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15 May 2017 @ 12:35 pm
Rest in peace dear lady  
Democracy will soon be your companion when walking its corpse is no longer useful to humanity's enemies.

Elisabeth Beckett – Defender of the British Consitution – Her Untold Story

Original article at Namaste Publishing http://namastepublishing.co.uk/elisabeth-beckett-her-untold-story/

Student of the British Constitution – 83 year-old Elisabeth stands alone against our TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT

Will you look the other way?

By The Namaste Team

This is an update concerning Mrs Elisabeth Beckett’s legitimate Constitutional stance against an illegal tax system and treasonous government. A story that should be on the front page of every newspaper, but has remained unreported! This amazingly selfless lady has studied the British Constitution in great depth. Her initial interest in the law began when she was a District Officer’s wife in India where her father, a High Court Judge for many years, was party to drawing up the 1935 India Act of Independence.

Since our last issue, Elisabeth was summoned to appear in court at Carlisle on the 24th July, a distance from her home of approximately 55 miles. Without hesitation or complaint, this remarkable 83 year old lady, who in her own words is lame, (she cannot walk very well without aid, due to a painful hip), took a taxi on her own, to the court where a judge listened to her appeal against a threatened bankruptcy order by her local council, for refusing to pay her Council Tax. Her refusal was based on the following objections:
“It is illegal to pay a tax to destroy my country.”

Later she discovered just how illegally councils are acting.

Elisabeth has received very little mainstream media reporting, the little she has had has only been at local level. Nationally, the BBC televised 30 seconds on the Politics Show. Even though she was interviewed by a reporter, the BBC editor refused point blank to broadcast her interview. It was withdrawn. We ask, could this be because of the influence of Common Purpose?

We at Namaste have tried to present Elisabeth’s story to various national newspapers: They were not interested. In fact the News Desk of the Daily Mail in Manchester thought our information about Elisabeth’s Constitutional Rights and the Act of Treason committed against the people of the British nation, was far fetched! We put it to the News Desk that we do indeed have a Constitution. This was also dismissed.

We ask, could this be because of the influence of Common Purpose?

It is quite clear that we are dealing with a mindset which is at best totally ignorant and, at worst, working deliberately to subvert our ancient Constitutional history – The Birth Right of the People of England, (1700). This is still the law of the land today! How could this happen? The plan has been carefully contrived. The journalist Stewart Alsop wrote: “Knowledge is power and power is the most valuable commodity in government. So whoever knows the secrets controls the knowledge and therefore holds the power…”

This would help to explain why Harold Wilson removed the teaching of the Constitution from the British education curriculum, in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, Britain’s universities DO NOT teach treason laws, the greatest crime against a nation; hence today, we find our nation and our freedom in the most critical situation. How could this happen you may ask? The answer to this can be found in the descriptively accurate words of Cicero Marcus Tullius, born on 3 January, 106 BC and murdered on 7 December, 43 BC:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

Unquestioning, Unwilling to Research

This is so precisely true of what is taking place today, not only in Britain, but other countries of the Commonwealth, and the USA – this is the Common Purpose. Unmasking Common Purpose (page 36).

We and our colleagues, both in the UK and USA, are deeply concerned with the direction that both our nations are heading, yet so many seem woefully ignorant. This is not because people are stupid but they lack time and interest to inform themselves, largely because of the education system and mass media control with mind manipulations. We see and hear people acting like sheep, unheeded by the ever emerging totalitarian state, unquestioning, unwilling to research and blindly accepting lies and half-truths from those who can only be best described at misinformed and in the main, deliberate liars.
Part of this disinformation relates to our Council Tax in the UK. For the benefit of our overseas readers, Council Tax is a tax on domestic property collected by local councils in the UK. The council is supposed to use this revenue to pay for local services such as schools, rubbish (garbage) collection, roads and street lighting, etc.

Fiscal Prerogative

Elisabeth felt driven to research the issue of Council Tax accounts, having observed various related, suspicious news articles in the press one of which involved the North West Regional Council of the UK purchasing a house in Brussels, a totally inappropriate action in view of the sufferings of the Cumbrian fishermen and farmers. This alarmed her to the fact that she might well, as a law abiding honest Council Tax payer, be assisting in the potential breakup of her country. We must emphasise that Constitutional Law is not a matter of politics, whether one votes to drive on the left or the right, but a matter of law like the dividing of Britain into ‘Lander’ such as the county of Kent becoming part of France, and Wales becoming part of Ireland etc. That is against our law and Elisabeth said she could not pay for the destruction of the sovereignty of this country. She then asked for full disclosure of how her Council Tax is being spent. This has not been forthcoming because of the liability order against her; the order is an executive order and in Britain alone is governed by the Royal Prerogative. The Enforcement Officer and people in charge of the courts refused to admit that the Liability Order could be challenged in any way. According to the Petition of Right of 1627 all taxation should be honoured by Parliament, under the Royal Assent and Parliament cannot pass acts that are against our Constitution.

Elisabeth further discovered a covert plan to do with the regional assemblies. These are voluntary bodies that are designed to break up England, e.g. Northumberland up to Carlisle will became part of Germany. This was not mentioned in the Labour Party manifesto.

