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Are the Pilgrims, the International Jews, the Illuminati Jesuits and the Black Nobility's 4th Reich craven scum indistinguishable from each other?

The corruption of every facet of bureaucracy and perversion of society exposed

If the Brexit party is not just another con job, a plan B for the (batshit crazy power addicted megalomaniacal and psychopathic Pilgrims - IJ - Black Nobility - 4th Reich with its illegal) global coup government to continue its control of UK governance, finance and reality, then perhaps expert satirist and comic Nigel Farage will appreciate some 'wooden stakes and silver bullets' for use by the Brexit party in the 'execution' of the filth occupying bureaucracy and government and other formerly public services.

Footnote from the end of the report below, with ref. to traitors Heath, Rippon, Jenkins, Blair and many others not yet named:
"DVD: This is the ultra-secret German Nazi continung ‘Black Operations’ intelligence organisation based, appropriately enough, in Dachau, near Munich. Intelligence concerning the existence of this organisation was passed to the Editor of International Currency Review by a British intelligence source.
The Editor then had its existence checked out by high-level US intelligence contacts, who confirmed the entity’s existence and importance. There is some uncertainty about what the initials DVD stand for – alternatively Deutsche Versicherungs Dienst [German Insurance Agency] or else Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [German Defence Agency] – the context here being that DVD is the Abwehr-linked intelligence continuum of the Nazi International, originally established by the Nazi Abwehr as the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in 1942. Therefore, in this context, ‘insurance’ would mean ‘insuring the continuity of Nazi global hegemony strategy for the establishment of the controlling thousand-Year Reich’; while ‘defence’ in this same context would mean ‘defending’ the continuing covert Nazi global hegemony strategy. DVD is not funded by the German Government and taxpayer, since it operates its own covert sources of giga-finance, but its main operations and strategy are routinely approved by the German Chancellery. Any offcial denial of this fact is a lie."
Perhaps Mr Farage and the Brexit party could make part of their manifesto the pursuit of the IJ EU commission and the occupation regime's prosecution by the ICC and the court of human rights with respect to the crimes noted in:
together with UK Column's reports:
and David Noakes' (2007?) report:
The abolition of Britain is illegal under the British Constitution, and the criminal acts of the Queen and her Ministers have included the worst acts of treason in history. They secretly repealed the treason laws in 1998 (hidden in s36.3 of the Crime and Disorder Act) to save their own necks. The criminality of our ministers and parliament won’t save us - the EU’s Constitution will automatically abolish the British one, and they will have got away with the greatest crime in a thousand years.

Since 1972 five European Union treaties have been signed abolishing our nation. As this is illegal under the British Constitution, our nation needed to be undermined with the methods listed below. The EU is succeeding exclusively through subversion by British traitors from inside the UK.

The EU has the laws of a police state, and a constitution that hands absolute power to unelected dictators; it specifically hands all military power (and that includes the nuclear weapons of Britain and France,) to these dictators. It is the Soviet system,
and creates a sham EU parliament with no power; it will abolish the nations of Great Britain and England.

The list of traitors according to the severity of their crime:

Traitor number 1. HM the Queen. Has committed five acts of treason signing EU treaties that abolish our nation. She is the only monarch to have broken her Coronation oath. Failed as the ultimate check and balance, failed to insist on a national ballot for the abolition of our nation.

Traitor number 2. Edward Heath. Committed an act of treason by passing the 1972 EU Communities Act, which is the enabling act to abolish our nation. He then lied in his White Paper and in his speeches this Act would not abolish our sovereignty. He started the entire illegal EU process. The fact he was a lifelong member of the Deutsche VersicherungsDienst intelligence department was not discovered until his death.
( )
Its very important to understand the legal basis for treason. Firstly it has always been the most serious crime on the statute book, worse than murder. Treason has long been the only crime punished by "hanging by the neck until dead." Murderers only get life. The definition of treason is "a crime that undermines one's government" or "the offence of acting to overthrow one's government." Philby, Maclean, Blunt, Burgess committed treason, by selling secrets to the Russians, and would have got perhaps 15 years if they had returned. What Heath did was the ultimate act of treason, not just undermining our nation, but abolishing it. If a court case had been brought, he would have got the ultimate penalty.

3. Tony Blair Committed three acts of treason, with three EU treaties. He is also an enthusiastic implementer of EU laws disguised as British laws, the latest being ID cards; he's an enforcer of crippling EU regulations. Blair is the chief manufacturer of the EU police state in Britain (Scottish rite 33rd degree mason of Studholme lodge 1591 ).

4. John Major* committed Treason with the Maastricht treaty; he also sold our main military and nuclear port, Devonport Dockyard, to Dick Cheney's Haliburton Corporation for peanuts, his bribe was to be European MD of the Bush family's Carlyle Weapons group, and $1 million pa for life, so he is definitely on the other side.

5. Margaret Thatcher committed Treason with the Single European Act. She is the only Prime minister who now regrets signing it. She's still guilty - a murderer who apologises only has a mitigating circumstance. She'll remain a traitor until her death. Like many top people on our side, she's developed heart problems and is too ill to help.

The above four people have all committed treason, and prosecutions were pending. Tony Blair's risk was the full force of the law for signing the Amsterdam Treaty amongst others. But in a stunning abuse of power, Tony Blair secretly repealed the treason laws, hidden in the Crime and Disorder Act, and the Queen signed it in 1998, saving both their necks.
There can be no worse criminal abuse of the law than this. .......To get off your own execution as a Prime Minister by repealing the law you are charged under........The newspapers and media missed it entirely.

