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How global warming hysteria started.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Sep. 2nd 2010

The C13/C12 Isotope Ratio
Claims have been made that the declining C13  to C12 ratio is the signature of fossil fuel combustion. Dr Spencer found evidence that strongly implies otherwise.

The Independent Climate Change E-mails Review – July 2010

University of East Anglia’s Response 2 Sep 2010
1. The University is indebted to Sir Muir Russell and his team for conducting a comprehensive, thoughtful and challenging Review into the allegations which have been made against the University’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) following the publication of a large number of emails and other material, which are believed to have been obtained illegally from a back-up server in CRU. /continues H/t Bishop Hill

IAC & Media Admit The Well Is Poisoned – But Insist The Water Is Clean

Europe's debt crisis: Here we go again?
[The euro. Set to resume its date with doom proving the wastrel nature of the rule breakers.]
The respite in Europe's debt crisis appears to have been only temporary. Once again investors have come to realize that the real, underlying problems of Europe's weaker economies remain generally unresolved, while the European Unions still has no clear agenda for resolving them.

EU budget chief calls for £5bn British rebate to be scrapped 

What America Has Lost
This article details privacy incursions and other losses of freedom with a corresponding massive increase in secret police agencies. Maybe that is what comes from having a former secret service employee as president.

Connection Between Light at Night and Cancer Suggested by New Study
[Suggestion, smoke in the dark, light up with the lights off.]
Tags: c13 v c12, eu misrule, green swindle, seeing the light on cancer, us big gov, whitewashes

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