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11 October 2018 @ 01:38 pm
The May Regime and NATOCIA Support Terrorists. ISIS is the CIA's supplement to AQ.  
Criminals under admiralty, state, international and common law and morally.

Sweida: A Bloody Massacre Barely Registered by Western Media as ISIS Slaughter Innocent Civilians in Their Sleep

On the 2nd October 2018, a young woman’s life was brought to a brutal end by a bullet from an ISIS executioner’s hand-gun. Mrs Thoraya Um Ammar was executed on video by the terrorist group more than two months after she and twenty five other women and children were kidnapped from the Sweida countryside, south of Damascus on July 25th 2018.
[Note: Numbers of kidnap victims do vary. While in Shbeki, I was told 32 were originally kidnapped but that a number of them managed to escape their captors and return to their village]

The images circulating of this execution are extremely distressing and we will not be sharing them in this article. During my recent visit to Syria, I visited three of the seven villages that came under attack in the eastern countryside of Sweida City on that fateful day in July 2018. The grief and anger was still very raw but civilians spoke to me of the bloodshed that was a result of the meticulously planned ISIS attack, unhindered by the US Coalition forces camped in Al Tanf, 330km to the East. ISIS entered the villages from the east and traversed vast areas of exposed desert to do so, apparently undetected by those who claim to wage war on ISIS inside Syria.

The roads of Shrehi ran with blood” H Saab told me as we stood next to his family home in Shrehi where four of his relatives were murdered by the marauding ISIS gangs. He pointed to the still visible stains on the road in front of us and on the walls of the house and courtyard.

Road sign to Sweida. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Our journey began in Damascus. We left early in the morning and headed due south before taking the road that brought us to the east of Sweida city and to the villages that form a chain north to south, only about 1km apart. As we entered the province of Sweida, we began to see the elaborate memorials to martyrs killed in Syria’s war against Western-sponsored terrorism. Our guide told us that these beautiful monuments are in honour of the soldiers who have given their lives in defence of their homeland. Many of these impressive structures are placed at the entrance to villages “so their names are remembered for eternity by all those who live because they died“.

We were told that some of these graves also date back to the 1925 ‘Great Syrian Revolt or ‘Great Druze Revolt’ against France. They are wonderful to behold, rising out of the dry desert plains, backdropped by the hills and trees that pepper the landscape stretching out in front of us.

Just one of the many stunning memorials to SAA martyrs from the Sweida region. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

On the drive down to the villlage of Shrehi, our guide H Saab told us that thirty-five members of his family had been killed in the ISIS attack that took place in the early hours of the 25th July 2018. I asked him what he believed to be behind this attack. He told me that he thought it was to reduce SAA pressure on the ISIS terrorists holding out in Yarmouk Basin at this time. Perhaps to give them an escape route to the US base at Al Tanf.

Leaving Shahba City by the East Gate. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

We entered Shahba City dating from Byzantine times and a city modelled on ancient Rome – “temples, triumphal arches, baths, a theatre, and a great wall surrounding the city were all built based on the plan of a typical Roman city”. We exited the ancient city through the remains of the East Gate and continued on to a number of towns and villages, some built during the Ottoman empire. H Saab told me that many of these village have labyrinths of caves that run underground beneath the houses.

At the entrance to Shrehi, one of the villages attacked by ISIS in July, we stopped the car to visit the poster that had been erected with the names of the martyrs killed during the attack. Young men, women, children, murdered by a terrorist group with a history of collusion with the US Coalition against Syria and the Syrian Arab Army. Acclaimed journalist, Elijah J. Magnier wrote at the time:

“ISIS knew it was possible for its convoy to drive under the eyes of a superpower state (the US) without being disturbed.”

Video footage of entering Shrehi. Watch: https://youtu.be/hDdXEr9Eyqw

We drove up to one of the highest points in the village of Shrehi to meet with the representatives of the village and the survivors of the attack. We entered the traditional “madafa”, the welcoming room in the Saab family home.

Steps leading down to the Madafa in Shrehi where I met with families of the martyrs and survivors of the attack. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Once inside the Madafa the story of the attack was told by Khaled Saleh Saab.

“The terrorists entered the village at 4 am while most of us were still sleeping. We were awoken by the shooting and the cries of ‘Allah Akhbar’. They shot out the lights in the village and there was no moon that night so they worked under the cover of total darkness”

On the way into Shrehi we had passed a house that had been one of the first to be targeted (see video), the mother, father and son were murdered by ISIS, the daughter was injured but survived. According to Khaled, 53 ISIS terrorists entered the village and all of them were eventually killed by the young men defending their families and their land:

“We defended our land and our homes because this land is mixed with the blood of generations of our people. We will not accept that people without morals or humanity can touch this land. We stay, we will stand and defend this land until we die. Our youth killed these terrorists even though they had very old weapons, very simple weapons. The ISIS fighters had modern, expensive equipment but we still defeated them.” said Khaled.

Khaled told us that the clashes continued from 4 am until 1pm. Between 4 and 5 am the ISIS fighters took advantage of the sleeping civilians and murdered many of them in their sleep before they had time to warn their neighbours.

“The attack was a well planned military operation. ISIS coordinated their attacks in order to paralyse all the villages. They positioned snipers around the villages and along the roads that connect the villages to prevent people moving between villages or coming to the help of neighbouring villages. They came from the south and moved north.” Khaled continued.

In one of the bloodiest massacres of the eight year war in Syria, 270 civilians were martyred during this attack, more than 300 injured.

“Many of our young men, women and children bled to death in the street. Nobody was able to get to them or to transport them to hospital. If they tried they would be sniped.” Khaled told us.

Khaled told us that, in his opinion, many of the ISIS fighters were on drugs, very likely to be Captagon. “We fired many bullets into them, but they kept fighting” he told us and this was confirmed by other family members in the madafa. In January 2017, “at least 137kg of Captagon, dubbed a “jihadist drug” and “the drug of the Syrian conflict,” was seized at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in a first for France, customs officials said, adding that half of the illicit cargo was destined for Saudi Arabia.” Captagon is a psychostimulant that is used as a performance enhancer by the extremist gangs that have invaded Syria since 2011.

“After we killed the ISIS terrorists, we checked their IDs. They were Chechen, Saudi, Iraqi, Palestinian, Egyptian, Somalian. One was wearing a suicide belt, nothing remained of him after he had detonated it.”

In Shrehi alone there were 37 civilians martyred. These included Khaled’s mother, father, brother and cousin who were killed in the home we were talking in.

These groups, all of them, are supported by the UK, US and Gulf States to target and destroy our peaceful towns. Throughout history Syria has sacrificed martyrs and we are ready to sacrifice our souls for our land despite more than 120 countries attacking us with the terrorist groups as their instrument. They should know we will stand and fight to defend our land and our  people”

Just one of the countless heroes from Sweida countryside – Khaled’s brother, Iskandar Saab had served in the 102 “Batch” of the Syrian Arab Army which had been decommissioned just two months before the ISIS attack on his home village of Shrehi on the 25th July 2018.

Iskandar came face to face with the crazed ISIS terrorists as he attempted to scale the hill leading up to his family’s house. He was shot in his right leg, his hand and his back. A local graduate of trade and economy and a math teacher, Mr Mahran Radi Saab saved Iskandar and managed to take him to his brother Khaled Saab. After rescuing Iskandar, Mahran was shot and killed by an ISIS sniper.

Despite his life-threatening wounds, Iskandar managed to get into his car and drive 300m under fire from the ISIS snipers who had lined the roads joining the three villages of Rami, Shrehi and Shebki.

“This land, this property belongs to our blood. It belongs to us. We will never allow any super-power to steal our land or to control our lives, our future” Khaled Saab reinforced this message several times during our talk.

Entering the home of Ziad Saab and greeted by his daughter Kinda.
(Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

After the meeting we went to the home of Ziad Saab for breakfast, which in Syria translates into “banquet”.

Ziad’s brother in law lived in one of the houses at the entrance of the village, one of the first to be attacked. As soon as the attack happened, Ziad’s brother in law managed to relay a warning to Ziad who lives with his wife and children deeper inside the village. Ziad took his simple hunting rifle and went to help. As he neared his brother in law’s home, he saw many ISIS terrorists firing randomly and fierce clashes between the ISIS fighters and civilians. It was still dark at this point. Ziad made the decision to return home to protect his own wife and children and to take his family to a safer place.

Then Ziad tried to call his brother in law. An ISIS fighter answered the phone and told Ziad his brother in law was dead, he told Ziad to call an ambulance for his own family members – they would be killed also “there will be no escape”. The ISIS terrorists also attacked the brother in law’s two daughters and their mother – 10 year old Hela and 13 year old Hala.

As we were eating breakfast, a 6 month old baby was brought into the room. Her name is Ghala. Her father was murdered just 100 meters from Ziad’s house, by the ISIS terrorists. Watching Ghala playing in the arms of H Saab, it is painful to comprehend the scale of devastation and loss that these villages have experienced. A recent Facebook post by Syrian, Wissam Sliman puts it into perspective:

“Imagine that this were your village, or your neighborhood! Imagine that one of those were your house! Imagine that the same thing happened to you! Imagine that you lost a family member, or maybe two, or maybe more! Imagine that your mother, sister, daughter or son is still kidnapped and now in the hands of the worst terrorist group ever which is ISIS!

