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26 April 2019 @ 04:12 pm

Place holder for any brexit developments.

Whilst waiting for May to ask for a 50th and final vote on the same package, ("are you sure?") here is a game changer and possibly tinder for a revolutionary eye-opening.

Planet Flat Earth | 2019 Documentary II
ODD Reality
Youtube on Feb 20, 2018

Thanks ODD REALITY and TV. Well done.

My question is why NASA hasn't been closed down yet? Is Mr Trump a jesuit too?
Assuming he didn't know, he must do now (and to allow the outfit to continue sucking the public funding teat is criminal) how many previous regimes did know?
Or is Trump under Vatican guidance?
Now, the Russians had this live vid of the globe...
All that has proven is that all the "space" agencies are in on it.
The british and euro "space" agencies should be told to pack their deception along with their effects and get lost.
BBC? They're still propagandising the CO2 con, don't expect any diffent with the "space" agencies poop.
Now, about that tax refund. A full confession, the main responsibles in jail for fraud and the closure of the BBC should do, for now. Failure of the government to act must inevitably lead to the conclusion they are all in on defrauding joe public.

The jesuit gang must be brought to account. All of it.
clothcapclothcap on April 26th, 2019 03:33 pm (UTC)
A personal thanks to every flat Earth video producer.
And a long round of loud applause.
I think you've done enough to wake the world up to the deception, but please don't stop. There is a lot to learn yet.
What are stars?
What is the dome?
How does the magnetic field work? I have some vague ideas on that, like if the dome top is the magnetic south or north. If they coalesce I'll put the product here.
What's outside?
What is beyond the edge?
Plenty more.

It's actually magic to think about, like waking from a bad dream where nothing has felt right. And a bit exciting.

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clothcapclothcap on April 26th, 2019 08:27 pm (UTC)
All the world is a stage
How on Earth did Shaky find out?
Flat Earth? Set 1

More thinking aloud.

What would a self-replicating organic human robot look like?

I wonder what we call reality TV would look like a million years from now?

Following the thought path gives credence to the cast of players' costumes creator belief. The Bible would be the script. The secret knowledge would be no more than us being the equivalent of ants in a nest.

I'm not pursuing the idea any further because there isn't anything an ant can do about it. And I like my body/costume. Maybe it is nice to know that there is eternal life. Not so nice to know what entertainment is for immortals.

Look! An ambulance. Men in white coats coming this way.

Before they get here; the costumes (or skins) are "guided" by our subconscious that is the soul that begins employment when occupying a new costume created in the process called birth. I don't know if the organic robot side has an identity separate to the soul, or whether the script following soul creates it. Explains junk DNA , DNA in the first place(system memory storage).

I wonder how many "sets" there are? What reward (wages?) do the best actors/souls get?

I'm off to hide somewhere.

Parting shot. The soul is not created by birth, it is employed. Birth is the activation of the costume. Is my computer aware of me typing?

Have a nice day.
Hey Vic, are we friends off set?

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clothcapclothcap on April 27th, 2019 09:46 am (UTC)
Thar be giant killers
Thousands Of Ancient Giant Skeletons Hidden In Smithsonian's Closets
Mar 14 2017 posted to Ancient History
Before the end of the last ice age, a race of advanced Giants may have ruled the earth and met their untimely end as the ice age ended and humans began to form tribes and shift from hunter-gatherers to farmers.
There are numerous examples of giant humanoid skeletons being found and either dismissed as fakes or disappearing to be locked away from the public. Hundreds of such examples were found in the United States in the New England area and South Eastern parts of the country in the 1890s and 1930s but mysteriously disappeared soon afterward.
The hidden skeletons proving the existence of a civilization of ancient giants
The dates that these giants would have lived would have put them within the last ice age in terms of development, meaning that most of their culture and technology would have been since lost to the ages. Even what we know about a relatively advanced civilization from modern times such as the Romans is pieced together archaeologically from artifacts either preserved or that give clues as to how they lived. Any civilization from as far back as the last ice age would be largely untraceable today, especially if they tended to live on or close to the sea. All except their skeletons.
Shortly before the end of the last ice age, some geologists are of the opinion that there was a massive solar flare that quickly melted most of the planet's ice very quickly. This would have lead to widespread weather instability as well as flooding, volcanic activity, and huge storms. Disastrous for any ancient civilization without means of protection from the elements of protected means of food production not reliant on crops and the weather.
How humans survived while a more advanced species perished or was driven very close to extinction could be answered by the fact that humans at that time were not settled. Hunter-gatherers were far better able to adapt and were more widespread than a society based on one fixed point or even several population centers.
Soon after this, humans began to develop farming techniques and settle the lands, developing into tribal and later monarch based societies. Could these techniques have been taught to mankind by the last of a dying out race of giants?
Charles Hapgood's 1966 book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age suggests that there was indeed an ancient society much more advanced than any that we know about and that the height of its power was during the last ice age.
Many of the maps shown in Hapgood's book not only show an advanced understanding of the continents including many places such as Australia not rediscovered until relatively recently but show many islands and locations now submerged by the sea. This suggests that when some of the maps in the book were produced during the last ice age, the last time these places was above sea level.
The 2014 article I accidentally showed was called as a spoof, I posted it by accident (lack of sleep). It could have been published in worldnewsdaily to discredit known or future leaks.

Edited at 2019-04-27 11:24 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on April 27th, 2019 12:31 pm (UTC)
Anonymous advised me: (I copy pasted the link so as not to show the sender's IP)
The Jokes are on you. https://www.boredpanda.com/flat-earth-funny-memes/
I had a look and LMAO. Life without humour is not life. Unless you are a snake-in-the-grass politician.
The "accelerating upwards at xy feet per second per second" nonsense is not accepted or believed by FErs either.
The reason for mocking the FErs, I think, is to keep the dumbed down public's funds flowing to orthodox BS science and NASA science fiction and to discourage any normal people from looking for themselves. Anyone that witnessed the disgraceful defamation of real scientists that spoke out against the CO2 fraud by financially inspired activists and agenda driven journals while jobsworths kept their head down will realise that the same beneficiaries of the CO2 fraud ("green" energy, politicians, news media, investment banksters, UN etc.) are beneficiaries of the olly Earth.
#7 is ironic in that it tells you what the game really is. Mind control for profit.
Hope you're well buddy.