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21 November 2017 @ 11:33 pm
A lot to take in but time is running out.  

[With regard to my apology for saying our debt slave tax stock 'birth' certificates are debt slave tax stock record certificates, its complicated. Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican.]

You couldn't make this up. That's what implies what Santos Bonacci tells about the actual is the bankable truth. The spiritual, it's up to the individual.
Reality is always stranger than illusion.

Get a handle on trustee judges working for commission, fleeing the courtroom, abandoning ship.

Law and Language - Santos Bonacci Part One
Legalese, the fictional language of law busted!


Part Two

Black Nobility, Jesuits & More
Youtube Mar 20, 2016
The Self proclaimed ELITE FEAR this Information, Black Nobility, Jesuits & More.


Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican
Youtube Jul 22, 2016
The Self proclaimed ELITE FEAR this Information, Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican, A MUST SHARE! PLEASE HELP THIS GO VIRAL ALL! SHARE FAR & WIDE! Video with Mrastrotheology: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAstrotheology
Video clip created by Alchemist93: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5y8...
http://UniversalTruthSchool.Com Lecture by SANTOS BONACCI.


Today self-governing micro drones, tomorrow self-directing nanobots.
They're all batshit, institutionalisable cRAzY? WMD evidence. Netanyahu probably has them.

Drones Carry Out Mass Murder WITHOUT Human Orders
Matt Agorist
The technology exists right now for autonomous micro drones to carry out mass murder at the behest of a political whim, this needs to be stopped.
Hell. Horrifying vids.
Visit http://thefreethoughtproject.com/

The Government Is KILLING YOU – Stan Monteith The Prophecy Club
Youtube Apr 28, 2016
Agopage Asida
The U.S. government created AIDS for the NWO depopulation plan. They are poisoning us with GMO's, poisoned vaccines, tainted drugs, spraying poisons into .
The Prophecy Club with Stan Monteith.

Thanks, to the uploaders as well.
Agopage Asida is Santos' channel.
No idea what to tag. I'll make this sticky. It's more important than brexit, made a sideshow.
clothcapclothcap on November 22nd, 2017 06:53 am (UTC)
Santos, courage of his convictions?
Santos Bonacci Arrested and in Custody
by Moe Jan 21, 2014

Read the comments.
This in no way alters the truth of reality he broadcasted.
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 09:36 am (UTC)
Masonic Sons of Light Vs the Masonic Sons of Darkness
by Moe Mar 11, 2015

Secret societies are anathema to free society. Regardless of the gnostic's intent his words are those of a deceiver.
Or he has swallowed the Kool-aid wholemeal.
Associate with Masonry, associate with luciferian thieves, murderers, perverts, megalomaggots and liars.

The OWG NWO by fraud and deception black pope denying the Lebanese PM audience for his association with Masonry is a rave organiser refusing entry to a junkie.

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clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 10:16 am (UTC)
The Free Thought Project home page links

Dashcam Shows Cop Savagely Beat a Compliant Teen to the Point of Hospitalization

Social Media Demands #FreeCyntoiaBrown, The Child Sex Slave Jailed for Killing Her Abuser

Cops Thought Innocent Man Shoplifted a Shirt, So 50 SWAT Cops Tore Down His House

Schools Caught Using Top US Abortion Chain to ‘Educate’ Kids on Sex Without Parents’ Permission

Well-Informed Citizen Owns Rookie Cops, Proves He Knows the Law Better Than Them

Ominous Video Shows Swarm of AI Drones Carry Out Mass Murder WITHOUT Human Orders

Jehovah’s Witnesses Currently Paying $4K a Day to Hide Details of Child Sex Abuse by Leaders

WATCH: Family Calls 911 for Help, Cops Show Up, Beat Handcuffed Mentally Ill Man Instead

Disturbing New Video Shows Real Life Slave Trade, Humans Being Bought & Sold in the Open

‘Family Values’ Senator Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking, Facing Life in Prison

WATCH: Innocent Man Attacked and Arrested for Saying Cops Abuse Their Power

20,000 DWI Cases May Be Thrown Out After Cop Arrested for...

