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27 August 2016 @ 09:06 am
Pepe Escobar shares his opinion in Op-Edge  

Hit the ATM: The Ankara-Tehran-Moscow coalition

Op-Edge: Pepe Escobar
RT Shows 25 Aug, 2016

So Turkish President, a.k.a. Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan is about to make a high-profile visit to Tehran – the date has not yet been set - to essentially kick start the ATM (Ankara-Tehran-Moscow) coalition in Syria.
Anyone as much as hinting at such a massive geopolitical tectonic shift a few weeks ago would be branded a madman. So how did the impossible happen?
A major strategic game-changer – Russia using an airfield in Iran to send bombers against jihadis in Syria – had already taken place, with its aftermath spectacularly misreported by the usual, clueless US corporate media suspects.

Then, there’s what Turkey’s Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, said last Saturday in Istanbul: “The most important priority for us is to stop the bloodshed [in Syria] as soon as possible.” The rest are irrelevant “details.”
Yildirim added Ankara now agrees with Moscow that Bashar al-Assad “could” – and that’s the operative word – stay in power during a political transition (although that’s still highly debatable). Ankara’s drive to normalize relations with Moscow had an ‘important share’ in this ‘policy shift’.
The ‘policy shift’ is a direct consequence of the failed military coup in Turkey. Russian cyber-surveillance aces – in action 24/7 after the downing of the Su-24 last November – reportedly informed Turkish intelligence a few hours before the fact. NATO, as the record shows, was mum.

Even minimalist optics suggests ‘Sultan’ Erdogan was extremely upset that Washington was not exactly displeased with the coup. He knows how vast swathes of the Beltway despise him – blaming him for not being serious in the fight against ISIS and for bombing the YPG Kurds – Pentagon allies - in Syria. The record does show Erdogan has mostly ignored ISIS – allowing non-stop free border crossing for ISIS goons as well as letting Turkish business interests (if not his own family) profit from ISIS’ stolen Syrian oil.Compared to Washington’s attitude Moscow, on the other hand, warning Erdogan about serious, concrete facts on the ground in the nick of time. And for Erdogan, that was highly personal; the putschists reportedly sent a commando to kill him when he was still in Marmaris.

Fast forward to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif’s surprise visit two weeks ago to Ankara. Zarif and his counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu did discuss serious options by which the budding ATM coalition could come up with a viable exit strategy in Syria. One week later Cavusoglu went to Tehran and talked again to Zarif for five hours.
It’s an uphill battle – but doable. Tehran knows very well IRGC officers as well as Hezbollah, Iraqi and Afghan fighters were killed in the Syrian war theater, and that shall not be in vain. Ankara for its part knows it cannot afford to remain forever trapped in an ideological dead end.

BREAKING: Turkish tanks cross Syrian border in military op to retake city of Jarablus from ISIS https://t.co/Hz1GBbWjNB— RT (@RT_com) August 24, 2016

Rojava, where and for whom?

And then there’s the rub - the intractable Kurdish question. Iran, unlike Turkey, does not face active Kurdish separatism. A minimum understanding between Ankara and Tehran – central to the current flurry of meetings, face-to-face and ‘secret’, via mediators, necessarily points toward a united, centralized Syria.
That implies no Rojava – a possible independent Kurdish mini-state alongside the Turkish border, part of a not so hidden Washington/Tel Aviv balkanization agenda. Actually what is now in effect official Pentagon policy contains a mob element of Ash “Empire of Whining” Carter’s revenge on Sultan Erdogan; payback because Erdogan did not do enough to smash ISIS.
And that brings us to the current Turkish offensive – for all practical purposes invasion – of Jarabulus. That’s the last fort – as in the last town that allows ISIS back and forth from southern Turkey to Raqqa in terms of smuggling goons and weapons.

Ankara would never allow the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) take Jarabulus. After all, the SDF – fully supported by the Pentagon - is led by the Kurdish nationalist YPG, which Ankara sees as a mere extension of PKK separatists.
Imagine Ankara’s terror at the YPG seizing Jarabulus. They would have crossed the ultimate Turkish red line; closing the gap between two Kurdish cantons across the border and for all practical purposes giving birth to the Rojava Kurdish mini-state.
Yet even if for Ankara an independent Rojava remains the supreme red line, there are declinations. A Rojava might come as quite handy if it became a dumping ground for Turkish PKK fighters. Arguably the PKK would not complain; after all they would have “their” state.

No one seems to be considering what Damascus thinks about all this.
And no one, for the moment, has a clue about the precise geography of a putative Rojava. If it includes, for instance, the recently liberated city of Manbij, that’s a major problem; Manbij is Arab, not Kurd. Kurds once again seem to be thrown into disarray - forced to choose whether they are allied with Washington or with Moscow.
Moscow, for its part, is crystal clear on ISIS. It is dead set on smashing for good, by all means necessary, any militants who consider Russia their enemy.

