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22 September 2017 @ 03:19 pm
N. America A Small Continent In Decay  



Your Radiation This Week
Published on Aug 26, 2017
Hello All,
I added a new measurement that will help residents understand the Rad. The Rad is with us all 24/7 constantly. It never goes away. It is better to know what the Rad level is than to not know.
Colorado Springs, Colorado is number one in the US right now having endured 46,136,977 Gamma CPM, or Counts per Minute, since January 1, 2017.

Everybody and everything in the States absorbs a certain amount of the rad every minute. The total Rad number People are exposed to and....
"Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge The Rads, it's dangerous out there."
"Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a Veterans Today columnist, a former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications.
"He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant.
You are encouraged to write to Bob Nichols at DUweapons@gmail.com.

# # #
Subscribe to the YOUR RADIATION THIS WEEK youtube channel and Nichols on Nuclear playlist; subscribe to the YourRadiationThisWeek.org blog at tinyurl.com/YRTW-SignUpNow
The entire article is available, with the sortable Table of Poisoned American Cities at tinyurl.com/YRTW-TheSeries and the direct link is https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/08/26/total-gamma-radiation-2017-year-to-date-usa-2/

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2017: Reproduce and distribute. Give full attribution to Bob Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com

Desperate for us to burn? Not content with cooking by radioactive particles, the climateers are totally screwing the weather having decimated our upper atmosphere's ion layer by superheating, allowing penetration by solar XUV radiation that is heating the surface layer of the oceans. King Canute comes to mind. (The popular perception of him rather than the truth.)

Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes
September 16, 2017
GeoengineeringWatch.org 11276

Dane Wigington


Global climate engineering operations are creating ever more extreme weather and temperature whiplash scenarios. The immense scale of climate forcing being carried out by the geoengineers is wreaking havoc on the biosphere.
Over 70 years of covert climate intervention and weather warfare (along with countless other forms of anthropogenic activity) has done unimaginable damage to the planet’s life support systems. The blowback is already unfolding and will get rapidly worse. The extreme and unprecedented temperature imbalances already occurring in the US, and forecasted (scheduled) to occur, are beyond alarming. The 15 minute video below exposes some of the most primary agendas of the ongoing climate engineering operations.

The climate engineering / weather / biological warfare operations must be brought to light, and to a halt.
May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

clothcapclothcap on September 22nd, 2017 05:16 pm (UTC)
The climate is fighting back against the manipulators
Jim Stone
Geometric patterns prove it has to be the Cell towers doing it.
If you set up two transmitters, their phase collision zone will happen in a straight line. But as my reader from Brazil has stated, they had a perfectly square shaped drought area. And if you look at the pictures of the haarp caused drought in California, that pattern happened along two straight lines that formed an L. And then there are circles and other patterns people have reported, and this means that the effect is not being accomplished with two transmitters, it has to be using multiple transmitters creating multiple collision zones to start drawing shapes. THAT is where the cell towers come into play.
It is very easy to confirm that cell towers have cell service as a totally secondary purpose, just walk up to one and see how much power it is getting fed. If there is any more there than 100 watts for amplifiers, another 200 or so for lights and I'll give them another 500 to play with just in case there is something like a computer and monitor in a little building at the tower base, if there is more than that present something is seriously amiss. Having large liquid cooled transformers at every tower is a dead giveaway, the towers are NOT what we have been told they are.
Scroll down. In the item before this the creation and control of hurricanes is considered.

Dane Wigington on UV radiation, the effect on trees, nature and our oceans, HAARP and more.
Unnaturally extreme levels of UV penetration through the atmosphere.

Former head of the FBI talking about Geo engineering/chemtrails

SMART DUST! Can they manipulate your brain and how?
clothcapclothcap on September 22nd, 2017 05:41 pm (UTC)
Al Manar
12:49 Turkey, Iran and Iraq Warn of ‘Counter-Measures’ against Kurd Vote
13:50 More than 100 migrants missing after shipwreck off Libya: navy
14:26 Russia Warns US: Any SDF Attack on Syrian Army to Be Repelled
14:59 Turkey Jails 14 Lawyers Representing Imprisoned Hunger Strikers
15:59 Iraq Brings All Remaining ISIL Territory under Attack
10:59 Iran Unveils New Long-Range Multiple Warhead Ballistic Missile
11:26 4 dead, up to 20 missing as migrant boat sinks off Turkey’s Black Sea coast:
15:03 US-made Bomb Killed Civilians in Yemen Residential Building, Says Amnesty
clothcapclothcap on September 22nd, 2017 05:55 pm (UTC)
Simple conversion from µR to µSv. You divide µR by 100 to get µSv.
Example: The Model 500VBR displays 123456 µR is the same as 1234.56 µSv.

