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13 January 2017 @ 01:55 am
Who do the intelligence agencies work for?  

US Intelligence Agencies Try to Strong-Arm Trump into War with Russia

Powerful elites are using the credibility of the US Intelligence agencies to demonize Russia and prepare the country for war. This is the real meaning of the “Russia hacking” story which, as yet, has not produced any hard evidence of Russian complicity.

Last week’s 25-page report, that was released by the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, illustrates to what extent intelligence is being “fixed around the policy”.  Just as the CIA generated false information related to Weapons of Mass Destruction to soften public resistance to war with Iraq, so too, the spurious allegations in the DNI’s politically-motivated report are designed to depict Russia as a growing threat to US national security. The timing of the report has less to do with the election of Donald Trump as President than it does with critical developments in Syria where the Russian military has defeated US-proxies in Syria’s industrial hub, Aleppo, rolling back Washington’s 15-year War of Terror and derailing the imperialist plan to control vital resources and pipeline corridors across the Middle East and Central Asia. Russia has become the main obstacle to Washington achieving its strategic vision of pivoting to Asia and maintaining its dominant role into the next century. The Intelligence Community has been coerced into compromising its credibility to incite fear of Russia and to advance the geopolitical ambitions of deep state powerbrokers.

The “Russia hacking” flap shows how far the Intel agencies have veered from their original mandate, which is to impartially gather and analyze information that may be vital to US national security. As we have seen in the last two weeks, the leaders of these organizations feel free to offer opinions on  issues that clearly conflict with those of the new President-elect. Trump has stated repeatedly that he wants to reduce tensions and reset relations with Russia, but that policy is being sabotaged by members of the intelligence community, particularly CIA Director John Brennan who appeared just last week on PBS Newshour with Judy Woodruff. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

We see that there are still a lot of actions that Russia is undertaking that undermine the principles of democracy in so many countries. What has happened in our recent election is not new. The Russians have engaged in trying to manipulate elections in Europe for a number of years…

the Russians tried to interfere in our electoral process recently, and were actively involved in that. And that is something that we can’t countenance. (“Interview with CIA Director John Brennan”,  PBS Newshour)

Brennan, of course, provided no evidence for his claims nor did he mention the hundreds of CIA interventions around the world. But Brennan’s accusations are less important than the fact that his appearance on a nationwide broadcast identifies him as a political advocate for policies that conflict with those of the new president. Do we really want unelected intelligence officials — whose job it is to provide the president with sensitive information related to national security– to assume a partisan role in shaping policy? And why would Brennan –whose is supposed to “serve at the pleasure of the president”– accept an invitation to offer his views on Russia when he knew they would be damaging to the new administration?

Powerful people behind the scenes are obviously pushing the heads of these intelligence agencies to stick to their ‘anti-Moscow’ narrative to force Trump to abandon his plan for peaceful relations with Moscow.  Brennan isn’t calling the shots and neither are Clapper or Comey. They’re all merely agents serving the interests of establishment plutocrats whose geopolitical agenda doesn’t jibe with that of the incoming administration. If that wasn’t the case, then why would the Intelligence Community stake its reputation on such thin gruel as this Russian hacking gibberish? It doesn’t make any sense. The people who launched this campaign are either supremely arrogant or extremely desperate. Which is it?  Here’s an excerpt from an article by veteran journalist Robert Parry sums it up like this in an article at Consortium News:

The DNI report amounted to a compendium of reasons to suspect that Russia was the source of the information – built largely on the argument that Russia had a motive for doing so because of its disdain for Democratic nominee Clinton and the potential for friendlier relations with Republican nominee Trump.

But the case, as presented, is one-sided and lacks any actual proof. Further, the continued use of the word “assesses” – as in the U.S. intelligence community “assesses” that Russia is guilty – suggests that the underlying classified information also may be less than conclusive because, in intelligence-world-speak, “assesses” often means “guesses.” (“US Report Still Lacks Proof on Russia ‘Hack’”, Robert Parry, Consortium News)

Bottom line: Brennan and his fellow spooks have nothing. The report is little more than a catalogue of unfounded assumptions, baseless speculation and uncorroborated conjecture. In colloquial parlance, it’s bullshit, 100 percent, unalloyed Russophobic horse-manure. In fact, the authors admit as much in the transcript itself when they say:

Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents.

What kind of kooky admission is that?  So the entire report could be BS but we’re supposed to believe that Putin flipped the election? Is that it???