Erdogan certainly calculated that a rapprochement with Russia had to include being serious against ISIS. Extra incentive was added by the fact the bombing this past Sunday in Gaziantep was most certainly an ISIS job.
So Erdogan’s Syria master plan now boils down to - what else – another wilderness of mirrors. By crossing to Jarabulus, Ankara wants to establish a sort of remnants of the Free Syria Army (FSA)-controlled enclave. The Americans can't blame him because this will be against ISIS – even though it’s mostly against Rojava. And the Russians won’t make a fuss because Moscow is in favor of Syria’s unity.

#ISIS ‘likely perpetrator’ of fatal #Gaziantep wedding attack – #Erdoganhttps://t.co/A5zYYYTCJipic.twitter.com/ij3RLQrUGb— RT (@RT_com) August 21, 2016

Got ATM, will travel

Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, previously of “zero problems with our neighbors” then converted into “nothing but problems with our neighbors” is now history. Yildirim is a pragmatist. So the opening to Russia had to be inevitable.
And that leads us back to the – alleged - end of Team Obama’s obsession, “Assad must go”. He may stay, for a while. Yildirim has confirmed this is now Turkish official policy. Although that does not mean Ankara – and Washington for that matter – have given up on regime change. They will keep up the pressure – but tactics will change.

As it stands, the major fact on the ground is that ‘Sultan’ Erdogan seems to have had enough of the Americans (NATO of course included) and has pivoted to Russia.
Thus the sending of certified Keystone Cop Joe Biden to Ankara to plead “not guilty” on the military coup (forget it; most Turks don’t believe Washington) and to implore Erdogan not to pursue his massive purge (pure wishful thinking).

Considering Erdogan’s notoriously erratic record, his embrace of ATM may be just a gigantic illusion, or may open yet another unforeseen can of worms. But there are signs this may be for real.
Cavusoglu has already intimated that Ankara is aiming for a military/technological upgrade that is impossible under NATO’s watch. In his own words; “Unfortunately, we see countries in NATO are a bit hesitant when it comes to exchange of technology and joint investments.

Moscow has every reason to be quite cautious regarding myriad aspects of Erdogan’s pivoting. After all the Turkish military has been part of NATO for decades. As it stands, there’s no evidence Moscow and Ankara are looking at the same post-war Syria. But if we’re talking about the future of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), then it starts to get really interesting.
Turkey is already a “dialog partner” of the SCO, while Iran may become a full member as early as next year. Moscow is certainly envisioning Ankara as a valuable ally in the wider Sunni world, way beyond a role in repelling Salafi-jihadis in Syria. With Ankara and Tehran also talking serious business, this could eventually spill out into a serious debunking of the alleged apocalyptic Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian divide, which is the only Divide-and-Rule strategy spun and deployed non-stop by the US, Israel and the House of Saud.

It’s this enticing SCO-enhancing possibility that’s freaking Washington out big time. Russia pivoting East, Turkey pivoting East, Iran already there, and China now also actually involved in a stake in post-war Syria, that’s a geopolitical reconfiguration in Southwest Asia that once again spells out the inevitable; Eurasia integration.

Astute, commended.

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clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 09:20 am (UTC)
Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily
RT News 25 Jul, 2016

The former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, retired US Army General John F. Campbell, was the mastermind behind the failed military coup in Turkey, the Yeni Safak daily has reported, citing sources close to investigation.
General John F. Campbell, 59, was "one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey," the conservative paper's English-language edition said on Monday.
The paper is known for its loyal support of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was the target of the coup attempt.
According to Yeni Safak, Campbell "also managed more than $2 billion in transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey."
Read more
U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan (L). © Kevin Lamarque Turkey-US ties will suffer unless Gulen extradited, foreign minister says
The retired US general had allegedly paid "at least two secret visits" to Turkey since May up to the attempted coup, which the Turkish authorities blamed on what they call the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).
Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, warned on Monday that ties with Washington could suffer unless they extradite the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, Erdogan's ideological adversary. Washington has repeatedly said that Turkey must provide solid evidence of any links Gulen might have to the attempted coup before any possible extradition process is discussed.
The Turkish daily reported that Campbell had top secret meetings at the Erzurum military base and Incirlik air base in Turkey, adding that the US general "directed the process of trending / blacklisting the military officers in the base."
According to the paper, "Millions of dollars of money has been transferred from Nigeria to Turkey by a group of CIA personnel. The money, which has been distributed to an 80-person special team of the CIA, was used to convince pro-coup generals. After taking money from their bank accounts, the CIA team hand-delivered it to the terrorists under the military dresses."
The Turkish government and President Erdogan are using this as a pretext to put pressure on the US in an effort to get Gulan extradited, the founder and director of the Centre for Turkey Studies and Development in London, Ibrahim Dogus, told RT.
“President Erdogan has been trying very hard to hunt down [anyone] linked, loyal or associated with Gulen at this moment in Turkey.”
More https://www.rt.com/news/353126-campbell-nato-coup-turkey/
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 10:16 am (UTC)
Turkey opens 3rd bridge linking Europe to Asia (VIDEO)
RT News 27 Aug, 2016

