘defence’ in this same context would mean ‘defending’ the continuing covert Nazi global hegemony strategy. DVD is not funded by the German Government and taxpayer, since it operates its own covert sources of giga-finance, but its main operations and strategy are routinely approved by the German Chancellery. Any offcial denial of this fact is a lie."
Perhaps Mr Farage and the Brexit party could make part of their manifesto the pursuit of the IJ EU commission and the occupation regime's prosecution by the ICC and the court of human rights with respect to the crimes noted in:
together with UK Column's reports:
and David Noakes' (2007?) report:
The abolition of Britain is illegal under the British Constitution, and the criminal acts of the Queen and her Ministers have included the worst acts of treason in history. They secretly repealed the treason laws in 1998 (hidden in s36.3 of the Crime and Disorder Act) to save their own necks. The criminality of our ministers and parliament won’t save us - the EU’s Constitution will automatically abolish the British one, and they will have got away with the greatest crime in a thousand years.

Since 1972 five European Union treaties have been signed abolishing our nation. As this is illegal under the British Constitution, our nation needed to be undermined with the methods listed below. The EU is succeeding exclusively through subversion by British traitors from inside the UK.

The EU has the laws of a police state, and a constitution that hands absolute power to unelected dictators; it specifically hands all military power (and that includes the nuclear weapons of Britain and France,) to these dictators. It is the Soviet system,
and creates a sham EU parliament with no power; it will abolish the nations of Great Britain and England.

The list of traitors according to the severity of their crime:

Traitor number 1. HM the Queen. Has committed five acts of treason signing EU treaties that abolish our nation. She is the only monarch to have broken her Coronation oath. Failed as the ultimate check and balance, failed to insist on a national ballot for the abolition of our nation.

Traitor number 2. Edward Heath. Committed an act of treason by passing the 1972 EU Communities Act, which is the enabling act to abolish our nation. He then lied in his White Paper and in his speeches this Act would not abolish our sovereignty. He started the entire illegal EU process. The fact he was a lifelong member of the Deutsche VersicherungsDienst intelligence department was not discovered until his death.
(https://web.archive.org/web/20120511080641/http://www.worldreports.org/news/6_brussels_accounts_ar )
Its very important to understand the legal basis for treason. Firstly it has always been the most serious crime on the statute book, worse than murder. Treason has long been the only crime punished by "hanging by the neck until dead." Murderers only get life. The definition of treason is "a crime that undermines one's government" or "the offence of acting to overthrow one's government." Philby, Maclean, Blunt, Burgess committed treason, by selling secrets to the Russians, and would have got perhaps 15 years if they had returned. What Heath did was the ultimate act of treason, not just undermining our nation, but abolishing it. If a court case had been brought, he would have got the ultimate penalty.

3. Tony Blair Committed three acts of treason, with three EU treaties. He is also an enthusiastic implementer of EU laws disguised as British laws, the latest being ID cards; he's an enforcer of crippling EU regulations. Blair is the chief manufacturer of the EU police state in Britain (Scottish rite 33rd degree mason of Studholme lodge 1591 ).

4. John Major* committed Treason with the Maastricht treaty; he also sold our main military and nuclear port, Devonport Dockyard, to Dick Cheney's Haliburton Corporation for peanuts, his bribe was to be European MD of the Bush family's Carlyle Weapons group, and $1 million pa for life, so he is definitely on the other side.

5. Margaret Thatcher committed Treason with the Single European Act. She is the only Prime minister who now regrets signing it. She's still guilty - a murderer who apologises only has a mitigating circumstance. She'll remain a traitor until her death. Like many top people on our side, she's developed heart problems and is too ill to help.

The above four people have all committed treason, and prosecutions were pending. Tony Blair's risk was the full force of the law for signing the Amsterdam Treaty amongst others. But in a stunning abuse of power, Tony Blair secretly repealed the treason laws, hidden in the Crime and Disorder Act, and the Queen signed it in 1998, saving both their necks.
There can be no worse criminal abuse of the law than this. .......To get off your own execution as a Prime Minister by repealing the law you are charged under........The newspapers and media missed it entirely.

6. John Prescott*, John Reid*, Peter Mandleson*, Alan Johnson*, about a dozen, now cabinet ministers*. Communists who's allegiance in the 1960's was to the Soviet Union, switched their loyalty to the European Union in the 1970's; they've implemented the EU's Frankfurt school subversion, and the 111,000 EU regulations that are criminalising us all. Took control of the Labour party away from patriotic traditionalists.

7. Ken Clarke*, Douglas Hurd*, Michael Hesletine*, Geoffrey Howe*, Chris Patten*, Francis Maude*, David Cameron* etc. [*DVD assests?] Pro-Europeans who have seized control of the Conservative leadership, imposing their own agenda, ignoring the wishes of Conservative voters; they sabotaged representative democracy. A vote for the Conservatives has been a vote for the EU dictatorship for 34 years, these are the traitors responsible.

The leaders of our three political parties get their orders from the European Union, not the British electorate, whom they neither serve nor care for. They've created a one party state: the three parties have almost identical policies, and all agree on the abolition of Britain by the EU.

8. Julia Middleton...
Via https://thebuckshotter.blogspot.com/2007/08/list-of-traitors-to-united-kingdom.html

What's it all about? Controlling everyone not in the paedo run club so as to have protection from justice thus giving themselves freedom to plunder via taxation, interest and warfare and freedom to abuse and murder infants, children and young adults.