What’s really going on here?  Why have the Intelligence agencies savaged their credibility just to convince people that Russia is up to no good?

The Russia hacking story has more to do with recent developments in Syria than it does with delegitimizing Donald Trump. Aleppo was a real wake up call for the US foreign policy establishment which is beginning to realize that their plans for the next century have been gravely undermined by Russia’s military involvement in Syria. Aleppo represents the first time that an armed coalition of allied states (Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah) have actively engaged US jihadist-proxies and soundly beat them to a pulp. The stunning triumph in Aleppo has spurred hope among the vassal states that Washington’s bloody military juggernaut can be repelled, rolled back and defeated. And if Washington’s CIA-armed, trained and funded jihadists can be repelled, then the elitist plan to project US power into Central Asia to dominate the world’s most populous and prosperous region, will probably fail. In other words, the outcome in Aleppo has cast doubts on Uncle Sam’s ability to successfully execute its pivot to Asia.

That’s why the Intel agencies have been employed to shape public perceptions on Russia.  Their job is to prepare the American people for an escalation of hostilities between the two nuclear-armed superpowers. US powerbrokers are determined to intensify the conflict and reverse facts on the ground. (Recent articles by elites at the Council on Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institute reveal that they are as committed to partitioning Syria as ever.)  Washington wants to  reassert its exceptional role as the uncontested steward of global security and the lone ‘unipolar’ world power.

That’s what this whole “hacking” fiasco is about. The big shots who run the country are trying to strong-arm ‘the Donald’ into carrying their water so the depredations can continue and Central Asia can be transformed into a gigantic Washington-dominated corporate free trade zone where the Big Money calls the shots and Capital reigns supreme. That’s their dreamstate, Capitalist Valhalla.

They just need Trump to get-with-the-program so the bloodletting can continue apace.

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at fergiewhitney@msn.com.

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clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 01:11 pm (UTC)
The Soft Coup Collapses – CIA Bluffing, Russia Did Not Hack, Blackmail Revealed – What Next?
By Robert David Steele, January 09, 2017
CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace?
Aided by enormous restraint on the part of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, the soft coup in the USA has collapsed. Not only has the US Intelligence Community (US IC) lost all semblance of credibility with incoming President Donald Trump, but the blackmail by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham has been revealed by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.
Credit for the defeat of the soft coup has been earned by two persons and one group. Donald Trump earns the most credit – bringing to the matter his deep business experience and common sense, he understood that the narrative against Russia was exaggerated, fabricated, and out of context. With that foundation he was willing to listen to the second person, Michael Flynn, whose deep personal experience in the nether world of black special operations and green clandestine and covert action operations informs him in a manner few can claim.
The group has many members, but three stand out. William Binney, the senior executive (like an admiral or general) who created the National Security Agency (NSA) capability that has been used against US politicians and also to monitor the activity of all cyber-spies, not only Russia, was the first to reveal that the leaks were coming from insiders. Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst and founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) has been a respected voice challenging the false assertions by the CIA against Russia. Finally Steve Pieczenik must be recognized. A former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who was instrumental in certifying the death of Bin Laden in 2001 and denouncing the multiple false Bin Ladens created by CIA thereafter (including the final patsy provided by Pakistan to enable a theatrical rescue that killed many US special operators for no reason other than to give Barack Obama an edge toward re-election), Pieczenik was the first to announce that a counter-coup against Hillary Clinton was being undertaken by insiders.
