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Critique: The Royal Society: Still Embarrassing Science
Although it is encouraging that the Royal Society now acknowledges that climate science may not be as settled as it previously implied, the Society’s new report still stands as an embarrassment to science because it fails to offer justifications based on science (and policy analysis) for a number of its (politically correct) statements. /continues

Climate Research Has Been Hampered by the IPCC and Governments for over Twenty Years
Politicizing of climate science by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and governments directed it to proving that only human CO2 was causing climate change. This ensured almost no advance in climate science in 20 years. It is said, inaccurately, that the science is settled.  It is accurate to say the IPCC and governments settled the science.
Three scientists from the beginning of the 20th century had a profound impact on our view and understanding of the world and climate, yet are virtually unknown. They knew each other well; one was related by marriage to another. They worked together and the connections influenced their contributions to a global view and understanding of climate change. Vladimir Koppen produced a global climate classification that is the basis of most systems since. His training combined meteorology, climatology and botany and his system used plants as an indicator of climate. Koppen’s daughter married the second scientist, Alfred Wegener. His contribution was the continental drift theory that provided a fundamental foundation for geology. The third was Milutin Milankovitch, Serbian mathematician and climatologist, whose work combined the effect of changes in Sun/Earth relationships on climate change.
All three saw their ideas challenged in the appropriate scientific way, but have withstood attempts to disprove them. Despite this, the public is generally unaware of their work and its implications. They challenged prevailing views, which always creates a struggle. They also challenged the underlying view of uniformitarianism, the western scientific idea that change is gradual over long periods of time. A common denominator for all their ideas was lack of a mechanism that drove the discernible patterns and evidence. /this interesting essay continues here. Don't forget the EU/EC's part in biasing research to support their carbon credit scam, see here.

AMO+PDO= temperature variation – one graph says it all


Pictures of what the ground zero mosque would have looked like -


This question was posed at Business Insider
Spreads on Irish and Greek bonds are nearing crisis levels. Why Aren't European markets plunging?
posted by Joseph Weisenthal Joe Weisenthal
The soaring yields on PIIG debt would seem to suggest that sovereign debt worries are creeping back in Europe. And yet the stock market hasn't plunged, and the currency -- though weak -- hasn't made a sharp move lower. How come?
The replies seem logical
futuresmkt   on  Sep 29, 11:12 PM  said:
Who is there to sell Euros? it's the European base currency; there are no major non Chinese owners and, the Chinese won't sell for the same reason they hold/hedge dollars - it keeps their export machine running.
CeeBee   on  Sep 29, 2:11 PM  said:
Probably for the same reason markets kept rising during the earlier stages of the subprime/liquidity/debt/financial crisis...the equity markets are under the false belief that the ECB "has their back" and the situation is contained. Of course, spreads would indicate that bondholders would disagree. And who is correct more often? Ooops. Right, the bondies. Nevermind. Move along, nothing to see here. Just relax and repeat the mantra "QE" until you reach mental equilibrium. /from Business Insider

The 'vulture funds' are circling Ireland
When it comes to dark humour in the City it is hard to beat a debt trader /Here

A drunken Premier playing right into the hands of the EU
Can one bank bring down a country? At the end of August, a reporter from the New York Times asked that question about Ireland's bust Anglo Irish Bank.
The Dublin government denied such a thing were possible. Yet now it is looking very much like it might happen.
Anglo's debts are so vast that the government may have to pay 34billion euros to bail-out the bank. Bail-outs for other Irish banks will bring the total to 50billion euros.
Brian Lenihan, the finance minister, was forced to admit yesterday that these bail-out costs will push the national deficit this year to 32 per cent of GDP.
Such figures would be shocking in Britain. Even at its worst, Britain's deficit is heading for little more than 10 per cent.
However in Ireland, where the entire working population numbers just 1.8million and unemployment is at 14 per cent, figures like that are beyond shocking. They are catastrophic. Words such as Armageddon and apocalypse are being used by economists.
But here is the worst of it. The EU chiefs not only think that Ireland's crisis will turn into a national death-spiral, they may be secretly hoping it will
Brussels knows that the further Ireland and other troubled eurozone countries sink into financial disaster, the greater the excuse the eurocrats can find to achieve one of their long-standing ambitions: to take control of national budgets.
Yesterday, Olli Rehn, the European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, said he intended that the punishments planned for eurozone economic rule-breakers such as Ireland should soon be extended to all members of the EU, including Britain. / more here.


