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28 January 2017 @ 02:48 am
The people's government of the people, by the people, for the people does not exist  
Parliament for the people never existed. The theatre that is presented as representation in fact began when Cromwell sold Britain's soul to plundering Dutch bankers.
Nowadays we have hollow representation by drug and alcohol abusers, the blackmailed, threatened, bought, zionist NWO agenda driven, Israel first and freemasons, EU regime Common Purpose communitarianism (communism - group think) supporters and graduates, spooks, paedophiles, thieves, supporters of mass murder and nation destruction, till dippers, sexual deviants, privilege abusers, the consciously blind, the thick that don't even know what the toxic national debt is, let alone how to fix it, the don't give a monkeys crowd, the frightened and the self-interested and maybe worst of all, bank stooges and lobbyists. Every MP is a liar. Not one dare tell you the truth, not even Farage who made his name waving his finger at criminal kleptocrats. And traitors that support the derailed funeral of Great Britain's independent nation status. Euro and ziophiles are free to live in Europe, make their business in Europe. What they are not free to do is to make this country a suburb of a Europe created for the Rothschild-Black Nobility-oligarch luciferians by their Bilderberg gang of shared brain cell sychophants and the CIA.

Great Britain, like most countries in the West is controlled by criminals and deviants.

When is a brexit not a brexit
Michael Fallon Confirms EU Military Integration
British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon met his German counterpart yesterday to firm up Britain’s defence “partnership” with Germany.

Exclusive: EU To Take Control Of British Nuclear Deterrent
A briefing by Strategic Defence Initiatives on the EU's subversion of the British military.
Zionist controlled EU.

Treason and plot by smoke and mirrors presented as something normal

Economically staying in the EU currency fraudsters' club is not a good deal. We are captive consumers. Closed markets are bad for humanity. And this nation's accounts.
Declining exports to the EU

Breaking up countries that pose a threat to planned zionist domination is a zionist agenda, by violence in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine and other countries, and by subversion in Britain, the Commonwealth, Europe, Turkey, the US and BRICSA. We have a zionist controlled government hence the involvement of Britain in the lucifeian UN, NATO and various other luciferian controlled NGO tax black holes.

City regions ruled by mayors that are intended to be part of the zionist appointed world government administration that would be a facade like the EU and British parliaments was initiated by Cameron and is being progressed by May despite our divorce proceedings.

Part 1: The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate
Part 2: The Resilient Cities Programme: Another Threat to Individual Liberties?

Wales, a luciferian zionist EU region

The Welsh Assembly: A Dictatorship Masquerading as a Democracy?
by Martin Edwards
UKC Sunday, 4th December 2016
In this article we will investigate if the actions of Welsh politicians reflects the wishes of the majority of the Welsh electorate or promotes the policies of those with global interests. The former state represents true democracy whilst the latter evidences dictatorship.

A global tax to fund the appointed global government based on a con instituted by the Club of Rome (Lisbon and Budapest), the UN IPCC, NASA, the Royal Society, the Obama, Gore, Soros etc. Chicago Carbon Exchange, the European Commission, the British occupation regime and the Brit Met and UEA.

The con. Anthropogenic CO2 emissions are harmless and beneficial but sold by propaganda and corrupted science as harmful.

Heinz Hug showed that carbon dioxide in the air absorbs to extinction at its 15µM peak in about ten meters. This means that CO2 does whatever it's going to do in that amount of space. Twice as much CO2 would do the same thing in about 5m. There's no significant difference between 5m and 10m for global warming, because convectional currents mix the air in such short distances.
Thanks Gary

This is not a dismissal of the work of scientists cherry picked by the IPCC, it is a demonstration that it is very likely more valid to say additional CO2, especially the human fraction is insignificant to climate.

That CO2 density changes cannot be used to predict temperature at any timescale (even historically) proves CO2 is not a climate driver.
The reason why CO2 can't be used to predict is because, climatically speaking it is insignificant since it does so little. Whether or not a GHG molecule state is polar determines its ability to absorb and then emit IR. The CO2 ability to absorb IR is changed to zero by an oxygen bond bending. In this non absorbing (nonpolar) condition that is most of the time, CO2 is not active as a GHG. Water vapour is a polar molecule. (Polar v nonpolar, Absorption ability, Predictability)
Quote/ An even bigger limitation of the models than coarse resolution is the incomplete knowledge of the atmosphere's functioning, Dr. Hansen says. Dr. Gates agrees, saying, ''How the natural world works -- that's always going to be our problem.'' /Q (Click)

One of the most harmful deceptions was - is the AQ con.
AQ does not exist as an organisation outside of the CIA-MI6-Mossad-MsM enemies of humanity gangs. It is a list of gangs that kidnap, murder, thieve and traffic drugs kept on computers at Langley and likely the other enemies of humanity SS gangs. Tim Osman was the liaison and paymaster drawing from Swiss bank accounts. (When Switzerland was pressured into revealing some (sacrificial) bank accounts of tax evaders, the CIA, Crown and Rothschilds' accounts were never even considered.

al Qaeda is a phone directory.
The infamous al Qaeda is a list of terrorist criminal gangs for hire maintained by the CIA.
When any terrorist act is "attributed to al Qaeda" it is either an independent jihadist or another nutter or an intelligence services arranged atrocity.
bin Laden i.e. Tim Osman was a CIA asset, their liason and paymaster of the gangs.
Still the controlled MsM and the British Regime peddle the fiction. How many terrorist attacks have there been on Parliament, the SIS building, Langley, the WH, senior politicians, the BoE, etc? Makes a person wonder.

