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26 June 2016 @ 11:30 pm
In your face facts  
RT Op-Edge

Brexit changes nothing

The morning’s headlines proclaiming the unthinkable didn’t make sense: the UK was leaving the EU; Cameron was resigning. The world had ended and been born anew.

I’ll admit it, I was temporarily stunned. Jacob Rothschild had called for a Remain vote. What else was there to talk about? I hadn’t seen that one coming.

For an entire minute it felt as though there was a chance of a return to the halcyon days, an end to the insanity of moral confusion: no more ripping right things from their places and twisting them into troubling, hybrid forms. Children would be able to play safely in the streets again; decency and order would return; Britain would rise phoenix-like from the ashes of a pitiable self-parody in decline; men would wear tweed, and the women would stop walking like nightclub bouncers and swearing at their children in the high street.

The attempt to brand as morally compromised those who want something other than cultural obliteration for the UK seemed to have failed. O, happy days.

Then I had breakfast.

As I ate my eggs, insulated from the frequent calamities of a boisterous three-year-old by thoughts of what had happened, it felt as though some ostensibly welcome but ultimately weird event had taken place; as though a mystery person had built a conservatory onto the side of our house in the night.

It would be nice to have a conservatory. But if one appears out of nowhere, you’d be mad not to be very alarmed.

I won’t lower myself to vote in elections. It only encourages the charade. But I did register what I assumed to be a protest vote in this referendum, and placed my mark using the government issued pencil in the appropriate box.

What I wanted was not on the ballot, of course: for Britain never to have joined the EU at all; for the last forty-something years to be rolled back.

Sheep and goats

Mark Twain is attributed, some claim falsely, with the thought that if voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it.

But no matter who said it, it is right. We are managed, and the last thing our rulers care about is what the ghastly masses think. But they like to monitor herd trends and use them to direct the herd efficiently towards the pastures they have marked out.

Thus, rather than being a medium of free communication, the internet is primarily a monitoring tool. So aggregate trends in herd psyche are known and mapped out in real time. If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you’ll understand. They don’t have to guess what the herd is thinking; they know.

What will have been known before the plebiscite, and has now been publicly revealed by it, is that the population is split.

Half the herd is current on its updates. This demographic has had a full set of shots, and is bleating its way happily into a relativistic reality based on feelings, groupthink and a collective hive mind; it has little attachment to the past and its comprehension of the future is a CGI construct courtesy of NASA and Hollywood.

Then we have those who retain a sense of the past, of tradition, of the value of their own culture; people for whom the collective is neither God nor trumps the individual.

The future is being designed to tolerate later iterations based on first group. The second group is, in computer terms, being deprecated. However, since we are at a halfway juncture, you would have to be a very stupid strategist not to exploit the inherent potential for conflict between the two groups, between the sheep and the goats, as it were.

Accordingly, the sheep are busy baaing at the goats, while the goats bask in the sun of the impression that they won something.

Meanwhile, it is business as usual for the shepherds.

Prior to the vote, Cameron said there would be no second referendum. This indicates to me, in retrospect, that his bosses have made the decision: the system is getting a makeover.

What has changed?

To put events in perspective, we need only ask fundamental questions.

Has the fiat economic system been challenged? Are the bankers now in gaol and usury shunned and spat upon? Has the cultural attack against ever right and normal instinct been defeated? Is the media now to be required to do its job or the education system to train children to think rather than to obey? Have the iniquitous taxes on labor and death been removed? Are we now going to stop bombing those countries that refuse to turn their money over to the central banking system, which controls our countries and everyone in them?

Of course not.

In short, the infrastructure is as robust as it has ever been, and all that has changed is that the operating system is going to get a new front end and people will get busy arguing over what color the buttons should be.

With or without the EU, the core agenda items will continue to be pushed through, just as they have been in Norway and Switzerland. Neither country is an EU member, yet both have seats at the high table of taxpayer-funded cultural suicide through mass immigration; both are run by central banks; both have the same supine media and economic, educational and pharmaceutical matrix as everywhere else.


