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Op-Edge: Assault on democracy in Brazil must not succeed
Richard Sudan
RT 20 May, 2016
The attempt to roll back the progress of the Bolivarian revolutions in Latin America is being played out in real time for all of us to see. It is a narrative which we have become all too familiar with.
The latest victim, Brazil, a relatively new democracy following years of military dictatorship supported by the US, is engulfed in a political crisis, underpinned by serious charges of corruption aimed at the government.
At the same time, it is clear, as has been the case in the past, that the influence of the CIA is playing a key role in seizing on the political turmoil to bring about a conclusion that will favor Washington, and also Brazil’s wealthy elite.
The impeachment of Dilma Rousseff is being backed and called for, by precisely the same power brokers who support a return to unconstitutional dictatorship and the rolling back of progress.  Indeed, the scrapping of the constitution would signify a move towards the very same system which once tortured dissidents like the now sidelined and democratically elected Rousseff.
What is happening in Brazil is being dubbed a ‘soft coup’, but for anyone paying attention, the sequence of events have a chilling resemblance to the coup waged against Hugo Chavez, the former Venezuelan leader, in 2002.  During the coup, which was again supported by the US and the CIA, Chavez who introduced many highly successful social reforms since 1998, saw his name dragged through the dirt by an entirely corporate controlled media whose interests were firmly aligned with the wealthy class and power elite in Venezuela.
Rousseff, like Chavez, has been a champion for Brazil’s indigenous population and those who are marginalized.  Rousseff, also like Chavez, is being mocked and patronized by the gutter press in Brazil, who behaved the same way when Lula was in office, highlighting his working class accent as if it were something to be ashamed of.
For too many among the wealthy elite and bourgeoisie in nations like Brazil, socialism is still a dirty word.  Literacy, political empowerment, health, education, and the nationalization of resources, represent social advances which are viewed as a threat to the existing social, political, and economic order, just as they are in Venezuela.  This is the real reason why Rousseff’s political opponents within and without, want to see her removed.

- José Músico> RT Question
RT Question
Richard Sudan..."if you really defend the corrupt government of Roussef and the dictators of Venezuela...why don't you move there instead of writing this piece of junk from some comfortable apartment London...why don't you put your ass on a plane and go there live with the people that has been suffering this "assault" in their lives by these dictators?"
Dilma is not accused of corruption. Stop spreading your filthy lies. From the 367 MPs who voted for the impeachment, 315 are accused of various crimes. To know: Criminal association (Mafia), drug dealing, extortion, rape etc etc. From the new cabinet, 8 new ministers are accused on the mega inquiry Lava Jato. Michel Temer, the new NOT elected president is also acused on Lava Jato and dozens of other criminal inquires. So...on your bike and GTFOH.

- Liberdade custosa
This new goverment wants to end ambiental licenses, and you all know what it means.
Corporations will be able to destroy the enviroment and there will be nothing we can do.
And this is already enough for a coup, just this ambiental crime is enough to raise interest in those in favour of the coup.
And it's just one of the crimes they intent to allow, there's also police violence to be allowed (they're talking about bringing more powerful guns against protesters).
Facist state means total media control and violent repression of protesters.
Also, they want to take workers rights out of the constitution, illegaly.
So yes, it's a coup and in fact Dilma was just the rock blocking this corrupt politicians path.

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