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15 December 2016 @ 03:58 am
Why Did ISIS (collective noun) Attack Palmyra?  

The historic site is high profile, symbolic. It serves several purposes, a distraction from the disaster for MsM, NATO, the Pentagon, the WH, Erdogan, zionist imperialism, Bilderberg oligarchal investment that Aleppo represents.

It is also being used to attack Russia. Russia is to blame for losing Palmyra to the invading Western backed and "advised" terrorist insurgents. Palmyra, a city with no strategic value beyond propaganda and oil. And an airbase.

An attack on Dayr El-Zor is anticipated. ISIS taking the T4 air field would reduce the ability to provide air cover for the Syrian Democracy defence forces.

T4 shouldn't be so important, there's the aircraft carrier that has been used already. Unless T4 is intended to provide a landing place for more illegal foreign intervention? Speculators suggest the 200 US specials are headed to Dayr El-Zor.

Why were Syrian Democracy defence forces and civilians removed from Palmyra? My guess, to minimise human casualties whilst setting up the jihadis for a fish in the barrel shoot.

This is the losers, the external interested parties using tax and black op (Afghan Heroin?) funded proxies to do as much damage as possible, to cause the maximum chaos before the inevitable post mortem before the world.

Or pehaps there is something there that wasn't taken or destroyed last time, that is worth a battallion of NATO ground force invaders of the do or die variety of jihadistas?

Last guess. A distraction, or a combination from all of the afore-mentioned

Separately, I didn't hear whether anything came of the Yemeni government's announcement that they are ready to accept the Saudi surrender.

Invading a sovereign nation's airspace without permission is a crime, an act of war in some circumstances. The BBC announced that Britain is collecting surveillance info of Alleppo using drones with the intention of providing evidence of terrorist atrocities? Nope. Russian. My word..

Fighting terrorists such as the death row criminals Saudi employs as insurgents requires abnormal tactics. The luciferian UN demands kid glove treatment of terrorists attacking Syria's Democracy.


Two vids that deserve greater prominence with different meaning for different people. For me, it is everyday fact in the former, in the latter, blunt confirmation of every conspiracy of the hidden corporate governance, subject to confirmation.

Canadian Journalist on lies about Syria December 9th 2016
R&U Vid

Lovely lady inside and out. Keep her safe. A true exorcist hacking at the pillars of the demons' temple.
Perhaps Kevin could give her honorary citizenship of Kanata?

William Mount Published on Dec 14, 2016

Bit premature? If people are to be woken properly imo it must be in baby steps, however frustrating, not too painful because comforting surreality becomes more attractive however increasingly uncomfortable. The vid reminds me of telling the truth about the CO2 scam way back when. How attractive surreality was made.
Just looking at this from the view of a person that doesn't have a clue what is going on. The deep end is scary. At first. I guess glimpses of the take it or leave it type are to the good but not for the promotion of gradual awareness. Imo it results in loss of credibility reinforcement in those in the denier category and division, even chaos.
However, the gentleman gives a list of what he considers to be correct. I'm making a note of each and will attempt to find what is confirmed with evidence, what is conjecture based on evidence and what is conjecture. As time permits.

If what he is saying is right, Putin has left the table and is going for broke by letting the West's bureaucracy, hidden and facade dissolve in its self made cesspool of capitalist gluttony, perversion and inhumanity whilst making sure the world knows who the bad guys and gals etc. are.

Both vids via SyrPer commenters, thanks.

One wonders how quickly the occupiers could turn GB into an open totaliterian police state. I may have to emigrate, Scotland perhaps, Sealand?

Click on 'Expand' to read the full article here, or click on the title to go to the page, or comments to see news and sundry other words that take my attention.
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 12:18 pm (UTC)
ISIS attack on Palmyra directly linked to US waiver on rebel arms supplies – Assad to RT
Russia Today EXCLUSIVE

RT News 14 Dec, 2016
President Obama’s announcement of a waiver for arming unspecified rebel groups in Syria came shortly before the terrorist group Islamic State launched a massive attack on Palmyra. Syrian President Bashar Assad believes it was no coincidence, he told RT.
"The announcement of the lifting of that embargo is related directly to the attack on Palmyra and to the support of other terrorists outside Aleppo, because when they are defeated in Aleppo, the United States and the West, they need to support their proxies somewhere else," he said.
"The crux of that announcement is to create more chaos, because the United States creates chaos in order to manage this chaos," Assad added.
He added that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces “came with different and huge manpower and firepower that ISIS never had before during this attack, and they attacked on a huge front, tens of kilometers that could be a front of armies. ISIS could only have done that with the support of states. Not state; states."
In the interview, the Syrian leader explained how his approach to fighting terrorism differs from that of the US, why he believes the military success of his forces in Aleppo was taken so negatively in the West, and what he expects from US President-elect Donald Trump.
Vid, full transcript https://www.rt.com/news/370283-bashar-assad-rt-interview/
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 01:37 pm (UTC)

On BBC, a spox of the enemies of humanity, or actually believes his own drivel?
Lord Williams or somesuch pontificated on the destruction of the Syrian democracy and how the 66 countries illegally assaulting that country could have been more effective.
A sad specimen.

New Fellow: Michael Williams
28 October 2011
Chatham House is pleased to announce the appointment of Lord Williams of Baglan as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow. His role at Chatham House will be to support the institute's new research, output and activities relating to South East Asia and to contribute to its work on the Middle East and North Africa.
Enemies' spox.

Edited at 2016-12-15 01:43 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 02:04 pm (UTC)
Russia Today from the front page
Evacuation of 5,000 militants with families from E. Aleppo begins – Russian General Staff

RT in Aleppo: Locals deny reports that pro-Assad forces shot at evacuees’ buses

MSM using children in Western information campaign against Syria – RT report

Media reporting on hacked DNC emails acted as ‘arms of Russian intelligence’ – White House

Civilians making social media pleas from Aleppo actually bloggers with MSM primetime access (VIDEO)

Syrian heat: Watch pro & anti-US intervention journalists face off over Aleppo in RT debate

‘You haven’t succeeded once’: AP reporter grills State Dept on lack of progress in Syria (VIDEO)

UK must ‘up game’ to defeat ISIS in 2017 – Defence Secretary
Increase taxes to pay for more police state. Agents of our enemies should not be funded from tax.

Disunited Europe: EU Parliament angry it has no say in Brexit negotiations
The facade became a comedy show.