Declassified Files Reveal Gov’t Plot to Carry Out Soviet False Flag...

Innocent Family Raided by SWAT, Held at Gunpoint After Cops Mistook...

Vegas Massacre Cover-Up: PR Firm Hired by Mandalay Bay Exposed Pushing...

Officials Caught Forcing State Scientist to Alter Findings to Cover Up...

EXCLUSIVE: Air Force Col. Buys 24 Billboards To Expose Cops Who...

VIDEO: Police SUV Mows Down Mom & 2 Kids as He...

Cop’s Relative Murders Unarmed Man in Broad Daylight ON VIDEO—No Charges

Multiple Clergymen Busted in FBI Sting for Sex-Trafficking Children

Poppy Output Hits Record High as US Troop Surge in Afghanistan...

Wtf. USA today. Balkanised Britain tomorrow?
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 10:42 am (UTC)
The treason doesn't end with brexit

The TREASON Continues

Led by May, the zio fabian conservative party en masse assisted by all the main parties is moving the balkanised country from EU(SR) subjugation to luciferian Jewish World Government subjugation under satanic Talmud law that permits the likes of Cyril Smith to commit their perversions and wars legally.

No-one in the seat of power is stopping it, neither consulting the electorate nor the general public.

May could have side stepped treason charges when she was CEO of the UK corporation. Ownership was passed to the EU(SR). Now she is in fact PM in reality she is subject to the full weight of British state law that involves prison and Common Law that is superior to stste law involves a neck stretch.

Phoenician (Babylonian) city states as Britain has been inflicted with by May, by deception are led by mayors, like Common Purpose traitors. They have held their first and second meetings as the luciferian jewish world government parliament already.

Phoenix rising from the fire. Phoenician = venetian. Black Nobility is correctly titled Venitian Black Nobility and the Windsors are such. The Queen's blood is not pure. The person with the strongest claim to the throne lives in Australia and was interviewed by Tony Robinson.

The principal City states, (The satanic jesuit-jewish Society of Jesus' Vatican City, London Sq Mile, Washington, (formerly New Rome), maybe St Petersburg, the UN, IMF, World Bank, BIS, investment banks, NATOCIA and the Israeli regime are weapons of subjugation and decimation. They are all easily burned paper tigers to an awakened public.

WAKE UP For the sake of your kids and their country if you can't do it for yourself.

The only difference between communists and fabians is that communits kick in your door and steal your property. Fabians do it with tax and deception. Zio-fabian City of London controls all the local councils through Masonry.

The Roman Empire still exists fronted by the Vatican in partnership with the Brit Empire fronted by the USA. Nothing for the general good ever came from empires.

Brits used to have a backbone, revolting against taxation of the poor by the wealthy using jews as advisors and tax collectors.

A stiff upper lip is no substitute.

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clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 11:56 am (UTC)
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
What is the meaning of the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector?

"Answer: The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector in the Temple (Luke 18:9-14) is rich with spiritual truth. In fact, it contains the very essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As verse 9 tells us, Jesus spoke this parable to those who “trusted in themselves that they were righteous and despised others” (NKJV). Jesus spoke often of the issue of righteousness, pleading with His hearers to understand their utter inability to be righteous enough to attain the kingdom of heaven. This knowledge was essential if they were to understand His mission on earth, which was to save sinners—those who knew they could not save themselves.
The Pharisees, on the other hand, thought their own goodness was so impressive that it could not fail to make them acceptable to God. They held rigorously to the ceremonies and traditions of the law, making a public show of their religiosity, all to be seen by other men, many of whom they despised as being beneath them. The Pharisee in the story is the epitome of one who is self-justifying. Notice that his prayer has no elements of confession. He does not ask forgiveness for his sins, perhaps because he believes he has nothing to confess. Nor is there any word of praise or thanksgiving to God. His prayer is all about him. Even the thanks he does offer is designed to exalt himself and place himself above others whom he treats with disdain. Going to the temple to pray with the condition of his heart as it was, he might as well have stayed home. Such a “prayer” is not heard by God.
Unlike the Pharisee, who stands boldly in the temple reciting his prayers of self-congratulation, the tax collector stood “afar off” or “at a distance,” perhaps in an outer room, but certainly far from the Pharisee who would have been offended by the nearness of this man. Tax collectors, because of their association with the hated Romans, were seen as traitors to Israel and were loathed and treated as outcasts. This man’s posture spoke of his unworthiness before God. Unable to even lift his eyes to heaven, the burden of his guilt and shame weighed heavily upon him, and the load he carried had become unbearable. Overcome by his transgressions, he beats his breast in sorrow and repentance and appeals to God for mercy. The prayer he speaks is the very one God is waiting to hear, and his attitude is exactly what God wants from all who come to Him."

