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13 August 2016 @ 11:39 am
Aleppo: The Reality Is Not Good News for Americans  

12.08.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Emerging reports from Syria suggest United States naval and special warfare elements may be assisting extreme jihadists break out of embattled Aleppo. Unconfirmed reports of US warships sharing intelligence with the group Jeish al-Fatah, also suggest US Special Forces elements may be trapped within the surrounded city. If confirmed, these reports would not be the biggest surprise to objective observers. Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, along with ISIL having changed identities a dozen times supersedes any adamant amazement by now. As the Syrian civil war seems to be winding down, we must begin to question America’s real role in this catastrophe.

I was reading earlier today a report FARS News Agency, about alleged assistance being rendered by US forces to a group inside Aleppo. According to this report;

“Syrian army and Hezbollah said the terrorists in Aleppo are both receiving logistical aid and intelligence support from the western states, specially the US warships deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.”

While FARS may not be the most credible source given the Iranian agency’s past record of sensationalist diatribe, these days every news source needs to be scanned and scrutinized, to find the actual truth of matters. If Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal can provide puzzle pieces, then certainly the most one sided media on Earth can render puzzle pieces. As to US collaboration with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, there is already a mountain of proof. But US warships forwarding intel? Green Berets or Seals embedded in terrorist units? I had to investigate. [Company for the SAS presence. Cc]

First of all, Fatah al-Islam was a near dissolved militant jihadist organization from Lebanon. Once classified by the US State Department a “terrorist organization”, magically this designation was lifted in 2010, just after then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took office. The group, led by the ghost guerilla Shaker al-Absi, is believed to have melted in with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda to form a new jihadist cell, one now surrounded by Assad’s Syrian Army forces. As far back as 2007, reports like the one of David Welch, Assistant to Secretary of State, negotiating with Saudi Arabia and Saad Hariri of the American-backed government of Fouad Siniora, in order to funnel aid to Fatah al-Islam, foretell of the current US-Russia-Iran-Hezbollah-Israel symmetry going on in the region. What’s most disturbing about these reports is the fact this same organization planned ambushes and no doubt killer US service personnel in Iraq on a few short years ago. In the final analysis, some American family has dead and buried heroes put in the ground by the same people Clinton and the Obama administration now fund. The funding of Jeish al-Fatah is not in question here, but direct intelligence and advisers is. I hope the reader grasps the significance.

Like other extremists organizations fighting in the region, Fatah al-Islam has no qualms about using barbaric tactics. Some readers will recall recent reports of Jaysh al-Islam using Syrian soldiers and their families in cages in Eastern Ghouta to deter Assad Regime attacks. Incidents such as this, accentuate the devastating news of the Obama administration’s vehement doggedness to overthrow another standing government. Regime change by any means necessary puts the United States’ reputation on the line, and sullies the legacy of generations of Americans. This says nothing for the far reaching terror and chaos caused. But direct support such as the kind mention by the Iranians bodes of an even more sinister strategy. Jaysh al-Sham has received funding from Saudi Arabia since its inception in 2013, and currently receives funding from Qatar and Turkey as well.

On US military assistance to Jaysh al-Sham, this Yahoo News report from last November tells of land deliveries of ammunition to the jihadists by the Pentagon, and it speaks in the same sentence of U.S. special operations forces. This suggests Special Forces personnel may in fact be with the jihadists blowing themselves up against Assad in Aleppo. I witnessed a YouTube video just yesterday, an anti-Assad rebel driving a makeshift armored vehicle laden with explosives into a strategic target inside the city. Of course this video could have been concocted, but Pentagon support for rebels there is not.

Turning to the sharing of intelligence in what now amounts to a proxy war with Syria, Iran, and Russia, this is not as easy to determine. Reports Arizona Senator John McCain called for stingers and TOW missiles, for these insurgents is one thing, US Navy or other surveillance or counterintelligence shares is quite another. But given the likelihood Special Forces advisers are on the ground in Aleppo, it only makes sense to assume the US Navy Seals are there as well. I am speculating a bit, but anybody who familiar with Spec-Ops knows, the Seals are never left blind. Chances are, this time the Iranian reports are accurate.

Finally, this Foreign Affairs report talks about the “rebranding” of Al Qaeda, and how ISIL extremism has afforded the boldest of US enemies a chance to go chameleon. Jaysh al-Sham is now Al Qaeda and Al Nusra, an alphabet soup more desirable as frenemies than ISIL, Daesh, or any other name for barbaric head chopper-offers. At the end of all this, underneath the piles of dead bodies, investigators may one day connect the truck loads of US, Saudi, Qatari, UK, and other western money donations that flowed into Syria to kill off Assad. This RT report shows a sequence of videos where these Syrian rebels used TOW anti-tank missiles to destroy a Russian made T90 outside Aleppo late last year. Given this, and other mounting evidence, I think it is safe to say American arms and mercenaries are now aligned against Assad and his Russian allies. The relief chopper shot down just the other day near Aleppo, may well have been as a result of Mr. McCain’s call for Stinger missiles for the jihadists. For those who saw the desecration of the Russian crewmembers’ lifeless bodies, the dreadful end of this proxy war can be surmised.

Our Navy offshore pumping intel in to Special Warfare operatives embedded with Al Qaeda or Al Whatever…. US politicians doing everything in their power to start another war…. a presidential candidate proven a liar 100 times…. Somehow I just do not see all this going well for my country. Europe is overrun – China and Russia, and almost all the Middle East and Africa are alienated – US taxpayer billions are being spent to not transparent ends – one has to wonder if dethroning one political figure was worth it all? On a personal level, I would just like to hear the justification for all this killing. One TOW missile costs $60,000 dollars, or enough to buy a homeless family a nice small home in America. I think America at peace would help Americans a lot more than war. What do you think?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

VT. Report: 360,000 Foreign Nationals from Tens of States Fighting Alongside Terrorists in Syria
By Ian Greenhalgh August 9, 2016
Total since March 2011.

clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 12:11 pm (UTC)
NEO: Things are Turning to Russia’s Advantage in Syria