The Euro Cmmission's feminisation programme.
Remarkably little about it in a web search. You'd think even 'high-ups' would be concerned about their daughters getting breasts earlier and earlier. And the men? Man boobs earlier and earlier? Think of the fun side for them, wet tee-shirt competitions.
Bisphenol in plastics used for food and drink. Oestrogen in seafood. Oestrogen boosters and chemically similar as well as the real deal  in food animals and milk.

The EU was always about a federalised Europe, and then a global union with mayors as city regions' representatives in a facade global government headed by european luciferian jews.
It was sold to the Brits by deceivers.
The deception continues with the global government programme under the May regime.
The next stage is the TTIP that May intends to impose on the Brits. Decentralising government to Common Purpose mayors, enemies of the people, ensures the agreement of region leaders.

A global government run by unelected megalomaniacal psychopaths installed by despicable liars called 'government' by the uninformed. 'Subhuman enemies of humanity' by the more informed.


clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 11:47 am (UTC)
[KR1025] Keiser Report: US Hegemony Facing New Challenges
Posted on January 30, 2017 by Stacy Herbert — 70 Comments
We discuss Jack Ma’s statements at Davos about the U.S. wasting trillions on wars and asking where all the money went that U.S. multinationals made from outsourcing manufacturing. In the second half Max continues his interview with crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem about bitcoin, blockchain and crypto.

Worthwhile comments. Some in the next box.
She says it all so blithely. The born with a penis Clinton instituted the obscene wealth and power disparity.
RT https://www.rt.com/shows/keiser-report/375376-episode-max-keiser-1025/
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 05:26 pm (UTC)
From comments at Keiser Report
Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes
Corbett Report – 30.1.17
As The Corbett Report reported last year, Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, has slithered out from his hiding place and re-emerged as a figure on the political stage. He is now advocating for a rebirth of the US’ infamous “Phoenix Program” to target the ISIS terrorists the US created, and he is advising Trump from the shadows. Today Douglas Valentine, author of The Phoenix Program and The CIA As Organized Crime joins us to discuss what The Phoenix Program is and why its resurrection is so ominous.

Show notes and MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=21592
Info on an aspect of the despicable and detestable CIA and the complicit MsM.
H/t bbrebozo

More bbrebozo
These were times when people knew what were the real issues, the real causes to fight for, instead of the current mind controlled, soulless, brainless crap of today’s youth.
Direct Action. Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco

Vonda Bra
REALIST NEWS – Another Fantastic Interview with Clif High (Coming Web bot too)
https://youtu.be/9GvHZLpNZ54 (1:15:32)

Iran To Ditch The Dollar In Wake Of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban

Edited at 2017-02-01 06:07 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 06:14 pm (UTC)
Youri Carma
Say Hello To China’s ICBMs
Russia Launches Biggest Arctic Military Expansion Since Fall Of USSR http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/russia-launches-biggest-arctic-military-expansion-fall-ussr
Speculation Grows That Bashar Assad Has “Suffered A Stroke” As Syria Slams Trump’s “Safe Zone” Proposal http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/speculation-grows-bashar-assad-has-suffered-stroke-syria-slams-trumps-safe-zone-prop
Did Iran Just Break Nuclear Deal (Again) With Ballistic Missile Test-Launch? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/did-iran-just-break-nuclear-deal-again-ballistic-missile-test-launch

Americans Spend More Than They Earn For 9th Straight Month As Savings Rate Tumbles To 2015 Lows http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/americans-spend-more-they-earn-9th-straight-month-savings-rate-tumbles-2015-lows
FitBit Plunges After Firing 6% Of Workforce, Slashing Guidance Due To “Excess Inventory” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/fitbit-plunges-after-firing-6-workforce-slashing-guidance-due-excess-inventory
Obama Oversaw The Weakest Growth In American’s Personal Income On Record http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/obama-oversaw-weakest-growth-americans-personal-income-record
Mnuchin Dashes Banker Hopes That Prop Trading Is Coming Back
Google Fires Podesta Lobbying Group Shortly After Hiring Eric Braverman; Coincidence? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-30/google-fires-podesta-lobbying-group-shortly-after-hiring-eric-braverman-coincidence
Chicago Police Suicides Soar As Impact Of City’s “War Zone” Takes Its Toll
The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest
The Left Is Self-Destructing: Paul Craig Roberts Rages “The Mindlessness Is Unbearable”
Key Events In The Coming “Big Week” For The US

