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The Devil Rides Out

Can't think why I didn't post this earlier. Perhaps the Devil made me not do it?


By Joaquin Flores On Oct 19, 2018

Nuclear Armageddon is on the agenda. Failing to understand the present moment is going to be based on a misread of the situation right now in the Russian and American world. Failing to understand what certain very big statements being made at this time actually mean, and what they are in response to, will leave anyone very confused. The following piece was explain both what is happening right now and why it is so important on the one hand, and why we have decided to cover it in this way on the other. As a precaution, this pieces delves into an arena which sits squarely outside of the conventional method of approaching this subject.

It seems we are living in a time when the senility of the mass public has grown to such proportions, and American exceptionalism and the cancerous cult of invincibility has metastasized to such a level, that many are unaware that the Russian Federation has the largest functioning nuclear stockpile in the world, and any serious attack on Russia that threatened it existentially, would result in the end of human life on the planet.

First of all, FRN can confirm that closest to our work, part of Lavrov’s message is clear – where he spoke about countering media with media. FRN has noted an uptick, spike if you will, in Russian media-intelligence sphere campaigns.

On what basis do we know this? Readers may be aware that previously, members of the FRN team outside of their duties at FRN, had for a whole extended period of time […– phrase here omitted for legal reasons -…] with Deputy Head of the Russian Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Senator Andrei Klimov; Russian politician and economist, adviser to Putin on regional economic integration, member of the National Financial Council of the Bank of Russia, and full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergey Glazyev; Soviet and Russian secret service agent, Lieutenant-General of Foreign Intelligence Service, past director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov; and Russian philosopher, sociologist, Kremlin insider, and geostrategist, leader of the Eurasian Movement, Alexander Dugin.

Why do we mention this now? While we’ve mentioned this before, it’s important to remind readers that FRN is not like other ‘online information/analytic’ sources. The following assessments, to be clear, are not based off any particular statements made to FRN from any of the above mentioned men, nor can we confirm or deny any interactions with them regarding this.

But the entire pro-Russian media-intelligence sphere has tremendous ammo to work with, given Putin’s message. This is because we live during a time of another major paradigm shift, where increasing layers of western society are awaking from the slumber imposed by the naive-empiricist framework. More on Putin’s message in the below.

Everything happening at this moment is connected – The increase in Donbass tensions; the terrorist attack in Crimea which the Russians seem to be covering up and making into a Columbine-type incident instead; the Idlib situation and the role of Turkey not getting the Turkish-backed FSA (TFSA) to abide by certain provisions; Pope Francis’ statement that ‘I am the Devil’ in late September; Lavrov’s statement about Western powers hopefully not being foolish enough to start WWIII, and then Putin’s massive message about Nuclear Armageddon, martyrdom, heaven and hell.

Why has FRN taken an approach focusing on interpreting world events through an other-than-strictly-secular lens? For a moment, it may have seemed that FRN was somehow missing the mark, and had embarked down a path of obscurantism and mythopoesis. Then FRN’s approach was vindicated, the Orthodox Church (the Eastern Church) experienced a Schism, at the hands of U.S intelligence operations and the Vatican, and Russian President Putin – at the liberal Valdai of all places – drops the mother-of-all statements about martyrs, sinners, the end of the world, Armageddon, repentance, heaven and hell. Putin has castigated the ‘Great Satan’, named him as such, and gone ‘full Ahmadinejad’.

So let’s break this all down.

The escalation of preparations, provocations, and violence in Ukraine and the Donbass are critical, as they are in Syria. Ukrainian elections and the violence around it, perhaps to keep it from happening, is key. For months, FRN has carried exclusive English language coverage of the process in Ukraine, and how it’s been escalating. This involves a few things. The Pravy Sektor is back in headlines, with the full blessing of Poroshenko, and so are the other so-called volunteer brigades, Azov, and others who are now fully embedded with U.S and NATO-sphere mercenaries.

FRN confirmed that Pravy Sektor has been pulled back from the front-line to engage in training with members of ISIS or Al Qaeda. This includes mercenaries from the Middle-East, and by default or extension if you please, ISIS and Al Qaeda. This happens right before a terrorist attack at Kerch College in Crimea, where official Russian reportage doesn’t match the on-scene witness accounts of students and teachers interviewed right as it happened. That reportage included an entire black-ski mask wearing assault group which seems to have entered the school through the bathroom – that the explosion was not chiefly responsible for most of the deaths, but rather from bullets fired by this assault group. It was said then by at least one witness, that they spoke an indeterminable language, where therefore of unknown nationality.

ISIS and Al Qaeda are now operating alongside the nazi ‘Volunteer Brigades’ in Ukraine, backing U.S efforts. Trump has been absolutely cold to Poroshenko, the one meeting they had – it was revealed and is now the subject of a defamation suit against the BBC from Poroshenko – that the Obama-Nuland installed U.S puppet had to pay just to meet with Trump, for the optics, the photo-op, sending a message in Ukraine that really doesn’t have substance. Meanwhile, the U.S deep state and military industrial complex continues to make its moves in Ukraine, regardless of what the U.S president may or may not want, either way.