I have done what I could and I am proud to stand in support of Donald Trump and against lies by the leaders of the US IC. We must be careful to not confuse the unethical leaders with the well-intentioned good people trapped in a very bad system. The leaders tried a coup and failed.
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-soft-coup-collapses-russia-did-not-hack-cia-bluffing-blackmail-revealed-what-next/5567311
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 01:12 pm (UTC)
Is Goldman Sachs Taking Control of the Trump Presidency?
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, January 10, 2017
Pam and Russ Martens have compiled an amazing roster of present and former Goldman Sachs executives ensconced in the Trump transition team and announced as Trump appointees.
This is discouraging.
On the other hand, the Senate is unlikely to refuse confirmation to Goldman Sachs personnel.
Many people have worked for Goldman Sachs, including Nomi Prins, and Pam Martens worked on Wall Street. Both are effective critics of the big banks.
Some of Trump’s most important appointments—State, Defense, and National Security Advisor—are supportive of his intentions to restore normal relations with Russia, reorganize the CIA, and get the US out of pointless wars. If he can achieve these things or even one of them, it is a victory regardless if he fails to take on the banks.
According to Douglas Valentine’s just published book, The CIA As Organized Crime, it is the CIA, not the banks, that control the government. Judging by the extraordinary pressure that the CIA is putting on Trump with the allegation that Trump’s election is tainted by Russian interference, it is not clear at this time whether the CIA will accept Trump as President of the United States.
If Goldman Sachs were also Trump’s determined opponent, what would Trump’s chances be?
It is very easy to be unrealistic about expectations from a president. Trump’s announcement that he intends to supplement his Secret Service protection with private protection suggests that he understands that there are many constraints on his action
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/is-goldman-sachs-taking-control-of-the-trump-presidency/5567522
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 01:21 pm (UTC)
Trump Just Fired the Scientists in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Weapons
By Tom Cahill, January 10, 2017
President-elect Donald Trump’s latest move regarding the United States’ nuclear arsenal is likely to stoke fears both at home and abroad.
Gizmodo reported Monday afternoon that the Trump transition team has apparently firedthe National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) head and deputy chief, effective immediately. The NNSA is an agency within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that “maintains and enhances the safety, security, and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.” Citing an unnamed source within the DOE, Gizmodo reported it could be well into the spring or summer when the U.S. has a nuclear weapons chief again:
Trump has ordered Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Frank Klotz and his deputy, Madelyn Creedon—both Obama appointees—to leave their posts, even if it means no one is in charge of maintaining the country’s nuclear weapons. According to our Energy Department source, Trump’s team has yet to nominate anyone to succeed them. Since both positions require Senate confirmation, if could be months before their chairs are filled. And the vacancies may extend beyond the leadership roles.
While the Trump administration is expected to hire an estimated 4,000 people to work in the executive branch, and while political appointees of a previous administration traditionally resign from their positions at 12 PM on Inauguration Day (January 20), the NNSA is one of a select few federal agencies whose staff traditionally remains after previous appointees have left, given the world-ending capability of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, which is said to be up to 7,700 warheads strong. President Obama kept George W. Bush’s NNSA chief into his second term.
January 20 will mark the first time in the NNSA’s history that the agency has been without a head. President-elect Trump has so far not said who he would appoint to replace the two NNSA officials.
“I’m more and more coming around to the idea that we’re so very very fucked,” Gizmodo’s source said.