And above all imagine that it didn’t mean anything to half of your brothers and sisters in humanity in this world,just because they are still sleeping, daydreaming and refusing to wake up! What hurts you is that if they did wake up 7 years ago, you would have had many of your beloved ones around you now, but they didn’t, cause they are still refusing to wake up!

The truth is as clear as pure water on a virgin Island, there is only one difference in the case of Syria, the truth about Syria is very painful and heartbreaking while that water on that virgin island…”

The media reports in the West were a cursory glance at the impacts of this ISIS attack upon this community, a skating over of detail and no mention of the potential connection to the US coaliton. As always, the true victims of this 8 year war will be brushed under the carpet while the focus remains upon the whitewashing of the perpertrators of the crimes against the Syrian people – the “rebel”-washing of the terrorist gangs who have been enabled to roam freely across Syria by the US Coalition and its Gulf State financiers of the sectarian ideologues described by the Colonial media as “moderates”.

During our conversations, Ziad gave a very simple message to people in the West, particularly in the UK. Watch: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FYMeAStG2054&t=ffnt&ia=videos&iax=videos&iai=qwcHnG8EDTw


A car at the entrance to Shbeki village had been targeted by ISIS terrorists as it was attempting to ferry injured civilians to safety.
(Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

A burned out car seemed fused to the earth at the entrance to Shbeki. The car, a Skoda, had once belonged to Bahjat Atallah Saab who tried to rescue Zahi Jadallah Saab and his wife and son, Assem Zahi Saab, a law student. The entire car was targeted when they tried to flee the ISIS attack on Shbeki that began at 4am on 25th July 2018. The car came under attack by the ISIS snipers before being targeted by an RPG which turned the car into a furnace from which the occupants did not escape. Martyr Bahgat Saab was working as an Arabic language teacher.

This house in Shbeki was taken over by ISIS early on and used as a sniper vantage point.
(Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

The horrific ISIS bloodbath continued in Shbeki, in fact it intensified. In this village, 60 civilians were martyred, many of them systematically picked off by ISIS snipers after they occupied one of the outlying homes set high up overlooking the buildings and streets that lay below. The house owner was in Lebanon when he heard news of the attack. He rushed home to find out what had happened to his family, he was shot and killed by the ISIS occupiers.

View from the roof of the house used by ISIS snipers to target civilians below.
(Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Video from the rooftop of the house taken over by ISIS snipers in Shbeki. WATCH: https://youtu.be/hDdXEr9Eyqw

Hazem, a young student in his third year studying research science at Damascus University, received a call at 4.40 am on the 25th July 2018, when he was in Sweida city. He was told that his home town of Shbeki was under attack by ISIS fighters.

Hazem got in a car with five of his friends and tried to drive home, he was being guided by people inside the town who warned him which roads to avoid because ISIS had set up snipers along many of the entry roads into his village. Hazem entered from the south which was longer but safer. At 5.30 am he was still unable to enter because of the battles that were raging between the terrorists and the residents, determined to defend their families and land.

Hazem welcomed us in the traditional Sweida Madafa – the welcome room – of his family home. The sun poured through the glass onto the beautiful marble floor and chairs arranged around the sides of the room to provide a space to talk. Hazem recounted the appalling acts of violence committed by the ISIS terrorists who had entered the towns from the direction of the US base at Al Tanf, to the north-east of Shbeki, Shrehi and Rami..the villages I was able to visit.

Hazem’s testimony was shocking. He told us that his family was rounded up and taken to what he called the “bedouin house” at the outskirts of the village overlooking the plains and desert that stretch out towards the east and in the direction of the US military base at Al Tanf.

The Bedouin house on the outskirts of Shbeki overlooking the plains and desert to the East.
(Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

There, the ISIS terrorists took all the men outside and executed them in cold blood. Among them were Hazem’s father, brothers, cousin and neighbour. The ISIS fighters then forced the women and children to come outside to see the bodies of their fathers, sons, husbands before they kidnapped them and headed north east with 28 kidnap victims towards Tilal Al Safa.

Hazem confirmed that 60 civilians were martyred in Shbeki, the majority from sniper bullets after ISIS fighters took control of houses placed high above the village which enabled them to assassinate the young men who flocked to defend their families, one by one. Most of these young men did not realise that their hometown was infested by ISIS snipers – just as in the other villages, ISIS had attacked at 4 am under complete darkness and while everyone was sleeping. As in Shrehi, they shot out all the village lights during their approach before entering homes and murdering civilians, including children, while they slept. Hazem told us that a disabled child was beheaded as he lay sleeping in his bed.

Hazem’s mother had been used as a human shield by the ISIS fighters who forced her to walk in front of them to prevent the civilians firing upon them. She was later among the kidnap victims although she and Hazem’s sister in law managed to escape and returned to the village at night. They were terrified that ISIS had taken over the village so they slept in an abandoned house just outside the village until dawn when they were able to recognise their neighbours and families who had survived and defended their village, preventing total occupation by the terrorist group.

While we were talking with Hazem, a young boy came in to the Madafa and lay on one of the chairs. His name was Ismail, 8 years old. His father was murdered by the ISIS fighters and he was among the kidnap victims. During the move north-east with ISIS, Ismail had managed to mingle with some Bedouin children and escape the ISIS groups, before finally making it back to his village.

Before we left, Hazem wanted to send a message about the remaining 25 kidnap victims, almost entirely women and children:

Hazem showed us the road that ISIS took with the kidnap victims.

“They took the women and children who were in the Bedouin house by this road. They gathered the other women at the same end of the town next to the graves. All the women were in one place around 8.30 in the morning but they waited a long time before moving them. They took this road to the north. They took them in the direction of the Tial Al Safa hills which you can see from the Bedouin house. We think they reached the Tilal Al Safa hills after five or six days.”

I asked Hazem if he was worried about sleeper cells or further attacks from the ISIS members.

He pointed to the closest SAA checkpoint about 30 km to the north east of the village. He told me:
“There are big gaps between the SAA checkpoints, around 5km, so yes, we are worried that they may try to come back. It is not considered safe here after dark at the moment. From 5pm onwards the young men of the villages man the checkpoints in readiness for any possible attacks. We will not allow another massacre.”
Direction that ISIS took towards Tilal Al Safa. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

SAA soldiers in Tilal Al Safa to the North East of Sweida where they have been waging a fierce campaign to defeat ISIS.

The SAA have been making huge inroads in the area of Tilal Al Safa towards defeating the remnants of ISIS that have taken comfort in the shelter provided to them by the proximity of the US base in Al Tanf.

“ISIS benefitted from the US safety parameter around its military base at al-Tanaf, preventing Syrian and Iraqi armies from breaking into this parameter to pursue ISIS when needed. ISIS took advantage of the US measures and used the area to cross for the north where there is the bulk of its forces.” ~ Elijah J Magnier 

Today, 6th October 2018, Syrian Arab News Agency reported:

“Units of the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the allied forces, on Saturday continued to tighten the noose around Daesh (ISIS) terrorists’ remnants in depth of the rocky cliffs surroundings Tilal al-Safa, the last stronghold for terrorists deep in Sweida eastern Badiya (desert). The army continues to advance in the depth of the rocky cliffs, comb the caves and the cav”erns in the recently liberated areas, seizing weapons and munitions left behind by the terrorists, the reporter indicated.”

One of the kidnap victims, Thoraya Um Ammar, has been executed by ISIS, the others await their fate, surely praying that the SAA will be able to reach them and to drive out and destroy their ISIS captors. The unity and resilience of the people of the Sweida countryside is what has enabled them to survive the ISIS attack and its traumatic aftermath.

As I walked away from the stone “Bedouin” house that had been witness to such bloodthirsty brutality and violence, I spotted a flower stubbornly clinging to the wall outside. This is the spirit that has borne Syria through this 8 year war with such dignity and honour. The desire to defend their roots, to live and to love life against all odds.