Excerpt via Abel Danger from John Christian's
The City of London & the Fabian Society: History & Current Plans
(Source Scribd)
"It either directly or indirectly, controls all mayors, councils, regional councils, multi-national and trans-national banks, corporations, judicial systems (through Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London), the IMF, World Bank,Vatican Bank (through N. M. Rothschild &Sons London Italian subsidiaryTorlonia), European Central Bank, United States Federal Reserve (which is privately owned and secretly controlled by eight British-controlled shareholding banks), the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (which is also British-controlled and oversees all of the Reserve Banks around the world including our own) and last but not least, the communist European Union and communist United Nations Organization."

As titled, illuminated jesuit mason and international jew, some Rothschilds developed the zionist organisation that gained occupancy and control of Palestine by deceit and terrorism. Its flag is a 6 pointed star, the Rothschilds' symbol. Rothschilds funded the development of the fabian society. The 3 zio-fabian mason controlled satanic city states' plans to achieve Pilgrim-Khazar (Georgian) ashkenazi objectives have been exposed as a global government by stealth coup in the same manner the Bilderbeg gang of rats and the mafia-like CIA installed the EU at the behest of the maniacal Pilgrims (Deists aka satanists) that included Rothschild and the dead D. Rockefeller. The Israeli zionist state is said to be the epicentre of all that is wrong with the present civilisation. It may be considered an extension of the City.

Stolen and finagled public owned gold that was to be used for the imposition of gold backed global currency by the WB, IMF, Fed Res. in the custody of Karen Hudes whom is claimed to be still in the employ of (or being played by) the World Bank-IMF that had illegally taken possession of the World's gold when it became bankruptcy trustee (USofA Ltd) with the amazingly corrupt IMF (US Ltd). Some gold, likely most was that confiscated by the US FDR and regime of the day and where the US public was top of the list of creditors, the bank being second. The gold should have been returned to the public. The bank was desperately seeking an out after being called out and served, (self deceived?) white knight Karen to the rescue seeking anyone that she could hand over the gold to with  the illusion of legality in a way that the banks could continue to benefit. Gold dusted dollars was one route where the sibling bank, the Fed Res would have control. The american public (and Karen?) would have the illusion their gold had been returned.
Fine print: Open Letter To Karen Hudes from Anna von Reitz

News media verbiage outed as copy typed propaganda from authorities. Demonisation of CO2 as a climate driver found to be a confidence trick used to gain public acceptance of carbon tax, the cuckoos' intended global tax.

Exposure of treason by concurrent occupation regimes working against Britain and the interests of its natives. The regime, the moneyed and titled and the churches' suppression (security sevices, justice system, Police, news media assisted) of unconscionable and illegal behaviour of they, their own members and employees developing gaping holes in their cover-ups.

Blatant targetting of whistle blowers.

Homosexuality, paedophilia, CP, fabian, mason, zionist adherent and 3rd party assets revealed to be in disturbing prevalence in political parties in and out of power, treason endemic as parties' philosophy.

Wars revealed to be regime change assaults, even against functioning democratic nations, Syria and Libya (that had a participatory democracy) for example, with the objectives to control mineral and hydrocarbon assets and to steal gold, thwart threats to banking interests and their petro dollar such as Kadaffi's pan Africa gold backed dinar and oil for gold, weapons sales, for geopolitical and banking interests, corporations, the Israeli agenda and the IJ Pilgrims' 4th Reich OWG agenda.

Successive regimes have occupied Parliament on behalf of foreign actors with the objective to abolish sovereignty with the lie that being a member of the IJ EU would end wars since (and likely before) Churchill. Mrs May continued the abolition of counties. Her determination to keep us in the EU collective and to shower its round table of commissars with British wealth, to hand over control of the submarine nuclear deterrent and armed forces and to impose ALL EU LAWS via the statute book so they remain in force, and a customs agreement that continues to keep us chained to the continent has demonstrated she is breaching her contract to serve us (not as a main course) and has from day one of her occupation of the chair. As treasonable actions, all EU laws enacted by regimes occupying Parliament under false credentials have no force and must be removed from the statute books, straight bananas for example.
Incredible. Wakey, Wakey.
We should threaten some of them, especially those that supported water boarding with water boarding. The truth would flow, hopefully without the need to use the cruel torture. Should a special prison be built or just wall in the City, cut off all utilities and put the whole fetid gang in there. Perhaps in cages where the public can pay to view how closely these misanthropic socio and psychos resemble humans.

Perhaps a reasonable question is why it is being left to the system to weed out our and humanity's enemies? The security services (Police, military, intelligence services, justices) don't take their orders from their paymasters, us.

Would the ecuadorian embassy give shelter to Mrs May if she did a runner?
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2019 10:41 am (UTC)
The regime's justice dept. is staffed by homosexuals
Likely of the mason variety.
Must be well aware of the criminality it has presided over and should be separated for special treatment when the balloon goes up.
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2019 04:13 pm (UTC)
I was kidding when I mentioned the ICC as the prosecution venue.
It is establishment property. Surprisingly, the court of human rights, although an IJ EU institution appears to be neutral. An example, it threatened the Cameron regime with prosecution for keeping weed, a beneficial medicinal herb (CBD and THC have anti cancer properties) illegal. It has been kept illegal on behalf of the cancer industry, the cannabis addicts' charities, the lumber-paper industry, (weed produces cheaper, stronger paper such as was used for the US constitution) the corn to fuel industry (weed produces up to 20 times more in a given space using less water and fertiliser and less herb-pesticides), and the legal profession and private prison industry. Not known for sure whether the alcohol industry is among the aforementioned lobbyists but it is well known weed users drink less or no alco.

Edited at 2019-05-17 04:40 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2019 05:47 pm (UTC)
Cunctator, a name given to Fabius Maximus on account of the tantalising tactics he adopted to wear out his adversary Hannibal.