Tom Cahill is a writer for US Uncut based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact him via email at tom.v.cahill@gmail.com, or follow him on Facebook.
The original source of this article is US Uncut
Copyright © Tom Cahill, US Uncut, 2017
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 01:24 pm (UTC)

Don't start the celebrations yet...
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 02:36 pm (UTC)

When will the tax burden security contractors, (mercenaries) and the military and spook assembly in the ME-NE-NA region, (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Arabia) and the Ukraine be brought home?
Mrs May?

Edited at 2017-01-13 02:50 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 02:47 pm (UTC)
Israel’s manipulation of UK politics: time for zero-tolerance
[Great Expectations! Too little left to work with? Cc]

By Stuart Littlewood on January 12, 2017
But don't rely on the Foreign Secretary... or the Prime Minister... or the Speaker to take action. And especially not the Standards Committee.
by Stuart Littlewood
Both the Foreign Office and Boris Johnson, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, have declared the Shai Masot affair “closed” after Masot, an employee of the Israeli embassy and probably a Mossad asset, plotted with gullible British MPs and political hangers-on to “take down” senior government figures including Johnson’s deputy, Sir Alan Duncan. “The UK has a strong relationship with Israel and we consider the matter closed,” they announced. The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, who is Jewish, has also declined to investigate.
Sorry, Boris. It isn’t closed – hell no. It’s just opening and it’ll run and run. You and your fellow stooges can be sure of it.
According to some reports Masot served in the Israeli navy in Palestinian waters off Gaza. Given the many atrocities committed by Israel’s gunboats against Gaza’s fishermen, and children playing on Gaza’s beach, and even peaceful unarmed humanitarian vessels bringing relief to the sick and starving there, he may well be on a wanted list for questioning about war crimes. Masot’s damning comments were captured and revealed in an undercover investigation by Al Jazeera and not, as one might have hoped, by Britain’s own beloved press barons.
Masot’s hostile connivings were going on under the eye of a recently arrived ambassador, the loathsome Mark Regev, ace propagandist, mastermind of the Israeli Lie Machine and personal spokesman for the Zionist regime’s chief thug, Netanyahu.
Emily Thornberry, the Labour Party’s shadow foreign secretary, called Masot’s activities “extremely disturbing” and has demanded a probe into the potential extent of political “interference” in the United Kingdom. There are calls for Regev to be packed off back to Tel Aviv.
A petition demanding a public inquiry can be found here.
Are British parliamentarians at last waking up? Are those who wave the flag of a nasty, murderous foreign military power about to feel the heat from an increasingly furious public? They should be very afraid.
Watch George Galloway’s devastating summing-up.
Treason and Plot: The Israel Scandal https://youtu.be/uyUhKzVAUMc
Nothing new
The realisation that we are in the grip of great evil has been slow in coming. Nine years ago twenty senior professionals wrote to the Committee on Standards in Public Life about the undue influence of the Israel lobby at the heart of British government and their deep concern about the appalling conditions forced on the civilian population in the Occupied Territories and particularly Gaza by the Israeli blockade and uncalled-for sanctions imposed by Britain and the EU.
Continues http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/01/12/israels-manipulation-of-uk-politics-time-for-zero-tolerance/
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 03:15 pm (UTC)
Mrs May's Terrorist "Humanitarian" Thugs, the White Helmets
Hi Theresa, it's common knowledge now, twitter etc., that the British tax supported expeditionary Syrian "civil defence" aka the White Helmets is evil and has no standing in Syria, Syria already has a real civil defence and did have when this intelligence service's abomination was loosed on the poor Syrians. Can you get our money back please. And could you add them to the terrorist list? Relocating the gang to the Ukraine or Libya is unacceptable.

US-EU Supported Terrorists Contaminate Syria’s Water Reservoirs: Complicity of “White Helmets”
By We Save Syria, January 11, 2017

Op-Edge: Syrian White Helmets a ‘terrorist support group & Western propaganda tool’
RT 25 Oct, 2016 22:49
Created out of militants who invaded Aleppo, the Western-funded White Helmets is a terrorist support group fraudulently masquerading as a humanitarian organization to undermine Syrian government, says independent researcher and journalist Vanessa Beeley.
The propaganda from the rebel-held eastern Aleppo is produced by a number of organizations and individuals who are sponsored by the West, with the White Helmets being the largest among them, Beeley told RT. But the White Helmets are not the heroes that the mainstream media is trying to make of them.
“This organization is a fraudulent shadow-state construct created by NATO to simply propagate the propaganda that will demonize Assad’s government and also demonize Russian legal intervention in Syria,” said the journalist, who recently returned from Syria.
“From all the information that we’ve received they are acting as terrorist support group,” she added, “in the sense of bringing equipment, arms, even funding, into Syria.”
Continues https://www.rt.com/op-edge/364105-aleppo-white-helmets-fraudulent/

And, there's more

West, Arab states ‘protecting terrorists’ who will never win in Syria – Mother Agnes to RT
Bet she isn't a luciferian.

Edited at 2017-01-13 03:46 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 03:40 pm (UTC)
Zionist under the bed
Can we have a witch hunt?

People like Masot, trained to murder civilians, women & children can have a strong influence on the British occupation regime?
That comes of being in bed with the likes of the terrorist and terrorist supporting Israeli regime.
Netanyahu is trying to start WWIII through the back door. Bombing Syrian military installations. Assad has parked him on the back burner for a later reckoning. Golan will be returned to Syrian admin, of that there is little doubt. Short of going nuclear, all Netanyahu has to worry about is Tel Aviv's drinking water tasting of Syrian urine, and facing an angry electorate.

