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20 October 2017 @ 02:57 pm
Manufactured weather or not  

Aside from the beauty of the beast, if evidence of interference by humanity's enemies (British, American, NATO generals, admirals, marshals and dirty sock puppet politicians)  is to be found, the view from above weather systems is the most likely to reveal fingerprints.
NASA's Worldview obliges, but only once a day:

Northern Hemisphere
(Right click, view image to see it full size.)

West (left) of Portugal is the area of interest.

24 hours later.


Despite the straight line artifact from joining images, a quite definite elbow develops.

A closer look. A focus point to keep your bearings, look at the centre then left to a small reversed 'L'

Now the reversed 'L' is top centre. Regularly spaced curved lines of cloud become apparent.

Zooming in again, now the reversed 'L' is just off screen to the east, right.

Playing pin the donkey's tail, if a person was to suspect weather interference, where would the donkey's ass be?

If this is HAARP, it is most probably ship borne, and likely several or more 'scientific' and or navies' HAARP ships are involved.

Want to play?
To change the date on the NASA page, click on it. F11 gives a full screen on my machine.

If a person wanted to see if there was a HAARP installation in the Azores, the CIA's Go ogle is the last software I would use, but if you wish -

GPS coordinates for 20 of the Top HAARP facilities
Includes Nerc MST Radar Facility, Capel Dewi, Carmarthenshire, Wales, Britain

Possible HAARP Locations Around The World
Comment - cynthia mcmahon
I was in Alaska for ten years.During 911 also. I worked for a Ex-emloyee of Nasa. I met the Author of Angels don't play this haarp.I bought two copies at his urging. It was only on the shelf for one month at Fred Meyers.Then it disappeared. There is a secret launch pad in Alaska and a secret military facillity, along with two bases. There is a large hole in the atmosphere there. I learned about the 187 satalites that they can bounce the microwave signals off of. There are many secrets. We used Haarp against the Kuwait people during desert storm. Read Tesla, And the year this started.I am under surveillance, and have been arrested since coming back to Oregon. I am told I am dangerous. Mainly for the information I know.And of course for thinking outside the box.lol

Microwaves (think unecessarily large cell phone microwave towers) and lasers are reportedly also used in weather interference.
They deny with their lips what they are doing with their hands, and tax funds.

Wake up? Let your fingers do the waking.

In appreciation of the marker 'L' , here it is in all its glory.

If this is clear evidence of weather interference, it is prevalant around the world, visible with a zoom or two.

Heavy weather forecasted (arranged?) for 20th, Saturday.
#haarp #nasa #geoengineering
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2017 06:34 pm (UTC)
You call them 'government'
They see themselves as wolves in sheep's clothing. They are just some of humanity's enemies.
The least damaging of their policies is the division of society into them with and us without using tax the means, the weapon.

Whether a secret corporate body when not forced to be a government by the public giving them a kick in the nuts, they progress the single global (apparently homosexual-paedophile controlled) corporation agenda regardless.

Mrs May calls them metro cities for some reason. All controlled by the fabian-zionists' Common Purpose communist traitors, no doubt.
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2017 07:10 pm (UTC)
From Russia Today

Mobs kill 2 more as ‘vampire hysteria’ spreads in Malawi
Lynch mobs have killed two people in Malawi’s second largest city, Blantyre, as public hysteria grows over “blood-sucking vampires” in the developing African nation.
Oct 19, 2017
Bankers and politicians flee the country?

[CIA-Mossad planning 9/11-style big explosion]
‘Severe threat’: ISIS & Al-Qaeda planning 9/11-style ‘big explosion,’ US security chief warns
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) and Al-Qaeda terrorists are plotting to take down a plane and carry out a devastating explosion on the scale of 9/11, senior US security official Elaine Duke warns.
Oct 19, 2017
Maintain the fear

Moscow calls Dutch MH17 crash probe accusations ‘unjust’
RT Newsline 19 Oct, 2017
The Netherlands’ accusations of insufficient help for the investigation into the Malaysian Boeing crash in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014 are unjust, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday. She was commenting on the statements made by Dutch Prosecutor General Fred Westerbeke in an interview with Russia’s Novaya Gazeta newspaper. “What we initially saw regarding the investigation into the MH17 crash has been confirmed again, only now it is being stated officially,” TASS quoted Zakharova as saying. Westerbeke “doubts Russia’s wish to really cooperate,” Zakharova said, adding that the contribution to the investigation conducted by Ukraine and the US is considered otherwise. “Such statements are highly unjust, considering the great amount of information Russia has been providing for the investigation since its first day.”
Comments are acute.
How brain-dead do they think we are? The Ukraine regime was behind the shoot down. It was invited to investigate itself?