It’s now beyond question that prolonged violence in Syria is in Washington’s interest

SophieCo: Once Aleppo falls, Western aid to rebels will dry up – top expert on Syria
RT Shows 12 Dec, 2016
Syria’s government troops went from a long siege to a fierce offensive that’s pushing the rebels out of the their largest stronghold – Aleppo. Now, the US is set to step up its aid to anti-Assad forces and send more arms into the bloodbath. And while the Syrian army pushes on, the Islamic State is making new advances. But, is the fight for Syria reaching a turning point? Will the war finally come to a close in the foreseeable future? We ask a leading voice on Syria, Director of the University of Oklahoma’s Middle East Studies Center – Joshua Landis is our guest.
Vid https://www.rt.com/shows/sophieco/369972-aleppo-offensive-isis-advances/

CrossTalk: Mainstream’s revenge
RT Shows 14 Dec, 2016
The mainstream media is very angry and fighting back – and fighting back dirty. As a result of low ratings and the inability to control the narrative any longer, the mainstream now demonizes alternative media. The powers that be couldn’t be happier.
CrossTalking with Dave Lindorff, David Swanson, and Eddie Scarry.
Vid https://www.rt.com/shows/crosstalk/370221-mainstream-media-fight-control/

Keiser Report Episode 1006
RT Shows 15 Dec, 2016
In this episode of the Keiser Report from Austin, Texas, Max and Stacy discuss the healthcare monster no one wants to tame, and the Fukushima meltdown devouring trillions of yen. In the second half, Max interviews Adam Curry about the “fake news” hashtag and the rise of alt-media as a competitive challenge to the mainstream media.
Vid https://www.rt.com/shows/keiser-report/370372-episode-max-keiser-1006/

Check Keiser Report website for more: http://www.maxkeiser.com/
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 03:20 pm (UTC)
SyrPer comments:

Armchair General
It seems that by taking Palmyra and eastern Homs, US/ISIS took control of Syria’s energy grid. It seems that US has the ability to jam Syrian/Russian communications. US general just issued a challenge to Syria/Russia to retake Palmyra, “If they don’t we will” he said or words to that effect. He said ISIS may have got MANPADS, meaning that if ISIS did not get them from Palmyra, they can now get them from US. But this is not about ISIS, it is about US versus Russia. If US can now jam Russia the way Russia can shut down US, big trouble is coming. US AWACS aircraft snuck up on a Russian jet and said hello, by Deir Ezzor recently. Maybe US AWACS shut down the Palmyra communication. Maybe this will be the next phase in this war, US doesn’t do things for only one reason, it likes to kill several birds with one stone. Controlling Syria’s oil and gas, testing Russia’s war ability, blocking eastern Syria/western Iraq, giving itself a lot of room for boots on the ground, testing Syria’s sovereign resolve, all come into play. If Russia cannot or will not stop playing footsie with US and impose a no fly zone over any region it wants, Trump or no Trump, all bets are off.
This is not about fighting ISIS, is it?
Time to saddle your horses, Russkies! Unless you would rather play chess with a gambling boss.

leroy from harlem
Well hold your horses bud , Trump might not be taking office in january, it looks like the CIA/Soros coup against Trump and the Ameican people is advancing as planned. We have reached critical mass in America , Color revolution and regime change has come home to roost.

Jewish Run MSM
South Front - The Jewish Controlled Mainstream Media Vs The Independent Take A Look

A new up date from T4 airbase. The base’s defensive line has improved significantly versus early today. It is reported that few thousands prime special forces and soldiers have arrived during the past 48 hours.
The Col Suheil Hassan has visited the base twice, some Tiger Forces stayed in the base as well. Some confirmed information arrived about a large 700 Hizballah force arrived yesterday and was engaged in battle today recovering the northern hills (the 700 nbr is unconfirmed though).
Another force that arrived 2 days ago and was involved in recovering the abandoned military base NW of T4 was the Qalamoun Hawks, under Major General Joma el Jasim.
The fight seems to be now concentrated in the southern side (seem map below), where the village of Sharifah shifted ownership few times today. The key aspect of the southern defensive line is to get back control of the roads and for that the control of Tiyas crossroad is vital.
Once the defensive perimeter around the base is solid again, the allied forces will attempt to recover the gas fields NW of the base, with adequate armoured forces and CAS, these fields will be liberated quite fast.
Important to mention that the Tiger will be leading this fight, once more, it will be his 3rd time, he knows the terrain better then anyone.
Last but not least, large SAA and allied forces being deployed to two front lines after Aleppo:
1) Eastern Aleppo – Daer Hafer Plains campaign.
2) Palmyra
I think ISIS got the attention they wanted, hell fire will be lighted in the desert.

Igor Bundy
Female hostages placed in cages and left on rooftops by Jaish al Islam in East Ghouta – ransomed today after 3 years in captivity.

clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 03:21 pm (UTC)
BBC Slaves Of Israel
Tony Cartalucci - Unverified Aleppo "On the Spot" Executions
Despite Western journalists having been on the ground in Aleppo, along with UN staff, the reports were actually received in Geneva from unnamed sources alleged to be in Aleppo, not acquired - or verified - on the ground by either the Western media or UN staff.
The BBC, in its article, Aleppo battle: UN says civilians shot on the spot, would admit (emphasis added): Yesterday evening, we received further deeply disturbing reports that numerous bodies were lying on the streets, Mr Colville added, while admitting it was hard to verify the reports.
CNN in a report titled, Estimated 100,000 Civilians Trapped in Aleppo, admits that the so-called Rebels only hold, a few streets, a few blocks, maybe a neighborhood, admits that it is very difficult to verify any of these reports, and repeatedly uses the term Might Be in reference to the supposed 100,000 civilians the Western media and the UN claim are still in eastern Aleppo.

In a note of optimism, as of Palmyra, here is a summary of what the Russian High Command accomplished out of a rag-tag, demoralized Syrian army, in less than a year. From South Front:
The Russian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff had to calculate the optimal plan for participating in the war given the shortage of human resources in the Syrian Army, which fell apart along interfaith lines reducing it to two or three divisions out of the whole lot; the greater part of the air force having worn-out equipment; and the growing panic of the command of the CAA and the political leadership amid mass defections of Sunni privates and officers. The Russian military operation in Syria had to be based on skill, not size.
Within the shortest possible time, our military and political leadership had to stabilize the situation on the fronts and providing optimal cover for the Syrian army, and handle the operational management and strategic planning. The advisors sent to the headquarters of the Syrian armed forces had the task of providing operational management and at the same time combat coordination between the Syrians, Iranians and Lebanese, the individual branches of the military and the fronts to the south and the north. A consensus had to be found with the Kurdish troops, who had positioned themselves as an autonomous force. This challenge, Moscow resolved — unlike Washington.
It should be noted that the conflict in Syria, as in Iraq, Libya and Yemen, was both tribal and sectarian. The concept of local truces between the tribes, sheikhs, various groupings and populations, mapped out and successfully fulfilled by the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, worked fully. More than a thousand such structures and military units agreed to a truce with the government. This approach pacified the south of Syria, which allowed the scarce government forces to concentrate in the north, in Aleppo and Homs. This difficult and complicated work was done for the most part by Russian negotiators from among the military advisors. This task, measured by its significance to the overall success, is on a par with those Russian advisors who make decisions in the control units of the Syrian army, as well as military pilots and sailors.
In Aleppo, what forces the government army had, strengthened organizationally, technically and morally by advisors of equal numbers, quickly turned the tide at the front. The breach of the Islamists’ defense was made possible also by the correct assessment of the enemy’s combat potential and the accurate calculation of his actions. The strategy was based on wearing them down, and this led to success. The Russian HQ’s operation in Syria is a successful embodiment of the optimal model of participation in local conflicts of medium and high intensity, which the West and primarily the United States failed to build. At the same time the effectiveness of the Russian military advisers to the Syrian army was the result of unannounced inspections carried out by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. These policies, aimed at creating a professional army, are justified, as confirmed in Syria in a real combat situation.
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 03:23 pm (UTC)