Amongst the papers she handed to the judge at her trial, were the details of Common Purpose and their assemblies, which have increased by 500% since the year 2000. Taxation emanates from the Chancellor’s Office and these are illegal under what is known as the ‘fiscal prerogative’ and the ‘Petition of Right’. Because these assemblies are voluntary bodies, they are not available for funding by the taxpayer. Our Constitution states that ‘all laws’ that go through Parliament ‘must have Royal Assent, in order to become law.’ Instead, they are now validated on a false claim that the Royal Assent is automatic. However, the power to grant this is part of the prerogative, which is impassable.
The automatic assent was invented by the Fabian, Prime Minister Asquith who gave the qualification based on the premise that Queen Ann had been the last monarch to send back a bill. The implication being that the monarch could not send back bills, whereas in fact, their power lies in the support of our Constitutional Laws by refusing to give Assent to bills that are unconstitutional.

The Parliament Act

In fact Edward VII had refused to pass the Parliament Act in 1910 and as such Asquith had to go to the country for a vote, which he lost. A plan was devised to get this bill back, so he invited 40 Fabian Socialists and 82 Sien Fien to join his party in order to destroy the House of Lords which had been holding on to the fiscal prerogative and in so doing he set out to destroy the British Constitution.

The Parliament Act is actually illegal under the Constitution and the 1848 Treason and Felony Act, which states that neither House, Lords nor the Commons has power above the other. The 1911 Act altered the ‘fiscal power,’ which according to our Constitution cares for all taxpayers, as stated under the Petition of Right (part of the Constitution – No taxation without representation). This puts taxation illegally into the hands of the majority political party in the Commons, and without any amendment allowed from the House of Lords.

At the time of the French Revolution and the American Independence, political parties weren’t fixed as in the Masonic Constitution of America, which is based on the principal of divide and rule. Whereas in Britain, the British Constitution was made by the People for the People and the monarch holds them together according to our Constitutional laws. In relation to this fact, Elisabeth put forward to the judge the question of Brussels acting illegally under European Laws which invalidated the court itself. e.g. the 1988 Mercantile Shipping Act in relation to Spaniards fishing within the British 12 mile limit. Brussels overruled it and fined the British £300,000. In doing this Brussels claimed rights over our Sovereign and Parliament who had passed the Act. She pointed out to the court under this ruling it had no validity. At which point the judge shut her up and said, “I am under contract to make a liability order against you since the order allowed no exception.”

This is entirely against our constitutional laws. Elisabeth then asked for leave to appeal. The judge replied, “You can do what you like.”

Elisabeth explained to the judge that Queens Council has given her his opinion, “Technically under the Rules of Erskine May, it is stated the Automatic Assent, if not complied with, would invalidate ALL laws since 1911”.

Common law

Elisabeth’s Plaint lays the ground for important legal and Constitutional constraints which are being side-stepped and their legal validity is being denied by our present legal system and government. The fact they are still part of our British Common law is undeniable, Sir Edward Coke said, “The Royal Prerogative is part of the Personality of the Monarch and could not be taken from them even by an Act if Parliament” which the Law Lords Halbury and Jowitt agree. (Halbury’s Laws, The Birth Right of the People of England – these are legal reference books of great prestige).

Since the Assent is given under the regal ‘Prerogative Power,’ it is invalid if it is given to an unconstitutional act. So in a different way, both Counsel’s opinion and Elisabeth’s lead to the same conclusion. Therefore, she says that one can conclude that ALL of the bills that have been made law since 1911, which includes 1972 entry into Europe, and all that follows, together with the Civil Contingencies Bill, the Constitutional Reform Act, Equality Act and the Immigration Act ARE VOID.
It is clear that our entry into the European Union is INVALID, ILLEGAL and against our Constitution. (see article page 31)

Since our last issue, Elisabeth has spent many weeks preparing for her appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice. As we write today 16th November, her leave for Judicial Review has been granted. Furthermore it has arrived just in time to save her house from being taken over. Elisabeth heard her news whilst in hospital with an embolism she is unbelievably grateful to all those readers who have been kind enough to send donations.

She says: “It has been so heart warming and encouraging to know people are supporting me.”

It came as such a surprise to her and beyond her expectations to receive donations from our readers.

Elisabeth is as determined and optimistic as ever. The money we sent to her she says has enabled her to pay for the court application, photocopying, postage, telephoning and travel in order to put together her appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice.

Elisabeth’s Plaint is clear, Treason has been committed and should be remedied.
Abbe Talleyrand de Perigord said to Mme Recamier in the early nineteen hundreds:
“Understand this, if the English Constitution is destroyed so will be the civilisation of the world.”

If the Supremacy of Parliament is to rest on treason, it will help no one.
As of the time of writing this article, Elisabeth has still not received a date for her appeal in the High Court. We ask readers to please continue to check the Namaste website www.namastepublishing.co.uk for an update with details. As MANY people as possible should attend. We ask if people would try their best to attend the hearing, and to invite others. If anybody knows of any contacts who might help in funding for a good legal counsel, we implore you to let us know. Your freedom and that of future generations hangs in the balance. Elisabeth cannot do this without the support of the people – your support. Her stance is for everyone. Will we support her, or has it become our custom to turn our heads and look the other way? If we think that we British have no need to be concerned and our lives are just fine, we have our holidays, we have work, if not we get benefits and above all we are entertained, so why should we bother with all of this? Well, the zombification of Britain is well in place and the future is not as pretty as people think. Do not be deterred, our freedom hangs by a thread! BEWARE, by 2009 it will BE TOO LATE.

Why are you making this potentially dangerous and difficult stance at your time of life?