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Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist, peace activist, photographer and associate editor at 21st Century Wire. Vanessa was a finalist for one of the most prestigious journalism awards – the 2017 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism – whose winners have included the likes of Robert Parry in 2017, Patrick Cockburn, Robert Fisk, Nick Davies and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism team. Please support Vanessa at her Patreon Account.

clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 12:43 pm (UTC)
Everything Is A Hoax
Paul Craig Roberts 5th-10-2018

An Israeli expert on terrorism and covert assassination procedures explains that the alleged Russian GRU attack on the Skripals with a supposedly deadly nerve agent is a completely obvious hoax to anyone who knows anything at all. https://russia-insider.com/en/skripals-are-mi6-hoax-not-worthy-ladies-detective-novels-israeli-expert-demolishes-uk-case/ri24912
The official story, says the expert, is “stupidity on stupidity.”
I agree with him.
The question is: Why did the British government think that they could get away with such an obvious hoax? The answer is that the people in Western countries don’t know anything about anything. They live in a world in which their reality is a product of the propaganda fed to them by “news organizations” and Hollywood movies. They only receive controlled explanations. Therefore, they know nothing about how anything really functions. Read the account by the Israeli expert to understand the vast difference between the British government’s hoax and the reality of how an assassination is conducted.
The Israeli expert got me to wondering why the British government thought anyone would fall for such a transparently false story. Having just read David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth’s new book, 9/11 Unmasked, and David Ray Griffin’s 2017 book, Bush and Cheney: How They Runed America and the World, the answer became obvious. The British government had watched the idiot Western populations fall for the official 9/11 conspiracy story in which a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes and without the support of any intelligence agency, caused the entire security apparatus ot the United States to fail utterly, and no one was held responsible for the total failure. The British government concluded that anyone who could possibly believe such an obviously false story would believe anything.
I remember coming to that conclusion years ago before the official conspiracy theory in the 9/11 Commission Report was blown to pieces by thousands of scientists, structural engineers, high-rise architects, military and civilian pilots, first responders on the scene, and a large number of former high government officials both in the US and abroad.
At first I did not connect the zionist neoconservatives’ plot, outlined in their public writings (for example, Norman Podhorttz in Commentary) to destroy 7 Middle Eastern countries in five years (also described by General Wesley Clark) and their statement that they needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to implement their plan, with the attack on the World Trade Center. But as I watched the twin towers blow up floor by floor it was completely obvious that these were not builldings falling down due to asymetrical structural damage and limited, low temperature office fires that probably did not even warm the massive steel structure to the point of being warm to the touch. When you watch the videos you see buildings blowing up. It is as clear as day. You see each floor blow. You see steel beams and other debris fly out the sides as projectiles. It is amazing that any human is so completely stupid as to think what he is seeing with his own eyes are buildings falling down from structural damage. But it required many years before half of the American people realized that the official account was pure bullshit.

Novichok, how long does it take to kill?
Novichok nerve agents were designed to be more toxic than others, like VX.
Effects for some versions of the poison can take 30 second to two minutes to become apparent - by then it is often too late.
How long was it after the Skripals both touched, ate or drank the toxin they were miraculously cured? Bear in mind every PM since Cromwell has been a liar.
Naemairwars commented-
Yeah man im just a wee Scottish nobody but your right there is something very smelly about so called deadly nerve agents that dont kill the target.Even i know if Russia or the U.K wanted you dead you be dead. Theyre both experts so in my humble opinion Russia not guilty. Russian people just normal like us its our governments who stir the pot of hate.

Edited at 2018-10-11 04:23 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 01:42 pm (UTC)
On Russia's dollar dump, how?
Simple, use the gold standard, or any other metal that is stable as the exchange rate. It's about time fiat currency was turned back into real money and taken off the table as a gambling medium tied to investor confidence. Oil and any other consumable is too volatile and manipulatable by bastards such as Soros. With a fixed standard, Black Wednesdays become impossible. Maybe the gold price rigging crooks would out of a job.
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 02:20 pm (UTC)
Central banks must be nationalised
Each native and naturalised person should be given one non transferable voting share that expires on death.
As a corporation the regime is owned by the public. Shares as for the CBs should be issued. (No more wars, fraudulent taxes like on food, austerity, CO2, no more than 50% of production cost price on goods, no more jail for victimless crime, no more jail or fines for invented crimes, etc.)
The NHS is owned by the public. Shares as for the CBs should be issued. That would end the sell-buy (nationalise) con practiced by the con men and labour pretenders.
Councils should issue a voting share to each victim of their tax regime.
The currently vacant office of crown head is a public funded office. A share in the office and properties of the office as for CBs should be issued to each "subject" owner.
Ditto the armed defence forces and security services.
Ditto the Civil Service.
Ditto utilities.
They want the world to be a corporation. Fine. Everyone gets a voting share. I would expect disestablishment to be the first item to be voted on.

Edited at 2018-10-11 03:14 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 03:32 pm (UTC)
Cameron's tax bought pig in a poke Lockheed Martin's F35s
RT:US military grounds its entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets in the wake of South Carolina crash
RT 11 Oct, 2018
#F35 crash in #SouthCarolina is first of its kind for the fifth-generation stealth jet https://t.co/V7pYagGIhhpic.twitter.com/EglqEUSgJh
— RT (@RT_com) September 28, 2018

The decision comes amid the investigation into the September 28 crash, which happened after the F-35B’s take-off from an air station in Beaufort.

“The primary goal following any mishap is the prevention of future incidents,” said Joe DellaVedova, a spokesman with the Pentagon’s Joint Program Office, which oversees the F-35. “We will take every measure to ensure safe operations while we deliver, sustain and modernize the F-35 for the warfighter and our defense partners.”

Foreign operators of the F-35, such as Britain or Israel, are also grounding their fighter jets for inspection, according to the JPO statement.

Mrs May said, "on behalf of my tax stock debt slaves, we are seeking compensation... we will buy more because the BoA ltd needs British taxpayers' cash."

Edited at 2018-10-11 03:33 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 04:05 pm (UTC)
Important Questions, the Answers and What You Can Do
Round-op Alpha Update: Important Questions, the Answers and What You Can Do
April 25, 2014 – Updated April 30, 2014 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.

International Announcement, for Immediate and Unlimited Distribution:
People who want to cooperate in the Round-op Alpha operation(s) do so on a voluntary basis and therefore initially decide for themselves what they are willing to do and how they want to offer their help. In a later stage we will request that they either continue their current self-determined tasks or that they complete one or more other specific tasks according to what the operation requires.
At this moment the current Round-op Alpha operation requires that people get organized amongst themselves, that they discuss and share the general concept, that they search for ways to contribute to the cause and operation.
One can do various things that in the end may have a substantial impact on the Round-op Alpha operation(s):
Spread the message and information (online and offline) that we provide and distribute
Organize one or more teams of people who can be trusted for specific missions
Gather information regarding the whereabouts and status of the R-oA2014-listed individuals
Report back to us regularly about updates and findings
Submit own ideas and solutions
Create campaign tools such as banners, videos and audio material to inform the general public
Report about Round-op Alpha on websites and blogs
Conduct investigations in order to identify additional individuals who should also be R-oA2014-listed and provide the evidence and indications for those cases
Gather evidence and indications regarding the crimes and acts/activities of the R-oA2014-listed individuals (conspirators) to support the compilation of the individual dossiers for each R-oA2014-listed individual which will be used during the hearings and prosecutions in the courts of law

Important Questions:
1. Why is a Specific Person Not Listed Yet?
Round-op Alpha is totally aware that more names need to be included in the R-oA2014 List. However, we are facing an enormous lack of resources and our current administrative team is undermanned in every sense of the word because gradually more and more e-mails need to be answered and an increasing number of investigations need to be conducted continuously and properly.
Round-op Alpha therefore requests the public to also support us in this specific task. When you need to see a certain name on the R-oA2014 List then send us the information that you have on that individual, i.e.: name, (professional) position, whereabouts and the evidence that supports the claim for inclusion in the R-oA2014 List.
2. Why is There a Limited Amount of Information on the Round-op Alpha Website?
It is indeed so that currently the main website has a limited amount of information, we hope you understand that this is for specific reasons. Round-op Alpha is in its initial phase and we have therefore opted to gradually ad more information as time goes by, this to a) measure the general public’s interest for the cause and b) not to jeopardize the operation(s).
3.How and Where Will the Arrests Occur?
The most favorable ways and places for the arrests of the R-oA2014-listed individuals are with the support of law enforcement officials who a) understand the dire situation and b) are willing to change it for the better; and in cooperation with citizens where and when possible in the event that the anticipated lack of law enforcement officials comes about. The actual places of the arrests of the R-oA2014-listed individuals depends on the whereabouts of each R-oA2014-listed individual. The initial Notices of Arrest first of all serve the purpose of inviting the general public and organizations to join the Round-op Alpha operation(s).
4. When Will the Arrests Occur and What about the Prosecutions in the Courts of Law?
A first time frame for the arrests, which is likely to be subject to change considering the scale of the operation(s), is a two-month period: January and February 2015. It is very important that a substantial number of arrests occur within the same time frame, be it the initial two-month period or a reviewed one.

