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Place holder for any brexit developments.

Whilst waiting for May to ask for a 50th and final vote on the same package, ("are you sure?") here is a game changer and possibly tinder for a revolutionary eye-opening.

Planet Flat Earth | 2019 Documentary II
ODD Reality
Youtube on Feb 20, 2018
Thanks ODD REALITY and TV. Well done.

My question is why NASA hasn't been closed down yet? Is Mr Trump a jesuit too?
Assuming he didn't know, he must do now (and to allow the outfit to continue sucking the public funding teat is criminal) how many previous regimes did know?
Or is Trump under Vatican guidance?
Now, the Russians had this live vid of the globe...
All that has proven is that all the "space" agencies are in on it.
The british and euro "space" agencies should be told to pack their deception along with their effects and get lost.
BBC? They're still propagandising the CO2 con, don't expect any diffent with the "space" agencies poop.
Now, about that tax refund. A full confession, the main responsibles in jail for fraud and the closure of the BBC should do, for now. Failure of the government to act must inevitably lead to the conclusion they are all in on defrauding joe public.

The jesuit gang must be brought to account. All of it.
Tags: #truthmusic

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