Syrian Army warns Israel it will respond after military airport bombed near Damascus
By GPD on January 12, 2017
Why is Russia silent? Will Trump let Israel play him for a Chump?
Syrian Army warns Israel it will respond after military airport bombed near Damascus
Editor’s note: VT has more than minor evidence that activists and even journalists purporting to be supporters of the Damascus government are likely to aid in coordinating attacks such as this. Two names come to mind immediately.
Syrian state news agency SANA says Israeli jets have bombed the Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus, accusing Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism. The airport was rocked by multiple explosions, with ambulances rushing to the scene.
The Syrian Arab Army has warned that there will be repercussions for Israel for the “flagrant attack” on the military base, state TV said, citing a Syrian army command spokesman. It also linked the alleged strike to Israel’s “support of terrorist groups.”
Israeli air strike on #Mezze military airport #Damascus#Syria https://t.co/upCUfZoa5m
The army said several missiles were fired at the Mezzeh airport’s compounds from the Lake Tiberias area in northern Israel at about 12am Friday. The strike reportedly damaged one of the compounds of the crucial military facility.
The Mezzeh airport is located west of Damascus, just 5 kilometers from the Presidential Palace, the official residence of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 04:08 pm (UTC)

I think there have to be changes in the Pentagon too. The military is too independent and it is riddled with supporters of interests that are counter to those of the US (Bush-Cheney-Clinton-Rockefeller, Astor, Bundy etc. crime family reps, Soros, Adelman, CFR, AIPAC and so on, the 9-11 gang?).
The CIA is taking all the focus.
clothcapclothcap on January 13th, 2017 04:11 pm (UTC)
Fact check for dummies: Teaching Washington Post & Co how to do journalism one last time

by RT Editorial
If you hadn’t heard of RT before 2017, you probably have by now. Since the US Intelligence report fingering RT as one of the main tools of an “evil Kremlin conspiracy” to hack US elections, word about the channel is spreading and the American mainstream media is literally losing its mind.
Guardian, Mail and like ilk to be moved to the comics' section on news stands? Or move the comics to the news section and relabel it?
clothcapclothcap on January 14th, 2017 02:29 pm (UTC)
Know the enemy. Never forget
The British occupation regime of the day provides military to protect corporation interests abroad e.g. Afghanistan, NATO-CIA corporation heroin crops. That is being slowly changed to mercenaries paid for by tax.
Why can't the corporations pay for the mercenaries?

Austerity was imposed by the Cameron - Osborne enemies of humanity under the direction of the Bank of England Corporation that v. likely has Saudi, Qatari and Israeli directors under the Queen and Rothschild.
Whilst under the austerity regime Cameron-Osborne gave £tens of billions to the private, foreign IMF, the zionists' piggy bank.

Whilst under the austerity regime, Cameron-Osborne ordered 128 F-35 fighter jets that drastically underperform against the jets of the fabricated enemy, Russia. The likely reason for the order was to save the the banks that finance Lockheed Martin from taking a caning due to poor sales due to the crappiness of the jets.

Zionist capitalist "democracy" such as that imposed by the British occupation regime is all about extracting the maximum wealth from its victims, the public. The US has been crippled by the parasites. And killing people.

Edited at 2017-01-14 04:38 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on January 14th, 2017 02:39 pm (UTC)
What does the US taxpayer get for her tax?
US Airstrikes Killed Civilians in Syrian’s Idlib
By GPD on January 12, 2017
by Alice Donovan
The US Coalition reportedly carried out a lethal series of airstrikes over the Idlib countryside, killing and wounding scores of civilians near the Turkish border-crossing in Syrian Province of Idlib.
On Tuesday’s midday at 03:55 PM the B52 warplane have bombarded Sarmada town’s outskirts over a prison followed to Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (JFS) which led to dozens of casualties and injuries amid the civilians and prisoners in addition to mass destruction.
Moreover, the US warplanes have bombarded Sarmada square and killed 12 civilians while carrying out an airstrike over a vehicle followed to JFS.
At the same time, media sources of JFS denied the circulating data talking about the international coalition targeting a prison belonging to JFS, saying that the bombing targeted the major headquarters of the region and contains several branch offices as well as a new-formed police station which caused the killing of all who were in the headqurters about 25 members.
Meanwhile, the US military has acknowledged that at least 188 civilians have been killed in US-led strikes in Iraq and Syria since its campaign began against the Islamic State in August 2014.
The coalition airstrikes against Daesh targets which together resulted in the unintended death of 15 civilians occurred in the Iraqi cities of Shahid-Yunis As Sab on November 6, Mosul on November 26 and 29, and in Syrian Salahiyah on November 21 and Raqqa on November 26, according to the statement.
“To date, based on information available, CJTF-OIR has assessed that, it is more likely than not, at least 188 civilians have been unintentionally killed by coalition strikes since the start of Operation Inherent Resolve. CJTF-OIR regrets the unintentional loss of civilian lives resulting from coalition efforts to defeat ISIL [Daesh] in Iraq and Syria and express our deepest sympathies to the families and others affected by these strikes,” the statement said.
However, the military’s overall estimate is far below that of groups monitoring the civilian casualties. Airwars puts the number at 2,100.
More, vids http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/01/12/video-us-airstrikes-killed-civilians-in-syrians-idlib/
clothcapclothcap on January 14th, 2017 03:25 pm (UTC)
Stealth Weapons Are Being Used To Torture And Subjugate