“US Accuses Vladimir Putin Of “Personal Involvement” In Election Hack”
Wall Street and its CIA intelligence agency jackals are truly desperate.
In full view they are attempting a coup against a US national election.
And what is the hunger that is driving them?
It is a counter attack against the people knowing what they are and do.
It is to get the bigger war that they want, a war against Russia.
It is to make their lackeys in the think tanks and military industries richer.
If they succeed then we are all facing the catastrophe they are engineering.
I wish God or the Great Mother or whatever would suddenly strike them all dead.
[In GB the enemies of humanity and GB are attempting a coup against the brexit vote]

Cultural Enrichment
The Cultural Enrichment of Germany

Level 2 - Veteran
Hillarys Fake News
What They’re NOT Telling You About Fake News

Syria War For The Jews
Syria…Another War For The Jews

Aleppo: Freed from Obama’s Terrorists

Lies Lies Lies ..
Why Everything You Hear About Syria is A Lie

Daniel Rich ~4 hours ago
Just in: takfiri terrorists are on their way out of Aleppo [hopefully to a place resembling Dante’s hell]
[wfro proper conformation by Zaid and/or Canthama]

Dr. N.G. Maroudas
[friendly posts from today’s Saker Vineyard]
Amin: Beautiful Aleppo before West started “regime change” attacks.
Anonymous: More photos of Aleppo before the war, although the pictures are shown only very short time, since they try to squeeze in 365 of them in the video, one for each day of the year. But very nice photos. And nice music.
Anonymous adds: I wish I had visited Aleppo earlier, but like many other westerners, I had hardly heard of that city before.

Militants are burning their headquarters and documents and their operations centers and warehouses of food before they came out of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo

Daniel Rich
ALEPPO LIBERATED: Syria claims final victory, Assad congratulates troops (VIDEO) – link to Fort Russ
Excerpt: “The Syrian Arab Army, supported by militia brigades and the Russian air force, has completely liberated Aleppo and liquidated the cauldron in the east of the city. This has been announced by the Syrian army. Bashar al-Assad has congratulated soldiers on victory.“

Live footage in Aleppo! – http://syria.mil.ru/syria/livecam.htm

Igor Bundy
AMAZING footage of Palestinian-Syrian pro-gov group Liwaa al Quds breaking al-Nusra terrorist defense lines in Northeastern Aleppo yesterday

Some fun out of the full liberation of Aleppo. Cheers to all and kudos to brave people of Aleppo. Congratulations for the greatest victory in this 6 years of war of aggression against Syria.

The vast majority of the people of Aleppo celebrate while western media is wailing hysterically about the fate of a few thousand thugs and their families. I don’t even want to imagine the kinds of retributions we would have witnessed if the headchoppers had won, yet the mainstream screams about fake massacres reported from discredited sources.
The world is still on it’s head, but President Assad, President Putin and their allies have won a great victory with hopefully many more to enjoy in 2017.

typical reportage over Aleppo by Western MSM:
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 03:25 pm (UTC)
We are all extraordinarily pleased to see Aleppo freed from Takfiri’s. It’s a fantastic result, not to be belittled, given the array of GCC/western countries that have imported and supported ‘regime-change’ mercenaries in complete violation of international law and the very charter of the UN that demands respect for the integrity/sovereignty of member nations.
Meanwhile, ISIS appear to have given up on immediate assaults on T4 airbase /Tiyas, instead are attacking supply lines west in an effort to isolate that area.
It’s an exercise doomed to failure, of course, the Russians are now majorly angry, if they weren’t before. I predict they are about to be vaporised.
I’m still wondering why ISIS bothered. What’s the point? They won’t be able to hold on to their newly-taken territory. At best, it’s a temporary bragging point, perhaps gaining a few extra volunteers for their Caliphate. A delaying tactic, to force SAA assets to that area instead of elsewhere.
Here I dare to disagree with Canthama. I don’t think they came from Deir-Ez-Azor, there has been no cessation of hostilities there, instead it’s getting worse. I suspect they’ve come from Al-Raqqa (Yankee-supported Kurds seem to have stopped their advance) and NE Aleppo province.
But what do I know? Probably nothing.

Edit [Perhaps they are coming from Mosul.]

instead killing them (terrorist) all, they are sending them home…russians did it again, they duped EU,NATO, zionist & Co. . west “wanted” desperately to help “moderates” so now will have them at front door. heavily trained,used and armed. wonderfully.

Why did they bother?
You are talking about zombies that don’t value life. They might as well walk into an oven if convinced they can get 72 virgins in the next minute. These are the stupid foot soldiers who obey suicidal missions. I guess from a psychological point of view, anybody joining Daesh must be either suicidal or homicidal, or completely lost in this world and without a purpose.
The commanders who planned this operation on the other hand, they are more clever, because they get to send these morons to their deaths and open up a new front against the SAA. Plus all the cheap political points they get to score for their foreign handlers, who reimburse them in return.
That’s how this game works. Many different levels in the chain of command. One thing is for certain though. Desperation is palpable among the enemies of Syria.

Possibly desperate for their next fix of Captagon, therefore willing to do anything. Promised 72 Hillary’s in their twisted version of heaven.
Reported widely, even by BBC and Al-Jaz.
I’ve noticed the last few posts have all received negative votes. CIA / GCHQ trolls?

Edited at 2016-12-16 09:20 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 07:00 pm (UTC)
The Mainstream Media Vs The Independent Look

The Mainstream Media Vs The Independent Look
South Front Dec 14, 2016

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal: southfront@list.ru or via: http://southfront.org/donate/ or via: https://www.patreon.com/southfront

Syrian War Report – December 14, 2016: Heavy Clashes At Tyas Airbase
South Front Dec 14, 2016

clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 07:36 pm (UTC)
Syrian War Report – December 15, 2016: ISIS Encircles Govt Forces West Of Palmyra
South Front Dec 15, 2016


Home http://southfront.org/

Edited at 2016-12-15 07:40 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 07:58 pm (UTC)

Whilst we are distracted, what are the evil ones up to behind our backs?

clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 10:41 pm (UTC)
‘Unlike Western mainstream media, I’ve spent the last three days in East Aleppo’
Western media and propaganda have supported the incarceration, torture, abuse and horror that these civilians had had to go through says journalist Vanessa Beeley. Columnist Brent Budowsky and Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute join the debate.

‘Investigative journalism is dead’
If you are going home and simply watch the nightly news in the US, you are not getting any part of the real story; it's hard to discern what the real news is, says Mike Papantonio, host of ‘America’s Lawyer.'

‘Aleppo is key to liberation of Syria from so-called good faith rebels aka terrorists’
Retaking Aleppo and getting eastern Aleppo under full control of the Syrian government would be one of the key points to go ahead with a political solution for the future of Syria, says former Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini.

‘Decamped from Mosul ISIS fighters in Syria perfect for US narrative’
One doesn’t need to be a genius to guess why the US-led coalition, which has very powerful surveillance tools, failed to pick up the 4,000 ISIS jihadists making their way to Palmyra, says Peter Ford, the former UK ambassador to Syria.

