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Brexit. Theresa May is an enemy globalist. She will procrastinate


Perhaps for 10 years. Presumably to get the globalists' trans ocean trade agreements into force against public interest.

How to exit from the EU.
After Parliament illegally acted against our wishes for 43 years, we won!
With our current politicians, Brexit may be done disastrously.  If done well, our future will be superb.
So many senior British politicians and civil servants are bribed, accepting patronage, or salaries to be pro-EU, the government will do what it can to block Brexit.
An example is the 454 MP's the Conservative and Labour parties illegally selected because they were pro-EU. They have a parliamentary majority, which they have already said can block Brexit.
The British Constitution only allows MP’s to implement the wishes of the people. Two thirds of Conservatives voted Leave, so the results prove the Conservative Party's pro-EU MPs have been illegally acting against their voters' wishes.
They voted for the pro-EU Teresa May, so will we still have a Conservative party that doesn't represent its members?
She has said Brexit means Brexit. That’s excellent, but as Home secretary she implemented the EU’s communist Investigatory Powers Bill (snoopers charter, where the government spies on our phone calls and emails), and continued the EU’s flooding us with immigrants, so she is probably a Bilderberger.

There are 4 ways to leave the EU
1. The EU can pressure Britain to sign Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to get us out 2 years.
2. The British Parliament can simply repeal the six EU treaties, and should anyway.   That gets us out immediately without involvement by the EU. Will those 454 MP’s implement the wishes of the people?
3. Declare the six treaties null and void under the British Constitution.  Teresa May could do that on her own.
Our pro-EU MPs' are unlikely to do it, so Britain's courts could do it. The entire EU project was always illegal under British law, which our government has broken with impunity.
However, judges these days are mainly freemasons, and senior freemasonry see the EU as the way to the all-controlling, one world dictatorship they have been striving for, for centuries. They break the law when it suits them. So great pressure needs to be put on them to be honest.
4. The Queen could declare all six treaties null and void. But she put her name to them, broke the remainder of her coronation oaths, committed high treason, and risked her life to do so, because the punishment at common law, under the Constitution, and under our treason laws, for undermining our nation’s sovereignty is still to hang by the neck until dead. They are a German family. So with commitment like that, she’s not likely to help.
1,000 lawyers under Philip Kolvin QC have now entered the fray, threatening legal action if Britain leaves. These lawyers are again acting illegally under the British Constitution, sabotaging our sovereignty, committing High Treason, and they, and all those involved above, need to be reminded by law they could hang by the neck until dead.  A fabulous way of getting rid of 1,000 freemasonry lawyers.
In his resignation speech, Bilderberger David Cameron flatly refused to implement the wishes of the British people. Although the week before he said he would, he will not now implement Article 50, and is delaying it for Teresa May.
The 1965 Redundancies Act needs to be suspended while EU institutions are broken up, as people who have had a free ride should not also be rewarded with redundancy pay.
The EU's 120,000 regulations cost over £100 billion a year to implement, and have permanently closed thousands of fine British businesses. The sensible thing to do is to repeal all 120,000, and save not just the £100 billion, but the huge amount of damage they do to our companies.
We need to close the 8,500 EU mandated, pointless quangos, where Directors are paid up to £700,000 a year to procure their agreement to the EU. That will save another £210 billion according to the Cabinet Office.
Total savings £100 + £210 + £15 billion EU contribution = £325 billion.
We would then have a huge budget surplus of £251 billion annually, as the budget deficit is £74 billion.
VAT is an inefficient EU tax which costs billions to collect, and places a huge administrative burden on businesses. With the savings made above, we can easily afford to abolish it, and the £90 billion it raises, permanently.
We should then rejoice that we are the world's 5th largest economy among its 200 nations, with a huge budget surplus of £150 billion.
We should stop losing £70 billion a year trading with the 7% of the world that is in the EU, and trade profitably with the 93% of the world that is outside.
The EU stopped us from trading freely with that 93%. For example, when we joined in 1973, New Zealand had to drive 3 million sheep off the cliffs into the sea, because Britain was no longer allowed to buy them in quantity.
We should immediately abolish these EU trade restrictions.
The EU was partly forced on us by secret societies - the 8 Bilderbergers in the Cabinet since Edward Heath's time, thats 46 years. Senior Freemasonry supports the EU agenda, particularly in the courts, as does Common Purpose.
It was Common Purpose who was to run local government in the "Post democratic Era" as they refer to the EU. It is CP that has sabotaged and almost collapsed the NHS with agenda's like "continual change."
An Act of Parliament needs to be passed banning members of secret societies from all government and political posts.
We should abolish the secret family courts, which destroy innocent lives.
Vested interests and the media are now working furiously to get the referendum, the democratic wishes of the people, overturned. With 48% of Britain clearly gullible, this is dangerous. One of their sillier cries is that Nigel Farage said he'd give the £15 billion we give to the EU to the NHS.
No, Nigel did the opposite, and criticised the Leave campaign for making this promise. He can't make that promise because UKIP is not in government.  And there is no point giving another £15 billion to the NHS, where Common Purpose will deliberately waste it. Until CP is thrown out of the NHS, nothing can be done.
After that, with a budget surplus of £150 billion, we could give it a lot more than £15 billion.  But without CP's deliberate destruction, it won't need it.
As an independent nation we must break the stranglehold big pharmaceutical corporations have on our health. 200,000 British die unnecessarily each year because big pharma, who control government health departments from Minister Jeremy Hunt MP downwards, and their own regulators like the MHRA and Nice. They license expensive drugs that fail or kill, and deny the public inexpensive treatments that work. See
We should close the pro-EU BBC, which is too corrupt to be reformed. It wastes £7 billion a year of our license fee, fosters paedophilia, and damages us. See
We need to pass an Act of Parliament prohibiting one person, one organisation or corporation from owning more than 10% of any large media company, or group.
We should put our old border controls back, and restrict immigration to returning Britons, and no more than thirty thousand others, on the Australian points system.
Abolish the EU's corpus juris, which puts government above the law - the police have killed 1,500 in custody while we've been in the EU and can't be prosecuted - and restore common law.
Half of our laws are now EU laws, and they need to be repealed. For example, the money laundering regulations are a disgrace and override our human rights.  The banking compliance system should be made illegal. Each year the government closes thousands of innocent people's bank accounts, with no evidence, no judge, no jury, no justice. They never get their money back. And repeal the Restraint Order system of 2003 - where the government steals everything a person has, again with with no evidence, no judge, no jury, no justice.
And as a bank account is vital, it should be illegal for banks to deny people bank accounts, something they are doing in increasing numbers.
The British Constitution, all of it written, very word since Magna Carta, should be fully restored, and given teeth to control government:
The government took us in to the EU without the consent of the British people in 1972.  For 43 years we have been inside this costly, unelected, corrupt, bribing dictatorship, without our consent.
We should add the Swiss Referendum System to our Constitution, where all Bills Parliament passes should be voted on by the public once a year to decide if they should receive Royal Assent.
That will prevent Parliament ever overriding our wishes again. Its the reason Switzerland is prosperous, and isn't in the EU - the public has to vote for it, and always votes against.
We need UKIP, Britain's 3rd largest party, to make sure all this happens.

Merkel wants us out ASAP! Perhaps the only thing she has ever stood for that I respect.

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