“I do it for my children, grandchildren and for all our ancestors – all those who have died for our freedom. Do you want to see your children in chains? I was in India during the war and knew about the fight against the Japanese and I knew about the earlier war and I quote John Edmonds… ‘When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today’” ~ John Maxwell Edmonds (1875 -1958)

Namaste: What can readers do to help you?

Elisabeth: “Talk about the Constitution. Research it. Know it. Know that it exists and help to keep it alive against the evil forces dedicated to its destruction. Please send donations however small, to Namaste Magazine for the Elisabeth Beckett Constitutional Legal Fund.”

Elisabeth has further suggested the following: Readers should consider raising the following points as set out below, with their local council. Bear in mind that it is probable that Common Purpose is operating in you area. Councils cannot take taxes for an organisation that cannot achieve an audit. It is illegal under the Local Government Act 1972, which is still used for auditing local government accounts. All those who pay Council Tax should write to their local council and quote section 239 of the 1972 ACT.

1). You as the Council have the right to oppose or depose acts in Parliament.
Under your oaths of allegiance, the laws in the Bill of Rights of 1689 make clear this country CANNOT be ruled by ANY foreign power: “No foreign Prince, person, Prelate, State, or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Pre eminence, or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.”
They also added two codicils at the end of the Bill of Rights “Any amendments to the bill after the 23 October 1689 shall be void and not lawful, and this bill is for all time.”

2). This law and its oath are not subject to Parliament because they were given to Parliament by the People whose WILL is supreme over Parliament.
This means Parliament may not allow any part of the aforementioned oath to be breached side-stepped or ignored. This Bill of Rights precludes and effectively forbids Parliament from passing any bill like the 1972 EEC Act, the Treaty of Rome or any other European legislation which gives them any say at all in the governance of England. It also precludes Parliament from passing any laws contrary to the spirit of this Bill of Rights.

Chief Justice Beresford said; “You must look on the spirit of the law not just how it is written.”
The Scots have their own version of this law. Indeed the people and Parliament were told the 1972 EEC Act was purely a trading agreement with no Constitutional impact at all!

3). Since you use the Local Government Act for your audit, I wish to draw your attention to another services’ misdemeanour and that is you have been paying my council tax into an unaudited administration (this is the 13th year).

4). If I were to pay my Council Tax I would be complicit in this illegality. Even more seriously, I would be allowing without complaint, the present Government’s intention to herd this country over to this illegal administration.

5). Under the powers given to you under section 239 you have the power to refuse to agree this and would be acting illegally if you did not.

6). This applies to any council, PRESS them to ACT under these laws.
Do you want to be like the judge acting illegally under European law? Or do you want to do something about it? We must never forget, our Constitution was made by our ancestors (often with their lives) not by Parliament.

Elisabeth gave the following information for our American readers: As far as the American Constitution is concerned, Jefferson and co made a Masonic Constitution, but they did not wipe out the existing British Constitution on which the colonies had lived for two hundred years. This is the basis of your law and customs.

The English Constitution includes:

1). Magna Carta, (which the Supreme Court used for the release of the people in Guantanamo Bay)

2). The Petition of Right 1627

3). The Bill of Rights of 1689

4). The 1700 Act of Settlement

These legal statutes were made by the people from whom the colonies are descended, only rubber stamped by British Parliament, (governing the colonies at the time) until independence. It is the basis of your Law and your Constitution. The United States Constitution is subject to the British Constitution.
The only elements of the US Constitution that differ fron the British Constitution is the Royal Prerogative and Christianity. The prerogative can exceptionally be used by the President, but is not part of the law as it is with us in the UK. However, the people of the USA cannot rely on the ‘prerogative,’ all they can do is find the relevant phrases that can fight orders. These can be found in the Bill of Rights 1689 and chapter 29 of Magna Carta. Good luck!

“Please remember that to possess INFORMATION,
you must sift through mountains of dis-information (lies),
mis-information (mistakes),
and non-information (distractions).
But first, you have to want to.”

~ Harold Thomas (late)
A Search for the Truth is a Dangerous Thing

For readers to understand. KNOW THIS.
The ‘prerogative power’ is given to the monarch by the PEOPLE, under the Bill of Rights of 1689 and Magana Carta. The monarch agrees to protect our laws and customs under the Coronation Oath and the Constitution. Failure do so is TREASON against the people! We are protected from GESTAPO type (executive) law by the ‘prerogative.’ This is what the New World Order is trying to take away from us. This is our ancient law. Therefore, why has the monarch signed FIVE illegal treaties taking us into a crimalised organisation – the EU, which is completely against our Constitution?

Elisabeth has now applied for an interlocutory injunction to stop Brown and his associates taking us, the People of the UK further into an illegal administrative situation. (Anyone can and should do this). It is illegal for a government to be financially involved with an organisation that cannot even audit its own accounts. The EU has not audited its accounts for the past 13 years.

Elisabeth has informed us that recently, a local council representative had spoken to her by ‘phone, they said they will block her High Court Appeal on the grounds it applies to the whole of England.


Dear Mr Brown

It appears that you are acting under the Constitutional Reform Act of 2005, imagining that you, as a Prime Minister, hold the ‘prerogative power.’

Are you sir, aware of the meaning of the ‘PREROGATIVE POWER?’
Have you taken constitutional legal advice on this very serious action of entry into the EU?

If so from whom have you sought such advice?