‘Russia no threat to West, spends a tenth US does on military’- fmr London mayor Ken Livingstone
The simple fact is the West should have got behind Russia once Assad was clearly not going to be overthrown instead of continuing to prop up terrorist groups trying to replace him, says former London mayor Ken Livingstone.
clothcapclothcap on December 15th, 2016 11:16 pm (UTC)
RT News
December 14, 2016 (17:00 MSK)
As Eastern Aleppo is liberated, Syrian soldiers find al-Nusra flags and instruments of torture in buildings previously occupied by terrorists. The U.S. State Department dismisses evidence of Aleppo civilians celebrating the liberation, instead...
Vid https://www.rt.com/shows/news/370284-rtnews-december-14-17msk/

December 15, 2016 (17:00 MSK)
Published time: 15 Dec, 2016
The evacuation of rebels and their families is underway in the Syrian city of Aleppo - amid claims of pro-Assad forces shooting at evacuees. Red Cross personnel on the ground and locals have denied those allegations. Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May defies calls to halt UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia - despite reports of mass civilian casualties in Riyadh's bombing camaign in Yemen. The American media alleges Vladimir Putin was personally involved in hack attacks during the 2017 U.S. presidential campaign - citing unnamed intelligence sources.
Vid https://www.rt.com/shows/news/370421-rtnews-december-15-17msk/

Bulletin Board
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 09:05 am (UTC)
News from SyrPer commenters:

Igor Bundy
Turkey called emergency UN GA meeting when UNSC went nowhere.. called to save the last of the whales… aka al queda terrorists and nato mercs trapped in Aleppo..
“The Syrian people have every right to defend their territorial integrity.” Venezuela speaks at the UNGA opposing resolution on Aleppo
While operation save the dolphins was pushed back again as new episode of the walking dead was to air in the evening..
The residents of the besieged towns of Kafarya and Fouaa are suffering a savage shelling on daily basis. MSM & #UN don’t see them!!

Robin Morritt
The BBC just announced the evacuation of terrorists from Aleppo is going ahead tomorrow and Fuah and Kefriya will be evacuated too.

The BBC are repeatedly referring to both Kafarya and Fouaa as villages to minimize their significance while bloating the estimates of civilians in the Aleppo pocket.
“The BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet, in Beirut, said the new deal would also allow the simultaneous evacuation of two villages being besieged by rebels in north-west Syria.”

Robin Morritt
Yes, Anthony. I hesitate to mention the blatantly propagandist BBC here, but it is the only report I’ve seen.

Igor Bundy
Rather impressive losses for insignificant villages.. That 26 brain dead morons would throw away their lives defies…
The overall number of suicide bombers with VBIEDs that attacked al-Fou’aa and Kafraya in the battle of 18–19 September was estimated to be 26 VBIEDs. The attackers were: 11 Uyghur Chinese, one Lebanese, 2 Saudis and 11 Syrians. Fuah and Kefraya, which has around 20,000 residents combined.[32]

Igor Bundy
So each side has 4000 troops here.. But the terrorists threw away 500 lives to try to take it cost 100 SAA lives.
Why the government did not get the civilians out? Huge number of troops needed in such a small area to keep them safe. But it is certain the 20,000 civilians here will be all killed if the towns fall..

We have seen military planers of the “opposition” placing short-term political considerations ahead of sound strategic goals. Letting politics overwhelm war strategy is often done by necessity. For at this stage, Ideological dogma turned into a liability. The Devil is busy collecting his dues.
In Syria’s case, it has been necessary — above all else — to keep the narrative of the Aleppo rebellion against Dr. Assad alive. A desperate attempt was made to put Palmyra under siege and get hostages. It would have allowed the West to negotiate the survival of their propaganda asset, in Aleppo, most probably through a ceasefire. The continued existence of “Free Aleppo” — and we have seen that a few blocks are enough, to keep such entity alive — would politically hamper Trump’s negotiations with Putin, over Syria.
Why would the EU shamefully try to buy out the Syrian elites, in exchange for recognizing East Aleppo as the capital of “Free Syria”? Surely, to somehow save the narrative of an Aleppo born rebellion of “moderate freedom fighters” against the “tyrant” Assad.

Igor Bundy
Interesting. Refused help from a fellow Syrian but makes a plea to Turkey.
UN Chief reportedly blames AhrarAlSham & AlNusra for holding her family hostage.
Let me pop your soap filled balloon. Her mother has been in contact with fellow Syrians to organize safe passage she has refused them twice! ‏@Syricide
So kidnapped children are now being used as their own children being attacked? The only danger to them are the terrorists themselves. We know what the terrorists did to previous kidnapped children and government supporters.
[Pretending the kids are theirs]
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 09:11 am (UTC)
West Aleppo: Urgent. Our correspondent: clashes are taking place vicinity of “wisdom hills and vultures” and the Syrian Arab army crushes the terrorists
#Aleppo: Syrian army repels attack by armed groups on the pivotal wisdom School and battalion west of Aleppo air defense and causing multiple casualties among the attackers.

Hi Tweet, just to add to your comment, translating to names folks will understand and locate on maps.
The fight tweet mentioned has been quite serious at Hikma once more, so far 100% repelled. At the moment it is raining hell into Rashidin 5 & 4, artillery, grad missiles and some air attacks, no rat will advance.
Interesting aspect is that this is exactly the road the terrorists were supposed to take to leave Aleppo, it was going to be through Rashidin 4, kind of hard to think about that under the circumstances.
A new up date from T4 airbase. The base’s defensive line has improved significantly versus early today. It is reported that few thousands prime special forces and soldiers have arrived during the past 48 hours.
The Col Suheil Hassan has visited the base twice, some Tiger Forces stayed in the base as well. Some confirmed information arrived about a large 700 Hizballah force arrived yesterday and was engaged in battle today recovering the northern hills (the 700 nbr is unconfirmed though).
Another force that arrived 2 days ago and was involved in recovering the abandoned military base NW of T4 was the Qalamoun Hawks, under Major General Joma el Jasim.
The fight seems to be now concentrated in the southern side (seem map below), where the village of Sharifah shifted ownership few times today. The key aspect of the southern defensive line is to get back control of the roads and for that the control of Tiyas crossroad is vital.
Once the defensive perimeter around the base is solid again, the allied forces will attempt to recover the gas fields NW of the base, with adequate armoured forces and CAS, these fields will be liberated quite fast.
Important to mention that the Tiger will be leading this fight, once more, it will be his 3rd time, he knows the terrain better then anyone.
Last but not least, large SAA and allied forces being deployed to two front lines after Aleppo:
1) Eastern Aleppo – Daer Hafer Plains campaign.
2) Palmyra
I think ISIS got the attention they wanted, hell fire will be lighted in the desert.

Igor Bundy
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 09:23 am (UTC)

Added some more SyrPer comments to the Ant comment above
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 02:09 pm (UTC)
SyrPer comments continued from Igor Bundy Maps
Igor Bundy
According to this, everyone with the al-Faminiyun legion of cowards at the front followed by al-Badia and The Military Security Shield Forces and the 18th division ran without even ISIS attacking them. Only the tiger forces of 100 men took up defenses of the city. The rest left the civilians to their fate to deal with ISIS as best they can. Half of the tiger forces had left even before any attack took place.
I would lack of well trained and disciplined officers were at fault. They had enough ammo, tanks, guns and weapons, all were left behind when they ran. Time for a decimation demonstration.
Those 100 tiger forces who stayed behind to evacuate the civlians should be given medals as they bought time. The 5000 useless meat eaters taking up resources should be sent home or guard like traffic stops.

leroy from harlem
In Russia they are calling for the court martial of the Russian officers involved and the Russians are also calling for the court martial of the Syrian officers involved, i do not see anyone here mentioned that.
Valentina Matvienko is a close friend and Ally of Putin so maybe she will not allow Duma investigation to go forward, after all Putin did keep his promise to her that he would withdraw Russian forces in 6 months the first time.
The Russian general staff is calling for Court Martial of the Russians and Syrians involved, i doubt Matviyenko can Squash that now.

