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Information Clearing House selection from the 25th of May to-date

FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties

The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government documents

How Team Obama tried to hack the election
New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic-spy campaign that included snooping on Trump officials.

Explosive Revelation of Obama Administration Illegal Surveillance of Americans
During the Obama years, the National Security Agency intentionally and routinely intercepted and reviewed communications of American citizens in violation of the Constitution and of court-ordered guidelines implemented pursuant to federal law.

UN Peacekeepers: How a Haiti child sex ring was whitewashed
When a Haitian teenager alleged that she had been raped and sodomized by a Sri Lankan peacekeeper, the government here dispatched a high-ranking general suspected of war crimes to lead the investigation

UK PM May's lead narrows to 10 percentage points: Opinium poll
May's lead had slipped from 13 percentage points on May 16 and 19 percentage points at the start of the campaign.

Merkel Furious With Trump After "Unprecedented" G-7 Failure To Reach Consensus On Climate Change
In what was described as an "unprecedented step", the final G-7 communique gave the U.S. its own section to say that it is “undergoing a review process”
Scientists cannot predict climate change. Enemies of humanity lie and use it as an excuse to pollute the atmosphere. Britmet must be using the jet stream and solar cycles to predict but they can only do up to 10 years. They can't do it using CO2.

Rebels living in England claim UK government let them travel to Libya to fight Gaddafi
Former fighters including Libyan exiles and British-Libyan residents described how MI5 'sorted' their travel.

Huge scale of terror threat revealed: UK home to 23,000 jihadists
About 3,000 people from the total group are judged to pose a threat and are under investigation or active monitoring in 500 operations being run by police and intelligence services.
Do you believe them? Are they bsing to get more funding?

Manchester bomber wanted revenge' for US air strikes in Syria, sister says
“I think he saw children - Muslim children - dying everywhere, and wanted revenge," she told the Wall Street Journal.

Death of a Navy SEAL reveals US mission creep in Somalia
Last month, a US soldier was shot and killed fighting in Somalia. Reports indicate the Navy SEAL was serving alongside his Somali counterparts — not advising from the operating base — as they battled al-Shabab militants.

52 killed in militia clashes in Libya capital
Forces loyal to Libya’s unity government said Saturday that 52 of its fighters were killed as they repelled rival militias in fierce clashes in the capital Tripoli.

Yemen: Sudanese soldiers killed in Taiz
A number of Saudi-paid Sudanese soldiers were killed when the army and popular forces hit a military vehicle in northern Mokha district of Taiz province, a military official told Saba on Saturday.
Saud and the Israeli regime work hand in hand supporting jihadist, NATO and Mossad terrorism

Gruesome jihadi infighting kills scores along Syria-Lebanon borders
Graphic Content: Scores of jihadi rebels have been killed and injured as the self-proclaimed Islamic State blitzed positions for the rival jihadi group Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham in Juroud Arsal along the Syrian-Lebanese borders.
Good news for humans.

US Kills More Than 50 Civilians In Syria Village
The slain were said to include at least 26 people who were “relatives” of ISIS fighters, including both Syrians and Moroccans. The other nine civilians were just locals, including five children.

US-led attack against ISIS in Syria killed over 100
Over 100 people were killed in a US-led coalition attack against ISIS in eastern Syria. Among those killed were 42 children.

Bush/Blair legacy continues
Ex-MI5 boss says war raised terror threat
Giving evidence to the Iraq inquiry, Baroness Manningham-Buller said the action had radicalised "a few among a generation". She said she was not "surprised" that UK nationals were involved in the 7/7 bombings in London.
A former Mossad agent confessed on live TV that it was Mossad. Still the barstewards promote hate against muslims.

Iraqi troops torture and execute civilians in secret videos
Elite unit was once praised by U.S. military officials.

Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul
The fall of the city would, in effect, mark the end of the Iraqi half of the "caliphate" declared nearly three years ago by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which also covers parts of Syria.

