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26 October 2017 @ 11:12 pm
The Last American Vagabond recent posts  

Ron Paul Reminds Americans The US Military Is Occupying 53 Of 54 African Nations
While many Americans are aware that the United States is at war in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan because of the media attention given to those conflicts, the news that four U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger came as a surprise that left some asking the question, “Since when is the U.S. at War with Africa?”
Sgt. La David Johnson, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright were killed on Oct. 4, after their team was reportedly ambushed by “ISIS-affiliated militants traveling by vehicle, carrying small arms and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.”
Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul weighed in on the situation, and noted that this appears to be one more war the U.S. is fighting without approval from Congress—and it is a war that includes the presence of U.S. troops in 53 out of the 54 nations in Africa.
“Now, when the Pentagon and the administration have had some pressure on them, you know, instead of having 100 people there, they’re admitting we have 6,000 people in Africa, and they even put a number on it. They say ‘we have some military in 53 of the 54 countries in Africa.’ That’s pretty expansive,” Paul said.

Corey Feldman Asks Public For Help Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia
Actor Corey Feldman has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help fund a movie exposing rampant #pedophilia in Hollywood.
In the wake of recent sexual abuse allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, actor Corey Feldman has stepped back into the limelight with a crowdfunding campaign to help expose Hollywood pedophilia. In a tweet sent out at 5 am on Wednesday, Feldman released a YouTube video announcing the campaign with the text, “U asked 4 it….U got it…LETS DO THIS!”

Top-Secret NSA Memo Proves Syrian Rebels Were Directed by Saudis — And The US Knew
The Intercept has just released a new top-secret NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which reveals in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the war which has now claimed half a million lives.
Who controls the (alleged zionist) Sauds?

Mainstream Media Brags About US Wiping Syrian City Off The Face Of The Earth
“Looking at photographs of the ruined, desolate streets of what was once the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa is a reminder of the overwhelming, pitilessly effective military power of the United States,” wrote the Washington Post’s David Ignatius in an op-ed published Thursday.
That was merely the opening sentence. Ignatius continued:
“The heaps of rubble in Raqqa that once housed terrorists and torturers convey a bedrock lesson, as valid now as in 1945: It’s a mistake to provoke the United States. It may take the country a while to respond to a threat, but once the machine of U.S. power is engaged, it’s relentless — so long as the political will exists to sustain it.” [emphasis added]
Who exactly provoked the United States here? The people who have been hardest hit are clearly civilians who happened to live in Raqqa. What crime did these people commit?

Who Is Calling The Shots?
The system once set in place, designed to give power to the people, is now only a phantom shell of what it once was. Yet enough of the shell remains allowing those unwilling to accept the obvious truth to continue on their oblivious path into bondage. With the façade in place, cultivating a false sense of democracy and safety, this once potentially great country is being pulled apart from within.
The reality of the situation is painfully visible, to those willing to actually look. A perfect example of this is how the majority of the nation calls for the decriminalization of a cannabis. A plant that can demonstrably be the answer to some of the most pressing problems facing this country, and yet, a blinding show of bureaucracy that leads in intentional circles is all that is seen. States are taking it upon themselves to enact their own laws, which in truth is how this country was meant to function all along, without the interference of the Federal Government. However, today it is a show of defiance. The majority has spoken out and nothing has happened. No action has been taken. In fact, actions have been taken to prevent the majority will. This should be alarming to every American. This is the defining difference between democracy and totalitarianism, or any such tyrannical governmental structure. Financial interest is the primary motivation behind the inaction of this government, but from whom does this motivation derive?

The Last American Vagabond http://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/

clothcapclothcap on October 26th, 2017 10:30 pm (UTC)
Vegas Gunman's Brother Arrested For Child Porn; Laptop Hard Drive
The story of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s family just keeps getting weirder.
The Los Angeles Times is reporting one of Paddock’s younger brothers, Bruce Paddock, has been detained in North Hollywood on suspicion of crimes related to child pornography. Paddock, 58, was taken into custody Wednesday morning.

REAL ID Allows Police To Control “Fundamental Aspects Of Our Daily Lives”
Thanks to REAL ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyone’s noses.
According to the video below, Tennessee is ‘Spreading the Good Word’ that DHS now has the power to suspend and revoke anyone’s drivers license or identification card.
A recent article in the Lebanon Democrat, reveals how DHS and the Tennessee DMV suspended more than a quarter of a million driver’s licenses (DL) for failure to pay traffic tickets.
On Oct. 5, Judge Altea Trauger ordered the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to reinstate Fred Robinson and Ashley Sprague’s licenses by Oct. 11 or as soon after as possible.
According to the complaint, Tennessee suspended more than a quarter of a million driver’s licenses for failure to pay traffic tickets, and in most cases, the drivers were too poor to pay. (Source)
It is the same story in Texas. Back in 2013 the Dallas News, warned everyone that the DMV had suspended 1.3 million people’s DLs for failing to pay traffic tickets.
States across the country allow DHS-run law enforcement to suspend people’s DLs and IDs for failure to pay tickets
clothcapclothcap on October 27th, 2017 09:15 am (UTC)
Every kitten on the planet will die
We have to rescue ourselves, the kittens and the planet.