The curie is the number of particles per second from 1 gram of Radium = 3.7 x 10 E10 counts/second = 37 billion cps. = 37 billion Becquerel.

1 Becquerel (Bq) = 1 count per second = 1 event per second

1 microcurie = 1 uCi = 37,000 Bq = 37,000 cps.

1 microcurie = 2.22 x 10E6 disintegrations / minute = 2,220,000 cpm.

1 nanocurie = 1 billionth of a curie = 2,220 disintegrations / minute.

1 picocurie = 2.2 disintegrations / min.

Dosage units:

Gray (Gy) = 1 Joule/kg

Sievert (Sv) = Gray x QF, where QF is a "quality factor" based on the type of particle.
QF for electrons, positrons, and xrays = 1 QF = 3 to 10 for neutrons, protons dependent upon the energy transferred by these heavier particles.

QF = 20 for alpha particles and fission fragments.

The Sievert is a measure of biological effect.

Converting older units:

1 rad = 1 centigray = 10 milligrays ( 1 rad = 1cGy = 10 mGy )

1 rem = 1 centisievert = 10 millisieverts ( 1 rem = 1cSv = 10 mSv )

1 mrad = 10 uGy

Nominal background radiation absorbed dose of 100 mrad/year = 1 mGy/yr.

Nominal background radiation dose biological equivalent of 100mrem/year = 1mSv/yr.

Occupational whole body limit is 5 rem/yr = 50 mSv/yr. ( Recently proposed that levels be reduced to 2 rem/yr.)

2.5 mrem/hr or 25 uSv/hr is maximum average working level in industry.

Exposure rate from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) ; an empirically derived conversion factor for Ra-226 decay series: 1.82 microR/ hour = 1 picoCurie/gram.

HOUSTON, TEXAS 77006-4712
TEL: 713 523-0515 EMAIL US at daniel-s@swbell.net

clothcapclothcap on September 22nd, 2017 06:08 pm (UTC)
Veterans Today
NEO – Kurdistan and the Veil of Lies

Benjamin Netanyahu: Donald Trump is Israel’s best puppet thus far

Syrian War Report – September 21, 2017: Al-Qaeda Failure In Northern Hama

Duff and Press TV: Tillerson Exposes Trump’s Pro-Terrorist Policies

Russians will “suppress” all Kurdish firing points shooting at Syrian-Russian forces

The Truman Papers: The Truth About Korea

Syrian War Report – September 22, 2017: US-backed Forces Push For Syrian Oil
By South Front
…from SouthFront
Early on Friday, the Israeli Air Force struck a target in the Damascus International Airport, according to pro-opposition sources and the Israeli media. There are no details about the damage caused by airstrikes. Pro-Israeli sources claim that the Israeli Air Force targeted a part of the airport used for providing supplies to Hezbollah.
At the same time, reports appeared that the Syrian Air Defense Forces downed “hostile aircraft”, most likely an Israeli reconnaissance drone, over the Damascus countryside.
Late on Thursday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition’s airpower and military advisers, seized Tabiyeh and al-Isba oil and gas fields northeast of Deir Ezzor city, according to pro-Kurdish sources.
With this advance, the SDF at least partly blocked an advance of Syrian government forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. This and future possible SDF successes in seizing oil and gas infrastructure will directly affect the negotiations between the sides after the defeat of ISIS.
clothcapclothcap on September 22nd, 2017 06:44 pm (UTC)
Syria project
Destruction of infrastructure to cause societal collapse: Fail.
False flag attacks to cause the syrian gov't to be perceived as evil: Fail.
Private takeover of the syrian central bank: Fail.
Theft of Syria's gold: Fail.
Imposition of a puppet regime, debt enslavement by the IMF: Fail.
Destruction of historical records of advanced Persian etc. civilisations and religions, historical boundaries and enslavement of judahite marauders: Partial success.
Balkanisation: Currently being attempted.
Takeover of oil facilities for hydrocarbon corps: Initial success, being overturned.

Escalation of the conflict: Israeli regime fail, USA still trying.
For lucifer, for the NWO, for the haters of christian Russia, for the weapons sellers, for the corporations, for the naziesque fabians and zionists and imperialists.
The destruction of democratic christian Russia and BRICS and the mass murder of brown skinned humans is the common purpose.

