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15 June 2016 @ 02:20 am
Brexit: Make a start to ending the zionist lies  

WWII based on lies. Iraq based on lies. Libya based on lies. Syria based on lies. Ukraine based on lies. WWIII based on lies.
The EU eco-fascist central dictatorship based on lies.

Make the traitors get us out.
Then we can work on NO MORE WARS.
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 02:39 am (UTC)
Does being a politician involve selling their own soul as well as ours?
Her Majesty countersigned the treaties that surrendered sovereignty to the Euro commission coterie.

Al-Fayed funded Diana movie alleges Prince Phillip is a 'Fred West-style psychopath' and labels Royal Family 'gangsters in tiaras'
By Liz Thomas 14 May 2011
The Royal Family masterminded the car crash that caused Princess Diana’s death as a ‘warning’ to make her toe the line, a controversial new film premiered at Cannes yesterday claims.
The director, Keith Allen, said the House of Windsor had ‘got away with murder’ because no one had been held to account over the accident.
In the film, entitled Unlawful Killing, Prince Phillip is branded a 'Fred West-style psychopath' who 'orchestrated the murder' of Diana.
The Queen is dismissed as a 'gangster in a tiara'.
More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1386973/New-Diana-movie-calls-Prince-Phillip-Fred-West-style-psychopath-labels-Royal-Family-gangsters-tiaras.html
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 07:56 am (UTC)
Brexit: End NATO
End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation By Paul Craig Roberts

June 13, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Remain" or "Leave"? What does the UK's EU Referendum—scheduled 23rd June—really amount to? Is it simply the opportunity for UK citizens to decide if Britain should stay in the European Union? Or is it something of greater significance, with broader and more serious implications? And just what is this thing called the EU anyway?
Joining us, once again, to discuss these questions is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Ecomonic Policy, who explains the EU's beginnings as a project of the CIA, and assesses its current role as as an anti-democratic tool of corporate control. Whether or not a majority "leave" vote will actually lead to Brexit, Dr. Roberts argues that a decisive rejection of EU membership by UK citizens could embolden other EU member states to follow suit, thus precipitating the break-up of NATO, and in turn, bringing an end to Washington's crazy designs for a New World Order.