Turkey has opened a massive $3-billion suspension bridge that links the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. The relative of the Golden Gate, Akashi Kaikyo, and Moscow’s Crimean Bridge was unveiled by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday.
The 1.4 kilometer- (0.9 mile-) long, 59 meter (65 yard-) wide Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was opened at a ceremony attended both by Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim while a massive crowd waved Turkish flags.
The ambitious project has been seen by many as Erdogan’s attempt to leave his mark on the country’s history – including by the Turkish president himself.
“When a man dies, he leaves behind a monument,” Erdogan said during the ceremony.
More, vid, https://www.rt.com/news/357370-turkey-bridge-europe-asia/

Bridging The Bosphorus: Third bridge over Bosphorus Strait opens, Andrew Hopkins reports
TRT World


Recep Tayyip Erdogan / Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü Açilis Töreni / 26 Agustos 2016
Turkish Breaking News
Cumhurbaskani Recep Tayyip Erdogan'in Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü açilis töreninde yapmis oldugu konusma

clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 10:22 am (UTC)
Russia, US reduce areas of misunderstanding on Syria as Lavrov & Kerry agree concrete steps
RT News 26 Aug, 2016

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the marathon talks with US State Secretary Kerry in Geneva helped to reduce mutual levels of misunderstanding. Both countries will boost their cooperation on Syria, including on the military level, he said.
“We have agreed on concrete ways in which we will work with the sides: Russia – with the government and the opposition, that is working with us, the United States – with the opposition, which is cooperating with them,” Lavrov said.
In addition to that, the cooperation between Russia’s Khmeimim air base and representatives of the American armed forces in the US base in Jordan is going to be ramped up.
“We have agreed to intensify the bilateral contacts that have somewhat stalled in the last several weeks,” Lavrov said, adding that his is confident that “a regular dialog without any pauses is a key to the realization of all our objectives.”
More, vid https://www.rt.com/news/357335-kerry-lavrov-talks-syria/
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 10:31 am (UTC)
Deliberately averting the eyes of the UN from the rebels' use of chemical weapons
Op-Edge: ‘PsyOps to build case against Assad’
RT 26 Aug, 2016 13:45

The West doesn’t want to acknowledge it enabled, and sometimes directly supported, groups in Syria that use chemical weapons as a pretext to put the onus for this on the Assad government, says retired CIA and US State Department official Larry Johnson.
A joint investigation by the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) accuses the Syrian government of carrying out two chemical weapons attacks in the past two years, as well as ISIS for using mustard gas in one of them.
RT: Commenting on the UN report, Washington said Assad must be held to account. But why did the US remain silent when so-called moderate rebels admitted carrying out a chemical attack in April this year, in Aleppo?
Larry Johnson: The real problem with the chemical weapons - I call them ‘so-called chemical weapons’ - is that it has been almost entirely the rebels and not the government. The Syrian government had binary chemical weapons. And a binary weapon means you have to mix two separate components together in order to create a lethal agent. Those weapons were collected and disposed with the assistance of Russia. Those weapons have been taken off the battlefield.
Russia urges ‘caution’ on UN’s Syria chemical weapons report, will talk to US
What the West doesn’t want to acknowledge is the fact that we have enabled, and in some cases directly supported, groups in Syria that have …[used] chlorine, and other chemicals – mustard gas – as a pretext to put the onus of this on the government of Bashar Assad. This is all being carried out as what I call a psychological operation, a psyops campaign, designed to shift public attention and public opinion in order to build a case to go after Bashar Assad. In fact, the real culprits here – the ones that represent the danger - and the intelligence community knows this – are the rebels, particularly al-Nusra and ISIS.
RT: No perpetrator was identified in six of the nine chemical attacks investigated. Do you think we can speculate who was behind them, or ever indeed find out the truth about who carried out these attacks?
LJ: That’s deliberate ignorance on the part of the UN. Both the US and the Israeli intelligence agencies monitor real time the chemical units, the military units, in Syria that have the chemical weapons capability. Why? Because when those units activate and start preparing – it is designed, from the standpoint of Israel, to have prior warning that something like this would happen. You’ve not seen any evidence whatsoever of any kind of prior activity.
Continues https://www.rt.com/op-edge/357297-syria-chemical-weapons-un/
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 06:57 pm (UTC)
Syrian Perspective

Ziad Fadel Aug 26 2016

ALEPPO: For those who have been following SyrPer for years, watching the unfolding war in Syria, what is happening today is really unsurprising. The alliances which used to exist have been shuffled like a deck of cards. Turkey, the most malicious actor in this drama along with Saudi Arabia, villains all, has now entered into a new digression which will pit Turkey against the United States in an imaginary war to create a new Kurdish political entity acceptable to Turkey. But, is that really true? What I have just heard is that the Turks are pouring into Syria with American aircraft flying cover. The Turks are not angling for a war with the PKK, as it would seem, because if they were, one would think the U.S. would be openly averse to such a development. So, is it possible that the Turks are aiming to link up with the PKK in order to eradicate ISIS, as Turk leaders insist, and to help in creating a toothless Kurdish Rojava dependent on Ankara? Gee. Folks, I really don’t know. All I know is that an imbecile by the name of Joe Biden, an advocate for dismembering Near Eastern states, was in Ankara to gently swab Merdoghan’s infected hemorrhoids.