To save the planet, civilization, society and kittens every member of the billionaires' club, the inner circles of the Black Nobility, Pillgrim, Mason, Fabian, Zionist, Jesuit and Bilderberg gangs, their enablers and NGOs have to be neutralised. I regard them as a plague of rabid locusts. They are in fact worse.

The Pacific has been poisoned with radiation and the sabotaged, Fukushima continues to infect the ocean and atmosphere. Every nuclear power plant leaks radiation. Apart from radiation, the atmosphere is being deliberately polluted with aluminium, barium and strontium salts and now so-called scientists want banned sulphates to be added to the list of contaminants floating in air and being washed out by rain into the soil, making it infertile. The ionosphere has been deliberately damaged, probably permanently by ionosphere heaters.

N. America is lost to radiation for tens of thousands of years. Parts of the MENA region are not fit for human habitation. Parts of Scotland can still not be used as a result of the Chernobyl fallout.

GM scientists are creating frankenstein foods with a depleted genome that are harmful to us and the food animals we eat, and the future of those plant species.

Scientists employed by humanity's enemies are creating GM humans, A.I., and ever more horrific weapons.

Failure to act very soon will result in the end of the future for everyone.

Links to the proofs of the Fukushima sabotage and pollution of the ocean, the deliberate pollution of the air especially using jet fuel, will be added later.

Alt. https://www.dropbox.com/s/33b7ik0ib87nyni/fukureport1b.pdf?dl=0

Radioactive America
Total Gamma Radiation 2017.2 YEAR TO DATE USA
How are things? Worse!
I’m doing Year to Date Stats on 98 US cities including Tokyo, Japan for comparison purposes.
The US cities running directly Comparable Stats, nSv/Hour, are ahead of Tokyo on all the Rad counts. Damn, but it is the truth. Unbelievable, eh?
That was a real Bummer to discover.
But the more than 1,000 detonations on the States’ land and 100 plus always leaking reactors guarantee that. No surprise there. The government has known it all along. The Rad leaking from the Reactors is as predictable as rain in Hawai’i on the rainy side.
It’s just Amazing how well the proNukers lie with a straight face as they knife us in the back. To the Gallows with them, after a fast and proper trial, of course. We want to do things all legal like.
Bob Nichols
Why hasn't the May regime issued travel warnings? It's fabian and hates you.

Rad Totals for the States since 2006

Edited at 2017-10-29 09:13 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 28th, 2017 11:14 am (UTC)
Honest Syrian news source back online (a week ago)
September 30th, 2017 106 comments
Ziad Fadel
It’s been 3 weeks with our website down because of some Zionist operation run out of Saudi Arabia targeting pro-Syrian government news sources, like SyrPer and Al-Masdar News. Thanks to the efforts of smarter individuals, like Leith and Danny, the news will start to flow out again.
I have been reading emails for the last 3 weeks without being able to convey their substance to my readers. The last one I received concerned the audio tape released supposedly by ISIS carrying a message of encouragement from the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo imploring his rodents to carry the fight forward, praising their resilience in the battle for Mosul and ordering them to burn all enemies of his kind of deviant religion.
It is now clear the audio tape is fake. Let me tell you why according to my source in Damascus. The tape is “audio” because there is no method the Mossad can use to credibly recreate the face or image of Al-Baghdaadi. They can only impersonate him by voice. According to Monzer, the voice is that of an Iraqi Jew who works as an agent in the Zionist Spook Service. Monzer insists that Al-Baghdaadi was killed last year near Al-Mayaadeen.
ISIS was formed by Iraqis. It has to my knowledge never been mentioned if they were jewish.