More http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44865.htm
Highly recommended
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 10:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Brexit: End NATO
You know the MSM is 100% compromised when you accept as normal that this kind of interview will never be allowed in the common press or other news media..
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 01:46 pm (UTC)
NEO: What If Vladimir Putin Does Know a “Third Way” for Society?
14.06.2016 by Phil Butler
Vladimir Putin saved Russia from the scavengers of the Yeltsin era. What’s more, he’s fundamentally re-forming the world’s biggest country in ways few understand. Unfortunately, most of this select group are bitter enemies of the notion of a Russian led world. While think tanks and “new world” evangelists in the west promise change and progress, Putin and his colleagues are at work, resolutely forging a new Russia.
Many people believe that Russia under Putin is a totalitarian regime. Meanwhile, fanatical followers of the Russian president defend his moves as an effort to hammer out some pseudo-American form of democracy. But of both these ideas of the idealism of Vladimir Putin are false. Many have sought to study Putin, while simply applying their own ideologies either “for or against” what they believe Putin is. The reality is, there is a “third way” of reshaping Russia’s future. Putin, by far the best read leader in the world today, has derived a Russian strategy based in part on the teachings of the Russian religious and political philosopher, Ivan Ilyin.
The Spirit of Law
Most reading this will not be familiar, but Ilyin’s ideas on the “conscience of law” were seeming logic, but utter genius. His belief that the need for people to understand laws in order to validate a legal society, they now reverberate in the civil uneasiness that prevails today, and especially in the so-called “west”. Ultra-liberalism, and the fuel of ultra-capitalistic trends as we see gripping the United States, would for Ilyin signal an apocalypse. There is no arguing that the law of and for any people, has to be understood in order to stand. Without delving deeply into Ilyin’s theories, the philosopher believed that “the people” can never identify with be part of “the system” under rigid democratic forms of government. In contrast, Ilyin believed the right monarchy tends to unite people to identify the state as “family”. Interestingly, Ilyin’s being a monarchist mimics some of the founding fathers of the United States, in that the values he espoused were based on religious piety and the family.
If we look down into the crevasse in between the forward ideals of Vladimir Putin, and America’s President Barack Obama, we can readily see Ilyin’s notions at work. Obama’s America, as liberal as any government in history, is on a collision course with deconstruct. America values today are naïve, irresponsible, and destructive of everything Americans have stood for for generations. Family is only a word, religion is worn like a badge of shame, and a free lunch ticket has been issued for conscience. Laws in America are changed at the whim of a special interest. Conservative people there hold back their fear the United States is becoming a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and only the neocons truly believe government is for them. Misunderstanding their law, precedence, and its own governing principles, Americans do not even understand this disintegration. Similarly, Russians do not yet grasp what Putin and his fellows are up to. Somehow, they trust to be led though, and not because they are complacent like Americans.
“I have spent all my life under a Communist regime, and I will tell you that a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed. But a society with no other scale but the legal one is not quite worthy of man either.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn -
Machiavelli Knew All Along
I don’t want to dig too deeply into Mr. Putin’s passion for the study of Ilyin, or Vladimir Solovyov, or Nikolai Berdyaev, or even Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, but these idealists’ brilliance are integrated into who the Russian president is. More importantly, a “third way” of government is the goal Putin, Medvedev, and even the powerful oligarchs of Russia seem bent on. In order to see this, one has to realize the Russia that Vladimir Putin rescued from dissolution. In his characterization of Putin, the article “Vladimir Putin – The Prince”, Christopher Caldwell frames perfectly Mr Putin’s Russia today:
Here http://journal-neo.org/2016/06/14/what-if-vladimir-putin-does-know-a-third-way-for-society/
A rival to anarchy in the 2nd sense: absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Edited at 2016-06-15 04:33 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 04:50 pm (UTC)
Kill List: Smashing the 'B' in BRICS
By Pepe Escobar
June 14, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Sputnik"
The stakes could not be higher. Not only the future of the BRICS, but the future of a new multipolar world is in the balance. And it all hinges on what happens in Brazil in the next few months.
Let’s start with the Kafkaesque internal turmoil. The coup against President Dilma Rousseff remains an unrivalled media theatre/political tragicomedy gift that keeps on giving. It also doubles as a case of information war converted into a strategic tool of political control.
A succession of appalling audio leaks has revealed that key sectors of the Brazilian military as well as selected Supreme Court justices have legitimized the coup against a President that has always protected the two-year-old Car Wash corruption investigation. Even Western mainstream media was forced to admit that Dilma did not steal anything but is being impeached by a bunch of thieves. Their agenda; to stifle the Car Wash investigation, which may eventually throw many of them in jail.
The leaks also unveiled a nasty internecine carnage between Brazilian comprador elites — peripheral and mainstream. Essentially the peripherals were used as lowly paperboys in Congress for the dirty work. But now they may be about to become road kill – along the illegitimate, unpopular, interim Michel Temer “government”, led by a bunch of corrupt-to-the-core PMDB politicians, the party that is heir to the sole opposition outfit tolerated during the 1960s-1980s military dictatorship.
Meet the vassal chancellor
An insidious character in the current golpeachment scam is the interim Minister of Foreign Relations, senator Jose Serra of the PSDB party, the social democrats turned neoliberal enforcers. In the 2002 presidential election – which he lost to Lula — Serra had already tried to get rid of peripheral Brazilian oligarchies.
Yet now he’s incarnating another role — perfectly positioned not only to retrograde Brazilian foreign policy to some point around the 1964 military coup, but mostly as the Beltway’s point man inside the coup racket.
Continues http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44869.htm
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 04:55 pm (UTC)
UK: Brexit Camp Is Ahead:
Prime Minister David Cameron is foundering in his efforts to persuade voters to reject a so-called Brexit. The pound fell to a two-month low.

NATO orders four additional battalions to Russian border:
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is sending 4,000 additional troops to Eastern Europe in the name of reassuring Poland and the Baltic states, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed on Monday.

Libya warplanes bomb ISIS positions in stronghold Sirte:
The strikes targeted the area around a conference centre where IS had set up a command post, it said.

12 Gaddafi loyalists killed in Libya's Tripoli:
The bodies of at least 12 loyalists to the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have been found in the country's capital, Tripoli, just days after they were released from prison.

Suicide Bombings in and Around Iraqi Capital Kill 31 People:
The deadliest attack took place in a commercial area of a majority Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad. At least 19 civilians were killed and 46 wounded, police said.

France Deploys Special Forces in Syria:
French special forces in northern Syria are assisting Kurdish-led militias in a drive to retake a pocket of territory west of the Euphrates River from the Islamic State terror group, according to French officials.

Wikileaks will publish ‘enough evidence’ to indict Hillary Clinton, warns Assange:
Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange warns more information will be published about Hillary Clinton, enough to indict her if the US government is courageous enough to do so, in what he predicts will be “a very big year” for the whistleblowing website.