13.08.2016 Author: Salman Rafi Sheikh
The war is Syria has come a long way, witnessing many ups and downs and geo-political scenarios, ultimately reaching a level where it is no longer a typical ‘civil war’, although it continues to be projected in these terms. Notwithstanding that it is still a riddle that continues to defy an agreeable solution, some recent developments, especially Turkey’s internal situation and the way it has affected its erstwhile ‘good relations’ with the West, have opened a window of opportunity for Moscow to harness it to its advantage and drive the West away from following two contradictory policies: dialogue and tacit support of some ‘moderate’ groups—a policy that, in turn, is based upon dominating the Middle East as well as encirclement of Russia by engaging NATO in the region. The important question, however, now is: to what extent can the U.S. rely on Turkey to pursue both of these closely interlinked objectives?
Given the on-going diplomatic spate between Turkey and the U.S., and given the cold-shouldering of Erdogan by NATO counterparts at the recent summit meeting of the alliance in Warsaw, it is not difficult to see that contradictions between Turkey and the West are coming to surface and are of fundamental nature (read: the U.S. warning that Turkey’s NATO membership will be under enhanced scrutiny marks an escalation of the heated rhetoric that has characterized US-Turkey relations in the days following the attempted coup. For Erdogan, however, this tussle implies a perpetual threat to his rule and country—a situation that he would not have to face if aligned with Russia in Syria).
It has escalated on Turkey’s side, too: Over the weekend, Ankara called on the U.Ss to extradite the Turkish preacher and political figure Fethullah Gülen, who self-exiled to Pennsylvania in 1999, but is widely is believed to have been implanted by the CIA against Erdogan. Erdogan has accused Gülen of orchestrating the coup from afar, and he warned that anyone who harbours such plotters would be considered “at war” with Turkey.
The U.S. warning regarding an “excommunication” from NATO is, many believe, premised on pre-empting any possible rapprochement between Turkey and Russia. As a matter of fact, it seems too simplistic to ignore that coup was attempted at a time when considerable way had already been covered regarding rapprochement between them, causing alarm bells to ring loudly in Washington and prompting the neocons to review Erdogan’s position in their agenda.
As such, were Turkey to step away from the U.S. agenda of encircling Russia in the Black Sea and threaten Crimea and were Turkey to start a rollback from directly intervening in Syria (read: Turkey has not only apologized to Russia for shooting down its jet, it reportedly has sent a similar sort of apology to Syria also), it will sound a the death knell not only for the ‘regime change’ agenda in that country pursued by the US and regional allies but also for larger strategic objectives that the U.S. led block is pursuing.
Continues http://journal-neo.org/2016/08/13/things-are-turning-to-russia-s-advantage-in-syria/
clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 01:40 pm (UTC)
NEO: Middle East: Facts About the Alleged and Actual Usage of Chemical Weapons

07.08.2016 Author: Jean Perier
The alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria has once again been used by Western media in a propaganda war against Damascus and Moscow. And it’s no wonder, since we’ve been witnessing such claims on the regular basis made by all sorts of paid “activists” based in Washington and London. And the string of groundless accusations against Moscow and Damascus is only getting worse, as we are being told that Russian planes have been using chemical weapons in their strikes against ISIS in Syria. The last such wave of accusations was launched by Reuters and other Western media sources who announced that the representatives of the so-called Syrian Civil Defence claimed that an unknown aircraft dropped containers with poisonous gas near the crash site of the downed Russia’s Mi-8, which allegedly resulted in 30 men being exposed to the poisonous substance. Western journalists would note that the Syrian Civil Defence militants suspected it was chlorine but could not verify the type of gas used.
This disinformation campaign resembles a similar provocation that would be remembered as the “Ghouta chemical attack” amid the history of the Syrian war. This attack allegedly occurred on the night of August 21, 2013, when, during an offensive of pro-government forces, Western media sources began claiming that Assad’s soldiers used chemical weapons against radical militants. The purpose of that disinformation campaign was to get Western states directly engaged in military operations against Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and his troops.
Just like in 2013, the claims of “some poisonous gas at the crash site of the Russian Mi-8? are being distributed by the so-called Syrian opposition, which once again is attempting to use such measures to create preconditions for a US and NATO armed intervention in the Syrian conflict.
Continues http://journal-neo.org/2016/08/07/middle-east-facts-about-the-alleged-and-actual-usage-of-chemical-weapons/

clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 02:06 pm (UTC)
GR: Military Escalation: Turning Point in the Battle of Aleppo

By South Front
Global Research, August 13, 2016
South Front 10 August 2016
The battle for Aleppo is heading to its turning point. Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, a new brand of the Al Nusra Front terrorist group, various jihadi faction and the Western-backed moderate oppositioners has set a joint front against the Syrian government forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Iranian-backed Shia militias. They were pushed to make this move, which clearly showed there were only terrorists and terrorist-linked groups in Aleppo, because of successful actions of the Assad government and its Russian and Iranian allies that lead to encirclement of the militant-controlled areas of the city.
This and a threat of cessation of support through the Turkish border after August 9 meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan forced Jabhat Fateh al-Sham leadership and its allies to risk everything, redeploying all elite infantry in the battle for Aleppo and moving rear supply bases and command centres closer to the strategic city. The militants’ actions show that they the “all-or-nothing” approach.
Despite all PR claims of the West that the Assad government and its allies have to stop military operations, it’s clear that the intensification of military pressure on the terrorists storming Aleppo, including the usage of strategic bombers that have already been in action over Palmyra, is the most rational answer to the challenges faced there.
The Russian missile ships Tatarstan and Dagestan, which are scheduled to hold missile and artillery live-firing drills in the south-western part of the Caspian Sea, could also use Kalibr missile systems in order to destroy the jihadists’ command centers, training camps and rear bases in the Idlib and Aleppo countryside.
If the jihadists’ resistance is broken, pro-government forces will take control of the important logistic hub and put an end to the US-, Turkish- and Saudi-backed jihadists as a united force in Syria. It will create an opportunity to destroy the rest of terrorists and terrorist-linked groups, ignoring the PR statements that the so-called “moderate opposition” has forgotten to separate from them.
Video report http://www.globalresearch.ca/military-escalation-turning-point-in-the-battle-of-aleppo/5540597

The original source of this article is South Front
Copyright © South Front, South Front, 2016
clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 02:43 pm (UTC)
US Military Prepares New Offensives in Syria and Iraq