In Major Intel Overhaul, Trump Adds CIA Director Back To National Security Council
Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Yates For “Betrayal”
Trump On A Roll, Fires Director Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement
Meet America’s New Acting Chief Law Enforcement Officer
Trump Signs Executive Order On Regulation: “For Every New Regulation, Two Regulations Must Be Revoked”
Trump Strikes Deal With Lockheed, Asks “Where Was The Outrage When Jobs Were Fleeing”
New Rasmussen Poll Reveals Silent Majority Approves Of Immigration Ban
Nomi Prins On The Goldmanization Of President Trump
Why The Cold War Between Tech CEOs and Trump Is About To Go Nuclear
How Steve Bannon Rose To The Top Of Trump’s Power Structure
Is Trump About To Hammer The Federal Reserve?
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 06:18 pm (UTC)

Youri Carma
ECB Under Pressure As German Inflation Spikes To Highest Since 2013
ECB Assets Rise Above 36% Of Eurozone GDP; Draghi Now Owns 10.2% Of European Corporate Bonds
French Bond Risk Spikes To 3-Year High After Radical Left Cheers Hamon’s Win In Socialist Primary
Another Greek WTF Showdown Moment Explained
In the IMF’s baseline scenario, Greece’s government debt will reach 275% of its gross domestic product by 2060, when its financing needs will represent 62% of GDP, the report obtained by Bloomberg says. The government estimates public debt around 180% of GDP at present.
Hungarian Foreign Minister Accuses Soros Of Seeking To Bring Down His Government
US-UK Trade Talks To Begin Immediately In Defiance Of EU Rules: What’s Trump Up To?
US Embassies In UK, Germany Suspend Visa Issuance To Citizens Of Seven Countries, Dual Nationals
UK Parliament To “Immediately” Debate Trump Ban After Millions Sign Petition
Hated By Those Who Hate Russia
The European Trade Wars Begin: Trump Trade Advisor Accuses Germany Of Using “Grossly Undervalued” Euro http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-31/euro-surges-after-trump-trade-advisor-accuses-germany-using-grossly-undervalued-curr
Martin Armstrong Warns EU Just Declared US Is The New Enemy
Merkel Responds To Trump Trade War Charge
Is A US-German Trade War Imminent?
In Latest Scandal, Le Pen’s Main Rival Accused Of Getting Wife, Children Jobs Paying €1 Million
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 06:21 pm (UTC)

Placebo reload. Frozen Matrix. Broken tech. Reload should mean reload.
They command the vertical, the horizontal… and the reload.
Deciding for you. “The core idea is to limit the processing power that background tabs get in Chrome once the feature lands.”
‘Instead of deleting the files, as users wanted and regardless of metadata issues, Dropbox choose to keep those files around for years, and eventually restored them due to a blunder. In its File retention Policy, Dropbox says it will keep files around a maximum 60 days after users deleted them.’
Assimilated. “Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and IBM publicly announced The Partnership on AI,”
Their HQ should be shaped like a black cube.
Wall Street creature ‘upgrades’ in sight?
“…but we are far away from that. This is an important first step.”
Once something like that was parroted all over the place. It didn’t take six months. And there was Dolly.
“Deep Learning Algorithm Diagnoses Skin Cancer As Well As Seasoned Dermatologists ”
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 06:38 pm (UTC)
Some from from Russia Today
Detailing the dishonourable leader of a regime against the people
David Cameron took on Britain's most powerful newspaper editor over Brexit while PM ... and lost
RT UK 1 Feb, 2017
Former Prime Minister David Cameron tried to get the editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, sacked because of his pro-Brexit views.
According to the BBC’s Newsnight, the former PM told his friend and owner of the tabloid Lord Rothermere to keep his editor under control or have him dismissed.
However, despite his own love for the European Union, Rothermere seems to have stood by Dacre, who’s been at the helm of the Mail for 25 years.
“It is wrong to suggest that David Cameron believed he could determine who edits the Daily Mail,” a spokesman for the one-time Conservative leader said.
“It is a matter of public record that he made the case that it was wrong for newspapers to argue that we give up our membership of the EU. He made this argument privately to the editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, and its proprietor, Lord Rothermere.”
However, according to Newsnight, the then-prime minister told Dacre himself to “cut him some slack” during a private meeting in Downing Street in February 2016.
That same day, European Council President Donald Tusk revealed details of the deal he had struck with Cameron on Britain’s membership of the EU.
Dacre allegedly told Cameron he would stick to his usual editorial line as he had been a committed Euroskeptic for nearly 30 years.
The editor was later told by a source that the PM had spoken to Rothermere about his dismissal, leaving Dacre “incandescent” with rage and all the more determined to have the Brexiteer line of the paper “stiffened.”
The Mail’s coverage of the EU referendum also went on to be extremely critical of Cameron’s leadership. Many believe the paper’s coverage of the referendum influenced the result.
More https://www.rt.com/uk/375919-daily-mail-editor-cameron/

Farage brands London mayor ‘hypocrite’ for hosting diplomats from nations banning Israelis
RT UK Feb 1, 2017
Ex-UKIP chief Nigel Farage has accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of hypocrisy for attacking US President Donald Trump’s travel ban while inviting ambassadors from countries which refuse entry to Israeli citizens.
So Farage is pro genocide, pro apartheid and supportive of a terrorist and terrorism supporting nation? That makes him a zionist.