‘Ecological Armageddon’: Plummeting insect populations could ravage life on Earth
RT News 19 Oct, 2017
The stark decline in insect populations has placed the world on a path to “ecological Armageddon,” according to a study.
Researchers from Raboud University in the Netherlands made the discovery following a decades-long study of nature reserves across Germany.
Since 1989, the team has been collecting insect samples across 63 sites using mesh tents known as malaise traps. After measuring each year’s samples by weight, scientists found that the average fell by more than 75 percent over the 27-year period. During the summer months, the fall was measured at around 82 percent.
Corporate pesticides, corporate farm profits. Monsanto is now Bayer.
Customers don't matter as decimation of humanity is part of the agendas (21, 30).

Op-Edge: Ukraine has a Nazi problem and a Western media problem
Bryan MacDonald
RT 17 Oct, 201
Last weekend saw Ukraine’s biggest Nazi march of modern times. Yet, the Western media and its numerous correspondents in Kiev completely ignored the story, even on social networks. This is as clear an example of press bias as you will ever encounter.
On Saturday night, up to 20,000 far-right radicals honored the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) – a paramilitary group led by Stepan Bandera, which actively collaborated with Hitler’s Germany. They brandished lit torches, smoke pellets, and flares as they chanted fascist slogans. And some participants openly gave Nazi salutes during the rally.
The leaders of the procession included Oleg Tyahnybok, an associate of US Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy, who has called for Ukraine to do more to halt the "criminal activities" of "organized Jewry.” He’s also demanded Ukrainian citizens should have their ethnic origins stamped in their passports.

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clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2017 07:56 pm (UTC)
The World Wars of Albert Pike
Civil War general created cult that influenced the New World Order
Jon Bowne Infowars.com - January 10, 2015
The World Wars of Albert Pike
Albert Pike served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army.
Following the War, Pike was jailed for treason, but he was quickly pardoned by fellow Freemason President Andrew Johnson.
Among eventually becoming a 33rd degree mason and a top leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Pike was also believed to be a Luciferian.
He claimed he was able to summon Lucifer at will as the Grand Master of the Order of the Palladium.
Palladism or TRADITIONAL SATANISM, an ancient Luciferian cult, was then introduced to the inner circle of the Masonic lodges. This influence has flourished into modern day Freemasonry in the hidden rites of the upper degrees.
Leaders of industry, entertainment, the CIA, congress, and our military leaders are inundated with Freemasonic Palladism or a Luciferian New World Order.
It’s everywhere you look in Washington D.C. if you have eyes that see.
What follows are the chilling predictions or instructions of Albert Pike’s Three World Wars, funded in great part by the House of Rothschild, FROM A LETTER that he wrote to 33 degree Italian Illuminati head and Mafia founder Giuseppe Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871.
Video https://www.infowars.com/the-world-wars-of-albert-pike/
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2017 08:21 pm (UTC)
The maker of Saturday's weather.

Link to the NASA Worldview source pic-


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(Anonymous) on October 20th, 2017 09:59 pm (UTC)
No, Dumbasses, HAARP not responsible for storms.
"The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been attracting the tinfoil-hat brigade for decades. Their newest notion? That HAARP is behind the recent rash of hurricanes".
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2017 10:43 am (UTC)
Re: No, Dumbasses, HAARP not responsible for storms.
That is soooo '60s. :)
Miniaturisation. The tech is ship mountable.
Pulsed microwaves can reproduce the same effect as a nuclear EM pulse detonation. It is a weapon.
Russia must have an amazing interest in heating the ionosphere considering the dozens of facilities they reportedly have.
There are a lot of patents concerning using radio frequencies to affect the weather.
Nucleation forming a base for condensation seems to be a major weather effect, dry the storm, it loses its teeth for example. Positively and negatively charging an area of the atmosphere may be the way a storm's direction is influenced.
Creating rips and holes in the ionosphere allowing destructive high enery particles to pass, e.g. solar storms is another aspect that can be used as a weapon.
Lifting the atmosphere is another effect.
I'd be well pleased to find out all the arm waving is just bluster. Facts look to bearing out the alarmists.
But what are those regularly spaced, expanding concentric arcs of clouds? They are not natural. They are troposheric, stratospheric clouds are unaffected. ELF waves carrying high frequencies?