By Peter Symonds
Global Research, August 12, 2016
World Socialist Web Site
Even as tensions are rising with Russia in Eastern Europe and China in Asia, the United States has launched a new war in Libya and is preparing a major military escalation in the Middle East, nominally directed against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
In an interview yesterday with USA Today, Air Force Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigan confirmed that the US-led coalition is planning coordinated offensives against two ISIS-held cities—Mosul in northern Iraq and Raqqa in Syria. “If we are able to do simultaneous operations and synchronise the Mosul piece and the Raqqa piece, think about the problem that generates for [ISIS],” he said.
Harrigan, who recently took over command of air operations in the Middle East, said coalition war planes had been striking targets in both cities in recent months. “The team is focussed on force generation to try and make that simultaneous operation occur, because we see huge benefits from it,” he said, referring to the build-up of anti-ISIS ground forces in Iraq and Syria.
USA Today reported US troops are already operating extensively inside Syria, stating:
“US Special Operations Forces are helping to identify and organise Syrian rebel groups into a force that can take on the Islamic State [ISIS]. The force now numbers about 30,000 and had generated some surprisingly early successes, particularly around the northern city of Manbij.”
Within Iraq, US-led preparations have been underway for months to retake Mosul, the country’s second largest city, which still has a population of up to one million despite a mass exodus. Iraqi government forces last month seized the Qayyarah air base, 60 kilometres south of Mosul, which is being transformed into a major hub of operations for the upcoming offensive.
The US has funnelled in around 400 troops to carry out repairs, as well as to provide military advice, logistics, communications and intelligence to Iraqi ground troops, which have already begun seizing villages and towns to the south of Mosul. The air base’s runways are being upgraded and extended to allow large military transports to land, along with US and Iraqi fighters and helicopter gunships.
The anti-ISIS forces preparing for the Mosul offensive consist of an unstable coalition of Kurdish peshmerga militia, regular Iraqi army troops and Shiite-dominated Popular Mobilisation Forces, which are notorious for their atrocities against Sunni civilians during the battle for Fallujah. Already concerns are being raised about the potential for sectarian fighting and human rights abuses once Mosul is recaptured.
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-military-prepares-new-offensives-in-syria-and-iraq/5540764
clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 02:53 pm (UTC)
Hand in Hand for Propaganda? The BBC’s “Saving Syria’s Children” Documentary

A short video concerning the BBC’s possibly fraudulent “Saving Syria’s Children” documentary
By OffGuardian
Global Research, August 13, 2016
OffGuardian 9 August 2016
Given the increasing hysteria of the media’s current reporting of the situation in Syria, which may well be the precursor of more violence to be rationalised as “humanitarian intervention”, we’re returning to our ongoing series on the BBC’s “Saving Syria’s Children” documentary and the numerous problems arising from it (see our previous articles here and here).
If you have been following and if you’ve read Robert Stuart’s excellent investigation, you’ll know the BBC Panorama program in question featured a doctor named Rola Hallam, who works with the charity “Hand in Hand For Syria”, and who – according to the program – just happened tp be present at the Atareb hospital in Syria, with a Panorama film crew when a “chemical attack” occurred nearby at a school in Aleppo.

We’ve already covered many of the reasons to question or even reject portions of this narrative, as well as some of the issues surrounding the charity Hand in Hand For Syria, but this short film airs yet another area of doubt. Was/is Rola Hallam’s father, Mousa al-Kurdi, just “a gynaecologist” as Rola herself claims, or is he in fact a senior figure in the major opposition group – the Syrian National Council?
There is a good deal of evidence for the latter, as Robert Stuart shows:
…According to a February 2013 article written Dr Hallam’s colleague, Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Dr al-Kurdi is “involved politically with the Syrian National Council”. In an Al Jazeerainterview Dr al-Kurdi passionately advocates for the Syrian National Council’s recognition as the “sole representative” of all Syrians and relates how, following his address to the Friends of Syria summit in Istanbul in 2012 (attended by Hillary Clinton), he told Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu “You’re not doing enough” and demanded of Professor Davutoglu and several other foreign ministers, including Victoria Nuland of the US State Department, “either you defend us or you arm the Syrian Free Army to defend us – you have the choice.
The question matters, of course, because the daughter of “a gynaecologist” can be presented as a non-political figure simply concerned with “saving Syria’s children”, whereas the daughter of a senior figure in the Syrian National Council – a major force in the campaign to remove Assad – can’t be viewed in such a light.
Is this why Hallam conveniently forgets to mention this aspect of her dad’s career? You be the judge.
On the same topic we need to ask why other members of the “Hand in Hand” charity have been photographed wielding “a cornucopia of armaments”?
More on that at a later date.
The original source of this article is OffGuardian
Copyright © OffGuardian, OffGuardian, 2016

Were propaganda to be proven, the BBC would be liable to prosecution. Propaganda is against international law in peacetime.
Were a prosecution to take place, it would leave the BBC's coverage of Israel open. Imo.
clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 03:45 pm (UTC)
The EU-Nato Steel Agreement
by Manlio Dinucci 13 July 2016
“Faced with the unprecedented challenges from the East and the South, the time has come to give a fresh impetus and new meaning to the Nato-EU partnership”: so commences the Joint Declaration signed on 8 July [2016] at the Nato Summit at Warsaw, by the Nato Secretary General (Jens Stoltenberg), the President of the European Council (Donald Tusk) and the President of the European Commission, (Jean-Claude Juncker) [1] .
The EU representatives have placed a blank cheque in hands of the United States. In fact, the US controls Nato – to which 22 of the 28 EU countries belong (21 of 27 once Great Britain has left the EU) – and stamps it with the US strategy. Stated fully in the communication approved on 9 July by the Summit: a document of 139 points – agreed by Washington almost exclusively with Berlin, Paris and London – that the other Heads of State and governments, including Prime Minister Renzi, have signed with their eyes closed [2].
After having extended aggressively to the East penetrating within the territory of the former USSR, and having organized a neo-nazi putsch in Maidan Square to reopen the Eastern front against Russia, Nato accuses Russia of: “aggressive actions, destabilizing Ukraine and violating human rights in Crimea, provocative military activities at the Nato borders in the Baltic and the Black Sea and in the East Mediterranean to sustain the regime in Syria, having manifested its intention to threaten and use force to obtain political ends, aggressive nuclear rhetoric”.
In response to all this, Nato “responds” by strengthening “the deterrence” (that is its nuclear forces in Europe) and its “advanced presence in the Eastern part of the Alliance” (that is the military line up coming up to Russia). This is a true and clear declaration of war (even if Nato assures that “it is not seeking confrontation with Russia”). This can blow up, at any time, any economic agreement between European Countries and Russia.
On the Southern front, after devastating Libya with a combination of internal and external action, and having tried the same operation in Syria (a failure on account of Russian intervention); after arming and equipping terrorist groups and promoting the formation of Isis/Daesh and its offensive in Syria and Iraq, rejecting the undulation of refugees to Europe, Nato declares that it is “concerned” by the crisis that threatens regional stability and the safety of its southern borders, due to the refugee’s humanitarian tragedy; it “condemns” the violence used by Isis/Daesh against civilians and, in the strongest terms, the Syrian regime and its supporters for violating the cease fire”.
To “respond to these threats, including those from the South”, Nato empowers its forces to high capacity and deployability. That requires “appropriate investment” that is adequate military expenditure that the allies have undertaken to increase.
According to official figures published by Nato during the Summit, it emerges that in 2015, Italy’s military expenditure was 17 billion 642 million Euro and the forecast for 2016 is estimated at 19 billion 980 million Euro, which represents an increase of 2.3 billion. Taking into account the “extra budgetary” military expenditure on Defense, (international missions, war ships and others), the actual costs is far higher. Going by the figures of Nato alone, in 2016 Italy spends on average around 55 million euro every day on the military.
While Prime Minister Renzi struts about among the “big boys” at the Warsaw Summit, and Parliament (opposition included) looks the other way, Nato and the EU determine our life.
Manlio Dinucci
Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)