US officials confirm their Coalition allies have killed 80 civilians
US military officials have confirmed exclusively to Airwars in an investigation jointly published with Foreign Policy. Yet none of the 12 allies will publicly concede any role in those casualties.

'Extremely high' number of deaths expected as Yemen slides into Cholera epidemic
On one day last week , 20 cholera deaths and 3,460 suspected cases had been registered in the country, where two-thirds of the population are on the brink of famine.

The West Spreading New Wave of Feel-Good Movies and False Hopes
By Andre Vltchek
The West is busy manufacturing ‘pseudo reality’.
Also pseudo history, pseudo news, pseudo money, pseudo governments and pseudo Syrian civil defence.

“Sickening Cowardice” - Theresa May Must be Held to Account on the Plight of Yemen’s Children
By Daniel Read
For May to remain steadfast on selling weapons to Riyadh whilst denouncing violence elsewhere is just base hypocrisy.

Syria’s Assad Just Explained How The U.S. Really Works
By Brandon Turbeville
It is clear that the majority of the population has little understanding of how the U.S. government operates.

You Only Hate Assad Because Your TV Told You To
By Caitlin Johnstone
Are you the sort of person who can face uncomfortable truths and revise their worldview accordingly.
Ditto Putin and Kim.

Ron Paul: Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating More Terrorism?
Last week alone, US and “coalition” attacks on Syria left more than 200 civilians dead and many hundreds more injured.
Thugs, many drug running, kidnapping for ransom, body parts and child selling gangs and many 10s of thousands of imported mercs employed to kill first Qaddafi and now Assad. For the Israeli and Saud regimes and MI6.

Jeremy Corbyn blames terrorist attacks such as Manchester bombing on UK foreign policy
Intelligence experts have linked ‘wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home’, Labour leader claims
Why aren't Blair and those that supported his war crimes in jail? Because freemasons and politicians look after their own, even paedos, drug abusers, alcoholics, thieves, hate inciters, liars, law breakers, warmongers.

Corbyn criticizes “War on Terror” and halves his distance from Tories!
The Tories are in a crisis over their “dementia tax” bombshell, which is a direct attack on the aged and sick, the most vulnerable sections of society.

Paul Craig Roberts; The Collapse Of France
News analysis - The brainwashed and insouciant French electorate has voted to abolish the French nation. In five years France will exist only as a geographical location, a province in “Europe,” itself a province in global capitalism.

Macron Offers Putin Improved Ties, Rebukes Kremlin `Propaganda'
The French leader said he’d support new sanctions against Russia if there’s an escalation in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where he has condemned Russia’s role as an “invasion.”
All politicians lie. Russia seems to want the EU to have W. Ukraine with its crazies and thieving, murdering bureaucrats. The E. Ukrainians want independence while Kiev bombs the S**t out of them because E. Ukraine is a money making powerhouse that US corporations represented by foul-mouthed Nuland and the zionist leaders covet. NATO wanted Crimea and is upset. Ha ha ha. NATO and the West with its pretend democracies that conceal tax farms won't allow the E. Ukrainians to have a democratic referendum.

Andre Vltchek: Indonesian Borneo is finished
Pollution reaching epic proportions: News analysis - How destructive can man get, how ruthless, in his quest to secure maximum profit, even as he endangers the very survival of our planet?
Another product of the CO2 con, palm oil for ethanol. Destroyer of ancient rain forests that moderated the weather.

Japan vows to take action with US after North Korea missile test
"Working with the United States, we will take specific action to deter North Korea."
Hari kari?

Duterte offers to hire Muslim separatists, Maoists as ‘soldiers’ to fight ISIS-linked militants
Duterte promised to treat them as soldiers and offered them the “same privileges.”

