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Wacky Wind, Big Ice and Bayonet Roundup

Propaganda (that's etiquette for lies): Britain today became the biggest offshore wind generator in the world with the opening of Thanet wind farm, which is capable of powering over 200,000 homes. (See here)
The truth is that Denmark has a bigger farm. The truth is that that Thanet is capable of powering between zero (no wind) and 131,000 (ideal wind) homes if they don't use an iron and an electric kettle at the same time.
More from Richard at EUReferendum here.

"Why They Go Green" (WSJ editorial says much in few words)
by Robert Bradley Jr. September 23, 2010
When will Democrats and true environmentalists wake up to windpower, or what Robert Bryce calls the ethanol of electricity? Industrial wind is a scam when seen in all of its dimensions - economic, environmental, and esthetic. Bryce has identified five myths of green energy, and post after post at MasterResource by Kent Hawkins, Jon Boone, and John Droz Jr. have shown that meaningful CO2 reductions from windpower are highly debatable.
Industrial wind is chock full of environmental negatives and isn't nearly as effective at reducing air emissions than advertised. Big Wind is corporate welfare with companies like GE and FPL skipping their federal taxes. Wind today is the legacy of Enron, the Ken Lay model of political capitalism. Wind is an assault on lower-income energy users, not only taxpayers. (And Democrats are supposed to be for the little guy!.)
Yet the Left marches onward with no inkling of a need given their own purported values to make midcourse corrections.
Industrial wind and on-grid solar were supposed to be competitive by now. Beginning in the 1980s, the (false) promises have come again and again from wind and solar proponents. Read the quotations here.
And now, desperation has set in for an industry that needs more government (point-of-a-gun) energy policy to continue its artificial boom. And so a fundraiser yesterday was held by the renewable lobby for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D. Nevada) that caught the eye of the Wall Street Journal, which published this short op-ed, Why They Go Green: continues here.
H/t Junkscience

Cold comfort
It seems that like every other temperature time series, the Arctic time series suffers from urban heat island syndrome. Knowing how fastidious Dr. Hansen of NASA's GISS is about adjusting the data, I'm quite sure the global temperature series his department emits will soon reflect the cooling influence of this revelation, explained by Ed Caryl at P. Gosselin's

A Light In Siberia

Arctic stations near heat sources show warming over the last century. Arctic stations that are isolated from manmade heat sources show no warming. The plots of “isolated stations” and “urban stations” below clearly illustrate the differences.
Graphs and explanation here.

More bad news about the Arctic for the doomsters.

Peer reviewed study says current Arctic sea ice is more extensive than most of the past 9000 years
At WUWT here.

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center gives daily updates of extent and area here.

The excellent Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up for last week is online at the Daily Bayonet here.
Journalists writing green stories assume that readers are unable to recall recent stories or have no access to Google.  How else can the Guardian expect you to believe that Peru is warming?  Tom Nelson is mercilessly good at exposing these nonsense claims, here’s another take-down, this time of serial alarmist Mark Serreze.
Scotland wants to protect wild birds, but only from gamekeepers, they don’t mention the wind farm slaughter.
The Washington Post wonders why West Virginia is spending $100 million to sequester only 1.5% of the CO2 emitted from a power plant when it could be done for nothing on farms.
More proof that sometimes the cover-up is worse than the crime. The panels that exonerated the Climategate motley CRU are lambasted as biased whitewashing:
Since the Oxburgh panel reported, emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have shown that senior members of the scientific establishment in the U.K. tried to ensure that the panel would have no skeptics on board and that they expected that only a minority of its members would look at the inquiry with “questioning objectivity.”  The Russell panel appears to have been little better, with no known skeptics on board, but several vocal campaigners for the global warming cause.
The best and shortest analysis of cap and trade and why it is a bad idea you’ll see.  Read it and use it on your hippie neighbors.

Alex Jones reckons the "UN a Nazi movement", video here.
"The United Nations General Assembly has kicked off and many are wondering, do we really need the UN or other international organizations? A growing number of Americans are increasingly frustrated with international groups like the UN, IMF and World Bank. Many people are calling for the dismantling of all three organizations, including Alex Jones. He says that the United Nations is purely an evil, corrupt and wicked organization."

It isn't, it is an ecofascist organisation with aspirations towards destroying national sovereignty and owning the world for the benefit of the elite, in collusion with the EC, Blair, Brown and Cameron.

Listen with Clothcap:
It's rainmaking time. (The site was down at time of posting, try again later if the links don't work)
Joe D'Aleo on the climate
A True Inquiry Into Climate & Weather (1/2): A Hot Potato Robert Felix, Dr. Tim Ball, & Joe D'Aleo guide us through ice ages, magnetic reversals, and more in this dialogue on weather & climate. Part 1 of 2...
.A True Inquiry Into Climate & Weather (2/2): The Plot Thickens Drs. Willie Soon & David Legates reveal startling information about the forces that influence climate & weather, and the political obstruction of science. Part 2 of 2....

The Climate Change Treaty at Copenhagen Lord Monckton of the Science & Public Policy Institute discusses the legal implications of the Copenhagen Climate Conference's international treaty...
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