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Faked Terrorism Reported by Fake News to Fake Countries with Fake Governments and Fake Economies


To be a freemason is to serve the deceivers, the luciferian enemies of humanity.

The true terrorists are the barbarian imperialists as.the crime families, the Crown as head of the Black Nobility and the Rothschild court jew heading the central and private banking mafia.


Syria is a democracy.

Assad is as popular as, or more popular than Putin (for different reasons I think.)
If Assad were gassing civilians he woldn't have lasted 5 minutes let alone through 6 years of zionist and BN aggression and extremely hostile propaganda in zionist controlled media, especially as broadcast by the BBC that is the principal protector of zionism's reputation in keeping the indefensible zionist Israeli regime's crimes from public knowledge. And what about the terrorists and their propaganda pervs, the White Helmets that the May regime supports with tax cash, and the BBC by repeating the white helmets' propaganda?

Is Trump's BS just another fake politician's lies like Cameron and Blair's?

Here is Miri's take on the false flag gas attack.

On Tuesday, 4 April, the heinous chemical weapons mantra of criminal lies against Syria were re-launched

April 5, 2017 Miri Wood
At 0637, CNN added another ugly refrain to the chemical weapons fraud against the SAR.  This time, Idlib, home of international human garbage terrorist invasion, got to play fake victim.  Despite CNN’s disclaimer that its propaganda had “not been confirmed,” terrorists most trusted name in news website was been updated on the average of every 10 minutes, since its original “breaking” story.   Though the trashy dramatic upgrades continued, throughout the day, CNN’s website kept  a firm foundation with war criminal Senator John McQaeda McCain demanding the destruction of Syria (and Russia, and Iran, and Hizbullah).
Savage media provides free advertisements, making the terrorists the victims, and the victims the terrorists.
Idlib is under terrorist control.  Though these sociopaths have used chemical weapons in Khan al Asal, in al Ghouta, in Damascus, there is no way to know if they used them in Idlib, Tuesday 4 April.  It is highly unlikely that they did, given that no fake first responder was stricken, that these human beasts continued tweeting all day, that they had time to set up their perfect photos, with perfect symmetry and nice splashes of color. Moon of Alabama, in June 2016, published 44 of their best choreographed fake emergency rescues.
They were busy, and yet able to do intense photo shoots, send them to international msm for immediate publication. They had no problems with internet connection, nor with electricity interruptions.  They even had power water hoses.
Barely visible on the upper right side of this ghastly  photo is a copyright, “Edlib Media Center Via AP.”
Dante could not have created the perfect bowel of hell for these monsters; how long did it take to capture such a perfect photograph, a photograph using the principles of classical art, rearranging the many corpses of the butchered?


Trump On Collision Course With Putin After Moscow Denies Syria Behind Chemical Attack