War criminal endorses war criminal: Obama Endorses First Candidate In History Under FBI Criminal Investigation:
Obama didn't just endorse the first woman in history, he endorsed the first woman in history to run under an active FBI criminal investigation. The corruption is unreal

FBI found hundreds of classified files on CIA Director David Petraeus girlfriend's computer:
FBI agents found hundreds of classified documents on Paula Broadwell’s home computers in Charlotte during their investigation into her relationship with then-CIA Director David Petraeus, according to newly unsealed FBI documents obtained by the Observer.
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 05:03 pm (UTC)
US murders three suspected al-Qaeda militants in Yemen:
Residents said that vehicle was completely destroyed in the area and no one escaped from the American attack

Fallujah: 4,000 civilians leave the ISIS stronghold after Iraqi troops secured a safe exit:
A Norwegian aid group confirmed the exodus from the jihadi stronghold which has been surrounded by Iraqi troops who launched a major campaign to retake the city.

Isil suicide bombers 'kill 20' outside Damascus shrine:
At least 20 people have been killed in triple attacks claimed by Islamic State near one of Syria’s holiest shrines.

Senate approves defense bill, defies White House veto threat:
Defying a White House veto threat, the Senate voted decisively Tuesday to approve a defense policy bill that authorizes $602 billion in military spending, bars shuttering the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and denies the Pentagon's bid to start a new round of military base closings.

Meet the Banker Brothers Who Destroyed Ecuador’s Economy:
Ecuador is seeking the extradition of banking brothers Roberto and William Isaias from the United States on charges that they embezzled funds and are largely responsible for the country’s financial crisis in 1999—but the United States has spent the last 13 years ignoring the request.

U.S. plans billions in Afghan funding until 2020, seeks allies' help:
The United States is asking its allies helping with security in Afghanistan to maintain funding for Afghan forces at a cost of nearly $5 billion a year until at least 2020, a top U.S. military commander said on Monday.

Which Corporations Control The World?
By International Business Guide
How many of the brands below do you use?
Corporation voting shareholders are managed the same way as policians

Fascism: A Bipartisan Affliction
By Ron Paul
Does the modern American economy not fit the definition of fascism?

The Shooting in Orlando – A Few Very Basic Thoughts
By The Saker
Terrorism is really an illusion created by our rulers to blind us to our condition.

Audio clip from Orlando terror attack reveals two or more guns firing simultaneously:
Additionally witnesses said that "they" are shooting

Orlando Witness: 'Another Man Was Blocking The Exit Door':
I searched for an hour last night and found this raw footage with local reporters that was not cut and spliced to leave out the part of the story the FBI does not want known. Kudos to the Palm Beach Post for their coverage

Is This PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX...
This is the only video you need to see to know that this whole Orlando Shooting was Nothing but a STAGED HOAX
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 05:03 pm (UTC)
Israel Punishes 83,000 Palestinians over Tel Aviv Shooting:
Israel suspended entry permits for a staggering 83,000 Palestinians Wednesday during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan after the deadly Tel Aviv shooting, in an act of collective punishment that is likely to increase tensions.

Israeli - Occupation 101
Voices Of The Silenced Majority
Award-winning documentary film on the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cast and their roles http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28522.htm

Israeli Minister Wants To Annex Half Of West Bank and Kick Out The Palestinians
By William Booth
"The world should forget about a Palestinian state." Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel.

Only Solution to Palestinian Terrorism Is the End of the Occupation:
Haaretz Editorial: In the wake of the deadly Tel Aviv attack, ministers voice empty bravado and call for collective punishment, thereby just pushing more Palestinians to violence. It's time Israel learned the lesson: Terrorism will continue as long as the occupation does.