Continued under
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 04:08 pm (UTC)
4. When Will the Arrests Occur continued
[It is very important that a substantial number of arrests occur within the same time frame, be it the initial two-month period or a reviewed one.]
Hearings and prosecutions can not take place in any of the existing judicial bodies recognized and/or organized by the ruling entities and factions since those venues are on their own turf. We foresee or rather hope for the participation of several other venues including but not limited to the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal. Although it is true that venues like that currently have no legally binding powers, as perceived by most governments, this should not mean that their possible contribution should not be taken seriously. Any judicial venue created by the ruling entities and factions are off-limits for they would only harm the course of justice. We are not envisaging mock trials and freak shows. It is within the possibilities and already highly anticipated that the general public will (have to) organize a new judicial venue consisting of people who are not affiliated in any way with any of the ruling entities, factions and R-oA2014-listed individuals. Most favorably the new judicial venue should be overseen by people coming from the remaining “truth movement” of course minus the known and to-be-exposed PSYOP, CO-OPTED, COINTELPRO agents and individuals.
5. Are There Individual Files or Dossiers for Every R-oA2014-listed Individual?
The individual dossiers for each R-oA2014-listed individual, containing the evidence and information to be used during the hearings and in the courts of law, are imperative and are currently being compiled but we have a serious shortage of resources and we already have too few helping hands and minds at our disposal. We therefore request that people consider to contribute to this work.
6. Is There a Military Alliance Being Formed Behind the Scenes?
There are indeed rumors about a military alliance that is aiming at the arrest of key individuals but to claim that we can confirm this 100% would be irresponsible for we cannot, yet. Still, we do look forward to contributing to that alliance’s operations.
7. What about Benefits and Profits, is There Money Involved?
No one at Round-op Alpha is earning any income for their work at Round-op Alpha, neither are we running any fundraisers. First of all because we can’t afford this kind of expenses but also, and even more important, because it is in such conditions that the chances are better for us to eventually find the right people for our operation(s). When one isn’t willing to do this job without a monetary compensation attached to it then there’s no way he or she will do it in an honest manner when getting payed regularly along the way. Of course, when the general public decides to donate any kind of resources to Round-op Alpha or our people individually then these are most welcome and will certainly be accepted and deployed appropriately. Should any Round-op Alpha operative receive personal contributions in any way then that would be their own choice to either accept these offers or not.
The real benefits and profits for everyone, and not just for the people working with Round-op Alpha, are at the finish line because there are countless taxes to be abolished across the world that are now in place although they are not lawful and certainly not necessary, one perfect example of this is the carbon (CO2) tax and the accompanying multi billion dollar/euro market.
Prices of goods and services including the use of money (loans) is anticipated to decrease substantially once the prosecutions of the R-oA2014-listed individuals have been completed successfully since there are currently financial constructions in place that serve the sole purpose of perpetual price increases, to be beneficial only for those who have created the constructions, i.e. the same people who are R-oA2014-listed, their entourage and the institutions and entities they are affiliated with or where they are holding positions. The total to which all of this eventually amounts is in the range of 100s to even 1000s of trillions (dollar, euro) per year.
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 04:58 pm (UTC)
From Freedom News Report
China Hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server
The Daily Caller reports that an anonymous source revealed in an exclusive interview that China hacked all of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private…

[C-day approacheth.]
WikiLeaks Says it will Bring Hillary Clinton Down by October 21
President Donald Trump has one campaign yet to fulfill and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is vowing to see that one fulfilled sooner rather later. In his words – “If Trump doesn’t take Clinton down, we will.”

New Evidence Showing Steele Was in Obama’s Pocket Well Before Fusion GPS
Judicial Watch announced this week it has uncovered startling new evidence that former British spy, Christopher Steele was in Barack Obama’s pocket long before Fusion GPS set out in its failed attempt to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

Trump’s America Just Beat the Entire Paris Climate Accord
Look, we understand that the science on climate change is far from settled. We’re not here to explain the importance of CO2 management or push some agenda. Instead, we’re just going to look at some numbers to make an important point about our planet’s health.
For the sake of argument, we’re going to accept the liberal argument that reducing CO2 production is important. In fact, we’ll double down and suspend reality and accept that it’s the most important issue in the world right now.
Based on that assumption, Donald Trump is not only the most successful and important leader in the world, he’s bordering on being the champion savior of the left. Here’s the breakdown…
Carbon Dioxide Production
There is no question that the United States is a world leader in CO2 production. As of 2016, we were 2nd in the world. As of now, we’re actually third behind China and India. Similarly, we’re in the top three for per capita production. That gives the U.S. a lot of room for improvement, and it’s why the left said that our exit from the Paris Agreement was a death sentence for all mankind. Then again, reality is never so simple.
Since leaving the agreement, the U.S. has led the world in reducing CO2 emissions. This is according to research provided by AEI, a climate change watchdog. Last year, we cut our production by over 40 million tons. That’s a good foot forward.
In that same span China and India increased their production by 120 and 95 million tons respectively. But, it’s not fun to pick on India and China. The European Union, champion of the Paris Agreement, increased their production by more than the U.S. decreased hers.
If you compare the combined efforts of the Paris Agreement countries to the U.S., the U.S. wins the competition by more than 200 million tons of CO2.
Then again, it might not be fair to compare the entire agreement. When you have almost 200 countries working on something, you’re sure to see some disparity. So, we can look at it this way. If you only consider countries that actually cut CO2 emissions (since China and India are both accelerating their production) and are members of the Paris Agreement, the U.S. slashed more CO2 than all of them combined. To put it simply, the U.S. has done more to reduce CO2 emissions than the rest of the combined world.
Why Is the US Winning?
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 05:42 pm (UTC)
Free heat
Not enough is being done to develop underground heat.
Geothermal gradient - Wikipedia
Geothermal gradient is the rate of increasing temperature with respect to increasing depth in the Earth's interior. Away from tectonic plate boundaries, it is about 25-30 °C/km (72-87 °F/mi) of depth near the surface in most of the world.

Annual ground temperature measurements at various depths
Because of the high thermal inertia of the soil, the temperature fluctuations at the surface of the ground are diminished as the depth of the ground increases. The annual temperature variation of the ground at a depth of 3m is between 15 to 25°C while at a depth of 25m is negligible and the temperature remains constant at about 22°C.


Heating costs could be pennies per household for minimal outlay. Fracking wells could be a source. But corporations control the regimes and there is no profit in it so.

I suggested a while ago that fracking should be a short term stop-gap while sea floor harvesting of renewable clathrated methane is developed. Japan was actively collecting methane at that time.

Methane clathrate - Wikipedia [Development discussed]
Methane clathrate (CH 4 ·5.75H 2 O) or (4CH 4 ·23H 2 O), also called methane hydrate, hydromethane, methane ice, fire ice, natural gas hydrate, or gas hydrate, is a solid clathrate compound (more specifically, a clathrate hydrate) in which a large amount of methane is trapped within a crystal structure of water, forming a solid similar to ice.

‘Flammable ice’: Chinese breakthrough could lead to global energy revolution

Edited at 2018-10-13 09:25 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 05:45 pm (UTC)
Future of Western Democracy Being Played Out in Brazil
The Saker October 09, 2018
by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with Consortium News by special agreement with the author)

Stripped to its essence, the Brazilian presidential elections represent a direct clash between democracy and an early 21st Century neofascism, indeed between civilization and barbarism, writes Pepe Escobar.
Nothing less than the future of politics across the West – and across the Global South – is being played out in Brazil.
Stripped to its essence, the Brazilian presidential elections represent a direct clash between democracy and an early 21st Century, neofascism, indeed between civilization and barbarism.
Geopolitical and global economic reverberations will be immense. The Brazilian dilemma illuminates all the contradictions surrounding the Right populist offensive across the West, juxtaposed to the inexorable collapse of the Left. The stakes could not be higher.
Jair Bolsonaro, an outright supporter of Brazilian military dictatorships of last century, who has been normalized as the “extreme-right candidate,” won the first round of the presidential elections on Sunday with more than 49 million votes. That was 46 percent of the total, just shy of a majority needed for an outright win. This in itself is a jaw-dropping development.
His opponent, Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party (PT), got only 31 million votes, or 29 percent of the total. He will now face Bolsonaro in a runoff on October 28. A Sisyphean task awaits Haddad: just to reach parity with Bolsonaro, he needs every single vote from those who supported the third and fourth-placed candidates, plus a substantial share of the almost 20 percent of votes considered null and void.
Meanwhile, no less than 69 percent of Brazilians, according to the latest polls, profess their support for democracy. That means 31 percent do not.
No Tropical Trump
Dystopia Central does not even begin to qualify it. Progressive Brazilians are terrified of facing a mutant “Brazil” (the movie) cum Mad Max wasteland ravaged by evangelical fanatics, rapacious neoliberal casino capitalists and a rabid military bent on recreating a Dictatorship 2.0.
Bolsonaro: Danger for Brazil.
Bolsonaro, a former paratrooper, is being depicted by Western mainstream media essentially as the Tropical Trump. The facts are way more complex.
Bannon aims at capturing at least one-third of the seats in Strasbourg. He’s bound to apply tested American-style methods such as intensive polling, data analysis, and intensive social media campaigns – much the same as in Bolsonaro’s case. But there’s no guarantee it will work, of course.
The foundation stone of The Movement was arguably laid in two key meetings in early September set up by Bannon and his right-hand man, Mischael Modrikamen, chairman of the quite small Belgian Parti Populaire (PP). The first meeting was in Rome with Salvini and the second in Belgrade with Orban.
Modrikamen defines the concept as a “club” which will “collect funds from donors, in America and Europe, to make sure ‘populist’ ideas can be heard by the citizens of Europe who perceive more and more that Europe is not a democracy anymore.”
Modrikamen insists, “We are all sovereignists.” The Movement will hammer four themes that seem to form a consensus among disparate, EU-wide political parties: against “uncontrolled immigration”; against “Islamism”; favoring “security” across the EU; and supporting “a Europe of sovereign nations, proud of their identity.”
The Movement should really pick up speed after next month’s midterms in the U.S. In theory, it could congregate different parties from the same nation under its umbrella. That could be a very tall order, even taller than the fact key political actors already have divergent agendas.
Wilders wants to blow up the EU. Salvini and Orban want a weak EU but they don’t want to get rid of its institutions. Le Pen wants a EU reform followed by a “Frexit” referendum.
clothcapclothcap on October 11th, 2018 11:22 pm (UTC)
From Global Research
Oblivious to Our Military Industrial Empire
By Philip A Farruggio, October 06, 2018

