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Happy New Year to all at UK Column


The EU Referendum Psyop
Thankfully the referendum will be over in a couple of weeks. From the day that David Cameron announced it, the UK Column's position has been that the whole circus has been a psychological operation, designed to distract.
The basis for this assertion is this: when we look a little deeper, we find that policies are being implemented in front of our eyes.
TTIP, city states/regions, AI, devolution/Constitutional Reform, immigration, state snooping, euthanasia, military integration, interdependence. low intensity perpetual war/regime change, human rights - the list goes on - none of these is coming from the EU.
Some are being implemented through the EU, that is true. But removing ourselves from the EU, as a single act, will not stop any of these policies from coming to fruition.
The danger is then, that when we as individuals discuss these subjects with others, that we say "that's the EU doing that". Or, "if we leave the EU, our problems will be solved". They won't.
Now, please don't assume I am saying that we should not do all we can to remove ourselves from that insidious dictatorship. We should, and we must.
But we must also recognise that many, if not most, of the policies I mentioned above have been born here, in Britain, and Britain will continue to push them along no matter what happens in a couple of weeks.
The EU referendum is a psyop. In a sense the EU itself is a psyop. It is designed to be outrageous enough to keep people looking in its direction. Frankly, though, the EU is the least of our worries.
UKC newsletter June 11

City States, Regions,
Artificial Intelligence,
Devolution/Constitutional Reform,
Introduced via zionist puppet Blair.
State Snooping,
Most importantly for the enemy, they alert to mass movement of ppl. And they are hazardous to health.
Military Integration,
[I'm open minded on this. Everywhere is interdependent on everywhere else. Air we breathe, coal energy we consume etc. Having the paedo-homo perv and corrupt lucis inbetween this place and that is THE problem.]
Low Intensity Perpetual War (i.e. Regime Change),
[Revealing the evil bastards behind the evil bastards that do this and that permit it to be done is much of what this blog is about. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Syria, many more.]
Human Rights,
THEY want us to have none. I want them to have less than us.
THEY are those that protect the likes of paedophiles, possible child murderer and traitor Edward Heath, and Savile, Smith, various Crown degenerates and bank family members.
A small problem for your children?

Happy new year anyhow to the I'm alright, FU brigade. Breathe deep of the same air they are poisoning us with. Eat heartily of the bisphenol [poison plastic lined tinned and wrapped foods and drinks] that gives men breasts as they enter middle age and young girls as early as seven. Courtesy of the EC and their zio bosses. Our land, air and water are being poisoned. We are being poisoned. Fluoride, find toothepaste without it, Boots don't sell such. Aluminium in vaccines, jet fuel, deodorants, make-up, pans you cook with.
Not courtesy of the brain dead holders of inherited wealth but by the people that misuse it, their "financial advisors" that in reality are plunderers like Soros (front man), Rockefeller, Rothschild, Windsor, Astor, Bundy, JPM, Goldman, Sachs and assorted other "aliens".
A simple question to the stooge previous to May, if aluminium increases fuel efficiency, why isn't it in every fuel?
Radiation. All reactors leak. Some catastrophically. FUkushima was not an accident. There was no 9+ earthquake registered by any agency. The nuclear explosions were from planted bombs, not hydrogen, the plant with the mushroom cloud was non operational so no hydrogen, hydrogen explosion clouds are white. The evidence is plain to see. Now the base of the food chain is threatened by the ongoing catastrophe. Our offspring and their future are threatened in an end of species way.
That is the tip of the iceberg. JPM bought Tesla's patent for free energy. And kept it from us. Lightning strikes up before down. The energy comes from the ground. That's it.


There was a Welsh town that rose against the oppressors. Now it is a dump for immigrants in ghettos.
Scotland is run by the Bilderberg-CIA's EC pussy cat.
Ireland has been immersed in its cultivated (MI5-6, thks) feud. Watch as the minor divisions are kept simmering whilst luciferianism is slipped in through the rear entry.

Can I try some of Mr Icke's medication?

Good luck to you and your team. I'll make it an objective to meet and shake your hand, 2017. It's a lonely place where you are. Be careful of what car you drive.

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