Edited at 2017-09-22 06:48 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 03:39 am (UTC)
Government Slaves noted -
Seven Decades of Organized Crime: Central Intelligence Agency Turns 70
SPUTNIK–September 18 marked the US Central Intelligence Agency’s 70th birthday. To mark the occasion, here are four of the worst things the agency has done – at least, the worst the public knows about. September 18 marked the 70th anniversary of then-President Harry S. Truman signing the National Security Act of 1947 into law, and with it the founding of the Central Intelligence

The Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades

‘Wow!’: Dr. Oz Makes FOX News Anchors’ Heads Explode as He Drops Cannabis Truth on LIVE TV

The Free Individual is greater than the State
JON RAPPOPORT–In a sane society, the Bill of Rights would be studied in great detail, in every school and college. The historical incursions on, and the crimes against, the Bill of Rights would be laid bare and excoriated. “Grand juries” of students would be formed to investigate, in detail, these incursions and crimes

All 8 extreme childhood food allergies are also common ingredients in CDC-recommended vaccines… coincidence?

Merck’s President Led A Biological Warfare Program Against Americans
[9/19/17/ NATURAL BLAZE] Merck and Co created the HPV vaccine Gardasil, the MMR vaccine, and others. During the peak of WWII, George W. Merck, president of Merck and Co was in charge of the War Research Service, the biological warfare division of the larger Federal Security Agency. George W. Merck led the biological warfare department

Scientists and Doctors Warn of Potential Serious Health Impacts of Fifth Generation 5G Wireless Technology

Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has ‘Gone Missing’
Close all the hostile, privately controlled back-stabbing security services.

Bill Gates Funding MIT Development of Micro Implants to Automatically Give Babies Vaccines
[9/19/17/Jay Syrmopoulos] A new discovery could revolutionize the way childhood vaccines are administered, as engineers at MIT have invented a way for multiple doses of a vaccine or drug to be given over an extended period of time with only one injection.

Hurricanes Don’t Prove Global Warming, and a Carbon Tax Wouldn’t Stop Them Anyway
[9/19/17/ PANAM POST] In the midst of a severe hurricane season and the destruction wrought by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many people are claiming that man-made global warming has intensified rainfall and hurricanes. However, comprehensive facts show that rainfall and hurricane activity are well within the bounds of natural variation, and there is no cogent evidence
Who benefits from the AGW by CO2 cult? Ask the luciferian UN. Ask a gang green scientist. Ask a politician.
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 03:51 am (UTC)
Why The Battles Against Liberalism, Globalism And The New World Order Are All Related
[9/18/17/ MICHAEL SNYDER] Do you love liberty and freedom? If you ask that question to people randomly on the street, you are going to get the same answer over and over again. Everyone wants liberty and freedom, but what they don’t understand is that there is an inverse relationship between the size of government

Iran’s Army Chief Warns ‘The Zionist Regime’ May Not Survive Next 25 Years
[9/18/17/ SPUTNIK] Iranian newly-appointed army chief, General Abdolrahim Mousavi, said on Monday there is no guarantee Israel will exist in the next 25 years, adding that its slightest wrong move may result in the Israeli cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv being “razed down to the ground”.

GIANTS Are REAL And Have Been Collected And HIDDEN By The Vatican And Governments WORLDWIDE!

Conservative Group Tries Again in Court to Unseal Clinton Draft Indictment
SPUTNIK–Judicial Watch is heading back to court on Friday to make their case that the National Archives and Records Administration must release alleged indictments that could’ve sent Bill and Hillary Clinton to prison for their roles in a fraudulent real estate scheme, according to a September 20 press release. In 2015 the conservative watchdog filed

Dane Wigington exposes the globalist geoengineering weather control agenda in fascinating interview with the Health Ranger
MIKE ADAMS–Geoengineering expert and weather control analyst Dane Wigington unloads the true globalist agenda behind weather control technology in a fascinating one-hour interview with the Health Ranger of Natural News. The interview covers the existence of weather engineering technology, who controls it, how it’s deployed and why the United States is being targeted now that

Scope of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia Unveiled by Prosecutors, Laid Out in Gruesome Detail
[Presidential qualification]

12 Different Studies Exploring The Anti-Cancer Properties Of CBD Oil

Defense Secretary Mattis: US Cannot Survive On ‘Puny’ Military Budget

Vaccine cultists try to explain away newly discovered link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions

Deep State Admits They’ve Finally “Gotten a Grip on Trump” Liken Him to George W. Bush

Israel Strikes Damascus After Syrian Missile Defense Fires On Aircraft
ZERO HEDGE–For the third time in as many weeks Israel has reportedly bombed positions inside Syria. Syrian state media along with multiple regional outlets showed fires burning at a facility near the Damascus international airport in the early hours of Friday. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that like with previous attacks, Israel jets fired from over Lebanese airspace.
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 04:08 am (UTC)
The root?