I still believe Turkey is obsessed with crushing any semblance of Kurd nationalism. Yet, if that were the case, why is Turkey so obsessed now with fighting ISIS? Well, dummy, you might ask: Erdoghan is not really fighting ISIS because he was instrumental in creating it by affording the group time and space in Turkey to develop its military capabilities under the watchful eye of disgruntled former officers in Saddam’s army – the same officers cashiered by the historically inept L. Paul Bremer, once the American High Commissioner of Iraq. So, one might posit: is Erdoghan really moving into Syria to assault the PKK, America’s new golden boy? No! Dummy. He can’t hit the PKK because the U.S. sees that group as the linchpin of its new back-up policy to salvage what it can of its catastrophic plan to unseat Dr. Assad and the Ba’ath. Oh, yawn.

The Turks have entered Jaraablus. The PKK has submissively moved to the east bank of the Euphrates in accordance with Turk demands. Even the U.S. was instrumental in cajoling the Kurds into rowing their boats across the river. So what does the U.S. have in mind?

Here’s what some of my trusted experts and sources tell me: Erdoghan was about an inch away from breaking ties with NATO unless he got his way on this one. Even though the Turkish army has been denuded of its best officers, NATO still considers Turkey “crucial” to its southern defenses. What that really means to white people is that cannon fodder like Turk soldiers are necessary to prevent undue demands on European armies. So, Obama and Biden bit the bitter pill, swallowed their mythical pride, and allowed U.S. bombers to assist the Turks in doing what the U.S. sort-of wanted to do in the north of Syria but were afraid to do because they didn’t want to aggrieve their new Kurdish buddies. The U.S. will have much explaining to do to their new-found Kurd allies once all this finally sinks in to the thick Kurdish skull.

More, zoomable map, pics http://syrianperspective.com/2016/08/turks-and-americans-walk-into-self-made-cesspool-obama-as-affirmative-action-imbecile-french-made-chemical-weapons-for-terrorism-in-2013-daarayyaa-falls-to-saa.html
Good opinon come sitrep.
YPG changed their shoulder patches to read SDF

Edited at 2016-08-27 08:04 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 08:20 pm (UTC)
The Turkish Invasion Of Syria: Who Is Behind It And Why
By Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post August 26, 2016

On Wednesday morning, Turkey abruptly launched an all-out military assault on Syria, sending in tanks, troops, and engaging in airstrikes, in concert with airstrikes from the United States, to the northern portions of Syria near the Turkey-Syria border under the guise of combating ISIS forces. At this time, the military operations seem focused around Jarablus.
According to the BBC, “A dozen Turkish tanks and other vehicles have rolled across the Syrian border after heavy shelling of an area held by so-called Islamic State (IS). Military sources told Turkish media 70 targets in the Jarablus area had been destroyed by artillery and rocket strikes, and 12 by air strikes.”
Al-Masdar reports on the progress of the Turkish military offensive by writing:
The Turkish Special Forces, alongside the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Faylaq Al-Sham, reportedly captured their first village during this new offensive dubbed “Operation Euphrates Shield.”
According to Faylaq Al-Sham’s official media wing, their forces captured the village of Tal Katlijah after the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) terrorists quickly abandoned the area in order to reinforce Jarabulus.
ISIS has mostly abandoned the small area between Jarabulus and the Turkish border, leaving only small units to resist the advancing Turkish-backed rebels.
The Turkish-backed rebels are now attacking the hilltop village of Tal Sha’er, which is along the road to Jarabulus.