French FM to Netanyahu: I know you're against peace initiative, but train has left the station:
Netanyahu strongly criticized the French initiative and expressed strong objections to all its components.
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 06:56 pm (UTC)
RT News Line
16:47 GMT NATO raises anti-Russia sentiment to increase military spending – Moscow
Claims by NATO that Russia is violating mechanisms of military transparency in Europe are an attempt to raise anti-Russia sentiment in order to increase the alliance’s military spending, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Earlier on Wednesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the Russian Army’s snap military drills and combat capability checks were jeopardizing transparency and predictability, Sputnik reported. “The degree of Russophobic hysteria has been sharply increased by some representatives of the alliance ahead of the NATO summit in Europe,” said ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov. “It is obvious that the true purpose of these statements… is intentional boosting of panic and maintaining of the image of a treacherous enemy.”
16:37 GMT US Air Force recovers decade of information lost in computer crash
The US Air Force says that it has recovered the 12 years of inspector general investigation data that had been though lost to a database failure. Known as the Automated Case Tracking System and maintained by Lockheed Martin, the database crashed last month, jeopardizing records related to more than 100,000 investigations, many of which were related to fraud and abuse.
15:53 GMT Poland ready to send 4 F-16 jets to fight ISIS in Syria, Iraq
Polish F-16 aircraft could take part in a fact-finding mission against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) before the July NATO summit in Warsaw, according to Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. The move will be Poland’s contribution to the international coalition that is fighting against Islamist militants, Radio Poland said. The Polish president will take the final decision on the country’s mission in the Middle East.
15:09 GMT US, Norway allocate $30mn to Iraq, Syria demining initiative
The US and Norway have launched a demining initiative to clear parts of Iraq and Syria from explosives planted by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), the US Department of State said on Wednesday. The US intends to provide an additional $10.8 million this year to clear portions of Iraq liberated from IS occupation and spend up to $8 million next year to do the same in liberated portions of Syria, Sputnik reported, citing the statement. Norway will allocate $9.8 million for mine action in 2016, with a particular focus on aiding Iraq and Syria. Oslo plans to increase its financial support for global demining by $15 million in 2017.
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 07:18 pm (UTC)
Russia Today News
Hollande threatens to ban demos as French anti-labor law protests grow
Martial law.

RT News: Tens of thousands of Palestinians left without water as Israeli firm cuts supplies – report
15 Jun, 2016
An Israeli supply firm has cut off water for a West Bank area, according to media. Tens of thousands of Palestinians now reportedly have no access to safe drinking water and are forced to buy water tanks as they fast for Ramadan amid the June heat.
Mekorot, the main supplier of several Palestinian towns and cities, stopped providing water to the municipality of Jenin, a number of Nablus villages and the city of Salfit and its surrounding villages, Gulf News and Al Jazeera reported.
In several locations, people haven’t had water for over 40 days, according to Ayman Rabi, the executive director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group.
More https://www.rt.com/news/346811-israel-water-west-bank/

CIA forced to release post-9/11 torture evidence, unclear if arrests will follow

German bond yield goes negative as Brexit fears swell

Russia to counter NATO buildup in Eastern Europe – Duma official
14 Jun, 2016
The deputy head of the State Duma Committee for Defense has called NATO plans to deploy additional forces to Baltic countries and Poland “an unfriendly step,” adding that Russia would reply with more military exercises using its most advanced weapons.
“This increase of the military bloc is definitely an unfriendly step on NATO’s part. It really poses a threat to the Russian Federation,” MP Andrey Krasov (United Russia) was quoted as saying on Tuesday by Interfax.
“We must react to this by holding military exercises and by supplying our military forces with the most advanced weapons and other hardware,” he added.
The statement came as a reaction to the words of NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who announced on Monday that the bloc had plans to deploy four multi-national battalions in the Baltic countries and Poland. NATO commanders described the move as a reply to Russia’s allegedly increased military activity near Ukraine and in the Baltic Sea region.
More https://www.rt.com/politics/346625-russia-to-counter-nato-buildup/
clothcapclothcap on June 15th, 2016 08:16 pm (UTC)
Independent: George Osborne is trying to bully the nation into voting remain
By claiming that a post-Brexit emergency budget could include raising income tax and inheritance taxes and cutting the NHS budget, Osborne was saying to the voters who wish to leave the EU – you stupid people, you really don’t get it…well, wait and see, I will punish you
Andreas Whittam Smith
While everybody’s eyes are riveted on the spectacular blue on blue fighting between the pro and anti-European wings of the Conservative party, something even more serious is going on. Politicians on both sides of the referendum argument are conducting themselves in a way that denigrates and demeans voters. This will have consequences.
When the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, for instance, warned the electorate, as he did yesterday, that in the event of a victory for the Leave campaign, he would have to slash public spending and increase taxes in an emergency Budget to tackle a £30bn “black hole”, he was attempting to bully the whole nation. And when he added that this could include raising income tax and inheritance taxes and cutting the NHS budget, in effect he was saying to the voters who wish to leave the EU – you stupid people, you really don’t get it… well, wait and see, I will punish you.
More http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/george-osborne-is-trying-to-bully-the-nation-into-voting-remain-a7083996.html
clothcapclothcap on June 16th, 2016 10:52 am (UTC)
What a comedian. What a waste of oxygen.
The primitive, psychopathic, megalomaniacal nature of this specimen of zionist misanthropy is typical of the mentally impaired one world government and perpetual war by any means protagonists.
He is an imposer of Agenda 21 that is the creation of a them and us society where we are totally corralled, controlled and culled.