‘Vast majority of Muslims’ have access to US – Homeland Security head defends Trump's order

FBI ‘secret rules’ revealed: Massive trove of documents unmask agency's shady tactics

Boycott Trump’s America: Anonymous releases 'WH phone numbers', issues call to action

Trump administration sends armored vehicles to Syrian rebels

Iran to dump the US dollar in response to Trump's travel ban

‘Sorry for misunderstanding’: Israeli President defuses Netanyahu’s ‘wall tweet’ row with Mexico

48 British rabbis cite Holocaust in condemnation of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’
The so-called holocaust has gone through a period of deflation. Shame on these luciferians using it for political gain.

The soft coup – US Establishment goes to war with President Trump
It doesn't matter who wins. Every election is a coup against the people.

Russia's latest MiG-35 fighter jet takes to the sky
Is it better than the SUs that far outclassed the F-35s?
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 06:41 pm (UTC)
American 1st, zionist 2nd, corporatist 3rd, humanitarian 76th
Trump’s First Week: A Win for the Elite, a Loss for the People. “And it Does Not Look Good”
By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research, January 27, 2017
My last article attempted to stay grounded in reality regarding the need to keep in check any expectation the Trump presidency will be any different from previous administrations, knowing whomever occupies the White House is simply the elite’s figurehead puppet choice. Based on the rhetoric expressed in his inaugural address, the article title alone claiming “Trump has declared war on the ruling elite” already appears to be way off base from the actual truth. Less than a week into office and the real Donald Trump presidency has already reared enough of its ugly head to see that his “vison” for America is soon likely to be every citizen’s nightmare.
No surprise really, as alluded to previously, this honeymoon phenomenon of excessive expectation and wishful thinking fantasy surrounding each new president as he takes office is a longstanding yet always short lived pattern. Switching back and forth from one antithetical selection after the next, the opposite of George Bush was Barack Obama. Now the opposite of Barack Obama is Donald Trump. Here we go again. Different face and party, same policy. The elitist, divide and conquer rulers wouldn’t have it any other way.
This presentation will dissect actions already taken in Trump’s first week as president that should give all of us citizens grave concern.
Torture and “Rendition”
A year ago Donald Trump the presidential candidate made no bones about it, he wants to torture people, specifically Muslims in the so called war on terror. As the future president he promised he would bring back waterboarding “and much worse.” On Wednesday this week Trump the president revisited his plan, confidently repeating his assertion, “Absolutely I feel it [waterboarding] works.” All those illegal CIA “black sites” around the globe and illegal “rendition” of enhanced interrogation techniques that the infamous Cheney-Bush regime and CIA insisted were not torture… the same torture practices that Obama secretly continued despite his signed executive order in 2009 making it officially illegal. Now President Trump once again is emphatic, insisting that waterboarding and torture “work” when the bottom line is they don’t. And that’s from honest insiders from the US intelligence community who have gone on record stating that little to no benefits were ever gained from those methods.
Within an hour of Trump sounding off on torture, even war hawk senator and former POW John McCain stated that the anti-torture law reaffirmed in this year’s NDAA and supported he said by both Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary James Mattis are not in favor of torture. Trump had earlier stated that if Pompeo and Mattis are against torture, Trump would yield to their decision.
Virtually every human being as a victim of torture, having endured the most egregious levels of suffering and pain, ultimately forces them to willingly say or sign anything that gives them hope or reason to think the torture might cease. And whatever comes out of torture rarely if ever translates into concretely usable, accurate information that saves lives or exceeds the consequential costs of such evildoing. And that’s not even considering the ethical and moral issues of just how inhumane and brutal these sick, perversely sinister practices are. Plus, if Trump’s totally okay with black site torture around the globe, what will stop him from taking it to the next level, justifying it against Americans deemed enemies of the state inside black sites on US soil. With authoritarian tyranny and abuse already skyrocketed in America, who knows, aby of us could be next.
First Amendment Rights
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/trumps-first-week-a-win-for-the-elite-a-loss-for-the-people-and-it-does-not-look-good/5571105
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 09:18 pm (UTC)
Wealth transfer via boondoggle carbon capture amongst other carbon cons
UK government blew £168m on Cancelled Carbon Capture Projects
JoNova January 22nd, 2017
How fast can we burn millions of dollars trying to stuff a perfectly good fertilizer down a sinkhole? This fast…
Carbon capture must rank as one of the most flagrantly ridiculous ways to spend money (even more pointless than desal). To capture and bury the CO2 of a coal fired plant we have to spend around 60% more to build every new power station and then throw away 40% the electricity it makes. (See TonyfromOz’s calculations in the link below).
Sputnik News reports on the second collapse of UK funding for Carbon Capture:
The UK Government has wasted US$123 million on a competition to develop technology that will capture carbon emissions. The project was cancelled according to a report, after the Energy Department failed to agree the long-term costs of the competition with the Treasury.
Concerns over the price to consumers led to the competitions demise, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).
The report, which was produced by the NAO, warned that it was “currently inconceivable” that the CCS projects would be developed with government support, and that the competition costs did not achieve value for money.
This is not the first time a competition run by the government to kick-start CCS has been cancelled. In 2011, the government having spent U $70 million had to stop the project.
“The department has now tried twice to kick-start CCS in the UK, but there are still no examples of the technology working,” said Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office.
More http://joannenova.com.au/2017/01/uk-government-blew-160m-on-cancelled-carbon-capture-projects/
January 22, 2017 at 10:02 pm · Reply
Can I just ask a question: how the hell can these two ‘competitions’ have cost one hundred and sixty eight million pounds? What was the money spent on? How are such costs justified? What events / meetings / seminars / PR and so on actually costs £168 million? Did they hire George Clooney as compere and get Damien Hirst to design a diamond-encrusted lump of ‘hi-carbon’ coal as a free gift to every seminar guest? How is it even possible to spend £168 million and get literally nothing back for your money whatsoever?
Some UK-centric context: average UK annual income £25k, creating around £4.8k in taxes. That means almost 35,000 people worked and paid their taxes for a full year to provide £168 million, so these clowns could turn that money into dust. Incredible.
I’m actually staggered, one hundred and sixty eight f*****g million and absolutely zero end product? Whose been sacked for this? Whose been disciplined? Seriously, wtf? I cannot get my head around this in any way at all. This is the green blob working in all its glory. I may need to go for a lie down.
By way of deception. When the Pilgrims was instituted one of its declared aims was to vacuum the planet's wealth.

