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Neither the ZOROB's ZOBBC destabilisation dept. nor the Messurin (obe) could explain how ZOGOBite Erdo Nasreddin Hoja (Muffin the Mule afficiando) managed to make an appearance in the Copper's Helmets RU donkey video. Rumours suggest he was establishing an alibi in case the Russian sorceror PoRu deliberately rigged the Turko-Kurdish referendum so the incumbent Nasreddin would win and be excluded from the ZOROBEU wealth absorption and depopulation organisation corporate entity.

Cloud cocaine land ZOROB bandits acting on ZOCIA Ltd and ZOMI6 terrorists' tipoffs (that a large gathering of Russian and Syrian supported humans had gathered in a Mosul CW factory fearing ZOROB megalomaggots' collaboration forces would eat their children) launched an immediate multi 10 barrel-bomb equivalent attack on the humans to make them fit for alien consumption and offal recycling.

In a press announcement (prepared in 1987) Mutton Yoyo, while criticising the ZOROBUS for not using white phosphorous, nominated strUmpy for the Nobel Piece (of work) award, not just for the mass extermination but also for the use of glow-in-the-dark bombs, missiles and shells on the city declaring it infested with humans that must be exterminated at any cost for thousands of years.

As a token of the luciferian Chabaddy's appreciation, Mutton Yoyo declared that the ZOROB IL regime corporate entity would be demanding a doubling of charity contributions from the ZOUS tax funds to the ill alien regime corporate entity's genocide of humans project.

Hundreds Killed as US Bombs ISIS Chemical Depot: Syrian MoD
By Zen Adra
April 13/14, 2017 Information Clearing House, AMN
"Hundreds have been killed – including civilians – as a result of breathing toxic materials,”
On a more serious note, strUmpy o'lalaland in an executive order declared all the evidence against Assad and Putin to be declared legal currency backed by all of Germany's gold in Fort Knox.

Syria: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
By Mike Whitney
The chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun, has produced no smoking gun,  no damning evidence, in fact, no evidence at all.
“Our U.S. Army contacts in the area have told us this is not what happened. There was no Syrian ‘chemical weapons attack.’  Instead, a Syrian aircraft bombed an al-Qaeda-in-Syria ammunition depot that turned out to be full of noxious chemicals and a strong wind blew the chemical-laden cloud over a nearby village where many consequently died…..This is what the Russians and Syrians have been saying and – more important –what they appear to believe happened.”
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity,  20 former members of the US Intelligence Community
April 13/14, 2017 Information Clearing House, Counterpunch

Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence
Despite President Trump’s well-known trouble with the truth, his White House now says “trust us” on its Syrian-sarin charges while withholding the proof that it claims to have, reports Robert Parry.
By Robert Parry
April 12/13, 2017 Information Clearing House, Consortium News
After making the provocative and dangerous charge that Russia is covering up Syria’s use of chemical weapons, the Trump administration withheld key evidence to support its core charge that a Syrian warplane dropped sarin on a northern Syrian town on April 4.
A four-page white paper, prepared by President Trump’s National Security Council staff and released by the White House on Tuesday, claimed that U.S. intelligence has proof that the plane carrying the sarin gas left from the Syrian military airfield that Trump ordered hit by Tomahawk missiles on April 6.
Playing blind man's bluff.

Russia chops the the West’s Syrian gas attack story into little pieces
By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on April 18, 2017
From Southfront

We are billions.
The enemies of humanity are around 7,000 plus collaborators. If each of us took one milligram of the ~7,000 there would not be enough of them for equal shares.
The false jew (zionist-jesuit) enemies of humanity subjugated the West by infiltrating and or controlling;
Black Nobility thrones, the Order of Jesus jesuits, the Vatican, CoE, NATO, central banks and international funds, British, Canadian, Australian, NZer, US and European regime corporate entity's with their buggered freemason politicians, spooks, justices, Civil Services, military and Police, retail and investment banks, newspaper and broadcast media, medical industry and services, the UN, CoR (CoB & CoM), and many, many other regime corporate entity and NGOs.

[These offices are not 100% zio jesuit. The way it works is they get a few in e.g. politicians and then inveigle, undermine, bribe, blackmail, threaten or murder their way into control. We end up with clockwork politicians like May, TrUmp, Cameron, Obama, Blair, Bush and Heath.]

What is their ambition? Curiously some religious freaks see a world war as way to herald a frequently forecast but to-date always failed return of a prophet, a fallen angel, aliens, and or the end with a rapture. But most luciferians want a war to enable total control via martial law and chipped tax stock, to make geopolitical gains for the ZOWG, feed plundering hydrocarb and agri corp'ns and to afford the currency mafia opportunity to zero their global currency ponzi. And all that gold.

How successful have the megalomaggots been? Moderately. The resistance of the Syrian DEMOCRACY to the zionists' proxy terrorists*** tripped them up and Russia's steadfast denial of the terrorist gang NATO's genocidal NFZ looks sure to thwart them short of their arrogantly using humans to mass murder humans against every law by launching a full scale war on Syria using trumped up excuses ala Cameron-Obama (Libya) and Blair-Bush (Iraq).
[*** "Terrorist" is a flexy collective noun that in Syria's case includes Turk, Saud, Qatari, Israeli, US and Windsor regular army, special services, spooks, convicts, multi national mercenaries in the 10s of 1000s (bought with tax and Afghan heroin funds) and jihadists, as in the destruction of Libya.]

Check out General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years.

Planned to fulfill the zios' wet-dream,  a greater luciferian Israel.

Israel’s Long-time Strategy to Destabilize the Middle East


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