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Palestine Urges Arab League to help Sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration which Established A “Homeland for the Jewish people.”

UK Column News - 9th June 2016
START    #EUReferendumPsyOp software failures distort Brexit vote
2:30        Blair & John Major appeal for Remain in Northern Ireland
4:40        William Hague : Brexit could ‘Fragment the Western World’
7:40        MI6 exempt from the law over rendition of innocent Libyans
10:00      Facebook & Google feign resistance over Federal surveillance
11:40      state entrapment stings dominate incidents of domestic terror
13:50      various factions utilise Turkish alliance to stoke flames of war
16:20      Saudi Arabia placed on U.N. blacklist over Yemeni atrocities
19:40      NATO expansionism via its subjugated Polish vassal domain
22:50      negligence of US poses immense dangers to the entire world
25:00      BALTOPS theatre escalates European standoff with Russia
31:00      Royal Navy intercepts the ‘potential threat’ of Russian sub
34:30      Japanese and German megabanks break from central banks
44:30      Tim Berners Lee works towards distributed Web

UK Column News - 10th June 2016
START   Sturgeon debates Johnson in #EUReferendumPsyOp
4:20       in event of Brexit : Scots would vote to Remain in UK
10:30      transnationalists arrive in Dresden for latest Bilderberg
16:00      destruction of Nation States via Resilient Cities agenda
30:20      transnational agreements work for a world government
32:10      parents who denied predator access to child persecuted
51:40      terror attacks in Israel kill respected dissident academic
53:30      further allegations of anti-semitism aimed at the Labour Party

UKColumn The EU Referendum Psyop
Thankfully the referendum will be over in a couple of weeks. From the day that David Cameron announced it, the UK Column's position has been that the whole circus has been a psychological operation, designed to distract.
The basis for this assertion is this: when we look a little deeper, we find that policies are being implemented in front of our eyes.
TTIP, city states/regions, AI, devolution/Constitutional Reform, immigration, state snooping, euthanasia, military integration, interdependence. low intensity perpetual war/regime change, human rights - the list goes on - none of these is coming from the EU.
Some are being implemented through the EU, that is true. But removing ourselves from the EU, as a single act, will not stop any of these policies from coming to fruition.
The danger is then, that when we as individuals discuss these subjects with others, that we say "that's the EU doing that". Or, "if we leave the EU, our problems will be solved". They won't.
Now, please don't assume I am saying that we should not do all we can to remove ourselves from that insidious dictatorship. We should, and we must.
But we must also recognise that many, if not most, of the policies I mentioned above have been born here, in Britain, and Britain will continue to push them along no matter what happens in a couple of weeks.
The EU referendum is a psyop. In a sense the EU itself is a psyop. It is designed to be outrageous enough to keep people looking in its direction. Frankly, though, the EU is the least of our worries.

UK Column News - 1st August 2016
START British Constitution Group : the Launch of the ‘Rule of Law’ Initiative
03:41 Monetary Reform & Sovereign Currencies |& Media Propaganda…
06:28 ‘Remove the Whips from Parliament,’ an essential policy for Liberty
08:43 Shoot-Down of a Russian Helicopter in Syria : Western arms at work
11:27 The Directorate of Defence Communications issues laughable excuses
19:51 ‘Massive Portfolios’ & corporate interests : “I just want a straight Navy.”
24:23 A process of withdrawing from the European Union - whirlwind of lies
28:12 Equality Advisory and Support Services helpline contract won by G4S
29:51 A review of G4S – lapses of security, deaths within custody, worldwide
31:35 British forces a third of the size of G4S private-global Mercenary-army
37:21 ‘Distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families.’

UK Column News - 2nd August 2016
START First Lady to be : Melanija Knavs - Slovenian wife of Donald Trump
02:43 The wild & “complete breakdown of law and order in this country…”
03:21 British Constitution Group holds a ‘Rule of Law’ rally in Nottingham
04:34 State of the Nation - Justin Walker lays out both problems & solutions
07:03 “A poisonous cocktail of arrogance and ignorance in [our leadership]”
07:36 Historical Overview : Different Systems of Law at work inside Europe
11:17 Annulment by Jury - a system of legal review in the hands of the people
12:01 Tim Fortescue & blackmail of the Highest Politicians with Child-Abuse
13:29 A Massive Convention for this November & the Autumn push for Law
14:12 ‘The inflexible anti-British arch-federalist Frenchman, Michel Barnier’
15:23 “Things are beginning to become unstuck for the European project…”
16:01 Best of Both Worlds : a British Lion straddles the world via REMAIN
17:22 “Article 50 is not going to be triggered for some considerable time…”
18:59 The Record of Theresa May : Melanie Shaw, the Docherties, Orwell
21:03 ‘We need to take a look at the people who are behind Theresa May...’
22:41 Dochertys’ children taken at Gun-point, “literally in fear of their lives”
24:15 A powerful written prosecution of those trying to silence the Dochertys
28:02 ‘The first and best in the of National-propagandists,” The Corporation
29:04 Overview of the BBC & A scathing indictment of the State of its Affairs
31:21 Child-Abuse is “The Engine of Corrupt Politics” in Britain & the world
34:42 “I think ‘Police State’ is a fair description (of the status quo in France).”
36:17 Root & Branch obscuration of the British Constitution & its safeguards
39:45 China : a profound Nation with a very real tendency of exceptionalism
43:52 Attitudes of the Elite : poverties, wastegrounds & the unwashed Masses
49:17 Expansion of the US-ISIS Axis in Libya via a fresh Bombing campaign

