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04 February 2019 @ 07:16 pm
Rubber mud slingers get the bounce back. And hopefully a strong kick in their bottom line.  

NBC News Exposed 'Reporting' Pure Propaganda On Gabbard's Russia Links From Disinfo-Democrat

by Tyler Durden Sun, 02/03/2019

Collusion, right under your nose...

In December, a Democratic operative who hatched a Russian "false flag" scheme against Republican Roy Moore in last year's Alabama special election promoted his own propaganda on the dubious "Hamilton 68" website - which purports to track Russian "bot" activity, yet refuses to disclose how they do it.

In January, an online disinformation campaign conducted by a former Obama administration official leading up to the 2018 midterm elections was bankrolled by left-wing tech billionaire Reid Hoffman, according to the Daily Caller's Peter Hasson. Hoffman, who co-founded LinkedIn, admitted in December to funding American Engagement Technologies (AET) - which is currently embroiled in a "false flag" scandal stemming from the 2017 Alabama special election. Now, AET and its founder Mickey Dickerson have come under fire for meddling in the 2018 midterm elections.

And now, as the Democratic establishment faces an onslaught of potential presidential candidates that are not toeing-the-line of radicalism, The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald exposes  the pure propaganda that the liberal media will resort to, in order to please their Democratic, deep state overlords and keep to "The Plan."

NBC News published a predictably viral story Friday, claiming that “experts who track websites and social media linked to Russia have seen stirrings of a possible campaign of support for Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.”

But the whole story was a sham: the only “experts” cited by NBC in support of its key claim was the firm, New Knowledge, that just got caught by the New York Times fabricating Russian troll accounts on behalf of the Democratic Party in the Alabama Senate race to manufacture false accusations that the Kremlin was interfering in that election.

To justify its claim that Tulsi Gabbard is the Kremlin’s candidate, NBC stated:

“analysts at New Knowledge, the company the Senate Intelligence Committee used to track Russian activities in the 2016 election, told NBC News they’ve spotted ‘chatter’ related to Gabbard in anonymous online message boards, including those known for fomenting right-wing troll campaigns.”

What NBC – amazingly – concealed is a fact that reveals its article to be a journalistic fraud: that same firm, New Knowledge, was caught just six weeks ago engaging in a massive scam to create fictitious Russian troll accounts on Facebook and Twitter in order to claim that the Kremlin was working to defeat Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones in Alabama. The New York Times, when exposing the scam, quoted a New Knowledge report that boasted of its fabrications: “We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the [Roy] Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet.'”

At the same time that New Research’s CEO, Jonathan Morgan, was fabricating Russian troll accounts and using them to create a fraudulent appearance that Putin was trying to defeat the Democratic Senate candidate, he was exploiting his social media “expertise” to claim that Russians were interfering in the Alabama Senate election. In other words, Morgan used his own fake Russian accounts to lie to the public and deceive the national media into believing that Kremlin-linked accounts were trying to defeat the Democratic Senate candidate when, in fact, the accounts he was citing were ones he himself had fabricated and controlled.

Even worse, Morgan’s firm is behind one of the recent Senate reports on Russian social media election interference as well as the creation of “Hamilton 68,” the pseudo-data-driven dashboard constantly used by U.S. media outlets to claim that its enemies are supported by the Kremlin (that tool has so been abused that even some of its designers urged the media to stop exaggerating its meaning). During the Alabama race, Morgan – in a tweet he deleted once his fraud was exposed – cited the #Hamilton68 data that he himself manipulated with his fake Russian accounts to claim that Russia was interfering in the Alabama Senate race:
Continues: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-03/nbc-news-exposed-reporting-pure-propaganda-gabbards-russia-links-disinfo-democrat

Tulsi Gabbard Slams "Neocon/Neolib Warmongers" After NBC Propaganda Exposed

by Tyler Durden Mon, 02/04/2019

Tulsi Gabbard lashed out at "neocon" and "neolib warmongers" after NBC News was exposed trying to smear her as a Kremlin stooge. The network was called out over the weekend for relying on a Democrat-run firm that created fake Russian twitter bots to stage a "false flag" campaign against Republic Roy Moore in the 2017 Alabama special election - New Knowledge.