Cunctator, a name we could give to Mrs May (and her DVD brethren) on account of the wearisome tactics she has adopted to wear out her adversary the public.
Wearisome and expensive. The wealth ouflow continues apace. You can almost hear them counting. And that nice backhander, what's that, a bill each and 12ish to spread around? /sarc

Edited at 2019-05-17 10:40 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2019 10:34 am (UTC)
For the war criminal and tax dodging Blair content
For the war criminal and tax dodging Blair content.
27 April 2010
At the Cooper Union, the audience of financiers applauded when Mr Obama ventilated populist sentiments, and failed to grasp that the intended legislation contradicts what came out of his mouth. This is because these people live in a one-dimensional universe and do not, as a rule, understand that policy is dictated by a narrow clique of controlled, organised criminal Fascist revolutionary kleptocrats in their own interests who make common cause with Lenin (globalism being, of course, profoundly Leninist). No doubt among their number will have been bankers who will have ordered the colossal Dodd draft text to be perused with the proverbial fine toothcomb.
It will be interesting to see whether any of their number sticks his head out to warn of the terrible consequences that will ensue, not just for the United States but for the whole world, if this truly iniquitous piece of dirty US legislation reaches the tarnished Statute Book.
More generally, what Stalin’s grandson does in this draft senate Bill is essentially to TRASNFER GENERAL POWERS TO THE U.S. TREASURY – the self-same technique that the covert pan-German Continuum has used to entice the weak European nations into the European Union Collective. What Britain and these countries have blindly done is to confuse ‘cooperation’ with collectivism and entrapment.
On accession, the intended satrap nation state transfers GENERAL POWERS to the unelected control apparat in Brussels, which is devoid of any meaningful checks and balances despite the convoluted arrangements laid down in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, and is dominated by the Franco-German alliance institutionalised by the treaty of the Elysée of January 1963, of indefinite duration.
As we have revealed, this apparat is institutionally corrupt, since the European Commission’s accounts have specifically NOT been approved by the EU’s own Court of Auditors located in Luxembourg, for the past 14 years. This means of course that the European Commission [EC] is a criminal enterprise, which is continuing to ‘trade’ using taxpayers’ money when it cannot account for the funds it has consumed for the past 14 years.
The UK Serious Fraud Office has placed on the record through its official John Craig, confirmation of the basic fact that it is a criminal offence for taxpayers’ funds to be remitted into the hands of a criminal enterprise. By extension, therefore, it is also a criminal offence for the British and other governments to continue paying Value Added Tax (VAT) receipts over to the European Commission KNOWING THAT THE E.C.’S ACCOUNTS HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED FOR THE PAST 14 YEARS.
• Taxpayers are accordingly being defrauded by the British (and other craven) EU satrap regimes.
The earlier version of a catastrophic transference of GENERAL POWERS into the hands of an unaccountable dictatorship occurred on 23rd March 1933, when Adolf Hitler (Schickelgruber), having resorted to intimidation and mendacity and banning the Communist deputies from the Reichstag following the contrived ‘red scare’ triggered by the Reichstag Fire, managed to secure the necessary two-thirds majority in the new Reichstag for an ENABLING ACT that transferred legislative authority from the Reichstag itself to his Cabinet, ostensibly for four years (1).
‘A wave of Nazi purges followed, as one institution after another was subjugated. Arbitrary rule replaced government by law in what has aptly been termed a “coup d’état by installments” (2). By summer, all parties except the Nazis had been dissolved…’.
Continues in the next box.
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2019 10:39 am (UTC)