The Final Truth of Russia-gate
By Justin Raimondo, October 08, 2018

NAFTA 2.0: Free Trade or Central Planning?
By Rep. Ron Paul, October 08, 2018

The Coming Military Vision of State Censorship
By True Publica, October 09, 2018

How the Tentacles of the US Military Are Strangling the Planet
By Prof. Vijay Prashad, October 09, 2018

America Is on the Road to Becoming a Fascist State
By Robert Scheer, October 09, 2018

Video: Iran’s World Court Win Exposes U.S. as Rogue State
By The Real News Network, October 09, 2018

Video: Clashes Between Militant Groups Ongoing in Western Aleppo
By South Front, October 09, 2018

What Is the Best Solution to the Ukrainian Crisis?
By Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović, October 09, 2018

Climate Alarm: ‘Most Important Years in History’
By Karl Mathiesen and Natalie Sauer, October 09, 2018

Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, October 10, 2018

President Assad’s Amnesty Decree to Military Deserters
By Andrew Korybko, October 10, 2018

Haley Resigns as Trump’s UN Envoy
By Stephen Lendman, October 10, 2018

Video: Kurdish YPG Cells Attack Turkish-backed Forces in Afrin, Northern Syria
By South Front, October 11, 2018

Neoliberal Economics: The Plague of Iran’s Economy
By Prof. Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, October 11, 2018

Influenza-like Illnesses (ILI) and Influenza: The Implications for Seasonal Vaccinations
By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, October 11, 2018

The Anatomy of a Great Deception. 9/11 is Not About the Past. It’s About the Future
By David Hooper and Richard Gage, October 11, 2018

A Global People’s Bailout for the Coming Financial Crash
By Adam Parsons, October 11, 2018

Edited at 2018-10-12 03:21 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 12th, 2018 02:04 pm (UTC)
MAJOR: R.T. West Files ICC Case Over Use of Sarin Gas Employed at Ghouta
By RT West - A Breaking Point in Geopolitical Torsion - International Law vs Spy Agencies
By Guest Author Fort Russ Oct 12, 2018

Complaint concerning the crime of sarin gas employed at Ghouta, Syria, in August of 2013. RT West’s meta-historical and social notes regarding his filed, formal complaint to the International Criminal Court regarding. The body of ICC complaint is linked to his blog at the bottom, where it first published for the public. ‘Its been 3 full months since the court signaled it would make a determination of whether to open investigation, easily enough time to reject the complaint if it were not actually being considered on basis of merit’. – ed, J. FLores
By Ronald Thomas West – Reciprocity in law is as old as, or older than, the Code of Hammurabi’s an ‘eye for an eye.’ This would later be demonstrated in the international law rule of ‘reciprocity’ where an action undertaken by one state cannot be disputed when identical principle is undertaken by an opposing state against the initiating state, an early principle of restraint in international relations. It followed, a greater stability had been sought after in the 20th Century’s attempts to organize the international law with the foundation of the League of Nations and its replacement, the United Nations and the onset of the modern multilateral treaty governing nation-states behavior.
However sincere certain statesmen might have been in creating the United Nations and associated international law of the present era, flaws were inevitable in the mold at casting; the ideological contest between East and West, the naivety of non-Western, especially non-European, nation-states in matters of the Western conceived international law and associated history of ‘treaties made to be broken’, and not least, the long history of the European sleight-of-hand internecine warfare best represented for the purposes of this essay in the NATO nations, allied and adversaries intelligence agencies. The bottom line per this last is, international law could not, and necessarily has not, reshaped human behavior at the base level; in the absence of a universal jurisdiction overseeing what has become the rampant criminality of the many nation-states spy agencies.
Herein the preceding lie the torsion where international law is laid waste and finally broken; whether Allan Dulles presenting false testimony to President Eisenhower resulting in a green light for the CIA to murder Patrice Lumumba, the related Western intelligence agencies employed Belgian mercenary pilot who shot down Dag Hammarskjold, or United States Special Forces leading the Bolivian troops who captured Che Guevara but then, handing Guevara to CIA operatives who committed extra-judicial assassination of the same, a few post WWII or early examples of flouting the modern conventions of international law to present actors; whether NATO’s Dutch intelligence agency, with its’ long history of technical assistance to CIA related misadventures, assisting with cover for the perpetrators of the false-flag murders of more than 300 civilians in the case of MH17, an information operation to demonize Russia, or NATO’s Turkey and its’ intelligence agency handing lethal chemical weapon capability, sourced in Europe, to al-Qaida, killing well over 1,000 Syrian civilians, blamed on Assad. In this last case, detailed in following pages, simple hubris created an opening to break into and expose an ‘unwritten law’ of geopolitical intrigue practiced by the liberal democracies leadership in relation to the actions of their covert operators: ‘what we don’t know, won’t hurt us.’ Perhaps now, that must change.
Bum burps in a gale. It seems the ICC has its head up its third eye and its wallet wide open.

Edited at 2018-10-12 02:32 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 12th, 2018 02:08 pm (UTC)
Ghouta 2015 CW Attack By Terrorists -The Charge:
Western Intelligence Agencies & The International Criminal Court
Ronald Thomas West July 3, 2018

Here is my brainchild for setting precedent holding intelligence agencies and their political enablers responsible for war crimes. This is a true copy of my 3 July 2018 filing with the International Criminal Court, updates will be added below:
Dear Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court
Thank you for the invitation to formalize my complaint concerning the crime of sarin gas employed at Ghouta, Syria, in August of 2013.
Under customary international law, aiding and abetting war crimes includes three elements:
(1) A Principal person or entity committed a war crime;
(2) Another actor committed an act that had a substantial effect upon the commission of the underlying offence; and
(3) Required mental state: The other actor knew that that such an act would assist, or had the substantial likelihood of assisting, the commission of the underlying offense.
Notice what is missing. There is no requirement that the accomplice had the purpose or desire to facilitate the underlying offence.
1) Turkey, a NATO nation, via its’ intelligence agency MIT, conspired with al Qaida (a proposed clandestine NATO affiliate) to commit a war crime, that is the (false flag) gassing and death of more than one thousand civilians at Ghouta, Syria, in August, 2013.
2) Officials of NATO actor Germany, a signatory to The Rome Statute, provided ‘cover’ via propaganda and other, related means (e.g. laundering false information to media via parliamentary oversight) allowing the actual perpetrators to escape scrutiny despite German intelligence knowing:
3) Such act (immediate preceding) substantially would assist the commission of the specified crime or in other words, enable false-flag impunity.
Arts 49/50/129/146 of the four Geneva Conventions (1949) requiring the Member States to prosecute and punish all ‘persons’ who commit grave breaches (Ambos [2014] 146). Accordingly, the Elements of Crimes of the ICC Statute do not provide an explicit note for the category of perpetrators as there was no dissent during the negotiations at the Rome Conference that war crimes can be committed by both members of armed forces and civilians (Dörmann, Elements of War Crimes [2003] 391).
Going to the immediate preceding (III), this petitioner to the International Criminal Court (Ronald Thomas West) holds persons in any government signatory to the Rome Statute are prohibited from aiding and abetting a war crime or crime against humanity no matter the crime had been outside the courts purview (non-signatory state) when the aiding and abetting is committed within the courts purview (a signatory state.) This would include certain Western democracies intelligence agencies employees and aligned politicians providing cover for perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Named persons of the German federal security service and responsible politicians (Bundesnachrichtendienst) who’ve proactively (provided false information) or passively (allowed false information) to purposely aid and abet the actual perpetrators (Turkey’s MIT in partnership with al-Qaida) of the (false flag) gas attack at Ghouta, Syria in August 2013 include (but is not limited to) past president of BND Gerhard Schindler, present president of BND Bruno Kahl, Helge Braun (oversight minister) and Angela Merkel.
Named persons directing the German office of the Federal Prosecutor (Generalbundesanwalt/Generalbundesanwältin) who’ve failed to investigate and prosecute domestically and internationally (universal jurisdiction for war crimes or Völkerstrafgesetzbuch) are Harald Range and Peter Frank.
Named German parliamentarians...
ICC mason(?) judges are funded by Soros' OSF.

Edited at 2018-10-12 02:09 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 12th, 2018 02:24 pm (UTC)
6.4 Earthquake at Bali IMF-World Bank Summit Is Pronouncement of The Gods Against Neoliberalism
By Curwen Ares Rolinson
Fort Russ Oct 12, 2018

So this just happened. The IMF and World Bank descend upon Bali. Resulting in a magnitude 6.4 Earthquake. Something that I do not think is *at all* coincidental to the highlighted detail of this article – that ritual carried out to ask for Divine Blessing for this Summit.
[Bloomberg article headline}
I have maintained for some time that Neoliberalism is a demonic ideology. I mean this quite literally. That it is Anarya, A’Rta, A’Dharmic. A force by and for Evil here in this world of ours.
And therefore, that it can, it should, and it MUST be opposed. As, of course, the Gods most assuredly do. It is our role in the course of the ongoing Dharma-Yuddha against Neoliberalism to support Them in Their most mighty machy against it, its supporters, its advocates, and its ultimate nefarious puppetmaster sources. And, further, to do our part in this great war effort through combating its manifestations and its minions here on Earth.
So with all of that in mind, it would seem most morally dubious – nay, INIQUITOUS – indeed, for a ritual to be carried out to effectively ask our Gods to ‘bless’ such a turgid gathering of the Enemy, in amidst the holy sites and shrines of that Island.
Or would it?
Bolleaux. None of the crooks slowly and painfully killed? Definitely not "our" god(s). And surely it (they) would have targetted the JEU's Tower of Babel in Strasbourg first?