October 1st, 2017 168 comments
Ziad Fadel
DAYR EL-ZOR: The Russian war monitoring units at Humayhmeem Airbase in Latakia have confirmed the killing of 2,359 ISIS vultures with over 2,700 wounded during the last 10 days of battle around Dayr El-Zor. Of the 2,359, over 400 hailed from Islamic areas of the Russian Federation. The Russian Air Force played a pivotal role in the accumulation of these positive statistics flying bombing runs and assisting SAAF aircraft to stun, freeze and kill the diseased Wahhabist derelicts infesting the area. Along with the confirmed dead and wounded, the Syrian Army destroyed a total of 17 booby-trapped vehicles, 149 4-wheel drive trucks armed with 23mm cannons, 67 fortifications, 27 tanks and 21 missile launchers.
We can confirm the total cleansing of the Al-Mayaadeen – Palmyra highway after the SAA foiled an attack by ISIS on several military outposts in the area of Al-Thardaat. A counter-offensive was then started as the remnant rodents began to break ranks and escape. In the process of pursuing the fleeing vermin, the SAA destroyed 3 booby-trapped cars and confiscated an armored car. As of today, there are over 1,500 trapped ISIS devil-worshipers who came in from Iraq to ostensibly give support to their vanquished comrades only to find themselves in a truly uncomfortable vise.
The entire Dayr El-Zor – Palmyra Highway is open to trucks and the general public after ISIS attacked and threatened the towns of Al-Shoola and Kabaajib for a short time. The attack was blown out of proportion by the usual cabal of quacks in the Western Media.
If you are still wondering if the SAA crossed to the eastern bank of the Euphrates, be advised the government troops are situated solidly at the Al-Muree’iyya-Al-Bu-‘Umar Axis with artillery and missile launchers at the ready.
clothcapclothcap on October 28th, 2017 11:15 am (UTC)
Catch up continues
October 5th, 2017 167 comments
Ziad Fadel
IDLIB: The Russians announced it and it’s true. The man who was born, Usaamaa Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi, near Dayr El-Zor, and who became known to the world as Alqaeda’s franchisee in Syria, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, is now on life support being treated by Zionist witch doctors flown in by helicopter from northern Occupied Palestine. According to the Russians, Al-Jawlaani, lost an entire arm by virtue of the ghastly surgical procedures used on him thanks to a medical student who had joined Alqaeda 2 years ago. According to our sources in Syria, shrapnel was lodged inside a critical artery in his left arm and the decision was made that he had to have it amputated. As it turns out, his entire body was riddled with shrapnel.
Unwilling to see a Zionist agent like Al-Jawlaani bite the dust this way, Zionist PM, Benjamin Mileikowski, ordered Zionist hacks to the rescue flying them by helicopter all the way to Idlib to treat the suffering scumbag. They also brought with them, reportedly, some heavy-duty medical equipment designed to prolong his life. The decision not to bring the scoundrel to Palestine was indicated by a fear that his presence would be revealed with much embarrassment to the Zionist regime. In any case, his situation is evidently quite grave. Monitored chatter also hints at a looming death since the terrorists are now discussing a successor franchisee. Mr. Al-Jawlaani will not be able to participate in the nomination process due to a coma.
The Russian strike was devastating. Al-Jawlaani had called for a meeting of his top aides who brought with them a full complement of bodyguards. The bomb which struck the building was a bunker-buster type which vaporized everyone within a 200 yard radius. Russian estimates put the number of dead rodents at over 60 with 7 high-level commanders included! As of right now, chaos is dominating the Idlib area as terrorists begin to wonder who’s next on the menu?

October 7th, 2017 271 comments
Ziad Fadel
IDLIB: As we told you in our last post, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani is in critical condition being kept alive by Zionist shamans using advanced medical equipment flown in from northern Occupied Palestine by helicopter. The flights were tracked by Russian ships but were sufficiently outside Syria’s internationally recognized coastal barriers such that no action could be taken. According to my source in Latakia, the fate of this decrepit monster is of great concern to the Syrian High Command in that his injuries and eventual death will have a great impact on the terrorist morale especially now that Turkey appears to be leaning in favor of the proper cause.
This is why, the terrorist web sites and their supporters are claiming Al-Jawlaani is alive and well. This is precisely the kind of propaganda used by the Taliban to cover up the death of their own Mullah ‘Umar. It’s the same tactic used by ISIS to conceal the death of the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo. All of this leads right back to Tel Aviv where the puppet-masters are concocting the lies designed to buoy up collapsing morale in the ranks of their terrorist allies.
One of the big pieces the Zionists will not be able to cover up is the constant chatter on cellphones used by the rodents to describe the situation with Al-Jawlaani. If he is so well, why do they continue to discuss a successor?
clothcapclothcap on October 28th, 2017 11:24 am (UTC)
October 14th 293 comments
Does anybody believe the U.S. is acting honorably in Syria? Well? The Russians don’t and they’ve been accusing the U.S. of duplicity in the fight against ISIS and pure indifference in the fight against Alqaeda which is now called Jabhat Fath Al-Shaam. American two-facedness has reasons which need some analysis.
It is hard for this writer to tell if Donald Trump really has his finger on the foreign policy button. It is even more debatable whether Rex Tillerson has any influence on foreign policy. The entire Trump administration has the appearance of a failing amateur circus existing only for some kind of tax deduction. Nowhere in the world is this more obvious than in Syria.
We all agree that if the U.S. wanted the war in Syria to end, it could contribute mightily to that conclusion by stopping all forms of assistance to ISIS and pressuring its allies in Saudi Arabia to turn off the financial spigot which is the first form of enticement these terrorist organizations can deploy to gain and keep recruits. In interview after interview in Iraq and Syria, captured ISIS rodents continue to repeat the same mantra: that they joined ISIS because it paid them $100.00 per month as a salary when nobody else in the country could deliver such generous sums. In recently liberated Hawija, an ISIS recruit from the Muhaymin family told interviewers exactly that. Other factors such as fear of Shi’i expansion, of course, are notable, but, in the final analysis, it’s money that talks in the world of recruitment.
The U.S. has been filmed, recorded and seen by witnesses who claim that the U.S. Air Force and Army would transport ISIS terrorists by helicopter from areas about to be overtaken by the legitimate Syrian Army. Russia’s observers at Humaymeem have received very credible reports confirming America’s hypocritical policies toward Syria. If it is true that Donald Trump is opposed to ISIS and has ordered his DoD to destroy it, then, in that case, it appears that another agency of government is working to sabotage the president’s policies. That agency is, obviously, the CIA.