Edited at 2017-10-21 10:53 am (UTC)
Re: No, Dumbasses, HAARP not responsible for storms. - (Anonymous) on October 25th, 2017 09:51 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: No, Dumbasses, HAARP not responsible for storms. - clothcap on October 31st, 2017 07:54 pm (UTC) (Expand)
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2017 11:25 am (UTC)
Subaquatic oddity
This, off the coast of Ireland could be what? The feature is more than twice the area of Ireland.

One idea (and more pics)
For me, without going beyond the bounds of what is within common knowledge, humans are perfectly capable of making all kinds of designs at all scales for no apparent reason.
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2017 12:39 pm (UTC)
More recent images with other intriguing parallel lines
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2017 01:19 pm (UTC)
Some more

The ballpark

Bottom centre running tothe triangle in the top left



Surely these have been investigated?
Blows the socks off crop circles.

Things to do. I'll do some more snorkeling later.

Edited at 2017-10-21 03:46 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2017 04:02 pm (UTC)
Evidence of hydrocabon exploration and extraction?
What kind of machines?

This one, right side looks to be blurred out in parts, much more so beyond the right of the pic.

Alamy has brilliant surface mining pics.
Stock Photo - Aerial view of strip coal mining field

Loads more (scroll down) http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-aerial-view-of-strip-coal-mining-field-55532948.html

Edited at 2017-10-21 05:25 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2017 04:20 pm (UTC)
The Military's Pandora's Box by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning
HAARP Boils the Upper Atmosphere
HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an "ionospheric heater." (The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere. It ranges between 40 to 60 miles above the surface of the Earth.)
Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antenna send out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything -- living and dead.
HAARP publicity gives the impression that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program is mainly an academic project with the goal of changing the ionosphere to improve communications for our own good. However, other U.S. military documents put it more clearly -- HAARP aims to learn how to "exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes." Communicating with submarines is only one of those purposes.
Press releases and other information from the military on HAARP continually downplay what it could do. Publicity documents insist that the HAARP project is no different than other ionospheric heaters operating safely throughout the world in places such as Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Tromso, Norway, and the former Soviet Union. However, a 1990 government document indicates that the radio-frequency (RF) power zap will drive the ionosphere to unnatural activities.
" ... at the highest HF powers available in the West, the instabilities commonly studied are approaching their maximum RF energy dissipative capability, beyond which the plasma processes will 'runaway' until the next limiting factor is reached."
If the military, in cooperation with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, can show that this new ground-based "Star Wars" technology is sound, they both win. The military has a relatively-inexpensive defense shield and the University can brag about the most dramatic geophysical manipulation since atmospheric explosions of nuclear bombs. After successful testing, they would have the military megaprojects of the future and huge markets for Alaska's North Slope natural gas.
Looking at the other patents which built on the work of a Texas' physicist named Bernard Eastlund, it becomes clearer how the military intends to use the HAARP transmitter. It also makes governmental denials less believable. The military knows how it intends to use this technology, and has made it clear in their documents. The military has deliberately misled the public, through sophisticated word games, deceit and outright disinformation.
The military says the HAARP system could:
Give the military a tool to replace the electromagnetic pulse effect of atmospheric thermonuclear devices (still considered a viable option by the military through at least 1986)
Replace the huge Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) submarine communication system operating in Michigan and Wisconsin with a new and more compact technology
Be used to replace the over-the-horizon radar system that was once planned for the current location of HAARP, with a more flexible and accurate system
Provide a way to wipe out communications over an extremely large area, while keeping the military's own communications systems working
Provide a wide area earth-penetrating tomography which, if combined with the computing abilities of EMASS and Cray computers, would make it possible to verify many parts of nuclear nonproliferation and peace agreements
Be a tool for geophysical probing to find oil, gas and mineral deposits over a large area
Be used to detect incoming low-level planes and cruise missiles, making other technologies obsolete
The above abilities seem like a good idea to all who believe in sound national defense, and to those concerned about cost-cutting. However, the possible uses which the HAARP records do not explain, and which can only be found in Air Force, Army, Navy and other federal agency records, are alarming. Moreover, effects from the reckless use of these power levels in our natural shield - the ionosphere - could be cataclysmic according to some scientists.
clothcapclothcap on October 22nd, 2017 02:01 pm (UTC)
Global Research Articles relevant to this blog