UK Column News - 4th August 2016
START Beavers Again… Seriously : Global Warming is Caused by Beavers!
04:51 ‘Faragists’ - & the War raging within UKIP post Brexit-Referendum
07:49 Presidential Candidate of US Constitution Party is pro ‘Rule of Law’
12:37 Electronic Electoral Fraud & ‘The Truth Hound’ of Mark Anderson
20:43 Hillary Clinton pretends to be Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership
24:56 New York Times works in tandem with ISIS to spin terrorist threats
29:47 ‘Who created international terrorism?’ - UK Column tours the links
32:58 Rapid Expansion of the British Secret Police with latest Knife-attack
39:42 Missing children & the ‘Dissappeared’ Asylum Seekers inside Britain
42:31 Boys Town, Franklin & John DeCamp - Minors & refugee violations
43:02 “…the one thing we haven’t tried (is to just) mind our own business.”
46:37 Cornwall Council could keep its Brussels office to protect its funding
47:26 Industrial Transhumanism: sinister giant-robot dehumanises Miners
51:47 UNESCO – Agenda 21 – Depopulation – Social Engineering – Lies

UK Column News - 5th August 2016
START Resignation of Justice Lowell Goddard after Whistleblower Interview
02:31 Dispatches from the Front : the Inquiry & its Highly Esteemed Chair
07:52 Responsibilities of May for the endemic child-abuse throughout Britain
12:31 Official statement from Dame Lowell : a useful idiot or wilful criminal?
20:56 ‘So why exactly did she have to go - if she did such an excellent job...?’
25:47 National Security : intelligence services & the Highest-level Blackmail
29:53 A professional opponent of Abuse Victims : accuser Barbara Hewson
35:12 Named Persons & the Various Deaths of Children under this Scheme
42:34 ‘Derisive Howls of Laughter’ & the sinister ‘progress’ of totalitarianism

UK Column News - 8th August 2016
START Media Spin & the United Kingdom Independence Party
03:41 Ex-PM : Cronyism, the Honours System & Steve Hilton
04:53 Gerrymandering as Tories Conspire to Stack the Decks
09:25 FRACKING | Stocks, Wells, Campaigners & Theresa
13:29 ‘A sacrifice zone…’ : Designated Areas Offered Bribes
15:37 Rathlin & Sunderland Holdings - Registered in Jersey
19:52 Print-Media Editorial lines contrast with the Internet
25:14 Ecocidal “Underground Coal Gasification” Schemes
26:23 Deception & Public Relations : local support bought
29:41 A ‘List of the Harmed...’ | “Do your own research.”
31:58 ISIS is a criminal Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
37:49 Clinton Emails & a dead Iranian Nuclear Scientist
43:26 Blackmail at the Highest Levels – William Hague.

SNP 'may block Brexit' if plans are not in Scotland's interests
MPs belonging to the Scottish National Party could block a UK Government plan for Brexit unless it contained "special arrangements"
Tommy Sheppard, MP for Edinburgh East, said that the party's 56 MPs could vote down proposals that don't reflect the fact that the majority of Scots voted to Remain in the European Union.
Via Yahoo

'Violators' and 'Delinquent Regulators' to be Named
In the video above, Dane Wigington delivers a presentation on geoengineering which took place last September in Redding, California. Wigington maintains the website, and he has gotten together with a team of lawyers to form the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, or LASG.
On Monday of this week, the LASG filed a “US 60-Day Notice of Legal Action”–basically giving notice to a number of named individuals that they are about to become defendants in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the illegal spraying taking place in our skies.

Press TV: Duff Outlines Roles of Israel and Turkey in Azeri-Armenian Crisis

Damascus in peril: rebels eye the Syrian capital and CIA pays each terrorist $1000

You can’t make this stuff up: NATO-linked Atlantic Council is plotting false flags in Russia

Quetta bombing: False flag 4th generation warfare targets Pakistan

Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on

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