It is a difficult concept for people schooled in the Prussian system of education to internalize, but as I touched on last week, our rulers use Aikido, whereas we are trained to arm-wrestle.

We are ruled not simply by virtue of a greater opposing force, but by a technique which includes the employment of our force against us, thereby drawing us inexorably toward aims which those who employ the technique determine. The output of the technique is an environment which itself operates as quicksand, and the types of resistance which seem obvious to us are worse than merely futile; they drag us further downward.

The recent spectacle has had people thinking in terms of winner and losers. This is a primitive position. The result simply presents a new spectrum of opportunities which can be guided according to the strategic requirements of those who understand the technique.

The soap opera

At the more immediate level of the day-to-day drama, it has been amusing to see the collectivist liberals crying over spilt referendum milk.

I regard democracy as an amusing idea; the sort of thing you tell small children; like tales about Father Christmas, it’s not something I would expect grown-ups to believe in. But they do. And those who do, effectively claim to believe that the mean outcome of a vote by a large number of highly indoctrinated people on a subject framed and controlled by a small number of plantation owners is inherently significant - holy even.

So if that’s your view, you should have been happy that the majority prevailed.

But no. The Remain camp immediately threw its toys out of the pram with 2.5 million people bleating within days that the holy answer reached by the holy process wasn’t holy enough; they want another answer.

This, at least, has exposed them. Their claims of tolerance, inclusivity and fair-mindedness are just wallpaper. When things don’t go their way they dissolve into a froth of effete hand-wringing or erupt in a volcano of nose piercings and green hair, looking for a government safe space to make reality conform to their recent conditioning.

None of this runs very deep. Most of their frustrations could be assuaged if they understood that the Norwegians and Swiss have visa-less access to Europe. Their rave parties on the weekend in Amsterdam are not necessarily under threat.

Shoring up democracy

We have the internet. It's very easy for those of us still possessed of a functioning mind to find out how badly we are getting screwed, and by whom. Increasingly, we understand that we are being transitioned from a silk-glove to an openly iron-fist environment.

We may be a 9/11 or two away from full-on gun-in-your-face tyranny, but we are monitored, and those who do the monitoring know that people are waking up to the fact that the cattle have no say in where the cattle truck is taking them.

It doesn’t matter how the narrative is directed following the Brexit vote, a crashed UK economy forcing its return to the EU as a warning to others; a long goodbye; or the UK’s example auguring the collapse of the EU construct – the irreducible outcome of the recent pageant is that the floundering democracy brand has had a shot in the arm: Yes, children, voting really changes things.

I have to assume that this was a key propaganda requirement behind the drama: The need to sustain the democracy mythos a while longer.

But I don’t believe it.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT

Clarity in its pure form.

clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:06 am (UTC)
The EU was a Contrivance of a 1955 Bilderberg Meeting
Activist Post June 24
By Maalikah Hartley
Today Britain is voting on remaining in the European Union or exiting it—taking a “Brexit.” But why would you leave the EU behind, Britain? That is just simply unpatriotic; and according to the corporate press, the EU bureaucrats, the politicians, the elitists, the international bankers, and all the cool, sexy people, it would be a disaster!!!!!!! Economic ruin will be on its way along with World War III!!!!! Just take a look at Switzerland. Their free markets and fair trade have made them one of the richest nations in Europe—are they apart of the EU? Oh, wait, I guess they’re not.
The truth is the EU has created a decline in economic growth for their member states in the last few decades, a bloated bureaucracy, crushing regulations and insane anti-democratic processes.
This wouldn’t come as much of a shock once you look into where the EU was birthed— a 1955 Bilderberg meeting. You know, the annual meeting where heads of mega corporations, international banks, media, academia, and politicians and royalty all get together to talk about nothing serious, I’m guessing, with any plans for implementation.
This year’s conference was held in Dresden, Germany from June 9th-12th (again where U.S. officials violated the Logan Act) and in 1955 the meeting also took place in Germany, in Bavaria. Leaked papers from that event (provided by WikiLeaks) talk of a “Pressing need to bring the German people, together with the other peoples of Europe, into a common market;” plans to “Arrive in the shortest possible time at the highest degree of integration, beginning with a common European market;” and a consensus that “It might be better to proceed through the development of a common market by treaty rather than by the creation of new high authorities.”
Paul Joseph Watson of infowars.com goes on to state:
Just two years later, in 1957, the first incarnation of the European Economic Community (EEC) was born, which comprised of a single market between Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The EEC gradually enlarged over the next few decades until it became the European Community, one of the three pillars of the European Union, which was officially created in 1993.
In 2009, Andrew Rettman of the EU Observer interviewed former Bilderberg chairman and Belgian businessman, Etienne Davignon, and had this to say:
A meeting in June in Europe of the Bilderberg Group – an informal club of leading politicians, businessmen and thinkers chaired by Mr Davignon – could also “improve understanding” on future action, in the same way it helped create the euro in the 1990s, he said.
More http://www.activistpost.com/2016/06/the-eu-was-a-contrivance-of-a-1955-bilderberg-meeting.html
Now we know who gave the CIA its instructions. Of course the British establisment's secret services would have been behind or gone along with the CIA's operation.
Commenter Richard Scott
Today I voted OUT
I’m in favour of the free movement of people, subject to sensible rules and procedures. I’m also in favour of strengthening workers and human rights, not just within Europe but also worldwide.
However, today I’ve voted against OUT for the following reasons:
• The EU unelected bureaucrats and war mongers who, at the behest of the USA, are responsible for the deaths and displacement of millions of people, helped destroy Iraq, Libya and Syria, reduced Greece to destitution and are supporting the fascist regime in Ukraine with funding and weapons and by imposing sanctions against Russia.
• The EU agenda of asset stripping and privatising state owned industries and of creating an EU army.
• The legions of unelected bureaucrats, like the Kinnock family and Baroness Ashton, who have pocketed £millions and squandered £trillions of taxpayers money.
• The secret TTLP negotiations that will impose a capitalists and bankers charter on the whole of Europe.
• The profligacy of the MEP’s, like Nigel Farage, and their unelected hangers on including family and friends, who have pocketed £millions
• The domination of the EU by Germany the IMF, the bankers and the USA.
• The possibility of failed states such as Ukraine and terrorist states such as Turkey being fast tracked into the EU for political expediency.
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:10 am (UTC)
gmsfruitofknowledge Jun 25, 2016
Well it’s happened! Citizens of the UK have decided to call it quits. The decades-long debate whether to remain part of the Europe Union has been settled. Brexit is a reality. What’s next?
CrossTalking with Xavier Moreau, John Laughland, and Alexander Mercouris.

High Def, comments https://www.rt.com/shows/crosstalk/348295-brexit-goal-uk-eu/

RT Keiser Report Episode 932
25 Jun
Max and Stacy are joined from New York City by Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com to dissect the economic, monetary and financial consequences of the ‘shocking’ Brexit vote - Britain votes to leave the European Union. The Keiser Report team look closer at the market sell off and ask if it’s part of a wider market weakness set in motion months ago, then examine the role of the media, much as in the rise of Donald Trump, in simply failing to understand the ‘disposable’ voters left behind by globalization. Mitch shows a chart proving that the biggest pound sterling sell-off was actually in 2008 and the currency has never really recovered since then. Finally, they look at the opportunities presented by panic selling.

Keiser Report website for more: http://www.maxkeiser.com/
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:26 am (UTC)
Market declined to be panicked
Climb down by enemy banksters' scaremonger-in-chief and BoE corp thug.