Christian tax collectors need to repent.

Edited at 2017-11-23 12:02 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 01:20 pm (UTC)
We are told to Prepare for Earthshaking Events Next Year
November 21, 2017 Covert Geopolitics

Unconfirmed rumors surfaced over the weekend that the CIA headquarters in Langley was raided by some elements of the US Marine Expeditionary Unit, but until today there’s no single video clip that would suggest it indeed happened. Nonetheless, we are being told to prepare for some earthshaking events for next year.
UPDATED 2:23 PM EST (SEE BOTTOM) — Reports are beginning to surface that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed at Langley on Saturday.
Everybody knows by now that there were a lot of exposes running in parallel with the signing of multilateral agreements during the twin APEC and ASEAN summits a week ago.
The recently-concluded summit and a raft of agreements signed between the Presidents of China and Panama, coming right on the heels of the historic Xi-Trump summit-plus, is an indication of how rapidly and profoundly the strategic situation is advancing. In less than six months, Panama went from having diplomatic relations with Taiwan and not with China, to signing 19 economic agreements with China—including Panama’s full participation in the Belt and Road Initiative, as a platform for all of Ibero-America to do the same—as well as adhering to the one-China policy.
Or, consider the breakneck speed at which China-Europe freight train traffic is increasing, where this year 3,000 trains traveling on 57 lines carried more cargo than the last six years combined. The Yiwu-Madrid line alone saw a 54% jump in cargo over last year.
The stunning speed and depth of events is leaving most people, including some of the major players themselves, feeling buffeted by developments. Don’t bother asking the principals why they are doing what they are doing: they don’t really know. By and large, they are ignorant of the cause of the changes underway—sometimes blissfully so.
While the Khazarian stooges are being rooted out one by one, the American people are being blacked out from the news and groundbreaking events here in Asia. But this doesn’t mean that they are being left out.
“… when President Trump came back from the Asia trip, he said that he had deals for about $300 billion, but that these deals would only be the beginning, and soon this figure would be threefold.”
There will be prosperity for all, only this time, the program that has been subverted and misused by Western oligarchs, not just once, but in multiple occasions, will be implemented under the direction of Asian leadership.
The gradual yet systematic curtailment of unwarranted power may continue to cause aggressive resistance from the outgoing Hegemon. It is in this context that we are being warned about some literal earthshaking events to happen next year.
The Earth’s slowing rotation may cause a significant increase in frequency of large earthquakes in 2018.
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 02:21 pm (UTC)
Technocracy: A Scientific Dictatorship
April 6, 2015 Covert Geopolitics