Muslim Dude
@Igor @Canthama and others check out footage of Russian forces in Syria:
Also according to the Washington Post, Russia now has its elite KSO troops (Russian equivalent of Delta Force) in Syria.

the Thylacine
Vanessa Beeley, 3 hrs ago
Jibreen East #Aleppo. I was very privileged today to be able to film inside one of the Russian field hospitals on site in Jibreen to treat the civilians who have been liberated from NATO and Gulf State-funded terrorist imprisonment for the last four years.
A longer video of our entire time in Jibreen and the civilians I interviewed will be available very soon. Thanks to Syria TV for providing the cameraman.
The statement from the Russian medical spokesperson was very clear. They were there to treat all civilians entering Jibreen. Over 95,000 so far have been registered. They are seeing many cases of malnutrition, untreated broken bones, untreated chronic diseases, renal failure and skin diseases especially among the children.
Syrian Arab Army and Russian soldiers moved among the civilians, carrying bags for overladen children and treating everyone with kindness and compassion.
Various Syrian State institutions, NGOs, Social services had tents in the area so civilians could go and discuss their needs directly with the organisation concerned.
I must stress there were no western media,no UN officials, no western NGOs present. It seems that the liberation of Aleppo does not serve their agenda.
NATO and Gulf State terrorists withheld food and medicine from all civilians. Only those who cooperated with them were given any preferential treatment.
“They fed us donkey meat to insult our religion” said one woman who had escaped that morning.
France turned off the lights on the Eiffel tower tonight. The terrorists funded by France and the rest of the axis of intervention tried to turn the lights off for the Syrian people but the unity, courage and resilience of these people has confounded all efforts by NATO and Gulf State & Israel to achieve “regime change” and sectarian divisions inside Syria.
That is why we are seeing mainstream media hysteria and the blanket usage of fake images and unverified reports in a rabid last attempt to persuade the world that killing more Syrians is the answer to end the filthy war that has been forced upon Syria.
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 02:54 pm (UTC)
Ziad Fadel December 15th, 2016
The rats started to collect in Al-‘Aamiriyya where buses were shipped in to carry their oily skins out of the city once and for all. They are to be transported out of the city through a 21 km-long corridor through Al-Raamoosa all the way to southwestern Aleppo Province and, then, to Idlib or Turkey.
The operation is under the supervision of the Syrian Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross. According to our sources, citizens could hear the sounds of violent explosions in the areas being abandoned by the rodents. Evidently, American terrorism enablers in Turkey managed to convince their horde of rats to destroy all weapons left behind to erase the identity of the murderers who provided them with their guns and ammunition.
The rodents are being collected from the following areas: Salaahuddeen, Al-Ansaari, Al-Mash-had, Al-Zaydiyya. Almost all the rodents belong to Nusra/Alqaeda. One of my sources described they and their families as “pure scum”.
But, there was glitch due to the naturally dishonest nature of rodents. The Syrian High Command was under the impression that there were only 5,000 rodents being evacuated with 2000 of those being terrorists and the rest described as “family” members. When it became obvious that the actual number was 15,000 with 4,000 counted as terrorists and the rest as “family”, the SAA blocked the agreement until new conditions were met.
First of all, the rodents could only leave with their personal side-arms. They had to leave all heavy and automatic weapons behind which probably explains the explosions we mentioned herein-before. The other conditions were that the sieges of Al-Faw’ah, Kafarayyaa and Dayr El-Zor be lifted. The United States terrorist-enablers, who control Alqaeda in Syria, were heard over the telephones telling their favorite rats to accede to the demands. And so they did.
The governor of Hama, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hazzoori, immediately called in 29 ambulances and buses to carry out the sick and wounded from the two sister cities of Al-Faw’ah and Kafarayyaa after the terrorists reluctantly agreed to the government’s terms of surrender. Doctors are being brought in to effectuate the evacuation of people who are in need of medical attention.
In an effort to steal the thunder from the government’s astounding victory in Aleppo, a crackpot commander in the group called “Jaysh Al-Fath” which is now leaderless thanks to the departure of the Saudi necrophiliac, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, ordered an attack on Syrian Army formations close to the Air Defense Battalion in the area of the Al-Hikma School and the 1070 Apartment Complex. The army is very well entrenched here and handled the attack competently killing scores of rodents and destroying their weapons. I have received a report that 4 pickups with 23mm cannons were either destroyed or disabled by the SAA.
Continues with Homs, Latakia and Damascus http://syrianperspective.com/2016/12/victory-in-aleppo-evacuation-almost-shelved-after-terrorists-change-numbers-of-their-rodents-and-families-terrorists-accede-to-government-demands-humiliation-for-war-criminals-obama-erdoghan-and.html
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 05:54 pm (UTC)
SyrPer comments
193 comments http://syrianperspective.com/2016/12/victory-in-aleppo-evacuation-almost-shelved-after-terrorists-change-numbers-of-their-rodents-and-families-terrorists-accede-to-government-demands-humiliation-for-war-criminals-obama-erdoghan-and.html#comments

Igor Bundy
These are terrorists, people without honor.
Syria state television says Aleppo evacuation suspended because rebels tried to leave with heavy weapons, hostages.
Jaish Fateh continues to prevent buses & Red Crescent from reaching Fuah-Kafraya to evacuate civilians.
Militants also attempted to smuggle prisoners who they had kidnapped/captured in E Aleppo who were to be released as part of agreement
Note that were reports this morning of a prisoner exchange btw Syrian Army & rebels/islamists
A soldier of the Syrian Army described the battle in Palmyra, in which he took part. One of the 100 who stayed to protect the civilians in the city.

Ziad Fadel
The city has been evacuated. No civilians left there according to one of my sources. Ziad

Interesting insight by South Front highlighting some of the “fundamental mistakes” that made the blitz attack by ISIS on Palmyra possible

The trade in antiquities is strongly linked to organised crime, to the intelligence agencies (who have always employed archaologists as spies) and also to Jewish business interests (although not only Jews, but they are important players, and bring in the Israeli connection.)
Before the invasion of Iraq, some collectors were putting in bids for Iraqi antiques, which they were assured would be handed over to them.
I believe that the wars on Iraq and Syria are partly motivated by the desire to displace, rob and destroy the beautiful heritage of the Arab states.

Good to hear the last parasites are on their way out of Aleppo! Finally some security and order in Aleppo city, people can actually start to sleep in peace for once since 6 years.
The Wahhabi’s and their Western enablers, including the mainstream media, can take this as a sound warning that their bullshit won’t be tolerated. I think we have not only reached a turning point in the Syrian war, but also a turning point in the what appears to be the old world order. This year in 2016 we reached multiple turning points. The limits to American power and influence. The limits to mainstream propaganda and their lies. For once in a very long time I actually see people waking up en masse from the stupor they have been injected with all these years. The limits to the Oligarchy. We saw this when they tried their best to prevent Trump and Brexit, and FAILED, despite having more money and power. The limits to all the polling and pollsters in trying to predict election outcomes. The limits to regime change. The limits to monetary policy by the banksters. The limits to stupid immigration policy and establishment globalism. So yeah, quite a pivotal year.
This year was the rise of the alternative media, the rise of general anti-bullshit, the rise of nationalism and anti-globalism, but most importantly, the rise of a new world order emerging. A multipolar world order.