6. John Prescott*, John Reid*, Peter Mandleson*, Alan Johnson*, about a dozen, now cabinet ministers*. Communists who's allegiance in the 1960's was to the Soviet Union, switched their loyalty to the European Union in the 1970's; they've implemented the EU's Frankfurt school subversion, and the 111,000 EU regulations that are criminalising us all. Took control of the Labour party away from patriotic traditionalists.

7. Ken Clarke*, Douglas Hurd*, Michael Hesletine*, Geoffrey Howe*, Chris Patten*, Francis Maude*, David Cameron* etc. [*DVD assests?] Pro-Europeans who have seized control of the Conservative leadership, imposing their own agenda, ignoring the wishes of Conservative voters; they sabotaged representative democracy. A vote for the Conservatives has been a vote for the EU dictatorship for 34 years, these are the traitors responsible.

The leaders of our three political parties get their orders from the European Union, not the British electorate, whom they neither serve nor care for. They've created a one party state: the three parties have almost identical policies, and all agree on the abolition of Britain by the EU.

8. Julia Middleton...

What's it all about? Controlling everyone not in the paedo run club so as to have protection from justice thus giving themselves freedom to plunder via taxation, interest and warfare and freedom to abuse and murder infants, children and young adults.

Excerpt via Abel Danger from John Christian's
The City of London & the Fabian Society: History & Current Plans
(Source Scribd)
"It either directly or indirectly, controls all mayors, councils, regional councils, multi-national and trans-national banks, corporations, judicial systems (through Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London), the IMF, World Bank,Vatican Bank (through N. M. Rothschild &Sons London Italian subsidiaryTorlonia), European Central Bank, United States Federal Reserve (which is privately owned and secretly controlled by eight British-controlled shareholding banks), the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (which is also British-controlled and oversees all of the Reserve Banks around the world including our own) and last but not least, the communist European Union and communist United Nations Organization."

As titled, illuminated jesuit mason and international jew, some Rothschilds developed the zionist organisation that gained occupancy and control of Palestine by deceit and terrorism. Its flag is a 6 pointed star, the Rothschilds' symbol. Rothschilds funded the development of the fabian society. The 3 zio-fabian mason controlled satanic city states' plans to achieve Pilgrim-Khazar (Georgian) ashkenazi objectives have been exposed as a global government by stealth coup in the same manner the Bilderbeg gang of rats and the mafia-like CIA installed the EU at the behest of the maniacal Pilgrims (Deists aka satanists) that included Rothschild and the dead D. Rockefeller. The Israeli zionist state is said to be the epicentre of all that is wrong with the present civilisation. It may be considered an extension of the City.

Stolen and finagled public owned gold that was to be used for the imposition of gold backed global currency by the WB, IMF, Fed Res. in the custody of Karen Hudes whom is claimed to be still in the employ of (or being played by) the World Bank-IMF that had illegally taken possession of the World's gold when it became bankruptcy trustee (USofA Ltd) with the amazingly corrupt IMF (US Ltd). Some gold, likely most was that confiscated by the US FDR and regime of the day and where the US public was top of the list of creditors, the bank being second. The gold should have been returned to the public. The bank was desperately seeking an out after being called out and served, (self deceived?) white knight Karen to the rescue seeking anyone that she could hand over the gold to with  the illusion of legality in a way that the banks could continue to benefit. Gold dusted dollars was one route where the sibling bank, the Fed Res would have control. The american public (and Karen?) would have the illusion their gold had been returned.
Fine print: Open Letter To Karen Hudes from Anna von Reitz

News media verbiage outed as copy typed propaganda from authorities. Demonisation of CO2 as a climate driver found to be a confidence trick used to gain public acceptance of carbon tax, the cuckoos' intended global tax.

Exposure of treason by concurrent occupation regimes working against Britain and the interests of its natives. The regime, the moneyed and titled and the churches' suppression (security sevices, justice system, Police, news media assisted) of unconscionable and illegal behaviour of they, their own members and employees developing gaping holes in their cover-ups.

Blatant targetting of whistle blowers.

Homosexuality, paedophilia, CP, fabian, mason, zionist adherent and 3rd party assets revealed to be in disturbing prevalence in political parties in and out of power, treason endemic as parties' philosophy.

Wars revealed to be regime change assaults, even against functioning democratic nations, Syria and Libya (that had a participatory democracy) for example, with the objectives to control mineral and hydrocarbon assets and to steal gold, thwart threats to banking interests and their petro dollar such as Kadaffi's pan Africa gold backed dinar and oil for gold, weapons sales, for geopolitical and banking interests, corporations, the Israeli agenda and the IJ Pilgrims' 4th Reich OWG agenda.

Successive regimes have occupied Parliament on behalf of foreign actors with the objective to abolish sovereignty with the lie that being a member of the IJ EU would end wars since (and likely before) Churchill. Mrs May continued the abolition of counties. Her determination to keep us in the EU collective and to shower its round table of commissars with British wealth, to hand over control of the submarine nuclear deterrent and armed forces and to impose ALL EU LAWS via the statute book so they remain in force, and a customs agreement that continues to keep us chained to the continent has demonstrated she is breaching her contract to serve us (not as a main course) and has from day one of her occupation of the chair. As treasonable actions, all EU laws enacted by regimes occupying Parliament under false credentials have no force and must be removed from the statute books, straight bananas for example.
Incredible. Wakey, Wakey.
We should threaten some of them, especially those that supported water boarding with water boarding. The truth would flow, hopefully without the need to use the cruel torture. Should a special prison be built or just wall in the City, cut off all utilities and put the whole fetid gang in there. Perhaps in cages where the public can pay to view how closely these misanthropic socio and psychos resemble humans.

Perhaps a reasonable question is why it is being left to the system to weed out our and humanity's enemies? The security services (Police, military, intelligence services, justices) don't take their orders from their paymasters, us.

Would the ecuadorian embassy give shelter to Mrs May if she did a runner?
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