Osborne: UK in a position of strength
BBC today
Chancellor George Osborne says the UK is in "a position of strength" and indicates there will be no immediate emergency Budget after the Brexit vote.
What a bummer.
Did Ladbrokes survive intact?
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 06:09 pm (UTC)

If the usual suspects are behind the assault on the BoE corp'n debt creating banknotes can we either request their rendition or extradition and public trial or make war on them with their our secret services?

I mean what are we paying them for?

Or are the majority of representatives and agencies too deep in the banksters' wallet?

Edited at 2016-06-27 06:11 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 06:16 pm (UTC)
Zionist fifth columnists want Corbyn out
It’s Still the Iraq War, Stupid
26 June
No rational person could blame Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit. So why are the Blairites moving against Corbyn now, with such precipitate haste?
The answer is the Chilcot Report. It is only a fortnight away, and though its form will be concealed by thick layers of establishment whitewash, the basic contours of Blair’s lies will still be visible beneath. Corbyn had deferred to Blairite pressure not to apologise on behalf of the Labour Party for the Iraq War until Chilcot is published.
For the Labour Right, the moment when Corbyn as Labour leader stands up in parliament and condemns Blair over Iraq, is going to be as traumatic as it was for the hardliners of the Soviet Communist Party when Khruschev denounced the crimes of Stalin. It would also destroy Blair’s carefully planned post-Chilcot PR strategy. It is essential to the Blairites that when Chilcot is debated in parliament in two weeks time, Jeremy Corbyn is not in place as Labour leader to speak in the debate. The Blairite plan is therefore for the parliamentary party to depose him as parliamentary leader and get speaker John Bercow to acknowledge someone else in that fictional position in time for the Chilcot debate, with Corbyn remaining leader in the country but with no parliamentary status.
Yes, they are that nuts.
If the fault line for the Tories is Europe, for Labour it is the Middle East. Those opposing Corbyn are defined by their enthusiasm for bombing campaigns that kill Muslim children. And not only by the UK. Both of the first two to go, Hilary Benn and Heidi Alexander, are hardline supporters of Israel.
Heidi Alexander actually signed, as a 2015 parliamentary candidate, the “We Believe in Israel” charter, the provisions of which state there must be no boycotts of Israel, and Israel must not be described as an apartheid state.
This fault line is very well defined. The manufactured row about “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party shows exactly the same split. In my researches, 100% of those who have promoted accusations of anti-Semitism were supporters of the Iraq War and/or had demonstrable links to professional pro-Israel lobby groups. 100% of those accused of anti-Semitism were active opponents of the Iraq War. Never underestimate the Blairite fury at being shown not just to be liars but to be wrong. Iraq is their Achilles heel and they are extremely touchy about it.
No rational person would believe Brexit was Jeremy Corbyn’s fault. No rational person would believe that now is a good moment for the Labour Party to tear itself apart. Extraordinarily, the timing is determined by Chilcot.
Full https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2016/06/still-iraq-war-stupid/

Edited at 2016-06-27 06:20 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 06:31 pm (UTC)
Only Corbyn has the authority to unite the nation