What Is Turkey Doing?
The Turkish invasion is predicated on the basis of “fighting ISIS,” a wholly unbelievable goal since Turkey itself has been supporting, training, and facilitating ISIS since day one. Not only that, but Turkey is arriving in Syria with terrorists in tow since, as the BBC reported, “Between nine and 12 tanks crossed the frontier, followed by pick-up trucks believed to be carrying hundreds of fighters from Turkish-backed factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA).” If Turkey was interested in stopping terrorism, why would they lead the charges for more terrorists to enter Syria? Indeed, if stopping terrorism was truly Turkey’s goal, it is capable of sealing the border from its own side without any need for invasion so why the war the party?
Turkey’s interests do not lie in stopping terrorism. Far from it. Turkey’s foreign policy and military decision to invade Syria are based along three lines; its desire for more territory (which it believes was stolen from it long ago), its willingness to continue working with NATO in its attempt to destroy the secular government of Syria, and its concern over the Kurdish expansion.
With this invasion, Turkey has solidified its willingness to risk outright war with Syria and perhaps even Russia in order to fulfill the goals of NATO and Anglo-American powers who have sought to destroy Syria from the beginning. Part of this strategy is the creation of “buffer zones” and “safe zones” in the north, precisely the concepts that were re-floated and discussed by the United States and U.K. only days before the invasion. Note that the invasion and operations are centering around Jarablus, the eastern border of the famed Jarablus corridor which, bordered by Afrin and Azaz in the west, make up the last fully functioning terrorist supply routes coming in from Turkey. These were precisely the dimensions that were discussed by Western think tanks and NGOs in regards to what a “safe zone” in Syria should look like. Although argued on the basis of “giving civilians somewhere to go” the zones were supposed to be controlled by “moderate” Western-backed terrorists and were clearly designed to prevent the Syrian government and Russian forces from closing the supply routes coming from the Turkish side of the border into Syria.

Continues http://www.activistpost.com/2016/08/the-turkish-invasion-of-syria-who-is-behind-it-and-why.html
H/t SyrPer
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 08:49 pm (UTC)
Totally illegal aggressive invasion of Syria by TR and the US too. Yahoo News
Turkish soldier killed in Syria attack, Kurdish militia blamed
Bulent Kilic and Stuart Williams in Istanbul
Yahoo News August 27, 2016

The Turkish army on Wednesday launched the two-pronged cross border offensive against Islamic State (IS) jihadists but also Syrian Kurdish militia detested by Ankara, sending in dozens of tanks and hundreds of troops.
Tensions between Ankara and the Kurdish militia flared Sunday, with clashes taking place eight kilometres (five miles) south of the town of Jarabulus, the border town recaptured from IS this week by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, a monitoring group and Kurdish sources said.

More https://www.yahoo.com/news/turkish-army-kurd-backed-forces-clash-north-syria-151214091.html
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 08:52 pm (UTC)
Totally illegal aggressive invasion
Turkey sends more tanks into Syria as ceasefire efforts advance
Yahoo News August 27, 2016

As Turkey stepped up its biggest operation in Syria since the start of the war, the US and Russia announced progress in talks on agreeing a new ceasefire
As Turkey stepped up its biggest operation in Syria since the start of the war, the US and Russia announced progress in talks on agreeing a new ceasefire (AFP Photo/Bulent Kilic)
Karkamis (Turkey) (AFP) - Turkey on Saturday sent more tanks into Syria to bolster a military offensive against jihadists and Kurdish fighters, as a diplomatic push for a new ceasefire in Syria gathered pace.
An AFP photographer in the village of Karkamis on the Turkish side of the border saw six more tanks roll over the frontier as mop-up operations continued in a town wrested from the Islamic State group (IS).
Sporadic explosions were heard from over the border as Turkish-backed rebels carried out de-mining work in the town of Jarabulus seized from IS on Wednesday.
The state-run Anadolu news agency confirmed that the rebels were working to destroy explosives left behind by IS militants, with 20 different sets destroyed on Friday alone.
The deployment was the latest phase in Turkey's military operation inside Syria -- codenamed "Euphrates Shield" -- to oust IS from the border region and also counter advances by a Kurdish militia opposed by Ankara.
As Turkey stepped up its biggest operation in Syria since the start of the war, the US and Russia announced progress in talks on agreeing a new ceasefire.
Meanwhile, the evacuation of Daraya, a town crushed by a four-year Syrian army siege, continued, with hundreds of fighters and their families arriving in rebel-held territory in the northwest.
- 'Important steps'
In Geneva on Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov said they had cleared key obstacles in ceasefire talks but had yet to reach a final deal.
"Today I can say that we achieved clarity on the path forward" for a revamped cessation of hostilities, Kerry said.
Lavrov concurred, saying that "very important steps" had been made on a deal to stop the violence.
Russia, a staunch ally of Assad's regime, has been backing government forces with air strikes on rebel-held areas.
The US supports Syria's main opposition alliance and some rebel factions.
There had been hope that Friday's talks might lead to a breakthrough on the battered northern city of Aleppo, where fighting between government and rebel forces has escalated in recent weeks, leaving hundreds dead.
But neither side gave pledges on getting much-needed aid into the city.
And Turkey's offensive in Syria added yet another layer of complexity to the tangled web of powers jockeying for influence in the war-torn country.
Turkey's leadership has made clear that its offensive is also aimed at holding back the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia, which has led the fight against IS in the area.
Ankara says that the YPG has failed to stick to a promise made by its US allies that the militia would move back east across the Euphrates following the seizure of the town of Manbij from IS earlier this month.
Turkey sees the YPG militia and its Democratic Union Party (PYD) political wing, which have links to Kurdish rebels in southeast Turkey, as "terror groups" bent on carving out an autonomous Kurdish region.
- Over 50 tanks
Turkey has continued sending in tanks since Wednesday's lighting operation to help rebels rout IS from Jarabulus.
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 08:56 pm (UTC)

