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17 May 2017 @ 06:28 am
Protect your children from church paedophiles  


The Vatican’s war against children and the law continues
as Pope exonerates thousands of convicted child rapists

Posted on May 16, 2017

itccs image

Abolishing the Rogue Criminal Power called the Church of Rome:

An International Legal Response from the ITCCS

Rome, May 16, 2017:

In yet another stunning criminal action by the papacy, on May 13 Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) “absolved” over two thousand priests who have raped or killed children, including a serial criminal with HIV who deliberately infected thirty young infants. Many of these priests had already been convicted and served prison time for their often-fatal assaults on children as young as two years old.

In truth, such a so-called “absolution” by a closed church review board absolves none of these priests under either civil or moral law, or under the international treaties that bind the Vatican as a so-called “nation”. These priests have not been freed from the consequences of their actions and must therefore be immediately arrested and tried in civil and common law courts.

Equally serious is that the Vatican’s in-house definition of child rape not as a crime but a mere “sin” that can be arbitrarily expunged constitutes a hate crime and an incitement to violence against a targeted group, namely children. When an entire group is thereby selected for special violence and stripped of normal protective standards to allow such violence against them, such an action is otherwise known as genocide.

The Church of Rome has proven itself once again to be not only a perpetrator of deliberate genocide but a public enemy by declaring its employees free to break the law and helping them do so. There is no clearer crime than such a massive subversion of justice and calculated destruction of the innocent under the direct sanction and blessing of the Pope himself. Clearly, by such acts Pope Francis is actively enforcing the standing Vatican policy of Crimen Sollicitationas, which by silencing victims and protecting child rapists is nothing less than a global criminal conspiracy.

Under the Law of Nations, Bergoglio’s action personally implicates him once again in official malfeasance and makes his immediate arrest as a convicted war criminal all that more imperative. It also proves that the Vatican’s war against children and child protection laws continues to pose a direct challenge to the political sovereignty of every nation on earth, and in fact nullifies the terms under which the roman catholic church can legally operate within nations.

Any church is incorporated under domestic laws of any nation where it operates, and as a corporation it not only can be insured and its officers legally safeguarded, but it can receive government benefits, tax exemptions and privileges. But that corporate status obligates it to respect the laws of its host nation by not aiding or harbouring criminals and to maintain the civil peace. And yet the Church of Rome’s policies, actions and operating ethos violate and obstruct such peace and laws, and constitute a clear and present danger to all children. The Pope has once again demonstrated that fact.

Any lawfully credible government would respond to such a danger by at a minimum revoking the tax exemptions afforded to the catholic church in order to abide by international law, which prohibits citizens from funding or aiding proven transnational criminal bodies like the Vatican. In reality, every major government on earth is financially and politically tied to Rome and is actively colluding with its crimes. That fact has been proven time and again. It therefore falls upon We the People to enforce the law under a sovereign common law jurisdiction and its courts.

It was such a common law court that brought judgement and verdict against the Vatican and its accomplices in February 2013 and then deposed Pope Benedict, a Jesuit leader and three other Cardinals. The same court legally nullified the authority of the Vatican in April 2014 and authorized the arrest of its officers. The power and need to do so has again been demonstrated this past week by Jorge Bergoglio’s criminal actions.

We therefore call upon all people to take these steps:

  1. Circulate our lists of names of all guilty catholic priests and their accomplices, and edcuate your neighbours and contacts about the truth.

  2. Protest outside and inside your local catholic church and distribute and enforce the Papal Nullification Order (attached) that prohibits anyone from aiding or funding the roman catholic church.

  3. Join or assist our local Direct Action Units in detaining, trying and banishing known or suspected child abusers in catholic churches or your communities. Contact itccsoffice@gmail.com to volunteer.

  4. Demand that your government cancel the charitable tax exempt status of the roman catholic church in your country and expel the Vatican’s Papal Nuncio as the agent of a criminal foreign power.


Tune in this Sunday May 21 (and every Sunday) for more updates and reports from the ITCCS central office, at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT on Radio Free Kanata,

www.bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata .

Issued by the ITCCS Central Office, Brussels 16 May, 2017



clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 07:56 am (UTC)
Coalition against the banking cabal (1)
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 05:33 pm (UTC)
Coalition against the banking cabal (2)
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 07:45 pm (UTC)
Some Zero Hedge (1)
May 15, 2017
Hungary Unveils New Electrified Border Wall, Watch Towers, And Guards With Machine Guns
The images below paint a very intimidating picture of what migrants attempting to cross the border will see...
That's what we get in a zionist dictatorship regime. Zionist false jews are educated to regard us as herd animals. The less than human inbred abominations are running for a global dictatorship exactly along the lines of the USSR and EUSR, both failures. If they manage to get their wet dream, hell on earth will surely follow. They are freemason satanists, paedos, homosexuals and murderers without conscience.