Are you aware that this is a serious crime against the People of Britain? It is TREASON.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Elisabeth Beckett


We ask readers to please to copy the above letter and replace Elisabeth’s name with their own name and send it to 10 Downing Street and see what response they get. All letters received from 10 Downing Street to the above letter, if any, will be placed on this website. Please send to: Namaste Publishing, PO Box 127, Shrewsbuy SY3 7WS.


24th December 2007

There is a delay in the appeal for judicial review because the court has now informed Elisabeth that, since a certificate of service has not been received by the court, the case can’t move forward. The fact is the certificate of service was faxed to the court on 1st December by a government employee on Elisabeth’s behalf. She also has a letter from the local council dated 8th December, confirming receipt of the certificate of service and she has sent copies of the said letters to the court. Thus Elisabeth has asked the court for an upgrading of her case which has been delayed because they claimed they had not received the certificate of service.

A notice is about to be served on Elisabeth for a court hearing in February 2008 to implement the bankcruptcy order made against her in March 2007. The hearing will take place in Carlisle.

Interestingly, the interlocutory injunction filed by Elisabeth to stop Brown and his associates taking us, the People of the UK, further into an illegal administrative situation, seems to be delayed,, lost in the system. How unusual!

The hearing for the implementation for the liability order against Elisabeth will take place on the 6th February 2008 at Carlisle Court, Rickergate at 2.40pm. This was to validate the extent of her liabilty because her income is so low, which has now been dealt with.

27th February 2008

Thanks to the generous donations received by members of the public, we were able to pay into court the £1,293.97 required to prevent the bankruptcy order against Elisabeth being executed. Her home has been saved for now. Nevertheless, Elisabeth still intends pursue her case against the illegal Liability Order

27 May, 2008

The legal advice that has been given to Elisabeth is that she should have professional to help in putting her case together so that it can go forward. This needs some reformulation for resubmission of her application before the administrative High Court.

21 June, 2008

Today, Elisabeth has been advised by the Penrith Magistrates that they have passed a Liability Order against her, for refusal to pay her Council tax. She has taken this stance in order that she can take her case foreward and therefore continues to pursue her application for judicial review against the illegality Liability Order in the Council Tax Act of 1992. Penrith Council have informed her she can appeal her case which she fully intends to do.

Further updates on Elisabeth’s situation will be posted as and when we have more information. Please note, that what Elisabeth is doing, is for all of us, not just for herslf, and therefore she needs all our support!

7th February 2009

The Passing of a Great Lady – Elisabeth Beckett
(1924 – 2009)

“I am old and now seriously ill. I cannot die without making clear to you,
that you have broken your oath to us your people.”
~ (Elisabeth Beckett’s last letter to the Queen, 21st January, 2009)

“It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Mrs Elisabeth Beckett after her fight against leukemia. Elisabeth was the daughter of a High Court Judge. The fact she managed one last shot across the bows of the nation’s ever-dwindling sovereignty, says so much about her steadfastness…”


Original article at Namaste Publishing http://namastepublishing.co.uk/elisabeth-beckett-her-untold-story/

Teach that, teacher.
clothcapclothcap on May 15th, 2017 01:14 pm (UTC)
The first bishop, the first politician, the first zionist and or the first Crown member publicly dangling from a gibbet, swaying in the wind would see a torrent of confessions from our traitors within.
"The Devil made me do it" is not an acceptable excuse.

Edited at 2017-05-15 01:19 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 11:57 am (UTC)
Impending child killings by Ninth Circle exposed:
International Common Law Court to invoke Papal Nullification Order to halt Beltane murders
April 8, 2017 by Kevin

Breaking News Report on the disruption of the Ninth Circle cult’s sacrificial rituals on April 30, 2017
May 2, 2017 by Kevin

An Update on the aftermath of the Ninth Circle disruptions and arrests of April 30
May 6, 2017 by Kevin
All of our special action teams have reported in. This Communique is a compilation of their separate reports, excluding information that must be kept confidential for now in the interest of the safety of children or witnesses, or impending legal action.
1. The nineteen cult members arrested by our teams and local police in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France and Lucerne Switzerland are presently in custody in police facilities in those cities. We do not know if the detained have been formally charged by local prosecutors yet. However, the police recovered considerable evidence of cult activity at the arrest sites, including Satanic regalia, blood-marked torture devices and children’s clothing, and in the case of the Zwolle site even the physical remains of dead and mutilated children held in cold room containers.

2. Our teams in these three towns have retained their own record of this evidence, including the photographs and recorded statements of the cult members. Some of them have positively identified more senior members of the Ninth Circle cult, including Catholic Cardinals and European Union politicians and military leaders. One of the arrested men, who claims to be a secondary level leader of the cult, has agreed that for certain benefits he will provide detailed evidence against the cult including by naming those who are heading its organization.

3. The eight children who were liberated and saved by our teams in these three towns have either been returned to their families of origin, if they were kidnapped from them, or held under protection in independent safe houses until they can be relocated with safe and caring families. Three of the children were immigrants from Romania or Tunisia, and five were native to France and Holland. None of them were older than six years old. They are all still in a state of shock and recovery after having been starved and beaten, and confined in small padlocked cages that were recovered in our raids.

4. The teams in the other cities, save Washington DC and Montreal and Vancouver Canada, have had nothing else to report besides the general fact that the cult sites they had targeted were heavily protected by paramilitary personnel. However, our sources tell us that their ritual killings were relocated or suspended as a result of the announced disruptions. These other cities were Rome, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Geneva. The suspected Ninth Circle ritual at the Opus Dei centre in Tara, Ireland was also suspended and no activity was detected there.