If someone sued the tory party for wasting tax funds, the party could not defend itself. There is no evidence that CO2 is in anyway harmful to the climate wrt humans and nature.

Edited at 2017-02-01 09:35 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 09:20 pm (UTC)
The zionised British regime continues to fight wars of aggression for the Israeli regime
Covert so the public don't see their taxes going up in the smoke of scorched flesh in Syria and elsewhere.

The ‘Free Syrian Police’ Made in the UK – Vanessa Beeley Expose West’s Shadow State Project
By Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire January 30, 2017
“But we the people are born from the womb of the revolution, the sons of the revolution, and the servants of the Syrian revolution,” ~ Brigadier Fouad Soueid of the Free Syrian Police
In 2013, the British government launched the pseudo first response unit, the White Helmets, in Turkey. The White Helmets is a multi-million-dollar-funded so called NGO, paid, equipped and supported by the NATO and Gulf states focused on regime change in Syria. One year later in 2014, Phillip Hammond, UK Foreign Secretary, was collaborating with the Syrian National Coalition, a Syrian opposition party, heavily populated by the Muslim Brotherhood, on another shadow state project.
I will be writing an in-depth article on the Free Syrian Police, over the next few days, in the meantime, Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Column spoke with me about the FSP founders and the current media moves to highlight the role of the FSP in the Nusra Front and ISIS terrorist, occupied, region of Idlib. Watch ~


READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files


Edited at 2017-02-01 09:27 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 1st, 2017 10:24 pm (UTC)
The “Six Million” Jewish “holocaust” Myth- Collection of revealing articles
[Important note by Radio Islam: The site originally hosting the document - zioncrimefactory - was shut down several times the summer of 2012 due to Jewish interventions, which may render some links below non-working. Still this just proves that documents - such as this one - are interpreted as being very dangerous and hurting to the Jewish propaganda effort.
So read and spread knowledge of this important piece of reasearch!]
Must read book by Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust.
Author Don Heddesheimer’s book, The First Holocaust: Jewish Fundraising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During and After World War One, is an important piece of the revisionist puzzle. Heddesheimer cogently documents the slew of previous attempts by Jews to disseminate deceitful and untrue atrocity propaganda before, during and after World War I. The First Holocaust features an amazing collection of press clippings and propaganda articles dating back to the late 19th century that make claims of the suffering and imminent extermination of European Jewry. Among such articles we find that Jews have, dozens of times before WWII, invoked the cabalisitc “6,000,000″ number as the amount of Jews on the verge of death and destruction during various periods of turmoil and conflict in Europe and Russia. Undoubtedly, this book exposes the deliberate fraudulence of these sinister Zionist campaigns and media blitzes — long before Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 — designed to elicit public sympathy and financial support for Jewish political ambitions, principally the establishment of the State of Israel.

The obsessive invocation of the cabalistic fable of “6,000,000 dead or dying Jews” dating back at least four decades prior to the events of WWII directly undermines and betrays the notion that 6,000,000 Jews perished in Europe between 1939-1945, as Jews have claimed. It was a lie the first time, and it is a lie today!

The Gentile populations of the West have, for decades, been inundated and inoculated with an endless onslaught of holocaust-themed Hollywood movies, television shows, “docudramas”, books and memoirs; in conjunction with mandatory “holocaust education” in schools across North America and Europe. The primary function of this insidious global propaganda campaign is to — quite simply — brainwash non-Jews into a state of abject fear and paralysis while we are ideologically, economically and physically enslaved by the Jewish tribe. It is also designed to delegitimize all criticism of Jews and the State of Israel and to ensnare non-Jews into adopting a pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist worldview. With their hateful holocaust lies, Zionist myth-makers are teaching masses of young school children to hate Germans, and European mankind in general. These kids, not knowing any better and unable to think for themselves, blindly believe these tall tales and never question what they’ve been told when they become adults. The indoctrination of our little ones with Zionist ‘holocaust’ fiction is permanently damaging the minds of young people. Force-feeding young children, as well as teenagers, distortions and outright falsehoods about World War II so that they sympathize with Jewish people and treacherous Jewish causes — such as Zionism and Communism — is immoral, destructive, harmful and criminal. It must be stopped!
More http://radioislam.org/islam/english/revision/six_million_myth.htm
If the page disappears I have a copy I can post here.
Why aren't all ordinary jews outraged at the con performed for profit and power for international jews and their familiars in the name of their religion, diminishing by dilution the sympathy that should have been accorded to those that did die?
clothcapclothcap on February 2nd, 2017 11:45 am (UTC)
THE MSM LIE - Assad is a brutal dictator, the army fights for the dictator
The May regime and the complicit MsM CONSTANTLY LIE