Joint NATO-EU Declaration
by Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jens Stoltenberg

Edited at 2016-08-13 03:48 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 13th, 2016 04:02 pm (UTC)
Oil, Military and Intelligence Ops in the Arabian Gulf:

Britain’s Dangerous and Ignored Special Relationship With Oman
By Mark Curtis
Global Research, August 13, 2016
Huffington Post
Outside significant mainstream media coverage, Britain is stepping up its support for the dictatorships in the Arabian Gulf and its ability to conduct military interventions in the Middle East. The strategy is illustrated in Whitehall’s long-standing but ignored special relationship Whitehall with Oman, the secretive, oil-rich Gulf state run by a despot installed in a British coup as long ago as 1970.
Oman is a British client state welcoming major British intelligence and military operations whose principal economic asset – oil – is controlled by Anglo-Dutch company, Shell. Files leaked by Edward Snowden show that Britain has a network of three GCHQ spy bases in Oman – codenamed ‘Timpani’, ‘Guitar’ and ‘Clarinet’ – which tap in to various undersea cables passing through the Strait of Hormuz into the Arabian Gulf. These bases intercept and process vast quantities of emails, telephone calls and web traffic, which information is then shared with the National Security Agency in the United States.
The British government announced in March this year that it is developing a large new military base – described as a ‘strategic port’ – at the Duqm Port complex in central Oman. This will house the two 65,000-tonne aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy, and other navy ships, with the aim clearly being to better project power in the region. The base is described as enabling a ‘permanent’ British naval presence in the area. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon hassaid that the port ‘will offer an airport with a 4km runway close to a port large enough for a Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers to manoeuvre and will also be connected to other Gulf countries by the Gulf Rail Project’.
The new Omani base will sit alongside another new intervention platform in the region – the British military base being built at Mina Salman port in Bahrain, another long-standing British ally ruled by a brutally repressive state. Bahrain already houses the largest permanent detachment of the Royal Navy outside the UK as part of the ‘Combined Maritime Force’, which includes the US Navy 5th Fleet in Manama. Together, these bases will provide the UK with its largest military intervention capability in the region since the late 1960s, when some bases in the region were closed.
British leaders claim these bases will provide security and stability for the region. The reality is that their most strategic significance, aside from being able to conduct military strikes, is in guarding oil routes – Oman plays an important role in overseeing the passage of international shipping through the Strait of Hormuz, through which some 30 per cent of globally bound oil passes every day. The British oil stake in Oman is already huge: Shell has a 34 per cent interest (alongside the government’s 60 per cent) in the Petroleum Development Corporation which manages the country’s oil.
ontinues http://www.globalresearch.ca/oil-military-and-intelligence-ops-in-the-arabian-gulf-britains-dangerous-and-ignored-special-relationship-with-oman/5540735
clothcapclothcap on August 14th, 2016 01:07 pm (UTC)
Fars News

25,000 Militants Ready to Lay Down Arms in Southern Syria
Aug 13, 2016
A provincial council affiliated to the militant groups in a statement admitted that 25,000 militants are looking for reconciliation with the Syrian government forces in Southern Syria, al-Mayadeen TV channel reported on Saturday.
The statement by the 'Council for Men of Knowledge in the Levant' has accused the terrorist commanders willing to compromise with the Syrian army of treason.
It has given the militant commanders in Southern Syria three days to withdraw from al-Mouk Operations Room (which operates under the Saudi, Qatari, the US and Jordanian spy agencies), the television added.
The Al-Mouk Operations Room has been accused of corruption, similar reports in a number of other Arab media have cited the financial corruption of the Operations Room members as a main cause of the militants complaint and their decision to surrender to the Syrian army.
In a relevant development in early August, around 1,000 rebels laid down their arms and turned themselves in to the Syrian officials in the Southern Syrian province of Dara'a amid the terrorist groups' threats against those who surrender to the government.
Continues http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950523000598

Syrian Army Preempts Terrorists' Attack in Aleppo
Aug 13, 2016
The army's artillery and missile units, tipped off by intelligence agents about the movements of Nouralddeen al-Zinki terrorists near the Old Aleppo districts, shelled the Takfiri group's gathering centers in al-Kelaseh, al-Haal market and center of old Aleppo as the terrorists were preparing to launch a massive attack on army positions.
Early battlefield reports said the terrorists have sustained scores of casualties as they had gathered all their forces in the said points in preparation for another wave of large-scale attack on the army positions that have encircled them.
Reports said earlier today that Syrian Air Force continued to target the gatherings and concentration centers of Jeish al-Fatah in the Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city for the second day in a row, inflicting major losses and casualties on the militants.
Jeish al-Fatah's armored vehicles, machinegun-equipped vans and truck carrying ammunition came under the heavy bombardments of the Syrian fighter jets in Southern side of military academy buildings, Southern side of Hikma school, near 1070 project, al-Ramousiyeh, Kafr Naha, Kafr Hamra, al-Ameriyeh and Gas station.
Jeish al-Fatah also suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.
Map http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950523001123

Syria: Jeish Al-Fatah Terrorists Trapped in Military Academy Buildings in Aleppo
Aug 13 2016
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Air Force and Army's artillery units have intensified their attacks on Jeish al-Fatah's strongholds in the Southwestern districts of Aleppo city, leaving no way out for the terrorist groups but to surrender

Jeish Al-Fatah's Offensives Repulsed by Syrian Army in Aleppo
Aug 14, 2016
Syrian Army troops and popular forces fended off attacks of Jeish al-Fatah in the Southern districts of Aleppo, inflicting major losses and casualties on the militants.
Details http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950524000539
clothcapclothcap on August 14th, 2016 01:07 pm (UTC)
Fars News

Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary Founded ISIL to Oust Assad
Aug 14, 2016
A 2012 defense intelligence report, originally stamped SECRET exposes that the US-backed anti-Assad coalition at the time was spearheaded by al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) that soon after cobbled together to form the ISIL terror network, Sputnik reported.
The report exposes that while the United States refused to directly aide and support AQI and ISI pursuant to restrictions imposed by domestic anti-terror laws, State Department and Pentagon officials were well aware that the so-called moderate rebels were intertwined with the terrorist militants who were the vanguard of the fighting force. Somewhat fantastically, the United States finds itself in a similar predicament in its anti-Assad proxy war vis-à-vis another former al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Nusra Front.
"AQI, through the spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), Abu Muhammad al-Adnani… is calling on the Sunnis in Iraq, especially the tribes in the border regions (between Iraq and Syria), to wage war against the Syrian regime," said the report.
It continued: “Opposition forces are trying to control the Eastern areas (Hasaka and Deir Ezzur) adjacent to the Western Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar), in addition to neighboring Turkish borders. Western countries, the [Persian] Gulf States and Turkey are supporting these efforts.”
“There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria (Hasaka and Deir Ezzur), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want,” in what can only conceivably be construed as a call for the formation of a ISIL caliphate in Syria.
More http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950524000347

Yemen: Saudi Child Killers Target Primary School in Saada
Aug 14 2016
TEHRAN (FNA)- Disturbing images of children killed in an airstrike on a religious school in Sa’ada, Yemen have filled the media on Saturday. Various sources put the child death count at 8 to 50, scores are said to have been injured.

Yemeni Popular Forces Capture Najran City in Saudi Arabia
Aug 14 2016
Yemeni Popular Forces Capture Najran City in Saudi Arabia
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Yemeni army and popular forces entered the city of Najran in Saudi Arabia and the city fell under their control without any resistance. [VIDEO]

Syria: Manbij after Liberation
Aug 14 2016
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) seized full control over the Northern city of Manbij near the Turkish border after the last remaining ISIL terrorists, who had been using civilians as human shields, escaped. [PHOTOS]
clothcapclothcap on August 14th, 2016 01:11 pm (UTC)
Men cut their beards and women burn their burkas as their Syrian city is liberated from Islamic Stat

ITV News 13 August 2016
Civilians' joy after being liberated from Islamic State has been caught in an incredible series of pictures.
Men are seen cutting their beards and women setting fire to burkas in the street.
Here http://www.itv.com/news/2016-08-13/men-cut-their-beads-and-women-burn-their-burkas-as-their-syrian-city-is-liberated-from-islamic-state/?ref=yfp
Via Yahoo
clothcapclothcap on August 14th, 2016 01:49 pm (UTC)
Bandar’s Role Highlighted in New 9/11 Media Coverage

Aug. 12, 2016 (EIRNS)
The role of former Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar "Bush" bin-Sultan, has stood out as one of the most startling revelations contained in the redacted 28-page chapter from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry, released on July 15. CNN last week featured "Prince and the ‘28 pages’: Indirect 9/11 link to Saudi royal revealed," which included a flow chart going from Bandar, through two Saudi intelligence officers directly to the two lead West Coast hijackers. The CNN story kicked off with the early 2002 raid in Pakistan, in which Abu Zubaydah was captured. The leading Al Qaeda commander had in his phone book the unlisted number of the security company managing Bandar’s Aspen, Col. estate. Another number was the private phone of a security guard at the Saudi embassy in Washington.
The CNN story recounted Bandar’s funding of Osama Bassnan, a Saudi intelligence agent with known ties to Al Qaeda, whose wife received more than $50,000 from Bandar and his wife, Princess Haifa during the period that Bassnan and Omar Al-Bayoumi were providing critical logistical support to two of the 9/11 hijackers, Hazmi and Mihdhar. While former CIA agent Bruce Reidel told CNN that Bandar was so close to President George W. Bush that he could not imagine him willfully supporting terrorist attacks like 9/11, Sen. Bob Graham told CNN that he is demanding the release of all of the FBI and CIA investigative files on the 28 pages released to the public. And that is just the start.
The Center for Security Policy, a neoconservative think tank headed by Frank Gaffney has also released its own 25-page report, summarizing and evaluating the 28 page chapter from the Joint Inquiry, and it makes a strong case for further investigation into the Saudi role in promoting jihadist terrorism.
The London Independent also published a lengthy story last week, focusing on Bandar, and singling out the Colorado security firm ties to Zubaydah as significant new evidence. The Independent quoted Sen. Graham that the Zubayda-Colorado security firm link was "one of the most stunning parts of the investigation," and he insists that lead, among many others, must be pursued today.
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Underground Man

by Gabriel Tarde. Audio by Ruth Golding
Posted by Free Audio Books for Intellectual Exercise

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Milosevic and the Destruction of Yugoslavia. Unpleasant Truths No One Wants to Know

By Giullietto Chiesa
Global Research, August 13, 2016
Defend Democracy Press 12 August 2014
Outrageous: Slobodan Milosevic cleared of charges by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. But no-one is talking about it!
The ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) has discharged Slobodan Milosevic from 1992-95 Bosnian war crimes allegations. This is definitely prime time news, while it holds endless political implications. Oddly enough, though, no major international mainstream media seems to have noticed.
Well, it is understable for everyone to be keeping it quiet: those who with one voice did dub him the “butcher of the Balkans”; those who associated him to Hitler, initiating a pattern which would later be extended to Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, and which many would like to stretch further on to Bashar al-Assad. It is easy to read in the silence of the West’s chancellors, most notably the United States’, who doomed Yugoslavia and willed the end of Milosevic.
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/milosevic-and-the-destruction-of-yugoslavia-unpleasant-truths-no-one-wants-to-know/5540873
Difficult text
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Political Assassinations – The “New Normal” Trend Weapon of the Global Elites?