Our Malaysian correspondent, Matthias Chang, has provided the following description of what happened when Tony Blair appeared at a pyramid-shaped (i.e. globalist-esoteric, as in Las Vegas, Astana (Kazakhstan) and other deluded geomasonic ‘points of light’ locations around the world), on 24th April 2010 to provide a confused audience with the benefit of his sterile prognostications. The following report, which has been widely disseminated, is reproduced verbatim:
War criminal Tony Blair, the keynote speaker at the National Achievers Conference organised by Success Resources, a sycophant Singapore outfit at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, hid in fear at the threat that members of the Malaysian anti-war NGOs would throw slippers at him and that members of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission would serve an indictment for war crimes.
Extensive security measures were put in place before his arrival for the three-day event. For the first time, delegates to the conference had no itinerary of the speakers invited to speak at the convention. Organisers and delegates were not even told when speakers were scheduled to speak. There was a total black out!
Delegates have to wear a special wrist band for the entire duration of the convention for identification purposes and anyone without the security wrist band was not allowed to enter the vicinity of the convention hall.
Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, Mr Zainur Zakaria, the Chief Prosecutor of the War Crimes Commission, Mr. Matthias Chang, with two members of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation, Mr. Ram Karthigasu and Mr. Christopher Chang, a representative of the Malaysian Kwong Siew Association, and two representatives of the Iraq Community in Malaysia evaded the security by registering themselves as delegates.
At 8.30 am, members of NGOs gathered at the entrance of the convention center to protest against the visit of war criminal Blair. Undercover teams were dispatched to the three separate entrances to confront and attempt to serve the war crimes indictment on Blair. But he could not be seen entering the convention centre.
He had entered surreptitiously and was hiding in a VIP room just above the convention hall where the function was held. His original schedule was 10.00am this morning. But organisers issued statements that no schedule is available.
British and Malaysian security officers were seen patrolling the corridors and had identified the seven delegates who were waiting for Blair. They kept a close watch on the delegates. Mind games began when rumours were spread that Blair would not be speaking today. Hints were given that Blair would be speaking on Sunday in the hope that the seven delegates would abandon their vigil.
At 11.25am, the seven delegates discovered that Blair was hiding in the VIP room just above the convention hall. They took their positions, with three members tasked with taking photographs.
At 11.30am Blair and his team of goons descended from the VIP room and walked towards the VIP entrance of the convention hall.
Mr. Matthias Chang and Mr. Zainur Zakaria rushed forward to serve the indictment, while the Iraqi representatives loudly denounced former Prime Minister Blair as a “mass murderer, war criminal, shame on you”, repeatedly. Blair was obviously unsettled and put on an embarrassed smile.
Mr. Matthias Chang and Mr. Zainur Zakaria were prevented from handing the indictment to Blair by over 30 British and Malaysian security personnel. Both of them denounced ex-Prime Minister Blair within earshot, “War criminal, shame on you! Mass Murderer!”
Mr. Zainur Zakaria also shouted at the Malaysian security personnel: “Why are you protecting a war criminal?” The security officers could only respond with a silly expression.
The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission stated later that this is only the beginning of a global campaign to ostracise war criminals like Blair and Bush and urge people the world over to adopt similar campaigns against Bush and Blair. ENDS.
Continues in the next box.
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2019 11:08 am (UTC)
Fraud, theft and abolition of sovereignty, Mrs May. Read on.
[Remember, Blair, as well as a war criminal is also a traitor, DVD asset, liar and fraudster, homosexual and paedo if the reported trysts with rent boys arranged by Bush are valid.]
• FACTS: Blair and his wife Cherie have ‘certain interests’ in Kuala Lumpur. Back home, Blair has acquired a Jacobean mansion at Weston Underwood, within the Bernwode area adjacent to where the Editor is writing this report in Buckinghamshire. According to recent press reports, he has a staff of more than 130 lackeys, and needs a very large staff to maintain the formal gardens and the mansion (which used to belong to Sir John Gielgud, the actor), in the pristine state to which it is historically accustomed.
Investigative reports have established, by perusing Companies House entries, that the ‘Blair Machine’ operates via a complex, Maxwellian network of interrelated companies and private partnerships. Specifically, there are two tiers of these Blair entities – uemploying geo-esoteric names: Windrush and Firerush (Wind and Fire).
The provocative selection of these names proves that Blair’s religiosity (like Wanta’s: see below) is fraudulent and that in reality he is engaged, when he is not enriching himself further, in promoting the sterile ‘New Age of Aquarius’ World Pantheistic (= pagan) Religion, which seeks to ‘merge’ all organised religions into one – a work of Satan – and to ‘legitimise’ vile abominations such as the primary activity in which these people engage after moneymaking: paedophilia.
Indeed in the vast pyramid structure designed by the agnostic British architect Sir Norman Foster at Astana (anagram of the Russian for Satan, satana), Kazakhstan, is a huge circular meeting room built round a sun image dedicated to meetings of the controllers of organised religions around the world, who meet at this venue, named after Satan, for this very purpose.
A domestic problem all along may well have been how to effect the transfer of any funds received through ‘facilitating’ the then latest version of the EU control mechanism at the time of the rolling European Union Collective’s Treaty in 2005 [see the first report in this series: Archive] plus any corrupt payments that may have been received, as reported, in exchange for ‘facilitation’ of the illegal attack on Iraq, including $136 million reportedly transferred into an account in Abu Dhabi.
Funds reportedly held within the Ansbacher banking network in the British Virgin Islands, Malaysia and elsewhere will also have needed repatriation.
Note that the Windrush entities are DUPLICATED by the Firerush entities. To both groups of Blair corporations, which must file accounts with Companies House, are attached private partnerships, which do not file accounts available for public scrutiny. Any private citizen trying to bamboozle HM Revenue and Customs nowadays with such a complex tax structure would immediately trigger a mandatory investigation. But, as we have repeatedly pointed out, if you wind up belonging to the intergovernmental élite, the Rule of Law doesn’t apply to you.

Source https://christopherstoryarchive.wordpress.com/category/tony-blair/
The IJ EU is a huge confidence trick performed by deists (satanists) that style themselves as jewish. The purpose is megalomaniacal in that these brain damaged zio-fabianesque servants of Satan wish to control everything, criminal in that nations giving national wealth and surrendering sovereignty to a criminal gang is fraud and treason. Co-operating regimes have aligned themselves with these crooks that have criminally failed to close the IJ EU corporation's accounts since day 1 due to payola and other frauds. Common criminals like the mostly false jew controlled private central bank scam perpetrators the IJ EU collaborates and conspires with.
Where was the cash he got from the IJ EU sourced? Everyone's wallet via VAT.
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2019 11:54 am (UTC)
Mistranslations in the Bible: Jew, Gentile, Judaean, Judaism, Nations, Race, & Heathen
This is an extremely controversial topic that I have gotten questions about. I have done a lot of research on this and it is something that has caused a lot of confusion and division. The fact is there are mistranslations in the bible, that may seem minor on the surface, but these errors have been the foundation for many false teachings and doctrines as well as division, confusion, and other issues regarding the Bible. Once you finish reading this you will understand the importance of understanding these errors. I am going to lay them out objectively not subjectively, meaning all of this you can prove for yourself. In this post, I am not preaching my interpretation of the bible like your pastor does at church. I am just pointing out important biblical facts. When Jesus said, “Come to be as a little child”, he meant to come to him and let go of all of the man made doctrines, and I think this will make it a little easier for some to do that.
This post does not support any Israel identity movement or sect, such as Black Hebrew Israelites or British Israelism, among others. It does not support the nation state of Israel, the Jews, or Judaism. This post does not support the doctrine of a chosen race as chosen over another race or as God’s “covenant people.” This reflects the truth of God’s Word as it was intended to be interpreted based on biblical and historical facts regarding the Bible, in which my beliefs are in turn founded upon.
What is the Strong’s Concordance?
Strong’s Numbers are an index of every word in the original biblical texts. Each Strong’s Number links the root meaning of the words of the Bible back to the original meanings in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts from which they were translated.
Strongs Concordance
Strong’s Numbers come from a reference book known as “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible”. A concordance contains words and definitions. It is important to note that each number in the concordance was written down in the original text as the same word. For example- You may have the same number next to different words, but if you were to look that original pre-translated text, you would have found each of these different words written down as the same word. However translators often used whatever word they felt would fit the context better in which is was written.
The English language is complex in as much as a single word can have several different meanings. Strong’s Concordance shows us alternate possible meanings. This is why the use of Strong’s Numbers is still important when referring to scholarly works and in theological discussions. When I started studying this it was confusing at first, and it may be that way for you too, so I’ll try to explain it and make this as simple as I can.
Verse By Verse According To The Strong’s Concordance
Galatians 2:14 But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto Peter before them all, If thou, being a Jew (G2453), livest after the manner of Gentiles(G1483) and not as do the Jews (G2453), why compellest thou the Gentiles(G1484) to live as do the Jews(G2450)?
Strong’s G2450- Ioudaizō ;Judaize
Strong’s G2453- (as in a country); Ioudaios; Judaean
Strong’s G1483- ethnikōs Adverb; as a Gentile
Strong’s G1484- a tribe; Nation, Gentiles, Heathen, People
Corrected Translation of Galatians 2:14
Galatians 2:14 But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto Peter before them all, If thou, being a Judaean livest after the manner of Gentiles and not as do the Judaeans, why compellest thou the people to live as do the Jews?
The word “Jews”, only at the very end of this verse, is translated correctly and is one of the few times that it is used correctly in the entire New Testament. It means specifically the people in Judaea who belonged to the religion of Judaism.
These verses are extremely revealing. Jesus said they would say they are Judaeans, belonging to the country of Judaea (having rights to that nation) but they would be lying & would actually be the “synagogue of Satan” (as in the religion).