The Euphrates is significant as it is the psycho expansionists' desired eastern border of the fantasized greater Israel.
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 09:22 pm (UTC)
NATO War Media Mute over Aleppo Terrorist Attacks
Miri Wood
August 26, 2016

Yesterday, 25 August, US-backed moderate savages martyred 6 civilians in Aleppo neighborhoods al Zahraa and Salah Eddin. Mortar bombings injured 34 others, and caused massive material damage to homes, apartment buildings, public and private properties.
The same western media that viralized the “iconic” war porn photo which was taken by the supporter of the demons who videoed their beheading of 12 year old Abdullah Issa, last month, are again mute over yesterday’s attacks*.
There will be no CNN reporter to sit before the UN to condemn this atrocity.
Those who are besiged are all the Syrians. We are talking about Syria being beseiged by enemies, by criminals, by murderers, by hostile governments targeting the whole Syrian people. — H.E. al Ja’afari
Western media ignored FSA throwing postal workers from a state building roof, in August 2012:
Western media ignored 1,000 factories stolen from Aleppo, in November 2012:
Western media ignored the FSA-terrorists kidnapping and beating of The Yellow Man of Aleppo (who has not been seen since these terrorists uploaded their ‘Arab springing’ of this senior citizen, in March 2013:
Western media ignored the takfiri destruction of al Kindi University Medical Hospital, in December 2013:

*Reports from three little-recognized ‘journals’ have attempted an anemic counter-report to yesterday’s fatal attacks, by braying again about those inefficient, chlorinated, flying IEDs…

Pics, 4 vids, links http://www.syrianews.cc/nato-war-media-mute-aleppo-terrorist-attacks/
clothcapclothcap on August 27th, 2016 10:34 pm (UTC)
US Should Issue Rolling ‘No Fly’ Line in Syria - Ex-Pentagon Official


The United States should issue a rolling “no-fly” line in Syria to prevent accidents between US and Syrian forces, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Steven Bucci told Sputnik.
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Department of Defense Press Secretary Peter Cook said at a press briefing earlier this week that the United States is prepared to communicate directly with the Syrian government to avoid another situation like the Syrian Air Force conducting airstrikes near ground forces close to Hasakah.
More: http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160825/1044615140/usa-should-no-fly-syria.html
Gangsterism by mobsters.
UN silent. ICC silent. Freemason judges silent, media silent or lying, other zio puppets silent as the US obeys its zio controllers and turns the world into a free-for-all paradise for psychopathic misanthropes.
clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2016 11:12 am (UTC)
Hillary and the Clinton Foundation: Exemplars of America’s Political Rot
By Eric Draitser
Global Research, August 27, 2016
Stop Imperialism 26 August 2016

Hillary Clinton may be enjoying a comfortable lead in national polls, but she is far from enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep given the ever-widening maelstrom of scandals engulfing her presidential bid. And while Clinton delights in bloviating about a decades-long “vast, right wing conspiracy” against her, the fact is that it’s the Clinton political machine’s long and storied track record of criminality, duplicity, and corruption that haunts her like Lincoln’s ghost silently skulking through White House bedrooms.
The latest in a string of embarrassing scandals is centered on the powerful Clinton Foundation, and the obvious impropriety of its acceptance of large donations from foreign governments (and wealthy individuals connected to them), especially those governments universally recognized as oppressive dictatorships whose foreign policy orientation places them squarely in the US orbit.
Of particular note are the Gulf monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar whose massive donations belie the fact that their oppression of women runs contradictory to Clinton’s self-styled ‘feminism’ and belief “that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st Century.” Is collaborating with feudal monarchies whose subjugation of women is the stuff of infamy really Clinton’s idea of feminism? Or, is it rather that Clinton merely uses issues such as women’s rights as a dog whistle for loyal liberals while groveling before the high councilors of the imperial priesthood?
What the Clinton Foundation hullabaloo really demonstrates is that Clinton’s will to power is single-minded, entirely simpatico with the corruption of the military-industrial-financial-surveillance complex; that she is a handmaiden for, and member of, the ruling establishment; that Clinton represents the marriage of all the worst aspects of the political class. In short, Clinton is more than just corrupt, she is corruption personified.