We have always said that Science is a two-edged blade, i.e. it can be used to cut off ignorance, or sever the head altogether.
When Science is used for the good of the people, progress is assured, but when it falls into the wrong hands, the rest will suffer.
We have first known about the systematic use of Science for our assured enslavement through the document “Silent Weapons for Quite Wars” [here]. That is a must read for everyone seeking knowledge of the very details of the weapons used to systematically turn all of us into satisfied slaves.
Who would have realized that electrical engineering theories can be used just the same in the world of Banking and Finance, and worse, Social Engineering in general?
But they did and are still doing it even today.
Interestingly, John has shared with us a link from the Oathkeepers that talks about the concept of Technocracy which is similar and congruent to the use of Science for the economic advantage of the Elite. You need to watch the embedded video in the article below in order to fully understand how Technocracy was being used all along.
The foundation of Technocracy is Scientism, that is in turn defined as:
The application of scientific methods to social and political modeling
Science is the absolute and only access to truth and reality about man and the universe
Scientism is specifically opposed to the Holy Bible as truth
Scientism upholds Atheism – there is no God
Scientism purports to be predictive, able to foretell the future
Scientism rejects any opposing inquiry
Scientism demands acceptance by non-scientists
We have advocated the full use of Science and Technology for the benefit of man, however we disagree with some of their definition which is really intended to malign the entire field.
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 02:36 pm (UTC)
Israel Prepares For The BIG War
Church Reform Series
By Biblicism Institute 2014
“Their feet run to evil, and they hasten to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity, devastation and destruction are in their paths.” Isaiah 59:7
Hopefully Israel will take advantage of the ongoing cease fire with Hamas to hammer out a comprehensive peace plan with the Palestinians.
However, if the past is any indication, nothing of the sort will take place.
Gaza Tears
Israel is destroying innocent lives.
The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (DBS) movement will pick up speed, and numerous lawsuits will be filed against Israel at the Hague and at other venues for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Israel will be under so much pressure that it will feel cornered.
Such a predicament will be the catalyst for one of two outcomes. It will either be the push needed to force Israeli leaders into crafting a genuine peace deal with the Palestinians, or hubris will once again get the better of them and they will allow Israel’s economy to collapse, along with its Apartheid walls, a la South Africa.
However, there’s a third possibility.
It’s the one Israeli leaders have always used since the founding of their country. War. It is the only method they know well. They’ve been using it deftly to distract their people and the Jewish Diaspora from the reality that is Israel: a monstrous Apartheid criminal state, worse than Apartheid South Africa.
If Israel were to go down the war path again, this time it would be a multi-front war. A war they’ve been preparing for years.
Israel would target Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, and Assad’s army in Syria.
To help Israel on the Syrian front, especially as Russia is now involved, the US would use NATO on the Turkish border, under the pretext that ISIS is the aim. Thus Israeli troops would concentrate on invading Syria and steal more Arab land adjacent to the Golan Heights.
Since Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact, Iran would most likely join in, or at the very least provide soldiers and weapons to Syria and Syria’s ally, Hezbollah.
The goal of the recent conflicts in Syria (orchestrated by the US for Israel’s benefit) and Gaza was an attempt to destroy two fronts, so as to hopefully avoid the multi-front war. Thus Israel would have concentrated on just one front, Lebanon, in order to better smash Hezbollah’s military which, according to Israeli Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, is now stronger than most countries.
Unfortunately for Israel, Hamas and Syrian forces have not only become better fighters because of these conflicts, they are still standing and are now more popular with their people. And when Hezbollah is added to the equation, they form a trio of worthy adversaries that cannot be easily defeated.
If such a war were to indeed take place, and especially if Iran were to get involved, a Jewish-only (i.e., only racist Jews allowed as full-fledged citizens) state of Israel would not survive.
A cynical person might wish for the last option.
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 02:42 pm (UTC)
The Word Jew Is NOT In The Bible
But Blunt Publisher Manipulation Is
Church Reform Series By Biblicism Institute

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain
The word Jew is nowhere to be found in the good book.
The word “Jew” did not come into existence until the year 1775 A.D., whereas the occurrences in the bible took place from around 4000 B.C. to 70 A.D.
Its modern connotation points to someone who follows and adheres to a faith similar to that of the Pharisees of Judah, but is not of the tribe and stock of Judah. In other words, Jews are people from nations other than the 12 Hebrew tribes who practice a religion known as Judaism/Pharisaism, the doctrine of the Pharisees.
It is much like those who believe in Christ and are called Christians, in honor of the One whom they follow, and their religion is known as Christianity, the doctrine of Christ. If one were to say that all Christians are Judahites because Christ was of the tribe of Judah, it would be a fallacy. In much the same way, Jews are not Judahites (or Judeans).
In fact, the religion that is known as Judaism is actually Pharisaism. Judaism – as it pertains to Pharisaism – is a misnomer, since it is neither the doctrine of Judah nor the doctrine that Christ practiced.
It is the doctrine of the Pharisees of old, an evil doctrine they brought back from their Babylonian captivity. It does not follow the truth of the Bible, neither of the Old Testament nor of the New. Its central tenets are found in a book called the Talmud (the real Satanic Verses), a book full of worldly traditions, lies, and superstitions.
“The Babylonian Talmud is based on the mystical religious practices of the Babylonians which were assimilated by the Judahite Rabbis during their Babylonian captivity around 600 B.C. The Rabbis then used these occult traditions in place of the word of God,” wrote Edward Hendrie in Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great.
And that is why Jesus was constantly rebuking the Pharisees:
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 02:45 pm (UTC)
The Saker gives Middle East sitrep. Trump might yet come good.
Tap 20 Nov 2017 2
posted by Tapestry