26th June
Morning Star in Features
Labour must be united to help heal a divided country and fight the rise of the far right, writes CHARLEY ALLAN
THE Bitterite coup-plotters weren’t bluffing. On Friday morning, just hours after Britain’s decision to leave the EU saw the pound plunge by over 10 per cent and our prime minister resign, Labour bigwig Margaret Hodge made her move.
In a letter to Parliamentary Labour Party chair John Cryer, the Barking MP blamed Jeremy Corbyn for the referendum result and demanded a no-confidence vote in their leader.
The 62 per cent Out vote in Hodge’s own constituency — 10 points above the national share — clearly wasn’t her fault in the slightest.
Ten more Labour backbenchers joined her by the end of the day. Two of them, Tristram Hunt (Stoke-on-Trent, 69 per cent Out) and Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon, 57 per cent) published pieces on the Guardian website on Saturday calling for Corbyn to go.
The Observer then reported that Hilary Benn had spent Saturday ringing up fellow shadow cabinet members to rally resistance in the form of mass resignations.
In response, Corbyn sacked him as shadow foreign secretary early Sunday morning, sparking resignations from several front-bench colleagues.
If 51 Labour MPs and MEPs tell the party’s general secretary they want Corbyn out, it would trigger a new election — and the bizarre spectacle of both major parties embroiled in leadership contests over the summer.
For a bunch of Blairites to exploit the current political and economic crisis like this is shocking but not surprising.
For them, the Out vote wasn’t the fault of David Cameron, who only called the referendum to stop his MPs and members jumping ship to Ukip.
Neither was it the fault of Boris Johnson, who backstabbed his boss in a stunningly successful bid to boost his flagging career.
And it wasn’t the fault of Nigel Farage, whose far-right racist rhetoric brought out the nastiest side of human nature — with fear and hatred of “the other” at its core, as seen by the sudden surge in racial abuse up and down Britain.
No — it was Corbyn wot lost it, according to Benn and Hodge, because he wasn’t enthusiastic enough about EU membership.
It’s unclear how their plan to replace him with a hard-core Inner will appeal to Labour-voting Outers.
Corbynistas immediately rallied to his defence, with over 140,000 signing an online petition expressing confidence in their leader in just 24 hours.
The general secretaries of 12 Labour-affiliated trade unions — including Unite, Unison and the GMB — backed Corbyn in a joint statement, insisting: “The last thing Labour needs is a manufactured leadership row of its own.”
Even celebrities such as singer Lily Allen spoke up, tweeting: “All you Blairite Labour careerist bastards leave @jeremycorbyn alone. If anyone can lead our country out of the darkness it’s him not you.”
She makes a good point. Of all our political figures, Corbyn is closest to the public mood on this issue.
The referendum divided us in many ways — young versus old, rich versus poor, London and Scotland versus almost everywhere else — and we need someone who can speak to both sides.
We need someone to help make sense of what the hell’s going on.
We’ve had three months of being terrified by a proliferation of Project Fear — and that was before Jo Cox was assassinated by what appears to have been a neonazi.
The close vote, a gap of less than 4 per cent, hasn’t resolved anything.
Tottenham MP David Lammy wants Parliament to ignore the result — and many Out voters are expressing buyer’s remorse, at least if YouTube is to be believed. Over three million people have signed a petition calling for a second referendum.
And we now have no properly functioning government to take things forward. Cameron refuses to sign Article 50 and start formal divorce proceedings, despite EU pressure, leaving this job to his successor.
The Tories’ blue-on-blue bloodshed is set to escalate until a new leader emerges victorious in October, leaving parliamentary politics paralysed over the months ahead.
h/t Alan who hilighted the article in comments to the Craig Murray article
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 06:38 pm (UTC)
Palestinians clash with police as Jews try to access Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem
Jun 26
Clashes have broken out between Palestinians and Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on Sunday. At least seven Palestinians were injured after being hit by rubber bullets, while police said they arrested four Palestinian youths.

'Auxit' vote within year: Far-right Hofer warns Austria could follow in British footsteps
Jun 26
Norbert Hofer, who narrowly failed to become EU’s first far-right head of state in last month’s presidential run-off in Austria, warns his country could hold a referendum on EU membership within a year if the bloc insists on political “centralization.”

EU disintegration ‘practically irreversible’ – Soros
Jun 26
The EU has “ceased to satisfy its citizens’ needs and aspirations,” George Soros said calling on people to “band together to save it.” The billionaire warned the disintegration of the bloc will be almost impossible to avoid.