Clinton’s Dirty Dealing and Even Dirtier Laundry
In a hilariously pig-headed, but rather telling, statement, former President Bill Clinton responded to allegations of impropriety with the Clinton Foundation by saying, “We’re trying to do good things…If there’s something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, I don’t know what it is. The people who gave the money knew exactly what they were doing. I have nothing to say about it except that I’m really proud.”
Leaving aside the fact that such an arrogant comment demonstrates Bill Clinton’s complete contempt for ethics and the basic standards of proper conduct, the salient point is that the argument from the Clintons is that the foundation is inherently good, that it helps people around the world, and that, as such, it can’t possibly be corrupt and unethical. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – except when it comes to the Clintons who stand proudly enveloped in billowing clouds of smoke swearing up and down that not only is there no fire, but anyone who mentions the existence of flames is both a sexist and Trump-loving Putin stooge.
But indeed there is a fire, and it is raging on the American political scene. And nowhere is the heat more palpable than in the deserts of the Middle East where wealthy benefactors write massive checks for access to America’s 21st Century Queen of Mean (apologies to Leona Helmsley).
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-and-the-clinton-foundation-exemplars-of-americas-political-rot/5542729
Psychopathic power crazed gold digger. The type of person the fetulent minded puppeteers offer the public as a figurehead of the putrescent edifice of democracy. A reflection of the souls of the zionist freemason gangsters in charge of the semi-global protection racket.
The grand masters told her they were giving Obama the POTUS role ahead of her in the last election and she could have the next one.
Anyone that says elections and referendums aren't interfered with is lost in the false reality the subverted mass media portrays.
clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2016 11:31 am (UTC)
Hillary Clinton’s Support of “Kiev Hardliners”: Towards Large Scale Escalation of Combat Opera
By J. Hawk, Daniel Deiss, and Edwin Watson
Global Research, August 27, 2016
South Front 26 August 2016

Recent weeks have seen a series of incidents, mainly on the Donbass, suggesting a large-scale escalation of combat operations cannot entirely be ruled out. Ukrainian forces have stepped up bombardments of frontline LPR/DPR positions and of Novorossia cities and towns. There have been a number of efforts by regular UAF forces and by “volunteer battalions” to seize key terrain features and occupy abandoned villages located in the “no-man’s land” separating the warring parties.
The head of LPR Igor Plotnitskiy barely survived an assassination attempt. Most recently, the FSB has thwarted a terror plot in the Republic of Crimea hatched by infiltrators from Ukraine proper at the cost of the deaths of two Russian servicemembers and the wounding of several others. One of the detainees is a so-called “ATO veteran”, and is reputed to be working for Ukraine’s military intelligence. These events suggest that there indeed are parties interested in a military escalation. Who are they?

The Hillary Clinton Campaign
Even though Barack Obama, who is by now a lame-duck president, and Secretary of State John Kerry have pursued a relatively moderate line toward Ukraine and Russia since the winter 2014/15 campaign, it does not mean everyone in the Washington establishment shares their priorities. There are plenty of hotheads in Ashton Carter’s Defense Department, the intelligence establishment, as well as the State Department itself, and they are both betting that Hillary will be their next president and doing their utmost to ensure she gets elected.
Because she will need all the help she can get. In spite of a massive fundraising advantage and the endorsements of Washington establishment, Hillary is not decisively ahead of Trump in the polls. Many former Bernie Sanders supporters are looking to Donald Trump or Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The candidates have yet to undergo the customary three televised debates, and in the primary battles Trump performed rather better than Clinton in that venue.
The wild accusations of the Hand of the Kremlin interfering in US elections are a clear-cut reflection of the ill-concealed panic felt by the Democratic Party establishment. Unable to deal with the problems inherent in their candidate and campaign, they seek to divert attention by accusing Russia of somehow being behind Trump’s candidacy. Since these accusations are not having their desired effect, why not change the news cycle by having Ukraine, which has been all but forgotten by Western media, since its problems are an embarrassment to the Western leaders who were behind the Maidan “revolution of dignity”, return to Breaking News-level coverage because of, once again, “Russian aggression.” Given the extensive backing Hillary enjoys among the foreign policy establishment, it is entirely possible the appropriate encouragement could be unofficially given to the relevant parties in Kiev, behind the backs of the Kerry and even Obama himself. But who are the relevant parties in Kiev?