To justify its claim that Tulsi Gabbard is the Kremlin’s candidate, NBC writes:

“analysts at New Knowledge, the company the Senate Intelligence Committee used to track Russian activities in the 2016 election, told NBC News they’ve spotted ‘chatter’ related to Gabbard in anonymous online message boards, including those known for fomenting right-wing troll campaigns.”

Only to be called out hard by journalist Glenn Greenwald:

This NBC News report is a total disgrace from top to bottom. It's a joke using the most minimal journalistic standards. But that's because NBC is in partnership with the Democratic Party (and intel community) to smear any Dem adversary, on the left or right, as a Kremlin tool: pic.twitter.com/1jUhJQuhJu— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) February 3, 2019

After Greenwald fingered NBC for relying on New Knowledge - run by Jonathan Morgan (who also developed the technology behind "Hamilton 68" Russian bot-tracking propaganda website that refuses to disclose its methods) - Gabbard chimed in, tweeting:

"@ggreenwald exposes that @NBC used journalistic fraud to discredit our campaign. But more important is their motive: "to smear any adversary of the establishment wing of the Democratic Party – whether on the left or the right – as a stooge or asset of the Kremlin.""

She later added:

"As commander-in-chief, I will work to end the new cold war, nuclear arms race and slide into nuclear war. That is why the neocon/neolib warmongers will do anything to stop me.

As commander-in-chief, I will work to end the new cold war, nuclear arms race and slide into nuclear war. That is why the neocon/neolib warmongers will do anything to stop me. https://t.co/MPybv8AZ5p

— Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) February 4, 2019

The term "neoliberal warmongers" is thus bornhttps://t.co/xiB7qkkao9

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) February 4, 2019

Disturbingly, the Senate Intelligence Committee has relied on a report by New Knowledge on Russian social media election interference, while the firm has created a "Hamilton 68" offshoot, "Disinfo2018" referenced in the NBC article, which claims that three of the top URLs propagated throughout social media by Kremlin bots were about Gabbard.

Three of the top 15 URL's shared over the past 24 hours by 800 Russian-linked disinformation accounts tracked by Disinfo2018 are about Tulsi Gabbard, the pro-Putin, pro-Assad congresswoman who just announced she's running for POTUS in 2020. (One URL is an article; 2 are tweets). pic.twitter.com/SG43IGt9ZV

— Caroline Orr (@RVAwonk) January 15, 2019

In short; NBC relied on a known propagandist who created a Russian bot "false flag" to meddle in an election, who claims to track pro-Kremlin Twitter activity, in order to smear Tulsi Gabbard as a Putin puppet.

That's a lot of hot talk, Mike.

— Ben Popken (@bpopken) February 4, 2019

Except they're not "experts" NBC--they're admitted forgers. You're a rabble NBC. A complete rabble. Go back to school: https://t.co/e9KJU2oisvpic.twitter.com/1XnfMmjqgh

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) February 3, 2019

It's uncanny what lengths the establishment will go to in order to eliminate threats. For example, take a look at this Vanity Fair hit piece from Jan 30, which uses perhaps the most unflattering photo Gabbard has ever taken and starts off (emphasis not ours):

The presidential campaign of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the renegade Democrat known as much for her chummy relationship with Bashar al-Assad as for supporting Bernie Sanders, is beginning to resemble the candidate herself: confusing, disorganized, and, according to Politico, falling apart. -Vanity Fair

If you squint hard, you can almost tell they don't like her. Very subtle pic.twitter.com/duwKhrrUd1

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) February 2, 2019

One question remains; will Gabbard become a Democrat puppet like Bernie Sanders if the DNC colludes with their chosen candidate to cheat against her?

Zero Hedge https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-04/tulsi-gabbard-slams-neoconneolib-warmongers-after-nbc-propaganda-exposed

Lovely lady, comes across as intelligent, moral, amazed she chose politics.

clothcapclothcap on February 4th, 2019 07:28 pm (UTC)
ZH selection, 3rd into the 4th of February

Totalitarianism: Buying A Hammer Now Makes You A Terrorist In The UK
If you need a hammer for any reason, the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism policing unit will consider you a potential terrorist...

All Hail Chairman POWell
"All pretense has been laid to rest. Bears have been proven right. Markets are managed by a central planning committee..."
Commisar ations.

Read The Secret Plan To Airlift The Queen Out Of London If 'Hard Brexit' Becomes A Reality
We're calling it "Operation Gan-Gan Drop"...
What's wrong with the tunnels, too pedestrian?

