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(Via Junk Science)
Eye-roller: Coral reefs 'could disappear by 2100
Copenhagen targets too weak to combat climate change, new report by Institute of Physics (IOP) suggests
Weak climate change targets could mean the end of coral reefs by 2100 if ‘urgent action’ isn’t taken. A new report by the Institute of Physics (IOP) suggests nations have failed to commit to high enough targets to reduce emissions, and warns, unless these are raised, CO2 levels leading to ocean acidification could destroy coral reefs by the end of the century.
The IOP’s analysis of the Copenhagen Accord, the international pledge agreed at last year’s Copenhagen climate change conference, criticises individual nations’ targets to reduce emissions as too 'low' and 'weak' and states a global temperature increase of up to 4.2 º C and the end of coral reefs could become reality by 2100 if national targets are not revised.
Rick MacPherson, Conservation Programs Director at the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), says: ‘This is a global crisis. We all receive direct or indirect benefits from healthy coral reef ecosystems.’ (Ecologist)

Oceans' Constituent Concentration (parts per million)
Chloride 18,980
Sodium 10,560
Sulphate 2,560
Magnesium 1,272
Calcium 400
Potassium 380
Bicarbonate 142
Bromide 65
Strontium 13
Boron 4.6
Fluoride 1.4,
Where is the carbonic acid?
(Thanks to reality returns)

Further reading as to why acidification is a desperate ploy of gang-green and the dogma bit to justify their disgraceful conduct over the years and of the rent seekers, profiteers and politically bent to maintain their egos, profits and agenda progression:
The bottom line on pH measurement is that to pretend there is an accurate long-term record of pH over the oceans—or that a single reading from Hawaii or anywhere else is typical of all oceans—is nonsense. The simple answer is we don’t know. But what we do know is that in the past, creatures in the ocean have survived and thrived under conditions that were less alkaline than those existing right now.
The Phenomenon
Effects on Corals
Effects on Marine Plants
Mixtures of All Types
Effects on Marine Animals

Counter arguments

Big Green: Global warming and EPA's threat to regulate everything
[How the EPA funds litigation against itself and ends up with greater authority.]
In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that it lacked authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon emissions as the cause of global warming.
Because carbon emissions result from nearly all economic activity, the ruling made sense, as Congress never intended the EPA to regulate the entire economy.
But Big Green environmentalists were outraged. They teamed with allies in state and local governments to sue the EPA to force it to reverse its ruling in a case known as Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency. /Read on
At the same site:
Special Report: Big Green
Environmentalists aren’t really about clean air and water
Big Green: They’re the green gorillas of American politics

Five key members of Obama’s green team

Big Green regulations suffocate jobs, economic growth

The big green road map

Environmentalists left David behind long ago

Five most important environmental movement leaders

The cash-filled campaign powerhouse
Emanuel’s pot of green gold is called Exelon

How Wendy Van Asselt and her friends made 26 million acres disappear

Don’t get hit on the campaign trail by this environmental wrecking ball

Who you know — or oppose — is key to getting federal payola

Big Green: How much do they make?

Uncle Sam is Big Green’s friendly banker
Global warming and EPA's threat to regulate everything

An Iron Triangle based in NOAA is killing the U.S. fishing industry

Working for Big Green can be a very enriching experience

How environmentalists do it when Congress fails them
When journalists become Big Green's spinmeisters

A Big Green propaganda film that sparked a dud of a House hearing

Portrait of a Big Green activist who scares your kids

Going green will push Scots fuel bills up £100
CASH-strapped consumers face a hike in fuel bills of up to £100 a year to pay for the switch to renewable energy in Scotland, industry experts have warned.
The claim came after First Minister Alex Salmond told delegates at an international conference in Edinburgh that he was confident Scotland would be generating 100 per cent of its electricity needs from renewable energy within 15 years.
The average customer's annual dual fuel bill is currently £1,030, with £19 of that going towards renewables.
But Nick Horler, chief executive of ScottishPower, yesterday warned consumers will have to pay more to finance the renewable revolution. Mr Horler told the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference that huge investment was needed to generate the power and get it to customers through a massive expansion of the electricity supply grid.
Mr Salmond's latest ambitions for wind, wave and tidal power come less than a week after he raised the target from 50 to 80 per cent of Scotland's electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2020.
Yesterday he went further, saying: "By 2025, we should be up past 100 per cent. /more

Windfall: Documenting the Backlash Against Wind Energy /Full story

Fabian/ Bilderberg/ Club of Rome/ Tavistock/ CFR/ Common Purpose/ UN/ EC/ Lib-Lab-Con Cartel = NWO
A New World Order has been a long time in the making, its pieces fitting into place from divergent realms and with many different players. Believing what they are doing is for the benefit of mankind, many of the players are compartmentalized and do not necessarily understand their role in developing a system that will ultimately enslave a large part of the population and condemn them to eternal suffering. /the woeful tale becomes more entertaining, continues here and there.

The Royal Society
begrudgingly leans towards honesty but fails to admit cooling is happening and more is in the pipeline. (Such could harm their and benefactors' investments and agendas and the flow of public money could evaporate were they to admit CO2 is climatically harmless.)
More on their climbdown here.

Pres. Klaus bucks the trend and calls for the UN to be coralled. / Full story
[An honest politician. One in a million.]

UK firms demand at least $7 billion for green bank
The UK government must ensure its Green Investment Bank has at least 4 billion to 6 billion pounds ($7 billion-$9 billion) over the next four years for low-carbon investment, a group of businesses said on Wednesday.
[UK firms??] More than 20 companies including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Axa Investment Managers, F&C Investments, Jaguar Land Rover, Microsoft, and British Airways wrote to the government, fearing it could reduce capital for the bank amid spending cuts.
[Here is a better idea. Scotch the bank scam and put the earmarked money towards the national debt. ]

Alex Jones reveals Glenn Beck and discusses coverage of the globalists' takeover attempt.
Accompanying narrative here. (Homepage here.)





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