5. Three of our action teams, in Vancouver and Montreal Canada and Washington DC, were halted and arrested by plain clothed security forces who refused to show any identification. All of our team members were released the next day except for one individual in Vancouver who remains incommunicado. We assume the cult killings in these cities – in a sub-basement crypt at the Vancouver Club, in a sub-basement hall at Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal and within the interior of the St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House – proceeded as scheduled.
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 12:00 pm (UTC)
6. The day after these raids our Executive received a back-channel communication from a party claiming to represent “an element” within the Roman Catholic Curia, the so-called College of Cardinals. This party carried a message requesting a meeting between “influential officials” at the Vatican and the ITCCS leadership. We have stated to this messenger that any such meeting must occur outside Italy and be subject to monitoring and recording in the presence of our security staff and legal counsel. We are awaiting a reply.

7. One of our sources close to the Ninth Circle leadership has indicated that the Circle is moving its dual headquarters from the Club Lorraine in Brussels and a private chateau in Belgium to an undisclosed location in North America. This shift may explain the rapid shut down of our North American teams. We have also learned that Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec, the senior Roman Catholic official in Canada who was appointed to that position by the criminally convicted Pope Benedict / Joseph Ratzinger, was present during March of this year at secret high level coven gatherings of the Ninth Circle in Brussels and Rome. Both Lacroix and Ratzinger were reported to be active participants in a Ninth Circle ritual killing of a young boy on February 22, 2014 at the San Lorenzo Jesuit Church in Rome along with Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, and Denis Lebel, a federal cabinet minister in the Canadian government of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. ( see http://itccs.org/2014/11/04/ottawa-false-flag-killings-covered-huge-scandal-itccs-breaking-news-november-4/ - note that the videos connected to this report were banned from the internet within days of their posting). This suggests that the relocated Ninth Circle headquarters may be near to Montreal or Ottawa, Canada, both of which have had a long history of Satanic ritual killings and military MKULTRA/mind control programs closely tied to the Ninth Circle cult.

8. In response to our actions, police and judges associated with the Ninth Circle have escalated their attacks on our organization and clinical counselors allied with us who have diagnosed and publicly named Satanic Ritual crimes. Three of these counselors (in Canada, the USA and England) are now suddenly facing professional discipline and possible criminal charges, along with the usual public smear campaigns. But of related and even greater concern is that our top Field Secretaries have been targeted for elimination by the Ninth Circle. Here are the details:

9. Our Ninth Circle source reports a “private” discussion of the top Ninth Circle leaders that occurred on May 2 in Rome. The details were passed on by a disenchanted Catholic priest who is placed closely to a senior Cardinal and Ninth Circle member. At this private meeting it was stated that the highest priority for the Circle had to be “eliminating” once and for all the operational leaders of the ITCCS, namely the three Field Secretaries for North America, Europe and Australia. The latter include Kevin Annett, “John Street” and the Australian secretary. Our source was unable to discover whether the Vatican’s normal channel for assassinations – the espionage agency known as the Holy Alliance – would be handling these killings or whether they would go to contracted “local assets” from their partner the Mafia Ndrangheta. Regardless, since of our Field Secretaries Mr. “Street” and Kevin Annett have been especially public and visible leaders of our campaigns, their safety is of the highest importance. We have directed them and the Australian Field Secretary to go underground for now and to follow the normal protocols of those who are in protective custody.
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 12:02 pm (UTC)
10. These expected counter-attacks are in fact a sign that the Ninth Circle and its Vatican/corporate backers are beginning to panic and are resorting to fearful self-defensiveness. We expect more cracks to appear in the ranks of their cult and for more defectors and informants to emerge. We are optimistic that this murderous three century old Jesuit cult is in collapse, which means that our efforts must intensify.

11. We urge all people of conscience to join us, receive common law Sheriff training, and mobilize your communities to arrest the Catholic clergy and others who are funding and aiding the Ninth Circle. Follow our updates at www.itccs.org and every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT on Radio Free Kanata at www.bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata .

Issued by the Central Office of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State
May 5, 2017 GMT

www.itccs.org , itccsoffice@gmail.com
Also: http://www.veteranstodaylive.com/2017/05/08/pushing-back-the-darkness-the-struggle-against-the-satanic-order-continues-on-radio-free-kanata-may-7-2017/

Leading the Fight against Tyranny, Satanism and Mass Murder: Upcoming Programs on Radio Free Kanata
May 12, 2017 by Kevin
For more information and to assist us, write to republicofkanata@gmail.com and see www.itccs.org andwww.murderbydecree.com
Go here for recent programs:
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 12:03 pm (UTC)
See how the sick zionists' international Freemason cult defends its members.