Edited at 2018-10-13 04:30 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 13th, 2018 03:02 pm (UTC)
Some Zero Hedge 1
Ukraine Begins Large Air Force Exercises With NATO To "Protect The Airspace" From Russia
Nothing to see here... Washington says it's merely "promoting peace" with the war games.

Britain, NATO Prepare For War On Russia In The Arctic
"The NATO military alliance is preparing for war in the Arctic, and deliberately confronting Russia by conducting manoeuvres ever-closer to its borders. It had better be very careful..."

AI Drones And Force Fields Ward Off Shark Attacks
US officials are closely monitoring the technological advancements because climate change is altering shark migration...

7 Glimpses Into The Social Decay That Is Voraciously Eating Away At The Fabric Of America
What in the world is happening to us?
Talmud-Kabbalah Khazarification.

Martin Armstrong: Napoleon, War, Sunspots, & Human Excitability
"Perhaps the events might differ, but the result is always the same..."

The Casualty List From The Kavanaugh Battle
After a 50-year siege, the great strategic fortress of liberalism has fallen...

The People Give The Orders And The Government Obeys
"Mexicans are further along than, say, Europeans or Americans in understanding the true role of government. The mask has been off for some time and the people understand that the government does not exist to serve them; it exists to enslave them..."

Americans Are Stuck In An Abusive Relationships With Power
"The fact of the matter is American citizens in 2018 are just a nuisance for the real power players. Useful as consumers, but increasingly problematic as larger numbers start to ask questions about how things really work."

The Snowflake Culture Is Killing Our Kids
"This attempt to shield young people from anything uncomfortable is pure madness. We are setting kids up for a lifetime of pain..."

Snyder: Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever, Country Spiraling Toward Civil War
"...We are rapidly getting to the point where America is simply going to be ungovernable..."

Americans Are Stuck In An Abusive Relationships With Power
"The fact of the matter is American citizens in 2018 are just a nuisance for the real power players. Useful as consumers, but increasingly problematic as larger numbers start to ask questions about how things really work."

Mayor De Blasio Signs Law Establishing 'Third Gender' For NYC Birth Certificates
The law will also allow transgender city dwellers to change their designation to the 'correct' gender without documentation from a nurse or a doctor.
Men imitating women and women imitating men a third gender?

The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The US... And No One Is Paying Attention
"Blind faith in the U.S. dollar is perhaps one of the most crippling disabilities economists have in gauging our economic future... I believe that it is only a matter of months before China uses its own dollar and treasury reserves as a weapon... "
clothcapclothcap on October 13th, 2018 03:04 pm (UTC)
Zero Hedge 2
Trump Says He "Doesn't Like What The Fed Is Doing", Is Considering Goldman's Powell For UN Ambassador
"I don’t like what the Fed is doing", Trump told reporters at the White House. "I think we don’t have to go as fast" on rate hikes.

Google Lied About "Dragonfly" China Censorship Project According To Leaked Transcript
That answer, according to one Google source, was "bullshit"

New Evidence Of Chinese Spy Hardware Found By Ex-Mossad Investigators; Super Micro Shares Plunge
"a subsequent physical inspection revealed an implant built into the server’s Ethernet connector"
I didn't know Mossad used chinese tech...

Nikki Haley Resigns As UN Ambassador
Haley will be leaving her position as ambassador to the UN at the end of the year. Trump says he will name a successor in '2-3 weeks'.

Nobel Committee Pushes Environmental Regulation With Its Latest Winners
Both economists see an expanded role for the State...

"Fu*k. You. All. To. Hell": Google Exec Threatens GOP Over Kavanaugh Confirmation
"I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames."
The CIA is upset.

With Corruption Like This, It's No Wonder So Many Pension Funds Are Insolvent
Last week, the head of a New York state pension fund found herself a new job...

Greece "To Claim €280 Billion" In War Reparations From Germany
It marks the beginning of a long campaign, which will start in November...

The UK Is Practicing Cyberattacks To Black Out Moscow As A Nuclear Deterrent
"you can go on the offensive and turn off the lights in Moscow" - UK military source
You're kidding me. Will no-one arrest the regime?

Soros Color Revolution In Syria?
"Everything about this current hysteria, beginning with disinformation, fearmongering and ending with 'Red Tuesday', are all hallmarks of a Soros-sponsored colour revolution."
Soros' name keeps cropping up in the news. Even the propagandist MsM. The establishment versus the MIIC?

Salvini Resists German Plan To Return Asylum Seekers By Threatening To Close Airports
"If anyone, from Brussels or Berlin, thinks to send dozens of immigrants to Italy via chartered flights without authorization, know that there is not, and there won't be, any available airports. We will close the airports like we closed the ports!"
The JEU- ECFR zio-fabian eco nazis' vision of coffee coloured, homosexualised Europe is going tits up.

The Final Truth Of Russia-Gate
As the hoax unravels, the real story of “foreign collusion” comes out...

Pope Francis: Divisive Devil Responsible For Catholic Pedophile Epidemic
Heaven forbid he blame the priests...
Lucifer, as worshipped by many vaticanites?
If people are made in their god's image, was - is Lucifer a mass murdering paedo?
clothcapclothcap on October 13th, 2018 08:59 pm (UTC)
From Fort Russ
Paul Antonopoulos Oct 13, 2018

ACTING IN BAD FAITH: Russian Envoy says ‘OPCW experts deal poorly with evidence collected in Syria’
Paul Antonopoulos Oct 13, 2018


A Badly Confused Washington Believes Syria will Invite it to ‘Rebuild’ – Gives…


DISINFORMATION: Allegations Arise from Israel that Iranian Military Will Use S-300 in Syria

Did Israel Secretly Participate in Military Maneuvers in Ukraine?
Paul Antonopoulos Oct 13, 2018
At the end of September, Russia delivered S-300PM air defense systems to Syria. Although these have not yet been used in combat, they have attracted much attention from the…

U.S & Israel use Ukraine to Get S-300 Secrets
Paul Antonopoulos Oct 11, 2018
A joint US-Israeli delegation visited Ukraine to seek information on several important weapons, including the Russian S-300 complexes recently established in Syria, since after the fall…

Paul Antonopoulos Oct 11, 2018
The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a tape showing terrorists transporting two barrels of chlorine to the northern Syrian province of Aleppo.According to the Russian…
clothcapclothcap on October 13th, 2018 09:01 pm (UTC)
From Abel Danger
Sherlock Hawkins — Con Air Marcy’s Princess Di, Psycho Soames’ SWAT Team Yaw, Serco’s Spot On Rothschild Bridge
September 26, 2018
Source: Patreon
David “Sherlock” Hawkins has reverse engineered the curious case of the stolen Mercedes Benz S280 which was returned in pristine condition prior to the wrongful death of Princess Diana in Paris on 31 August 1997 but for the apparent replacement of the on-board chip with Micron Technology Inc’s RFID system in communication with vehicle on-board computer US6112152A Priority date 1996-12-06 Grant 2000-08-29 which allegedly allowed SWAT team psychopaths rewarded with upgraded privileges by Kristine ‘Con Air’ Marcy (sister of Marine Corps whistleblower Field McConnell) and Nicholas Soames (White’s Club-gambling grandson of Winston Churchill and brother of Serco CEO Rupert Soames) to place the car under the control of Jerome H. Lemelson’s Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods US6054928A; sabotage the Princeess’s seat belt ; induce dizziness in her chauffeur, the late Henri Paul, with Eli Lilly and Co Ltd (GB)’s (S)-norfluoxetine in method of inhibiting serotonin uptake US5250571A Priority date 1988-11-14 Grant 1993-10-05 and ‘yaw’ the car into a spot-fixed collision with the 13th column of road tunnel under the Pont d’Alma bridge.
Hawkins is investigating Serco‘s apparent development of fuzzy logic algorithms in the Lemelson patent to reward Marcy SWAT teams for spot fixing high-value-target or mass-casualty events on the federal bridge certification authority PKI network invented at GCHQ in the early 70s, where psychopaths procure children for an online pedophile ring established by Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein for Serco‘s investment banker N M Rothschild, investment banker for U.S. President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II.
Hawkins is investigating Serco’s apparent use of QinetiQ North America Inc.’s Social engineering protection appliance US9123027B2 to inject fake news / media plays onto the federal bridge and help the Soames and Marcy (S&M!) psychopaths in their continuing efforts to decoy public attention from the pedophile and dead-pool ring which Princess Diana may have been about to expose.

Hawkins uses storyboards and reverse CSI scripts for prospective production companies to help injured communities develop wrongful death claims associated with the negligent, reckless, wilful or fraudulent use of patented devices in the custody of Serco agents and shareholders including the British and Saudi Arabian Governments.