Putin Jabs NSA For Letting The Ransomware "Genies Out Of The Bottle"
"We are fully aware that the genies, in particular, those created by secret services, may harm their own authors and creators, should they be let out of the bottle."

State Department Accuses Assad Of Covering Up Mass Killings In Syria
Just over a month after the US launched a cruise missile attack at Syria, US relations with Syria are deteriorating rapidly once more after the State Department accused the Syrian government of carrying out mass killings of thousands of prisoners and burning the bodies in a large crematorium outside the capital.
Consistent with the zio megalomaggots' Putin/Assad dunnit BS. Based on fantasy and sci-fi. Nowt to see here, move along. What next? Following a serious study of pop. stats the State dept. could reach only one conclusion. Assad eats kittens.

North Korean Hackers Emerge As "Culprits" Behind Global Malware Cyberattack
Remember when North Korea "hackers" breached several firewall layers at Sony, only for it to eventually emerge that it was all a disgruntled Sony employee? Apparently not, because the same plot line is being re-run all over again.

'Fake News'? James Clapper Notes "Curious Pattern" Of Deaths Among Russian Elites
"... it is an interesting pattern. I will put it that way..."

Ron Paul To Trump: Toss Your Generals' War Escalation Plans In The Trash
"He has given the military much decision-making latitude and may be persuaded by his Generals that the only solution is to go in big. If he follows such advice, it is likely his presidency itself will be buried in that graveyard of empires."

McMaster Responds To Wapo: "I Was In The Room, It Didn't Happen. The Story Is False"
"The story that came out tonight as reported is false. Two other senior officials who were present, including the Secretary of State, remembered the meeting the same way and have said so. Their on-the-record accounts should outweigh those of anonymous sources. I was in the room. It didn't happen."

How Is This Not A Recession? Ford To Slash 10% Of Global Workforce
Having admitted in March that "used car prices will drop for years" and amid near-record inventories, a so-called 'plateau' in car sales, and soaring auto-loan losses, WSJ is reporting that Ford is planning substantial cuts to its global workforce amid CEO Mark Fields’s drive to boost profits and address the auto maker’s sliding stock price.
Multinationals should be made illegal. They are hazardous to humanity and nature. Oil companies, ethanol from corn producers, chemical industries, wind farms and many others pollute. All they care about is profits.

Edited at 2017-05-29 05:32 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 07:49 pm (UTC)
Some Zero Hedge (2)
May 15, 2017
The 'Soft Coup' Of Russia-Gate
Where is Stanley Kubrick when we need him? If he hadn’t died in 1999, he would be the perfect director to transform today’s hysteria over Russia into a theater-of-the-absurd movie reprising his Cold War classic, “Dr. Strangelove,” which savagely satirized the madness of nuclear brinksmanship and the crazed ideology behind it.

May 16, 2017
Is The US Prepared For A Nuclear EMP To Shut-Down New York City?
An EMP attack would be the most militarily effective use of one or a few nuclear weapons, while also being the most acceptable nuclear option in world opinion, the option most likely to be construed in the U.S. and internationally as "restrained" and a "warning shot."
The ruskies don't need nukes.

The World According To Trump
USA > China > Syria > Russia > Iraq > Mexico > Iran...
USA regime < China < Syria < Russia < Iraq < Mexico and less than Iran. It's bankrupt several times over.

NATO Builds Infrastructure For Permanent Military Presence Near Russia's Borders
The announced plans are nothing else but a permanent military presence of substantial forces. The buildup is viewed by Russia as a provocation and a threat to the entire region’s security and peace.

Hedge Funds Pile Into Just Six Tech Stocks
With an average gain of 26% , it’s hard to overstate the influence of just six stocks on the U.S. stock market in the first quarter: Facebook Inc., Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc. and Netflix Inc.

Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was In Contact With Wikileaks Says Former DC Homicide Detective
In the aftermath of the Seth Rich shooting, his family hired a private investigator, Rich Wheeler, a former D.C. homicide detective who says evidence on Seth Rich's laptop suggests he was in contact with WikiLeaks prior to his death. Of note, Wheeler does not have possession of the laptop in question - however he said specific information will be released on Tuesday

Hackers Unleash Second NSA-Developed Cyber-Weapon On Dark Web
While a second variant of the WannaCry(pt) ransomware (based on NSA's EternalBlue exploit) was spreading across the globe yesterday, The FT reports criminal hacking groups have repurposed a second classified cyber weapon stolen from US spies and have made it available on the so-called dark web.

Israel Minister: "The Time Has Come To Assassinate Bashar Assad"
"The reality in which people are executed in Syria, being hit deliberately by chemical weapons, their bodies being burned, something we haven’t seen in 70 years. In my view, we are crossing a red line. And in my view, the time has come to assassinate Assad. It’s as simple as that."
Israel. A true terrorist regime that the planet would be better without.

14-Year Veteran Undercover Cop Exposes Truth About The Drug War: "I Used To Believe I Was Doing Good"
"...I used to risk my life doing the work because I used to believe I was doing good,... now I realize everything I did only caused harm..."
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 07:55 pm (UTC)
Some Zero Hedge (3)
May 16, 2017
European Officials Threaten To End Intel-Sharing With US: "Could Be Risk For Our Sources"
"...if the U.S. president passes this information to other governments at will, then Trump becomes a security risk for the entire western world..."

President Trump And Turkish President Erdogan Deliver Joint Statement: Live Feed
With relations between Turkey and the US suffering sharp recent deterioration, especially following tensions over the treatment of Kurdish militia in Syria, the strategy to eliminate ISIS, what role Syria's president Assad would have in the future of the middle east, and especially after Erdogan effectively declared himself quasi-dictator, many were looking forward with interest to today's joint statement between the two presidents.

How Our Current System Of Government Works

Michael Snyder Rages "The Federal Reserve Must Go"
If you want to permanently fix America’s economy, there really is no other choice...

US Nears Record $100 Billion Arms Deal For Saudi Arabia
White House officials said the move would be good for the economy, and insisted that building Saudi Arabia’s already substantial military was “essential” because of regional problems.
The US. A full blown criminal and terrorism enterprise. For the tail that wags it.

US Government Officials Admit GDP, Inflation Measurements Are Incorrect
First we had China's "overcooked" GDP data, then came Australia's "technical issues with jobs data," and now, with Jack Welch having questioned America's jobs data in 2012, Bloomberg reports that top officials from two US government economic-statistics agencies said their measurement tools for growth and inflation are off.
Few believe anything coming from regime mouthpieces.

The H-1B "Scam" Exposed
The federal H-1B program is intended to allow foreign workers into the US to do high-skill jobs for which employers can’t find qualified domestic workers. In reality, it’s a way for US employers to lower their labor costs, ignoring the large pool of fully qualified (but more expensive) US workers in favor of cheap foreign labor.

Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report
According to a new report from Fox News, it was former DNC staffer Seth Rich who supplied 44,053 DNC emails to WikiLeaks and not some random Russian cyber terrorist, as we've all been led to believe...“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks.”

Manufacturing Resistance – The American Public Is Being Manipulated Into Irrelevance
"The reason the 'elites' are elites is because they know how to corral and manipulate the sheep. 2017 is the perfect manifestation of it..."
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 07:58 pm (UTC)
Some Zero Hedge (4)
May 16, 2017
Oregon Officials Threaten To Seize 2,000 Acre Organic Farm, Spray It With Roundup
Sherman County Oregon believes the 2,000 acre Azure Farms is not doing enough to control Canada Thistle. To remedy the alleged problem, the county proposes seizing the farm and spraying everything with Roundup and other herbicides. Azure Farms is certified organic. Of course, organic farms cannot by definition use herbicides, so the farm would be forced out of business by the county government.

America's Reign Of Terror: A Nation Reaps What It Sows
"The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home..."

Retired Green Beret Warns A Successful Derailment Of Trump's Efforts Is Well Under Way; War Is Inevitable
If the President is unable to make a change while he has both houses of Congress under Republican control, what will happen after the Midterm election changes the complexion of Congress and makes it Democrat? How will he be reelected, and if so, to what end? The answer is simple... War!

May 17, 2017
Mapping Europe's Secessionist Movements
Despite the elites' desperate hope that recent 'losses' in Holland France 'prove' the anti-establishment movement is fading (although they all saw soaring popularity), with Europeans ready to protest, there are still numerous regions urging secession...