By Peter Koenig
Global Research, August 14, 2016
Assassinations to reach an objective is not new for the all-powerful. The practice has been going on at least for centuries, if not for millennia, but it has intensified drastically in the last fifty years, and it is becoming ever bolder, as the rulers of the Anglosphere tighten their grip on humanity – on Mother Earth and her resources. .
They see their end may be nearing. People have increasingly access to alternative sources of news and information, and ever more people gradually start seeing the Big Lie of the controlled media, the propaganda that confuses their minds – and serves the 0.001%.
So – these obscure self-nominated “Masters of the Universe”, controllers of the western monetary system, are racing towards the New World Order, knowing that if they don’t hasten, they may not reach it. Their impunity has become increasingly daring. Their pressure is on chief-puppet Obama, whose pressure is on NATO and his European and Mid-Eastern vassals, and the pressure they exert on the world is by devastating wars, death, chaos, destruction of entire countries, economies, people – robbing of their resources – making them destitute, homeless and sick, many of them into refugees, fleeing their homelands – and where do they go? – To their own executioners, to the countries of the European Union (sic), to the very spineless nations that helped destroy their livelihood, where they are not welcome, to say the least. But do they have a choice? – Nope. It’s the closest place for them, where food and water and shelter, indispensable for sheer survival, may be available.
Assassinations come in handy, when there is a serious roadblock to the advancement of the self-elected rulers of the world – the elusive potentates, who are not just happy with dominating the Anglosphere, the world it must be. These few individuals or families have control over an all-overarching corporate finance kingdom, led by the military-security complex and world banking, spearheaded by the FED-BIS-Wall Street, intimately supported by the IMF and the very “World Bank” itself.
Does the Sudden Death of 38-Year young Shawn Lucas (right) come as a surprise? – On 28 June 2016, on behalf of supporters of democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and donors and members of the Democratic Party, Shawn Lucas filed a lawsuit against the DNC and its Chairwomen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in an unprecedented nationwide class action for fraud. The charges included corruption, breach of fiduciary duties, voters’ fraud and manipulation with the aim of sidelining Bernie Sanders and assuring Hillary Clinton’s election at the Democratic National Convention. The DNC succeeded not only in electing Hillary as the official Democratic candidate, but also in soliciting and obtaining Sanders’ support for Hillary.
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/political-assassinations-the-new-normal-trend-weapon-of-the-global-elites/5540953
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Diplomatic Fence-mending with Russia?

Is Ankara Ready to Close Its Border with Syria, Blocking Supply Routes to US-NATO “Moderate Terrorists”
By Al Manar
Global Research, August 13, 2016
Al Manar 12 August 2016
Turkey is already mulling the possibility of closing its border with Syria, amid the ongoing diplomatic fence-mending between Moscow and Ankara, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia.
The Izvestia newspaper quoted the deputy head of the Russian Lower House’s Defense Committee as saying that during a recent session of the joint Russian-Turkish commission, Moscow specifically stressed the necessity of closing the Turkish-Syrian border.
border areaViktor Vodolatsky said that the August 11 session was a continuation of Tuesday’s dialogue in St. Petersburg between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
“The two, among other things, discussed the peace settlement in Syria, which is why we decided to urge Ankara to close the Syrian-Turkish border in order to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons,” Vodoloatsky said
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/diplomatic-fence-mending-with-russia-is-ankara-ready-to-close-its-border-with-syria-blocking-supply-roots-to-us-nato-moderate-terrorists/5540892
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The twilight of NATO

by Thierry Meyssan 13 July 2016
The history of NATO and its current activities enables us to understand how the West has woven its lies and why it is now a prisoner of them. The elements contained in this articles are shocking, but it is impossible to deny the facts. The only other solution is to cling to the lies and persist in hanging on.
During their meeting in Istanbul on the 13 May 2015, the leaders of NATO finish a well-alcoholised meal by mocking the idiots who believe in their rhetoric of peace, singing «We are the world». In this unpleasant video, we can recognise General Philip Breedlove, Jens Stoltenberg, Federica Mogherini and a number of Ministers of Defence.
The summit of the chiefs of staff and governmement of NATO has just finished its meeting in Warsaw (7 and 8 July 2016). It should have been the triumph of the United States over the rest of the world, but was in fact the beginning of its downfall.
Let’s remind ourselves of what NATO means.
What the Atlantic Alliance used to be
When the European elites were panicking at the idea of the possible accession to power by the Communist Parties after the Second World War, in 1949, they sought refuge under the «umbrella» of the United States. Above all, this was a means for them to present a threat to the Soviets in order to dissuade them from supporting the Western Communists.
The Western states progressively extended their alliance, in particular by adding, in 1955, Western Germany, which had just been authorised to rebuild its army. Worried about the capacities of the Alliance, the USSR responded by creating the Warsaw Pact six years after the creation of NATO.
However, with the Cold War, the two alliances evolved in an imperial fashion – on one hand, NATO, dominated by the United States and, to a lesser extent, by the United Kingdom, and on the other, the Warsaw Pact, dominated by the Soviet Union. As a result, it became impossible to abandon these structures - NATO did not hesitate to use its Gladio network to organise various coups d’état and preventive political assassinations, while the Warsaw Pact openly invaded Hungary and Czechoslovakia, which had shown signs of wanting their independence.
Even before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union put an end to this system. Mikhaïl Gorbatchev allowed each member of the Warsaw Pact to declare their independence («My Way»), which he ironically named his «Sinatra doctrine». When the USSR collapsed, its allies dispersed, and it took several years of stabilisation before the present Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) could be constituted. Having learned from past errors, the CSTO was based on the strict equality of its member states.
It is worth noting, by the way, that both NATO and the Warsaw Pact are organisations which are contrary to the United Nations Charter, since their member states lose their independence by agreeing to place their troops under US or Soviet command.
Unlike Russia, the United States have remained an empire, and continue to use NATO to batter their allies into obedience. The initial objective of pressuring the Soviets so that they would refrain from helping the Western Communists to gain power, no longer has any meaning. So all that is left now is US guardianship.
Continues http://www.voltairenet.org/article192832.html
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Syrian Perspective Ziad Fadel 13 August 2016
ALEPPO: As this war for the second grand prize unfolds, it becomes eminently clear who will be triumphant. One of the indicators of terrorist failure is the plangent litany of lies emanating from the world’s least respected mainstream media outlets – the ones controlled by Zionism or its ugly sister, Arabianism/Wahhabism. These media outlets vie with one another for the platinum trophy in the field of fabrication and they are bonded to the western media sources who gladly pick up and hawk their pathetic fables of nonexistent terrorist achievements.
Today, with hilarious shamelessness, the terrorist websites tried their best to provoke those who know better by kiting this myth: the Jaysh Al-Fath has effectively cut off the route at Atharyaa-Khanaasser close to the Gazelle Sanctuary (Mahmiyyat Al-Ghizlaan) as of this last Thursday. But, it turned out to be another falsehood whose origin my sources tell me is Britain’s laureled Department of Mass Mythology at the MI6 HQ in London. It never happened and, in point of fact, the road is reportedly filled with traffic going to and fro without the slightest provocation or impediment. The lie was first kited by the Syrian Observatory which receives its orders from the same MI6 gang of degenerates operating in London.