Israel, Saudi Arabia Setting Preconditions for War with Hezbollah
The Saker

SouthFront has just released a very interesting video analysis warning about the possibility of a war involving Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and, possibility, Syria, Iran, and Israel. That, of course, also means that Russia and the US would be involved. First, please see the video here (under southfront link):
What I propose to do is go over the implications of such a scenario.
The context: a total AngloZionist failure on all fronts
To understand the context for these developments we first need to quickly summarize what has taken place in Syria and the rest of the Middle-East in the past few years.
The initial AngloZionist plan was to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Takfiri crazies (Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS – call them whatever you want). Doing this would achieve the following goals:
Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces and security services.
Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan, but further north.
Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon.
Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
Breakup Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and forces the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.
Eliminate all center of Shia power in the Middle-East.
That was an ambitious plan, but the Israelis felt pretty confident that their US vassal-state would provide the resources needed to achieve it. And now this entire plan has collapsed due to the very high effectiveness of an informal but yet formidable alliance between Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.
To say that the Israelis are seething with rage and in a state of total panic would be an understatement. You think I am exaggerating? Then look at it from the Israeli point of view:

Edited at 2017-11-23 02:46 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 03:32 pm (UTC)
What are tax collectors guilty of?
Apart from demanding currency with menace.

Because funds extorted by tax collectors are used in the commission of mass murder and destruction, not least via NATO and the UN, tax collectors are as guilty as Cameron and May for international and national crimes against humanity in Yugoslavia (yup, ongoing) Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and other countries that were attacked with the purpose of regime change and plunder.
The lower orders could plead ignorance. Masonic Common Purpose and Masonic senior Crown employees aka Civil Servants at national, and Masonic City of London and Bank of England Corporation controlled local councils, now metro city states' senior employees cannot.

VAT, Vatican added tax administered by the BoEC?
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 03:51 pm (UTC)
The man made religions are in a state of chaos
Apparently Jeebs didn't need churches. They are tithe collection houses.

The religions' bureaucrats versus the fooled. Judges are eccliastical. (CoE luciferian, or judeo Vatican luciferian?)

The jews will fund or are funding both sides, those seeking disestablishment, and sinners resisting?

clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 04:04 pm (UTC)
Nuns to pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land
By Renee K. Gadoua
Religion News Service September 9, 2014