Paul Craig Roberts Fears "The Exponential Growth Of Global Insecurity"
"Dystopias tend to be permanent. The generations born into them never know any different, and the control mechanisms are total. And the digital screen serves as Soma."

Presumed Guilty?
Presented with no comment...

Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Top 25 US Banks Have 222 Trillion Dollars Derivatives Exposure
The recklessness of the “too big to fail” banks almost doomed them the last time around, but apparently they still haven’t learned from their past mistakes.

Banker: "One Million Will March On Washington If They Impeach Trump. They Will Be Armed"
by Vince Lanci - May 17, 2017
This will not end with impeachment. It will only stir more problems at grass roots levels
Several protests of over a million took place in Libya, over 15% of the pop. The US establishment and media ignored. Try 2 million. Better still, do it in Wall St.
clothcapclothcap on May 17th, 2017 09:23 pm (UTC)
Zionist global governance
Reading about Merkel and the EUSR's woes. All the queen's horses and all the queen's men could put the EUSR together again. In their dreams.
RIP the zio megalomaggots' EUSR dictatorship. We can only hope the zionist false jews' OWG i.e. the GUSR or more appropriately the zionist global dictatorship of metro regions with its façade regime and parliament doesn't make it to the start line. May is running for it. A vote against May is a vote against the ZGDMR and for British sovereignty. Corbyn appears to be in favour of a global dictatorship and I haven't seen any objection from him to the transfer of British military to the sinking EUSR. Just another zio sycophant? The other treasonous pinkos want another referendum. Are you sure? They are all "establishment" that is against the people, against individuality and against the present social order. Many are zio freemason selected, our enemies.

Why do I sustain anti zionist - Rothschild bank cartel - Black nobility rhetoric? We were taken into the zionists' EUSR regime by Heath's treasonous deception. Vast sums have been siphoned out of the country by deception, likely via the IMF and EUSR to support the development of the ZGDMR. Why has no-one in the British regime asked for a public audit or at least an accounting of the public funded private zionist IMF? Because they are not our representatives, just actors and worse.

Karen Hudes reckons Rothschild is lower order, a layer protecting the real megalomaggots. I reckon he is very close to or at the pyramid top. Control of currency issuance is control of regimes.

The latest enemy of humanity and Britain heading the treasury professes the BoE to be wholly public owned. It is a corporation with shareholders and a board of directors with the regime's treasury holding 51% unless I live in an alternate reality. A public audit would settle the issue.
Does the Crown still have its secret, unauditable BoE dept? Is the billionairess Queen still getting welfare like the banks that still paid million pound bonus to its managers from bailout money?
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2017 11:11 am (UTC)
Dear UK Column
Request to the UKC team. Could you interview Karen Hudes? She has the tiger by the tail. And the nuts. Her views on aliens are entertaining as well.
I would suggest that she is the factor that has caused the acceleration in the implementation of zionist global dictatorship of metro regions and the breakdown of social structure.
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2017 11:39 am (UTC)
Is Mrs May on commission?
Conservative manifesto: Theresa May admits Britain will pay Brexit divorce bill
Yahoo News UK 18 May 2017
Theresa May has said the Government will make a “reasonable” contribution to the European Union after Brexit.
The document pledges to come to a “fair settlement” for Britain’s EU exit bill – but warns Brussels that the days of Britain “making vast annual contributions to the European Union will end”.
The manifesto also confirms that a Tory Brexit would take Britain out of the European single market and customs unions.
More https://uk.news.yahoo.com/conservative-manifesto-theresa-may-faces-backlash-plans-target-elderly-072055429.html
Mcian: This country is the fifth (?) wealthiest in the world. Where is the wealth going, apart from interest on the fraudulent debt currency? Siphoned out via DFID, flung at the EUSR, and the zionist run private IMF that is a non accountable source the treasury of whichever traitor party are fond of lavishing tens of billions upon every year. Are the EUSR and IMF funding the zionists' global government structure implementation? May seems to be running for the zionist dictatorship of Common Purpose metro city regions.
The EUSR feminisation [programme] seems to have been accelerated to the point where it is going public. Schoolboys in skirts (and dresses?). No word from the regime, its assent is assumed.
May is not removing us from the EUSR. She is merely absenting public representation at the EUSR table. Continued payments to the EUSR after exit. The British armed forces and nuclear armed subs transferred to the EUSR. EUSR laws carefully selected to favour the city state in London with fops to the public imposed through British law.
EUSR carbon tax to continue even though there is not a shred of proof that CO2 is harmful after nearly 4 decades of its demonisation, (quite the reverse in fact, the planet is greening).
EUSR metro city regions run by Common Purpose graduates educated in the ways of the false jews. (duckduckgo search for the - Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview - to learn the ways.)
Karen Hudes of the Global Debt Facility is trying to end corporation superiority over governments, individuals and law and to replace dominant corporation representation by puppets seen in all Western regimes with real people's reps and to replace Monopoly currency with gold backed currency. She's doing a damn good job. Find NestorBAguilar2 on twitter and follow the links that Karen gives there for more.
A vote for any party is a vote for the corporation enemies of humanity that protect paedos and murderers, (see ITCCS). A vote for any party is a vote for zionist global dictatorship. A vote for conservatives, labour, liberal and any other party is behaving as a turkey voting for thanksgiving, is a vote for the 'establishment' that has betrayed us and is now oppressing us with ever greater force whilst plundering the country.
Industries were driven out by carbon tax. A humans' representative would be working to get them back. A humans' representative would be working to make people's lives better. We have homelessness, soup kitchens and food banks. That is our shame for sustaining the occupation regimes of the zionised and common purposed establishment that lies each time its puppet politicians open their collective mouth. The common purposed media, esp. the BBC speaks with one voice to deceive us, like our and humanity's enemies that call themselves our government but aren't.
Check out UK Column for a less vindictive presentation of the information.
Kudos to Yahoo mods if they show this.
They did - so far.