October 18th 599 comments
Maj. General Sharaf ‘Issaam Zahreddeen, who commanded the Republican Guard in Dayr El-Zor and who is credited with blunting every effort by the terrorist devil-worshipers of ISIS to breach the defensive perimeter of the Airbase died today, the victim of a land mine at Huwayjat Sakr. He was personally commanding his forces when his vehicle detonated a land mine the rodents left in order to delay the advance of the SAA.
The death of the general did not sour the zeal of our army’s vaunted Republican Guard. The RG along with elements of the Lebanese Resistance insisted on revenge and annihilated the terrorists at Mu-Hassan liberating the entire area. With the news of the general’s death, the RG did nothing to stop rampaging Shu’aytaat tribal warriors from killing every single ISIS rodent they could find.
Backstage information from a newspaper in Turkish’s occupied Antakya Province with a pro view of Syria.
. PYD/SDF & Syrian Govt talks to take place at Hmeymim air base in coming weeks.
. Sipan Hamo & Walid Moallem’s successive Moscow visits produced preliminary deal on oil fields, good basis 4 talks.
Should the info above is confirmed in the next few days, it may signal a more effective and relaxed relationship between the Syrian Government and SDF, the timing is good, should PYD/SDF play the arrogant role as Barzani, then we may see tougher measures in the near future, by now it seems the “climate” is good for talks, heavily influenced by events in Iraq.

Good to see the site back up
clothcapclothcap on October 28th, 2017 03:31 pm (UTC)
Some Yahoo News
Freed Tatar leaders back in Ukraine, vow to fight for Crimea
Business Insider UK 27 October 2017
MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Two Crimean Tatar leaders released from prison in the Russia-annexed region have flown to Ukraine's capital of Kiev and are vowing to continue their opposition to Russia's control of the Black Sea peninsula.
Ilmi Umerov and Akhtem Chiygoz were released Monday and flown to Turkey, since Turkish President Reycep Tayyip Erdogan helped mediate their release.
Both are deputy chairmen of the Mejlis, a representative body for Tatars, a largely Muslim Turkic ethnic group that makes up about 15 percent of Crimea's population.

Fentanyl in more than half of opioid deaths in 10 states
Yahoo News
Business Insider UK
NEW YORK (AP) — A federal report says the powerful painkiller fentanyl was involved in more than half of the recent opioid overdose deaths in 10 states.
The report released Friday is the latest to show how fentanyl is helping to make the nation's current drug epidemic the deadliest in U.S. history.

Las Vegas Shooting Security Guard’s Free Stay At MGM Questioned
Yahoo News
Jessica Kwong
Newsweek 27 October 2017
The owners of the hotel where Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured hundreds more is under fire for setting up hero security guard Jesus Campos in a room for free, prompting concerns that the hotel is tampering with a key witness in the case.
MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel that employed Campos, began housing the guard shortly after he was identified on October 4 as the officer shot by Paddock. Lawyers are concerned about the arrangement because authorities have had trouble pinning down whether Paddock shot Campos before or after his rampage began.
“There’s a suspicion that they are trying to shape his testimony and don’t want him to provide information to the public about the incident,” Las Vegas attorney Will Kemp, who sued the MGM Grand after a deadly 1980 fire, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Thursday. “Obviously, they want him to come out with a version of the timeline that’s favorable to them.”

The Hillary Clinton Russia Uranium One Conspiracy Theory Doesn’t Make Any Sense
Yahoo News
Zachary Fryer-Biggs
Newsweek 27 October 2017
A conspiracy theory involving uranium, Russians, bribery and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton managed to trigger a congressional probe this week. But if the story seems unbelievable, well, that's exactly what it is, some expert observers said.
“I have to say that this is one of those things where reasonable people cannot disagree: There just aren’t two sides,” said Jeffrey Lewis, an expert on nuclear materials and nonproliferation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.