At the end of the day is Jeebs guilty of all the evil in the world today for turning over the usurers' tables, the public for not doing the same or the usurers for existing?
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 04:35 am (UTC)
This is What the Establishment Fears:
Watch Black Lives Matter & Trump Supporters Come Together
People are resisting the divide and conquer propaganda and this video of Black Lives Matter and Trump supporters coming together shows how to do it.
The Free Thought Project September 21, 2017
Matt Agorist
Washington, D.C. — Over the weekend, in Washington, hundreds of Trump supporters gathered for the Mother of All Rallies event to praise their leader in the white house. Naturally, there were some folks there to counter-protest — nine Black Lives Matter activists to be exact.
This counter-protest began just like all the counter-protests before, people gathered around and began shouting in faces. “You don’t like this country, you leave!” shouted one man, repeating the ill-thought-out, yet often repeated, asinine talking point — implying that people who criticize the government, should leave instead.
The Black Lives Matter members remained militant and did not stand down as they chanted “black lives matter!” over and over, while Trump supporters encircled them.
As the hostile crowd began to surround the small group of Black Lives Matter protesters, event organizers on stage told them to back off and come back to the stage — albeit they did it in the most offensive way — saying, “don’t give them the spotlight. They don’t exist.”
But, like every other human on this planet, they do exist. And in order for all of us to coexist, we must be at peace. We don’t have to like each other, we just have to not be violent toward one another.
Shortly after reigning in the Trump supporters back to the stage, instead of simply insulting the Black Lives Matter activists further, the organizers did something entirely unexpected — they invited them to speak.
Rally lead organizer Tommy Gunn told the Trump fans that the BLMers would have two minutes to speak.
“What we are going to do is something you’re not used to,” Gunn told the BLM activists. “We’re going to give you two minutes of our platform to put your message out. Whether [people in the crowd] disagree or agree with your message is irrelevant. It’s the fact that you have the right to have the message,”he said as the crowd cheered.
Hawk Newsome, the man at the forefront of the small BLM outfit acknowledged this respect and then took the mic and proceeded to mend a growing violent rift that has been forming in this country far before the divisive Trump came into office. Despite the occasional outburst from the obstinate peanut gallery, Newsome was allowed to explain the Black Lives Matter point of view to the Trump supporters.
“I am an American!” Newsome said after introducing himself. “And the beauty of America is that when you see something broke in your country, you can mobilize to fix it!”
The crowd cheered.

More under
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 04:44 am (UTC)
“So you ask, why there’s a Black Lives Matter?” he said. “Because you can watch a black man die and be choked to death on television, and nothing happens! We need to address that!”
Some folks in the crowd didn’t take to kindly to that statement. Referring to the murder of Eric Garner by the NYPD, some of the pro-Trump crowd began calling him a “criminal,” as they attempt to justify a father’s killing. However, Garner was merely accused of selling loose cigarettes. Those who would justify a man’s execution over untaxed cigarettes are no friend of a free society — luckily there were only a few of them.
“I am a Christian!” Newsome said, before destroying the hypocrisy of hatred toward people from other countries. “I don’t think my Bible is any different from yours when it says, ‘Love thy neighbor!’ It didn’t say that neighbor had to be from the continental United States!”
Despite making some of their heads explode with his stand based on logic, Newsome continued and the crowd became even more supportive.
“The reason why we fight is to draw attention to issues and to fix it!” he yelled. “We are not anti-cop! We are anti-bad-cop! We say, if a cop is bad, he needs to get fired! Like a bad plumber! Like a bad lawyer! Like a bad fuckin’ politician!”
The crowd cheered again.
Newsome then caused more heads to explode by shattering another stereotype that surrounds Black Live Matter supporters.
“We don’t want handouts!” he said. “We don’t want anything that’s yours! We want our God-given right to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!”
All of the sudden a heckler in the crowd then began to chant “All Lives Matter!” But Newsome remained unphased answering back. “I’m going to leave you with this and I’m gone,” he said. “All lives matter, right? But when a black life is lost, we get no justice. That’s why we say, ‘Black Lives Matter.’”
At the end of the speech, Newsome was approached by many open-minded Trump supporters who offered their praise. Some of them even wanted their kids to take pictures with Newsome. As of this morning, the video below had over 30 million views, proving that this is what people want — peace.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how progress is made when people are not assholes to each other.
Be divided and conquered. Unite and the establishment's regimes are defeated.
Who is responsible for creating the divide. Who has the most to lose?
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 04:59 am (UTC)
Rand's(?) home grown GM human aliens must be ready for exhibiting.

