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Satan's Kabbalists


People that direct weirdos like this pull the strings of those you call your leaders.
Satan's way, so I am advised, is to turn everything upside down. Wrong is right.
Is he a Mason? A zionist? A Common Purpose product?

Tom Grauer: Jewish Leader of The Paedophile Movement

Renegade Tribune February 7, 2018
By Frank Wunder

The Jews never rest from their schemes and corruption. They always seek to violate and abrogate more and more norms of decency, until Gentile society descends into a state of utter barbarism, at which point the Jew feels himself most at ease, having removed all manner of opposition to himself, and having humiliated his hosts and taken down their will to live. No moral code is above the Jew’s scrutiny and (((critique))); no law can ever be seen as holy in his beady, dark eyes, except the laws he makes for himself.

But, inhuman as the Jew is, he is not dull-headed. Satan’s Chosen People constantly evolve novel strategies to bring degeneracy and sin into the societies they parasitize. The crafty Jews, unencumbered by any sense of morality, free of the very emotional inhibitions that distinguish the human race from the lower animals, pursue their unholy strategies with great ingenuity. Indeed, one has to marvel at just how intricate and elaborate some of their trickery is.

The latest scheme concocted by our eternal nemesis is the abolition of all rules regulating sexual conduct in White society, starting with pedophilia. The Jews would like nothing more than to see our vulnerable White girls, and even our innocent White boys, sold into sexual slavery for eternity and beyond. The sex-mad Hebrew, surpassing in viciousness even the Arab and the Negro, seeks to overturn the very prohibition against rape. And right next to pedophilia and rape, stands advocacy for necrophilia and cannibalism. The Jew’s ultimate liberty is our own downfall into Hellfire.


This is where the Jews want all of us to be in
[Wiki Harrowing of Hell, Christ in Limbo, by a follower of Hieronymus Bosch]

The Jew, fortunately for us, always has a name and a face to him. While the Jews always act as a united collective, it is through individual members of that collective that Jewish Operations — JOPs, for short — are carried out. And while all of the Jews are on the same side (their own side, vis-a-vis White society), not every Jew takes part in every JOP – that would be too logistically complicated even for this race of crooks and conmen. Rather, specific Jews are assigned specific JOPs according to their best ability and “talents.” The individual Jew chosen by the Kabbal to run the pro-paedophilia and anti-morality scheme is an Israeli one, named

Tom Grauer.Tom Grauer is a 23-year-old Jew from Zionist-occupied Palestine (“Israel”). He claims to be a happily married father — more on that implausible and obviously fake persona later — who, for some reason, one day decided to start a blog that is, in his own words, “dedicated to the legalization of rape, pedophilia, and child prostitution.” Grauer posts with high frequency the most vile, sick things imaginable on his blog, yet somehow (pure cohencidence), he has become the “official leader” of a so-called Men’s Movement, a disingenuous euphemism now used by the Paedophile Movement to disguise its true colors. Actually, given the individuals involved, it’s not at all surprising that this Hebraic Demon has become their leader.

As usual, the Jew lacks originality and creative faculty. He cannot create a thing of his own, and has to resort to “borrowing” (robbing) from his neighbors – near and distant alike. In Grauer’s case, his entire “plot” is copied from the playbook of the infamous Andrew Anglin, also known as Agent Anglin. Or rather, both Anglin and Grauer operate according the same “script” given to them by their (((handlers))). However one chooses to interpret the similarities, their magnitude and multitude leave no room for doubt – this is a Jewish Operation through and through. The names, the titles, the headings, the visual style, the writing style, and often the subject matters, are eerily identical.

What is The Paedophile Movement and Who’s Behind it?
The Paedo Movement, which falsely brands itself as the “Men’s Movement,” is composed of all those perverts, sickos, degenerates, creeps, psychopaths, and Jews, who wish to do away with any and all forms of sexual morality, particularly as it pertains to the protection of youth. Quite simply, the Paedo Movement seeks to legalize all sexual crimes, and naturally, possesses an exceptional zeal for legalization of child-abuse. If you’re under the impression that this is an exaggerated or otherwise inaccurate account, keep reading – what you’ll discover will shock you to the marrow of your bones.

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The age of the May daze.

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