Zero Hedge Apr 5, 2017 by Tyler Durden
For the first time since his election, president Trump is set for a direct collision course with Vladimir Putin after Russia said on Wednesday it stands by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad despite widespread popular outrage over a chemical weapons attack which the media was quick to pin on the Syrian president, in a carbon-copy of events from 2013 which nearly launched a US invasion of the middle-eastern nation, when a YouTube clip - subsequently shown to be a hoax - served as proof that Assad had used sarin gas on rebels in a Damascus neighborhood.
As reported yesterday, Western countries including the US accused Assad's armed forces for the chemical attack, which choked scores of people to death in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in a rebel-held area of northern Syria hit by government air strikes. While Washington said it believed the deaths were caused by sarin nerve gas dropped by Syrian aircraft, Moscow offered an alternative explanation, claiming the poison gas had leaked from a rebel chemical weapons depot struck by Syrian bombs.
The strike, which was launched midday Tuesday, targeted a major rebel ammunition depot east of the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. The warehouse was used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas, Konashenkov said. The shells were delivered to Iraq and repeatedly used there, he added, pointing out that both Iraq and international organizations have confirmed the use of such weapons by militants.
The same chemical munitions were used by militants in Aleppo, where Russian military experts took samples in late 2016, Konashenkov said. The Defense Ministry has confirmed this information as “fully objective and verified,” Konashenkov added.
According to the statement, Khan Sheikhoun civilians, who recently suffered a chemical attack, displayed identical symptoms to those of Aleppo chemical attack victims.
Naturally, Syrian rebels disagreed: Hasan Haj Ali, rebel commander of the Free Idlib Army rebel group, and quoted by Reuters called the Russian statement a "lie".
"Everyone saw the plane while it was bombing with gas," he told Reuters from northwestern Syria. "Likewise, all the civilians in the area know that there are no military positions there, or places for the manufacture (of weapons). The various factions of the opposition are not capable of producing these substances."
The incident is the first time Washington has accused Assad of using sarin since 2013, when hundreds of people died in an attack on a Damascus suburb. At that time, Washington said Assad had crossed a "red line" set by then-President Barack Obama. Back then Obama threatened an air campaign to topple Assad but called it off at the last minute after the Syrian leader agreed to give up his chemical arsenal under a deal brokered by Moscow, a decision which Trump has long said proved Obama's weakness.
The latest incident, which comes at a very odd time - just days after the White House it will no longer pursue the ouster of Assad, cementing the Syrian leader's resolve not to do anything to infuriate the US administration - means Trump is faced with the same dilemma that faced his predecessor: whether to openly challenge Moscow and risk deep involvement in a Middle East war by seeking to punish Assad for using banned weapons, or compromise and accept the Syrian leader remaining in power at the risk of looking weak.
As reported last night, Trump described Tuesday's incident as "heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime", but also faulted Obama for having failed to enforce the red line four years ago. Obama's spokesman declined to comment. Washington, Paris and London have drawn up a draft U.N. Security Council statement condemning the attack and demanding an investigation. Russia has the power to veto it, as it has done to block all previous resolutions that would harm Assad.
As a result, all eyes will now be on Trump's response.
As Reuters puts it, "Trump's response to a diplomatic confrontation with Moscow will be closely watched at home because of accusations by his political opponents that he is too supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has previously said the United States and Russia should work more closely in Syria to fight against Islamic State."
As Reuters puts it, "Trump's response to a diplomatic confrontation with Moscow will be closely watched at home because of accusations by his political opponents that he is too supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has previously said the United States and Russia should work more closely in Syria to fight against Islamic State."
Should Trump engage, devolving relations between Russia and the US to a level last seen under the Obama administration, it will be interesting to watch the justification provided by the "Russia-hacking" conspiracy theorists.
Aside for US-Russia relations, the chemical attack in Idlib province, one of the last major strongholds of rebels that have fought since 2011 to topple Assad, will complicate diplomatic efforts to end a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and driven half of Syrians from their homes.
It is worth recalling that "Jihadist groups have a strong presence in Idlib alongside other rebel groups, some of which have received backing from powers including Turkey and the United States". It is in their interest to not only watch the conflict between Russia and the US escalate, but to do everything in their power to create false flag events that achieve this.
Finally, it is worth noting that over the past several months Western countries, including the United States, had been quietly dropping their demands that Assad leave power in any deal to end the war, accepting that the rebels no longer had the capability to topple him by force. The use of banned chemical weapons would make it harder for the international community to sign off on any peace deal that does not remove him, something that Assad - and the rebels - are all aware of. It goes without saying, that the Syrian president had the most to lose from launching a chemical attack just as both the military and diplomatic tide was turning in his favor.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who two months ago shifted his country's policy by saying Assad should be allowed to run for re-election, said on Wednesday that he must go. "This is a barbaric regime that has made it impossible for us to imagine them continuing to be an authority over the people of Syria after this conflict is over."
And now, all eyes on Trump.

I've seen a fox go into a stream holding a rag in its mouth to get rid of fleas. I don't think that describes Trump's actions. Personally, I think his advisors may have loyalties to the enemies of humanity and may be repeating lies they believe.

"Assad Crossed Many, Many Lines": Trump Signals Imminent Change In Syria Policy

Zero Hedge Apr 5, 2017
“I do change. I am flexible. I am proud of that flexibility. I will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. Big impact. It was a horrible, horrible thing. I've been watching it and seeing it, and it does not get any worse than that. And it is very, very possible, and I will tell you it is already happened, that my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.”

NATO terrorists advised by zionist controlled intelligence services have a history of manipulating Potuses.

MIT Researcher: Syria WMD ‘Facts’ Were Manufactured to Fit U.S. Conclusion for Ghouta in 2013
April 6, 2017 By

East Ghouta: False Flag Chemical Attack
September 28, 2013 RPI by Nikolai Malishevski


Have Trump and Putin agreed to an instant cold war?
(Thinking both parties have some human qualities.)
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