Ex-WTO boss Pascal Lamy: 'There will have to be an Irish border post-Brexit'
Yahoo News
Darren McCaffrey, Sky News Dublin Correspondent
Sky News 27 October 2017
The former head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has accused British politicians of misleading the public over the realities of Brexit and insists there will have to be a border in Ireland.
Pascal Lamy who was head of the WTO between 2005-2013, told Sky News that while things had improved since the referendum, UK politicians "still a long way to go" in being honest with voters.
clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 10:03 am (UTC)
MsM on the Catalonian democratic referendum
Catalonia crisis hots up as both sides take 'nuclear option'
Dominic Waghorn, Diplomatic Editor
Sky News 28 October 2017
The Catalan crisis has escalated. Both sides are taking the nuclear option.
The Catalan parliament is declaring independence.
The Spanish Senate is authorising Article 155, allowing the use of "all means necessary".
The unity and future of a modern European nation is hanging in the balance.
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is determined to stop Catalonia before separatists in the Basque Country and Galicia try to follow suit.

EU warns 'more cracks' in bloc as Spain dissolves Catalonia's parliament after it declares independence
James Badcock
The Telegraph 28 October 2017
The EU's most senior official warned that "more cracks" were emerging in the bloc on Friday after the Catalan parliament declared independence from Spain, plunging the country into political and economic turmoil.
Madrid swiftly responded to the vote by dissolving the Catalan parliament and dismissing Carles Puigdemont as president of Catalonia and his entire government.
Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, announced that regional elections would be held in December and said the unprecedented act of imposing direct rule on the regional was needed to "recover normality".
The national police may be deployed to bring Catalonia under Madrid's control.
The shock decision to declare independence poses potentially the greatest threat to the EU's unity since Brexit, and is likely to fuel support for separatist movements in Ireland, Scotland and the Basque Country.
clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 11:35 am (UTC)
Some Veterans Today

Malaysian 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine Updated
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - July 17, 2014
- Unconfirmed: Malaysian plane mistaken for Putin's jet which had flown by only moments before, leaving Israel and the Kiev junta as prime suspects.
The insult to those murdered, their kinfolk and the public, that is the release of the Dutch report into the air to air shooting down of flight MH17, this review is useful to remind of what the propaganda producers masquerading as an investigatory team are spewing out in the expectation the masses will believe.
Peacetime propaganda is a prisonable international crime.

NEO – Globalist Counterpunch: Going for the Media Knockout

NEO – The SAA Deir-Ezzor Euphrates River Battle: a Tactical Review

Khazarian Mafia has Gone Mad, Follows the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror

NEO – The Big Brother Bombshell Set to Blow

NEO – Mystery of the never-ending ISIS Hordes on the Iraq...

Phony War in Syria: ISIS Hands Over Euphrates East Bank,...

NEO – Oxford Propaganda Front attacks Veterans Today, the NeoCon Witch Hunt begins

Syria War Report – October 24, 2017: Syrian Army Advances East...

Sputnik Exclusive ‘Psychic Espionage’: An Insider’s View of US Army’s Secret Project StarGate

Disarming Iran for Regional Destabilization, Duff on Press TV

Syria War Report Oct. 25, 2017: US-backed Forces Seize More Oil...
Media Partner - SouthFront - October 25, 2017
...from SouthFront Late on October 24, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) accused the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) of attacking its units on the eastern...

Suppressed/Classified: America’s Secret Thermobaric Nukes

Trump withholds JFK files says “has no choice” cites “irreversible harm...
clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 11:39 am (UTC)
Some more
Kennedy murdered by hard-line faction of US military: Researcher
We need the full truth about the JFK assassination and so many other crimes of the Deep State
“And Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy makes the case that behind the CIA, which was the most active player in the coup d’etat that overthrew Kennedy, we had the hidden hand of the Israeli Mossad by the way of the CIA’s Counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, who was in fact an Israeli mole in the CIA. And to this day, there is a statue honoring Angleton in Tel Aviv,” the researcher said.
Control: brainwash, bully, blackmail or buy, last resort, bury.

English newspaper ‘tipped off’ 25mins before JFK assassination, documents show

Satanists and New World Order agents still aspire to destroy Syria
“We understand that they are pretty bad guys. “Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”

TradCatKnight Radio, Pope Benedict XVI “Church Is going Underground”
To join the luciferian infected satanic homo-paedo minority?

LAS VEGAS SMOKING GUN? FBI Seized Tropicana Video DURING Massacre
The good news: An FBI SWAT team responded almost immediately to the Las Vegas shooting. The bad news: They made no effort to stop it, but instead set about confiscating security videos!

Israel Has $5 Billion Surplus That Belongs to Americans
$5 billion surplus to be used to reduce taxes on Israeli middle class who make between $60,000.00 and $100,000.00 annually. We want our hard earned taxpayer money and we want it back now!