Hawkins alleges that a psychopathic relationship between the Soames and the McConnell siblings emerged after Kristine Marcy conceived a daughter at a Mendenhall oath taking ritual witnessed by her SES colleagues and apparently hosted (?) by Nicholas Soames in November 1978. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1979/08/08/now-you-can-be-both-mother-professional/05e4cd82-05d0-4856-8d13-10bfe29ea0c2/?noredirect=on

David Hawkins
“On 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes S280, Henri Paul, were pronounced dead at the scene. A fourth passenger in the car, bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, was seriously injured but survived.”
“Micron Technology Inc RFID system in communication with vehicle on-board computer Priority date 1996-12-06 2000-08-29 US6112152A Grant Abstract A system comprising a vehicle on-board computer; and a wireless transponder device coupled to the vehicle on-board computer. The system performs a variety of functions because of its ability to transmit and receive data from other transponders which may be remote from the vehicle or located in the vehicle at a location spaced apart from the system. Remote transponders are spaced apart from the vehicle. The remote transponders can be positioned, for example, at a gas station, toll booth, service center, dealership, parking lot, or along a roadside”
clothcapclothcap on October 14th, 2018 12:40 am (UTC)
An Alliance Continues to Take Down the Deep State — Review the Latest Operations
10/13/2018 By Stillness in the Storm
(Geopolitics) Recent anti-Deep State measures are too hard to ignore. In a follow-up to the installation of S-300 SAM system to tame Israel in Syria, a massive explosion rocked Ukraine two nights ago. This is a message to the West that the ongoing US-NATO-Ukraine joint military exercise is highly provocative to the Russians.
Related Will President Trump and the Alliance Drain the Gremlin Swamp? (Video)
Source – Geopolitics
by Staff Writer, October 11th, 2018
“Up to three blasts per second rocked a munitions depot near the city of Chernigov in northern Ukraine. More than 10,000 people were evacuated from the area, which was put on lockdown for air and land travel.
The first reports of explosions at the arsenal in the town of Ichnia came in at about 3.30am. Five depots of the arsenal were still engulfed by the inferno in the afternoon.
The powerful blasts smashed doors and windows in nearby areas, according to locals’ comments on social media. Terrified people have been posting images of the night sky lit up by the apparent explosions.”
Any radar transmitter capable of sending high powered microwave frequencies could easily heat up the ammunition depot to initiate an explosion.
Prior to the Ukrainian arms and ammunition depot explosion, China has arrested the Chinese national Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei as soon as he landed in the country for various crimes and bribery charges. We suspect that this has to do with possible intelligence leaks while he was headquartered in Lyon, France.
Meng Hongwei
“… French media reported that the Interpol president, Meng Hongwei, has been missing since he traveled to China in late September. Meng’s wife, who resides in France’s Lyon, the same city where Interpol is headquartered, reported to the police her husband missing on Friday, having not heard from him since 25 September when he traveled from France to his native China.
Chinese media said later that Meng, who also serves as the Chinese deputy public security minister, was taken for interrogation soon after landing in China a week ago.
Meng assumed office in November 2016. He has held various positions within China’s Ministry of Public Security in his decades-long career. According to Interpol’s website, Meng Hongwei served as Vice Minister of Public Security in China.”

On the other hand, Donald Trump has finally kicked out the abrasive US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley, and the mainstream media is bitter:
Nikki Haley
President Trump praised outgoing U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley for doing “an incredible job,” when he announced her upcoming resignation at the end of the year.
President Trump and Haley held a quickly arranged media availability Tuesday morning in the White House, shortly after Axios’s Jonathan Swan broke the news of her impending exit. Haley said her resignation was simply about needing a break after six years as South Carolina governor and two at the United Nations, and Trump said Haley even previewed a desire to leave as long as six months ago.
The two were obviously eager to downplay the idea that this was hasty. But if it wasn’t, that might make the timing even odder.
If this was long planned, it was apparently one of the best-kept secrets in a very leaky White House. The news reportedly blindsided those in the foreign policy establishment, the White House and even members of Haley’s staff
Update: Haley’s resignation letter is dated Oct. 3, which would put it before the above allegations became public. The White House hasn’t always been totally accurate with its dates, it bears noting, but that date does coincide with when Haley met with Trump in-person. It was also a day after Trump mocked Christine Blasey Ford at a rally, though there’s no indication this had anything to do with Haley’s departure.
Washington Post. https://tinyurl.com/y9f7ykjk
Thanks for the info SITS.
clothcapclothcap on October 14th, 2018 02:26 pm (UTC)
Paul Antonopoulos Oct 14, 2018
The US-led international coalition has launched an air strike in the Syrian city of Hajin, in the eastern desert province of Deir ez-Zor, using white phosphorus banned by international resolutions, the SANA news agency quoted local sources as saying.
“The coalition has launched air strikes in some quarters of the city of Hajin, which lies 110 kilometers from Deir ez-Zor, using white phosphorus,” sources told the agency.
The media say the attack was carried out on Saturday without giving information on dead or injured.
According to SANA, the attacks were carried out “under the pretext of fighting ISIS”, a terrorist group banned in Russia.
The coalition has not yet officially commented on the alleged incident.
The reported attack is not the first time the coalition has been accused of using prohibited weapons. In early September, the Russian Center for Reconciliation reported that two US F-15 jets carried out attacks using internationally banned phosphorus bombs in Deir ez-Zor province.
For its part, the coalition and the Pentagon have denied the use of white phosphorus in Syria.
Under the Geneva Conventions, the use of white phosphorus munitions is prohibited against civilians or in residential areas.
This week the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs expressed concern about the safety of 10,000 civilians trapped in the Hajin area amid reports of civilian casualties during the operations by the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US-led international coalition against ISIS.
There was I believing ISIS was part of the "coalition" for regime change in Syria.
Which genocidal, apartheid, barbarian terrorist state is famous for using white phosphorous against civilians using US supplied F-15s?
A hint. Their god allows paedophilia.
clothcapclothcap on October 14th, 2018 11:12 pm (UTC)
Abel Danger October 7, 2018 Site Admin
By Jim Stone
Recently, a story about a special chip “the size of a grain of rice” that China allegedly put in countless electronic items to spy on everyone made the MSM rounds. Perhaps a few dolts in alt media also ran this. I have been thinking of a perfect way to debunk this crap. I have it.
If this spy chip is in your iPhone, then whoever produced the story will have it identified and be able to tell you the part designation and where it is on the circuit board. A part “the size of a grain of rice” is an ENORMOUS part for an iPhone; all parts except for the main processor are smaller than a grain of rice, and a grain of rice is much thicker than any circuit board in an iPhone, so it ought to be pretty easy to find. But you won’t find it because the story is a hoax.
The story was fabricated by an electronics ignoramus who thought, “gee, a grain of rice is small, so I’ll just say that’s how big it is”. But the reality is that many parts in modern electronics are so small you can fit 50 in a grain of rice – surface mount resistors, diodes, and fuses are all a LOT smaller than a grain of rice – but since the story is bullshit, written by a bullshitter, “a grain of rice” will do. Whoever wrote it said that because it gave the impression of being small enough to be hidden. In an iPhone, a grain of rice could never be hidden: a grain of rice is bigger than a 1/4 watt resistor; you would not keep that hidden in even a 1970s vintage 8-track player.
So why would a B.S. spew be fronted about a “Chinese spy chip” at this point in time? ANSWER OBVIOUS:
Because the Jews, mainly via engineering departments based in Israel, made the main processors in everything – “Chinese spy chips” being a misdirection away from Israel. They are not Chinese in origin; they exist at the heart of every CPU made now, in the form of a second processor running a second root operating system that forms the basic nervous system in any device that has a screen. The backdoors are all held by Israel and perhaps a couple of American intelligence agencies. Now that Trump is making headway, they are afraid of being held accountable for bugging the living shit out of everything from a root hardware level and are trying to push the blame off on China before it all explodes.
China cannot design a processor of their own well enough to get the bugs out of copies they try to make of ours. China cannot design a spy chip; they are not there in technology yet, and if they did design such a chip, we are back to the “grain of rice” scenario: they’d NEVER keep it hidden in even production run 1, version 1.0.
The original “Chinese spy chip” report talked all about how they got them into American military hardware. Why is it only iPhones and Amazon now? Obvious answer: Because attempting to pass off a hardware bug in military hardware that anyone could just look at and discover was patent bullshit, and someone called it.
You cannot put a second processor on any circuit board without its being noticed.
It’s not about just the chip, it’s about additional circuit board runs, power supply paths, the whole 9 yards: the Chinese chip story is BULLSHIT. They would never get even the first unit fired up in a secret area of the U.S. government.
Fact: Anything China makes that America uses in military and government applications is done via specific designs that have to be followed. An additional part, especially one that would require many additional circuit board runs as all chips do, would get noticed before any such hardware arrived in an American port. The Chinese spy chip story is BOGUS.
This morning’s press conference about China Russia Iran attack hacking garbage, in conjunction with a huge “exposé” about a “secret chip” China put in everything to spy on us, is laying the groundwork for war against China and Russia. Do not fall for it.