Edward Snowden was brave to stand up for the rule of law, and what's right. However, he really didn't reveal anything substantially new. In effect, his actions primarily served as a reminder to the public that "Big Brother is Watching," and they also served as distraction from the more serious crimes that can only be categorized as a continuation and evolution of MK-ULTRA.
BiggerThanSnowden.com has one mission, to raise awareness of modern techniques used to illegally repress and subjugate innocent civilians Worldwide. Our focus is primarily on the tactics related to "gang-stalking" and more worrisomely, the electronic harassment through directed energy weapons that often goes alongside it. According to survey data of thousands of individuals targeted with frequency based weapons, compiled by FFCHS, it is estimated that at least 300,000 American citizens are plagued by this crime. Furthermore, as the chart compiled from this data shows below, the majority of targeting cases began after 9/11. It is a relatively new phenomena, that is becoming more widespread each year:

The covert harassment techniques often deployed against these victims, sometimes referred to as "Targeted Individuals" are all remarkably similar. As a whole, they defy any criteria of any psychological and medical diagnoses, but those diagnoses are often relied upon as a cover for these operations. These techniques have been in development for decades by very clever and well-funded individuals, and institutions, and they have learned how to carry them out without drawing negative attention to themselves. They are often referred to as an evolution of the East German terror tactic of Zersetzung.
Unfortunately, Psychiatry has provided a perfect cover for their operations. It is a field that is not grounded in objective measurements or reproducible controlled studies, so it is subject to abuse, and it is used as a convenient way to discredit victims. An example of the subjectivity of the field is homosexuality, which was labelled a mental illness until 1974 when that was changed with a vote, not objective tests (nor were objective tests used to initially classify it as that). In summary, we're dealing with heinous and clever methods here that have been nurtured and developed into complex harassment techniques, with even more complex technology, through decades of refinement within the bureaucratic machinery of the intelligence agencies. These techniques, that the majority of individuals who are being harassed have experienced in their entirety, are summarized by the following chart:

Anyone, can be targeted by these insidious forms of harassment and torture. Many times there are clear reasons, such as, retaliation, subjugation, extortion, or silencing. However, in recent years, the targeting has been increasingly random, which leads many to believe that the purposes are social engineering. The goals in the random targeting cases are often to torture and terrorize the target extensively over several years until their principles and values are destroyed, and they are conditioned to become pliant -- almost to the point of becoming Manchurian Candidates. For further reading, please see www.FreedomSOS.com/Papers, where you can find research papers, along with links to peer-reviewed journal articles and filed patents, related to the technology behind directed energy weapons.
If you are a victim, and are looking for assistance, please visit the "Contact" section of this website, as you will find many of the links to be helpful. If you are a whistleblower, or have any questions, you can find our email address on the "Contact" page as well.
clothcapclothcap on January 14th, 2017 03:45 pm (UTC)
Is Trump Already Finished? Threatens Iran and China, Neocons In Control of Foreign Policy?
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Global Research, January 14, 2017
Paul Craig Roberts 13 January 2017
It did not take long before we knew there was no hope of change from President Obama. But at least he went into his inauguration with an unprecedented number of Americans on the Mall showing their support for the President of Change. Hope was abundant.
But with Trump, we are already losing faith, if not yet with him, at least with his choice of those who comprise his government even before Trump is inaugurated.
Trump’s choice for Secretary of State not only sounds like the neoconservatives in declaring Russia to be a threat to the United States and all of Europe, but also sounds like Hillary Clinton in declaring the South China Sea to be an area of US dominance. One would think that the chaiman of Exxon was not an idiot, but I am no longer sure. In his confirmation hearing, Rex Tillerson said that China’s access to its own South China Sea is “not going to be allowed.”
Here is Tillerson’s statement: “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also not going to be allowed.”
I mean, really, what is Tillerson going to do about it except get the world blown up. China’s response was as pointed as a response can be:
Tillerson “should not be misled into thinking that Beijing will be fearful of threats. If Trump’s diplomatic team shapes future Sino-US ties as it is doing now, the two sides had better prepare for a military clash. Tillerson had better bone up on nuclear power stategies if he wants to force a big nuclear power to withdraw from its own territories.”
So Trump is not even inauguarated and his idiot nominee for Secretary of State has already created an animosity relationship with two nuclear powers capable of completely destroying all of the West for enternity. And this makes the US Senate comfortable with Tillerson. The imbeciles should be scared out of their wits, assuming they have any.
One of the reasons that Russia rescued Syria from Washington’s overthrow is that Russia understood that Washington’s next target would be Iran and from a destroyed Iran terrorism would be exported into the Russian Federation. There is an axis of countries threatened by US supported terrorism—Syria, Iran, Russia, China.
Trump says he wants to normalize relations with Russia and to open up business opportunities in the place of conflict. But to normalize relations with Russia requires also normalizing relations with Iran and China.
Judging from their public statements, Trump’s announced government has targeted Iran for destabilization. Trump’s appointees as National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense, and Director of the CIA all regard Iran incorrectly as a terrorist state that must be overthrown.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/is-trump-already-finished-threatens-iran-and-china-neocons-in-control-of-foreign-policy/5568410
clothcapclothcap on January 14th, 2017 04:11 pm (UTC)
There is no such animal as a people's representative in any bank controlled regime
Any representative that thinks they represent the people should see a psychiatrist.