Iraqi forces take control over all Kurdistan border posts

Ex-Qatari PM admits US coalition and Turkey used terrorists on Syria

Washington Post: “Five myths about Nazis”

Syria-Iraq War Report October 27, 2017: Iraqi and Syrian Armies Jointly Advance Against ISIS

Why deny? A Christian Jew explains “Holocaust denial”

Edited at 2017-10-29 12:17 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 11:59 am (UTC)
Ali: How did the term “Judaism” or “Jews” came into usage, who coined this term first?
Oh dear judahite is a separate tribal identity to israelite.

Blessed Geek -
The origin of the term Jew is from the Hebrew Yehudi (יהודי), being the people of Yehudah (יהודה), where Yehudah is translated by the English translators of the Bible as Judah.
In Arabic and Indonesian, the term Jews are pronounced as "Yahudi" or "Yahudiah". In German, it is "Juden".
The issue at hand is the mutation of the people of Israel from being Israelites into Yehudi (Jews). A prolonged civil war erupted in Israel, during the reign of king Rehavam (transliterated as Rehoboam) who was the son of king Solomon, and the grandson of king David. Thus split the kingdom into northern and southern kingdoms. The northern kingdom comprised the so-called Ten Lost Tribes. Whereas, the southern kingdom were of the tribes of Benjamin, Judah and Levi.
Since the majority of Israel rebelled against king Rehavam, they were called the kingdom of Israel. As the tribe of Judah was the predominant population and power in the southern kingdom, they were called the kingdom of Yehudah.
And the story goes to say that the Assyrians conquered northern Israel and scattered the ten tribes. So, in one description of history or any other, they were lost. Therefore, the "unlost" part of Israel, which was Yehudah, continued to call themselves Yehudah. Unlike Israel, Judah and the assimilated Benyaminites and Levites stayed in cohesion, due to patronage of the Babylonian and Iranian empires towards the Jews.
As you might realise, in another totally unrelated case but to illustrate the tragedy of multi-lingual transliteration, the name of Jesus is actually Yehoshua (which is the same as Joshua in the Hebrew Bible). Somehow, that name for Jesus, that is Yehoshua got transliterated from one language into another as Iesu, Jesue and finally to Jesus.
Likewise, somehow the the term Yehudi became Yudi, Judi, Jude, and then finally Jew in English. I'm sure you can read up on the mutation of the names of Judah and Jesus by searching the web.
Today, anyone who identify themselves as an emerging member of a lost tribe of Israel, would be politically assimilated into the Jewish community as a "Jew"/Yehudi. I think this phenomenon is more out of a political unity sentiment, than to be historically accurate.
I realise there are groups calling themselves bani Israel and not Jews, who purport that current Jews are frauds. Where they claim having been snucked deep into Africa and then emerging as the true sons of Israel now. Similarly, neo-Celtic or British-Israel movements. I guess that is a controversy that should not be discussed here. And I hope you are not among such people and that your question is not actually a way to discredit the legitimacy of Jews as compared to claims of these bani Israel.
...I also failed to mention three historical segments of people who were assimilated with Jews before 2000 years ago - Arabs who voluntarily aligned themselves to observing Jewish customs; Arabs of the Levant who were forced to convert (king Herod being descendant of such stock); small remnant of Israel not scattered by the Assyrians and not exiled by the Babylonians.

What a shame judahites' tribaal identity got hijacked and made into a religion.
From my limited knowledge, the choices for today's jews are the Torah or Talmud and Kabbalah, the former appears to be devoted to the same or similar entity as the Bible while the Talmud has been called the real satanic verses with Lucifer the main entity worshipped by adherents. The 3rd option, I believe is atheist adherence to the Talmud. I read that in the time of the northern and southern kingdoms, both judahites and khazarians had various pagan religions. As those of khazarian ancestry make up the majority of modern jews, what piqued my curiosity is whether khazarian practices are what make up the religion of jews that don't adhere to the Torah.
clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 12:35 pm (UTC)
From Global Research October Articles
Turkey to Establish Eight Military Bases in Syria’s Idlib Province
Turkish imperialism.

On Returning from Syria: More Convinced than Ever Western Media Narrative Is Bulls**t

Remembering Muammar Qaddafi and the Great Libyan Jamahiriya

The Obamacare Fraud and the Case for Socialized Medicine
"We've looted all your wealth and now we are depriving you of the benefits you are entitled to because we hate you."
The zio-fabians.