Saudi Heir And Aramco Despair – A Motive For Khashoggi Killing
The brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was preceded a few weeks by a major event that could be the key for why his assassination was ordered...
Wealth bestows immunity. That needs to be reversed.

Venezuela's Self-Declared President Reaches Out To China As Trump Repeats Military Force Is "An Option"
"All agreements that have been signed with China following the law will be respected. If previous agreements were signed by adhering to the due process of approval by the National Assembly, my government will accept and honor them."

“I Have Never Experienced This Kind Of Immoral Behavior From A Bank In My Entire Life": Goldman Slammed In Latest CDS Scandal
Not a month seems to pass any more without a major bank or hedge fund getting in hot water for using CDS in a way that was never intended, and now it's Goldman's turn, again.
What do they expect? It's a bank.

Why All Anti-Interventionists Will Necessarily Be Smeared As Russian Assets
"There will never, ever be an antiwar voice who the political/media class and their centrist followers espouse as good and valid; they’ll never say 'Ahh, finally, someone who hates war and also isn’t aligned with Russia! We can get behind this one!'..."

Death Knell For Syria Pullout: "We Have To Protect Israel" Says Trump
“I want to be able to watch Iran,” Trump told CBS. “Iran is a real problem.”
Israel is a terrorist and gangster state run by a criminal regime. Israel was deeply involved in 9/11. Trump wants to protect the perps.

Winter Is Wreaking Havoc On Electric Vehicles
"My biggest concern is the cold weather drained my battery 20 to 25 miles overnight and an extra five to ten miles on my drive to work. I paid $60,000 to not drain my battery so quickly.”
"Your grandkids may never see snow." Gang green bites again. Demand a CO2 tax refund.

ICE Snags Hundreds Of Illegals With "Pay To Stay" Scheme
"It’s creative and it’s not entrapment..."
One law for the rich.

Washington Resurrected The Arms Race: PCR
"...no good can come of this..."
Who profits? Banks, weapons mfrs and sellers, politicians and assorted other misanthropists. Who loses? Present and future tax payers and their nation's infratructure.
clothcapclothcap on February 4th, 2019 07:35 pm (UTC)
ZH continued

Maduro Rejects Election "Ultimatums", Warns Trump Will Leave White House "Stained With Blood" If Venezuela Invaded
“If the north American empire attacks us, we will have to defend ourselves... We aren’t going to hand Venezuela over...Stop. Stop, Trump! ...you will leave the presidency stained with blood..."

Appeals Court: Police Don't Need A Reason To Place Americans On 'Suspicious Person' List
Day by day, year by year our justice system proves the Constitution has essentially become worthless...

How Crack Funded A CIA War: Gary Webb Interview On The Contras And Ronald Reagan
"He was eventually vindicated, but not before his career was destroyed... He was found dead of an apparent suicide in 2004... The price of being a whistleblower?"
Clinton still free, CIA, business as usual. The US is almost as criminal as Israel.

Back To The Dear Old Cold War
"The fuse has already been lit..."
Military, industrial, intelligence complex, for profit.

Cops Fine Man Protesting Facial Recognition Scan
"He simply pulled up the top of his jumper over the bottom of his face, put his head down and walked past..."
How kind. They didn't shoot him. Regime, bank and globalist protection forces.

Turkey's Big Nuclear Energy Ambitions
What the Turkish planners envisaged some 50 years ago is progressively being realized with the Rosatom-led Akkuyu project...
Watch out for israeli bombs and assassins. Iran can advise.

Bodycam Captures Militant Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun
"Smash the patriarchy and chill"

Meet Rutger Bregman, The New Champagne-Socialism Poster-Child From Davos
"... in the 1950s, during Republican President Eisenhower (...) the top marginal tax rate was 91% for people like Michael Dell (....) I mean this is not ROCKET SCIENCE’’.

Four European Nations Officially Recognize Guaido As Venezuela's Legitimate Leader
Maduro has turned down an ultimatum to hold free elections...
4 controlled/crooked nations...

No Longer The Luckiest Generation: Boomer Finances Start To Roll Over
"We Boomers might find ourselves back where we started during the Vietnam War, in the streets protesting an outrageously predatory government."
Meantime, brits slumber on.