When the cities in the sky reappear, shine a laser pointer at them. 3D images don't reflect.

Edited at 2017-09-23 05:02 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 11:29 am (UTC)
Judicial Reform Activist And Attorney Abducted By Police While Broadcasting
September 20, 2017
By Janet Phelan
Judicial reform activist and radio personality Andy Ostrowski has been taken into custody against his will and forced into a psychiatric evaluation. His abduction took place yesterday, September 19, at approximately 3 pm in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where Ostrowski resides.
Ostrowski was taken while on Facebook live and the incident was captured on video. The video is available here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Ig_YZ1BgiYw&feature=youtu.be
The video reveals an obviously anxious Ostrowski stating he had just seen a Wilkes-Barre police officer climbing over his fence. He says, “I am staying on Facebook live here til someone pulls me off the air.”
“Andy Ostrowski has done nothing wrong to anyone,” he says on the video.” Andy Ostrowski has done nothing but hit enter on emails and things on Facebook.” At that juncture, Ostrowski suddenly stated that two police officers had just entered his house, wearing gloves and carrying tasers In the background, one can hear the officers ordering him to stand up while he repeatedly asks for to see the warrant. One then hears the off-camera officer saying he has a warrant to take him into custody for a mental health evaluation. The camera then goes dark.
Ostrowski was reached a couple hours later at the General Hospital crisis unit. According to Ostrowski, he was not shown a valid, signed warrant for his detention. He discussed the history of the efforts in Wilkes-Barre to deprive him of his freedom, stating that he was being held as a political prisoner.
In a wide ranging conversation, he talked about his career as a civil rights attorney and how his efforts to impact racial discrimination very likely got him suspended from the practice of law, in 2010. “I was representing minority business contractors,” he stated, “and their bids, which were really good, were being systematically rejected.” The lawsuits he filed put him in direct opposition with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who later became Director of the Department of Homeland Security.
Speaking of what he uncovered as a racial agenda, Ostrowski said, “We are looking at world domination by white men.”
Cap tip http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/judicial-reform-activist-and-attorney-abducted-by-police-while-broadcasting/
Shades of Melanie Shaw. Communist police state on both sides of the Atlantic. The USSR was a giant kibbutz topped by a "jewish" kleptocracy and oligarchy.
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 11:43 am (UTC)
EU(SR), just another communist "jewish" kleptocracy
Imposed by Bilderberg and the Swiss CIA.
The USSR was dismantled by financial warfare committed under the Bush-Cheney administration using tax funds. Evidence was destroyed in the twin towers +1 demolition and missile attack on the Pentagon on 9-11-2001.

When the perps of 9-11 are in the dock, can the think tank members responsible for the plan be put there alongside them as inciting, aiding and abetting the treason and murders?

Edited at 2017-09-23 12:08 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 08:03 pm (UTC)
Republic Broadcasting Network
SCIENCE FOR SALE: Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was on Monsanto’s payroll at $400 per hour
How many land-owning MPs have wind turbines, like Dave?

Daily Beast Article From October 2016: Pentagon Paid For Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

Hungary’s Wall Cuts Illegal Immigration by 99%

Ron Paul: Here’s The Truth About The War Between The Alt Right And Cultural Marxists

Rand Paul’s Senate Vote Rolls Back the Warfare State


August 20, 2017 in News, Video by Ken


Common Law Eliminates Debt
August 27, 2017 in Video by Ken

Recommended. Is it valid in GB where the same bait and switch con is performed?

RT Report: Syrian Rebel Defector Says His Us-Trained Unit Sold Arms To Isis

Senate Blocks Rand Paul’S Bill To Give Money To Hurricane Victims Instead Of Foreign Dictators

Architects and engineers: “It was a controlled demolition” – THE FRAUD THAT LED TO WAR

Antifa Says They Have The Right To Attack Americans

Russian Helicopter ‘Accidentally’ Fires on Journalists During Exercise

Congress: Investigate Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty


clothcapclothcap on September 23rd, 2017 08:07 pm (UTC)
The Latest Silicon Valley Breakthrough
Tim Knight from Slope of Hope
ZH Sep 22, 2017
I guess the rest of the nation might as well face it........we here in this part of the country are just so much smarter than everybody else. As for the business model, I guess they'll make it up in volume.
GoyimUprising Sep 22, 2017
I plan to use my free money to buy guns to kill the pedophile elite and then steal their money too.

Rhal Sep 22, 2017
This has been done. Sometimes with surprisingly good results! Not always though.
It's worth remembering that giving free food and shelter is how we domesticate wild animals. Look how well that worked out in Chicago's' housing projects.

We also have the right to life, but it seems that isn't a good business model either.