Shut Down the Fed (Part II) Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Ben Bernanke has not only refused to abandon his idee fixe of an “inflation target”,  a key cause of the global central banking catastrophe of the last twenty years (because it can and did allow asset booms to run amok, and let credit levels reach dangerous extremes).
Worse still, he seems determined to print trillions of emergency stimulus without commensurate emergency justification to test his Princeton theories, which by the way are as old as the hills.  Keynes ridiculed the “tyranny of the general price level” in the early 1930s, and quite rightly so. Bernanke is reviving a doctrine that was already shown to be bunk eighty years ago.
Inflation targeting: is Bernanke the new Von Havenstein, head of the Weimar Reichsbank?
Inflation targeting: is Bernanke the new Von Havenstein, head of the Weimar Reichsbank?
So all those hillsmen in Idaho, with their Colt 45s and boxes of krugerrands, who sent furious emails to the Telegraph accusing me of defending a hyperinflating establishment cabal were right all along. The Fed is indeed out of control. / more here.

Chairman Obama's entitlement to sit in the top seat is challenged here.


The coalition boat is rocking
Backbench Tories turn on Cameron: He's appeasing LibDems, says 1922 Committee chief
A senior Tory MP accused David Cameron of ‘appeasement’ yesterday, saying that the Conservatives in the Coalition have been ‘held to ransom’ by Liberal Democrats.
Christopher Chope delivered a broadside at the Tory leadership ahead of the party’s annual conference in Birmingham, which begins this weekend.
Mr Chope, secretary of the influential backbench 1922 Committee, accused the Prime Minister of handing down policies ‘like tablets of stone’ without consultation with MPs.
And he said Tory whips had issued ‘heavy handed’ threats to end the political careers of those who fail to toe the line.
Mr Chope said: ‘It seems as if the Coalition is proceeding on a basis of continuous appeasement without consulting the backbenches.
‘Ministers are effectively being held to ransom by a small group of Liberal Democrats, who are in a sense the tail wagging the dog on too many occasions.
‘I have spoken to Conservative ministers and I know a number of them share those frustrations.’
Mr Chope’s use of the term ‘appeasement’ is a highly-charged insult in Tory circles, since it carries echoes of the willingness of Neville Chamberlain, Tory prime minister at the time, to appease Adolf Hitler before the Second World War.
Mr Chope’s remarks are in stark contrast to the theme of the conference – Together in the National Interest – which will feature Tory ministers stressing their desire to ‘come together’ and work with Lib Dems to ‘stop the bickering and point scoring’ in politics. /more here.

Our identikit leaders and why it's little wonder the gulf between politicians and voters is wider than ever

[...] One characteristic they all share is an overwhelming sense of entitlement that — despite having no knowledge of the real world — they believe gives them a preordained right to rule over us
/more here.
[... an overwhelming entitlement to sell out the country to the ecofascists in the EC. None gives a toss about their promise - 'And I do declare, That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm, So help me God.' Will no-one call Cameron on this?]

Huhne is continuing the crime of mortgaging grand children's income but who started it?
You won't be surprised - read about it here.


One in five councils facing salt shortage as gritting season kicks in
Nearly one in five councils have not yet received all the road salt they need for the winter, according to a new report.
More than tree in four local authorities decided to increase the amount of salt they have in stock for this winter following last year's 'Big Freeze' - the coldest winter in 30 years which saw road salt supplies being rationed.
And the 'unprecedented demand' has meant that 18 per cent of 87 councils which responded to a poll did not have enough salt for the start of this winter's gritting season, which officially began on Friday. /more here.

On the Brownesque/Naziesque
(targetting kids) 10.10 film, exploding children, were I the producer or a participant I would find a stone and crawl under. Disgust is worldwide. A silver lining to this especially dark cloud, they have done more than all the sceptics put together to damage the credibility of alarming climate warming/climate change/disruption by human CO2 emissions nonsense peddled by ecotards. Discussion at WUWT here, here and here.

Spend your dormant bank account money before government thieves do it for you
Instructions here.
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