Sanders, Schumer Submit Bill To Limit Stock Buybacks In Scathing NYT Op-Ed
And the Democratic Party's leftward tilt continues...

Will The Fed End Its Balance Sheet Runoff Early? Here Is Goldman's Answer
"Fed officials appear sympathetic to possibly slowing the pace of reserve shrinkage, but it is hard to know at this point."

Italy Thwarts EU Plans To Recognize Guaido As Legitimate Leader Of Venezuela
A plan for an EU-wide recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela has been stymied.
Likely tactical, unlikely to be for the love of honesty and decency.
clothcapclothcap on February 4th, 2019 08:12 pm (UTC)
Global Research , some from today
‘Synthetic Electric Shock’: From Electrification to 5G WiFi

Britain’s Secret Propaganda “Integrity Initiative” Targets Russia
By Thomas Scripps
Global Research, February 04, 2019
World Socialist Web Site
In a desperate attempt to cover its tracks, the propaganda network linked to Britain’s security services, the Integrity Initiative (II), has wiped its website and locked its Twitter account “pending an investigation into the theft of data.”
The decision was taken shortly after the Anonymous hacking group released new II documents targeting Russia as supposedly the greatest threat to world peace, based on claims that it is the country most likely to use nuclear weapons.
The documents reveal yet more of the disinformation campaign used to justify NATO preparations for war with Russia, including the use of nuclear weapons.

As Malaysia and Ireland Find Out, You Stand Up for Palestinian Rights at Your Peril

US-led Coup in Venezuela: The Plot Thickens
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
Global Research, February 04, 2019
This weekend, there were competing protests in Venezuela. At a protest celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Bolivarian Process, the day Hugo Chavez was sworn into office, tens of thousands watched as President Maduro called for National Assembly elections. The current Assembly has been in contempt of court since July 2016 and their decisions were nullified because they have refused to remove illegally-elected members. The defunct legislature’s president, Juan Guaido, appointed himself president of the country in violation of Venezuelan law and is under investigation.
Some scenes at Guaido’s rallies were surreal. At the Caracas rally where Guaido spoke, the stage featured massive US and Israeli flags and in the crowd, there were pro-Trump puppets, one with Trump as the Statute of Liberty with a Christian cross around his neck. At another rally, opposition protesters removed the Venezuelan flag replacing it with the US flag.

On the White Supremacy of U.S. Interventions

Video: US-led Coalition Warplane Struck Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal
By South Front
Global Research, February 04, 2019
South Front
Late on February 2nd, a US-led coalition warplane attacked an artillery position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area of al-Sukkariya west of the town of al-Bukamal in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, one artillery piece was destroyed and 2 SAA soldiers were injured.
In December, the Syrian military accused the US-led coalition of launching ground-to-ground rockets at positions of the SAA’s 21st Brigade around the area of al-Tanaf. However, the coalition claimed that the attack targeted an ISIS commander.
It’s interesting to note that the February 2 strike came a day after the SAA ambushed a group of ISIS members and destroyed their vehicle. Government forces seized weapons, IEDs and medical equipment belonging to the ISIS members.
Some sources say that the terrorists had attempted to deliver medical supplies to their counter-parts operating within the US-occupied area of al-Tanf. ISIS successfully exploits the US-led coalition hostile behavior towards the Damascus government and hide from SAA operations in the US-proclaimed “security zone” near al-Tanf.

Edited at 2019-02-04 08:14 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 5th, 2019 01:21 pm (UTC)
Balfour Declaration, History and Concealment
November 11, 2017 Gilad Atzmon

In this talk Atzmon elaborates on that which the historicity of Balfour is set to conceal -- a century of Jewish political hegemony in Britain and beyond.