Edited at 2019-05-22 06:29 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 19th, 2019 01:13 pm (UTC)
News fom Zero Hedge 12th-13th May
George Soros & The 'Business' Of Illegal Immigration
"Never before has a criminal phenomenon enjoyed such widespread international support by governments, political parties, religious and civilian organizations..."

Guaido Begs US Military To Help With Maduro Regime Change
The CIA not cutting it?

Why Are Russian S-300 Missile Systems In The United States?
Satellite photos revealed Soviet made systems at a US military range.

French Activists Successfully Block Saudi Ship From Loading Purchased Weapons
Legal challenge said weapons would be used to commit war crimes in Yemen.
Friends of humanity.

How Lies Become 'Facts' In US 'News'
"When it comes to advocating the overthrow of the US government’s foreign undesirables, you can always count on opinion pages to represent all sides of why it’s a good thing..."

Ireland Declares Climate Emergency
"We’re reaching a tipping point in respect of climate deterioration. Things will deteriorate very rapidly unless we move very swiftly..."
For the love of EU cash? There is no climate emergency. Look out the window, it's getting cooler.

Why Freedom From Brussels' Tyranny Is Worth A Small Loss Of British GDP
...a General Election before October 31 offers Brexiters’ best chance of victory against May’s booby-trapped deal or more likely something that fails completely to give Britain the freedom it so urgently needs.

Swarms Of AI-Piloted Drones May Soon Patrol Europe's Borders
Developers of the project, known as Roborder, say the robots will be able to identify humans and independently decide whether they represent a threat...
Who gets jailed when an innocent is killed? Producer, user, software designer, politicians?

Sweden Seeks Extradition Of Assange To Face Trial On Rape Charges
"There has been considerable political pressure on Sweden to reopen their investigation, but there has always been political pressure surrounding this case."

Oil Jumps After Saudis Admit Two Tankers Attacked As Iran Tensions Soar
Iran shoots back at "plots by ill-wishers to disrupt regional security"

Kudlow Undercuts Trump, Admits American Consumers Are Paying For China Tariffs
Kudlow said the Chinese American consumers are paying the tariffs -- not the Chinese.

Why Bitcoin Is Soaring: Thank Trump And Trade War
And uncanny correlation between the tumbling yuan and soaring bitcoin.

Italian Prime Minister Fears Salvini Plotting To Topple Government
Some fear the League is trying to ditch M5S and form a more traditionally conservative ruling coalition with Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party.

Venezuela's Guaido Wants Direct Line To Pentagon For "Coordination" Of US Military Action
On Saturday, a modest crowd of several hundred Venezuelans gathered in the capital of Caracas...
clothcapclothcap on May 19th, 2019 01:15 pm (UTC)
World War 3? Top Iranian Official Taunts: US "Not Ready For A War, Specially When Israel Is Within Our Range"
“The US military forces’ deployment in the Persian Gulf is more of the nature of psychological warfare. They are not ready for a war, specially when Israel is within our range,”

Bayer Ordered To Pay $2 Billion In Roundup Damages; Admits Spying On Influential Europeans
Not a great day for Monsanto and its Bayer unit...
When bods die from Round-up lymphomas will Mosanto directors finally be jailed?

Secretive Israeli Company Uses WhatsApp Voice Calls To Install Spyware On Phones
"This attack has all the hallmarks of a private company known to work with governments to deliver spyware that reportedly takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems."

Escobar: Iran Squeezed Between Imperial Psychos & European Cowards
Berlin, Paris and London assumed Tehran could not afford to leave the JCPOA even if it was not receiving any of the promised economic rewards. Now the EU3 are facing the hour of truth...

Amazon Rolling Out Automated Packing Machines That Are 5X Faster Than Humans
"A ‘lights out’ warehouse is ultimately the goal"
Still no-one is preparing a leisure society. An indicator the sacks of it are relying on the cull.