Today, now, the coalition of the zionists' obsequious, servile regimes are continuing to destroy Syria with their NATOCIA terrorists (ISIS, al Nusra, al Shams etc.) and other enemies of humanity, still killing and destroying for Netanyahu (Rothschild), the zionist currency mafia (City of London) to steal the gold and take over the central bank), the zionist OWG agenda (create chaos, destroy borders, make everyone a debt slave) and hydrocarbons (for gas and oil pipeline routes as well as to plunder reserves).

'Syrians Support Their Army': French MP on What Mainstream Media is Silent About

Sputnik News 11.01.2017
French presidential candidate Jean Lassalle has recently visited Syria together with Thierry Mariani from the Republicans (LR) party and his fellow LR member Nicolas Dhuicq. In an interview with Sputnik France the politician revealed what he did not expect to see on the ground and what the mainstream media had been keeping silent the entire time.
During their trip, the three lawmakers, together with representatives of the French media visited Damascus and Aleppo. The mass media had an opportunity to talk to President Assad.
While visiting Syria's second-largest city of Aleppo, they were able to see with their own eyes the actual situation in the city recently liberated from terrorists, which considerably differed from what they have been constantly told by the mainstream media.
"It is clear that the Syrian people in fact do support their army which mostly consists of conscripts. This army has been single-handedly fighting against the terrorists for about five years. The Russian support has played a decisive role," he told Sputnik France.
"The army and the people have grown closer because of this fight on their vast territory. It is clear to see when the people actually support their army and when they don't," he said.
Many of the city districts are destroyed but people are still returning to the city quarters, churches, mosques and hospitals, the politician recalled.
Image: 'Martyr City': French MPs Did Not Expect to See 'Life Go on in Aleppo' [Because of MsM and MPs' lies. Cc]
"In the center of a completely destroyed district I saw a man who was painting his wooden hut with the help of his wife and his children. And he was happy. I stopped over to talk with him. He said he was happy to be alive and seize the opportunity to rebuild his premises which were so small that nobody was able to target them," the politician recalled
Commenting on what he saw in Aleppo, Jean Lassalle noted that the city is being rebuilt
"The people do have hope and it is incredible. Great peoples never die!" he said
"The major part of the city has experienced great destruction: over 30,000 people died and it is a huge figure. However it is far less than we've been told by the mainstream media, which claimed that there "wasn't an insect left," he added
The politician acknowledged that the trip has meant a lot to him, as he is one of not many French politicians who show interest to the Syrian conflict.
What he saw in the Syrian capital, which was a beautiful modern city 25 years ago, has demonstrated how fast hatred and war can bring to ashes not only historical sights but the hearts of the residents and turn life upside down
Jean Lassalle however lamented that ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in his home country, the Syrian conflict is not being talked about and addressed whatsoever. However it should be at the center of the political debates
The accompanying French media were able to talk to President Assad. The politician said that it is too early to say whether the Syrian leader was able to alter their perception of the conflict, but there are signs that those who were able to see the country have started changing their attitude towards it.
By Visiting Syria, French MPs Promote Revision of 'Anti-Russian Policy'
With regards to the French public and the country's media, it will take considerably longer, he said. For a very long time the negative perception of Syria and its ongoing conflict has been virtually hammered into people's heads
More https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201701111049472854-french-politicians-syria-visit/
clothcapclothcap on February 2nd, 2017 01:04 pm (UTC)
Why should the Arabs make peace?
"Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?"
- Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion as quoted in "The Jewish Paradox: A personal memoir" (1978), by Nahum Goldmann (translated by Steve Cox), p. 99.

Basic introductory documents on Zionism

...here's a real Ben-Gurion quote that Clifford chose not to share:
In our state there will be non-Jews as well — and all of them will be equal citizens; equal in everything without any exception; that is: the state will be their state as well. ...The attitude of the Jewish State to its Arab citizens will be an important factor—though not the only one—in building good neighbourly relations with the Arab States. If the Arab citizen will feel at home in our state, and if his status will not be the least different from that of the Jew, and perhaps better than the status of the Arab in an Arab state, and if the state will help him in a truthful and dedicated way to reach the economic, social, and cultural level of the Jewish community, then Arab distrust will accordingly subside and a bridge to a Semitic, Jewish-Arab alliance, will be built... (Ba-Ma'Araha Vol IV, Part 2, pp. 260, 265, quoted in Fabricating Israeli History, Efraim Karsh, p.67)

"Sure God promised it to us"
Promised it to Semitic jews according to the story, not E. European shaman idolator converts' descendents.
Imagine some terrorist Eskimoes coming to Britain, backed up by US bombers, genocidally driving out the English and claiming it as their birthright? The Khazarian etc. descendents occupying Palestine, deceptively claiming birthright while applying sun screen claim it was promised to them. Their birthright, the bit of them that is Khazar that is, is the Ukraine.
Citizenship was offered to the occupiers (probably instigated by NATO with a covetous eye on the 100s of nuclear weapons stockpile) but declined by Netanyahu on financial grounds. Basically, from the dregs of humanity to the massively conned intelligent, those that consider themselves jewish and otherwise, except dark skins (with a more genuine claim to birthright), were welcomed to give substance to the lies that were spread worldwide by the controlled media.