Dickenson, Texas Residents Told No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds If You’re Against Israel
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, October 22, 2017
Israel’s sinister influence over US policy extends to tiny Dickenson, TX, population around 19,000, ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, residents needing help.
Getting any requires certifying in writing the following on signed applications:
“(T)he Applicant verifies that the Applicant:
(1) does not boycott Israel; and
(2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.”
Recently passed Texas law requires state contractors to certify no opposition to Israel. At a signing ceremony, Governor Greg Abbott called Texas Israel’s “No. 1 trading partner in the United States,” adding:
“Texas is proud to reaffirm its support for the people of Israel and we will continue to build on our historic partnership…Anti-Israel policies are anti-Texas policies, and we will not tolerate such actions against an important ally.”
Earlier Supreme Court decisions affirmed the right of free expression, including political speech and protests, protected by the First Amendment.
Federal, state and local governments are prohibited from requiring individuals to certify political beliefs for employment, contracts or other benefits.
ACLU Texas legal director Andre Segura explained
“(t)he First Amendment protects Americans’ right to boycott, and the government cannot condition hurricane relief or any other public benefit on a commitment to refrain from protected political expression.”
“Dickinson’s requirement is an egregious violation of the First Amendment, reminiscent of McCarthy-era loyalty oaths, requiring Americans to disavow membership in the Communist party and other forms of ‘subversive’ activity.”
On October 11, the ACLU filed suit in federal court, challenging a Kansas law on behalf of math teacher Esther Koontz – denied the right to train other teachers for supporting BDS, her constitutional right.
Last July, the ACLU wrote congressional members, opposing legislation criminalizing boycotts of companies doing business in illegal Israeli settlements.
VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org
Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.
Satanic terrorist state uses blackmail to combat growing world disgust.

Shattered Glass Houses of Zionist Pawns. Belgium and Norway Turn a Blind Eye to Israeli Atrocities
By Dr. Vacy Vlazna, October 21, 2017

60 Parliamentarians Urge UK Government Action on Gaza Emergency
By Medical Aid for Palestinians and Richard Burden
Global Research, October 22, 2017
Medical Aid for Palestinians 18 October 2017
A group of 60 British MPs and Peers have this week written to Minister Alistair Burt (Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development) to call on the UK Government to take urgent action to address Gaza’s continuing humanitarian emergency.
In August, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) warned of Gaza’s humanitarian emergency, amid a deepening electricity crisis, medical shortages, and increased restrictions on exit for treatment faced by patients. In 2012, the UN warned that Gaza could be unliveable by 2020. For patients now unable to access the care they need inside or get out for treatment elsewhere, Gaza is already unliveable.
In the letter sent this week, parliamentarians – many of them members of the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group – urged the UK Government to provide additional humanitarian funding to Gaza, and to “use all diplomatic means – including multilateral forums such as the UN Human Rights Council and bilateral relations with Israel and the Palestinian Authority – to pursue accountability for all violations of international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territory and bring an end to the closure of Gaza.”
You can read the letter in full-
clothcapclothcap on October 22nd, 2017 02:02 pm (UTC)
‘Israel Violates International Law With EU Complicity’
By Badriya Khan, October 19, 2017