"It has been often said that the "science is settled" on the issue of CO2 and climate.
Let me put this claim to rest with a simple one-letter proof that it is false.</b>
The letter is s, the one that changes model into models. If the science were settled, there would be precisely one model, and it would be in agreement with measurements.
Alternatively, one may ask which one of the twenty-some models settled the science so that all the rest could be discarded along with the research funds that have kept those models alive."
From a letter to the EPA by Physicist Howard Hayden https://mises.org/blog/physicist-howard-hayden%E2%80%99s-one-letter-disproof-global-warming-claims

El Niño effect: Global temperatures hit record high for 8th month in a row
Jun 26
Last month was the hottest May on file making it the eighth consecutive month to smash world temperature records.</b>
V. likely bolleaux. If it is still reality decided by consensus the majority say cooler than 2015

Europe needs united army, EU parliament committee head urges after Brexit
Jun 26
The idea of a common European military headquarters has been revived by the head of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, shortly after the UK’s citizens voted in favor of Brexit.
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 08:05 pm (UTC)
Cameron's getting us out of the EU poverty trap does not excuse his war crimes.

Hopefully the Libya inquiry won't be held by professional procrastinators like Chilcott.

Edited at 2016-06-27 08:55 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:12 pm (UTC)
UK Column News - 27th June 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives for today's news, including:

START A defence of realism : the truth knows no half measures…
2:47 Is the Media beginning to see things a little more clearly?
3:28 Osborne & May lurk in the shadows like grim vultures
4:51 propagandistic doomsayers belittle the UK economy
6:43 relationship between TTIP & the EU Referendum
8:35 a destabalised Britain is the exact agenda at work
9:52 subversive perspectives revealed in twittersphere
12:48 Brexit vote watered down to stabalise the State?
15:36 a dissection of the EU psychological operation
18:24 the State of the Parties & leaders of disrepute
23:07 a tramp with a pound is richer than the UK
27:18 instigation of a London separatist movement
29:56 Boris pledges to intensify integration with EU
32:34 project Syndicate features the intrigues of Soros
35:12 Brexit thoughts from within British Armed Forces
36:28 EU security integration drive accelerates post Brexit
39:47 It is time to open up a rational dialogue with Russia.
43:21 rapid intensification of pernicious European Agenda



For the suggestion box. Google's youtube has an international audience. Simultaneous uploads of the news video to both addresses might be worth considering.

Haha. Just had a vision of a uni grad in economics traditional tea lady with a mouth interrupting you with some words of wisdom.
Entertainment is what they've used against us. Use it for us?

Edited at 2016-06-27 09:43 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:37 pm (UTC)
Net News Global
Israeli Intel Chief: We Don’t Want ISIS Defeated in Syria
Israel NOT an ally of Americans
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Last week, 51 diplomats called for strikes against Assad in Syria. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard explains why they're wrong

[Lovely lady]
Aleppo Battle Update: Syrian Army fully recaptures eastern parts of Mallah + [Map]

Activist Post
Justin Amash
Democrats are staging a sit-in on the House floor. They refuse to leave until our Constitution replaces due process with secret lists.
The Roots Of Today's Tyranny: The Patriot Act II

Press TV
‘Trump is sideshow, Clinton will win’

State of democracy 'under threat' in #Turkey – PACE
'Why the British said no to Europe' - Op-Edge by John Pilger

Americans + EU special forces fighting alongside Misrata & still no breakthrough.
Since race to #Sirte began, #Misrata has lost:
80 Tanks & Armoured Vehicles
260 killed
800+ injured
How long can they keep this up?

Quociente Cultural®
Birgitta Lundqvist
FREE SAIF AL ISLAM! Unfairly imprisoned 55 months!
franklin Brown
U read article like this & u shake ur head. Beginning to think it is written in stars ME will be US undoing.
The New York Times
The CIA sent weapons for Syrian rebels. Officials say they were stolen and sold to merchants on the black market.
Al Jazeera English
Timeline: A look at the history of bitcoin
http://aje.io/mqwg by @AJLabs
Evan Kirstel
BORUMP on @boingboing #Brexit

Mainstream Media Busted Changing Times on Orlando Shooting Hoax
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRJEdzADLe4 … @theintercept @cenkuygur #Orlando Sun Times

A. Smith
Well Informed Italians shout 'YOU CREATED ISIS' to USA Sec State John Kerry disrupting his Press Conference

Greg Galloway
Bombing of Serbia 1999 | Documentary 2016

The Guardian
Battle to stop Jack Straw facing Libya rendition charges
Is there a politician that isn't criminal? Or would such be an oxymoron?