Edited at 2017-05-18 07:19 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2017 03:48 pm (UTC)
Sea Ice Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere
Sea Ice Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere: Another Reason to Abandon Federal Global Warming Policy

CO2 Science 11 May 2017
Paper Reviewed
Comiso, J.C., Gersten, R.A., Stock, L.V., Turner, J., Perez, G.J. and Cho, K. 2017. Positive trend in the Antarctic sea ice cover and associated changes in surface temperature. Journal of Climate 30: 2251-2267.

Multi-trillion dollar government policies are constantly being pursued by those who believe rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are causing dangerous global warming, which warming they contend will trigger untold harm on the biosphere by melting large portions of the polar ice sheets, raising global sea levels, inducing more frequent and severe extreme weather events and causing a host of other climate-related catastrophes. Surprisingly, key support for enacting such policies typically does not come from observational data, but from complex computer model simulations of how bad the future climate might get.
For those who utilize and trust in the scientific method, forming policy (especially multi-trillion dollar policies!) on the basis of what could or might happen in the future would seem to be a clear act of imprudence. Sound policy, in contrast, is best formulated when it is based upon repeatable and verifiable observations. Consequently, it is of great importance in the debate over what to do (or not do) about rising atmospheric CO2 emissions to evaluate model-based projections of future climate against real-world observations, when they become available, to learn whether or not they are in agreement. And when they are not in agreement, scientists and politicians should always defer to the data and have the courage to abandon or shun policies (or attempts to formulate such) that are based upon disproven model projections.
So, one might ask, how good are the computer model projections of future climate? Do they match well with observations?
Thanks to a recent paper published in the Journal of Climate by Comiso et al. (2017), we can definitively answer this question as it relates to sea ice in the Antarctic.
Continues, graphs http://www.co2science.org/articles/V20/may/a20.php
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2017 04:17 pm (UTC)
Re regimes' permitted pollution of the air with aluminium and other salts
Reading old stuff on HAARP I came across this:
Project Argus (1958)

Between August and September 1958, the US Navy exploded three fission type nuclear bombs 480 km above the South Atlantic Ocean, in the part of the lower Van Allen Belt closest to the earth's surface. In addition, two hydrogen bombs were detonated 160 km over Johnston Island in the Pacific. The military called this "the biggest scientific experiment ever undertaken." It was designed by the US Department of Defense and the US Atomic Energy Commission, under the code name Project Argus. The purpose appears to be to assess the impact of high altitude nuclear explosions on radio transmission and radar operations because of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and to increase understanding of the geomagnetic field and the behavior of the charged particles in it.
This gigantic experiment created new (inner) magnetic radiation belts encompassing almost the whole earth, and injected sufficient electrons and other energetic particles into the ionosphere to cause world wide effects. The electrons traveled back and forth along magnetic force lines, causing an artificial "aurora" when striking the atmosphere near the North Pole.