NASA, Roscosmos Leadership Unite In Call For Asteroid Defense: A Game Changer In Global Politics
Unlike 'international terrorism' or 'man-made global warming' driven by political agendas, the threat of asteroid collisions with the earth is very real, and provides a very serious basis for international cooperation on the common aims and in the interest of humankind.
Must check CoR's front page, see if its on their to do list.

Jihadists In Idlib Unleash Repeat Attacks On Nearby Christian City
As the final battle for Idlib looms, al-Qaeda terrorizes Syrian Christian city.
Satan's NATOCIA ground forces.

US Accuses Iran Of Attack On Saudi Tankers
First, it was the Gulf of Tonkin, now it's the Persian Gulf.

The Re-Opening Of The Swedish Assange Case Should Be Welcomed
"Plainly this is a long and difficult fight to save Julian from entrapment and permanent imprisonment. But the Swedish calumny not being simply left hanging is a necessary step in that fight."

Houthi Drones Attack Aramco Pipeline Booster Stations
Al-Falih told Saudi-funded news agency Al-Arabiya that the attacks targeted two pipeline booster stations between the Eastern province and the city of Yanbu.

Gabbard Says She'd Drop All Charges Against Assange And Snowden
"...we’ve got to address why [they] did things the way that [they] did them...there is not an actual channel for whistleblowers like them to bring forward information that exposes egregious abuses of our constitutional rights and liberties."

1984 Turns 70-Years-Old In A World That Looks A Lot Like The Book
Orwell’s predictions were so spot on that it almost seems like it was used as some type of accidental instruction manual for would-be tyrants...
clothcapclothcap on May 19th, 2019 01:16 pm (UTC)
Leaked Document Pokes More Holes In Establishment Syria Narrative
“It is hard to overstate the significance of this revelation...The whole scene as depicted by ‘rebels’ and propaganda organs was staged.”

Hunter Biden Must Testify Over Daddy-Linked Dealings In Ukraine, China: Schweizer
"We’re talking about large deals and large sums of money..."

Exodus: Economists Flee USDA After Alleged Retaliation By Trump Admin
Trump admin retaliates against ERS economists who point out trade war has crushed farmers...

Pepe Escobar Warns Over US-China Tensions: "The Hardcore Is Yet To Come"
The Trump administration’s response to China’s emergence has been to throw all sorts of spanners in the works, but tariffs won’t bring back manufacturing jobs...
Mfr jobs the banksters drove out with agenda21 carbon tax.

Coke Billionaire Arrested With $1.3 Million In Cannabis On His Private Jet
Insert your "mile high club" jokes here.

Bernie & AOC Declare War On The Poor With Anti-Credit-Card Law
Naturally, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are framing the bill as something designed to help "ordinary people." But in reality, the legislation will only act as to reduce access to credit for low-income and other high-risk borrowers...

Washington Heats Up Its Cold War In The Arctic
“We’re concerned about Russia’s claim over the international waters of the Northern Sea Route, including its newly announced plans to connect it with China’s Maritime Silk Road.”

Huawei Offers To Sign 'No-Spy' Pacts With Governments As UK Embarks On 5G
"The security and resilience of the UK’s telecoms networks is of paramount importance..."
UK regime, enemy of the people.

Britain's Brexit Armageddon
The behaviour in its half democratic Parliament has been deeply disturbing and has shown the world that the British are totally irrational and have gone absolutely bonkers...
Half democratic? It's a fracking zio fabian occupation regime.

Spanish Frigate Peels Off From US Carrier Group Over Iran Conflict Fears
Spain cites "deviation" from the original mission...

Why Everyone Who Counts Wants Julian Assange Dead
The publication of this video, plus all the Wikileaks publications that followed, comprise the whole reason everyone in the U.S. who matters, everyone with power, wants Julian Assange dead...
Why every deceiver and sack of it.

Brexit Party Surge: Tories Tumble To 5th Place In European Parliament Polls
The European Parliament polls rate to be a disaster for the Tories. But Labour is not the beneficiary...

State Department Evacuates Employees From Baghdad Embassy Over Unspecified Iranian Threats
The embassy called on US citizens there to "remain vigilant."
Setting the stage.

Theresa May To Bring Back Brexit Deal For 4th Vote Next Month
Like they say fourth time's the charm.
Has MI6-DVD secured enough MP support?
clothcapclothcap on May 19th, 2019 01:18 pm (UTC)
Top British Commander In Rare Public Dispute With US Over Iran Intelligence
“No – there’s been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria.”

We Have 3 Years Before The National Debt "Death Spiral"
With the national debt spiraling quickly out of control, there are only a few years left before every single dollar the government borrows will go toward funding interest payments on the national debt...

RaboBank: "Some In The Market Are Starting To Get The Real Reason Behind The Trade War"
Real free trade, pacifism, and austerity is *ruinous* for Great Power. Which is why the EU is not a Great Power but a Great Whinger.

Iran's Military "On The Cusp Of War" As US Allies Pull Troops From Iraq
Iran's Minister of Defense vowed, "We will defeat the American-Zionist front."

America Will Lose The Trade War Because That Is What Globalists Want To Happen
"...the trade war is a farce. When it comes to the elites of China and the US, there is no division and no conflict. They all want the same thing - global centralization."
I wonder what Soros' agenda21-30 buddy M.Strong has been up to in China?

Mark Cuban Says Trump Will Steamroll 2020 Democrats; Mulls Run As Independent
"The reality is people don’t trust politicians."
He means they don't trust criminals.

Who Really Gains From The Gulf Ship "Sabotage"?
Indeed, the world is being lied into a potentially catastrophic war by a congenitally criminal US regime...

