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Dear Mrs May, the majority voted to leave. No conditions. Please do your f*cking job.

Heath was an asset of a foreign agency.  Blair and Jenkins are claimed to be assets of the same foreign agency too. Would Mrs May take a lie detector test on TV, live?

Screencap 35:00 Click to enlarge.

UK Column News - 3rd May 2019

UK Column
Streamed live on May 3, 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Election results are in according to the EU’s Guy Verhofstadt
BBC don’t want to mention the gains by ‘other’ parties…
3:23 – Unesco: Happy Press Freedom Day…?
Media for Democracy: journalism and elections in times of disinformation
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a panic…?
National news is now of international interest
Jeremy Hunt: £15.5 million of aid to Ethiopia to run ‘free and fair elections’
British Embassy in Ethiopia has provided ‘training’ for 100 journalists
Common Purpose providing ‘training’ for young leaders across the Commonwealth
Federica Mogherini speaks in honour of World Press Freedom Day…
Mogherini launches ‘EU action plan against disinformation’
Orwellian: no freedom without a free press so the EU will control the press…
15:19 – Treason May: not in charge of the UK and not in control
Nick Boles MP attacks Gavin Williamson via Twitter without evidence
Mark Sedwill – the new British king controlling the Cabinet Office
Conservative Woman: Britain is now ruled by civil servants
Olly Robbins (Brexit negotiator) brought into Cabinet Office by Mark Sedwill
Democracy in the UK has ceased to exist…Mark Sedwill has absolute control
The people have lost control of their politicians – oligarchs are in control
23:55 – Huawei: public pick up on Conservative government/Huawei revolving door
Why all this attention on Huawei now…? In 2007 GCHQ expressed concerns…
Why have the government gone for Gavin Williamson on this matter…?
Huawei UK was put in charge of deciding if Huawei’s equipment was secure for UK
Telecom companies worldwide are allowing governments to spy on the public
CIA pretending not to notice the potential securiy risks…?
31:57 – How 'May Cell' and remainer establishment are undermining UK & western security
‘May Cell’ has actively conspired to ensure security of the UK is undermined by the EU
Professor Gwythian Prins: EU ‘participation’ is not partnership, it is integration
Professor Prins briefed Gavin Williamson one week before Williamson was ousted…
EU military union and Policing to be brought under single-point EU control
Britain’s government not only betraying the nation but committing treason
39:50 – 5G talk: 4 May – Salt Cellar, Oldham
40:18 – Polish Defence Minister: decision to increase American troops has been made
Russia’s Lavrov: stationing NATO forces in Eastern territories violates 1997 act
Polish people have had enough of US troops but the Polish government ignores them
Ukraine to host spring session of NATO 2020…Crimea included
44:07 – Daily Mail publishes disgraceful hit-piece article about GcMAF David Noakes
MainStream Media parrots what they are told to report without any research or integrity

Thanks UKC.

With the siamesed two main parties kicked in the nutz, perhaps we will be lucky in having a reduction in the homo, homo-paedo, free mason Communist Purpose satanist (deist) and other undesirable  representation in local government at least. Hopefully enough people have woken to the fact that the fascist IJ EU and ConLab scum embrace and exploit such unfortunates.

Special request. Is it possible to turn the camera a little so as to show NASA's claimed curvature? Use a fish eye lens if you support NASA.
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