Petition for a law to impose mandatory hanging for anyone found complicit in invoking and or funding wars of aggression - such as the Falklands, Iraq, Libya, etc.
clothcapclothcap on June 16th, 2016 10:54 am (UTC)
Its Official: Our World is Governed by Psychopaths
By Vanessa Beeley
Global Research, June 15, 2016
21st Century Wire 14 June 2016
The unthinkable has become reality. The global humanitarian and legal entities are now officially in the hands of genocidal psychopaths.
Today Israel, illegal state of extremist settlers built upon the bones of an imprisoned, colonized Palestine, has been elected to the chair of the UNGA. The United Nations General Assembly sixth committee or legal committee. This legal committee oversees management of international law.
The lawbreaker has become the lawmaker in one fell swoop, ransacking the regulatory halls of justice and laying waste to what remnants of delusion we had left regarding the efficacy of international law.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/its-official-our-world-is-governed-by-psychopaths/5530910
clothcapclothcap on June 16th, 2016 11:04 am (UTC)
WWIII draws nigher.
RT News: Severe cyber-attack could be a case for NATO action – Stoltenberg
16 Jun, 2016
NATO could respond to a powerful cyber-assault with conventional weapons, the military alliance’s secretary-general told German media. NATO member states are expected to declare cyberspace a warfare domain, along with air, land, sea and space.
“A severe cyber-attack may be classified as a case for the alliance. Then NATO can and must react,” Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview to Germany's Bild newspaper on Thursday. “How, that will depend on the severity of the attack,” he said.
Stoltenberg pointed out that the alliance faces a complex of threats with tendency to expand, so NATO member states have made a decision to regard cyber-attacks just like any other threat.
In early June, the German military’s top brass announced that all 28 NATO member states would likely agree to declare cyberspace an operational warzone, during the Warsaw summit, to be held in the Polish capital on July 8-9.
More https://www.rt.com/news/346891-nato-cyber-attack-action/
clothcapclothcap on June 16th, 2016 11:07 am (UTC)
EU Referendum: Massive swing to Brexit – with just 12 days to go
Polling carried out for ‘The Independent’ shows that 55 per cent of UK voters intend to vote for Britain to leave the EU in the 23 June referendum
Story http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/eu-referendum-poll-brexit-leave-campaign-10-point-lead-remain-boris-johnson-nigel-farage-david-a7075131.html
clothcapclothcap on June 16th, 2016 11:16 am (UTC)
Why Should Labour Support the Undemocratic European Union?
The Case to Leave

By Maurice Glasman
Global Research, June 15, 2016
Labour List 2 June 2016
The origins of the European Union (EU) are, in many ways, inspiring and almost miraculous. Co-operation in the iron and steel industries between France and West Germany was built on an economic strategy that gave not only dignity, but some power to workers, through the balance of power in corporate governance which gave a parity to capital and labour. It recognised a mutual interest between nations that had engaged in two abominable wars in the previous forty years. Co-determination in industry underpinned co-operation. Extending this to uphold a non exclusively commodity status for agriculture, was also, in its way, sublime. France and Germany retained human scale agricultural production and slowed the trend toward the elimination of the small holder.
The agricultural and iron and steel treaties that formed the basis of the Common Market were built around bilateral agreements between France and Germany and did more to improve the lives of ‘workers and peasants’ than the Soviet Union ever could. This is not coincidental. This was a Europe that had been unable to resist Fascism and in the late 1940s and 50s Communism was an imminent reality. Germany itself was divided and the outcome of that contest was yet to be decided. European banking and business elites had a great deal to fear, and to lose, and they shared power with unions and the church in order to do things differently. That was the basis of the social market economy in which Christian and Social Democracy agreed to a decentralised resistance to the domination of finance capital and a centralised state in the new Federal Republic of Germany. Unfortunately, probably from the outset, and certainly by the Rome Treaty of 1957 a Jacobin tradition of unmediated space, emptied of decentralised institutions had asserted itself, particularly through the head of the High Authority, that became the European Commission, Jean Monnet. He asserted that economic exchange and legal uniformity would, over time, produce political unification.
Post-WWII Origins
Here http://www.globalresearch.ca/brexit-why-should-labour-support-the-undemocratic-european-union-the-case-to-leave/5530947