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Transfer of wealth from the GB public using US Lockheed Martin F-35s as the means


Why the F-35 is a sitting duck for the Flankers
12 October 2014 Rakesh Krishnan Simha
Outgunned by the Su-30 family of aircraft and suffering critical design flaws, the American F-35 is staring down the barrel of obsolescence – and punching a gaping hole in western air defences.
Built to be the deadliest hunter killer aircraft of all time, the F-35 has quite literally become the hunted. In every scenario that the F-35 has been wargamed against Su-30 Flankers, the Russian aircraft have emerged winners. America’s newest stealth aircraft – costing $191 million per unit – is riddled with such critical design flaws that it’s likely to get blown away in a shootout with the super-maneuverable Sukhois.
Stubby wings (that reduce lift and maneuverability), a bulbous fuselage (that makes it less aerodynamic) low speed and a super hot engine (which a half decent radar can identify) are just a few of the major flaws that will expose its vulnerability during air combat.
With more than 600 Flankers (Sukhoi-27s and its later iterations such as the Su-30, Su-34 and Su-35 Super Flanker) flying with air forces around the world, the fate of the fifth generation F-35 seems decidedly uncertain. Aerospace experts across the world are veering around to the view that America’s most expensive fighter development programme (pegged at $1.5 trillion) will be a sitting duck for the flankers.
There is direct theft such as Brown declaring the intent to sell British public's gold reserve which drove the price down before the sale. The reason reportedly was to bail out the foreign JPM, a zionist bank and avoid a premature currency collapse.

The crisis was triggered by the public co-ordinating physical silver purchase so that those wishing to redeem their paper for physical silver found that JPM and GS had oversold by approx. 100 times and the cupboard was bare. 100th of the buyers had already cleaned them out.

Imagine you sold the right to your car to 100 people and 5 of them wanted the car at the same time. You would find yourself in jail for fraud. The bankers that include our dear Queen (BoE) got the politicians to legalise their fraud, calling it fractional reserve. It is still a crime, just allowed by our enemies in charge of the country and the freemason controlled justice system.

The even more direct method is to transfer wealth to the non accountable zionist-CIA run IMF in the US, which each chancellor has done to the tune of many tens of billions. Even more is siphoned through the DIFD, the UN and its offshoots and various faux charities like WWF, White Helmets etc. Were the regime to lay bare its true accounts this and every surviving member of past GB regimes would be in jail pretty quickly.

The Pilgrims headed by HMQ at the founding of their gang said their mandate was to confiscate all the gold and silver (vacuum all the wealth) in the world.

Much of that objective has been achieved by exchanging worthless paper (fiat currency) for metal, by theft, Fort Knox has been hollowed, more through the 9-11 heist and still more through wars and the privatisation of central banks.

I expect it is held in Rothschilds' Switzerland. I doubt the bank families are stupid enough to trust it with Netanyahu.

Then there is the purchase of F35s. Lockheed Martin is financed by zionist controlled banks and is therefore controlled by them. Osborne is a zionist freemason with a questionable past that likely has left him a humble servant not of the public but the zionists. The enemy was facing a massive loss of investment as the F35 turned out to be grossly inferior to the Russian's SU whatever, completely outmatched in every area.

How kind of the thief to rob the British public to bail out the zionist banks that financed the F35. Osborne, like Brown is the worst kind of traitor scum, appointed by Cameron. of pig face f***king fame. His theft was probably commissioned by the BoE corporation headed by HMQ and Rothschild, zionists.

Brother Nathaneal, may he truthsay on forever, knows the facts. In the US, the international jews control pretty much everything. Seems to be the same in Britain but the zionist jackboot has everyone afraid to speak, unlike the US. (If you want to know who is truly in control ask who you cannot criticise.)

The Tie Between US Militarism & Zionist Jews

America’S Change From A Civilian To A Military Economy

Jews Control America
[America and a whole lot more]

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