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Vot ist up mit MIT?

I enjoy reading Dr Roy Spencer's blog because he doesn't just do science, he tries to make it enjoyable as well as informative.
His latest humour cracked me up.

The MIT Global Warming Gamble

May 23rd, 2009


Climate science took another step backward last week as a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was announced which claims global warming by 2100 will probably be twice as bad as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has predicted.

Watts of WUWT also took time out to roll on the floor and laugh his butt off at MIT's buffoonery:

Popular Science writes:

It’s time to call your bookie, because the line on global warming is in. A new paper from MIT breaks down the odds of different outcomes from global warming, based on whether governments take action now or later. And if you’re taking that action, bet on “government getting involved” to beat the spread, as last week an important climate change bill made it out committee in the House of Representatives.

The bill, named the American Clean Energy and Security Act, would institute a cap-and-trade program, and reduce carbon emissions by 17 percent over fifteen years. The plan also calls for increased research into alternative energy, and provides $750 billion in subsidies to consumers to help offset the increase in energy cost the bill would cause.

See the compete article here

With that kind of cash payout, and since an MIT odds calculating machine is involved in making the modeling forecasts over 400 model runs, maybe this would be a more appropriate prop for the MIT photo op:


When the MIT climate terrorists' salaries are compared to other competent entertainers, science fiction writers and presenters, are they really such bad value for money? I mean, does it really matter if the Moon landing was faked? At the end of the day we are entertained, just like our forefathers were when the Martians invaded in 1938.

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