Aside, advisor to Trump, his son in law, luciferian jewish owner of 666 Fifth Avenue, across the street from the Rockefeller Center, supports what the Palestine occupiers are doing, genocide in killing and driving out the entitled inhabitants, supported by successive luciferian POTUSes and PMs.

The world wars were about luciferian zionist ambition, boom, bust, war. They can't see another option. If the next one happens it will be instigated by luciferian zionists through familiars like May, Hollande, Le Pen, Merkel, Poroshenko, Trump etc.
A casual observer might comment on Trump and May as an alliance forged in Hell. Britain is a stateless luciferian Khazar occupied territory with a Khazar occupied throne and city state?

Edited at 2017-02-04 11:18 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 2nd, 2017 01:32 pm (UTC)
Where do the luciferian currency fraudsters and warmongers get their beliefs?
Around 80% of jews in Israel are not there by birthright. They are politely termed european jews. They don't follow the Torah, the native jews' holy book, their holy books are the Talmud and the Kabbalah.

The ~20% have the same god as the christians and muslims. The ~80%, mostly descended from khazarians have other gods from historical jewish belief systems.

What gods did the Hebrews worship?
Expert answer by Dick Harfield
Confidence votes 40.3K
Up until at least the time of the (sixth century BCE) Babylonian Exile, the ancient Hebrews worshiped many gods. Even in the time of the Exile, Isaiah (26:13-14) said in acknowledgement of Judah's polytheistic past: 'O Lord our God, other lords beside thee have had dominion over us: but by thee only will we make mention of thy name. They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise; therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to vanish.' Having claimed that the old gods were dead and entirely forgotten, the author of the above passage then criticised those who still worshipped them.

Some of the Hebrew gods include (with limited references, because of space):
- The moon god
Throughout the Middle East, from Egypt to Persia, the golden calf represented the moon god, so when the Israelites worshipped golden calves, we know this was the moon god. C. L. Woolley found several images of golden calves in his excavations of the royal graves at Ur. That these images are of the moon god can be seen a description found in a Sumero-Akkadian hymn to that god: 'Ferocious bull, whose horn is thick, whose legs are perfected, who is bearded in lapsis, and filled with luxury and abundance.' InExodus, the Hebrews built a golden calf, which Moses is said to have destroyed. In 1 Kings chapter 12, we find that the King Jeroboam made two calves of gold, setting one up in Bethel and one in Dan. He made priests and ordained a national feast day to the god symbolised by these calves, and the people came to worship. From this it can be seen that, under Jeroboam, the moon god was the national god of Israel
- The sun god
In Exodus, Joshua is said to have fought against the Amaleks, while Moses held up his hand until the sun went down. Arguably, this passage is based on an early sun god myth. Verse 17:1 says that they had journeyed from the wilderness of Sin. Sin was the Semitic moon god, so the wilderness of Sin was night time - when the moon god was in control. Joshua could only prevail while Moses held up his hand and the sun was up - the sun god was in control. Note that verses 17:2-7, in which Moses tapped a rock to obtain water, seem to have been inserted out of order, thus breaking the link between the moon god and the battle. The Book of Ezekiel, verse 8:16 says: 'And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house, and behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshiped the sun toward the east'.
- Venus, known to the ancient Hebrews as Asherah.
There are frequent references to Asherah and to her groves, throughout the Bible The Second Book of Kings (23:5) tells us that priests at Jerusalem burnt incense to the sun and the moon and to the planets and to all the host of heaven.
- The serpent god, Nehushtan
Judahites worshiped Nehushtan at least until the seventh century BCE, when King Hezekiah finally destroyed the idol.
- Regional gods
Other gods that the Hebrew people worshiped in the period up to the Exile include Ba'al, Moloch, Chemosh, Milcom, Chiun or Remphan, Gad and Meni. Ezekiel 8:14 describes women in the Temple 'weeping for Tammuz' - the Semitic god condemned to hell by the goddess Astarte after she was crucified and resurrected
- Lady Wisdom
The spirit/goddess Lady Wisdom seems to be post-exilic, although the Bible says that she existed before the creation of the world. The Book of Proverbs is largely devoted to Lady Wisdom, as is much non-canonical Jewish writing from the intertestimal period.
More http://www.answers.com/Q/What_gods_did_the_Hebrews_worship
clothcapclothcap on February 3rd, 2017 01:09 am (UTC)
The roots of today's barbarism of those we allow to be barbarians