Continues, vid http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-clintons-support-of-kiev-hardliners-towards-large-scale-escalation-of-combat-operations-in-ukraine/5542754
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US-NATO’s Objective is “Regime Change” in Syria. France’s
France’s President Hollande Calls for the “Neutralization” of Bashar al Assad
By Global Research News
Global Research, August 27, 2016
“Regime Change” in Syria is the ultimate objective, coupled with the US-Turkey-NATO invasion and military occupation of Northern Syria.
The end goal is the installation of an Islamic State. Ultimately what is contemplated is the conquest of the entire country and the surrender of the Damascus government.
French President Francois Hollande calls for the “neutralization” of Syria’s president Assad as “a precondition for peace”:
“We must reduce the terrorist influence without maintaining Assad. The two are bound up together,”
We must create a political transition in Syria, it’s a necessity.
He laid out three conditions for resolving the crisis — the first of which was the “neutralization” of Assad.
The second was to offer “solid guarantees to all the moderate opposition forces, notably the Sunnis and Kurds, and to preserve state structures and the unity of Syria.”
The final condition, which he said would be “decisive”, was to bring together regional actors with a stake in the conflict.
“I’m thinking of the Gulf countries, I’m thinking also of Iran. I’m thinking of Turkey which must get involved in the fight against Daesh (an alternative name for the Islamic State group) and resume the dialogue with the Kurds,” Hollande said.
Syria’s foreign ministry reacted angrily to Hollande’s speech, saying it “constituted a flagrant intrusion in internal affairs and shows that France contributes to the spilling of Syrian blood”.
“The French government should know that as long as it maintains these positions, we will not accept any role for France in a political solution,” the ministry’s statement added.
Hollande said France would continue to support “moderate” members of the Syrian opposition and coalition airstrikes against IS in neighboring Iraq.
“Terrorism threatens all the actors in the region… and all world powers,” he said. “Resolving the Syrian crisis demands the participation of all, and France is ready to play its part.” Naharnet
In a bitter irony, while US-NATO is waging a counter-terrorism campaign, the various Islamic terrorist entities are supported by the Western military alliance as a means to destabilizing and destroying the institutions of the secular state.
Syria’s foreign ministry reacted to Hollande’s speech, saying it:
“constituted a flagrant intrusion in internal affairs and shows that France contributes to the spilling of Syrian blood.”
“The French government should know that as long as it maintains these positions, we will not accept any role for France in a political solution,” the ministry’s statement added.
The counter-terrorism campaign against the Islamic State is bogus, The precondition for peace is the “neutralization” of the “State sponsors of terrorism” including Obama, Erdogan, Hollande among others.
Michel Chossudovsky contributed to this report at

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clothcapclothcap on August 28th, 2016 12:33 pm (UTC)
The corporation zionist war machine. A dinosaur
NATO’S “Holy Trinity”: Neoliberal Capitalism, Privileges of the West and Unipolar World
By Živadin Jovanovic and People's Daily
Global Research, August 27, 2016
People's Daily
Interview to Chinese daily newspaper “People`s Daily” (Renmin Ribao)

Recently NATO held its summit in Warsaw. Warsaw used to be the place where the Warsaw Treaty was signed. Is there something special for NATO to choose such place to hold its summit?
Choosing Warsaw for the last NATO summit reflects acceleration of NATO expansionist strategy toward East. Poland being, after Germany, the second largest and strongest country in the Baltic region plays very important role in the implementation of this strategy. In NATO plans Poland has particular role in overseeing Baltic Sea Basin and Baltic – Anatolia (Turkey) continental belt. Poland was first country to accept USA anti- rocket shield base on its territory, dislocation of so called rotating NATO commands, troops and weaponry. Generally, in the strategy of encircling and confronting Russia, USA relies more on fidelity and anti-Russian orientation of leaderships of former Warsaw Pact member countries than on some traditional West European allies. Probably, for the same reason, some earlier important NATO summits had also been held in East European countries: Check Republic (2002), Latvia (2006), and Rumania (2008).
As a counterpart of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, is there any necessity for NATO to exist? How should it transform itself in the changed situation?
NATO was founded in 1949 as defensive alliance and Warsaw Pact six years later.
Fifty years after NATO became offensive Alliance. A turning point was 1999 NATO aggression on Serbia (Yugoslavia). It was engaged in an offensive action outside territory defined by own Founding Act, against the country which did not posed any danger to any NATO member state, violating UN Charter and undermining the role of UN Security Council. Although pretending to be democratic Alliance, Parliaments of member countries never approved such transformation.
NATO aims at achieving ultimate control of all world resources on behalf of multinational corporative capital, particularly on behalf of military-industrial, energy and financial sectors.
Analyzing NATO evolution from defense to aggressive force since the fall of the Berlin Wall and dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, it may be concluded that NATO has become armed feast spreading and serving the interests of : a) neo-liberal corporate capitalism; b) world-wide privileges of the West headed by USA; and c) uni-polar world order. That`s NATO`s “Saint Trinity”. This strategy has led, among other, to: arbitrary proclaiming of national interest of major NATO member countries beyond any territorial, political or moral standards; undermining of the World order established after the Second World War, especially, the UN System; rise of global mistrust and arms race; eroding of democratic parliamentary system; and militarization of political decision making to suit the interests of military industrial sector.
On the other side, unprecedented trends in the world towards multi-polarity, sovereignty and independence lead to conclusion that NATO aims are not achievable. Serious question – whether this is understood and accepted by NATO decision makers – remains, up to now, without convincing answer. History teaches us that imperial pattern of thinking has no firm sense of reality. And, exactly here lays the reason for great worry about our future.
Otherwise, frankly speaking, I do not believe that NATO could evolve into peace and justice-loving association. It has gone too far in reasoning that the might is right and that wherever the law blocks NATO objectives it`s got be removed.

Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/natos-holy-trinity-neoliberal-capitalism-privileges-of-the-west-and-unipolar-world/5542331
All spending at NATO's behest and NATO's funding must be taken from banks, corporations, zionists and the personal accounts of its supporters in public offices.
Stop public monies financing NATO's expansionism and wars of aggression.
There is zero chance of NATO's murderous leadership and its enablers ever being prosecuted.