clothcapclothcap on October 15th, 2018 02:44 am (UTC)
Video: Israel-Iran Conflict Escalates Further
Video: Israel-Iran Conflict Escalates Further as Netanyahu Comes with New Accusations Against Tehran
By South Front
Global Research, October 02, 2018
South Front 1 October 2018
In late September, Israel expanded its anti-Iranian propaganda efforts in order to consolidate the US-Israeli-led bloc and to justify further anti-Iranian actions by the Washington establishment.
On September 27, during a speech to the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Iran has a secret “atomic warehouse” near Tehran, which has contained as much as whopping 300 tons of “nuclear-related material.”
Netanyahu also stated that Hezbollah has established three precision missile sites near the Beirut airport.
“In Lebanon, Iran is directing Hezbollah to build secret sites to convert inaccurate projectiles into precision-guided missiles, missiles that can target deep inside Israel within an accuracy of 10 meters,” he stated.
He claimed the first site was in the Ouzai neighborhood, “on the water’s edge, a few blocks away from the runway.” The second site, he said, was under the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium, and the third site was “adjacent to the airport itself, right next to it.”
“So I have a message for Hezbollah today, Israel also knows what you’re doing, Israel knows where you’re doing it, and Israel will not let you get away with it.”
According to Netanyahu, these missiles are capable of striking with 10m of their given target. Hezbollah is believed to have an arsenal of between 100,000 and 150,000 rockets and missiles, however, a majority of them lacks the precision technology.
Following the statement, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released photos showing alleged Hezbollah sites in Beirut that the IDF said are being used to hide underground precision missile production facilities. The IDF claimed that these sites are currently being constructed with Iranian assistance.
According to the Israeli version, Hezbollah began working on these surface-to-surface missile facilities last year.
During the UN speech, Netanyahu vowed that Israel would act in Syria, Lebanon and even Iraq “to defend against Iran’s aggression”.
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif slammed Netanyahu’s claims on the secret nuclear site in Twitter. He decribed the speech as “arts and craft show” and noted that it’s time for Israel “to fess up and open its illegal nuclear weapons program to international inspectors”.
Speaking to IRNA, the Iranian foreign minister added that
“Netanyahu must explain how Israel, as the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East region, can put itself in a position to level such brazen accusations against a country whose [nuclear] program has been repeatedly declared peaceful by the International Atomic Energy Agency”.
Earlier, the deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned the U.S. and Israel to expect a “devastating” response from Iran, accusing them of involvement in a September 22 terrorist attack on a military parade in the city of Ahvaz that killed 25 people. While ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack, the Iranian side says that the terrorists involved were funded and trained by foreign powers.
With the formal defeat of ISIS in the Middle East, the standoff between the Israeli-US bloc and Iran has started becoming one of the main issues shaping the situation in the region.
Also read; Netanyahu’s “Nowhere Land” Blunder. Accused Iran of Having a “Secret Atomic Warehouse”
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The original source of this article is South Front
Copyright © South Front, South Front, 2018

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clothcapclothcap on October 15th, 2018 02:56 am (UTC)
Iran wouldn't go pre-emptive. Would they?
All that is needed is a false flag. The israeli regime reportedly has an arsenal of over 100 undeclared, unmonitored nuclear warheads. (Our God wouldn't approve but theirs is Lucifer.)

Edited at 2018-10-15 03:16 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 16th, 2018 02:51 pm (UTC)
Global Research articles
Trump Has Put America on Path to War with Iran While Nobody Is Paying Attention
By Ben Armbruster, October 12, 2018

Video: ISIS Seizes Toxic Agents Intended to be Used for Provocations in Idlib
By South Front, October 12, 2018
Saud - zionist regime assisted (controlled)? ISIS...

Pentagon Report Points to US Preparations for Total War
By Andre Damon, October 12, 2018

Monsanto Seeks to Undo $289M Roundup Verdict as 8,700 Similar Lawsuits Await
By Lorraine Chow, October 12, 2018
Please die, Monsanto. You and fellow big ag companies are light years beyond deplorable.

From GM potatoes to Glyphosate: Regulatory Delinquency and Toxic Agriculture
By Colin Todhunter, October 13, 2018
(Chem trails are a part of the plan.) We know which pols are the Earth's enemies (all of them) but who are the corporations' pocketbook scientists that are selling out humanity and the future?

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. The “War on Terror” is a Fraud
By Mark Taliano, October 13, 2018
A number of other charges should be levelled at the perps. Conspiracy to commit fraud. Warmongering. Mass murder. Misallocation of public funds. Countless breaches of int. and nat. laws. Aiding their perpetration. Failure to represent.

Washington State Ends Capital Punishment
By Stephen Lendman, October 13, 2018
Doubtless to preserve their own necks, a la Blair and his gang of crooks that made war on Iraq based on lies and Cheney-Mossad's 9/11, surrendered sovereignty to Bilderberg-CIA controlled foreign khazar jews and cancelled hanging for treason.

Sharing the Defense Burden: What Europe No Longer Can – or Knows How to – Do
By Isabella Martinez, October 14, 2018
Solution. Bin the JEU trash.

HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare
By Fred Burks, October 14, 2018
Also for triggering earthquakes and volcanoes, migraines and mood control.

Facebook Censorship and the Atlantic Council
By Jonathan Sigrist, October 14, 2018
Hey "journos", let's pretend they aren't criminals concealing evidence.

Facebook Partners with Hawkish Atlantic Council, a NATO Lobby Group, to “Protect Democracy”
By Elliott Gabriel, October 14, 2018
Wonder if their is a nuke with their address programmed in? Fingers crossed.

IMF – WB – WTO – Scaremongering Threats on De-Globalization and Tariffs – The Return to Sovereign Nations
By Peter Koenig, October 14, 2018
Desperate times for the currency fraudsters and misanthropic, warmongering globalist sacks of effluent.

US Sanctions on Riyadh Would Mean Washington Is Stabbing Itself
By Turki Aldakhil, October 15, 2018
DIY Donald, you know it is the right thing to do. Kill the IMF-WB-FedRes-MIIC-Netanyahu's Washington and bankrupt the zio barbarian Sauds.

Note for muslim and mercenary terrorists. The shame. You are fighting for zionist jewry.
clothcapclothcap on October 16th, 2018 05:02 pm (UTC)
Syrian Perspective
Ziad Fadel October 10 2018
HAMA: Turkestaan Islamic Party is under the direct control of MIT, Turkey’s spy agency, the equivalent of the CIA. No operation conducted by the TIP is without the MIT’s permission or involvement. Yesterday, at Al-Mansoora and Tal Waasit, the TIP launched a frontal attack on several SAA positions there.

Ziad Fadel October 14, 2018
JAMAL KHASHOGGI during happier times Despite warnings from his closest friends, Jamal Khashoggi, took a chance and entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018 and…

Ziad Fadel October 16 2018
With SyrPer having identified clearly the way the Saudi “hit-team” dispatched poor Islamist warthog, Jamaal Khashoggi, the Saudi government is now trying to adopt our narrative to blame the botched operation on rogue elements inside the security services for the death of what King Salmaan called: “our Saudi citizen”. You see, I have a wide…
clothcapclothcap on October 16th, 2018 05:08 pm (UTC)
Syria: Another US Forever War?
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, October 15, 2018

Is Afghanistan the prototype for all US wars of aggression? Forever war rages in the country, now in its 18th year with no prospect for resolution.
Is Syria following the same pattern, war in its eighth year with no end in sight?
The difference between Washington’s aggression in the country and all its other war theaters is Russia’s intervention to combat US-supported terrorism at Assad’s request.
Is it enough to make a great enough difference? Will Russia’s involvement lead to conflict resolution?
It’s unattainable as long as US forces occupy parts of the country with no intention to leave – Washington’s goal unchanged since Obama launched war on Syria.
It’s all about regime change, controlling the country’s resources and population, partitioning it for easier control, and isolating Iran ahead of a similar scheme to topple its sovereign independent government.
The ultimate aim is achieving unchallenged US regional control along with eliminating rival governments opposed to Israel.
Forever war could continue as long as US imperial rage remains unchanged – in Syria and elsewhere.
Iranian military advisors are aiding Assad combat US-supported terrorists at his request, intending to remain in the country as long as Damascus values its involvement.
Days earlier, Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) spokesman General Islamic General Ramezan Sharif said his country’s military advisors will remain in Syria as long as their presence is “effective and useful,” and Damascus wants them to stay, adding:
“This fabricated crisis has been led from abroad with the purpose of instigating insecurity in Syria and creating a safety margin for the Israeli regime.”
Last May, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) spokesman Ali Shamkhani said ruling authorities in Syria and Iraq requested Iranian military aid to help combat terrorism in their countries.
In late September, US war secretary James Mattis said Pentagon forces will remain in Syria to combat ISIS – jihadists the US created and supports, he failed to explain.
Last month on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, John Bolton said
“(w)e’re not going to leave (Syria) as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias.”
US forces are “outside (their) borders” almost everywhere, waging aggression and supporting terrorists in targeted countries.
Also: US War Machine Seeks New Pretext in Syria

Edited at 2018-10-16 11:18 pm (UTC)