I am from a much smaller country. We had to face a war with the, West supported terrorists, for 30 years ! In the end we destroyed them.But after 6 years the West( with the help of India) changed the regime with a lot of FAKE NEWS ……..Our war heroes are hunted by UN false human rights violations etc.,They are still trying to divide our country.You will have to face similar western agendas! Be prepared .

South Front - Rest Of Militants Withdraws From Aleppo After Failed Night Attack

Syrian War Report – December 16, 2016: Government Forces Disrupt ISIS Offensive On Tyas Airbase
South Front

A historical moment for Syria, no better way than hearing from one of the best Statesman the world has produced, President Bashar al Assad, subs in English.
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 05:59 pm (UTC)
comments 2

Guest Vanessa Beeley
Ron Paul Liberty Report - Getting REAL NEWS From Aleppo - With Vanessa Beeley
There is plenty of reporting about what is going on in Aleppo, but there are very few reporters.
In today's Liberty Report we are joined live from Syria by independent journalist and researcher Vanessa Beeley for some rare on-the-ground reporting.

USA is Arming Terrorists
GREAT INTERVIEW on Aleppo evacuation: USA arming terrorists from the beginning of the Syria war

SAA killed 150 ISIS at deserted battalion T4
Intense attack ongoing on T4 — doesn’t sound like the same fight

Igor Bundy
Great news.. Now that al queda has destroyed their own weapons. Just kill them all since obviously they had no plans to go through with the trade. And now dont re-negotiate, unconditional surrender only. They are not allowing the civilians to leave Fua & Kfarya.
It looks like buses in Fua & Kfarya are facing problems with rebels and Jihadists. Buses are outside the cities now not moving.East Aleppo
@maytham956. Upon the evacuation of the cute “moderate” rebels out of #Aleppo, Turkey closed the boarder crossing of Bab Al Hawa on Tur-Syr boarders!
syrianfaust ‏
Militants exit east Aleppo while also blocking civilians from leaving Fou’aa, Kafraya
Rebels still blocking evacuation of wounded from besieged villages of Kafraya and Fouaa. 3000 rebels and families so far evacuated, #Aleppo
While the Syrian Army has allowed buses into east Aleppo, jihadists are blocking civilians in Kafraya and Fouaa from leaving
When “rebels” took Aleppo, Syrian troops were lined up and executed.
[4 execution photos]
Insider account on how the #Aleppo deal was negotiated. It was Syrian-Syrian deal. The Russians signed off after
Negotiator Omar Rakhmon’s «News»: Syrian Arab Republic Syrian agreement was completed in Aleppo
[Text with comment]
You can follow the writer on Twitter | sohaibenjrainy @Syria
No. 3059 Friday 16 December 2016
The end of the «revolution» Aleppo!

Russian Ground Forces
South Front - Syria Impact Russian Military Ground Forces Planning

NEOCONS = Israel Lobby
Making Russia ‘The Enemy’ - December 15, 2016
Exclusive: Despite conflicting accounts about who leaked the Democratic emails, the frenzy over an alleged Russian role is driving the U.S. deeper into a costly and dangerous New Cold War, writes Robert Parry.
By hyping the Russian “threat,” the neocons and their liberal-hawk sidekicks, who include much of the mainstream U.S. news media, can guarantee bigger military budgets from Congress. The hype also sets in motion a blocking maneuver to impinge on any significant change in direction for U.S. foreign policy under Trump.

Defunct Jew World Order
David Icke: The 'Fake News' HOAX - The Jew World Order is Desperate

These first hand accounts need to be posted on all fake news stories
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 06:06 pm (UTC)
Comments 3

## Aleppo Urgent: Stop of the evacuation process of the remaining militants due targeting Ramouseh crossing shelled amid heavy gunfire.
## Aleppo Urgent: terrorist groups in Aleppo violating the Armistice Agreement and shoot
Crossing #Ramouseh.
## Aleppo Urgent: armed groups targeting Ramouseh crossing missiles and sniper shots.
## Protectors Urgent: terrorist groups in breach of the agreement and targeting Al-Suqaylabiyah missiles.
#Protectors: terrorist organizations targeting Tel Bagllo area to coincide with the target Ramouseh crossing in Aleppo.
## Protectors urgent: The delegation of the province and the Red Crescent withdraws from Tel Bagllo area targeted by the terrorists to the region
Urgent #Aleppo: Terrorists are targeting Rashedin District 4 and Ramouseh crossing aimed at disrupting the implementation of the agreement, which calls for the withdrawal of terrorists from the eastern neighborhoods.
## Aleppo Urgent: news agencies withdrew from Ramouseh crossing into Aleppo after terrorists targeted the crossing.

Igor Bundy
Shiite mititia suspends the evacuation process in #Aleppo as gunfire is heard — Activists.
Now that 12000 civilians were evacuated and the injured were sent to turkey it is now time to kill the puckers.
Syrian TV: aleppo militants breach deal with govt., seek to take prisoners with them in evacuation
Terrorists in Amiryah NBHD attack Ramousah Bridge with mortar shells
Red_Crescent withdrew & evacuation suspended
BREAKING: Militants shell evacuation corridor in #Aleppo’s Ramuse district – reports http://sptnkne.ws/cZkT
TERRORISTS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE BEFORE HANDING OVER 100 kidnapped children and hostages! This cease fire is dead.. and if the SAA dont storm them now so are the hostages and children. forget the civilians being allowed to leave fua.
Time to End this.
Last 24 hours -> Btw 6-7,000 have been evacuated from east Aleppo while buses agreed on to evacuate 1,200 from Fuah-Kafraya has not moved
Syrian Army let “rebels” leave Aleppo but guess what? They want to take civilian hostages with them!
Once a terrorist always a terrorist.
Militant groups violate agreement and tried to smuggle heavy weapons from east Aleppo
Breaking : 9500 from 15000 have been exit from east Aleppo.
Militants inside #Aleppo targeted Ramouseh crossing with rockets.
Exiting Stop
Contact from besieged village Kefraya says his relatives moved into a tent in the frigid weather b/c rebels are targeting the houses #AleppoAlison Meuse added,
A contact whose relatives are trapped in those villages responded: “Just hearing about that like you. We heard so many lies. F**k them all.” https://twitter.com/AliTahmizian/status/809003394174251008
These guys killed over 100 hostage children to blame Assad for a gas attack!
Alqaeda rebels attacked Ghouta with different types of Gas 2013 in order to pin blame on Assad. Symptoms showed a multiple causes and indicate they were gassed at different locations.
Fares Shehabi ‏Member of the Syrian parliament for Aleppo , Chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industry.
Qaeda gangs just broke the evacuation deal wanting to take hostages with them! All buses left the evacuation point.
After terror backers secured the evacuation of all foreign terror leaders, they abandoned the rest by ordering them to nullify the deal!
Looks like the terrorists managed to smuggle out the kidnapped children as their own and the red cross only found out when the captured soldiers were being smuggled out.
At least this time Russia allowed an immediate response to this perfidy.
Yusha Yuseef ‏@MIG29_
Breaking #Aleppo, my info
the main resone to stop exiting: Militants smuggled out some detainees.
Russia says all women/kids out of E Aleppo, & Syrian gov forces are “liquidating remaining points of radical resistance.”
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 06:11 pm (UTC)
Comments 4