Al-Raamoosa: Russian military sources are warning that the rodents here are massing and forming a new force with up to 7,000 terrorists. The terrorists are mostly Nusra/Alqaeda who get almost all their marching orders from the stinking British. The limeys are desperate to show they still have some martial skills even if they are practicing them from afar, in the safety of Incirlik, Gaziantep or Adana. Whatever the case, they have show something for all the baloney they’ve been purveying to Whitehall. The media has now stopped talking about any realistic corridor into east Aleppo. It is obvious that no such route has been established since the start of the laughable “Break Siege of Aleppo” campaign. What we do know, is that the rodents have been ordered to fire into civilian areas of west Aleppo just to show the world they still exist.
More http://syrianperspective.com/2016/08/stunning-reversals-for-terrorist-rodents-in-aleppo-faylaq-al-shaam-reduced-to-powder-in-latakia-no-longer-exists-7000-terrorist-lemmings-massing-south-of-aleppo.html
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UK MP’s vote to renew Trident nuclear weapons system ready for World War III

By Dark Politricks
The UK, the permanent lapdog and poodle of the USA, a country who we will be relying on more and more since BREXIT, have today voted to renew Trident, our poxy nuclear deterrent of 4 submarines, with only one on active duty at any time.
I hate it when it is called our “independent” nuclear deterrent because in so many ways it’s not.
A) Do you really think we would be in a situation where we would be firing nukes off without the USA doing the same?
B) The guidance system runs on GPS so if the yanks really wanted to stop us firing a nuke they could stop all GPS satellites from working for 24 hours or so. That would put a spanner in the works until we build our own GPS system that can’t be overridden.
C) It makes it sound so “grandiose“, having a nuclear submarine fleet which is constantly under the sea with rotational patterns and the ability to return fire if we were ever attacked, hopefully deterring the attacker. It also sound impressive to be a member of the “nuclear club” and we must remember that the original security council at the UN was made up of the then nuclear powers.
Who would want to give up their permanent seat on the worlds ruling body to veto any action on war crimes committed by our allies and friends?
However if anyone thinks our submarines are so good that the Russian and Chinese subs can’t track and follow them from our ports onward before taking us out with a torpedo or 10 before the fire order is delivered is off their heads.
We play Tom n Jerry with the Russian and Chinese all the time, almost every time a submarine leaves a foreign dock we get into this cat and mouse game. The Captains even look forward to it as a bit of excitement, to see if they can outrun or outfox their opponents.
We sit outside their own docks waiting for a submarine to leave and they do the same to us
We then spend the next few weeks trying to find a few minutes where each side cannot see the other, blind-spots where important messages could be sent and received or missiles fired.
We know the 1st strike capability with little warning is where any nuclear war is won (if any could be), but having a very capable 2nd strike that could respond in kind even if most on land nuke bases were destroyed just makes MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) even more probable.
So in my eyes I think there is very little point for the UK having such a tiny nuclear armed force in the first place. One they have to pay billions for, will obviously overrun on building, cost more than the original quotes and be totally pointless.
More http://www.darkpolitricks.com/2016/08/uk-mps-vote-renew-trident-weapons-systems-world-war-iii-coming/
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Turkey’s Constitutional Court Removes Minimum Legal Age to allow sex with minors to 12 years!


Edited at 2016-08-15 05:32 am (UTC)
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Will anything happen after Chilcot….

By Dark Politricks
Now the Chilcot report is out, does this mean that the Tory Government have the balls to go and arrest Tony Blair for pushing the illegal Iraq war, I doubt it very much, in fact I doubt very much will happen at all.
Here was someone who knew that the evidence was false yet still promised George W Bush to be with him whatever, despite the UN and his own legal advisers, saying that the war was illegal.
However legality in politics is a question of who is in power, who is being accused and whether or not they are in the Axis of War or a country being attacked by the axis. Blair is unlikely to find himself facing any kind of justice anytime soon which is a shame as he blatantly lied and fitted the intelligence to meet his needs.
More http://www.darkpolitricks.com/2016/07/happens-chilcot/
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RT America: Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

14 Aug, 2016 19:08
More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers.
Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations.
Somebody hacked Soros. His critics will be busy today. This doc alone shows Soros's anti-Israel network | https://t.co/xZ9TFslK0o
— Mike Doran (@Doranimated) August 14, 2016

Ignore the riots, Soros just got hacked and leaked! #SorosLeak (I'd post the link but Twitter won't allow it - google it!)
— King Robbo (@realkingrobbo) August 14, 2016
The files are grouped into sections such as geographical region, the World Bank and the President’s Office, and cover the period from 2008 up until 2016, according to The Daily Caller.
More https://www.rt.com/usa/355919-soros-hacked-files-released/
Probably hacked himself and sold shares prior to the release.
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PressTV: Israeli lobby in US weakened by BDS movement: Analyst

Aug 14, 2016
“Up and until now, the Israel lobby has not only controlled the Congress… but also the fact that they control the media over here,” says political analyst Frank O'Brien.
A legal action that is being taken against the US government’s illegal support for Israel indicates that the worldwide anti-Israeli movement known as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has been successful in weakening the Israeli lobby in the US, says an American political commentator.
Frank O’Brien, a New York-based researcher, made the remarks while discussing a federal lawsuit that states Washington’s aid to Israel is illegal under a decades-old law.
According to Grant Smith, the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, who has filed the action, the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act, which was passed by the US Congress in 1976, bans aid to non-signatories of the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that posses nuclear weapons, e.g., Israel.
More http://presstv.ir/Detail/2016/08/14/480034/US-Israeli-aid-BDS-movement-Grant-Smith-Obrien

Daesh uses chemical weapons in recent attack in Iraqi village
Aug 14, 2016
The Daesh Takfiri terrorists have used internationally-banned chemical weapons in their recent attack against civilians in a village in northern Iraq.
Hossain Hajem, the deputy governor of Mosul in Nineveh province, made the announcement on Sunday.
He added that at least 17 civilians, including women and children, suffered respiratory problems after Daesh shelled Osija village, located on the southern outskirts of Mosul.
Hajem said it was believed, after initial inspection, that the shells contained chlorine gas, a choking agent banned under the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention.
The official added that the terrorist group had shelled several other villages on the southern outskirts of the provincial capital over the past 24 hours, leaving at least three people dead and four others injured.
It is not the first time Daesh has used chemical weapons against civilians.
More http://presstv.ir/Detail/2016/08/14/480027/Iraq-Mosul-Daesh-chemical-weapons
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Vid Donald Trump calls Obama the ‘founder of ISIS’

Who founded ISIS?
"Two figures - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - stand out as the most pivotal..."