ITCCS Communique issued by its Central Directorate May 15, 2017
May 14, 2017 by Kevin

The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

An Update on the Ninth Circle actions and our Direct Action Protocol

A. Update on events arising from the April 30 preventive actions against the Ninth Circle ritual killings:
In the fortnight since our Direct Action Units disrupted these killings and helped to detain nineteen cult members and free eight children slated for sacrifice, the Ninth Circle through its Vatican, judicial and government allies have counter attacked quickly to contain and undermine our breakthrough.
Several of the police officers who assisted our action units and who have been identified by their superiors have been transferred or suspended. In the Netherlands, two such police officers were suspended after the royal palace requested their disciplining.
No charges have been brought against the nineteen cult members that were arrested and all of them have been released, in most cases without being questioned or even finger printed. But our action teams have the names and photos of these cult members, and some of their testimonies.
Our sources indicate that an unofficial media blackout has been imposed by the governments of France, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland over the entire issue, which forbids any politician or police officer to acknowledge or comment on the actions against the Ninth Circle or the cult itself.
Similarly, the apparent back channel messenger from a faction in the Vatican who requested a meeting with our Directorate has gone silent. Either he was shut down or the Vatican is imposing a general blackout now on the entire issue as part of its damage control.
In Switzerland, France and Holland, where we successfully stopped the cult rituals, police officials are now being politically pressured to conduct a “witch hunt” in their departments to locate and discipline the officers who assisted us. This pressure is being brought to bear through domestic politicians funded by the Catholic Church, like France’s Francois Fillon, and those who are personally associated with the Ninth Circle themselves, like Belgium’s former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.
In France, the Papal Nuncio, Cardinal Luigi Ventura, is directly involved in leading this witch hunt purging of the police. Cardinal Ventura himself is personally tied to Ninth Circle crimes in Canada through his cover up of Indian residential school murders and Satanic-related child trafficking in Cornwall, Ontario. This occured after he was appointed Papal Nuncio to Canada in 2001 by convicted criminal and Ninth Circle leader Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger.
As part of this counter attack, a broad public disinformation campaign has been launched by the Vatican’s “Holy Alliance” espionage service to discredit and misrepresent our actions while searching for the identity of our action unit members and those who assist them.
The Alliance’s standard method of exposing and then eliminating our action unit members involves pressuring ITCCS workers to divulge their identities and disclose other confidential information by bringing a contrived “public pressure” to bear demanding “proof” of the truth of the ITCCS reports. Concerned internet and media investigators thereby become the unwitting tools of the Vatican death squads, by pressuring ITCCS to disclose evidence prematurely.
People do not seem to understand the nature of our enemy. But they must understand our nature: we are a front line army of action, not a rear echelon debating society worried about our public image.
In response to these counter attacks, ITCCS and its direct action units are imposing a new and more strict control over the flow of information in our hands. We are limiting access to our evidence to accredited individuals and groups under our supervision, rather than to the general public. Such a restriction is needed to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our action units, and the lives of the innocent.
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 12:04 pm (UTC)
The Directorate has summarized this new approach in the following statement:
B. Governing Protocol on Direct Actions
1. The purpose of the ITCCS Direct Action Unit (DAU) is twofold: to rescue the lives of children and to arrest and prosecute any person or group that harms or threatens to harm them, as well as those who aid or abet such crimes.
2. The DAU is operated under the authority of a local Commander who is directly responsible to the ITCCS Central Directorate.
3. The DAU is self-reliant and operates as an independent force but seeks assistance from trained and credible local police officers in its actions.
4. Besides detaining suspects and freeing children, the DAU shall record and gather all evidence required to prosecute suspects and shall never surrender such evidence to any other agency or individual. This evidence shall be kept in the possession of the Unit Commander as an independent record of events until surrendered by him to the ITCCS internal archives.
5. DAU members shall never disclose the details of their work or of their discoveries to any individual, agency or media outside the ITCCS. The ITCCS Central Directorate alone is responsible for disseminating information on the DAU, its actions and evidence to the public, media and other agencies.
6. Failure by any DAU member to abide by this Protocol shall result in his or her immedate expulsion.
7. The ITCCS Central Directorate shall govern its media releases and public sharing of evidence according to the priorities outlined in the two-fold DAU mandate: the rescue of children and the arrest and prosecution of the guilty. All other considerations are subordinate to these goals, including the need to educate the public, reply to questions or challengers or explain our actions to the world. We recognize that we are engaged in a war against a more powerful adversary and therefore as a guerilla force must rely on the skills of secrecy, surprise and deception to outmaneuver and disrupt that enemy. Such unpredictability and secrecy is our main weapon and is compromised by a “public relations, information sharing” approach to the rest of the world.
8. Accordingly, the Directorate shall not release the names or identities of any of the detained suspects, the children rescued, the DAU members or the responsible ITCCS field agents until the effective legal prosecution of the guilty and the safety of our agents and the children is assured and guaranteed. Neither shall any of the evidence recovered by the DAU, the location of the cult sites or any related information be shared publicly except in a court of common law or in another medium approved by the Directorate, such as an ITCCS sponsored press conference.
9. That said, such evidence and information can and will be shared to individuals and groups that have been pre-screened and authorized by the Directorate, including media groups. Such pre-screened persons must undergo interrogation and briefing by accredited ITCCS officers before they can be cleared to receive such information.
10. Any individual who violates or does not abide by this Protocol shall be subject to the full force of the law.

Further ITCCS Communiques will be forthcoming.

Issued 15 May, 2017
Brussels Central Office

ITCCS http://itccs.org/
People need to understand there is a war going on. The media hide it. Politicians are not on our side. They control all our assets, all we have is ourselves. It is enough if people will stand up.
No violence, that is their weapon they use against us, and how we identify their agents in our protests.
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 12:40 pm (UTC)
The Establishment?
A Lucifer worshipping gang of paedophile homosexual murderers cloaked in respectability provided by Freemasonry and associated gangs, the Crown, the Vatican, other 'religions', the UN, the Order of Jesus (jesuits), the Zionist org., various 'Clubs' and others.
Most are inducted through freemasonry that has infested every level of bureaucracy.

Grand masters determine which perverts stand for election.
Rothschild calls free masons his secret army.

