Anti-zionism is being conflated with anti-semitism that has been transformed into anti-banksterism aka anti-jew control. It is is about making satanic zionism a religion. Yours.  Control of publishers put anti-semitism's main meaning as anti-jew ahead of its ethnic meaning. Why would anyone want to silence criticism? Of a con? Just one of many. Some khazari, many Vatican-zio, more from the born brain dead royals, the black'uns,phoenicians.

I really hope he was as surprised as I wasn't. He sleighted the former Queen. Payback, and keeping a bankster happy, 2 for the price of one brick through a window. 

A khazarian religion like Talmud judaism,  that permits all that a phychopathic, megalomanical, pedast and paedophilia oriented, mega rich and bored loopy loo could wish for in the way of self indulgence, the Talmud allegedly written (not carved in stone) by an aging rabbi, from his memory, has been slid in under the festering remains of christian bureaucracy and capitalist democracy as satanism masquerading as luciferianism masquerading as Jeebs brotherism whilst the egyptian man-god concept is bestowed via Jesus' promotion to prole conciousness eclipsing Sun (life giver and taker that became a halo),  alongside capitalist communism. The question to be answered, considering the zio-fabian alliance to be fact, is whether Mr Corbyn is party to the farce.  

For his info, no borders is too soon, look at what the Talmudic (gender challenged masonic puppet) secret services are doing with such unmonitored resources, chaos. And what the zoo animals let out of their poverty cages are doing independent of direction, chaos. According to plan, eh, Mr. Soros.

JOWG is a manifestation of mad men with resources and a past its use by date agenda. They keep pushing their sick, retarded retardation agenda. We keep voting for their resources. Is Mr. Jeremy Corbyn one?

One person has got zionists packing emergency flee bags? Who do they think they are, George Carlin (It's a club. And you ain't in it, Mr Khaddafi.)?

A difficult thing to accept. Homosexual brits in government supporting the sale of our country, tax stock debt slaves and gold for non promissory bits of paper or numbers on a bank computer, and the chemical experimentation with our genes that is affecting our children. Care to announce yourselves? Maleducation, junk food, toxic food, toxic air, toxic tax, toxic government... curious when playing mind games, the word toxic crops up every time anything to do with bureaucracy as a word is given as the prod. It must be so obviously, deeply contaminated.


KGB Putin. KGB Netty. MIs' Cameron and May. Swiss CIA. Maybe not so queer the States got fracked. America wrecked on demand. Suspicious. ?

The problem with think tanks is that they are paid to produce a result, not a vision for an ever expanding intelligence that goes beyond communitarianism. Wait till the trees join in. Our job was to produce CO2. Bet they're pissed off.

Why have non Talmud adherent jews not identified themselves as not satanic? "Torah jew" would clearly state that they do not subscribe to the Talmud horror show, for example.

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