From Zerohedge
Aleppo Victory… US And Its Crime Partners Suffer “Meltdown Of Sanity”
Submitted by Finian Cunningham via Strategic-Culture.org,
The US and its terrorist-sponsoring partners are seeing their criminal regime-change project in ruins, as the Syrian army and its allies win a spectacular victory to retake the strategically important city of Aleppo.
Western governments and their flunkies at the UN are cynically, perversely decrying a «meltdown of humanity».
Closer to the truth is their own «meltdown of sanity». This is because the official Western narrative about the Syrian war is finally being exposed on a glaring scale.
The exposure for the whole world to see is one of a systematic, fake propaganda cover that concealed a criminal enterprise – an enterprise involving terrorist proxies, or fake moderate rebels, whom the Western governments have sponsored for the past six years in a conspiracy to overthrow the government of Syria. The gravity of this systematic crime committed by Washington and its various partners is now unfolding.Unable to cope with their own cognitive dissonance over the criminality, the Western governments and their complicit corporate news media are resorting to outright denial and to compounding lies with even more lies.

# Aleppo: There are sounds of shooting and terrorists fired another shell on Ramouseh crossing.
Important and urgent Reasons out insurgents stopped
1. Non-delivery of the prisoners and bodies of the martyrs
2. The non-implementation of evacuations of Kafria and Alfawea
3. attempt to smuggle arms and ammunition
4. shooting and shells at the crossings

Liberation of E. Aleppo from militants complete – Russian military
The liberation of eastern Aleppo has been completed, according to the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Reconciliation. Syrian government forces are now tackling separate pockets of militant resistance.
“The operation by the Syrian Army aimed at liberating the militant-controlled neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo has been completed. The Syrian government forces continue to eliminate isolated pockets of militant resistance,” the Center for Reconciliation said in a statement.
All women and children have been evacuated from militant-controlled parts of eastern Aleppo, and only radicals now remain there, the Center confirmed earlier. The militants that remain have been firing at the Syrian forces.
“All women and children who were in militant-controlled districts have been evacuated.
“The operation of the Russian Center for Reconciliation to evacuate militants and their families from the eastern districts of Aleppo is now complete,” the center, with the aim to bring about peace between the warring parties in Syria, said in a statement.
It added that over 4,500 militants have been evacuated along with their families, as well as 337 wounded.
A total of over 9,500 people have been moved out of the rebel-held eastern Aleppo since the operation was launched on Thursday.
The evacuees from the last convoy told authorities that everyone who wanted to leave the rebel-held area had done so.
“In some areas, there are still groups of militants from radical and irreconcilable gangs, who are firing at Syria troops,” the statement noted. It added that Syrian Army units are continuing the liberation of the militant-held districts of the city.
According to the latest figures from the Russian Defense ministry, only 2 percent of Aleppo is still controlled by militants.
Earlier reports said that the militants opened fire on one of the сonvoys that was taking citizens out of eastern Aleppo and attempted to take hostages. A source in the militia headquarters also reportedly told Reuters that the rebels have evacuated everyone they planned to evacuate, and those who stayed did so to fight.
“Those who stayed refused to leave and took up defense. The proof of their decision to stay is the [recent] shelling of a number of civilian neighborhoods,” the source is cited as saying
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 08:55 pm (UTC)
Russia Today News
Liberation of E. Aleppo from militants complete - Russian military

Beijing seizes US underwater drone in South China Sea

Putin: Kuril Islands may become unifying element, help Moscow & Tokyo finally sign peace treaty

‘Intolerable & dangerous’: Auschwitz Committee accuses Facebook of turning blind eye to hate speech

Either Europe changes the rules, or we lose the EU – Norbert Hofer to RT

US MANPAD supplies should worry Pentagon, not ‘small arms' seized in Palmyra – Russian military

Terrorist attack at police station in Damascus carried out by child – state media

WikiLeaks calls on Obama to submit proof of Russian hacking for verification

‘Furious’ German spies frozen out by UK intelligence after ‘leaking to WikiLeaks’

Priests, teachers, coaches: Children’s home sex abuse survivors publish harrowing report

Ex-Ukrainian lawmaker asks Moscow court to recognize Kiev regime change as coup d’état
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 08:57 pm (UTC)
Complete Lies
Experts discuss Aleppo liberation and its media coverage.
Posted December 15, 2016
Spot the face of hive minded pure evil.
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 09:18 pm (UTC)
The "Elite" Coup Of 2016
There is an "elite" coup attempt underway against the U.S. President-elect Trump.
MoA December 15, 2016
The coup is orchestrated by the camp of Hillary Clinton in association with the CIA and neoconservative powers in Congress.
The plan is to use the CIA's "Russia made Trump the winner" nonsense to swing the electoral college against him. The case would then be bumped up to Congress. Major neocon and warmonger parts of the Republicans could then move the presidency to Clinton or, if that fails, put Trump's vice president-elect Mike Pence onto the throne. The regular bipartisan war business, which a Trump presidency threatens to interrupt, could continue.
Should the coup succeed violent insurrections in the United States are likely to ensue with unpredictable consequences.
The above theses are thus far only a general outlay. No general plan has been published. The scheme though is pretty obvious by now. However, the following contains some speculation.
The priority aim is to deny Trump the presidency. He is too independent and a danger for several power centers within the ruling U.S. power circles. The selection of Tillerson as new Secretary of State only reinforces this (Prediction: Bolton will not get the Deputy position.) Tillerson is for profitable stability, not for regime change adventures. The institutional Trump enemies are:
The CIA which has become the Central Assassination Agency under the Bush and Obama administrations. Huge parts of its budgets depend on a continuation of the war on Syria and the drone assassination campaigns in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. Trump's more isolationist policies would likely end these campaigns and the related budget troughs.
The weapons industry which could lose its enormous sales to its major customers in the Persian Gulf should a President Trump reduce U.S. interference in the Middle East and elsewhere.
The neoconservatives and Likudniks who want the U.S. as Israel's weapon to strong arm the Middle East to the Zionists' benefit.
The general war hawks, military and "humanitarian interventionists" to whom any reduction of the U.S. role as primary power in the world is anathema to their believes.
The current CIA director Brennan, a leading figure of the CIA torture program and Obama consigliere, is in the Clinton/anti-Trump camp. The former CIA heads Hayden and Panetta are public Clinton supporters as is torturer king and former CIA deputy director Michael Morell.
It is thereby no wonder that the CIA is leading the anti-Russian campaign. Its task now is to implant the idea in the U.S. public that Russian intervention skewed the U.S. election towards Trump. The purpose is the delegitimization of the Trump victory in the eyes of the media and public but even more so in the eyes of the electors within the electoral college.
More http://www.moonofalabama.org/2016/12/elite-coup.html#more
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 09:19 pm (UTC)
What triggers terrorism? Is it Islam, or rather US Foreign Policy and the west’s double standards?
http://alrai.li/28lwbdk @AlraiMediaGroup
Elijah J. Magnier: @EjmAlrai
“If killing those who kill our sons is terrorism, then let history be witness that we are terrorists”. This is what the late leader of al-Qaida, Osama Bin Laden said in response to the accusation of terrorism by the west. “Terrorising the enemy” is part of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, as long as you fight, inflict pain and terrorise the enemy of Islam, willing to fight back and not asking for peace, as stated in the Quran aya.