Be a freemason like freemason zionists Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, help hide these sad, sick people and their real NWO agenda from public view.
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 01:01 pm (UTC)
The real world that you aren't allowed to see
All significant media is controlled. The West has been made a place of deep corruption that indulges in mass murder, mass cruelty and mass poverty. Politicians are a major part of the effort to make it even worse, people like zionist NWO OWG adherents Mrs May, (war criminals like) PFF Cameron, liar Blair.
Israel is the Internet capital of the world for and is a major source of human trafficking for paedophilia and body parts trafficking. Britain probably ranks fourth after the US, Belgium, Russia and Turkey as a child trafficking hub.
That Portuguese Barroso was involved in the Maddie kidnap case becomes very believable.
Bilderberg, created by the Pilgrims is a freemason gang. The ECFR is a bilderberg creation, all the presidents are bilderberg selected. The spooks work for the zionists.
NATO is a close partner of Bilderberg, likely led by freemason perverts.

Edited at 2017-05-16 01:08 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 02:11 pm (UTC)
Metro city regions
Depriving a country of its WMDs and armed forces along with balkanisation is the zionists' modus operandi. Libya was deprived of its nuclear deterrent programme then attacked, now being balkanised. The attempt is ongoing in Syria that has been deprived of its WMDs. Iraq, Sudan, Yugoslavia and Palestine have been balkanised in line with the perverts' agenda 21 and 30
Britain is being balkanised by our pet enemy of humanity Mrs May. Wales is almost self governing under a zionist OWG proponent Nat. Ass. Scotland is wobbling between independence, remaining British or remaining an EUSR suburb under wind-direction-driven Sturgeon.

It should be easy to understand why the Rothschilds want criticism of zionism made a crime.

Boys in skirts already. Which agenda number does that fall under Mrs May?

The word "balkanization" became commonplace after World War I to describe territorial changes in the aftermath of the fall of the Ottoman, Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, which had gained significant territory in the Balkan Peninsula. These territories became several new states, including Greece, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Decades later, balkanization occurred once more in the Balkans with the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Several civil wars in the region ended with the creation of new states, including Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Outside of the Balkans, several large imperial powers have felt the effects of balkanization. Europe and Asia experienced the largest example of balkanization in geographic terms following the fall of the Soviet Union. The breakup of the USSR resulted in the creation of three countries that rank among the largest in the world, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, along with several smaller states, including Latvia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Moldova. Other examples include the breakup of regions controlled by foreign powers, such as what occurred following the collapse of French and English colonial holdings in Africa.

Edited at 2017-05-17 06:25 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 05:20 pm (UTC)
What is the zionists' interest in the Philippines?
Did you know about - MARCOS GOLD?
Bubblews.com (closed)
Karen Hudes Facebook May 2014

This was the "MARCOS WEALTH" that some POLITICIAN and CHURCHMEN kept on saying was the:
" ILL - GOTTEN " Marcos Wealth..
Brief History
From 1866 to 1898 , Prince Julian Macleod Tallano, who became titleholder of OCT 01-4 in 1864 - ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE 01-4 PROTOCOL ,The number 01 refers to the ONE NATION, known in pre - Hispanic times as MAHARLIKA. The number 4 refers to the original four regions og this nation:(1) Luzon (2) Visayas (3) Mindanao (4) Palawan , has been frequenting the Vatican.
In 1934, under Pope PiusXII , the Vatican negotiated with the member of the Filipino Royal Family, the Christian Tallano clan in Maharlika. An agreement was reached that 640,000 metric tons of the Tallano gold would be LENT to the Pope. This was part of that gold accumulated by the Southeast Asian Srivijayan/Madjapahit Empire during its glorious reign of 900 years.
In 1939, two members of the Tallano family and Roman Catholic Priest , Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz brought the gold from Kota Kinabalu , Sabah to the Vatican.
After doing this, Fr Diaz went back to the Maharlika and resided in Cabanatuan City.
After World War II , he facilitated the safe return of the 640,000 metric tons of GOLD from the Vatican tovthe Maharlika .Manuel Acuna Roxas( relative of the Acuna/ Tagean/ Tallano clan), then a congressman, and Bishop Enrique Sobrepena Sr, in the presence of Atty. Lorenzo Tanada, RECEIVED the gold in Manila.
There is good reason to believe, even from further along in this account , that the young attorney FERDINAND E. MARCOS was involved in the return of the GOLD. Certainly by all accounts we have seen jt was Ferdinand Marcos and Diaz who shared in the enormous 30% commission- that is 192,000 TONS of Gold worth around $4 TRILLION today(2006) - for handling this transaction.
A lease agreement was made between the Tallano clan and the Maharlika government. A total of 640,000 metric tons of gold was deposited in the newly installed Central Bank of the Maharlika to comply with its requirement for GOLD RESERVE. Under the terms of the contract , the Central Bank became the HOLDER of that gold. That LEASE agreement will EXPIRE in the year 2005.
~The Tallano Foundation has given notice of the termination of this 50 year lease following the additional 5 year discretionary period on December 31,2005 but remains unable to obtain an inventory of this asset even though the CENTRAL BANK(now Bangko Sentral Pilipinas) is no longer entitled to HOLD the gold.
Having gained the trust and confidence of Fr Diaz, the Tallano clan made him the main negotiator and trustee of their gold. Fr Diaz in turn, hired the services of ATTY. FERDINAND E MARCOS, then a RECOMMENDED BRILLIANT YOUNG LAWYER having attained notoriety when he successfully defended himself in the " NALUNDASAN CASE" in 1939.
Tha TALLANO clan paid commission to Fr. Diaz and Atty. Marcos in gold, 30% From the principal of 640,000 metric tons.
In 1949. The two richest men in the world were Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz and Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos. Between the two of them they legitimately earned and owned 192,000 metric tons of GOLD- from TALLANO CLAN and Maharlika Government.
Ferdinand Marcos withdrew their share of the gold from the Central Bank and minted it "RP-CB". Sometime later, Fr.Diaz and Marcos brought their gold to SWITZERLAND , in the SWISS BANK CORPORATION in Zurich.
The remaining 400,000 metric tons of TALLANO GOLD- (Prince Lacan Acuna Macleod Tallano- son of Rajah Soliman Tagean and grandson of Maharajah Luisong Tagean) is in the third floor basement of the CENTRAL BANK MINTING PLANT in East Ave. Quezon City.
There are 950,000 metric tons of Gold (declared missing in the International Court of Justice) picked up by Yamshita from its European ally, Hitler.
Continues https://m.facebook.com/karen.hudes.9/posts/10152418415899444
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 07:26 pm (UTC)
Some Russia Insider May 10 -
South Korea Election Makes It Clear: War With the North Is off the Table
M.K. Bhadrakumar May 10, 2017