A Multipolar World?: “Full Spectrum Superiority”, The Deep State and Global Financial Control

Winning in Africa. US Military-Industrial Complex Supplants State Department Diplomacy

What’s Going on in Niger? America’s Unspoken War against sub-Saharan Africa

United States Imperialist Aims Exposed in Niger

A Well-Kept Open Secret: Washington Is Behind India’s Brutal Demonetization Project

Remember Hiroshima: No Danger of Nuclear War? The Pentagon’s Plan to Blow up the Planet

Setting the Stage to Commit a Massacre in Gaza
Excerpt from Ilan Pappe's book, The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories

A Case of Judicial Murder? The Boston Bombing, “Get a Guilty Verdict”

The Unimaginable: Canada, Missile Defence and Nuclear War

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu Is Leading US President Trump to War with Iran

The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away

U.S. Troop Deaths in Niger: AFRICOM’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

Britain Drops 3,400 Bombs in Syria and Iraq – and Says No Civilians Killed
The establishment only allow polished liars to occupy the seat of government.

The JFK Assassination: Why CIA’s Richard Helms Lied About Oswald

“CIA Lying Performance” Then and Now: The JFK Assassination Versus The CIA’s Obstruction of Justice in 2015

The U.S. War Machine Marches On: The Truth About Trump, the JFK Assassination and the Deep State

The Gigantic City Project Called NEOM: Saudi Arabia Might Recognize Israel Because of NEOM Project

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clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 12:57 pm (UTC)
What do these claims have in common?
Excessive anthropogenic urine production causing sea level rise.

Excessive anthropogenic CO2 production causing climate warming.

Both subjects are fertilisers.
Both claims are beyond ludicrous.

clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 01:47 pm (UTC)
The Saker: The Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis – a dynamic analysis
Vineyard of the Saker October 26, 2017
This article was written for the Unz Review

The latest big news out of the Ukraine
Have you heard what the latest big news out of the Ukraine is? No? There is a mini-Maidan under way and Ukrainian nationalists seem to hope that Poroshenko will be kicked out before the end of the week. You did not know? Well, that is the real big news, the fact that you did not hear about this.
Truthfully, what is going on is kind of interesting. Let me sum it up: the former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili (who was stripped from his Georgian citizenship and of his Ukrainian citizenship) recently crossed the border (through Poland, of course) and proceeded to travel to Kiev to demand Poroshenko’s resignation. You think that I am kidding? Check the Wikipedia article about him, it has all the details. It gets better. There is a consensus amongst analysts that Saakashvili is being used as a battering ram by somebody far more influential – Iulia Timoshenko, of course. But what is really new is that many well informed analysts and commentators seem to think that the USA and EU are not the main driving force behind these latest developments (though they are involved, of course).
What is going on here?
Well, as I said, the big news is that you did not hear about it. You did not hear about it because fundamentally nobody cares, least of all the Trump Administration. True, the Trump Administration is so busy self-destructing that it does not really care about Kurdistan either and that implies that it does not even really care about the Holy of Holies : Israel (cry me a river Bibi!). So nevermind the Trump administration, even the Ziomedia mostly seems not to care any more what happens in the Ukraine (of course, some hardcore hardliners still continue to hallucinate). Hence the (relative) silence on this issue. What this tells the Ukrainian politicians is that they are pretty much on their own. And that is why they are taking matters in their own hands.
I don’t think that it is worthwhile to plunge into all the personalities and factions which are currently involved in the political struggle. I can summarize it by saying that there are four main group currently identifiable: bad, worse, even worse and the silent majority. Let’s begin by the last one, the silent majority.
By all accounts (and from all my personal contacts) it is pretty obvious that the vast majority of those who could not leave the Ukraine are now depressed, silent and in a “survival mode”. The Ukrainians, like the Russians, are extremely good at this survival mode which a very painful history has taught them: they could survive in conditions were everybody else would perish. Their history has also taught them that there are time when you want to stay low, shut up and focus on making it through the day. I also think that most Ukrainians fully realize that there is no faction/force out there representing their interest and that means that they have absolutely no reason at all to get involved. This has nothing to do with passivity or political ignorance: that is common sense. Getting involved is what gets you killed. Hunkering down until the worst of the storm passes is the only correct survival technique in times of very ugly political struggles.
Then there are bad, worse and even worse. Bad – that’s Poroshenko. Worse – that’s the crazies à la Oleg Liashko. Even worse – that would be the rabid ideologues like Tiagnibok or Farion. We can think of it as the Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis.
clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 03:32 pm (UTC)
More from the Vineyard
Game over: How the Kurds lost the high risk gamble
October 26, 2017
By Aram Mirzaei
As predicted, the Kurdish referendum ended in a conflict over the disputed areas in northern Iraq, areas that have been occupied by Kurdish Peshmerga forces since the 2014 ISIL invasion of Iraq. Throughout these weeks, Kurdish media close to Kurdish president Masoud Barzani have acted very much like their western counterparts, spreading atrocious lies about the Iraqi Army and Hashd Al Shaabi (PMU).