US analysts and media, who occupy most of the mainstream-reporting platform, tend to focus on the reaction of terrorists. They study and report their doings, profile, goals, and behaviour, the link between different terrorist organisations, and analyse their next steps rather than focus on the real igniting factor behind terrorism. Millions of books have been written about terrorist groups and their background. Countries, like the UK, promote CONTEST and community policing to domestically combat the Violent Extremism and radicalisation that leads to Terrorism (VERLET). The consequences of US foreign policy as it is enacted and perceived in the Islamic World are rarely highlighted as one of the major factors, perhaps the main cause, influencing, and indeed nourishing terrorism.

US Northeastern University Political Science Professor Max Abrahms, a terrorism theorist, told Al-Rai: “The U.S. has inadvertently contributed to international terrorism through the failed policy of regime change (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan) since the declared “war on terror”. Un-thoughtful change of regime in Iraq created a power vacuum that was filled by al-Qaida in Iraq and ultimately ISIS. Few Americans understand that removing Gaddafi in Libya created a similar power vacuum that has greatly benefited ISIS among other militant groups. Fewer Americans also understand that arming the “opposition” in Syria helped to significantly support ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra and prolonged the so-called civil war. In these ways, the US counterterrorism strategy has backfired.

A unit in the “FBI counterterrorism division” and FBI special agents across the US involved in “home-grown violent extremism” concluded that US foreign policy is the main motive behind terrorist attacks as a retaliation for the hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East.

If we look at the war in Syria, very often we find that the role of the Syrian President Bashar al Assad is falsely quoted as the one who has supported the rise of al-Qaeda or the “Islamic State” (ISIS), the flow of jihadists in Iraq to fight the US occupation forces and the opening of his prisons in Syria in 2011, (releasing jihadists from jail to radicalise the revolution).

For example, Major General William Caldwell, chief US military spokesman in Iraq, said in 2006 that Syria was one of many Middle Eastern countries that allowed an easy access to foreign fighters in Bilad al-Rafideyn. The ex-Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, threatened to cut ties with Assad because, he said, jihadists coming from Syria caused major killing among the civilian population and were doing their best to fuel a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia. Al-Maliki also accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of funding violence in his country. Also, Iran played a tactical role in sheltering, arming and offering logistics to al-Qaeda and anti-US militants as long as their aim was to fight the occupation forces in Iraq.

The allegations that Assad is behind the radicalisation of the Syrian peaceful revolution are misleading. The foundations for the war against Syria were laid in the 2000 (not in 2011) when “a $10billion 1,500km pipeline was proposed to link Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria to Turkey and give the Gulf countries a control over world natural gas”, with the goal to hit Russia’s gas and economy sectors by offering an alternative to Europe, via Turkey. Russia sells 75% of its gas to Europe and it would have been a major blow to President Putin’s sales of Russian gas outside Europe.
More https://elijahjm.wordpress.com/2016/12/14/what-triggers-terrorism-is-it-islam-or-rather-us-foreign-policy-and-the-wests-double-standards/
clothcapclothcap on December 16th, 2016 11:27 pm (UTC)
Rise of the 4th Reich
Rise of the 4th Reich
by Jim Marss
This page has been copied from the following website address;
Visit www.JimMarss.com website for other excellent books on NAZI History


clothcapclothcap on December 17th, 2016 08:48 am (UTC)
SyrPer Comments 5

Tweets 18 hours ago
3500 surrender of the militants moderate opposition in the east of Aleppo and amnesty for three thousand of them – Staff of the Russian

T4 Air Base
South Front - Syrian War Report – December 16, 2016: Government Forces Disrupt ISIS Offensive On Tyas Airbase

The situation around T4 airbase has strengthened lately. Gains not of it in the past few days at the abandoned military base and several hills, secured the northern flank to the point that the allied forces are close to storm Marh and Jihar gas fields.
Yesterday and today, important gains were made south of the T4 airbase, the village of Sharifah was retaken and today the important Tiyas crossroad was also secured.
In the desert, controlling the roads and logistic routes are vital, as well as the high ground near main targets, so far the SAA and allies have done that. T4 is safe, now comes the advance toward the gas fields and Palmyra. We will hear soon an official major campaign to retake Palmyra, by now lots of speculations, such as the good quality one from southfront below, the fact is that it si coming and won’t take a long campaign.

Mieszko I
Possible reason for the illogical ISIS attack on Palmyra ? The US moves in, moving further into Syrian territory unchallenged .
” US-led strikes destroy tanks, air defenses near Syria’s Palmyra – military ”
The US-led coalition battling Islamic State said on Friday it destroyed 14 tanks, an air defense artillery system and other weaponry near the Syrian city of Palmyra after IS seized the city this month. The strikes, which the military said in a statement took place on Thursday, followed a warning from the US military that it could strike weapons it believed posed a danger to the US-led coalition in the region. (Reuters)
The Syrian army fulfills this open ended declaration. Aleppo has fallen, prepare for the real battle………………………
”followed a warning from the US military that it could strike weapons it believed posed a danger to the US-led coalition in the region.“
[The apocalyptic turn apoplectic. The bitches have unleashed motormouth generals. Global police? Global terrorists.]

Ivan Serbia
Before Palmyra was taken recently by ISIS US-led coalition was targeting fuel trucks in that part of Syria. 2-3 days later 5000 jihadists stormed ancient city. By this false-reason-activity they give cover for ISIS actions not to be targeted by Russian or Syrian planes. The same is for this “destruction of tanks, air defense systems” – they are supplying ISIS by air drops. Bastards.

Syrian Army & Allies captrue Al-SHarife Town south of T4 airport after clashes with ISIS eastern Homs
clothcapclothcap on December 17th, 2016 09:05 am (UTC)
SyrPer comments 6
It seems the latest news from Libya account to the Tobruk legit government to have decided to take the fight to the Muslin Brotherhood/Jihadist/NATO backed Government in Tripoli (GNA).
Recently Khalifa Haftar, leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Libyan Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh were in Moscow, it is not confirmed but it seems weapons and ammo are flowing from Russia to Egypt and to LNA for quite sometime and maybe it has increased due to the recent decisions to take the war toward Tripoli. No doubt there was a decision taken in Moscow to go after Tripoli, Egypt President, al Sisi, is fully supportive and urging LNA to unity the country.
NATO backed Muslin Brotherhood/Jihadist GNA puppet government is at a mess, see article below, the time is ripe for a reunification of Libya under the Tobruk Government.
The implications of a free Libya (out of NATO hands), a free Yemen, a free Egypt and a free Iraq will mean a lot to Syria and very much “turn the table” on the Arab League, the GCC countries will be by far the biggest losers. 2017 will be a wonderful year for the ME, the real revolution is about to start.

Yet the Victory will not be complete if the mayham does not come back to it’s source: USA

Robin Morritt
I read the article, Canthama, and the one on Syria. The ignorance of these people is positively jaw-dropping.
I prefer your idea. It’s a good job Obama won’t be around to arm every terrorist in North Africa when the UN recognised government gets its marching orders from the Kremlin and Cairo.
Medicins Sans Frontiere will be upset, too. They’ve got a nice little human trafficking scam going, ferrying immigrants from the Libyan coast and dropping them off in Italy.