Youtube https://youtu.be/HV59K-u5kuU

Keep Talking, London 7.11.2017
The Balfour Declaration - One Hundred Years of (Goyim) Solitude
A talk given at Keep Talking gathering in London, 7 November 2017
By Gilad Atzmon
In Heidegger and the Jews, the French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard points out that history claims to narrate the past but, in practice, what it does is conceal our collective shame. The Americans conceal slavery and imperial genocidal aggression, the Brits conceal their colonial blunders, the Jews turn their eyes away from anything that may have contributed to turning Jewish history into an extended shoah. The real historian, claims Lyotard, is there to unveil the shame. This week marks 100 years since the Balfour declaration and today I will try to touch upon your shame, my shame, our shame. We will try to figure out what the history of the so-called Balfour ‘Declaration’ is there to conceal.
Let’s first examine the document. Most noticeably the so-called ‘declaration’ is not printed on official British government letterhead. It is not signed by the British cabinet either. It is, instead, a letter from a sleazy British politician (Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour) to a very rich Jew (Lord Walter Rothschild). As such, the Balfour ‘declaration’ is actually a statement with somewhat limited significance. What it does is “declare[s] sympathy with Zionist aspirations.”
Nicely shredded.
clothcapclothcap on February 5th, 2019 02:14 pm (UTC)
European Court Rules Bishop Williamson Guilty of Hate Speech for Denying Holocaust
Admin February 2, 2019
31 January 2019
British Catholic bishop who denied the Nazis used gas chambers during TV interview in Germany loses hate speech conviction appeal
Bishop Richard Williamson (pictured) denied the Nazis had used gas chambers during a 2009 interview
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled Germany was within its rights to convict British bishop Richard Williamson of Holocaust denial. Mr Williamson, 78, sparked an outcry in 2009 by denying that the Nazis used gas chambers during the systematic murder of six million Jews during World War II.
His lawyers tried to argue he should not had been convicted because the comment was made during a television interview broadcast in Sweden, where Holocaust denial is not illegal. But the interview was recorded in Germany, where it is a criminal offence to dispute the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis.
How much longer can these bastards sustain the zionist and cohorts' deception? Auschwitz was a uranium refinery. The US got the uranium and scientists and Russia got the centrifuges. Both regimes and their successors have maintained the lies. The german judges are (zionist or mason) criminals and enemies of humanity. Sylvia Stoltz was jailed twice for attempting to bring evidence to court that would have killed the cash cow stone dead.
How about a petition to hold a public inquiry into the holocaust lies? I nominate Nigel Farage to be chair.

Edited at 2019-02-05 03:47 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 5th, 2019 02:48 pm (UTC)
5 @V^;H"qfw/^'e Ef%AfrMx;U_+}׿ՎfTd
Mike Adams
This was easy to predict: The Israeli scientists who announced a universal cancer cure are now being viciously smeared, attacked and defamed by the cancer industry.
The last thing the cancer industry wants is a legitimate cancer cure to be made public. It would put them all out of business.
I've posted a new CounterThink episode that covers the entire fiasco.
See Mike's article and video here.
My own cancer (cold and flu) avoidance consists of a kilo of catering grade ascorbic acid (vit C) taken as a rounded teaspoon in OJ with 2 vit D tabs and a generic multi vit tab daily, turmeric (curcumin) in soup, gravy, rice and if I get ill, a tsp in warm milk and honey at bedtime. So far, so good. I get the turmeric from Global Foods, multi vit from Wilko's and the others from Ebay.
PS.Don't jump straight in to 2000-2500mg (tsp), make the juice mixture and drink it half am half pm otherwise it may upsey your tum.

Edited at 2019-02-06 03:33 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 7th, 2019 01:07 am (UTC)
Chinese sat on the Moon.
From https://uk.style.yahoo.com/satellite-captures-stunning-photo-earth-102300222.html

Take a screen cap full screen.

Paste it into IrfanView and increase the gamma.

Shouldn't the distant Earth be little bigger?
Shouldn't there be a Moon shadow on the planet as they are both full face sunward?
No starry, starry night, Vincent (or whatever the artist's name is)?
Can't have stars as some clever readers can tell if the stars are where they should be. Time lapse should have produced star trails.
Time lapse or assembled gif animation converted to MP4?
NASA can't call them out as it does just the same.

This is nice. https://www.kidsclip.net/video/dde3Dh2QL5E/blinded-to-the-super-blood-m.html
I'll add the vid when I can get it uploaded. Here's the embedded version that is likely to get googled (either announce your identity to view or it'll get blocked or removed).

Remember, the chinese have "jewish" advisors. "Jews" think all goyim have the same IQ as Cameron and suchlike.
I got a new connection with talk talk and I'm trying out different settings so I can upload. Present seetings seem to limit speed to a few kbs per sec.

Edited at 2019-02-07 12:44 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 7th, 2019 08:51 pm (UTC)
Global Day of Action: US Hands Off Venezuela!