The Balfour Declaration at 100, Palestine’s Forcible Incorporation into the British Empire, A Legacy of Racism and Propaganda
By Dan Freeman-Maloy
Global Research, October 22, 2017
Mondoweiss 16 October 2017
This article extends from a longer piece, entitled “Remembering Balfour: Empire, Race and Propaganda,” which the journal Race & Class is publishing to mark the centennial of the Balfour Declaration. The journal’s editors have lifted paywall restrictions to make that article widely accessible for the centennial, and it is available in full here.
The coming months mark the centennial of , In November 1917, British foreign secretary Lord Arthur Balfour declared his government’s support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”; in December, Jerusalem fell to British troops. One hundred years later, the effects of these events continue to reverberate. This should be a time of sombre reflection about international responsibility for the unfolding tragedy in Palestine.
This responsibility should weigh heavily on the West. Walid Khalidi put it well:
“The Zionists were the initiators. But they were also, as they still are, the protégés of their Anglo–American sponsors and the emanations of their power, resources, and will.”
The fact is that the Israeli state can’t be credited for much originality – either in its brutality or in the hypocrisy deployed to cover it. And it is all too fitting that it was British imperialism that propelled the Zionist movement onto the world stage.
Palestine was occupied, after all, amid one of the British Empire’s last great scrambles for territory in the Afro–Asian world. The scramble was pursued amid an outpouring of imperial self-adoration. Balfour was not alone in proclaiming, wherever and whenever he could, “the extraordinary novelty, the extraordinary greatness, and the extraordinary success” of the British Empire, a system drawn together, he insisted, not by “the bonds merely of crude self-interest, but the bonds of a common belief in a great ideal.” Freedom and justice marched with British troops. These may seem the banal platitudes of an imperial state. But during its “Great War,” the British state deployed them as never before. Its propaganda set a new world standard in its scale, its organization, and its impact.
This is an appropriate time to look back to that propaganda and all that it revealed.

Trump and Netanyahu Walk in Lockstep on Iran
By Marjorie Cohn, October 20, 2017

Donald Trump’s Likudist Campaign Against Iran
By Gareth Porter, October 20, 2017

Israeli Forces Ransack, Shut Down Palestinian Media Companies
By KhamakarPress, October 20, 2017

Selected Articles: US-Israel’s Long-standing War Plan Against Iran – Now Coming to Life?
By Global Research News, October 20, 2017
clothcapclothcap on October 22nd, 2017 02:08 pm (UTC)
GR's Recent EU centric Articles
Soros news
NGO Publishes Names of 2,300+ RT Guests, Labels Them ‘Useful Idiots Who Undermine Western Democracy’
RT News
Global Research, October 22, 2017
RT News 20 October 2017
An NGO called the European Values Think-Tank has published a report on RT featuring an extensive list of US and European public figures who have been accused of “undermining western democracy” just by appearing in RT shows.
The report, claiming to be an “overview of RT’s editorial strategy and evidence of impact,” comes with an Excel list of 2,327 people who have appeared on RT over the last four years. The names are carefully arranged in seven categories, including US politicians, UK politicians, European politicians and so on, and are arranged in alphabetical order. The list mentions the shows the guests appeared on, the total number of their appearances, and gives hyperlinks to all the relevant episodes.
The report states that appearing on the network is counterproductive and makes the guest a “useful idiot” to a “hostile foreign power.”Expressing one’s opinion on RT is considered by the NGO as equivalent to “complicity with the Russian propaganda machine.”
Although the list looks like a really thorough effort at cataloguing all of the RT guests, it’s got a number of strikingly weird blunders. For example, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is there, but only the link attached leads to a satirical show featuring someone impersonating him. Meanwhile, US Senator John McCain’s daughter is mistaken for the senator himself and “Politicking with Larry King” is unexpectedly referred to as “Politicking with Larry David.”
Propaganda being internationally illegal in peacetime, the NGO's bozo playing to the orchestra, its paymasters and the zBBC board should be prosecuted.

How Brexit Was Engineered by Foreign Billionaires to Bring About Economic Chaos – for Profit
By Graham Vanbergen, October 20, 2017
Thanks enemies of humanity foreign billionaires for accidentally doing what is right. A first.

EU Summit Endorses Spain’s Threat of Police-Military Occupation of Catalonia
By Alex Lantier
Global Research, October 22, 2017
World Socialist Web Site 21 October 2017
Satanic globalists uncloak their despotism

Madrid Imposes Direct Rule Over Catalonia
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, October 22, 2017
As expected, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy suspended Catalan self-governance after a Saturday morning cabinet meeting.
clothcapclothcap on October 22nd, 2017 02:22 pm (UTC)
GR on Establishment Crimes
The History of the CIA
Review of Douglas Valentine's Book
By Dr. P. Wilkinson
Global Research, October 21, 2017
The satanic global government's crime gang

