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We Should Test The Legality Of The Treaties Surrendering Sovereignty


About a former PM and the treaty of Rome.
The reward of £35,000, paid personally to Heath, in the guise of The Charlemagne Prize, was handed over to him after he had signed the Treaty of Rome.
"Heath later confirmed that he had lied to the British people about the implications of the Treaty. He told the electorate that signing the Treaty of Rome would lead to no essential loss of National Sovereignty but later admitted that this was not true - and he knew it was not true. He said he lied because he knew that the British would not approve of him signing the Treaty if they knew the truth.

Vernon Coleman 2011
Any worse? Nowadays they reportedly get millions.

UK Column March 29 2017
Enlist here -

More in the side column at

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson for today's UK Column News, on the day Britain hasn't left the European Union.

From the narrative:
We're not out for at least 2 years, if we are ever out.
Mrs May said in her speech to parliament that we're going to be leaving the institutions.
Which institutions are we going to be leaving since;
We're not leaving european common defence,
We're not leaving Interpol,
We're not going to be taking control of our fisheries,
We're not really going to take control of our security,
We're not going to take control of borders,
We're not leaving EU law
[Except for those laws that affect the freedom to commit legalised currency fraud by the zionised central and retail usury and investment banks, weapons trade, straight bananas? Cc ]

If we don't appear to be leaving what has actually changed?
We're not going to have a seat at the European Council table (don't mix with the ECFR that is a private Bilderberg staffed military industrial complex outfit that includes Soros) that didn't exist when it was the non Bilderberg-CIA European Economic Commune.
We're not going to have a European commissar.
We're not going to have MEPs.

We'll still observe ECJ judgements, be subject to EU arrest warrants, corpus juris.

We're going to be dictated to by the dictators without recourse.

Under Mrs May's impositions Great Britain will not regain its self determination and sovereignty.

Mrs May mugging the muggins for the zionists.

UK Prime Minister's full Brexit statement to Parliament (29 March 2017) Article1 Immigration Lawyers


"No more wars." I think that was an FJ inside joke.

Will we let the Bilderberg representatives occupying the British regime disenfranchise the tax stock (that's us btw) while leaving us in chains?

We need a petition to have the legality of the treaties ceding sovereignty to foreign institutions tested in a public court of non freemason and non zionist judges.

If we don't do something then the FJs will still have us by the proverbials.

IMO the protocols of the committee of 300 didn't make provisions for this situation and the dullards are freaking at the thought of losing their British wealth pipeline, seemingly above all else.

Already, even bleeding every nation dry the avaricious false jew OWG doesn't have the income to sustain its growing imposition. The FedRes has approached the limit of credibility and suddenly gold is popular.   The CO2 con as an excuse for a global tax is no longer valid.

On the topic of spying on Trump, if Orbis is an MI6 asset and public services are not allowed to have private businesses, then MI6 must be a corporation like the CIA and should not be in public service.
On the brave officer, (link) one doesn't realise the extent of the rot until you purposefully look. It is fascinating how extensive the connections are, the Internet- BBC-UKG-social sevices-justice system-freemasonry-orphanages-councils-Police-spooks-the honours system-royalty, Russian jewish mafia, Belgium (Dutroux), EU Bilderbergers, Maddie, DVD, Benghazi (and other cities), war orphans, human and organ trafficking, Tel Aviv, the USG, US spooks, the US jewish mafia, the Sandy Hook exercise, the Vatican and its retail outlet priests, the CofE and other religious institutions, and the industries of film, music, TV, investment banking, child modelling, etc. Basically all the institutions we're supposed to trust and the gangster elements.

Once some 'VIPs' are facing long terms of confinement, assisting the Police and plea bargains will mean a fast growing closure of  organisations and prosecution of inviduals will surely follow.
Thank goodness the rot is not totally in control of our boys in blue the way it seems to be in the regime.
I must confess, I wondered. Considering the kind of people involved in the supply and the abusers, murder or compromise of risks seems part and parcel of being what they are.

Aangirfan is a good place to start if anyone reading this is just beginning to wake up.

I recall a cartoon from a while back. 2 men wearing a skullcap on the front benches, one saying to t'other, "We're sunk. They're losing their fear of us."
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