'Founder of ISIS.'

"Al Zarqawi was recruited by the CIA...

"This was confirmed by Secretary of State Colin Powell in his presentation to the UN Security Council on 5 February 2003."

Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? - Global Research.

ISIS "is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on behalf of Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, the brother of the current Saudi Foreign Minister and of the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

"He is funded and supervised jointly by U.S., French and Saudi officers.

"Over the past month, he has received new weapons from Ukraine, where Saudi Arabia has acquired a weapons factory, and via Turkey, which has created a special rail line alongside a military airport to supply ISIS."

Iraq is under attack by the US, France and Saudi Arabia, according to the Voltaire Network. ?

Image Afghanistan before President Carter put the Islamists into power.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the sophisticated fascists and Trump is the candidate of the unsophisticated fascists.

What Trump says on 9 11 and Afghanistan:

Trump says the US was right to invade Afghanistan after the 9 11 attacks.

Source: Tom LoBianco on CNN, "Afghanistan war not a mistake" , Oct 20, 2015

What Trump says on ISIS:

"It may require boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State...

"If military advisers recommend it, we should commit ... troops to fight on the ground."

Source: Crippled America, by Donald Trump, p. 37 , Nov 3, 2015

Image Syria

What Trump says on Syria:

"I don't support the ceasefire in Syria."

Source: 2016 CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary , Feb 25, 2016

Image Agent Orange children.

What Trump says on bombing:

"I said bomb ... and take the oil."

Source: 2016 ABC Republican debate on eve of N.H. primary , Feb 6, 2016

What Trump says on war:

"I'm the most militaristic person on your show."

Source: CBS Face the Nation 2015 interview by Bob Schieffer , Oct 11, 2015

Saddam was put into power by the CIA. Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent, wrote about Saddam and the CIA on 4/10/2003 (Exclusive: Saddam Was key in early CIA plot).

What Trump says on Iraq:

"How much is it worth to them to be rid of the bloodthirsty dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and to have gained a democracy? In reality, that's a priceless gift...

"They should pay us back...

"All I'm asking is that they give us ... oil.

The ingratitude of Iraq's leadership is breathtaking.

Source: Time to Get Tough, by Donald Trump, p. 9-10 , Dec 5, 2011

Image Kim at school in Berne in Switzerland. Berne is a major base for the CIA and its friends. In 1943, future CIA Director Allen Dulles moved to Bern in Switzerland. Kim Jong-Un part of CIA mind control exercise

What Trump says on North Korea:

"Who else in public life has called for a pre-emptive strike on North Korea?"

Trump is willing to carry out a pre-emptive strike on North Korea

Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.274 , Jul 2, 2000

What Trump says on Israel:
Continues http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/trump-and-war.html
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Nice atrocity
False flag, Boston Marathon style, possibly to justify extending martial law.

Details http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/nice-attack-2016-false-flag.html

Read the comments too.

Seems the Glasgow bin lorry managed to accomplish its mission without doing any damage.

Were the Nice Attacks A False Flag Or A Lone Nut?
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post July 19, 2016

Edited at 2016-08-15 07:58 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on August 15th, 2016 06:22 am (UTC)
Bombing into submission? Creating terrorists? Sacrifices? Chaos? Population control?

Op-Edge: ‘Beyond a massacre: France deliberately bombed Syrian civilians after Nice attack’
RT 20 Jul, 2016 edit 29 Jul
Western coalition forces knew they were attacking an area inhabited by civilians and yet they carried out a bombing. How can 30 airstrikes be a mistake? How can they all be a mistake, political commentator Marwa Osman asked RT.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has written to the UN blaming US and French warplanes for the deaths of more than 100 civilians near the city of Manbij.
The alleged French act of aggression claimed the lives of more than 120 civilians, most of them children, women and elderly. The fate of scores of other civilians still under the debris is unknown. The letter also mentioned the French air strikes came a day after US warplanes conducted a bombing raid, which Damascus claims killed 20 other civilians.
RT: In January, the US-led coalition was reportedly (as claimed by CNN) prepared for up to 50 civilian deaths when it decided to target an ISIS cash vault. Can the risk of so-called collateral damage be justified for the greater good?
Marwa Osman: They blatantly call it ‘collateral damage’ when it is lives of the Syrian people which are being lost here. No one is talking about this, about the grave lives of the people who are living in Syria because of this coalition, because of the support this coalition has been giving to all sorts of groups. We already saw that the same thing in the French bombing, we saw the same thing that happened in a school in Iraq’s Nineveh massacre of 36 children after ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. And now after the Nice attack, we see this in Syria. This is beyond unacceptable, this is beyond a massacre. They knew that this is an inhabited area by civilians and yet they did it. How can 30 airstrikes be a mistake? How can they all be a mistake? This is unacceptable…
RT: How is it possible the US claims it doesn't know anything about this airstrike and that they're still gathering information?
MO: They’re still gathering information? How come they did an airstrike without the information? I am sorry but we are not idiots. Our minds are not somewhere backwards. We know what is happening. We know that every flight that is being made costs more than $200,000 for a jet to go up in the air. And I am very sure that any state that gets a jet up in the air to bomb someone knows exactly what they are bombing. What they did is a… retaliatory move, a fast move just to breed blood in the streets of Syria just to say to the French and the US public: “Look, we are fighting ISIS.” This is not how they fight ISIS. They fight ISIS by stopping the Turkish state from opening its borders where they infiltrate, by stopping the funding, by stopping the arming and by stopping the so-called moderate rebels who yesterday killed a 12-year-old boy. These are the moderates of the US. The US recognizes the support for this Nour al-Din al-Zenki brigade that killed the boy. And trust me, they know who they are because today they told them: “We are going to stop the funding if you continue doing this.” They have been doing this for the past five years. They know everything that is going on. I surely appreciate what the Syrian government is doing by sending this message to the UN but this is not enough... This is definitely not enough. Syrians are suffering; they are dying by the hundreds. People need to wake up and see what their governments are doing and stop them. Because it is their tax payments that are causing the suffering over the world, especially in Syria and Iraq. I am very sure that they know who they are fighting and bombing, but they just pretend that they don’t know.
Continues https://www.rt.com/op-edge/352283-syria-us-france-bombing/

‘Bloody massacres’: Syria appeals to UN after French & US airstrikes ‘kill over 140 civilians’