Russia Warns Security Council: Europe Is 'Playing With Fire', Learned Nothing From WWII
RI Staff May 10, 2017

Putin to CBS Reporter: You Ask Ridiculous Questions
RI Staff May 10, 2017
Petr Iliichev

Rude Putin Played Hockey Instead of Answering 1,000 Questions About Something He Has Nothing to Do With
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Lavrov Immediately Regrets Sitting in Room Full of Shrieking Children
Riley Waggaman May 11, 2017

US Could Deploy Missile Systems to Baltics to Counter Russian 'Build-up' in Russia
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Trump Wants Russia to Carry out His Syria Policy for Him. Fat Chance
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Why Does Celebrated War Criminal Jim Mattis Think He Can Claim Moral High Ground Over Russia?
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US Special Forces Are Secretly Fighting Alongside Syrian Rebels
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US and Russia Could Be on a Collision Course in Southern Syria
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Retired US Spooks Call for 'Military Cyberattack' Targeting Putin's Bank Accounts
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The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-Gate
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Trump Outmaneuvers the Media — and Sets the Stage for Détente With Russia
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Lavrov: Era of Western Lecturing Is Long Over
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Has Erdogan Run out of Friends?
David Goldman Fri, May 12, 2017 1,39016

Kunstler: 'Russiagate Is a Circus Meaning No Real Government Business this Year'
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US Congress Bends Backward to Spoil US-Russia Relations Further
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Trump Ignores Status Quo Apologists to Engage Russia
M.K. Bhadrakumar May 12, 2017

Syria Safe Zones Mean Less Fighting — Not a Third World War
Wael Al Hussaini Fri, May 12, 2017
Unless the zionists get their way.

Repeat After Us: 'Putin Has Hacked Every US Election Since 1789'
RI Staff May 13, 2017

How the US Made Russia the World Leader in Air Defense
Marko Marjanović May 13, 2017
clothcapclothcap on May 16th, 2017 07:32 pm (UTC)
The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required
Mike Whitney May 13, 2017

Can Russia, Europe Cooperate to Solve Libya's Crisis?
Vasily Kuznetsov May 13, 2017

Trump Should Appoint Russian Ambassador Kislyak to Head the FBI
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Russians Reveal Plan to Lift the Siege of Syria's Deir ez-Zor
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Attempted Nazification of Russian History Has to End
Anatoly Karlin May 13, 2017

NATO: Russia's 'Safe and Professional' Interception Was 'Highly Provocative'
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Syria Is Worried About US Military Incursions — But They Probably Won't Come From Jordan
Wael Al Hussaini May 13, 2017

US in Denial as Beijing Lays Groundwork for New Economic Order
Paul Goncharoff May 14, 2017

Putin Tells Beijing Forum: The Future Belongs to Eurasia
RI Staff May 14, 2017

Has US Agreed to Hand Over Eastern Syria to Its Government in Damascus?
(Moon of Alabama) May 15, 2017

The Creepy New Russia Smear Website From Team Clinton
Norman Solomon May 16, 2017

Syrian Army Prepares to Launch Major Eastward Offensive — With Russia Closely Guarding the Skies
Wael Al Hussaini May 16, 2017

Pentagon Broke 'Safe Passage' Deal With ISIS – Its Allies Will Pay the Price
(Moon of Alabama) May 16, 2017

Putin Aligns With Xi in Crafting the New World (Trade) Order
Pepe Escobar May 16, 2017

Tape Reveals NATO Left People Fleeing Its Wars Drowning in the Mediterranean. Again
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Poroshenko 'Sanctions Russia', Blocks 40 Million Ukrainians From Their Social Media Accounts
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Treason? I’m With The Russians, They Hate Us Less Than The Media Do!
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NATO is Building PERMANENT Bases a Few Miles from Russia's Border
Alex Gorka May 16, 2017

Al-Qaeda Honors White Helmets With Potluck Dinner
RI Staff May 16, 2017

Omnipotent Hillbilly Nikki Haley Sees Right Through Putin's Fake Facade
Riley Waggaman May 16, 2017
George probably appointed her without MK ultra mind conditioning, the reason being there was nothing there to work with.