clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

What does "Happy New Year To All" mean?


An amicable peace between the 0.0001% machine-like humans that are aluminium plating the land and lakes and the balance of 100% (give or take) that don't want the planet destroyed, its atmosphere corrupted and its land, water and seas poisoned.

Can we have a game show where contestants offer solutions and their offerings are voted on by the audience?
The winner gets to marry Bill Gate's daughter or Morris' son depending on gender preference. (CIA approval necessary.) Or chairmanship of the zBBC. (CIA approval necessary.)

So far we have the crappers from whence the fertilised general public eventually receive their share of the dung hand-passed down through the rank and file NWO bureaucracy. Eh, Theresa?

HMQEII, her luciferian regime and her and Rothys' luciferian Mason's square mile that controls the OWG (EU(SR) metro region) mayors, a question.
(Assuming HMQ is the head dalek of the day that the luciferian regime serves, and the LSM, that George in full knowledge wanted to serve, serves via the Vatican)
Why did you forsake us?
Why is it a secret that you did?

My new year resolution. Learn to use this damn sketch pad and do cartoons. Seems like one saves hours of sharing paragraphs from the story with a simple crazy picture and a few words.

What legacy do you want to leave when real history gets written, Mrs. before it all gets edited into eternity by the guilty wiping evidence of our self consciousness and inate sense of right and wrong?

Is it true only prostitutes use to wear lipstick? What have they made our womenfolk, Mrs May?

How do we make what we are non erasable in this Poundland world? Preserve the evidence. How.

I suspect previous civilisations tried. The baddies seem anxious to edit our genes.

Snapshots through the bus window, I guess that says what this blog is.


#MoA, the #Saker, dear #Penny. Bigger game please. After proving any of this is real. It keeps getting wobbly.

I don't really know what love means, but I send what I have to those that are working for a solution that doesn't leave bits of kids far from their bones.

Gods protect Libyans and Syrians from us, and us.

.Hate is love upside down.
Tags: #moa, #penny, #saker, #sexing_up_2018

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