Video: The Vietnam War and the Phoenix Program: “A Computerized Genocide”
By Michael Maclear and Douglas Valentine, October 20, 2017
Through its secret control of the media, the CIA’s power to create the official version of history has left veterans of the Vietnam War, as well as every subsequent generation of Americans as well, in a state of neurotic delusion

US Military Cargo, Explosives, Depleted Uranium Weaponry Transit through Ireland’s Shannon Airport
By Shannonwatch
Global Research, October 21, 2017
Shannonwatch 14 October 2017

North Korea – As Trump Threatens, the Nation Still Struggles with America’s Lethal Legacy
By Felicity Arbuthnot, October 18, 2017
As the US threatens to decimate North Korea again – if not the entire planet, given Trump’s chillingly casual approach to the use of nuclear weapons – an article has revealed the criminal legacy remaining from America’s last attack, ending 64 years ago, on a country smaller than Mississippi

Documentary: The Korean War: US Atrocities, Napalm and Carpet Bombing, Killing Innocent Civilians
MacArthur wanted to drop five Atomic Weapons on China's Main Cities
By mlovmo
Global Research, October 21, 2017
mlovmo 23 June 2009
Napalm became the UN’s favored aerial bombardment weapon, with over 14 million gallons of it used in the Korean War.

Clinton, Assange and the War on Truth
By John Pilger, October 21, 2017

The Global Food and Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science Is Bogus
By Rosemary Mason and Colin Todhunter, October 19,
Monsanto merged with big ag's Bayer, another GM loving enemy.

New Study Shows Glyphosate Contaminated Soils Put Half of Europe at Risk
By Ruchi Shroff, October 20, 2017

Only Nonviolent Resistance Will Destroy the Corporate State
By Chris Hedges and Prof. George Lakey, October 21, 2017
As I constantly iterate.

Shifting Narratives and War Crimes: NATO Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons against Syrian Civilians
By Mark Taliano, October 21, 2017
The truth, repeated often enough...

Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Scandalously Allowed by UN, West: Ex-UN Official
By Richard Falk and Tasnim News Agency, October 20
Defund the UN

Syrian Forces Recover Israeli, NATO-made Arms from Daesh Hideouts
By Press TV, October 20, 2017

Kirkuk, a Counterfeit Prize
By Barbara Nimri Aziz, October 20, 2017

After Socialists Win 17 of 23 States, US Claims Venezuela Elections Not ‘Free and Fair’
By Telesur, October 20, 2017
Syria's voting public gave the zio-fabianised western regimes the flipped bird too.

Edited at 2017-10-22 02:28 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 22nd, 2017 02:23 pm (UTC)
GR Weather Matters
Is Weather Warfare a Conspiracy Theory?
By Timothy Alexander Guzman
Global Research, October 21, 2017

Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare
By Rady Ananda, October 19, 2017
Not just me.

Selected Articles: Weather Modification as US Military Strategy?
By Global Research News
Global Research, October 22, 2017
Is Weather Warfare a Conspiracy Theory?
Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare
The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use
Climate Change, Geoengineering and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)
CIA Looking Into Weather Modification as a Form of Warfare
HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

A Matter of Fifty Degrees: Climate Change in Australia
By Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Global Research, October 21, 2017
Plant trees.
Nearly 40 years waiting for AGW by CO2 promised by the satanic UN and globalists. Scientists' lies and globalist politicians' hot air is all we get. They have to have belief in a demonised CO2 to get the public to pay their global tax. Give them, the zBBC and the traitor politicians in London the finger.

Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change
By Prof. Robert M. Carter
Global Research, October 21, 2017
James Cook University, Queensland, Australia and Global Research 9 December 2009
4. Without the greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature on Earth would be -180 C rather than the equable +150 C that has nurtured the development of life.
Carbon dioxide is a minor greenhouse gas, responsible for ~26% (80 C) of the total greenhouse effect (330C), of which in turn at most 25% (~20C) can be attributed to carbon dioxide contributed by human activity. Water vapour, contributing at least 70% of the effect, is by far the most important atmospheric greenhouse gas.
Due to the limited amount of energy as IR that CO2 can interfere with, the CO2 effect is finite and has diminished to next to zero at present levels. Additions have less than next to zero effect. Trees, food crops and deserts demand we give them more.

Edited at 2017-10-22 02:37 pm (UTC)