Russia-Gate's Monstrous Offspring - Mindless Bipartisan Bellicosity
Russia-gate has shed any premise of being about Russian interference, but the idea that America may in anyway be responsible for its own fate is of course unthinkable...

DARPA Is Training AI For Close-Range Air Combat Missions
“Being able to trust autonomy is critical as we move toward a future of warfare involving manned platforms fighting alongside unmanned systems."
Then this hacker came along.

Europe Is Powerless In Growing Conflict Between The US And Iran
Brexiteers in Britain are denouncing the EU as an all-powerful behemoth from whose clutches Britain must escape, just as the organisation is demonstrating its failure to become more than a second-rate world power...
Germany Is Powerless...

French Incomes Are Below America's Poorest States... And The Protesters Know It
The truth, however, is that social spending is not the key to reducing poverty, raising median incomes, or generally improving the lives of residents...

Polish-Israeli Relations Reach Breaking Point As Polish Ambassador Spat Upon
Debate rages over restitution of Jewish property seized during World War II.

Farage & Gabbard - Lions Of The Great Realignment
There is a realignment coming in electoral politics. It began with Ron Paul in 2008 and has been building for more than a decade...
clothcapclothcap on May 19th, 2019 05:35 pm (UTC)
No longer will they be able to sup at the trough of Darwinism, enjoying soft jobs with huge salaries
Suppression of Ancient History

Ancient History that has UFO Science links to Ancient Wisdom gets suppressed. For instance Academia covers up evidence of Ancient Egyptians in Britain.
Ancient Egyptians fleeing the backlash against heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, came to live in Britain around 1354 BC. The archaeological evidence is being ignored by Academia so as to maintain the existing dogmatic view of history that the Ancient Egyptians had never travelled that far.
An Egyptian boat was found at Ferriby, nearly fifty years ago, and promptly ignored by Academia.
Lorraine Evans puts together the pieces of ignored evidence that exists in Museums, in her book Kingdom of the Ark, claiming the ancient British race is descended from the Pharaohs.
As to why Academia ignores the evidence that contradicts their dogma, she concludes
"The fact that I had unearthed so many pieces of evidence, archaeological and historical, to show Egyptian settlement in the British Isles raised one question. Why had this all been ignored in academic circles? One of the main reasons, I felt, was that if such information was readily accepted then academia would rapidly have to rewrite huge chunks of history. This would throw certain traditional `historical facts' into tremendous doubt. It is important to stress that many academics' careers are based on these `facts' and to disprove them overnight would make these people redundant, During the research for this book, I soon discovered that some academics were quite willing to share their work off the record, but when it came to committing it to print they soon backed down and a wall of silence greeted me. None of them, it appeared, wanted to put their jobs on the line, to tell the truth, The sad reality of the matter is that we are relying on these people to tell us our history, but they seem content to operate under a veil of academic censorship.
On a Saturday afternoon in the British Museum, hordes of tourists walk nonchalantly by some of the greatest collections of artefacts from the ancient world. As cameras flash and people pose by the more famous exhibits, there stands, in the Medieval Gallery, possibly the most important piece in the entire museum. By a dimly lit case rests the ancient stone of Llywel. Unearthed in a farmer's field in Wales in 1843, it was sold to the British Museum for the meagre sum of £10.00. An ornately carved piece of rock, its true importance appears to have been belittled by its placement. The most significant carving on this stone seems to have been deliberately obfuscated by the powers that be. Turned facing the wall, and impossible to view, there is a clear representation of a person dressed in Egyptian garb leaving the pyramids of Egypt on his journey to the west. ..."
We rely too much on Academia to tell us the truth, when ‘they’ are not really interested in the ‘truth’. The version of history ‘they’ give us is a fiction, which ‘they’ are quite happy to support because its their money -earner.
Why do people waste their time trying to make sense of the UFO phenomenon within the context of the Belief system that these Academics have set up for us? The whole of history is wrong. And these Academics are contented to maintain that illusion.
If you accept that Ancient Egyptians were in Britain, then our history needs a great deal of amending.
When Christianity was imposed on Europe, we underwent a history rewrite, and ever since that time people have tried to maintain that false history imposed upon us, ignoring the evidence to the contrary.
The Renaissance was started by the rediscovery of Ancient texts from the Greeks etc. One of the most influential was the Writings of Thoth - Hermes, which was religion, philosophy and science. It influenced scientists such as Newton, Leonardo da Vinci etc.
Then in the 17th century the writings were all declared a hoax, and one of the most important reasons it was thought a hoax, was because the religious message in the writings were too much a mixture of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism etc., that if true it meant all the existing religious beliefs were wrong.
clothcapclothcap on May 20th, 2019 07:28 am (UTC)
The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
In the Egyptian drawings of him, Thoth carries a waxen writing tablet and serves as the recorder during the weighing of the souls of the dead in the judgment Hall of Osiris--a ritual of great significance. Hermes is of first importance to Masonic scholars, because he was the author of the Masonic initiatory rituals, which were borrowed from the Mysteries established by Hermes. Nearly all of the Masonic symbols are Hermetic in character. Pythagoras studied mathematics with the Egyptians and from them gained his knowledge of the symbolic geometric solids. Hermes is also revered for his reformation of the calendar system. He increased the year from 360 to 365 days, thus establishing a precedent which still prevails. The appellation "Thrice Greatest" was given to Hermes because he was considered the greatest of all philosophers, the greatest of all priests, and the greatest of all kings. It is worthy of note that the last poem of America's beloved poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, was a lyric ode to Hermes. (See Chambers' Encyclopædia.)
For the Prophet is, among the Egyptians, also over the distribution of the revenues.
Enoch gets an honourable mention.
On Rothschild's issuance of currency and custody of Vatican treasure, is prophetry hereditary, even when the Rothschild source "prophet" position was gained from finagling and by the financial and by blackmail and more heinous crimes aquisition of the office's role? Or was that a nepotic, for profit addendum?

