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NATO terrorists in Britain?


"According to a security source, the FBI told MI5 that Salman Abedi was planning an attack in Britain in January 2017.
"They thought he might be planning to assassinate a key political figure.
"MI5 investigated but 'nothing came of it.'"
Does it look as if Salman Abedi was being protected by MI5?

MI5 wants you to think that the Manchester Arena attack was not an Operation Gladio attack.
Andrew Calladine/Hamza Siddiq wants you to think that the Manchester Arena attack was not an Operation Gladio attack.

As with all the big 'false flag' operations, there was a terror drill before the event.
An elite SAS unit, the 'Blue Thunder' squad, "has been rehearsing terror scenarios for months - including how to take out lone wolves and multiple rampaging jihadis."
Osama bin Laden's forces received training from the British SAS in hills surrounding the Criffel, in Dumfries and Galloway.
The SAS played a part in Operation Gladio, which killed civilians in acts of false flag terrorism.
Gladio, SAS, Guardian 5 Dec 1990 / Bologna Bomb 1980
The SAS trained the Khmer Rouge
2. As with many recent 'false flag' attacks, the gang identified themselves as being 'Muslims'.
The gang yelled 'This is for Allah'.
5. Why might a false flag attack suit the 'Powers-That-Be'?

Some clarification of who believes they own what seems appropriate in order to discover who is behind the false flag atrocities.

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City
Posted by
On May 31, 2014
World events most of which are ‘engineered’ leave a trail that leads to the architects. We next discover that there are 3 cities on earth that come under no national authority, they have separate laws, they pay no taxes, they have their own police force and even possess their own flag of ‘independence’. These 3 cities control the economy, military onslaughts and the spiritual beings of those in powers. The 3 cities are actually corporations and they are the City of London, District of Columbia and the Vatican. Together they control politicians, the courts, educational institutions, food supply, natural resources, foreign policies, economies, media, and the money flow of most nations as well as 80% of the world’s entire wealth. Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale where people will be divided into rulers and the ruled after they have depopulated the world to numbers they wish to rule over. What we need to understand is that the world does not work according to what we have been led to believe. We are drowning in misinformation.
The Roman Empire prevails through the :
2.   Washington DC (District of Colombia)
3.   Vatican City
A closer look at entities like the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Club Of Rome, The Committee Of 300, the Central ‘Intelligence’ Agency (CIA), the Council On Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Groups, the ‘Federal’ Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service(s), Goldman Sachs, Israel and the Israeli lobby, the Vatican, the City of London, Brussels, the United Nations, the Israeli Mossad, and Associated Press (AP) will reveal that they are all part of the Fabian Society which also controls the European Union.
A noteworthy quote is that of Australian Senator Chris Schacht who said in 2001 “You probably were not aware that us Fabians have taken over the CIA, KGB, M15, ASIO  (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), IMF, the World Bank and many other organizations.”
From all this we should realize that NOTHING HAPPENS IN ISOLATION. Therefore, every event however small is engineered and orchestrated by a handful of people who control the world and what goes on in the world.
Together they have been responsible for [the following crimes. Cc]
1.   Global Warming/Climate change – by creating an environmental catastrophe and winning the Nobel Prize, they have created a public awareness for a ‘global government’ that gives them the right to take action over national governments. Known as UN Agenda 21 a closer look at its clauses will reveal how people will need to get permission for everything they do – in other words it is being used to control people.
2.   Federal Banking system – The Fabian Society created the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 handing over the US economy to a cartel of international financiers.
3.   Big Pharma – is responsible for drugging the Third World
4.   System of local government – promoting devolution and new concept of regional councils in a bid to increase a revenue generating system. It is within an overall plan to abolish independent sovereign national governments. Britain is divided in 9 separate regions of the EU. The British will be shocked to discover that EU laws take precedence over British laws and if they have doubts they need to ask why the Queen and British PMs have signed Treaties handing over power.
5.  Abolition of property rights – in 1974 at the Habitat Conference private property was identified as a threat to peace and equality of the environment. Using ‘environmentalism’ as a ploy the quest was to take over earth’s resources and place it under a central authority (UN) and issue licenses for payment. Who owns the UN…the same banking families. In 1987 the World Wilderness Congress was held organized by the Rothschild’s World Conservation Bank which was set up the same year. The World Bank is likely to be replaced by the World Conservation Bank – the aim is to break down national banks and assets will also be diverted to the new bank which is why there is an aim to merge currencies into 2 or  3 major currency groups and replace them with a new electronic currency which is said to be called the ‘earth dollar’. New Zealand has apparently transferred over 34% of its land area into UN Heritage Areas and Conservation Parks and these will all be owned by the same banking families. In 1992 the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil was chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev responsible for dividing the Soviet Union and Maurice Strong, the Rothschild London agent. The topic was Agenda 21 which gave man rights superior to animals, fish, plants, trees and forests.
6.  The Patriots Act, the Human Rights Bill, the European Union Constitution, the Security and Prosperity Partnership are all being manipulated to place power in the control of a few hands. Their plans are plotted annually through the Bilderberg Group and their agents run numerous think tanks that steer Government policy which are funded by the banksters who in real terms run the world. Thus the 13 banking families that run the world control the central banks of the world that print money, give loans on interest and explains how national debt never decreases. Economic crises, oil crisis (simply to increase prices), Arab Springs are all manufactured as are wars. There is a saying that all wars are bankers' wars. The danger is when it comes to food as the control is being placed under Monsanto and GMOs. Monsanto is the same company that introduced Agent Orange therefore it is worthwhile reading UN’s Codex Alimentarius and the impeding dangers.

An article by John Christian on THE BANKSTER’S ‘WORLD CONSERVATION BANK’and their electronic global currency, the ‘Earth Dollar’ is worth while reading.

The world is run by paedos and other pervs. Politicians are there to deceive us and keep us believing we are free. If they fail and people see reality, the world order will end.

One for Karen Hudes. She said the Vatican owns the UK and the US. The US pays its tithe taxes, a third to London and 2 thirds to the Vatican.
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