In November, Sister Maureen Fiedler hand-delivered a letter to Pope Francis’ ambassador in Washington, D.C., urging the pontiff to renounce a series of 15th-century church documents that justify the colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples.
She doesn’t know if the letter made it to the Vatican. But she’s hopeful a recent resolution by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious will spur the pope to repudiate the centuries-old concept known as the “Doctrine of Discovery.”
“When I learned about it, I was horrified,” said Fiedler. As a member of the Loretto Community, a congregation of religious women and lay people, Fiedler first heard of the doctrine when her order marked its 200th anniversary by challenging “the papal sanctioning of Christian enslavement and power over non-Christians.”
The Doctrine of Discovery is a series of papal bulls, or decrees, that gave Christian explorers the right to lay claim to any land that was not inhabited by Christians and was available to be “discovered.” If its inhabitants could be converted, they might be spared. If not, they could be enslaved or killed.
The doctrine’s modern influence re-emerged recently in the debate about the racism and exploitation of Native American sports mascots, Fiedler said. It has justified efforts to eliminate indigenous languages, practices and worldviews, and it affects Native American sovereignty and treaty obligations.
Since 1823, it has also been enshrined in U.S. law. In 2005, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited the Doctrine of Discovery in a land-claim ruling against the Oneidas, one of the six nations of the Haudenosaunee.
The Loretto Community collaborated with a member of the Osage Nation to create a 2012 resolution. Last fall, the order joined 12 other Catholic groups asking the pope to rescind the decrees.
By revoking these papal bulls, the signers said, “all will know that today’s world is different from that of the 15th century as we move away from patterns of domination and dehumanization,” the resolution says.
Last year, the Loretto Community took the additional step of approaching the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, requesting that the group, which represents about 80 percent of U.S. nuns, consider a similar resolution. Last month, the LCWR members overwhelmingly approved a resolution during their annual conference in Nashville, Tenn.
Before the vote, Sister Pearl McGivney, president of the Loretto Community, which is based in Nerinx, Ky., spoke about the injustice of the doctrine.
“We had just been singing a hymn with the line, ‘Who will speak if you don’t? ... Speak so that their voices will be heard,’” Fiedler recounted. “In this case, we were talking about the voices of Native Americans, who are so seldom heard.”
Indigenous groups have sought to overturn the doctrine since at least 1984. In its 2007 Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations criticized policies like the Doctrine of Discovery as “racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust.”
Since 2007, numerous faith communities have called for repudiation, among them, the United Methodist Church, the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Episcopal Church, the World Council of Churches, several Quaker meetings and the United Church of Christ.
LCWR’s resolution calls on the pope to publicly acknowledge the continuing harm indigenous peoples suffer; clarify and repudiate any remaining legal status of the doctrine; dialogue with indigenous people and collaborate in planning a sacred ceremony of reconciliation; and issue a pastoral statement to courts of settler nations, urging them to change laws derived from the doctrine.
Copyright: For copyright information, please check with the distributor of this item, Religion News Service LLC.
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 05:51 pm (UTC)
Gender Bending for agendas
Population control, age of consent reduction, aggression reduction (similar to fluoride), greater acceptance of unwholesome homosexual practices.

Cancer: red meat, or red meat residues?
Organic meat producers have expressed concern over the government's advice to cut red meat consumption. Here we print one comment:
As someone whose livelihood is producing beef you might expect me to be unhappy with COMA and WCRF reports on diet and cancer. The emphasis on balance is sound but it seems improbable to me that red meat is intrinsically carcinogenic.
Red meat consumption in the UK has been falling while digestive cancers increased, and Dr Michael Hill of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation has stated that 'not one of eight large European studies has shown any relation ship between red meat intake and colon cancer risk.'
Of the many aspects which should be studied, the use of hormone growth promoters is perhaps the most obvious. Banned in Europe in 1986 but with some continuing illegall use, they are universally used in many countries where studies appear to show a cancer link. Nine EU scientists appointed to help fight the World
Trade Organisation moves to reintroduce US (hormone-implanted) beef into Europe have concluded that such hormones can be carcinogenic; something with which even two of the five WTO scientists agree.
The health, welfare and environmental prOblems of intensive poultry production are well known and it would be a tragic irony if consumption of this increased yet again at the expense of extensive and organic beef production.
Richard Young, Kite's Nest Farm

New research questions safety of soya baby milks

Food Magazine issue 39 November 1997
PDF http://www.foodcomm.org.uk/secure/Food_Magazine_39.pdf
Putting sports drinks to the test
Fruit for schoolchildren fed to animals
Monsanto costs me £6,000!
Food risks- whose liability?
SAFE reports, Ecologist moves
Safety of soya baby milks
BSE news. beef hormones
Food supplement claims
Antibiotic restistance rising?
We need a food safety agency
'Reduced fat and sugar; - we look at the scams
Cancer and diet
Infants' nutrient intake linked to sugar
Chinese fat consumption rising