Britain is Crown-bank controlled through the alliance of the Windsor (nee Saxe-Coburg Gotha) and Rothschild (nee Mayer) families, visible in the Bank of England corporation and freemasonry.

In the US the oligarchs and their lobbyists and NGOs control the regime, e.g. AIPAC, CFR, CIA. In Britain the equivalents are the assorted friends of Israel lobbyist gangs, RIIA (Chat Hse) and MI5-6 with their GCHQ.

Normalizing Relations with Moscow: U.S. Aristocracy Panics that Maybe Trump Is Serious
By Eric Zuesse
Global Research, January 13, 2017
Strategic Culture Foundation 8 January 2017
On January 2nd, the U.S. Republican Party’s Wall Street Journal headlined «Tensions Within GOP Rise Over How to Handle Russia», and reported that the policy toward Russia by the incoming Republican President Donald Trump is being opposed not only by Democrats in the U.S. Congress, but also by some Republicans, and perhaps even by enough Republicans to jeopardize confirmation of his nominee for U.S. Secretary of State, as well as some nominees for other crucial diplomatic and military positions.
A key insightful passage in that news-report was:
«‘What you are seeing on Russia within the Republican Party is in some ways more a symptom of realignment across the board within American political parties,’ said Matthew Rojansky, director of the Washington-based Kennan Institute. ‘This speaks to something very critical that’s going on in our political system right now.’»
Trump is being significantly opposed by both Parties regarding his foreign policies, even though his domestic policies are being opposed on a far more partisan basis, by Democrats, and have a higher chance of congressional passage than his international initiatives do, because of the almost-solid support for his domestic policies on the part of Republican members of Congress — and because Republicans control both the Senate and the House.
The «realignment across the board within American political parties» is actually a realignment only in the field of foreign policy — not at all in domestic policy. What used to be «Republican foreign policy» ever since the time of Richard Nixon, has been called «neoconservatism» — referring to a hard line against communism and then against Russia and any country that’s friendly toward Russia — but the incoming Republican President Trump campaigned consistently against neoconservatism, and now Democrats are almost solidly neocons, while some Republicans are actually joining the Republican President in condemning neocons.
Whereas Trump is generally called «conservative» on his domestic policy statements, he could possibly turn out to be more of a «progressive» than his Democratic Party predecessor, President Barack Obama, was, regarding foreign affairs. And this terrifies the U.S. aristocracy in both of the political Parties, because the U.S. aristocracy — both its Republicans and its Democrats — has been solidly neoconservative: they are virtually united, on this, against Trump.
The U.S. aristocracy control not only the major American corporations, but all influential ‘news’ media, and their respective ‘news’media; and their shared fear and loathing for incoming U.S. President Donald Trump is clear, even though he himself is one of them. Nobody knows what will happen to the U.S. government under his stewardship, but the fear amongst almost all of the other aristocrats is that maybe Trump hasn’t only been pretending to want a ‘populist’ government — they fear that he might really have such revolutionary intentions.
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