The process in Idlib is key – Turkey is perhaps back to vacillations, and having a very difficult time dealing with how it manages the juggling act of U.S and British forces and proxies in Idlib working against any peaceful resolution there, wherein Turkey is only able to speak on behalf of the so-called rebel forces (terrorists) that they directly support – the TFSA (Turkish-backed FSA). The pattern we have noted historically with these twin conflicts – Ukraine and Syria – is that when there is a spike in one, there is a spike in the other. This happens for many reasons, ranging from attempts to muddle Russian responses, to creating media coverage fog of war, where certain critical events are overshadowed by others in a different theatre.

Syria has the S-300’s now and Israel has not struck them even though their whereabouts are known by Israeli military intelligence, and even as Israel has threatened to strike them ‘at all costs’. And yet, they are not operational yet in terms of the training of Syrian personnel on the weaponry. So there they sit, and Israel has not ‘surgically’ struck these. Israel has proven itself a relatively ineffective military power, losing scores of state of the art tanks in the 2006 war against a non-state actor, Hezbollah. Imagine how they’d fare against Hezbollah plus Iran, plus the reconstructed Syrian Arab Army? Can they rely on Saudi Arabia to back them up? Looking at Saudi’s quagmire in ‘little’ Yemen, it is difficult to see the markedly disloyal, mercenary army which comprises the KSA’s forces to do much against the SAA. Recall that they saw themselves greatly disadvantaged against the military of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and recall that the Iraqi army at this time was still not 100% after its U.S backed war of aggression against Iran.

Pope Francis’s statement ‘I am the Devil’ on the 22nd of September is critical. That was the day following the event of the Autumnal Equinox, the significance of which will be known to those who dig deeper. This was apparently said in passing as a ‘joke’, comparing Francis to John Paul II, who was ‘loved’. We are supposed to read this as ‘compared to John Paul II, Poles see me as a really bad guy’. That is a very banal and very much ‘missing the point’ way to understand that statement. He was on an official visit, and was in his robes and the ‘whole 9 yards’ – and there he said it, plain as day ‘I am the Devil’. Not ‘I’m hated’, not ‘I’m devlish’, not ‘These people see me as evil’ – no – it was this ‘I AM THE DEVIL’. Taken by itself, it would be very difficult to brush off or to overlook. Taken all together with the world events happening simultaneously, we’d be blind not to see the whole picture. The way that important confessions, statements, and incantations work is simple – it does not matter if they appear to have been said in jest, the impact, truthfulness, and power of the statement is not diminished by a hair. This does not mean per se, of course, that Pope Francis is the devil. It means that he believes himself to be, needs that to be known publicly (the point of confessions, incantations, etc.) and said it on September 22nd when the period from the September 21st/22nd through Halloween confer particular (and well known), dark powers upon practitioners of the left-hand path.

Recall also that on January 26, 2014, Francis stood on his balcony with two children who released “doves of peace” as a celebration of something-or-other. The doves were immediately attacked by a crow and a seagull that wanted to kill them. Religious critics of the Pope interpreted this event as a portent of doom, could they be right? The Holy Ghost is Biblically and historically represented by a dove and is the symbol of His peace which is a spiritual peace. The devil has been symbolized by crows, and a seagull is an albatross which symbolizes a burden or punishment for a crime. This can be interpreted the attack to mean that Bergoglio’s peace is not the true peace but a worldly one, a false peace which God will permit the Devil to tear to pieces, and it will be a burden around his neck, meaning Bergoglio will have to pay for his secular sins.

The world is a dangerous and chaotic place, filled with violent people and dangerous urges. Releasing two ‘doves of peace’ which also represent the Holy Ghost in such a way normally is supposed to represent the presence of God in a world otherwise beset on all sides by the forces of evil. When the pope releases these, it also is intended to buttress apostolic authority. But the Pope doesn’t have any authority, therefore his doves were doomed, and the omen here is incredibly bleak. January 26th was also coincidentally the day that the first Shia Imam was assassinated by a Kharijite by the name of Ibn Muljam in 661 at the Great Mosque of Kufa, in present-day Iraq.

Given what we know, what’s parading as the Catholic Church’s truly Satanic institutionalized practice of pedophilia, apparently forms a pillar of church organizational doctrine given how its treated by the church. At the same time, the pedophilia in the church seems to capture headlines time and time again, whenever public attention turns to the pedophile practices of the U.S political elite and Hollywood.