I'll read more as time permits.
clothcapclothcap on May 20th, 2019 07:31 am (UTC)
Zero Hedge 16th May
Tesla Issues Software Update To Prevent Cars From Randomly Bursting Into Flames
"Have you tried turning it off and then on again?"
Boeing, Tesla, Lockheed Martin (F35s).

2 Detained Canadians Face Death Penalty As China Brings Espionage Charges
This is bound to escalate tensions between China and the West.
Are they guilty?

Blain: "Maybe This Is Why Bitcoin Is Suddenly Soaring"
Maybe all this financial and economic dither is why Bitcoin is suddenly on the up. If bitcoin is ever the answer, then it’s a bloody stupid question.

Saudis Claim Iran Ordered Aramco Pipeline Drone Attack
Yemen's Houthis are "Iranian tool" for sabotaging kingdom, said Prince Khalid Bin Salman.
For the love of false jews.

Top Tory Backbencher Says Theresa May Will Resign In June
The report has been confirmed by ITV, the BBC and the Telegraph, and is being taken seriously by the rest of the British media.

The Mixed Blessing Of Falling Birth Rates
...fewer humans solve a lot of problems... So buy gold, sit back and enjoy the show.

Both Comey And Brennan Voted Communist While Cold War Was Raging
"I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now."
You've gotta earn a shekkel or 2.

What 50 Countries Are Backing Guaidó? Who Knows? Who Cares? If The Media Say It Enough It Must Be True
At this point the huffing and puffing coming from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and especially from the White House National Security Advisor and chief militarist blowhard John Bolton, are looking pretty pathetic,

EU Fines 5 Banks $1.2 Billion In 'FX Cartel' Case
It's the European Union's turn...
Theatrical 'justice' at VATpayer expense.

That Time John Bolton Said It's Good To Lie About War
“You know Winston Churchill said during World War Two that in wartime truth is so important it should be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies...”
Did he win a bet with that 'tache?

SWAT Team Raids Venezuelan Embassy In DC To Cheers Of Guaido Supporters
Four arrested as Maduro government condemns "violation of Vienna Convention."

CNN & MSNBC Caught Meddling In US Democracy
Both Channels put out fraudulent claims about Presidential polls...
A media kabal that includes the BBC?

Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted, 5 Year Average Is 66%
It is no exaggeration to say that what we are facing is a true national catastrophe.
Is the food to fuel industry suffering?

Ted Cruz: We Need The Space Force To Fight 'Space Pirates'
This speech probably sounded a lot more convincing in Ted Cruz's head.
His 'I love to lie for NASA' badge inside his lapel?

Bolton Is Choking On Foreign Policy, Here's Who Should Replace Him
It's been a bad year on the job for John Bolton...

Edited at 2019-05-20 07:32 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 20th, 2019 07:44 am (UTC)
Zero Hedge 16th-17th May

1 In 10 Airbnb Guests Report Discovering Hidden Cameras In Their Rentals
Airbnb has a hidden camera problem.
What's the gootube address?

Radioactive 'Nuclear Coffin' May Be Leaking Into The Pacific
"The 18" thick dome was never lined as originally planned..."
FukuMarshall Islands

Secret Satellite Photos Of Iranian Missiles In Persian Gulf Behind Intensifying Crisis
Like those “mobile WMD labs” before?

"A World Aching For Peace & Stability Can No Longer Afford NATO"
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calling for an end to the fighting in Libya is like an arsonist calling for the house he’s just burned to the ground to stop emitting smoke...

UK-US Row Over Iran Intel Unleashes Storm Of Behind The Scenes Infighting
[Ayatollah grabs popcorn...]

Green Revolution Nonsense: Corbyn Wants To Nationalize UK National Energy Grid
Labour and the Tory party are both in self-destruct mode...

UK Cops Fine Pedestrian $115 For Avoiding Facial Recognition Camera
"The fact that he's walked past clearly masking his face from recognition and covered his face. It gives us grounds to stop him and verify."
Orwellian reality. Tax funded privacy invasion by masonic police for the enemies of humanity like banks, corporations and the military indusrial intelligence complex central, the RIIA.

UK Propaganda Unit Has Secret Plans To Target French Muslims
A shadowy UK government propaganda unit that privately declares that it works to “effect behavioural and attitudinal change” among British Muslims has drawn up plans to begin operating in France.
Tax funded

Two More US Warships Travel To Persian Gulf As Tensions With Iran Escalate
In the latest provocation against Tehran by the US, two Navy destroyers have entered the Persian Gulf as the American military continues to add to its assets in the region...

Trump De-escalating? Satellite Intel Based On Tehran "Misreading" US Intentions
With Trump wary of impact on 2020 re-election, debate rages over what Bolton's vaunted intel actually shows.
Naval MI reportedly DVD controlled. Bolton?

Comey Crossed The Rubicon
Mr. Comey embarked upon this path knowing he was acting on unverified information bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign. His journey led the FBI and the intelligence community across the Rubicon...
Mafia warfare.

Beijing Backs Iran, "Firmly Opposes" Unilateral US Sanctions
If Washington plays its cards right, we could be headed for a good ol' fashioned proxy war in Iran.

Buchanan: Who Wants This War With Iran?
"Outside a few precincts, America has no enthusiasm for a new Mideast war, no stomach for any occupation of Iran..."

Pilots Confront Boeing: 737 Max Crashes Were Not Pilot Error
The lie of the day: Skilled pilots could have prevented the two 737 Max crashes.