Support international actions on the weekend of Saturday, February 23 - the one month anniversary of U.S. attempted coup.
By No War on Venezuela
Global Research, February 07, 2019
No U.S. War on Venezuela!
We cannot be silent in the face of the latest U.S. aggression against the Venezuelan people. Nicolás Maduro is the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, chosen twice by the people as part of an internationally observed electoral process. Since the 1998 election of Hugo Chávez, the United States has been relentless in its pursuit of regime change in Venezuela. With Donald Trump in the White House, these efforts have escalated to threats of all-out military violence, the plundering of billions of dollars in wealth from the Venezuelan people and pushing a multitude of outrageous lies in the global media.
For hundreds of years, the U.S. has waged war against the people of the world through coups, invasions and economic warfare. Juan Guaidó is a U.S. puppet. He is not a representative of the Venezuelan masses. The idea that a person can swear themselves in as president at a rally in the interest of “defending democracy” is laughable. The right wing in Venezuela claim the Bolivarian elections are rigged because they refuse to participate in them.Instead they engage in voter intimidation using violence reminiscent of Jim Crow terrorism against African-Americans in the Deep U.S. South.
U.S.-led sanctions and currency manipulation are responsible for the suffering in Venezuela. Marco Rubio and right-wing media guide the Venezuelan opposition from Miami. The U.S. cannot stand for any country on the planet to enjoy its natural wealth or the fruits of its labor independent of Wall Street and the Pentagon. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world and is rich in gold and other mineral wealth. Iraq war architect John Bolton said that regime change in Venezuela would be a tremendous opportunity to gain more profits for Wall Street. We believe him.
Since the Bolivarian Revolution in 1998, massive strides have been taken to uplift the working class, Afro-Venezuelans and Indigenous populations in Venezuela. The working poor have made tremendous gains because the government implemented policies and passed laws to fight racism, sexism, homophobia and economic inequality. Despite sanctions and sabotage, Venezuela has maintained a transparent and democratic system through many elections. Venezuela provides aid to struggling people worldwide through subsidized fuel and by leading the way with progressive labor laws. Their gains are part of the global struggle waged by workers and the oppressed against the wealthiest and most powerful capitalists on the planet.
Therefore, we demand:
The U.S. immediately cease all hostile actions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela — lift all sanctions, stop backing a coup, cease efforts to destroy the Venezuelan economy and respect the right of the Venezuelan people to self-determination.
All countries involved in the plunder of Venezuelan wealth immediately return what they have stolen to the democratically elected government of Venezuela and its people.
Wall Street must immediately pay reparations to the Venezuelan people for their suffering under genocidal sanctions and currency manipulation.
In the internationalist and liberatory spirit of Simón Bolívar, we pledge to mobilize and fight on the side of Venezuela’s right to sovereignty, understanding that the gains won under the Bolivarian Revolution are gains for all the world’s workers and oppressed.
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2019 07:52 am (UTC)
If cloudflare is murdering the smooth flow of your browsing, (site blocked because "images can be dangerous" and other outrageous reasons) the likely culprit is that your modem is using its DNS filtering service or a DNS server that uses cloudflare.
Access the modem settings editor, find where you can change the DNS address and change the domain name server. If it lets you specify rather than give you alternates, free DNS addresses are given here:
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2019 09:29 am (UTC)
Mrs May is just doing her best for the JEU
How many MPs that have been feeding at the JEU trough are going against the majority will and calling for an are-you-sure referendum or pushing May to to do a partial brexit?
These self-serving items are treasonous. They are not serving the country and most certainly not serving the people. They have at the very least a conflict of interest and should be denied any say whatsoever in the brexit.
We need the truth of how we were conned into the JEU by a corrupt MSM, esp. the BBC and a criminal PM to be front page news. The corporations (the JEU is a corp.) and the former PM are strongly associated with paedophilia and homosexuality through talmudist zionism, extreme fabianism and corrupted City controlled Masonry.
May is certainly giving the Pilgrims' JEU control of the british defence forces. That is surrender and so treason. Her aim is to keep the cash cow happy not least by the transfer of tens of billions from tax funds just because she loves the JEU and doesn't want the Pilgrims' Bilderberg-CIA installed criminal putsh gang to fall down. Hopefully Italy will stake that fantasy if Mossad or the Propaganda due P5 assassins don't interfere.