Gog and Magog Khazarian Roots
Except for the bible, the earliest mention of the tribe of Gog is found as invaders of the Hittites about a thousand years before Christ. The Hittites lived in what we now call Turkey. The double G sound is the way to trace Gog in history. In Hittite history, the name is spelled as Ghazga, a sound very similar to Khazar. Since it’s difficult to transmit these languages into English, think of the name George, as in Georgia, George Bush, King George III, Lady Gaga, caca (the baby word for feces in some languages) and you get the picture.
Hittite Lions Gate. Hittites were some of the first on record to battle the tribes of Gog.
Hittite Lions Gate. Hittites were some of the first on record to battle the tribes of Gog.
The Hittites were a peaceful and well-organized very early society. Archaeologists have determined that they grew wheat, had writing, brewed beer and lived in enclosed fortified cities. They built walls and defensive fortresses to defend themselves against the invasions of the double G’s from the Caucasus who always arrived just in time to steal the harvest. Without bogging down in detail, know that one Hittite king received an envoy from the Egyptian Pharoah requesting to marry a Hittite princess as the mark of alliance. The Hittite King’s response was one of great joy. The Hittites were a friendly and advanced nation who then allied with the Egyptians and effectively held off the double G’s for quite a while. When the Gogs did break through, the effect was the movement of populations. We don’t hear of them as such again until the time of Alexander the Great, about 300 years before Christ.
There is a Mongol legend that their ancestors had broken from the mountain barrier of Ergene-kun somewhere north of the Caucasus Mountains. The people of the area of Mongolia were identified with the tribes of Gog-Magog whom Alexander the Great was said to have enclosed within the Caspian Mountains. Some legends tell of a magnetic mountain there that pulls at weapons and armor. Other legends tell of the tribes of Gog and Magog, not the ten lost tribes, being held back behind an iron wall built by Alexander the Great. Note the similarity of the name Ergen-kun to the Jewish Zionist terror group that Rahm Emmanuel once belonged to, and ask yourself if perhaps this name is not significant to a people who know their history. Spelled Irgun, they “took part in planning the blowing up of the King David Hotel, the attack on the British officers club and other operations.”
The ancient breach of Ergene-kun was first made known as a threat to Christian Europe when envoys of the Ishmaelite Assassins sought aid from Louis IX of France and his family relation, Henry II of England in 1238. These Ishmaelite Assassins were Christians of the Middle East, and the name Assassin in those days did not refer to cowardly murderers who killed for money. Those killer guys were called Fedeos.
According to their report to the Christian kings, the ‘Mongols’ or ‘Tatars’ had burst from what was thought to be the Caspian Mountain, but the words that describe the place are “from the mountains of the Arctic”, a description that fits the place called “Do Not Go There”.
is a possible source of Gog and Magog.
The following is from an article with rough translation from Russian,
Here https://debeausoleil.com/gog-and-magog-khazarian-roots/
Fascinating. Worth reading twice.
clothcapclothcap on February 3rd, 2017 12:48 pm (UTC)
Russia Today News Selection
Trump warns Iran that ‘nothing is off the table’ following its missile test

‘Threatening Iran is useless’: Supreme leader’s adviser responds to America’s ‘notice’

Trump gently ‘testing waters’ with sanctions relief amid anti-Russia sentiment – Ron Paul

US eases some restrictions on dealing with Russian Intel, but says 'no shift of policy'

US new defense chief visits S. Korea, confirms commitment to disputed THAAD deployment

Backed into a corner, Kiev reignites the Ukraine War

Putin on E. Ukraine flare-up: Kiev trying to extort US, EU cash by playing the victim

British hackers, spies & whistleblowers could soon face 14yrs in prison
No longer a country run by humans. If such a thing as honest, open governance existed there would be no work for the revealers of regime crimes like Libya, Iraq, Syria etc.

Ex-Tory candidate ‘lied’ about her SAS training, armed forces group tells RT
It's what politicians do, a condition of qualification. Make her a bank director.

Palestinian jailed for 9 years for hacking Israeli drones & CCTVs to intercept video in real time

Russia to deliver 10 Su-35 fighter jets to China in 2017

'I'm afraid Trump may continue Obama legacy of supporting Saudi war against Yemen'

News Line 2 Feb 2017
17:49 GMT Yemeni officials say warships, likely American, shell al-Qaeda positions
Warships shelled suspected al-Qaeda strongholds in a mountainous region of southern Yemen on Thursday, in what two Yemeni government officials said they believed was a US operation. US officials could not be immediately reached for confirmation. The strikes come less than a week after a covert US Navy SEAL raid, also in Yemen's south, the first ordered by US President Donald Trump as commander in chief. The naval attacks appear to be part of an intensifying campaign against one of the most active branches of the Islamist militant network. (Reuters)

15:59 GMT Israel wraps up illegal outpost evacuation, promises new settlement
Israeli police dragged nationalist youths out of a barricaded synagogue on Thursday, completing the forced evacuation of an illegal outpost in the West Bank even as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to build evicted families a new settlement. Some 100 youngsters protesting against the removal of some 300 settlers from Amona, an outpost built without Israeli government authorization, kicked at police who used a high-pressure hose and a wooden pole to batter down sheet metal and furniture blocking the entrances to the synagogue. Police, announcing that Amona had been cleared, said some 60 officers were slightly hurt in the two-day operation. (Reuters)