Reality finally hits the separatists
Don't forget the comments

Michael Parenti The 1% Pathology and the Myth of Capitalism
October 25, 2017
In my efforts to try to educate people about Communism and to explain why it is not “dead” as the official propaganda would have you believe, but alive and doing better than ever (thanks to the current collapse of the Capitalist AngloZionist Empire), I would like to share with you a pretty interesting lecture by Prof. Michael Parenti who, by debunking the founding myths of Capitalism, encourages those still capable of critical thought to reevaluate what they think they know about Capitalism vs Communism. Truth be told, Parenti does, from time to time, suffer from the main intellectual weakness of so many Communists: ideological orthodoxy. But compared to their Capitalist counterpart Communists are still far less ideological. Besides, we rarely hear from them, so I thought that posting this lecture by Parenti would bring some much needed common sense and “intellectual fresh air” at a time when historical, philosophical political education have all been replaced by vapid and hollow slogans.
I hope that you will enjoy listening to Parenti as much as I did.
The Saker
Vid http://thesaker.is/michael-parenti-the-1-pathology-and-the-myth-of-capitalism/
Recommended 133 minutes
vot tak on October 25
Didn’t find a transcript for this lecture, here is a link to a site with many quotations from him over the years so those unfamiliar with his work can get an idea of it.
Michael Parenti
Independent thinker. He’s one of the best around at debunking rightwing nonsense.

laninya on October 25
David Barsamian’s Alternative Radio, has a great archive of Parenti lectures.
See: https://www.alternativeradio.org/collections/spk_michael-parenti#
The lecture above, while not on the list at the moment, is mostly a condensation of many other lectures he has given over the years.
Check out the full list of speakers available thru Barsamian’s site. It’s impressive.

Lumpy Gravy on October 25
… but Alternative Radio want money for their audio downloads. Here are some places where you can download many of Michael Parenti’s lectures for free:

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clothcapclothcap on October 29th, 2017 06:55 pm (UTC)
More Saker
Is Communism really dead?

“Is Communism Really dead?” – an Answer
October 24
by Jimmie Moglia
After reading the Saker’s article, I had to walk back and forth for some time, partly to digest its content, and partly to determine why I found it so persuasive. My conclusion, however humble, is that the article is accurate because it tells us very clearly all we need to know on the subject, while leaving the reader to draw his/her conclusion.

The English-speaking world’s fear of calling communism, ‘communism’
October 25
by Ramin Mazaheri
In many ways this fear is justified: communism is a dirty word in the English culture. I recall getting my copy of “International Socialist Review” mailed to me in the United States – it arrived with a brown paper wrapper, the same as pornography.
(Please note: American mailing practices for pornography have been gleaned solely from second-hand information, of course, so I may be mistaken on this point.)
But perhaps it was better that my mailman thought I was getting porn instead of knowing I was a communist, LOL? Because nobody gets thrown in jail, spied on, harassed, denied loans, demoted, fired, shunned, insulted or deported for porn in the United States, but they sure do for promoting communism in “the land of the free”.
France, Italy, the Latin countries of the West – they do not have this prejudice as strongly, which is a major reason I chose to live in Paris.
But because this Anglophone fear is (unfortunately) understandable, many well-meaning, intelligent and prominent Western leftists simply cannot or will not openly call for communism or socialism.
This leads them to major cognitive dissonance, dissembling, tortuous word play, and, inevitably, at least partial renunciation of the communist-inspired economic controls which are vital to create and preserve human progress.
One such person who suffers under this phenomenon is the former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. I have been writing a series of articles based around his 2016 book, “And the Poor Suffer What They Must?” because it’s necessary to disprove fake-leftist economics.

The Ben Stimson Case: Prosecuted For Fighting Fascism in Ukraine
October 22
by Christopher Black for the Near Eastern Outlook
On July 14 this year a British man from the Manchester area named Benjamin Stimson, aged 41, a man the London Times called a “socialist” to add to his crimes, was convicted under the British Terrorism Act for “facilitating” acts of “terrorism” by serving with one of the Donbass Republic militias for four months in 2015, as an ambulance driver.

Xi’s road map to the Chinese Dream
October 21
by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times
China’s Belt and Road Initiative – the New Silk Road – will spark the country’s development and turn the dream into reality.
Now that President Xi Jinping has been duly elevated to the Chinese Communist Party pantheon in the rarified company of Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, the world will have plenty of time to digest the meaning of “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.”
Xi himself, in his 3½-hour speech at the start of the 19th Party Congress, pointed to a rather simplified “socialist democracy” – extolling its virtues as the only counter-model to Western liberal democracy. Economically, the debate remains open on whether this walks and talks more like “neoliberalism with Chinese characteristics”.
All the milestones for China in the immediate future have been set.
“Moderately prosperous society” by 2020.
Basically modernized nation by 2035.
Rich and powerful socialist nation by 2050.
Xi himself, since 2013, has encapsulated the process in one mantra; the “Chinese dream”. The dream must become reality in a little over three decades. The inexorable modernization drive unleashed by Deng’s reforms has lasted a little less than four decades. Recent history tell us ...

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