The US Military planned to create a "telecommunications shield" in the ionosphere, reported in 13-20 August 1961, Keesings Historisch Archief (K.H.A.). This shield would be created "in the ionosphere at 3,000 km height, by bringing into orbit 350,000 million copper needles, each 2-4 cm long [total weight 16 kg], forming a belt 10 km thick and 40 km wide, the needles spaced about 100 m apart." This was designed to replace the ionosphere "because telecommunications are impaired by magnetic storms and solar flares." The US planned to add to the number of copper needles if the experiment proved to be successful. This plan was strongly opposed by the Intentional Union of Astronomers.

From HAARP - New World Order Mind Control and Weather Warfare Weapon

Reading the full doc is recommended.
Follow on with 'Vandalism In The Sky' on the same page-
The military says the HAARP system could:
provide a way to wipe out communications over an extremely large area, while keeping the military's own communications systems working.
HAARP has evolved to sq. mtr accuracy. Was US military or CIA responsible for recent blackouts? Thhe military has a history of experimenting on civilians, as with British military.
There are claims that HAARP facilities were active for days before and during every major earthquake over the past decade.

Edited at 2017-05-18 04:39 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 18th, 2017 04:57 pm (UTC)
The Burning Platform. The Russian hacking story was a fabrication
Let’s Connect the Dots
If Seth Rich was the source of the WikiLeaks’ DNC email disclosures and the FBI knew it, then the Russian hacking story was a fabrication, and James Comey was almost certainly involved in an attempt to drive President Trump from office.
Guest post by Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic
The biggest story of the entire Russiagate controversy was published Tuesday. Not the story about President Trump’s alleged statement to former FBI Director James Comey: “I hope you can let this go.” A witness is only as good as his or her credibility. If the actual big story pans out, Comey has none, which is why the mainstream media is obsessing over Trump’s alleged statement and doing everything it can to ignore and stifle the other story.
Continues https://www.theburningplatform.com/2017/05/17/lets-connect-the-dots/

A Child of a Freer Time
Guest Post by HollyO
I was born in the last of the best days of a mighty empire.
My people made at one time a great society, and I was a part of it. I have been privileged to walk under the sun untroubled by the colour of my skin. To move about at will after dark unafraid. To smile at strangers and have that smile returned. To perform a kindness without fear of misunderstanding, or being perceived as weak or a fool.
My people envisioned, built and successfully maintained most everything the world covets. Now we are shamed and persecuted; in most parts of the world we are raped, beheaded, crucified, taken into slavery and ethnically cleansed, then fined or imprisoned for complaining about it.
Everyone here gets it; that their lives and industry once enhanced their nations and now they have been betrayed by their governments (via the corporations that dictate to those governments aided by controlled media and publishing, the medical, pharmaceutical, food, entertainment and communication cartels, by the systematic eradication of a celebration of The Divine in the human heart and by Socialist Marxist indoctrination in schools and universities.) But how did it unfold to be this way? Complacency? Wilful ignorance? The way of all flesh in history?
I think about it all the time, and it’s the main reason I come to this site. On bad days TBP is a primal comfort, like blind puppies in a clump seeking warmth and an unclaimed nipple. On better days it’s educational, occasionally uplifting, often exhilarating. Sometimes it makes me cry in a good way.
About me: my favourite age was ten; I was green and glossy as a new blade of grass. School and I happily parted ways at the earliest opportunity; I was warned leaving would hobble my chances of a good life but it never has—quite the opposite. As I learned more about myself and the world I determined that if I could design a life without an alarm clock in it I would count myself successful.
I do not own a mobile phone, television, or ebook reading device. Nor do I travel by air, upload my work to a cloud service or use credit or loyalty cards. I had at one time a first generation iPad but found it was destroying my attention span for books, and when it got too old for Apple to find it worthwhile to support the software—implicitly strong-arming me into buying new hardware that I did not explicitly need—I swore I would never have another.
I’ve been determined to remain free and to this end I carry no debt, earn below the poverty level so pay no taxes, yet take no welfare or dole. I am registered to vote but want as little to do with government as possible. I suspect many people live this way – cultivating the quiet life, talking to themselves in battered and well-thumbed journals or in unregarded nooks on the Internet—getting by. Getting along.
It’s nice to think we might be keepers of the secret flame and the holy fire, and though we may grieve for what could have been in the world we once knew, perhaps we also see the bigger picture; we know that eventually every earthly empire falls to dust and that maybe, just maybe, the epoch we are presently enduring is precisely how any great culture fails.
Continues https://www.theburningplatform.com/2017/05/18/a-child-of-a-freer-time/

Edited at 2017-05-20 08:38 pm (UTC)