Egypt blocks access to news websites including Al-Jazeera and Mada Masr
Clampdown on press freedom as government says it will take legal action against 21 sites it accuses of spreading lies

How Israel Jails Palestinians Because They Fit the 'Terrorist Profile'
Israel has arrested hundreds of Palestinians since the lone-wolf intifada began in September 2015, partly by analyzing social media posts. Authorities say these arrests are legitimate, but others see it as a grave violation of human rights

Yemen - a Nation in Resistance Against Wahhabi Imperialism
Yemen was earmarked for a brutal military takeover the minute its people began to assert their sovereign rights against the diktat of Saudi Arabia.

Yemen Army Launches Mortar Attacks against Saudi-Backed Militants in Ma’rib
On Monday, Yemeni forces carried out retaliatory attacks against militants’ locations in the city of Sirwah in Ma’rib, leaving large groups of them dead and injured, Yemen’s official Saba news agency reported.

Yemeni Child Was Murdered as He Tried to Flee U.S. Attack
Five civilians including a child were killed and another five were wounded in the latest U.S. Navy SEAL raid in Yemen, according to eyewitness accounts gathered by The Intercept.

Forty-five civilians killed, injured in airstrikes by coalition in Mosul’s Old City
Twenty civilians were killed, while more than 25 others were wounded in an airstrike launched by the international coalition led by the U.S. at al-Farouq street and Hadiret al-Sadah, north of the Old City.

Civilians at grave risk in last stages of Mosul battle
UN: Up to 200,000 civilians caught between fanatical jihadists and advancing Iraqi forces are in grave danger in the final stages of the battle for Mosul, a senior UN official said today.

Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes IS villages on Syria border
An Iraqi Shi’ite Muslim force backed by Iran said it pushed Islamic State out of a group of villages on the border with Syria on Monday, a manoeuvre that could weaken the militants’ hold on the frontier.

Forty-five civilians killed, injured in airstrikes by coalition in Mosul’s Old City
Twenty civilians were killed, while more than 25 others were wounded in an airstrike launched by the international coalition led by the U.S. at al-Farouq street and Hadiret al-Sadah, north of the Old City.

Iraq's Iran-backed paramilitary advances toward Syria border
Iraq's government is aiming to control the border area with Syria in coordination with the Iranian-backed army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

IS shelling kills 14 civilians in east Syria city
monitor: Fourteen civilians were killed late Monday when Islamic State group jihadists shelled a government-controlled neighbourhood of Syria's eastern Deir Ezzor city, a monitor said, reported AFP.

US-led airstrikes kill 20 civilians in Syria’s Raqqa
Warplanes of the U.S.-led anti-terror coalition targeted cars transporting civilians out of Raqqa between the towns of Ratleh and Kasrah.

Memorial DAZE!
By Phillip Farruggio
Memorial Day will be an endless bunch of hogwash celebrations to honor men and women who followed orders while never questioning the evil ones who controlled them.

President Emmanuel Macron: Reversing Five Decades of Working-Class Power
By James Petras
Media lies have a purpose that goes beyond Macron’s election.
Banker and corporations' boy.

JFK at 100
By Paul Craig Roberts
His assassination removed the constraints on Israel’s illegal activities.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Condemns New U.S. Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
Press Release
There is a significant likelihood these weapons will be used against innocent civilians.
One of the few humans in the US regime.

Gaslighting: State Mind Control and Abusive Narcissism
By Vanessa Beeley
We are inundated with propaganda that challenges our sense of reality but only after being “tenderized” by the fear factor.
Brave lady.

The Rhetoric of Regime Change
By Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri
What drives this imperialism is the quest for a global imperium, regardless of costs to others.

Independent Journalists Reveal America’s Sinister War in Syria
By Tony Cartalucci
JFK fell while serving the causes of peace and nuclear disarmament.

Russia Calls House Bill an “Act of War.”
By Gar Smith
The bill presumes to grant the US “inspection authorities” over shipping ports (and major airports) specifically, ports in China, Russia, Syria, and Iran.
What is behind all the killing? The Israeli regime's megalomaniacal desire for global dominance via chaos first in the MENA and central African regions, the Balkans, the Ukraine and S. America and then the rest of the world. "Why fight them ourselves when we can pay them with other countries' tax funds to fight each other."
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