BankersBoy & Brexit demagogue Boris hates Brussels bc they limit Bonuses for City speculators like himself

Libya 360°
TTIP, “Economic Nato”
The US-NATO hand in Brexit

Zero Anthropology
John Hilley
Cook on "the love-filled internationalism of Nato, which has relied on the EU to help spread its military tentacles"

Enrique Ferro
TTIP ‘doesn’t respect EU interests’: French PM Valls says ‘non’ to transatlantic treaty

jose nascimento Retweeted
Voice of Europe
HOLLAND - An official news agency poll shows there's a majority for a Nexit: 48% of the Dutch want to leave the EU.

Raja Chemayel
I live in Europe since 1968
and I still do not understand
why,at all, the #UK joined the #EU?
[E. Heath. Bait and switch.]

Libya S.O.S.
The latest Libya S.O.S. - Daily News!
Thanks to @fubarista @HMAMichaelAron @dnouri #brexit #cdnpoli

nsnbc international
Iraqi PM Visits Liberated Fallujah – 30% of the City of Birth Defects is in Ruins
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:40 pm (UTC)
Tactical Things


Graham koller
Italian journalist destroys anti-Brexit arguments and blasts "rubbish" EU
Bill Pentelow
Sovereignty by Christmas! Britain to claw back powers from Euro courts within months
Aside from Britain not wanting EU we don't want its laws that were illegally imposed under treaties the signing of which was treason on each count.
Test it in court. The electorate did not give permission to commit treason in the previous referendum.
Imagine that. All the MPs that supported the signing of the treaties in jail were we can go and spit on them.
A satisfactory result would give grounds for recovering contributions and cash spent on the EU infrastructure, including the eco-fascist Common Purpose.
A Special Kind Of Stupid. Nicola Sturgeon. Wants independence BUT there r no INDEPENDENT countries in EU! Dear oh me
Common Purpose. Eco-fascism.
U.S. killing more civilians in Iraq, Syria than it acknowledges
Land Destroyer
West calls legally elected leader of #Syria a "dictator" while calling ILLEGAL dictator of #Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi the "defacto leader."
GT200: How London Sold Fake Bomb Detectors and Got People Killed
Julia Hartley-Brewer
Extraordinary to see party leader after party leader stand up in the Commons & say the British people got it wrong. They still don't get it.
Alex Salmond: Scottish Parliament cannot block Brexit
Sue Whitaker
EU Commissioner on Brexit: 'We face a 15% loss in EU budget'.
Yes, the cash cow is moving to pastures new
[Create a new currency from EU fairy dust]
Relentless of Sussex
Resharing..lucky escape?!!!! European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit http://ln.is/shr.gs/vY4a7
Suzanne Evans
No, young people did not vote overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. Most of them couldn't care less because they didn't bother to vote.
[36% voted]
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 09:56 pm (UTC)
Mad Dog Imperialists of London send NUCLEARSUBMARINEto defend Gibraltar from Spain as Madrid demands more say
Nothing to do with Syria or Russia. I wonder why Netanyahu wants our subs in the Med, the US is there already.
I think we should give the City state of London to Spain in compensation for Gib. If they politely decline, how about giving it to Argentina for the Falklands and the Belgrano. No? Last idea, nationalise the carbunkel and repatriate Gib.
Bankers' boy BorisJohnson concerned about bonuses, freedom to loot and money launder for CityOfLondon bankers-
-True reason @BorisJohnson pushed for Brexit, To protect CityOfLondon from EU Finance regulations

Cynthia McKinney PhD
U.S. elections can be authentic or faked. My elections in 2002 and 2006 were faked. Hillary didn't win California!