The split, schism, in the Orthodox church is huge. Some are saying that it can be fixed – there are hopes it can be, once Bartholomew dies. Others are saying that it’s not really schism in the 11th century sense because, while political, there isn’t a doctrine component to it – this is false. The Patriarch of Constantinople has essentially assumed papal powers, and broken the doctrine of ‘Primus inter pares’ – first among equals. This is a critical point in Orthodoxy. Numerous bishops and high ranking church officials have come forward and said on the record that the schism in the church will result in the deaths of thousands and thousands of people in the very near future. This is a very ominous forecast, but one which has been repeated at the highest levels of the Orthodox church outside of Fener and Bartholomew’s schismatics occupying Constantinople. ‘Many Thousands Will Die’, were the words of Metropolitan Jonah.

Lavrov gave a warning that Russia was ready to respond to media attacks and all provocations, and ridiculed the West, really questioning if it was actually prepared to be so foolish as to start WWIII. It is important to meditate on the significance of this statement. Lavrov just raised the specter of WWIII, for the second or third time in the past two months alone. This is very different language than the standard ‘our partners’ line, even if that expression is still used. It’s important to remember that Putin declared the ‘U.S partners’ to also be ‘geostrategic opponents’ of the Russian Federation. It seems we are living in a time when the senility of the mass public has grown to such proportions, and American exceptionalism and the cancerous cult of invincibility has metastasized to such a level, that many are unaware that the Russian Federation has the largest functioning nuclear stockpile in the world, and any serious attack on Russia that threatened it existentially, would result in the end of human life on the planet.

Then we have Putin’s massive statement, of paradigm shifting proportions. At the Valdai conference today, Putin reinforced Lavrov’s statements, and added a very serious dimension relating to faith, religion, man’s soul and destiny, the concept and practice of katechon, and stark delineations about good and evil, heaven and hell, and repentance. This requires even a deeper consideration than Lavrov’s also powerful, but strictly secular, statement. The read on this is critical, for it moves the boundaries of ‘civil discourse’ in a manner of parity to that of the West. But it is tremendously different. In fact, it mirrors Lavrov’s statements precisely.

How so? Atlanticist forces have been pushing their mass publics, whose consent they manufacture, through the abuse of mass media, towards a very unstable direction where increasingly mainstream media pundits are salivating for war. Lavrov said that: “We will be prepared for larger-scale provocations, but our response is very simple – if you speak to us through the media, we will respond in the same way, but in a concrete and correct way,”

So, if Atlanticist media is ‘talking chaotic-evil’, then Russia will respond, concretely and correctly in the language of ‘orderly-good’.

What Putin said, for the record was

“Any aggressor should know that retribution will be inevitable and he will be destroyed. And since we will be the victims of his aggression, we will be going to heaven as martyrs. They will simply drop dead, won’t even have time to repent,”

While Putin was clear that Russia’s nuclear forces are not tailored for a pre-emptive strike, and exist as a second-strike capability meant to deter an attack by a foreign nation, Russia has changed its doctrine to allow a nuclear attack even if not attacked with nuclear missiles. Russian nuclear doctrine indeed provides for the use of nuclear weapons in conventional conflicts, provided that Russia’s existence is at stake. This marks a significant change from the previously held self-imposed ‘no-first-use’ pledge, which Moscow was forced by U.S aggression to let go of in 1993. Putin said;

“This means that we are ready to use nuclear weapons only when we make sure that a potential aggressor attacks Russia. We have an early warning system, and we are improving it. It records the launch of the missiles and the flight path. Only when we make sure our missiles will fly towards the aggressor,”

“The aggressor must know that retribution is inevitable. And we are the victims of aggression, and as martyrs we will go to heaven, and they will simply die. Because they won’t even have time to repent, ”

Washington has claimed that it may use nuclear weapons in response to a non-nuclear attack on itself or its allies. There is tremendous vagueness here regarding the circumstances that would cause such an action, and that has only fueled speculations that a cyber-attack may permit a nuclear response.

But Putin’s words are not random, they never are, and there are many reasons to believe, in light of all the events transpiring which we should enumerate, that events at this moment are particularly tense. It is important to understand also that Putin is, philosophically speaking, chiefly a student of the Christian socialist Nikolai Berdyaev. His work, ‘The Philosophy of Inequality’ is something akin to reading for governors working close to the Russian president. ‘The Meaning of History‘ is also a critical text required to understand the full meaning of Putin’s superficially ‘ominous’ declaration yesterday and Valdai.

This doesn’t mean anything like ‘the end is nigh’, rather this: Putin is showing that the west’s latent apocalyptic-driving methods and rhetoric can be matched with some. This ‘discourse parity’ is important to establish, and its important to remind the people what’s at stake, and to what measure the Russians have resolve, and where that resolve derives from. People who believe in the afterlife aren’t afraid to die, but at the same time, holding onto these sacred religious precepts and principles is the opposite of Reagan’s version of immanentizing the eschaton which was nuclear Armageddon. Rather, people of conscience must decidedly not live as if these are the end times, and must not behave in ways which bring about such events, ‘prematurely’, if you will.

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