Milk ' with extra oestrogen?
Food Commission 28th October 2005

Two-thirds of our milk supply comes from pregnant cows, but we don't know what that means for our health. Tim Lobstein continues investigating the impact of modern farming on the quality of the food we buy.
The UK population guzzles milk in nearly the same quantities as our cars guzzle petrol. On average, every household buys about five litres of milk every week. And that is just the domestic scene: more milk is drunk at school, at the fast food restaurant, in canteens and offices, while travelling and even in the hospitality zone of the Food Commission's local bank.
And if you add in the cheese, yogurt, cr'me fraiche and occasional Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the total comes to the equivalent of 4.4 litres a week for every member of the population, about a pint a day. (Since you ask, the UK's petrol consumption for cars is about 6 litres a week per person).
The figures also show that the UK imports the equivalent of 3 billion litres of milk each year, and exports 2.5 billion litres ' quite crazy, but that's another story.
There are many aspects of milk that have concerned consumers and nutritionists over the years, of which the most worrying for health is probably the fatty acid profile, especially the high levels of myristic acid ' a saturated fatty acid which is particularly potent at stimulating a rise in LDL blood cholesterol, the form which is a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease.

Continues below

Edited at 2017-11-23 10:45 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on November 23rd, 2017 05:53 pm (UTC)
While attempts have been made to lower the fat content of milk, and while most consumers have been making significant changes to their diets by replacing full-fat milk with reduced-fat versions, other concerns remain. Among these is the problem of hormones.
Nearly two decades ago, the government started allowing trials of bovine somatotropin (BST), a synthetic growth hormone produced using genetic engineering and designed to increase the efficiency with which cattle turned their feed into milk.
The hormone worked only too well, with udders full to bursting, putting immense stress on the cow with consequent increases in the incidence of mastitis (infection of the udder) and other ailments such as lameness. The treatment significantly raised the levels of a hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF1), in the milk, to levels which contributed to the European Union's decision to ban the use of BST for commercial milk production.
The point of this story is that it opened up a new area of concern for consumers, namely the hormone content of milk supplies. And yet, surprisingly, very little research has been published on the topic. And, even more to the point, there is even less information about how changes in modern farming practices may influence the quantities and types of hormones found in milk.
What we do know
The average lifespan of modern dairy cows is only about five years. In normal circumstances they can live to an age of 25-30 years, but physiological stress and a farmer's sharp eye for a cow whose yield is declining, means that the animals are turned into meat and bone meal in just a few years' equivalent to a teenager in human terms.

Modern dairy farmers hope their cows will to produce over 6,000 litres of milk during their annual 10 month lactation, with some prize cows producing 12,000 litres, equivalent to more than 40 litres (70 pints) a day during peak production. The graph (opposite) shows the average for the UK, which has risen from 16 pints per day to 39 pints per day in just a few cattle-generations.
A dairy cow raised by industrial farming methods is expected to give birth to a calf at least every 12 months, to keep her producing milk. A pregnancy is nine months, so cows are simultaneously lactating and pregnant for a significant part of the cycle. After calving the cow is 'open' and available for a new conception, which will usually take place within three months (a cow's menstrual cycle is 21 days).
About two months before she gives birth, the milking is stopped and she is 'dried off'. Within days of giving birth the milking routine starts again. Within three months of giving birth, the cow is made pregnant again. As the diagram of the cow's year shows (below), the cow is pregnant for about seven out of ten months lactation, from which we can deduce that at least two thirds of our milk is extracted from pregnant cows.

In order to maximise yields still further, a farmer may be tempted to shorten the open period and the drying off period, so that there are fewer months when the cow is not lactating. The effect of this would be to increase the proportion of time that the milk is being collected while the cow is pregnant.
Taking milk while a cow is pregnant, and especially during the last few weeks of her pregnancy, raises questions about hormones in milk.
During pregnancy, the cow's ovaries secrete high levels of progesterone. Her placenta secretes high levels of oestrogen. These hormones, plus others, including corticosteroids, growth hormones and prolactin, target the mammary gland to stimulate lactation.
GraphThe graph on the right shows the hormone cycles in cattle during a menstrual cycle (around 21 days) followed by pregnancy and calving. The curves show blood levels of these hormones, but milk can be expected to follow the pattern. Indeed, one of the tests for whether a cow is pregnant is to examine the progesterone levels in milk. The answer is 'yes' if the progesterone exceeds 10 microgram per litre of milk, which is typically higher than the blood levels.