A. Smith
The Angry Socialist
Iranian General "Terrorists arrested in Iran admitted conducting terrorist activities ordered by USA,Saudi Arabia"
Criminal Apartheid Israeli Forces Shoot,Murder Young Palestinian Woman whose car merely hit a Israeli JEW's Car
Israeli Military LIED ABOUT the Murder of 15yr old Palestine Child claiming rock throwing, proven false
Look for Obama @WhiteHouse to secretly attend a NATO Summit as UK voters have ordered UK to DUMP the EU.
Brexit: The UK's Tea party Revolution. Who's Next? Texit, USexit? Citizens saying HELL NO to Zionists NWO Globalism
Albert Einstein was invited to be the 1st. Israeli President, he refused and feared they would become ZioNazi's
No one's Born a Christian,Muslim,Jew these theology’s are composed of religious converts. JEWS are not a Race, its a Religion 99.999% reject
BRexit strips @HillaryClintons 400 rich 'friends' of $127 BILLION. So sad
[Has the pendulum finally started its back swing?]
London Falling: Royal British Pound loses $164 BILLION in 10 minutes to the cheers by the 99% across the West
[Mr Smith, they are BoE corpn debt creating banknotes, nothing royal about them.]
It shows who OWNS the Federal Treasury when Zionists steal 22 TRILLION in 2008 Great Recession Stock,Banking Crash and no one goes to PRISON
Ivan Watson
Sophia Yan
Pound dropping again as Brexit impact sinks in
[Nope, that would have happened yesterday. This is the banksters punishing.]
Iran prepares for sneak attacks by Apartheid Israeli bombers with massive influx of Southern Air Defense batterys
USA Gov Heavy Weapons to al Nusra,ISIS 'Syrian Rebels' ending up for sale on Jewish Mafia Black Market. GUN CONTROL?
The Wikileaks on Hillary Clintons satanic deals with Saudis,Turkey,Jordan to spawn ISIS, and dealings with Monsanto would likely destroy her

5.5 quake strikes off Fukushima coast of Japan
Op-Edge: Blurring lines & shifting strategies in Syria (Who said terror was not the end game?)
Bus with 56 on board catches fire after crash in China, at least 30 dead. Watch & share:
'Auxit' vote within year: Far-right Hofer warns Austria could follow in British footsteps
Rapid Trident: Largest US Army-led multinational exercise kicks off in Ukraine
BREAKING: Gaza blockade ‘largely lifted’ through reconciliation deal with Israel - Turkey
clothcapclothcap on June 27th, 2016 10:05 pm (UTC)
People are getting over exuberant with BRexit. It has not defeated the agenda, it has not thwarted the march to a zio controlled global regime, it has not defeated the in-progress massive depopulation by stealth plan.

These people have caused the deaths of millions for profit and power without a blush. BRexit is a couple of steps back after 2 centuries of steps forward.
clothcapclothcap on June 28th, 2016 07:21 am (UTC)
The City of London is not British
Do we want the City of London to be an independent city state like Lucifer's Vatican City?
Personally I would like it to be abolished in law and for tax and legal purposes (such as prosecuting banking criminals and their corporate person fictions.).
Bank bail-outs go to the City of London. If we allow the next one, make it with strings.
I have no problem with it retaining its separate identity for ceremonial purposes.
clothcapclothcap on June 28th, 2016 07:30 am (UTC)
53% voted for self determination, 34% because of immigration

53% chose LEAVE to claw back the right of Britain to make its own laws
34% chose LEAVE because of immigration.
ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror.

Believe the liars or believe your eyes. Those with an agenda to cause conflict are promoting racism.

Muslim describes a religious belief as jewish does. Christian is not a race either. The deceivers and their media conflate anti islamic and anti jewish extremism with racism. The stupid believe them.

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