Why are the fabio-zios concerned about a no GB JEU?
The JEU is a gang of fraud enablers put in place by a conspiracy that started in the league of nations and was sustained and developed by successive leaders and eventually was established by complicit political parties and the Crown using deception, while all the controlled MSM kept silent. Masons and self-styled jews have high influence or control of bureaucracy across Europe and Britain controlled by the City. The JEU is a prong in a multi-pronged attempt to establish a putsch world government by deception. The G8, G7, G20 (or whatever the number du jour happens to be) is another prong leading the UN mainly into supporting the destruction of or regime change in countries that conflict with fabian, mason, talmudist adherent ideals such as the age of consent down to 5. The unelected, privately created caricature of a junta is populated with specimens such as craven Cameron, other acomplished deceivers, traitors war criminals and fraudsters.
Britain's withdrawal from the JEU would be the beginning of the end for the fabio-zionist attempt to impose a controlled world government on behalf of the (zio controlled?) Pilgrims and the Black nobility.
The death sentence needs to be restored for paedophiles and satanists that murder, traitors and war criminals. That would end the JEU, the british occupation regime, the monarchy, the Crown, the Catholic Church, the City and many other bureaucracies if truth and reason were to ever prevail over deception. And it would be poetic justice for the traitor that cancelled hanging for treason. But we are governed by such people and items that are controlled by them, so it will never happen so long as we acquiesce by silence and by voting.

There exists the possibility that the occupation regime considers itself an establishment-bankruptcy trustee caretaker corporation or a board appointed by such and fails to understand the treason it committed and is committing. Without the JEU to pass the buck to, the occupation regime becomes fully liable for its criminal actions such as defrauding energy and fuel users and rates and taxpayers to fund the NWO JOWG.

Edited at 2019-02-08 11:35 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2019 11:43 am (UTC)
The zionists and fabians in the US are communising and satanising the nation. The JEU has been communising and satanising Britain with the complicity of the monarchy, the fabianist occupation regime and the zio-mason controlled Vatican. This looks to be in reponse to the christianisation and democratisation of Russia. The Pilgrims created "jew" controlled military industrial intelligence complex (MIIC) aka the CFR (ECFR, RIIA) and its neocons want a war, it doesn't matter who the participants happen to be, US vs Germany/JEU, US vs Russia, US vs China or BRICs, the JEU vs Russia, so long as it is big. The "jew" established regime is boom, bust, war. The "jew" objective is to impose a global crypto currency on a globally chipped debt slave tax stock so the currency controllers control everything down to what you think, do and say. Israel is central to the globalist JOWG plans. If it is destroyed and the extremist regime leadership and the Mossad is incarcerated, the plotters will have lost a central justification and means for their obscene existence.
The JUS should withdraw protection and financial support for the aberration. Israel in collusion with the zionist Sauds and the Bush-Cheney leadership was pivotal to the 9/11 insurance fraud, theft, criminal destruction of evidence of Bush regime crimes, insider trading and act of war. Many knew of the plan and said nothing, didn't they Mrs May?

Edited at 2019-02-08 11:46 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2019 01:51 pm (UTC)
ZH 5th Feb
Erdogan Moves To Seize Turkey's Largest Bank
"Isbank will become the property of the Treasury, with the permission of God."

Ilargi Meijer: Robert Mueller Is A Coward And A Liar
"It’s a pity that America is so divided into a pro-Trump and anti-Trump side, and never the twain shall meet, because the perversion of the justice system exemplified by the Mueller investigation is very real; it’s rotting from the inside..."

Putin Orders "Symmetrical Measures" After INF Treaty Pullout: New Missile Systems By 2021
Game on...

Gabbard Reveals The Bankruptcy Of American Left
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D – HI) is a perfect case study with what is wrong with American politics...

Ocasio-Cortez Formulates "Green New Deal" To Fix Climate And "Repair Historic Oppression"
...the Green New Deal will “promote justice and equity by preventing current and repairing historic oppression to frontline and vulnerable communities.”
Plant more trees? Humans have caused natural climate variation to be more acute by deforestation.

Watch Congressional Members Get Confronted On US-Led Regime Change Efforts In Venezuela
Yet more proof: the greater the hawkishness, the greater the ignorance.

De-Dollarization Accelerates: Iran Unveils Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency
Iran is allegedly negotiating with Switzerland, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Germany and Bosnia to carry out financial transactions in cryptocurrency...
Working for or against the banksters?

"Surprise Decision": America's Top General Not Consulted Prior To Trump’s Syria Exit Order
“I was not consulted” — CENTCOM Chief

The Truth About What's Happening In Venezuela Right Now Is Not What The Media Is Reporting
"The media is trying to hide the truth about what’s really going on... The situation has become a lot more dangerous and people are being warned to stay home..."

Is It Beginning? 10 Significant Quakes Rock Cali Coastline As Mount St. Helens Rumbles Back To Life
Could it be possible that we are a lot closer to 'the big one' than many had anticipated?
Maybe global cooling is causing the crust to shrink.

OPEC Proposes Formal Oil-Production Alliance With Russia
If adopted, the new arrangement would help OPEC and the 10-member bloc led by Russia counter the US's growing clout in global oil markets

Huawei Tried To Steal His Technology, But He Was Working For The FBI All Along
During the conversation, Khan and his COO "succeeded in getting Huawei representatives to admit, on tape, to breaking the contract with Akhan and, evidently, to violating U.S. export-control laws."

5G Wireless: A "Massive Health Experiment" That Could Cause Cancer And Global Catastrophe
"5G could very well be a global catastrophe that kills wildlife, gives people terminal diseases, and causes the Earth’s magnetic field to change, according to shocking claims by a technology expert..."
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2019 01:55 pm (UTC)
ZH 6th Feb
UK Furious After EU's Tusk Says There Is "A Special Place In Hell" For Those Who Backed Brexit
"I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted #Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely."
There was I thinking Hell was the destination for satanists, luciferians and their ass wipes like unelected BilderberserkerJEU presidents and criminal ops like the NGO ECFR.

CNN Finally Discovers The US-Saudi Arms Pipeline To Al-Qaeda
A jihadi Walmart...
When it is safe to publish the info.

Google Paid More In EU Fines Than Taxes Last Year; Warns Data Privacy Changes Could Hurt Business
"Changes to our data privacy practices, as well as changes to third-party advertising policies or practices may affect the type of ads and/or manner of advertising that we are able to provide which could have an adverse effect on our business"

If Global Warming Is Killing Us, Why Is Global Life Expectancy Increasing?
For years - as life expectancy numbers have continued to rise - pundits and researchers have repeatedly attempted to claim that climate change has led to - or will soon lead to - declines in overall life and health...
Seconded. I'm well past my use-by date.

The Real Reason The U.S. Wants Regime Change In Venezuela
The U.S. and its allies have decided to throw their weight behind yet another coup attempt in Venezuela. As usual, they claim that their objectives are democracy and freedom. Nothing could be farther from the truth...
"This is roughly the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi or Mitch Mcconnell declaring themselves president, calling on the military to overthrow Trump, and having China pledge to fund and assist the effort."

Elizabeth Warren Identified Herself As "American Indian" On 1986 State Bar Registration
"Fauxcahontas" is never going to live this one down.

Venezuela Says It Intercepted Covert US Weapons Shipment From Miami
Has the promised "humanitarian aid" begun?
clothcapclothcap on February 10th, 2019 03:23 pm (UTC)
Has Europe been stealth colonised by deception?
By the same group(s) working for the same group that almost succeeded with the Hitler led attempt? Our bureaucracy is permeated with zio-fabians, fabio-zionists, talmudic luciferian masons, and assorted other criminals. The nazi founded JEU is profoundly talmudic indicating jesuits, jews, masons, zionists and puppets thereof. Sarkozy, allegedly CIA asset, alleged instigator of the Khaddafi and family murder, bilderberger and jew for example. As for the british occupation regime, it appears to have been infected with the german DVD prior to membership, likely still. The take-over of the NHS bueaucracy, the Police, education, the local councils, unions and more by the JEU Commission's Common Purpose (communism purpose) and a plethora of JEU NGOs suggest colonisation of Britain. City (talmudic) masons control local councils,. does that mean CP is luciferian, talmudic masonry indoctrinated with the office of deputy PM controlling them? What does that make the deputy, CP grand maestro? The fabians and zionists dancing to the Pilgrims (including Rockefeller and Rothschild) tune?

There needs to be a study carried out to find how much history has been altered or replaced with fabrication in school text books. Then there needs to be an inquiry to find out why and by who.